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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:51:33 GMT
Tom Clarke wrote:
> I came over ruthlessly pragmatic for a moment there ;-)
> Seriously though, from a user/sysadmin perspective, does it actually buy you
> anything - having multiple configurations I mean?

the app running behind
(JWS 1.1.3/jhtml/jdbc/javaMail,etc) uses such a beast to manage
lots of, al be it application scoped, very configurable fields
(hence my belief that name/value will only get one so far).
this system is 2.5 years old and based on a previous 2+ years work
based on apache/tcl. it is "yetAnotherEComApplication" yes but
it is one that, collectively, is 4+ years old ... before the
eThis and eThat craze that is all the buzz these days ... back to
the topic at hand ... to require a system restart for this system
for many of the changes required by an extraNet aware web application
would've simply killed us. i won't get into the config data details
unless that'd help you here but i will add that i feel a certain
amount of a web server should allow for more flexibility with regards
to eased system constraints pertaining to configurabilty, namely
web application context (a servlet 2.2 entity) then what we just
live with today. if this is solved in a nice manner then at least
we have options for those who feel this is an important feature.

softned config management will help for production systems i believe
and is a sure help for developers of said systems or server/servlet
engines ... such as tomcat. tomcat is primed for taking advantage of
this sort of config service without polluting it's core servlet,
jsp and http implementations what so ever.

> One of the things that Weblogic allows you to do, is have configuration
> specific to an individual server that overrides the global configuration.

ahhh ... yep, i believe this will be a ?name? space management
item the proposed "config service" will have to sort out ... in
communicating with config consumers (eg server). in the early
days i believe we can make some assumptions during the proto-cycle
yet keeping an eye on the bigger picture all the while.

- james

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