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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:09:35 GMT
Troy Poppe wrote:

> Is there such a thing as an infinite loop in design? ;)

what's that :o

nah, we can't let that happen ... hence my guarded "pieInTheSky"

> This definately could be an option, and I agree, Tomcat would
> fit the bill well.  However, I think we need to generalize this
> more, being careful not to err on the side of over-generalizing.
> I'm seeing the configuration API as nothing more than a stub
> for any number of configuration/persistance options.
> I don't see why we couldn't do something similar to the JCE/JCA
> from Sun.  In this architecture/implementation, you have the
> ability to write your own 'providers' for encryption algorithms.
> Now, this type of architecture could apply closely to configuration
> IMO.
> Imagine the following scenarios:
>         - Configuration from LDAP or other directory service via JNDI
>         - Configuration via an HTTP server
>         - Configuration from a flat file
>         - Configuration from a database
> Then to add to the complexity of these scenarios, toss in the flavor
> of XML or your choice, DTDs, XSchema, etc.  I like the idea of all
> of these, but I also understand that some organizations may not want
> to bring their configurations from a flat file, or LDAP for that matter.
> If the API is simple, and we allow others to extend it to do whatever,
> I think we're really going to build something rather powerful.

ok, my feet are firmly back on terra firma. your right and the
options are many. i see this as a good thing we should embrace
but in doing so we should try to design this adaptability in
the core vs bolt it on to something else.

i'm quite optimistic as to the achievability of this goal.

- james

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