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From Troy Poppe <>
Subject Re: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:49:05 GMT
On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 11:29:08PM -0400, Tom Clarke wrote:

> Seriously though, from a user/sysadmin perspective, does it actually buy you
> anything - having multiple configurations I mean?
> I can't think of an application that gives you this much flexibility in
> configuration. Doesn't mean it's not valuable, but what are the scenarios it
> gives me benefit as a user/sysadmin? (and doesn't just make it more
> confusing and complicated)

Oh, I could give you MANY reasons why this would be nice from a designers
standing.  Lets see.  This is going to get off topic fast, but what the

I have several webservers that I want to act different based upon
event X happening elsewhere in my enterprise.
	- Case 1:
		Database server fails, and the webserver needs to reconfigure
		the servlet environment
	- Case 2:
		My webserver is an embedded device, perhaps attached to some
		external device, which is one of dozens of such units.  Event
		X occurs, and the configuation file is altered in an appropriate
		manner.  This should then notify my webservers, and they should
		update configuration, and change behavior.
	- Case 3:
		I have several frontend webservers that I want to bring to
		some state S (up, return temp error condition, down) simultanteously.
	- Case 4:
		I have several frontend webservers that I want to add information
		about a new service to.

	There's probably a better solution to these problems.  However, and I don't
mean to over-glorify anything, if we don't think up new ideas for how to better aspects
of a product, we can't really be developers, we're more maintainers.

- Troy

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