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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:19:37 GMT
Tom Clarke wrote:
> How about we get a really good JSP/Servlet engine for V1 and go for a fully
> abstracted configuration architecture in V2?
> What does it really buy us, apart from a really cool design? (Don't get me
> wrong a properly abstracted configuration mechanism would be great - but if
> I can configure it at all that's good enough for me)
> The main issue with a basic config file strategy that I can see is that it
> should be a requirement to have multiple engines in a cluster running of the
> same configuration file. Weblogic does this with basic configuration files
> (it has one server which provides config information to the rest I think).
> Tom

agreed. i believe tomcat will be a really good first step for
a jsp/servlet engine ... although here is and will continue to
be work in that space pending spec mods, etc.

with tomcat, we've started to factor out the config stuff and
i feel the discussion to date excluding my "pieInTheSky" tangent
is quite viable ... within bounds.

regarding clusters reading off of the same config file, and i
intend to flesh this out a bit more in the "config service"
section of the discussion doc that i've bounced about, i believe
a "config service" entity (object, service, whatever) can manage
propogating config data as sourced from a local file or one
which was sourced via a url. the only real difference, from
the reading and processing of the data, is the scheme (local
or remote file) and how best to determine changes (file mod
data vs ?someDateMimeHeader?). it may not even be necessary for
the "config service" to manage a singular file but could
aggregate such data.

the external config data/objects as provided by the "config
service" most likely really shouldn't be exposed to the io
or xml parsing details.

as i see it anyways.

	batting these ideas about here really does help ...
	i/we need to get these thougths captured ... not
	ratified but none the less captured

- james

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