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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: config diag, etc
Date Wed, 04 Aug 1999 19:40:04 GMT wrote:
> > Ok clarification, again.
> >
> > We're constructing our own API for this configuration service, something
> > that could be implemented in ANY language, on any platform, etc.
> Ok, but besides the fact that it will work in ANY language, on ANY
> platform and support ALL existing protocols, I haven't heard anything
> about the API itself.

hmmm ... i consider this a bit extreme. i know that i have personally
floated ideas for every single item you detailed below. i do plan on
fleshing these out a bit more ... but to say that this hasn't been
discussed is not the same picture i have. i'm ready to drill down
now that i believe the dust has settled a bit on some core dependencies,
and i'll repeat:

	http/s - cgi compliant service - xml formatted static data

as a bare minimum.

with the above statment firmly in mind, clients can interact with
the config service in an "active" manner (translation: the client
will get/post requests to the config service as it deems appropriate)
or "passive" (translation: the client can publish a hook with which
the config service can actively communicate with.

> > > 4. What data structure/model we want to use. That seems to be clear in
> > > James document, if everyone agree we can clear this item.
> >
> > What exactly are you saying here? I don't quite understand what you mean
> > by data structure/model.
> DTD.

well, i believe the discussion doc to date discusses more then
just dtd semantics although i will admit that that section is
the most complete give i had an implemenation with which to
reverse engineer.

> Costin
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