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From "Liam Magee" <>
Subject RE: request for review: server/config discussion
Date Tue, 20 Jul 1999 01:52:02 GMT
I agree wholeheartedly with this. As a casual observer on the Jakarta
project, and a servlet developer/administrator, the ability to reload
servlets (and dependencies), JSP's and configuration properties is key, IMO.
Using servlets to then remotely configure these properties, upload new
servlets, etc., would also be easier.

Liam Magee.

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> From: Craig McClanahan []
> Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 1999 11:24 AM
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> Subject: Re: request for review: server/config discussion
> James Todd wrote:
> > these are my thoughts as well and an area i'd like for us to
> > drill down on rsn. i think we're comfortable knowing what we
> > know about the entities which are likely to produce and use
> > the data ... what differentiates this, in my mind and i believe
> > yours as well, is that the "configuration service" should make
> > available in a protocol friendly means the configuration data
> > (or derived objects) and will singal to clients (most likely
> > passively) when a "data refresh" is required as the config
> > data has changed.
> >
> I would make a stronger statement than that ... I do not want
> "data refresh" notifications -- I
> want each individual change event.  In Java, the JavaBeans event
> broadcast model seems to be the
> best way to deal with it in the configuration API.
> My single biggest gripe about Apache (or Netscape Enterprise
> Server, and I'm sure lots of others),
> no matter now good it is at what it does, is the fact that you
> have to restart the server for the
> most trivial configuration file changes.  To me, that's not the
> way things should work -- it should
> be possible to make incremental changes to existing
> configurations, at least to some level, without
> global restart being required.  This doesn't seem to be a high
> priority for most server
> developers (and I'm talking to myself here as well -- Apache
> JServ 1.1-DEV still requires restarts
> on config changes), but it sure does matter in environments where
> a server restart can be very
> disruptive to lots of users.
> After all, we can't laugh at Microsoft Windows for forcing a
> reboot just to change DNS servers if
> we do the same sort of thing in our application services ....
> >
> > - james
> >
> Craig McClanahan
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