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From "Adam Hill" <>
Subject RE: XML configuration revisited
Date Tue, 12 Oct 1999 12:37:36 GMT
It seems many development mailing lists I subscribe to are talking about UML
modeling. (What's that story about 100 monkeys doing something then the
whole tribe starts doing it... :-) )

Some notes about both packages.
ArgoUML (
Pros:	Free (as in beer) Open Source, Completely Java, Great high level
drawing library. Has XMI support (in/out). Exports GIF's and JPG's.
Cons:	Not all diagrams supported (Sequence is a big one missing), still not
	Doesn't support round trip. Crashes occasionally.

Together/J (
Pros:	The best Java UML modeler out there. Complete diagram support.
Supports patterns and template diagrams. Round trip, doc gen, whole 9 yards.
Cons: Free version doesn't include some diagram types (Sequence and State).
Real 	version is $$$$.00. Not Open Source

Both tools are all Java and run where there is stable Java and Swing.
Neither require 1.2 currently.


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From: James Todd []

!sweet! let's rock.

tool wise i believe it was togetherJ and argo. i've
used togetherJ and can live with it but i wouldn't
be adversed to trying something else out.


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