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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat build.xml README
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:16:18 GMT wrote:
> stefano     99/10/12 15:43:08
>   Modified:    .        build.xml README
>   Log:
>   - Updated the README
>   - changed the "../build" to "./build" since it makes little sense to go back one directory

stefano -

	there was some thought into the build targets
	as they would pop up at the directory above
	the workspace ... so as to avoid build and
	source overlays. that and the type of build
	(ie main, dist, test) at times depends upon
	other resources available one directory up
	(eg jakarta-tools).

	we might want to consider rolling back to
	the notion of "../build" ... having done
	it the other way from day one i'm pretty
	keen on going with the "../build" approach.

	hope this helps,

- james

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