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From spmalle...@apache.org
Subject [tinkerpop] branch TINKERPOP-2132 created (now 7123ac3)
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2019 20:28:16 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

spmallette pushed a change to branch TINKERPOP-2132
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/tinkerpop.git.

      at 7123ac3  TINKERPOP-2132 Fixed threading problem with Client

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new aee0ee9  Initial commit
     new 16ff7ac  Add project directories and readme files
     new e15287f  Stub out blueprints.
     new 3544461  Update README.md
     new 48e8d52  Update README.md
     new 6554ac2  Stubbing Gremlin3.
     new fb0344d  Stubbing Gremlin3.
     new 6c0ef06  Stubbing Gremlin3.
     new c0ebae4  more stubbing on Gremlin3 codebase.
     new c43801d  playing with Lambdas in Java8. Interesting behaviors that I was not expected.
     new 722df7e  moved to Apache2, first stub of OLTPGraph (and respective intefaces), add a global TinkerPop3 pom.xml.
     new 63484e5  moved to Apache2, first stub of OLTPGraph (and respective intefaces), add a global TinkerPop3 pom.xml.
     new 215df93  stub of TinkerGraph. Still thinking hard on how we want to deal with properties.
     new 9ee6912  first flush of Blueprints3 API and TinkerGraph implementation of it.
     new ab03404  more work on TinkerGraph implementation -- corrected faulty implementation of TinkerVertexQuery.
     new dbfbf42  more work on TinkerGraph implementation of Blueprints3 -- extensive use of new Java8 functionality. Infinite streams, suppliers, consumers -- very nice.
     new 6ab992b  parallel stream work on TinkerGraph GraphQuery/VertexQuery and element reindexing.
     new 34a565d  null protection around Element.getValue() default method.
     new ed965b8  made Property have Optional-style semantics.
     new 8dac4c8  work on Monadic implementation of Pipes in Gremlin.
     new 82a9790  removed Monad work in Gremlin. Created generic property model for Property.of().
     new 4ea89d8  work on OLAPGraph component. Now its Graph.compute(). Implemented respective OLAP work in TinkerGraph. Added some new utilities. Also, getting smart about how Supplier,Consumer,Function,Predicate,etc. work.
     new b6dd0a1  added StreamFactory.parallelStream() and made TinkerGraphComputer make use of Stream.
     new 7b0960c  mass work on GremlinPipes --- Streams isn't the answer. Need more flexbility.
     new 92a09fe  mass work on GremlinPipes --- Streams isn't the answer. Need more flexbility.
     new 0d60343  work on Pipes + Holder model for Gremlin.
     new 5d31115  <R extends GremlinPipeline> to support interface extensions.
     new 23ab354  thread safe FlatMapPipe. Got back() and loop() working via Holder<T>. Introduced a Path object -- much needed. Property allows for the retriveal of the Element associated with the Property. Its coming along.
     new 65d0847  holder.makeChild()/makeSibiling() -- genious. drip the Match.
     new 263f580  MatchPipe -- could be generalized to FlatMap. The beginning of Project Troll.
     new 1442f85  naming a pipe is now core to Pipes. A more generic definition of Injectable Pipe added. MatchPipe stronger with the notion of getting an end and start pipe.
     new ac077f2  Holder.getSibling() is now argumentless.
     new 226325e  ExpandablePipeIterator introducted to allow for Pipe + queue bundling -- implements the paradigm of an injectable Pipe. There is a pipe parent and a queue of Holder<T>.
     new 5c28773  Holder no longer needs a reference to Pipeline. Finally. Solid non-cylic reference.
     new e42dac4  added AND semantics for pipes with no-end name.
     new 8e6daae  tweaks to the new Predicate AND semantics of MathPipe.
     new 6eca9ae  lots of work on Path naming and generic functionlity now supports back() and select(). boo yea.
     new a4aae09  MatchPipe now supports start named predicates and end named predicates.
     new 30f1571  MatchPipe now supports start named predicates and end named predicates.
     new 2557a1b  organize the steps in GremlinPipeline.
     new c8f47a9  organize the steps in GremlinPipeline.
     new fa336e1  added outE,inE,bothE,inV,outV,bothV
     new 6f9efbd  more step definitions -- Gremlin3 nearly complete ;).
     new d64aa7e  first stab at Gremlin as a VertexProgram -- BAM. g.V.out.count(). Added FastNoSuchElementException from Pipes2.
     new 0255512  GremlinVertexProgram makes use of Gremlin/Pipes to compute itself.
     new 0eae2a3  AdjacentShellVertices have references to only those edges incident to the CoreShellVertex (without destryoing the semantics of the compute framework). Removes the need to create a TinkerGraph in GremlinVertexProgram -- GremlinVertexProgram is working thus far.
     new faa6db6  transform is now map() per @mpollmeier advice. Small tweets to GremlinVertexProgram.
     new 78d09bf  Basic framework for Gremlin Server.
     new 6860eeb  What more could I say, I wouldn't be here today if the old school didn't pave the way.
     new 0017d12  Frame out the Blueprints TestSuite.
     new a0b734c  Change scope of IndexPage class to package.
     new 1f1e4be  Reversed asserts.
     new f556e55  Factored out the Op interface in favor of generic Consumer.
     new 2e179f1  Clean up imports.
     new d3dd316  Refactor ScriptEngine excecution into sessioned and sessionless operation.
     new 745f097  Do some tests for getting Optional arguments from a request.
     new 58a71b3  Refactoring to OpProcessor to handle message validation and errors.
     new ce4bf7a  Refactored opprocessor pipeline a bit and improve error handling of message parsing.
     new 7408520  Add slf4j.
     new e05cc69  Added some logging around session creation.
     new addf590  Improved javadoc.
     new b1abbd8  Add server and graph configuration files.
     new 17406c4  Utilized host configuration in server initialization.
     new 36075e0  Pass server settings down to the Context.
     new 14b2338  added support for State.CENTRIC, State.ADJACENT so that TinkerVertex has endogenous concepts associated with VertexCentric computing. Added PageRankVertexProgram to Gremlin from Furnace2 for testing purposes.
     new 07f5e37  merged master.
     new 355d27d  Add web front-end mockup
     new 172ad6d  Get configured graphs instantiated for sessionless bindings.
     new 6cd1b2c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 666d3de  Push configured Graph instances into Bindings for sessionless calls.
     new f9b96bc  Fixed problem with sessions being created on every request.
     new f41f839  Show requestId to validate order of operations.
     new 1640c1e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 7911b1b  Add support for passing in bindings.
     new f254fab  Create tokens for string values in RequestMessage.
     new 1f80a3e  Refactor static file handler in separate class
     new d5a1315  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 5978aba  Do better and more complete serialization of results.
     new 5cf8aa6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'vsu/master'
     new e1f22ec  Add JSON serializer for results from script engine.
     new 3919011  Refactor web UI to include text edit section and REPl console
     new 4fe3531  Tighten up OpProcessor.java
     new 0cb84d6  Refactoring class access and other small adjustments.
     new e9c58d8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 475ba1c  Delimit Text serialization to return the requestId with the result.
     new edb4234  Remove webSocketRoute configuration option
     new 491d190  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 2d2fe92  Put requestId in each returned message for JSON serialization.
     new b57d612  Improve error reporting back to the client.
     new 96687f8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new c120e74  Tighten up web front end
     new 87eca9d  added the concept of Thing and anything can have a property with recrussion for meta properties.
     new fa3f85a  first draft of Features using Feature interface and defender methods in Java8.
     new 2204c5a  first draft of Features using Feature interface and defender methods in Java8.
     new e300beb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e106924  Add "accept" argument to eval to allow serialization selections.
     new c9a4d09  Add GremlinGroovyScriptEngine code.
     new 3513d66  Remove Rexster module for now.
     new e400cb0  renamed the gremlin-server.sh to just gremlin.sh
     new 98c560b  Make the OpProcessor and GremlinExecutor thread-safe for creation.
     new 2e0660c  removed the default wrappers for graph-centric computing. TinkerGraph implements this natively and any non-trivial implementation of GraphComputing should have their own implementation of these interfaces (no wrappers needed).
     new 5f4ca91  added hidden properties to Blueprints API via Property.Key.hidden(blah) using %$% prefix API-enforced convention. Random other tweaks here and there.
     new 79618e4  use newly added Tokens to get the Gremlin version.
     new 52bbd6e  Updated Settings to handle scriptengine configuration.
     new f986dfd  Got rid of singletons.
     new 55dd0eb  ScriptEngine now supports imports through configuration in yaml file.
     new 7a75ff2  Add REPL history, autocomplete, and search
     new 766848e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 009503b  Basics for the original concept of Gremlin.use().
     new 49408ec  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new fd13dc0  Fix hotkeys in Chrome
     new ba04a45  Allow the ScriptEngine to dynamically import classes.
     new 4826328  Add up arrow, down arrow, and enter keys in search results
     new 344c94f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 6446824  Rename to Gremlin Workbench
     new a693b8e  Use regex to parse imports out in the scriptengine.
     new cd0ea78  Remove dummy graph being passed to the session.
     new 3985b44  Better support for DependencyManager in the ScriptEngines class.
     new 60f436b  Add ops for use and import.
     new bece74e  Use tokens instead of hardcoded strings for ops.
     new 714f19a  Use tokens instead of hardcoded strings for op arguments.
     new 803f5c9  Implement full-width layout with swappable panels
     new d0120c9  Upgrade font awesome to 4.0.1
     new 9e880d6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 03ec756  Remove font-awesome fonts from previous version
     new 07bc209  Moved jackson dependency to gremlin-server.
     new df5fd6e  Introduce gremlin-server plugins.
     new 4db17ed  Add deps operation to list all dependencies initialized by grape.
     new 3174e9e  Got rid of GraphFactory by pushing open() to Graph interface.
     new 3a76762  Add tests for Compare.
     new caf2c73  Bring GraphFactory back and make Graph API expose open().
     new 83bd395  added author notes and fixed parameterization on DefaultQuery.
     new 2c8aaa1  removed unnecessary test() method in DefaultQuery and removed unused imports in Graph.
     new edaae4f  moved GraphFactory to util/
     new 42f4e10  moved GraphFactory to util/
     new dd358a5  moved GraphFactory to util/
     new 561224a  fixed directory structure for blueprints-test.
     new 4691042  minor naming and finalization tweaks to GraphFactory
     new a5ac78e  Make Graph.open() take an Optional<Configuration>.
     new de7cde3  added property exceptions to ExceptionFactory.
     new 79a5bae  generic typing has character that is the character of the type.
     new 16bb355  GraphFactory.open() can't have a null for the Configuration argument.
     new 31f4d39  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f1ba68f  renamed generic variables in TinkerGraph.
     new 9d102fa  Pass Optional<Configuration> from GraphFactory.
     new d6a0a28  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 39d933c  Added TinkerGraph.open() with no argument.
     new e2b0f21  added stub for TX manager.
     new e9b61c6  Add some API comments.
     new 9d11362  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4bac600  added support for a Transactions object.
     new 4f5a3e2  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new a2f9379  tweaks to Transactions and GremlinServer.
     new 52dffc3  tweaks to Transactions and GremlinServer.
     new c20f159  added ExceptionFactory for open transactions.
     new 4f31deb  added ExceptionFactory for open transactions.
     new 6bdfd9d  Frame out the blueprints-io module.
     new 8d5b60c  Get rid null in favor of Optional for the vertex key setting.
     new 3499d7c  More refactoring around Optional in GraphMLReader.
     new e8b3194  Check for null Graph argument to Builder of GraphMLReader.
     new 9fa0e47  Fix build problems due to missing distribution.xml for blueprints-io.
     new 8731b7b  Add GraphMLWriter to blueprints-io.
     new f4ff3bc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io
     new 3d92bc2  Convert edgeLabelKey to Optional.
     new 9e9d0d4  Convert XMLSchemaLocation setting to Optional in GraphMLWriter.
     new 0d2fc7b  Refactored type inference to use Optional in GraphMLWriter.
     new b0b17aa  Refactor the outputGraph method on GraphMLWriter to use smaller functions.
