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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: XML configuration revisited
Date Tue, 12 Oct 1999 00:13:44 GMT
Troy Poppe wrote:
> Also, does anyone remember the colloraboration(horribly misspelled ;) )
> tool discussion?  Did we ever decide on any particular tool?  Together/J
> was mentioned, as was VThought.  (I remember hearing that we probably
> had a better chance with Together/J because of the Java aspect).  Anyone
> adverse to starting that discussion again?  Perhaps a [VOTE] thread
> on this?
> - Troy

!sweet! let's rock.

tool wise i believe it was togetherJ and argo. i've
used togetherJ and can live with it but i wouldn't
be adversed to trying something else out.

i love visualThoughts drawing capabilities but i can't
see how it will help much more then a box'o crayons
with respect to object modeling, java design, etc when
compared to togetherJ.

now that the code is available, or soon will be, let's
move this discussion to the next level and i'm still
on board to explain why things where done the way they
where in addition to the more forward thinking discussions
such as where we think we should be with regards to
component software configuration, infrastructure,
dependecies, and the like.

- james [1 day out from taking a week off] todd

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