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From Sankar Kondur <>
Subject reloading a jsp bean
Date Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:24:09 GMT

i am facing a problem. this is the situation.

i have a jsp file MyJSPFile.jsp in which i am using a bean if i make changes in and recompile it and
then run MyJSPFile.jsp, the changes i made in the bean don't take
effect. i have to restart tomcat.
this(making changes to the bean) happens quite frequently in our team.

i went thru the source code but could not come up with a sensible/simple
way of getting it done.
i want to know
if anybody has faced this problem/requirement?
does anybody know of a simple way of getting this done?

also can somebody tell me if this would work - currently the uses the parent class loader to do some of the class
loading. if i put all the class loading functionality into, check if the class in the classpath is more recent then
the class in the hashtable(class-store) and then realod it, will this

any help would be appreciated.


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