     new a8e4a7d  Refactor outputGraph in GraphMLWriter to use smaller functions.
     new ea9b159  Refactor outputGraph in GraphMLWriter to use smaller functions.
     new 8a04684  Removed a null initialization of an Optional.
     new 2070128  Declare member variables as final in GraphMLWriter.
     new c2409d4  Remove the concrete sorting class for elements in favor of a Comparator function.
     new ec55fab  Minor refactoring to outputGraph on GraphMLWriter.
     new 8e78142  Moved the GremlinExecutor to the GremlinServerHandler so that it can be given to the Context passed to every Op.
     new 478ad2b  Abstraced the OpProcessor into an interface to allow commands to be plugged in to gremlin server.
     new 2e3d816  Remove some unnecessary classes.
     new 3ce6e3f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io
     new d16f8c6  Refactor StandardOpProcessor to pull out Ops to their own class.
     new 16c7055  Add some debug logging to op selection in gremlin-server.
     new 6eab932  Strip down Gremlin Workbench to REPL only
     new a8435c4  Property class updates. Had to comment a test out in Gremlin-Server to handle the API update.
     new 733b5a3  Ignore test instead of commenting out.
     new 9f0d6b8  Add performance test framework to Gremlin Server.
     new 4cd5367  Move pom.xml properties to tinkergraph3 pom.xml
     new ce5c4e8  Clean up warnings with javadoc generation with latest maven plugin version.
     new 16c7ef0  renamed thread() to spawn() in Transactions.
     new 490b2bf  Make results of websocket client come back as a stream instead of just a single result.
     new d6005e0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4777e58  Better comments around frame termination.
     new e4a9003  Improve javadocs.
     new 0b30dca  Renamed Transactions to Transaction.
     new 10454c9  added mailbox computing model stub.
     new 8295bc8  Add retry functions to Transaction class.
     new f9c40cf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 30542d7  added Text pushdown predicate stub. More work on mailbox implementation.
     new 9ba7014  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c39f004  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io
     new f8ac567  javadoc.
     new 85419c1  Revert javadoc.
     new 7d11f2a  Changed Transaction.encapsulate() to sumbit()
     new 695d3e2  first working version of mailbox with Query as the defining model.
     new 46c6bc5  moved to vertex building style.
     new 0d21ddc  added Featureable as a base interface. Now GraphComputer can have features -- not just elements. MailBox-model now uses QueryBuilders to distribute their messages. Need to implement the GraphQueryBuilder representation -- i.e. queues.
     new 0a1022a  standard exceptions are not handled by Features.
     new 5c47960  standard exceptions are not handled by Features.
     new c4a9d61  more work on MailBox -- QueryBuilder fingerprints implemented as universal addresses. Coming together... Need to do GraphQuery implementation (scary).
     new 762a8da  graph computer and mailbox have been merged into one package. getting close biiiiiietches.
     new c0f2331  Mailbox renamed Messenger. Implemented both VertexQueryBuilder and GraphQueryBuilder state/message passing for TinkerGraph. Generalized a few random things here and there.
     new 7066e51  minor tweaks, comments, etc.
     new 735fdd5  removed oppositeQuery as the Query IS the fingerprint regardless of directionality.
     new 105a8d0  moved isolation to inside GraphComputer.
     new 2a76c84  Fixed name of blueprints-io in pom.
     new 16baf8d  Minor pom.xml fixes.
     new 1205445  Configurable threadpool in gremlin server.
     new 4a61c33  Improve log messages at server startup
     new 5af3aa9  Fixed JSON serialization of Property.
     new a5cef42  Fixed bug in setting hidden properties.
     new 4064319  Fixed problem with build give the most recent java 8 and doclint.
     new c07f5ac  Add Metrics infrastructure to Gremlin Server.
     new 9cabba5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e3771db  Add CsvReporter for Metrics.
     new 76892b9  Add JMX reporter.
     new 0737452  Add slf4j reporter for metrics.
     new aecb865  Added ganglia metrics reporter.
     new 384dffb  Add graphite metrics reporter.
     new 30537d7  blueprints-io is a dependency of blueprints-test.
     new 6d5be57  remove uneeded import.
     new c9e47ac  Added "show" command to Gremlin Server.
     new 553c098  Add show variables command.
     new 1189941  Add Stream to result output for Gremlin Server.
     new ec2310b  Remove unwanted import.
     new 5e72b66  Add scriptengine reset command to Gremlin Server.
     new 7c0e7b4  Add integration test suite, config for eval timeout, better error responses.
     new 7a0ea4a  Reorganized tests for Gremlin Server.
     new 786f904  Refactored base long-run tests.
     new 9ea28de  Remove duplicate websocket clients.
     new 92c1fd3  Remove base integration test for both performance and integration tests.
     new ec1fcea  minor edit
     new e50ac30  Refactor REPL javascript code
     new 0784030  Completed import and use operations
     new 40955e7  Fixed gremlin-server pom to prevent verify if long tests are not run.
     new 1628add  Return separated imports
     new a76c24d  Merge pull request #7 from vsu/master
     new 5eec04e  Show progress spinner during evaluation
     new e4dc5b9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 23debae  Merge remote-tracking branch 'vsu/master'
     new a213558  added multi-properties to vertices and labels to vertices
     new ce81ecc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bed1e69  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 3b5884e  Hide spinner when response is received
     new 2fec547  Merge pull request #9 from vsu/master
     new e4cb102  work on properties. removed removeProperty() as Property.remove() exists.
     new e296398  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new bbf728a  added getValues() for multi-property value getting.
     new 57f29af  Vertex.Property, Edge.Property, Graph.Property all now exist. GraphComputer now returns a Future<ComputeResult> after submit().
     new 6b54415  trivial change -- all is String in Property.Key now and thus no toString() on enum required.
     new e499ce3  Add edge serialization test.
     new a2438b8  Better variable naming.
     new 8711eaf  Serialize the edge label.
     new 719ec9f  Serialization around meta-properties fixed.
     new 9b2c177  Remove @Ignore from test.
     new 29986c8  Add javadoc.
     new 1bd8e89  Add hidden properties serialization test.
     new b9b7328  Add comments.
     new 299c3bb  Add generic specification.
     new 22cfdea  first push on MessageType for GraphComputer. Fixed a bug in TinkerVertex.Property thanks to Srid.
     new 3b78e95  TinkerMessager now has label-based MessageType and message modulators via an BiFunction lambda on Edge/Message.
     new d709868  changed from generic function to edgeFunction.
     new ecef4c2  changed from generic function to edgeFunction.
     new 92e129a  updated edgeFunction to <M1,Edge,M2> as it reads nicer. Added GraphComputer.Features around vertex/edge additions/deletions.
     new 5343adc  implemented WeightedPage rank.
     new 633ca8d  implemented WeightedPage rank.
     new 5c4b42d  Add multi-property serialization test.
     new 1f3965f  started flusing out the BlueprintsTestSuite. The core to TinkerPop's consistency across vendors.
     new 1db7a16  Features and Exceptions are now split with Exceptions being static classes and Features being instance classes that are dynamically configureable.
     new 6c851e0  There is no more Feature interface as there is no more Featurable interface. All interfacing to Features is within the respective class.
     new e62ffd5  Refactored tests to support declaring Features in tests as annotations.
     new 5378cda  Add a few comments.
     new 07b378a  remove checks for modifiers.
     new b69cb2b  Refactor Feature convention tests to use parameters.
     new 12adcd1  Refactored Features.
     new 96f3b18  Execute Gremlin Server failsafe tests independently of one another.
     new 974f9e9  Added graph clear operations to GraphProvider in blueprints test suite.
     new 52856a2  Removed TestCase reference in imports.
     new 2723449  Correct spelling in comment.
     new 1e8e0c9  Allow for multiple FeatureRequirement annotations to be added to a test method.
     new 2fca80c  Add some javadoc.
     new 6534005  Add ID/label conversion for graphs.
     new b2e5b4a  Add a few vertex tests.
     new d9f8527  Validate compliance with Features in Blueprints Test Suite.
     new 6c1eabb  Removed the "query" Feature specification.
     new d3e0455  Add test for empty graph construction.
     new 3ac626c  Add more tests for Graph.
     new a356960  Add more features/tests.
     new 56f49b4  Added the notion of tryCommit for tests.
     new 98128fe  Refactoring Features to allow graph, vertex and edge features to have their own PropertyFeatures definitions.
     new a215b76  PropertyTest for feature checks.
     new 93a34fc  Decided to be consistent and put final everywhere that a var can be declared as such.
     new 714239a  Add check to enforce exception thrown if remove() called on vertex more than once.
     new c4c5b20  Add EdgeTest.
     new d9b4159  worked on Gremlin OLAP (more complicated than originally though/hoped/wished/desired/prayed). Added some nice helper methods to MessageType. Some other random little nicky-ticky-nackitty-wackitties here and oh so there.
     new f2109d0  Migrate in furnace generators to blueprints-generator.
     new 646482b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new aeb3ee8  Blueprints test structure refactoring and addition of performance tests.
     new 4043044  Add some actual performance tests with junitbenchmark.
     new 4fcc425  Add edge removal test.
     new ca88e32  Use IntStream instead of for loop with counter.
     new 3ed159a  first working stub of Gremlin OLAP. Time to extend some of the Blueprints API methods so we can get more general behaviors.
     new e7b7b9a  Add test for removing vertices.
     new 3b1f032  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c99981e  no more multi-properties and a stub of annotations.
     new be5a569  added annotation.
     new 9f7b4a1  added annotatable interface. will most likely rename :).
     new a6e7b51  added annotations to graphs, elements, properties. Annotatable implements Optional<V> pattern to ensure safe null-handling. Migrated GraphComputer to work over annotations.
     new 5985496  minor tweaks before showing the API to gremlin-users.
     new 7c65200  move to AnnotationMemory from VertexMemory. Now Vertices, Edges, and Properties have compute annotations.
     new aff5542  Gremlin graph computing now supports pushing counters to edges and properties. TinkerGraphComputer intelligent about annotation handling. Simplified the messaging schema for GremlinMessage. Need to think through if we can have direct messaging in Messenger -- not just to the Vertex. Need to handle annotation memory and properties in TinkerGraph (thats up next -- hacked right now).
     new 23b5f3f  annotations on properties is now fully respected in TinkerGraph and GremlinVertexProgram has been updated to allow gremlin propagation to properties. Works great
     new 4fb74ec  annotations on properties is now fully respected in TinkerGraph and GremlinVertexProgram has been updated to allow gremlin propagation to properties. Works great
     new 5648dd4  Remove ignore for tests that were failing.
     new 35c5401  Gremlin integraiton tests don't seem to be failing.
     new e8e6fb3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4d89e8f  Comment out test of multi-properties.
     new 0a700ec  Renamed ServerTokens to just Tokens.
     new f11acbb  Refactor serialization to use jackson databind.
     new 4d94eb5  Only properties have annotations and propagated that update to all GraphComputer interfaces and ultimately to TinkerGraph and respective GraphComputer programs (PageRank and GremlinOLAP).
     new 6a2005c  Remove Blueprints enum, really worked out State.CENTRIC/ADJACENT/STANDARD for Vertices, Edges, and Properties (need more thought on what an ADJACENT annotation means...).
     new fcbdc63  added VertexQuery.adjacents(Vertex... vertices) and propagated to TinkerGraph.
     new caf0e5d  Refactor serialization to better use jackson databind and to plugin new serialization methods.
     new 4ead4d3  Use Features to check for transaction support prior to commit().
     new 93da903  Minor refactoring.
     new 69a3991  Add metrics counters for errors/requests and timer for eval ops.
     new e9bb55d  Update javadoc on OpProcessor.
     new 2c37e61  Clean up imports.
     new c6de78a  reworked TinkerVertexMemory to be more clear -- a getMap, setMap, and a constantMap.
     new e0f2c8f  no more clearGremlins needed in Gremlin OLAP -- was a bug in memory system due to NPE.
     new 90406b3  Added timeout for serialization of total response as well as individual results.
     new 2c59077  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ee26102  Clean up javadoc.
