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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Tue, 20 Jul 1999 21:11:58 GMT
"Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:

> There's (at least) one more need to be considered with respect to dynamic
> configurations, and it doesn't fit very neatly into an roles model -- at least
> not in my head.  And that is the idea of asking the currently running server to
> "persistify" (blame James, I am not making this word up :-) the configurations

sorry :)

possibly overloaded word but i do believe you got my drift ... er

> Doing this would probably be easier if the configurations data was itself an
> object (like a DOM tree or something) that coulld be asked generically to "write
> yourself to this output stream", rather than making every server component for
> reconstructing configurations settings from the currently set properties or
> whatever.

i see your perspective. i was hoping that the "config service"
could expose pure config objects and notifications (either passive
or active) as to the state of said config objects contingent upon
a previous transaction (client a requested config item b and it
has rev'd).

my initial thought was to keep the xml'isms behind the config
service but perhaps it could be a "pure representation" on how
best to share this config data ... hmmm ... something about that
still feels a bit heavy. that is, clients of a config service
"can" share xml constructs or "must" share xml constructs. at this
time i'm leaning towards the former.

within the next tomcat release i put togther a smallish container
class with which i pass around freely. while it does present one
extra level of indirection from "xml source - to - consumer" it
does contain the pervassiveness of xml libs.

i'm quite confident these ideas can be reflected in the discussion
doc i've started so that we can compare/contrast/grow these ideas
within the appropriate context. i believe some of my personal
(and professional) objectives are inline with statements i've
read to date. formulating some nice "can", "shall", "must"
statements should be of great help in exploring ideas and nailing
down some of these decission points.

i'm pretty happy with the progress. !great! discussion (and rock'n

- james

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