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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Mon, 19 Jul 1999 16:54:19 GMT
James Todd wrote:
> hi -
>         attached is a first cut at collecting the various
>         thoughts surrounding a "pure java http server
>         configuration" project.
>         this is not meant to be a holy relic or artifact
>         or even the truth but is more a collection of thoughts
>         and decission points, which are not final, expressed
>         to date presented in a format which should allow for
>         peer review and editing (althought this later part will
>         be a bit sticky till we have a bit more infrastructure
>         to help out).
>         anyways, i welcome any/all feedback and anticipate
>         subsequent drill-downs on some of the topics which
>         are barely touched upon.

As was mentioned in another thread, Apache _may_ use XML for
configuration in future versions. I would strongly suggest that a
solution which can also be used for Apache (and other projects with
similar configuration goals, particularly ones operating under the ASF
umbrella) would be highly desirable. This tends to rule out complex
solutions involving things like UML, simply because there's already a
big overhead to learning how to extend Apache, and forcing people to
also learn UML, XMI and the like is liable to meet huge resistance. Even
requiring DTDs is causing some angst.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that things should be dumbed down
to satisfy lazy developers, but I am suggesting that extra complexity
needs to be accompanied by a corresponding large win of some kind. I
think it is unlikely that going beyond XML/DTD is likely to lead to that
kind of win. I'm happy to be wrong, though.

It is particularly significant (IMO) that many think XML/DTD are going
to be pretty much a fact of life. Things like UML are not going to be
nearly so pervasive, in current estimation.




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