     new 768f9fc  Clean up javadoc in gremlin server.
     new 61ca2e7  More javadoc for Gremlin Server.
     new eee9c6c  added handy default methods to VertexSystemMemory. added VertexMemoryHelper which is like ElementHelper for validating key/values before setting them.
     new beb1370  added Optional<> semantics to places where null could be returned. Dont want null to be a pattern anywhere in TinkerPop3.
     new 3b76ccc  counter propagation works effectively in Gremlin OLAP.
     new bc72c00  edge processing with Gremlin OLAP working. Using Optional<> technique.
     new faaca50  More javadoc for Gremlin Server.
     new d686acc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bdaeacc  edge processing with Gremlin OLAP working. Using Optional<> technique.
     new 712ad74  Improve javadoc in Gremlin Server.
     new 6c6c769  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin'
     new dc57fee  More javadoc on Gremlin Server.
     new 3e6a377  Factored Gremlin.Graphs class to its own class file.
     new 58f75be  Add test for Graphs class in Gremlin Server.
     new 903ab8e  Remove staticFilePath field in Settings as it no longer relevant.
     new 2442f82  javadoc for Settings in GremlinServer.
     new d9027fa  Improve serialization exception reporting in Gremlin Server.
     new d685e68  Allow serialization of JsonBuilder.
     new 64bdcc5  Add @Ignore explanation for JsonBuilder integration test.
     new 603f9dc  Add javadoc to Gremlin Server.
     new b3fbc25  Add javadoc for Gremlin Server.
     new 7c08b26  Add javadoc for Gremlin Server.
     new 98319d4  Refactored status codes for Gremlin Server and added javadoc.
     new b9e6787  Added builder to RequestMessage and removed direct instantiation.
     new 403f223  TinkerProperty.remove() no longer abstact and easier to reason about. GremlinOLAP now support non-graph object counters. Removed CounterMap in favor of a public static MapHelper.incr(). Provided a toString() to empty() Properties in StringHelper. Provide a toString() to non-empty Properties in StringHelper.
     new 328cb43  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 710e6aa  Refactored Gremlin Server serialization to centralize it a bit better.
     new 056b2be  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 01872e9  Incoming requests can now be deserialized per an initial content type argument.
     new 8e9cc87  Minor changes.
     new b51889f  Factor RequesMessage.Serializer out completely in Gremlin Server.
     new 46744f5  Fixed broken tests.
     new fbb7691  Move tests to a better place given recent refactoring of serialization.
     new 5031f86  More tests around RequestMessage.Builder.
     new ce759f2  Better handle serialization differences between request/response.
     new d16cf0b  Change scope of ScriptEngines.
     new 5a45b7f  TinkerProperty needed a hashCode definition -- fixed. Gremlin OLAP now has both Object and Path computations available (this is cool -- needs optimization though). Various tweaks to Gremlin primitives for better access to internal data.
     new eef7c34  MicroElement and MicroProperty implemented so Path objects don't contain fully serialized graph objects. With this, we now have back()-step, as()-step, and valid path()-step. Path now supports forEach(BiConsumer<String,Object>) for easy iteration Java8-style. GraphMemory requires a getGraph() method which is necessary for GlobalMessage passing (e.g. g.query().ids().vertices()). This is a really cool commit -- next big hurdle is loop()-step.
     new e7bffbb  added hashCode() and equals() methods to the MicroXXX classes. Also, checked that select()-step works in Gremlin OLAP via the Test. It does. Nice.
     new 2de61b2  tweaks to naming conventions in Gremlin.
     new 6758771  GremlinMessage now propagates Holders<> instead of just Path. This is staging Gremlin OLAP for loop()-step functionality.
     new a4e1f0d  added Gremlin3 REPL stub. Basic functionality working.
     new 089779b  added g.v() and support for reflection use in Gremlin REPL.
     new c29cdaf  Added PipeLoader so that .name and .age type calls translate to value('name') and value('age') respectively. Issues with Console locking in Groovy 2.2.1 -- need to figure out the problem.
     new da3a024  Initial work on Strategy.
     new de65028  Move SequenceStrategy to its own class
     new 9599ce3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wrapper
     new eb845ba  Add accessors for PartitionGraph settings.
     new 103f303  Renamed Strategy to GraphStrategy.
     new 5471bd1  Altered the Graph interface to include the Strategy interface.
     new b1bae98  Removed unecessary imports.
     new c5a7a43  Add comments.
     new 0b3df25  Added javadoc.
     new 410cb47  Add getPostAddVertex implementation to SequenceGraphStrategy.
     new 43106de  Add getPreAddEdge to GraphStrategy.
     new 1fd4451  Add getPostAddEdge to GraphStrategy.
     new 0e29fba  Changed Function<T,T> to UnaryOperator<T> in GraphStrategy.
     new 7c815fa  Add getPostAddEdge to SequenceGraphStrategy.
     new 7285f02  Renamed test.
     new f011cbd  Get SequenceGraphStrategy working properly with UnaryOperator.
     new f4cdf4c  Refactor the SequenceGraphStrategy.
     new acc5285  Change default implementations in GraphStrategy to use UnaryOperator.identity() instead of f->return f
     new e0566ad  Add pre/post remove strategies for Vertex.
     new 73eb617  Rename test.
     new 7660d44  Refactored DefaultStrategy to move such built-in implementations to the Strategy interface.
     new 2b254ff  some minor tweaks before a major overhaul of GremlinVertexProgram for loop()-step support.
     new b7d11ce  Refactor pre/post to wrap in GraphStrategy.
     new 0201069  Write SequenceStrategy tests to verify that wrapper composition works.
     new 455d723  Remove old pre/post Strategy methods for addVertex
     new 0252276  Refactor pre/post addEdge with wrap in GraphStrategy.
     new 3e79988  Factored out pre/post for removeVertex on GraphStrategy.
     new 63570b9  Renamed GraphStrategy functions a bit.
     new c7b3445  remove pre/post comments in TinkerGraph.addVertex.
     new 4331206  Refactored Strategy selection functions.
     new 0306db0  Change scope of TinkerGraph.internalAddVertex
     new 45831e8  first stub implementation of Gremlin OLAP with loop()-step working. Lots of work ahead cleaning up lots of concepts in Pipes and Holders... though the theory as it is now is sound -- this is a good thing.
     new 64fa45a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wrapper
     new 9799480  Add a Strategy.Context which holds the Graph instance and provides it to Strategy implementations.
     new df19b59  Expanded Strategy.Context to take the current object being acted upon.
     new cc2497b  Clean up imports.
     new bf8cfbb  Add generics to Context arguments to methods in GraphStrategy.
     new 2a593af  Add support for GraphQuery of vertices in Strategy.
     new 52bc91c  Trying IdStrategy implementation.
     new 2c4fe3a  A bloody battle for which I have emerged victorious though severely wounded. GremlinTracker provides all the Holder indexing for the vertex, its incident properties, edges, as well as its locally produced objects. GremlinMessage now contains the logic for message propagation in the swarm computing paradigm. There is a notion of a 'label future' for a Holder --- what Pipe will I be at next (this needs more work/thought but for Gremlin OLAP is necessary as it currently sta [...]
     new b19b39e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wrapper
     new b721791  fixed a bug in Edge and Property messaging due to Optional<> wrapping.
     new ca9190b  Remove tuples lib and clean up imports.
     new 9ea1c66  Fixed GremlinPipeline so type-casting is no longer a pain in the butt. Sweet. Moved MicroXXX to blueprints-core.
     new 2ab128a  Refactor tinkergraph implementations of GraphStrategy usage to use labmdas.
     new 2a70702  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0a02b64  Minor refactoring to prevent recreation of Strategy.Context over and over.
     new 96ea075  added AnnotatedList to provide universal multi-property support for all graph backends. This solves the multi-property discussion. Currently just a stub-implementation implemented fully for TinkerGraph.
     new 0598f86  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 199dddb  added AnnotatedList to provide universal multi-property support for all graph backends. This solves the multi-property discussion. Currently just a stub-implementation implemented fully for TinkerGraph.
     new dec9c1f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 76f6723  updates to AnnotatedList API -- no get() and only one add().
     new 149b8d7  removed the need for pair with AnnotatedValue interface and default implementation.
     new e1fea26  added interface defaults to Query has(key,value). AnnotatedList has now two methods -- add() and query().
     new ab89ad0  AnnotatedValue no longer implements Map<> has basic set()/get()/getKeys().
     new 81861ec  Property.getValue() is now just Property.get(). AnnotatedList.make() is now a getOrCreate model. Simplified various areas which I now forget cause of the sauce.
     new 07f3310  Property annotations no longer exist.... simplify simplify simplify. Pulled AnnotatedList.Annotations out as a first class interface and now there is Graph.annotations() to get access to the annotations of a Graph.
     new c79da95  removed no longer needed empty() method.
     new 5f39eb7  added remove() to AnnotatedValue
     new 990f0d4  fixed a bug in DefaultAnnotatedListQuery around limit()
     new 2a09d1b  added a StringFactory.annotatedValueString() representation.
     new c6fd3ca  Add javadoc on Strategy.
     new 8eb990a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2a99341  added javadoc to GraphStrategy.
     new a0662cb  Refactored to move TriFunction to new "function" package in utils.
     new cf8d766  Javadoc and cleanup TriFunction.
     new 7234b1c  Add QuadFunction.
     new af7111e  Added QuintFunction.
     new 4921a1f  Added HexFunction.
     new d9d1a7d  Fix javadoc spelling.
     new 84cd1c3  Update javadoc in blueprints.util.
     new 257da81  Clean up javadoc.
     new edc6b0f  Improve javadoc.
     new 7b07cbf  Add TriConsumer.
     new 2efc9c2  Add QuadConsumer.
     new ccddd5a  Clean up javadoc.
     new 0ee79b5  Add QuadConsumer.
     new 339f7ed  Added HexConsumer.
     new 242d95f  Fix typo in javadoc.
     new 2ae8539  moved HasContainer out of DefaultQuery. Provided support for Contains.IN and AnnotatedList and Collection. Added Srid as an author to AnnotatedList given his contributions to the discussion.
     new 8967379  added GraphFeature supportsAnnotations.
     new e8aef41  Fix javadoc.
     new 994f416  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new da84429  Reformat some javadoc.
     new c98538c  TriFunction test.
     new 6001be2  Add null check.
     new 423e9eb  Add TriConsumerTest
     new d158d87  Add QuadFunctionTest.
     new c9f4f03  Add QuintFunctionTest.
     new 9e9384d  Add HexFunctionTest.
     new add1bf0  Add HexConsumerTest.
     new 38775d9  Add QuadConsumerTest.
     new 1ad2b49  Add QuintConsumerTest.
     new 0c7a1f3  Moved Function tests to different package.
     new f9147e7  Check non null for element in MicroElement.
     new b1c4de5  lots of work on Gremlin OLAP -- Gremlin with path and non-path tracking is possible and its nicely hidden. The GremlinVertexProgram is as simple as simple can be -- all the computation is in the GremlinMessage. Will probably split the GremlinMessages into a GremlinCountMessage and a GremlinPathMessage to be very explicit.
     new 16eb88c  Split GremlinMessage into a GremlinPathMessage and a GremlinCounterMessage for the two different message variants -- one for when path tracking is enabled and the other for when it is not.
     new 9469c15  Add Feature for Graph Strategy.
     new 8e285e8  Tests for consistent strategy implementation.
     new 4712cdb  Reorganized Graph tests by separating out "construction" tests.
     new 0029bd0  Add javadoc.
     new cbaa461  Remove default implementations.
     new b850acb  Gremlin OLTP now is smart about tracking or not tracking paths for faster computations when paths are not needed and less object creation.
     new b3f04db  remove the distinction between a Pipeline and a GremlinPipeline. Going away from Pipes as all 'general purpose' and focusing it specially on graph traversing.
     new e424e09  AnnotatedValue is now a legal property type. Removed DefaultXXX as each vendor will implement their own model. The DefaultXXX just got moved to TinkerXXX for TinkerGraphs POJO impl.
     new ad47f63  Add test for ElementHelper.
