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From Jan-Henrik Haukeland <>
Subject Re: config diag, etc
Date Sun, 08 Aug 1999 03:02:17 GMT

Here's a snip from Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar",
where he quotes Fredric Brooks,
 ``Show me your [code] and conceal your [data structures], and I shall
 continue to be mystified.  Show me your [data structures], and I
 won't usually need your [code]; it'll be obvious.''

And I'll guess we all are a bit mystified by this config. discussion,
at least I am. And IMHO I think we should start with the systems
structure before going on to the systems process aspect.

I feel then that James is doing the right thing, that is with his rfd
document (
Especially in chap. 3 and in the appendix where attributes that are
necessary to operate the servlet engine, are described.

The diagrams on the other hand is interesting, but describes more the
process aspect of the system. Right now could we not just agree on this:

James Todd <> writes:

> 	http/s - cgi compliant service - xml formatted static data
> as a bare minimum.

and then let LDAP, Corba and what not just rest for a while? 

As a constructive suggestion could we compare James rfd's attributes
with the properties necessary to operate JServ 1.1 and maybe come up
with a minimum attribute set we will need to operate an engine ?

(While tomcat and it's source-code right now has taken on a more
mytical character, we have Craig's Jserv 1.1 with source code and

Then we could create a bare minumum xml-config file, without any
presentation stuff.

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