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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Wed, 21 Jul 1999 04:20:08 GMT
Tom Clarke wrote:
> I meant to say 'multiple configuration mechanisms' - if that makes any
> difference to your answer - are you really using say LDAP and a
> configuration file mechanism?

i think ldap is on the table as "one of a small set of protocols"
a config service could provide yet use some centralized (protocol
independent) logic with regards to configuration data management
(read, parse, track freshness, etc).

i'm saying this believing that the ldap interface can provide
another means to access configuration data from the config service,
not the static config file directly. in my understanding of ldap
in talking with a colleague who has worked with it, i believe the
server side of ldbap is exentsible (ie plug it into the same
server side logic as the http, rmi, jini protocols will likely
plug into ... not the config file directly).

t'is my thoughts anyways.

>     a) There is some stuff which is specific to each server (its name, which
> database is being accessed, what the email address of the admin)
>     b) There is some stuff which you want to be included when you run the
> roll scripts.
> We've dealt with this up to now by having one configuration file that sits
> just about the webserver root and one that sits just below.

exactly. in fact, we were able to live with a bit more rigid
configuration structure in the early days until we rolled in a
bit more bullet proof "rolling out" process you expressed here.
so, being able to segment configuration data so as to allow for
collections of things that change at a common frequency is a
good thing ... if i read you right on this one. i believe having
an xml file what can reference (via a sytstem tag) multiple dtd
files will help here (as well as other candidate solutions).

- james

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