     new 5ec4ad5  More tests for ElementHelper.
     new 6101d73  Add javadoc to ElementHelper.
     new 4bd12f7  Test for ElementHelper.
     new c60f3b5  Add javadoc to ElementHelper.
     new 97827c2  Add more ElementHelper tests.
     new cb0eb06  Add javadoc to ElementHelper.
     new b36cf8d  Getting label with ElementHelper now throws ClassCastException if the value is not a String.
     new d70df50  stupid minor update to FlatMapPipe.
     new 8410c32  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 00fceb8  started work on the Gremlin TestSuite by step() name.
     new a55d44d  Get null arguments consistently using Objects.requireNonNull in GraphFactory.
     new f6b792c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bc10514  Add more tests.  Introduce mockito.
     new fc6fef8  Tests for ElementHelper.
     new ec6abcf  refactored so that gremlin-test can standalone and to do this, introduced gremlin-core.
     new 257cd80  more work on AnnotationHelper and propagation of helpers/exceptions to TinkerGraph.
     new 5c97f4f  minor work on testing framework for Gremlin. Bout to dig deep into Pipeline API.
     new a678ab0  Add tests for ElementHelper.
     new aaba98a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ef7f5af  More tests on ElementHelper.
     new 05923ee  Minor refactoring in ElementHelper.
     new ac6b249  Fix javadoc in ElementHelper.
     new 946bceb  More javadoc on ElementHelper.
     new 16826e8  More tests/javadoc on ElementHelper.
     new 19eed0a  More tests on ElementHelper.
     new a3927f9  Tests for ElementHelper.
     new c0e8fc5  More ElementHelper tests around Property areEqual.
     new 52f0bac  More tests around ElementHelper in Property areEqual.
     new c7ad07a  Add negative tests to ElementHelper around Property areEqual.
     new 0e2b28e  Factory out use of Objects.requireNonNull in GraphFactory.
     new fa44867  Add test for string representation on edges and vertices.
     new fa9fcff  Reorganize tests for PropertyTest and add test for Property string representation.
     new 4b7dd16  added BackTest with the new breadth-first semantics unlike TinkerPop2 (thus, consistent across OLTP and OLAP). Tweaks on Pipeline (it no longer implements Pipe so that Holder.get() is used when next() is called and thus, unrolls the result).
     new a5d8ac2  Migrate over Graph testConnectivityPatterns
     new f748c35  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f4530d6  Migrate Graph testVertexEdgeLabels from tinkerpop2
     new bfdc4fe  added T Gremlin tokens and the appropriate BiPredicate converter. Added some new Test cases for the gremlin-test suite and respective impls in gremlin-java.
     new d58e75e  Refactored gremlin-test to junit 4 syntax.
     new eb930d3  Declare Graph instances private/final in gremlin-java tests.
     new 6ecc43b  Minor code cleanup in gremlin-test.
     new 52405ec  Minor refactoring and reformatting of code in gremlin-test.
     new 13d19aa  Reformatting and refactoring in gremlin-test.
     new fd6494e  Refactoring and reformatting of code in gremlin-test.
     new 02705a5  Clean up imports in gremlin-test and gremlin-java.
     new 57b3c31  Factory out references to Objects.requireNonNull.
     new 8455f50  Factored out references to Objects.requireNonNull in favor of IAE.
     new 6779b8c  Minor change.
     new b03b371  Migrate in Graph testVertexEdgeLabels2 from TinkerPop2.
     new 926f82c  Remove commented out code.
     new 4b38c4c  Get a Graph test running that wasn't annotated.
     new 25557a2  Migrated over testTreeConnectivity from TinkerPop2.
     new 11c053d  Add persistence feature to Graph.
     new 6f7ebf9  Refactored assertion of vertex/edge counts.
     new 83f2c29  rename test in blueprints suite.
     new 220f231  Refactored persistence test.
     new 9986b63  Add autotyping tests to Vertex.
     new 6b6deb2  removed all the test_ naming in gremlin-test and fixed a minor bug in ComplianceTest.
     new b1fba52  removed all the test_ naming in gremlin-test and fixed a minor bug in ComplianceTest.
     new a675341  removed all the test_ naming in gremlin-test and fixed a minor bug in ComplianceTest.
     new 4c96d6d  Add autotyping of property value tests to edge.
     new 2742869  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dba1757  implemented goTo() -- required consolutation with an RFC.
     new 632401b  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 50474a2  added jump() step
     new e87109e  fixed a minor bug in SimpleHolder around incrLoop and sibling() creation. More play test cases around jump().
     new 6fefa85  more gremlin-test additions.
     new ca47823  no more loop()... now we have jump(). Still looking for a better name if there is one. Added values()-step which is like map() step from Gremlin2. Added more test cases.
     new d4e5f60  added interval()-step and respective test cases.
     new dcacebf  fixed g.query().ids().vertices(). I was anding when I should have been oring.
     new 1bf23fe  more work on aggregate(x) and except(x).... should these be named steps..... :/
     new b7559c2  Add MicroProperty test.
     new eaebb4d  Add null arugment check to MicroProperty constructor.
     new 1b4fa4b  Add test for MicroVertex.
     new ee6ef42  Add tests for MicroEdge.
     new ace1e47  Add YAML support for GraphFactory.
     new a0a5540  Add tests to enforce id/label extraction consistency in ElementHelper
     new aa4cdeb  Add tests for exception consistency.
     new 3c8d52c  fixed funky in ElementHelper. Also, started to expose XXXPipe methods.
     new e1b038d  added particular pipe implementations for the sake of Pipeline optimizers.
     new 4a57b5f  did some package refactoring in gremlin.
     new 4dd1cad  added the first stub of an Optimizer interface and some basic Gremlin optimizers.
     new aaa3820  Private constructor for Key as it can't be directly instantiated.
     new 967f554  Added more class-based pipes and optimizers.
     new ad0ac63  Add javadoc.
     new 028780a  Add javadoc.
     new c1269be  Exception consistency tests for setting properties on addEdge/addVertex.
     new a2e059a  Exception consistency on vertex/edge setProperty.
     new dacb4be  Validation of property key/value is the same for graph computer or otherwise.
     new 444d83d  Validate propery key/value is the same for standard or graph computer.
     new c108a07  Rename test.
     new 210ddbf  Add GraphComputer exception consistency checks around Vertex.setProperty
     new 182ba4a  Exception consistency on GraphComputer setProperty on Edge.
     new be91b37  Test GraphComputer exception consistency.
     new 63b0de1  todo comment.
     new e985c82  remove unecessary semi-colons.
     new b8bae3f  provided HolderOptimizer which determines what is the intitial Holder (Path or Simple).
     new 782ffb6  added more optimizers and test cases. Though the test cases are basic System.out.printlns for now.... lots of playing still.
     new e8d20d4  test cases around various optimizers.
     new b090b7a  The optimization rate is now the Interface class. More work on VertexQueryOptimizer -- good stuff. The toStrings() of the various Pipes are looking good too now.
     new a8392c2  All Gremlin tests have a toString() of the pipeline. Other minor tweaks.
     new 1031785  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 19416db  Add todo for changing TinkerGraph support for "persistence"
     new 918a5c6  String construction consistency.
     new c9cdf87  added RangeTest optimizations to VertexQueryOptimizer
     new 37cb0c5  Tests for indexing in TinkerGraph.
     new 4f04c2b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new db5ef4c  IntervalPipe integrated with Pipeline. Added LinkPipe and respective tests.
     new 9440b42  connected groovy closures to Java8 lambdas so GremlinGroovy is starting to take shape.
     new 2010263  removed need for optimizer interface inheritance.
     new 17f0e6a  simplified the HolderIterator model -- there are now two: one for V()/E()/etc. and one private class internal to FlatMapPipe. Removes lots of stupid if/else/if/else by having HolderIterator be used in two different contexts. Removed the need for Holder.makeSibling(as). All around cleaner code.
     new b7d92e4  Fix index creation/removal issues.
     new 4a2e368  Add basic index text with has() spy.
     new 9a174cd  More test on index usage.
     new 13698ec  More spy tests on TinkerGraph indices.
     new 0dad5df  Clean up import.
     new ff83876  Clean up imports.
     new 98a7f28  Vertex index TinkerGraph tests.
     new 59c89af  Remove edge from index test on TinkerGraph.
     new 4794e20  GremlinOLAP can now be tested using the standard Gremlin test suite....lots more work needs to occur to make it super smooth, but so far so good...phew.
     new 347be58  Add Edge/Vertex property removal tests.
     new 6404f50  Gremlin OLAP test cases filled out. New model around GraphQueryPipe for Gremlin OLAP. More optimization needed, but basic theory is down.
     new 3395e0b  more work on Gremlin OLAP tests. Hitting the wall in two spots now -- global barriers (e.g. range()), String id not converting with HasContainer, and test cases working off of 'adjacent vertices'.
     new 2cfda5f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d7ca1d2  GremlinResult knows how to dereference state vertices from main graph now.
     new 02fdd66  gremlin package refactoring. more work on gremlin-test suite.
     new e00d10e  rename test.
     new da6b491  Refactor test to use tryCommit()
     new e7b1836  Fix javadoc.
     new 52aa7f3  Add vertex test for concurrency modification exception.
     new 8082ec4  Add edge concurrent modification exception test.
     new 267579b  suppress throwable warnings.
     new c4b63e9  fixed super <,> issues with Pipe. I have no clue how generics work. someone please put me out of my misery. preferably someone that exists beyond the space-time boundary that seems to trap me within the world that has Java generics.
     new c1f327c  exception consistency check for use of BOTH with Edge.getVertex
     new 55fef82  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8c3727b  clean up imports.
     new 27afc9c  Move multiple remove exception consistency tests to the ExceptionConsistencyTest class.
     new 17dd267  fix a serialization issue in GremlinOLAP message passing.
     new 0b034b3  Graphs no longer have Property
     new d316b58  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8a0b65c  Graph use of Property is no longer supported.
     new 604a97f  Test reorganization for FeatureSupport.
     new 868a672  Add exception consistency tests.
     new 3bd6a56  HasContainer now supports key checking. More test cases.
     new 9d4b94d  fixed a bug in VertexQueryOptimizer and added some test cases to validate its behavior.
     new 08e5823  more work on VertexQueryOptimizer.... weird issue around bothE (needs to be a FlatMap...doh.)
     new cb46849  remove exception not used.
     new ba98f84  Remove graphQuery not supported exception.
     new ad2534f  Remove more unused Exceptions.
     new 0da60b0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 576bb9a  Add checks for same id assignment.
     new 3f8dc03  Move test to FeatureSupportTest.
     new 6b12c6a  Exception consistency on addEdge with null label.
     new 5428cc9  Transaction exception consistency
     new b8ee51e  Test transaction exception consistency.
     new 3db128f  Adding features for Annotations and preparing for related tests.
     new 2680357  Add basic Annotation tests.
     new 3dc5201  more test work and added first implementation of groupCount() that is simply an end cap like count().
     new b9af6f4  Add featuresupport tests for annotations.
     new 93ea78f  Exception consistency check for setting an annotation to null value
     new f3b15dc  Add annotations exception consistency tests.
     new ec6235b  Tests for exception consistency on AnnotatedList.
     new c82b1e3  Add todo for consistency checks for GraphComputer exceptions.
     new 6b19679  Remove references to browser app in Gremlin Server.
     new 26055d7  added TreeStep, tests, and various optimization tweaks around holders.
     new 89ceb60  Remove "sessions" from Gremlin Server.
     new 0d2fcc1  added remove() to Pipeline.
     new 9c34bd1  Refactor code after removal of sessions.
     new 39d22d0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 42462d7  Refactor around removal of sessions from Gremlin Server.
     new 4b9a392  Remove ScriptEngineOps interface.
     new 4962ba3  Make variable final.
     new dcfff29  Log top-level exceptions that weren't caught.
     new fa028f9  added ShufflePipe and fixed some issues regarding Pipeline generic casting.
     new 4eff055  Correct json serialization tests in Gremlin Server.
     new 0685286  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9f17e48  added tests for generic filter() to both Gremlin OLAP or OLTP.
