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From "James Davidson" <>
Subject Re: a few comments
Date Wed, 20 Oct 1999 05:53:23 GMT
> > BTW, It doesn't look like Servlets are reloaded if the originating
> > source file (class/jar file) is changed, did I miss something and if
> > not, is this intentionally?
> I believe this is not implemented yet. I would imagine the only way this
can be
> done is by creating a new classloader. Unfortunately, we didn't have an
> opportunity to do that in the past because of issues involving classes in
> loader trying to access classes in another. This hasn't been a hot button
in the
> past because people can always create a new context and put the new
servlet there.
> Agreed, this is not great.

To add just a little bit more, it's made harder by new spec requirements
that when a servlet needs to be reloaded, you really need to drop the
context and recreate it so that you don't have any chance of
classcastexceptions or static refereces going awry.
Jon has dealt with this and can tell you that it's not a walk in the park.


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