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From Giao Nguyen <>
Subject RE: config diag, etc
Date Mon, 09 Aug 1999 20:10:31 GMT
Carreira, Jason writes:
 > Check out together/j ( or It's pretty slick,
 > all java (cross platform) and the basic version is free (as in beer). Plus,
 > it can put out nice HTML pages with the UML diags as gif images, etc (not
 > sure if this is included in the free version). The best part, though, is the
 > round-trip code generation... it generates either java or C++ code as you
 > manipulate the UML, and can re-generate the UML when you edit the code,
 > too... it's very slick.

FWIW, I've used it and I think it sucks least of all the UML diag
tools out there. In addition, it's usage of reflection to represent
compiled classes is great. But I'm also from the Church of Anything
But Rational.


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