     new 109d708  making TinkerGraph Serializable -- need to talk to @spmallette about Strategy.Context and Serializable. Work on Lambda serialization for GremlinOLAP Supplier<Gremlin>.
     new 69353ac  trivial tweaks.
     new 6a86199  Edge[] instead of ArrayList,Edge>
     new 066d373  Refactor GremlinServerHandler to better handle exceptions.
     new dc14e14  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 68ae9a3  Change error handling from counter to meter.
     new 112aaff  Fix error handling in Gremlin Server around bad OpProcessor selection.
     new 5bbcecc  Add comments on exception handling.
     new 430a5dc  Javadoc and comments around message handling in Gremlin Server.
     new aadbacb  Factor out some more dead code.
     new 0288e77  Add tests for exception consistency on user supplied ids.
     new 6f020af  moved the Map,Filter,FlatMap pipes to their respective OLTP packages.
     new 1f9eb6e  got match pipe solid and simple. score.
     new 126f877  OpProcessorException not thrown from message handler anymore.
     new be550a1  added ProjectPipe to allow for path projections... generalizes Select and Path Functions. Moreover Select generalizes Path. Stuff is getting crazy.
     new f24b313  a check to make sure there is only one endPipeline.
     new 3b8a400  Refactor initialization of GremlinExecutor.
     new 28eaa9a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e913566  Increase the wait time for Gremlin Server to bootstrap between tests.
     new 6bd8e6b  Remove inactivity test until working properly.
     new 1906eb4  Clean up imports.
     new 8d647e2  add gremlin-server.sh
     new f760dc8  added OrderPipe (uses a BiFunction comparator -- cool). Added respective tests and plugged into Pipeline and Gremlin.
     new 0d17527  fixed a depedency issue with gremlin-server.
     new 483dd98  named OrderPipe wrong. Renamed.
     new dd40d9b  Remove logger entry about opening a browser.
     new d2c8665  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6a30512  added inflate and deflate methods to Holder.
     new 6a63d5e  MicroXXX implement Serializable.
     new 42c1eec  added deflate() and inflate() methods to MicroXXX (really good stuff). Now Gremlin OLAPs code is even simpler with all inflation and deflation at the holder/micro level.
     new fbc3474  fixed a minor equals() issue in PathHolder.
     new c6dbbf0  made the contructors of MicroXXX private. Now you have to explicitly deflate() and inflate().
     new 851c896  Path can now be inflated() and deflated(). Huh. Should make a MicroPath.
     new 8ae5958  introduced the notion of a MicroPath and updated Gremlin OLAP to ensure that Paths are deflated() and GreminResults automatically inflates them as needed.
     new 5322306  Get rid of serialization problems for TinkerGraph around Strategy.
     new 936ad8d  TinkerGraph serializes now.
     new 5bac0d3  added Reduction functionality to GraphComputer. Able to emit key/values and after termination of the computer program, a reduce() is called on the emiited key/values. The result is then accessible via GraphMemory.getReductionMemory(). Its pretty bare bones right now, but some food for thought right now.
     new 63d5731  Javadoc additions.
     new eb3b3d2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5ea6a04  Add javadoc.
     new 24187c9  Add javadoc and reference implementation help.
     new cbb178f  Code reformatting.
     new 56e310b  more worked on reduction in GraphComputer.... thinking this should be variable based.
     new 7a0c7fa  Add Feature compliance checks.
     new 0e06704  Add schema validation for GraphML.
     new 6471a08  Remove GML and GraphSON testing files as tp3 won't support them.
     new 27a5566  lots of internal API manipulation -- Pipe now requires getNextPipe() and getPreviousPipe(). This makes it easy to do 'futures' and to optimize pipes by gutting them from pipeline. Added the notion of an EmptyPipe (like an EmptyIterator). Added more helpers to GremlinHelper. Fully tested IdentityOptimizer.
     new 5a2782b8 better exception handling around inflating a MicroXXX.
     new b0aa558  added AggregatePipe and started flushing out the behavior of get()/set() as Pipeline variable methods. Pipeline.iterate() returns the Pipeline so you can now simulate Gremlin2 cap() behavior -- g.V.out.aggregate(x).out.iterate().get(x)
     new e79f0a3  Pipeline get() no longer returns Optional. Added Pipeline.getVariables(). Added preGroupFunctions to groupCount(). More test cases for GroupCount. Added GremlinHelper.getOrCreate() to make it easy to generate variable references.
     new ed3817b  Add Exception Coverage tests to check that all generalized exceptions are covered by tetss for consistency.
     new abefde8  making sure all pipes extend either FlatMapPipe, MapPipe, or FilterPipe so generic messaging behavior is preserved makes refactoring in the future easier. Realized a cool trick with barrier pipes (e.g. Shuffle, Order, Aggregate) around pipe.getPreviousPipe() aggregation and flatmapping.
     new 59b04d6  added FunctionRing to support round robin function selection during pipeline execution. Fixed up all the Function-based pipes with FunctionRing and its great -- so much less code and easier to read. Score.
     new 6716c76  added BackTest to Gremlin OLAP (worked no hiccups). SelectPipe has the dreaded List,Function... parameter model. Unfortunate. Added respective test cases to both Gremlin OLTP and OLAP. Other random tweaks that I forget now.
     new 8e498d5  flushed out ExceptPipe and RetainPipe. Added Graph.v() and Graph.e() with Optional<T> semantics on the return type.
     new aa31a7c  added GroupBy pipe and respective terminal method on Pipeline and Pipe method for recrussive grouping (ala groupCount). Pretty cool little pipe.
     new 3ca7bdd  added PropertyValuePipe.
     new ae8565f  tree step now uses FunctionRing. FunctionRing is the coolest class to date.
     new da3a910  added TreeTest to OLTP Gremlin.
     new caf3e11  remove TODO comments as they are now captured by the ExceptionCoverage tests.
     new 1a9ce3b  UserSuppliedIds exception for vertices are handled by consistency tests.
     new e7d386f  Add comments.
     new 2bd7414  added DedupPipe. Easy peasy lemon oh...oh so squeezy.
     new 08c0b46  added JumpPipe and respective OLAP/OLTP test cases.
     new 4121f84  added SideEffect test cases.
     new 69ae60d  Extend exception consistency checks to the FeatureSupportTests.
     new b7d4bbd  Refactored exception consistency coverage.
     new 698194c  More refactoring of exception consistency coverage check.
     new 6aae592  Clean up imports.
     new f74ba65  Add inline comments on exception consistency coverage.
     new 1731f3a  GremlinResult is now a full iterator and not just a List.iterator().
     new 517a732  added a PipelineMemory interface that people can implement. Gremlin OLAP will use distributed data structures.
     new 248f5d7  Restructured the netty pipeline to better componentize ops.
     new 74a55ed  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 122f9c5  Clean up imports.
     new 6a29f52  Change visibility of class.
     new d4e1baa  Removed class that was no longer necessary.
     new f4d794f  did a code optimization, added Optimizers as a gremlin.optimizers() reference to break things up.
     new 08bf613  Declare as final.
     new b5d1bba  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3048e02  Optimize imports to remove wildcards.
     new 4b7568d  Change defaults for thread pool.
     new 3522494  Modify the threading settings to be a bit more optimal for general initial use.
     new abae03a  Rename GremlinServerHandler to GremlinOpHandler.
     new 85294f6  Javadoc for message decoder.
     new aeb2ac3  Refactoring the message decoder.
     new 99687b1  Bump to latest release of netty.
     new 855918c  minor tweaks to packaging.
     new e8fba75  Add Strategy for getProperty on Element.
     new fa0c738c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5a99a02  Add javadoc.
     new e26d4b0  Minor cleanup of performance tests for reads.
     new b7ed508  CommunityGenerator can now take a seedGenerator function to generate the same graph again and again.
     new edd7527  Factory out the Element Annotator interfaces in favor of Consumer.
     new 4b1108c  Migrate Graph Generator tests from Performance to Standard.
     new 03ab195  Add test to ensure that DistributionGenerator can generate the same Graph structure again and again.
     new dba980b  Refactor blueprints-test to allow for different graph instances to be created in addition to the standard one.
     new cffa365  javadoc cleanup in generators.
     new 8025c1c  Minor code and javadoc cleanup.
     new 75ba7d5  Minor javadoc cleanup.
     new 58e7507  Suppress warning.
     new 525f614  Suppress warnings.
     new 8653ac9  Clean up javadoc.
     new fe575e9  Fix code formatting.
     new 681893d  Suppress warnings.
     new d01ae63  Minor refactoring for java 8 in generators.
     new 93a8433  added UnionPipe and union()-step.
     new f8ff5fe  tweaks to Messenger and Holder.
     new cd3d18e  Add test for annotators.
     new 4689367  Refactor test using Optional.
     new 617145d  Add todo for annotation tests on CommunityGenerator.
     new f77b915  Fix bugs in CommunityGenerator that were causing an infinit loop.
     new fe164ca  Add more tests for CommunityGenerator.
     new 5d74b76  Annotater tests fro CommunityGenerator.
     new 9aa6994  updated Annotation API.
     new 008587a  Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'origin'
     new ea2a757  Graph.Annotations and AnnotatedValues are separate stutructres now.
     new 22d8855  AnnotatedValue exception handling and helpers updated.
     new a6e4fbf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 52f85f5  Fix ExceptionConsistency checks.
     new 3b58221  more work on annotated list, value, and its integration into Gremin.
     new 1663246  more work on annotated list, value, and its integration into Gremin.
     new b87d8b3  cleaned up the respect Query optimizers so they are easier to extend.
     new 3115908  fixed a bug in QueryOptimizers.
     new 9cda171  Added more to TinkerFactory.createModern(). Changed all Property.Key.XXX to Element.XXX as that makes more sense.
     new aac362e  added Element.LABEL to TinkerFactory.createModern().
     new 0ce090e  added ListTest for the new AnnotatedList/Value support in Gremlin.
     new a0a1187  renamed list()-step to annotatedValues()-step.... so long, but accurate. How about avalues().
     new 14a0b17  added a has()-pipe that is specific to checking annotations on properties that are annotated lists.........confusing, huh.
     new 397f0f7  added BOTH to EdgeVertexPipe using FlatMap. Added test case. Tweaked other Gremlin test cases to have a System.out of the pipeline for compilation inspection purposes.
     new cb42468  added a dedup optimizer.
     new 52e6b00  added a dedup optimizer.
     new 8948197  added a dedup optimizer.
     new 5cfdc5b  tweaks to optimizers.
     new fde6078  tweaked up the Optimizer and Optimizers APIs.
     new 0f215ff  removed propertypipe from the bijective pipes cause of Property.empty().
     new b9f1cba  Fix exception meta data for providedKeyValuesMustHaveALegalKeyOnEvenIndices
     new 28b9018  Renamed test.
     new 4e5ac35  Added test for annotatedValueCanNotBeNull with exception consistency.
     new bf18a44  Remove unused exception from AnnotatedValue.
     new 3aaba18  Refactored tests on AnnotatedValues for vertices.
     new 6356ef3  Factor out old method of querying by id.
     new 181552e  Factor out query().id in favor of Graph.e/v
     new a755eee  Fix broken tests.
     new c62565c  Fix dependencies.
     new c15d473  more work on AnnotatedList/Value integration into Gremlin. Test cases added.
     new 28bc615  Bump to netty 5.alpha1.
     new d01970c  Removed some testing code that shouldn't have been committed.
     new 14706f8  Remove more test code for resolving the leak problem.
     new 25d7ffd  Use java8 syntax for Runnable.
     new 81e9540  added IntersectPipe and random other tweaks.
     new 5edbe71  endPipe checking in MatchPipe and tweaks to my intersect() fun.
     new e0ba73e  Refactored tests on ReadOnlyStrategy.
     new feb2141  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c9044de  AbstractPipe does all setFuture() routing instructions so now, anything that extends AbstractPipe doesn't need to concern itself with such concepts.
     new 7dce348  minor tweaks...trying to figure out how to deal with optimizers.
     new 515b5aa  Rename set() in GraphStrategy.
