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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: XML configuration revisited
Date Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:47:16 GMT
James Todd wrote:
> Ben Laurie wrote:
> >
> >
> > It has been discussed on the Tomcat mailing list, but so far without
> > much in the way of conclusions.
> some conclusions have been formed ... they may not
> necessarily be universally embraced though. i personally
> have been hell'a busy for the last 2 months getting
> servlet 2.2 and j2ee in harmony and thusly have not
> been able to put time back into the config discussion.
> the issues is still very alive in my mind and my
> perspectives have not altered significantly. the
> discussions to date seemed to only go so far without
> code in hand ... which to be quite honet still
> baffles me ... but none the less i believe raising
> the bar on component/subsystem configuration is of
> importance.

Actually, I don't think it was lack of code that stalled the discussion,
but an embarassment of options on how to solve the "XDTD problem".

> > The major issue I see is that Apache's configuration is extensible, but
> > DTDs are not (at least, as far as I understand them). So, some kind of
> > XDTD (to coin an acronym) is needed. I believe such things do exist, but
> > I don't know much about them. However, the fact that they are plural
> > worries me :-)
> >
> i'd start bottom up and grow this organically. further
> i propose considering the configuration approach used
> by tomcat as a starting point as 1) it is simple and
> 2) it is based on xml and java and as such should be
> impervious of many platform specific concerns.

Well, that's fine and dandy, but...

> now, by saying it is simple i am not implying that
> it will solve world hunger ... quite the opposite.
> if we can get subsystem (eg tomcat servlet container)
> configurations to become real and portable then
> hosting system configuration concerns becomes at
> some level just a matter of interacting and instrumenting
> the various subsystems configuration api.

...I think that until you think about how to integrate subsystems you
haven't addressed any problems that don't fall into the realm of the
bleedin' obvious(tm). To take a really trivial Apache example, some
modules have some configuration that can appear within <VirtualHost ...>
sections, and some that can't. The XDTD should define this, rigorously.
Somehow. Ideally in a way that everyone thinks is good and is




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