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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: config diag, etc
Date Wed, 04 Aug 1999 17:07:00 GMT

comments included.

hope this helps,

- james

"Carreira, Jason" wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: James Todd []
> >
> > i echo. well stated. i did not draw "protocols" supported but
> > i kind of assumed when one was interacting with a jsp and/or
> > servlet interface it was understood that it was over http and
> > as such the client could be impelmented in any flavor. rmi is
> > more java-centric but could possibly be wrapped with an orb
> > (or the underling objects) to play in an open object request
> > scenario. jndi is indeed a java play. are there other "service
> > protocols" that should be considered?
> >
> Perhaps, since there is a general feeling that this config service not only
> needs to be accessed by apps in other languages, but also needs to be
> implementable in other languages, we should first work on a CORBA IDL for
> the config API, then work out a reference implementation of the API in java.
> To the reference impl we could add RMI and JNDI hooks that would be outside
> the scope of the API (which would be the IDL) but put there to hook more
> easily into java clients/tools... There could also be a separate API for
> http/s clients/tools to interface with the config service that would also be
> back-end-implementation independent, although I'm not sure how such can be
> codified...

agreed. if the boundaries (client, service, data) are endorsed
then i think we should start fleshing out the api protocols and
message formats.

i feel the "path of least resistence" may be:

	http/s interface to cgi compliant service
	serving up ascii text

a "possible" implemenation of this is:

	servlet responding to stateful (eg cookies, session)
	requests for configuration data which is served as
	xml format

a bit more coupled (and this is not to say that it is necessarily
bad) is, as you have stated, a corba interface to which a possible
implemenation could be an rmi service interacting with, possibly,
some of the same config processing logic as the afore mentioned
http/cgi methodology.

there are many more options which may or may not be attractive
but are none the less viable, as i see it, and should therefore
be addressed ... but i think some baselines should be drawn. at
this point it looks to be:

	http/s to cgi compliant service

	corba (i claim ignorance on this one)

i do see an implemenation where by these protocol handlers
could attach to a single config manager layer. to me, this
looks attractive.

> This would allow us to build the implementation without worries about Apache
> standalone users not wanting to start up a JVM for the config service... it
> could be implemented in C/C++ if necessary...

yep. btw, the other day someone mentioned that a jvm may not
present on many target platforms. if we go with http/s to cgi
compliant service then perhaps this concern can be addressed.
i'd also like to offer that tomcat runs on the following development

	solaris (sparc, intel)
	win (9x, nt)
	apple (?8?)
	linux (?)

although i'm not sure of the os version/jdk specifics.

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