     new cc3e3b9  Tests for ReadOnlyGraphStrategy.
     new 5bbd5ed  Add readonly strategy for graph annotations.
     new 03d5751  Tried to make the community generate tests less apt to fail randomly.
     new 64e8602  Added feature for annotations.
     new 03c31f0  Change cross community percentage if generation fails in tests.
     new 4e61f84  Clean up imports.
     new d2bb757  Add readonlystrategy implementations for Element.setProperty
     new c9cf765  ReadOnlyStrategy supporting protection of Edge/Vertex property removal.
     new a5f9f5a  Add javadoc.
     new d96df48  Add implementations for SequenceGraphStrategy.
     new 8f42e1a  started migrating gremlin into blueprinst -- scary times
     new 23b18e6  Get everything compiling again.
     new 6984648  Collapse blueprints-io into blueprints-core.
     new ad6ab51  Major refactoring of the repository layout.
     new 32491e0  cant even describe this one.
     new 02ba70a  commented out GremlinJ tests.
     new 026e088  moved util.
     new d864424  basic nothings.
     new 50aa414  Get rid of blueprints name in packaging for gremlin-test.
     new ece71ab  Factored out blueprints from package name.
     new 3428eb7  Move Function/Consumer extras up to util in gremlin-core.
     new 5c1d0ef  Bump to netty 4.0.16.Final-SNAPSHOT.
     new 6cfe3dd  remove gremlin-java from pom.xml as it will go away when tests are migrated.
     new 21af66f  moving packages around.
     new 0babe2d  migrated more test cases. g.v(1) now no longer returns Optional<Vertex>, but Vertex. This is so that traversals off of g.v(1) look like g.v(1).out.out.out and not g.v(1).get().out.out.out.
     new efb1f76  renamed Pipe to Step. The varibles pipe to step. The variables pipeline to traversals.
     new 54fd5e1  updated test suite for gremlin process.
     new 20ec914  renaming variables --- the pipe is going away.
     new 702d11f  removed duplicated classes that occured during the refactoring.
     new 23c1e36   oved the olap/gremlin work into olap/traversal. Renamed GremlinHelper to TraversalHelper.
     new 26c429f  renamed OLTP to steps.
     new af03b26  Fixed some intellij warnings.
     new 51cae15  Didn't have language settings right in intellij.  reverting last commit.
     new 2cae166  Added Graph.E() to the interface and propagated to TinkerGraph.
     new 03700fe  Rename Blueprints to Structure.
     new 80f07d0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d4588d6  Rename blueprints to gremlin in GraphFactory.
     new 05d43da  Fix javadoc around blueprints terminology.
     new d97948a  Fix author tag in javadoc.
     new e13ef52  Rename Blueprints to Gremlin.
     new 2604d48  Rename blueprints to gremlin.
     new b6a935d  Move base test up to higher package.
     new f66b63b  Rename blueprints to gremlin.
     new 326a68f  Restructure tests to start letting process tests use structure test infrastructure.
     new cb6e17e  fixed a bug in PAgeRank.
     new 6a4cc84  renamed GremlinXXX OLAP classes to TraversalXXX.
     new ef708cb  renamed GremlinXXX OLAP classes to TraversalXXX.
     new 38ded3d  Rename for reuse in process and structure.
     new ec9422f  Move AbstractGremlinSuite up a package.
     new 4c766e9  rolled out VerticesStep, EdgesStep and respective TinkerVerticesStep and TinkerEdgesStep
     new 10d2e2c  Edges and VerticesStep are now abstract as its the role of the grpah implementation to define those steps.
     new e32688f  exposed more traversal test cases in TinkerGraph now that DefaultMemory is implemented for DefaultTraversal (basic HashMap backing)
     new a3f3d0c  removed GraphQuery -- no more Graph.query(). This is crazy... Gremlin is full on embedded in Blueprints... sad day for Blueprints.
     new 760fb89  fix to Gremlin OLAP around GraphQuery no longer existing.
     new 12886ba  Model Gremlin Process tests.
     new 8f4f6eb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ee9ad40  Reformat ExceptTest to new model.
     new 6eb6e33  Compliance for Gremlin process tests are no longer relevant.
     new 2edb35d  Allow tests to load different graphs if needed.
     new 676d955  Refactor Filter test to new model.
     new db54f55  Refactor HasTest to use new test model.
     new 40240bc  Refactor interval test to new model.
     new 9694b43  Refactor range test to new model.
     new 5d39c60  Refactor retain test to new model.
     new bacd10a  Pus toy graph loading down to AbstractGremlinTest.
     new 1a3bfa8  Refactor back test to new model.
     new 8f8e993  Refactor Jump test to new model.
     new d28b65b  Refactor order test to new model.
     new 190fd33  Refactor Path test to new model.
     new a931756  Refactor select test to new model.
     new 617ceea  Refactor traversal test to new model.
     new a0c1fb8  Refactor Value test to new model.
     new c168963  Refactor aggregate test to new model.
     new 59cb565  Refactor group by test to new model.
     new 937dc0a  Refactor group count test to new model.
     new 4b7227c  Refactor Link test to new model.
     new 530c98a  Refactor side-effect test to new model.
     new bd1ddda  Refactor Tree test to new model.
     new 04d4ffc  No more need for test compliance with Gremlin.
     new 52167fd  removed vertex.query(). bam.
     new 1d499c0  opened up more @Ignore test cases in Gremlin process.
     new 5b2f449  added a HolderGenerator interface to make HolderOptimizer easier.
     new 1f35712  more work on the g.v(1).out-style test now that VertexQuery is gone.
     new d378b0a  added StartStep which is used for generic traversal creation.
     new c832f1d  renamed HolderGenerator to HolderSource.
     new e9ea890  minor tweak to StartStep.
     new 2d9f87c  compacted VerticesStep and EdgesStep into a GraphStep with a Class<E extends Element> returnClass parameter. Makes lots of things simpler -- e.g. one less class for vendors to implement and only one optimizer required.
     new 7e86812  compacted VerticesStep and EdgesStep into a GraphStep with a Class<E extends Element> returnClass parameter. Makes lots of things simpler -- e.g. one less class for vendors to implement and only one optimizer required.
     new 3c3bb19  DefaultTraversal now registers all provided Gremlin optimizers as default. No need to make the vendor have to be explicit about what to and not to add.
     new 3cfa548  fixed up parameter typing. Added StartStep that is smart about iterator vs. object.
     new 14653c1  now there is simply GraphStep and VertexStep and that is all that a vendor needs to implement.
     new 05b6f25  reworking test variable and type definitions.
     new 2856a78  removed reduction memory as that was 'just some play'. need to get GRaphComptuer Gremlin all squared with new g.V() model.
     new def844f  Enforce gremlin process tests.
     new 8a93c18  Add basics for Kryo serialization.
     new 3e67940  Rename asMap to getAnnotations.
     new 9ff38ad  Add strategy for Graph.v/e.
     new d575489  Add Builder class for IdGraphStrategy.
     new 87bb37a  added TraversalEngine and fixed up TraversalVertexProgram. Now you can do this in Traversal -- g.V().out().submit(GraphComputer). Perhaps this is the way for GremlinServer --- g.V().out().submit(GremlinServer).
     new caf90c4  GraphComputer interface extends TraversalEngine.
     new 6c2caa6  Add id generators to IdGraphStrategy.
     new 5bcea9d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 036c3ca  Add javadoc.
     new 62c9116  Add test for vertex id maker in IdGraphStrategy.
     new b90b6fb  tweaks to step optimizer... we will probably get rid of step optimizer at some point in the near future.
     new fedfc4c  added a ReverseOptimizer as a solution to Local 'message passing'
     new 183d530  first stab at g.V().pageRank(). CRAZY.
     new 95d4d2e  VertexQuery is officially gone. What is left is a class called VertexQueryBuilder that generates adjacent and incident Traversals. LocalVertexTraversalBuilder may be the better name now.
     new 6fce743  PageRank step is cool.
     new a7f9210  Traversal.of() exists temporarily so Josh can start to play with MatchStep. We need a cool way to create Traversals without having to rely on Graph or Vertex as the spawn.
     new 8832e98  removed that stupid DedupTest in Gremlin-Groovy that kept causing problems with tearDown and startUp...or whatever.
     new fec638f  added Graph to the traversal memory. This is so traversals can get access to the graph object if need be (e.g. PageRank). HOwever, this might not fly come serialization time...... we will see.
     new 173c89c  added PathConsumer which states that the step accesses Path information. Makes HolderOptimizer much simpler and less error prone. Added CyclicPathStep and respective cyclicPath(). Added test cases for cyclicPath() and simplePath().
     new 183b387  got rid of step optimizer -- too unsafe.
     new 28b310b  Comments.
     new 313f05a  Add flag to turn on/off vertex ids in IdGraphStrategy.
     new 4344fb1  Refactor IdGraphStrategy to extract reusable function.
     new bec91b2  Add test for edgeid injection on IdGraphStrategy.
     new 9ad9d23  Add test for default generating a id for an edge in IdGraphStrategy.
     new ff9f43b  Add test for generating a custom id for IdGraphStrategy.
     new 595b417  add test for turning off edgeid support in IdGraphStrategy.
     new fbe527b  Make idkey hiding a configuration for IdGraphStrategy.
     new 4f75c7c  Add javadoc on IdGraphStrategy.
     new 21f9d9b  Add getters for support of vertex/edge ids.
     new 73e90f0  removed all reminants of reduction memory -- will need to readdress a solution to this problem in the future. also, tweaks to TinkerGraphStepOptimizer (minor nothings).
     new a95a91e  got rid of AnnotatedListQuery. Another step is required for Graph vendors -- AnnotatedValueStep.
     new 756ef9f  fixed AnnotationTest in Structure.
     new 4c2a80b  AnnotatedValuesTest is back online.
     new 97763b7  minor stupid change.
     new 854181b  cleaning house. organizing.
     new 8b7dad5  if a traversal is being submitted to a GraphComputer traversal engine, remove the TinkerGraphStepOptimizer. Introduced the concept of removing optimizers.
     new d86eb2e  tweaks to graph computer -- forgot what I did as I fell asleep and woke up to uncomitted code. tests pass so it must be good.
     new ced12b0  Convert Strategy implementation to a hybrid wrapper/strategy.
     new 087ac62  Moved Strategy out of root of gremlin-core to the strategy package.
     new 5fdcee5  Add StrategyWrapped interface and solidify the Strategy.Context types.
     new e62058f  Clean up imports.
     new c1907fc  Clean-up variable declarations.
     new 5b9407e  reorganized methods.
     new a7c6360  Fix getId on IdGraphStrategy.
     new 4b2412c  Build out more tests for IdGraphStrategy.
     new 04811c6  Don't allow the id field to be mutated.
     new c24ea3a  update javadoc on IdGraphStrategy.
     new 53181ed  Add more javadoc.
     new 90f2d34  Throw in a UnaryOperator to sequence testing.
     new 40fd995  Use a UnaryOperator.identity() instead of applying the function manually.
     new 4f302a0  Refactor to reusable function for determine if IdGraphStrategy should do work or not.
     new f1d8150  Update javadoc.
     new 5ce04f4  Clean up comments.
     new 4e3eef2  Add final modifier.
     new d3925f0  Add test to enforce sequencegraphstrategy implementation.
     new c5a4abf  Harden the communitygenerator test again to prevent random failure.
     new 3f0f837  Move StreamFactory to outer util package.
     new dbc69b1  GraphMemory is now Graph.Memory. ComputerResult no longer exists, GraphComputer.submit() now returns Graph.
     new d6f757c  removed VertexMemory and VertexSystemMemory. GraphComputer is now extremely simple.
     new 14c23ed  Graph.Memory.SystemMemory is now Graph.Memory.System. Updates to TinkerGraphMemory impl.
     new 5de848a  VertexQueryBuilder no longer supports limit() and has a property identity()-based start traversal.
     new dfed778  Factor out ObjectHelper in favor of Stream functions.
     new 30e17f5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e13b156  Remove ObjectHelper in favor of regular Stream functions.
     new 222a6cd  Add tests to enforce empty property map if no properties exist on element.
