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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: config diag, etc
Date Wed, 04 Aug 1999 02:31:40 GMT

Troy Poppe wrote:

i echo. well stated. i did not draw "protocols" supported but
i kind of assumed when one was interacting with a jsp and/or
servlet interface it was understood that it was over http and
as such the client could be impelmented in any flavor. rmi is
more java-centric but could possibly be wrapped with an orb
(or the underling objects) to play in an open object request
scenario. jndi is indeed a java play. are there other "service
protocols" that should be considered?

drawing this stuff on a 1-pager does not do justice to nor is
it intended to define the message formats, messaging protocols,
nor implementation details but it is instead one perspective
(eg tomcat) on what is possible to provide a point of discussion
with which to get to the next level ... being the apis for the
various paths, the message formats, etc ... assuming the basic
concepts are covered.

i'm going to continue to refine the picture and flesh out the
textual discussions notes that accompany it ... and welcome
comments/suggestions/corrections/contributions. i intend for
the design to reflect all perspectives.


	there are two config scenarios presented via the

		distributed/remote configuration service
		(95 percent of the picture talks to this

		"tightly coupled" config lib (the little
		snippet located near tomcat/apache)

	feeling that the greater need is a distributed/remote
	service i am a proponent of continuing to flesh this
	option out but i also feel that the "tightly coupled"
	config lib has merits. is it confusing to attempt to
	address both perspective on a 1-pager disccusion at a
	high level? if so, i can nuke this part and work to
	create another pic ... the reason i'd kind of like it
	to stay is that in part the "tightly coupled" config
	lib will be a good part of the "config service/parser"

hope this helps,

- james

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