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From Christopher Cobb <>
Subject cvswrappers
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 14:49:44 GMT
Here's what the CVS man page says about cvswrappers:

              Records cvs wrapper commands to be used when checkĀ­
              ing files into and out of the repository.  Wrappers
              allow the file or directory to be processed on  the
              way in and out of CVS.  The intended uses are many,
              one possible use would be  to  reformat  a  C  file
              before  the  file is checked in, so all of the code
              in the repository looks the same.

So whoever manages the CVS repository can set this up.  This will cause all checked
in code to be formatted into a "normalized" format.  The main benefit is that
superperfluous formatting changes will be eliminated before check the code in.
This is A Good Thing.

But this is only half the story.  Here is what my CVS man page says about
.cvswrappers (notice the dot):

              Specifies  wrappers to be used in addition to those
              specified in the CVSROOT/cvswrappers  file  in  the

This allows you to reformat code you are checking out/updating into you own
personal perferred format.

So "incoming" code from the programmer's perspective (checkout/update) get
formatted into my perferred format.

"Outgoing" code (commit) gets normalized into a more or less arbitrary format.

I'll look into the details unless someone has set this up before.


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