     new 622bfc2  Add serialization for vertices with Kryo.
     new 9b76d3b  Graph.memory(final String jobId) provided to separate out different memory components. Graph.memory(GLOBAL) is the new 'annotations'
     new 2ab2250  Minor refactoring of kryo writer.
     new 4ee384c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d3985c5  Back to the old Graph.memory() model. New idea is 'cloning'.... stuff is getting complicated.
     new 589f3e8  got BSP working correctly in new GraphComputer model.
     new 343e876  minor tweaks.
     new 74f6c10  more work on GraphComputer and the TinkerGraph implementation.
     new e94829f  Basic working Kryo serialization.
     new 2cdfd5c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8b81157  close streams in kryo reader a bit more nicely.
     new ea92f98  Drop use of microvertex in kryo reader.
     new 7055427  Add builder class to KryoReader.
     new 8960d4b  Add working directory configuration to kroreader.
     new 41bf97e  javadoc.
     new 9be7a5a  Ids don't need to be converted as in most cases they are simply assigned.
     new d5a0477  Harden tests again around community generator.
     new 4702d18  refactor vertex addition to assign properties with addVertex call.
     new 05a4638  Add edge with all properties at once in kryoreader.
     new cb05bcd  Clean up imports.
     new 3f21311  Add javadoc.
     new a3bfa34  Refactor kryoreader to extract property reading to its own method.
     new b1c2df9  Reorganize methods.
     new 1c43a11  Delete temp file generated by Kryo reader.
     new 864ba14  Fix test feature requirements in IO.
     new c677dce  LoadGraphWith annotation now will load any of the toy graphs.
     new b8af98d  Clean up features on IO tests.
     new d4a5913  added methods to GraphWriter and GraphReader. Also renamed the methods to be writeXXX and readXXX -- inputXXX and outputXXX are confusing (input into the graph or input to a file from the graph).
     new 38eb459  Graph.Memory is now a hiearchy of interfaces. Graph.Memory, Graph.Memory.Computer, Graph.Memory.Computer.System. Graph.memory() returns <M extends Memory> so in most situations you don't need to worry about typecasting.
     new 9015dea  Properly serialize annotatablelist.
     new 558d53c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new de7c55a  Fix compile issues with bad merge.
     new 4e9ec33  Clean up imports.
     new b575b2e  AnnotatedList serializing properly now for vertices.
     new dbefec1  added GraphComputer.configuration(Apache Configuration) and started to flush out the various dimensions of TinkerGraph -- serial, parallel, clone graph, original graph... seeing what the universal pattern is through instances.
     new 26628b5  tweaks to TinkerGraphComputer --- organizational.
     new 144917f  Remove "node 0" from grateful graph.
     new 1f23fd7  Add test reading/writing kryo modern graph.
     new c3bbcfe  Test for annotatedlist/value in IO
     new 6563a93  Initial implementation of new GraphWriter methods.
     new 668d4f7  Refactor edge directional writing per vertex.
     new 22b79a2  Hit a wall implementing new reader methods.
     new 591df03  forgot what I did -- graph computer stuff.
     new efb50a1  readEdge with QuintFunction for making edges.
     new 2cdbffd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e34fa4d  Added vertex reader without edges for kryo.
     new d70c5bf  added giraph-gremlin project stub.
     new e73397c  Add support for annotatedlist reading for readVertex in kryo.
     new 158e5c0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f84e0d6  Ensure that vertex label gets defaulted if not specified.
     new 029f510  The label is always present on a vertex.
     new 55d438f  Flush in the right place when writing.
     new e341961  stub of Giraph.
     new 98210f4  Ignore on a failing Kryo test -- STEPHEN.
     new 77f5ce0  Fixed busted test in IoTest
     new 74f9dc1  Always write a vertex terminator with and without edges.
     new dc01348  Write whether or not the direction was specified in kryo serialization.
     new 8db91fb  Add EdgeTerminator to Kryo serialization.
     new 9601f93  Move direction in format and ensure proper state during graph reading for kryo.
     new 5a66623  Write the Direction the vertex was serialized with.
     new 95ce96b  Think the basics of independent vertex reading from kryo are working
     new 2572668  Travesal is a base interface with GraphTraversal being the subinterface with all the Gremlinish methods we know and love. Now we can do stuff like g.traversal(SocialTraversa.class).knows().likes(). BAM. Thanks @bryncooke
     new df7ea34  more refactoring with new DSL module.
     new 8ebba79  Add writeVertex OUT-only test.
     new 2590344  refactoring mania -- ahhhhhhh.
     new 8fde602  Add kryo vertex reader test for IN edge read/write only.
     new 22464d0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3a73769  Add test for vertex writer for BOTH edges.
     new d42ee93  Test for writing vertex with BOTH in stream but requesting IN for kryo.
     new c8226ec  Test for reading vertex with BOTH in stream and OUT requested for kryo.
     new 3c0c507  Get rid of weak failing assertion in generators.
     new ce1bc18  Check for exception if requesting BOTH when there's only OUT.
     new 4c9d79f  Test exception when requesting BOTH but stream only has IN for kryo serialization.
     new a71a017  Test for exception where request IN/OUT but stream only has OUT/IN.
     new 24ddc3e  more tweaks to the refactoring of Traversal vs. GraphTraversal.
     new abe9b81  Improve resiliancy of graph generator tests.
     new 60973f7  Add javadoc.
     new 2b94f00  giraph staging.
     new 3bff4d1  Update javadoc.
     new 7560c6b  Update javadoc.
     new 273e66a  Update javadoc.
     new 71e82d1  Update javadoc.
     new 741e6c0  Add javadoc.
     new a7fb610  Extract skipEdges function in kryo serialization.
     new 31b38f5  More efficient skipping of properties.
     new 444dd96  rename variable to be more consistent.
     new 0c11cfa  Extract out readEdges method to be more reusable when reading a vertex.
     new 71381cb  Optimize imports.
     new d644519  Add a Builder for KryoWriter.
     new aa2cb74  Add header to kryo format.
     new d7d6549  remove redundnant inline comment.
     new 60772b0  Rename performance test.
     new 33006ce  Add performance tests for IO.
     new da30f9e  Registered classes with kryo serializer.
     new d232720  added SideEffectCapStep with respective SideEffectCapOptimizer that checks if the end step of a traversal is SideEffectCapable. If so, caps the traversal. This is much better than having these as methods (in fact, CountStep is coming next. Just realized.) Now these will work over Gremlin OLAP.
     new 7fbabc9  opened up AnnotatedList testing and wala.
     new 253dfa6  Assert entire graph after deserialization.
     new b702185  These tests pass.  Not sure why they were @Ignored.
     new c8d278c  Cleanup imports.
     new 6c61133  Fixed assertion by getting rid of old graph query code.
     new b94614f  Factored out Graph Annotation for Memory.
     new b0d9190  Refactor features around memory and annotations.
     new f76e696  Add some values to Modern toy graph memory.
     new 438b51c  stub work on CountStep and SideEffectCapOptimizer.
     new 08f69b1  Extract plugin from jsr232 for reuse in console later.
     new 3e320a3  Fix javadoc.
     new 083266b  Add plugin infrastructure for console.
     new aec3dcb  bump to groovy 2.2.2 and jline to 2.10
     new e76e1ee  Stub out some neo4j business.
     new 83280ee  Add more neo4j implementation infrastructure.
     new 92d2d67  Corrected annotation test to check annotation features on the test assumption.
     new 479d645  Add a reminder about removal of the meta properties feature.
     new 0b93209  Move default label assignment to orElse function.
     new de0b5b1  Basic transactional support for neo4j.
     new 8b19f4a  some play stubs on gremlin-giraph.... super first steps.
     new 27167e8  Reworked the graph construction tests a bit to deal with persisted graphs.
     new 5cd8ae8  Make Neo4jGraph constructor compliant with graph construction tests.
     new 8f0d6e3  Fix javadoc in graph construction tests.
     new 0467a82  Fix tests for persisted graphs like Neo4j.
     new 1ef1563  Improve Feature settings for neo4j.
     new 759921c  finally got the Hadoop configurations correct for Giraph ---- that was painful.
     new 2205467  Get more tests working for Neo4j.
     new 62284c9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 181288b  tweaks to pom.xml
     new 5a97dd8  Clean up imports.
     new 421f43f  Throw exception if transaction is already open.
     new d82e764  Close transaction on shutdown.
     new 75ea73b  Add feature checks for memory support on ExceptionConsistency tests.
     new da05ca1  Throw exception when trying to assign an id in neo4j to vertex.
     new d9388a3  Throw exception when trying to assign an id in neo4j to edge.
     new 38559fb  Throw exception if all property values are not valid when adding an edge.
     new 5b47f9d  Use tx.close() so that transaction shutdown behavior takes over on graph shutdown.
     new 28bb862  Removed parallel stream processing, for now.
     new ec8699c  All exception consistency tests work for neo4j.
     new 729e05d  Make sure that the "second" graph gets cleaned up on error.
     new af4a76b  Null check before calling g.close()
     new 1644115  Call clear with just configuration prior to test starts (and graph creation).
     new 891e198  Calling tx.success no longer causes a fail situation.
     new db907b6  Improve efficacy of generator tests.
     new 5bc63a9  Add todo comments as reminders for considering transactions with generators.
     new 9d482af  Configure Neo4j to use no cache.
     new fd11bd0  Fix bugs in FeatureSupport tests and improve shutdown between tests.
     new 6d9c087  Fix the vertexid assignment feature check.
     new ab01e09  Add feature test for edge id assignment.
     new d322f48  Enabled all structure tests again.
     new ac8a9b0  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 88c6915  tweaks to giraph.
     new aef80be  Remove identifier assignment from tests.
     new 34aed18  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1a9b08e  Add reference to neo4j issue
     new 383c95c  Renamed tests.
     new 777da55  Enhance checks for arrays of primitives.
     new 6da3400  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 88d331c  Fixed tree test to deal with graphs that don't allow id assignment.
     new 8762c7e  Stream both edges (in and out) from vertex traversal.
     new 47577d0  Get all Structure Tests in neo4j to pass.
     new 070a82b  Break duplicate vertex/edge removal checks into two separate tests around transactions.
     new 1e81108  Check for null on the graph before calling close.
     new 8cf5b4a  Add todo inline comment.
     new 1afb4eb  Add todo reminders.
     new cc82757  Add builder to BatchGraph and refactor a bit.
     new d52c8d8  Get list of pairs from keyvalues.
     new 0ee2bb0  Add function to convert key/values to Map.
     new ad8de40  Add remove key value from key value array.
     new e7cf13e  Make batchgraph a bit more efficient for edge loading by setting properties all at once.
     new a7c0568  Refactor batchgraph to load properties on vertices all at once.
     new d09db29  remove todo comment.
     new 5009458  Cache checks to features for checking supplied ids.
     new cd9bd28  Add standard transaction behavior enums.
     new 48c55db  Add cypher query execution.
     new ed92680  Corrected memory leak in the transaction implementation for neo4j.
     new fa08fe5  Rename a variable as graph "annotations" no longer exist.
     new e0a2faf  Make sure that the input for graph memory gets advanced even if the graph doesn't support it.
     new 3ed3f3b  Implement neo4j specific mechanism for g.e/v.
     new 3840d8a  giraph gobledy gook -- morass of Hadoop configurations.
     new 67e3615  first push on TinkerGraphInputFormat.
     new 229d09a  a push to try and get PageRank functionality sorta working. stubing.
     new 9c63425  Change exception message in BatchGraph.
     new 74b6d3e  Only need one instance of BatchTransaction per BatchGraph.
     new c8e368d  Prevent BatchGraph from wrapping another BatchGraph.
     new 8b52079  BatchGraph no longer needs WriteThroughGraph wrapping for non-transactional graphs.
     new 6531c1e  Refactor to extract reset() on BatchGraph.
     new 70e9d6e  Get calls to reset() into the right places.
     new 8b318a6  have to added Serializable Java8 Functions... this sucks. Need to be able to serialize VertexPrograms in Hadoop. More play on VertexProgram.
     new 8ae9005  some restructuring and public static finaling.
