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From James Todd <>
Subject request for review: server/config discussion
Date Mon, 19 Jul 1999 08:41:42 GMT

hi -

	attached is a first cut at collecting the various
	thoughts surrounding a "pure java http server
	configuration" project.

	this is not meant to be a holy relic or artifact
	or even the truth but is more a collection of thoughts
	and decission points, which are not final, expressed
	to date presented in a format which should allow for
	peer review and editing (althought this later part will
	be a bit sticky till we have a bit more infrastructure
	to help out).

	anyways, i welcome any/all feedback and anticipate
	subsequent drill-downs on some of the topics which
	are barely touched upon.

	the area i'd really like to see some active drill
	down on is:

		2. Configuration Data Consumer Model

		or "entity data model"

	i'm a big fan of tufte and uml ... so, in order to
	convey some of these design thoughts i'm likely to
	start stitching together some graphics ... although
	this'll be a bit rough to archive and reference till
	these docs have a web home.

		note: i was fortunate enough to attend a
			day long seminar presented by
			edward tufte ( ...
			the man in my book when it comes
			to "conveying thought." attending
			one of his seminars is almost a
			religious experience.

			also, i happen to really like
			martin fowler's "uml distilled"
			as a guide map. it is a great
			light-weight read. i'm also
			impressed with "use case driven
			object modeling with uml" by
			rosenberg and scott. very practical.

			wow, i guess i should've inlined
			some amazon associate links in
			here to see if i could retire on
			these references  :)

house-keeping details:

	i put forth the motion to continue the design
	details of this specifi discussion under the list

	when providing feedback, it is recommended to inline
	the comments/corrections/questions amongst a complete
	and existing document

	i will rev the document in order to maintain content
	integrity (this item should go away when we have a
	bit more infrastructure) as modifications are published

	any/all comments are welcome including:


	this doc isn't done by a long shot so do feel free
	to contribute

	hope this helps,

- james
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