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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:36:29 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:

> "Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:
> > My single biggest gripe about Apache (or Netscape Enterprise Server, and I'm sure
lots of others),
> > no matter now good it is at what it does, is the fact that you have to restart the
server for the
> > most trivial configuration file changes.  To me, that's not the way things should
work -- it should
> > be possible to make incremental changes to existing configurations, at least to
some level, without
> > global restart being required.  This doesn't seem to be a high priority for most
> > developers (and I'm talking to myself here as well -- Apache JServ 1.1-DEV still
requires restarts
> > on config changes), but it sure does matter in environments where a server restart
can be very
> > disruptive to lots of users.
> a) Apache supports "graceful" restarts for this reason.

The Apache source code is pretty dense, but it looks like a graceful restart still kills all
the child
httpd processes and recreates them.  Among other things, that seems to mean all the modules
go through
their initialization lifecycle again.

> b) Supporting incremental changes could get pretty complicated, because
> of cached derived information. I suppose simply blowing away all the
> caches is feasible, though.

Speaking as an author of server-side stuff as well (Apache JServ 1.1-DEV) I am familiar with
the "pretty
complicated" parts of it.  Basically, you can no longer count on certain things being static
for the
life of your server, and this has lots of ramifications.  But exit/restart is still the lazy
way out of
dealing with the issue.

> Cheers,
> Ben.


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