     new 744f439  Add features to BatchGraph.
     new ebd087e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e1a548e  Added Global.Message types to Gremlin-Giraph.
     new 2ab341d  Minor cleanup and refactoring.
     new 636be4c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0c26d5e  Add Threaded Transaction feature.
     new d4a0046  Centralize a graph comparison function for asserting generated graphs in test.
     new 9685a22  Correct randomness of DistributionGenerator.
     new 917f6ca  Do more full assertion of graph equality for generator tests.
     new 8fe6f37  Add javadoc and cleanup debug code in generator tests.
     new 6dd3151  Rename "annotator" in generator to a "processor" to avoid confusion with AnnotatedList/Value.
     new 8fd7064  Refactor the generators to a Generator interface so that they can be a bit more standard.
     new e68a752  getting serializers good for dealing with Path-based message passing
     new ad2b3ac  getting serializers good for dealing with Path-based message passing
     new e1088b7  Minor refactoring of the abstract builder class in generators.
     new 6dd3292  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ad34e98  Lower the incremental retry threshold to allow for more chances for tests to pass....
     new 3daceca  work on new Kryo-based serialization framework for Hadoop + ability to message pass TraversalCounters.
     new f2d8109  generlized TraversalVertexProgram again as the particular examples for Gremlin OALP testing are now in computer memory.
     new 075e025  Add exception consistency for g.v/e
     new a4ecae2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 94030b7  made zero-argument constructors for serialization private and thus, only for reflection-based object creation and serialization. bam.
     new a8fa2c7  Refactor the process test suite to allow lookup of Element IDs.
     new 3cee5b9  Add access to neo4j graph property container.
     new 97bc540  Add auto-tx where necessary in Neo4jGraph.
     new 660495b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 73c7e80  Refactor to allow graph computer tests to be ignored if a graph didn't support that feature.
     new 77d9a8b  Minor refactoring around last commit to make computer test pattern reusable.
     new 9ef5f01  Removed todo comment as graph computer tests now have a pattern.
     new 632628d  Java doc for test class.
     new 94e20dc  playing with DitributedCache and trying to solve the current fat jar problem
     new 82beaac  removed the notion of messages labels as that can be pushed into the message if need be -- something TinkerPop3 should add complexity around as I suspect it will be rarely used. Updated TinkerGraph respectively.
     new 0e0240b  Add Has computer tests.
     new 681bc68  Add Internal computer test.
     new 190abf7  Range test for graph computer.
     new 49622b1  Add tree test for graph computer and rework pattern for todos on failing tests.
     new 882923d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 482d779  add a rudimentary OutputFormat to just play and see what is required.
     new 7a53c5d  Add computer tests for Back test.
     new 9528002  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2a29cdf  Migrate over jump test.
     new 2b357b3  Add PathTest for graph computer.
     new 377ee40  Add SelectTest to Graph computer.
     new 5fc3376  Push assumption assertion on graph computer requirements for process up to superclass.
     new da8dbee  Clean up imports.
     new 4f9369e  Migrate over TraversalTest to graph computer.
     new 91f3e10  Migrate over ValuesTest to graph computer.
     new b2eff62  Remove old gremin-java olap tests.
     new 844aef0  Restructure project and get maven build order right.
     new 8e1ca45  stubbing towards a ComputerMemory for Giraph. Just want to commit cause of Stephens big refactoring.
     new a927fdb  Removed unnecessary files.
     new ef2055d  Renamed tinkergraph module to tinkergraph-gremlin.
     new 74bbbf6  Get the REPL running again.
     new 8c9cb93  General pom.xml cleanup.
     new c456b67  Reorganize packaging on tinkergraph module to make it more standardized.
     new 50ff481  RuleWriteable coming to life for Hadoop.
     new 4873268  Start preparing for GraphSON.
     new efa40f3  Fix class scope.
     new 4231490  Add a todo comment.
     new f2b804e  Add GraphSONReader/Writer.
     new 9e0336f  a good push on global memory via Giraph aggregators....
     new 911ee55  cleaning up MemoryAggregator and RuleWritable. Also, proved that Gremlin looping works.
     new 06c543b  Can now write GraphSON for a vertex to a single vertex with direction of edges specified.
     new 42ecf84  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1eab452  Fix broken neo4j tests.
     new d8e8f2b  Accounted for more lossiness of GraphSON in tests and non-lossiness in Kryo.
     new 9d5d586  Support full read/write of a Graph instance.
     new 057da0e  Change scope of GraphSONGraph.
     new 3aa4f2c  Renamed some classes to make them consistent.
     new 8bfeace  Added GraphSON to performance tests.
     new 7ab8944  Optimize imports.
     new 6928a1d  Standardize variable naming across Readers
     new 070b24f  Work up batching in each reader implementation.
     new ed1944e  Cache the transaction feature status.
     new 331afd8  Reduce default batch size/
     new bb734bd  Use batchgraph default buffer size instead of making new ones for IO.
     new d27b898  Add javadoc for graphson reader/writer.
     new 58eb472  Get Neo4j working with GraphSON tests.
     new b9f327e  Print some useful information about feature assumptions during test runs.
     new 46d0657  IO Tests were not properly clearing between runs.
     new f5fbfaf  Throw exception if Graph is empty.
     new 4222804  No longer need to specify the graph to the Builders for IO.
     new 26bd8fd  Comment out printing of features during test runs.
     new c06cd4b  added a clear() method to the HolderSource interface -- necessary for OLAP type operations.
     new 2adba03  Made vertex adder function consistent.
     new df8d239  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b361dc6  removed Graph.Memory.decr() -- its incr() with a negative and semantically sound when no initial value exists. System.Computer.Memory is now Administrative.Computer.Memory (sorta long and stupid, but better than having to type java.lang.System.curre... A new theory of Graph.Memory is emerging.
     new e09445f  removed Graph.Memory.decr() -- its incr() with a negative and semantically sound when no initial value exists. System.Computer.Memory is now Administrative.Computer.Memory (sorta long and stupid, but better than having to type java.lang.System.curre... A new theory of Graph.Memory is emerging.
     new fb5705e  Configure dynamic serializer loader for GraphSON
     new 8e03301  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2eb15a7  Add some todos for later consideration.
     new 8a02719  Clean up imports.
     new aefa7d9  minor tweaks.
     new 6e975c7  Add toString for Features.
     new e580558  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5bec9dc  added apache.commons.configuration to GraphComputer.setup(). We need to make it so that VertexProgram serialization is not used, but instead initialization via configuration. Next, added a VertexProgram.getMessageClass() so complicated inference is not required.
     new 511a76a  add a todo for later.
     new 6f0150c  Add nashorn as scriptengine.
     new 48d5c8e  Inline comments.
     new 452cdb1  Add nashorn to test configs.
     new 5689a8b  Renamed ConsumerThatThrows class.
     new 0373c5b  Move ThrowingConsumer to gremlin-core.
     new f3455cc  Use the ThrowingConsumer in IO when writing to JSON.
     new c3c0ea3  Centralize and allow customization of kryo classes.
     new 7a6bcb4  reworking how GraphComputer works. Smart about serilization and expectations of how VertexProgram is created. Problem around serilization in TraversalResult. Need to rethink how Travesral.submit() works for GraphTraversal. @Ignored some test cases like a naughty little boy.
     new 3279d4c  tweaks to traversalvertexprogram and respective updates to Giraph.
     new d99ab5b  Make packaging of TinkerGraph consistent with rest of repo.
     new ff12efe  Use FunctionUtils to get rid of try/catch in lambda.
     new d7da0e3  TinkerGraph now supports Object as id instead of String.
     new 994cccb  Specify Graph to write to in Reader method call and not the Builder.
     new 311afa6  Add test for GraphMigrator.
     new 98c7834  Use GraphMigrator in GraphComputer.
     new 045d426  Comments/javadoc.
     new d320d82  Close streams in tests better.
     new 7c92471  Refactor IO tests a bit around tinkergraph assertions.
     new a0e212a  Add todo for property types with features.
     new dc0ddf8  Test custom serialization of ID to JSON
     new c0d8b4a  clean up imports.
     new 40cd5bf  Remove debug line.
     new 090cdf7  Remove unnecessary variable declaration.
     new 6a3a87a  Add todo comment on GraphSON Reader.
     new f422ee4  Add test for serializing custom objects in Kryo.
     new 67fbfa8  Remove todos.
     new 8afa42c  Add todo comment for versioning in IO.
     new de2f58b  add a todo comment.
     new 3d3bd47  Add todo comment for later.
     new 0a9cb8d  Add batch commit if possible for the graph instance.
     new 3235573  Add basic transaction tests.
     new db30e30  More assertions before/after transactions.
     new ba36e99  Stup out tests specific to Neo4j.
     new 6fec8b9  Add more transaction tests.
     new aeddb95  Add exception consistency tests for onclose tx behavior.
     new 417dc55  Add exception coverage for manual tx.
     new 289c8c7  Add competiting threads test for transaction.
     new 1a0ded1  Add more transaction tests.
     new ffa5db3  VertexProgram now completely uses Class/instantiation model vs. the serialization model.
     new 42f950e  Remove features of a test that were not required.
     new 23c2778  Add another transaction consistency test for multiple threads.
     new 9df18cb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bc90c21  VertexProgram.Builder is now 'a thing' as its a way to generated Configuration key/values.
     new db9cd86  Added SFunction, SConsumer and updated traversal and steps to be able to serialize themselves (if in fact they can).
     new 113701a  Add todo for later in tests.
     new cf56131  Optimize imports.
     new 49821ab  added SOptional in PropertyValueMapStep.
     new fc52a5b  Add more asserts for testing transactions around element removal.
     new 327040b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d73f567  Add transaction fireAndForget test.
     new 91bcd2b  Add transaction retry test for oneAndDone.
     new 9e512a7  Add exponetialBackoff transaction retry test.
     new dac11f6  Add test for transaction retry with exponential backoff and excpetion specification.
     new 12c8e7a  Fix broken test.
     new 179f549  Added another transaction isolation test.
     new 9c09dfb  Add todo for failing test.
     new 1c085b6  test for graphml parsing.
     new 0337634  wow. fixed a nasty problem with inserting steps into a traveral and its use in OLAP and naming ... e.g. _2 .
     new 3d23b8b  opened up more g.v(1).etc.etc. test cases. One thing to nail: g.v(1).as('x').etc.etc.
     new d4dfedf  Add standard toString to Neo4j features.
     new 67968a8  Add tests for property removal.
     new d301357  Used computed test path based on test directory instead of hardcoded /tmp.
     new a419c71  Created a single GraphProvider class for tests in Neo4j.
     new 5c70c40  removed gremlin-java, migrated over optimizer tests.
     new 8d17628  Add new feature to cover graphs that can't have fully isolated transactions.
     new c7e7c46  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 599b3fe  Change package of Neo4jGraphProvider in tests.
     new c740753  Add TinkerGraphGraphProvider in tinkergraph tests.
     new 1ce072f  Optimize imports.
     new 017fb66  removed unneeded optimizer tests. opened up a few more traversal tests. made compatible with Neo4j.
     new 9d2a1ee  Add clear overload on the GraphProvider for tests.
     new 268d2c7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d888848  getting close to all .submit(g.compute()) test cases thus far to pass. getting stuck on named steps and jumping.
     new 1b57e97  opened up more test cases to OLAP. Still stuck on jump(x).
     new 4ae2756  Optimize imports.
     new d7fa8bc  opened up the AnnotatedValueTest to GraphComputer.
     new a623476  tweaks to test suite.
     new bc961e1  added gremlitron image.
     new 3942be2  Add exception consistency tests for transactional behaviors.
     new 9f6ddbd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 208abbd  test cases around TraversalHelper. Still having the jump(x) problem. No clue whats going on there -- unfortunately. Updates the VertexProgram.setup() API to NOT use Configuration.
     new 8c0315c  Check for null when constructing Neo4jGraph with a raw graph instance.
     new 09174c6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bcdbff4  Add configuration validation to Neo4j implementation.
     new 92b940d  Add javadoc for implementers.
     new 3bba418  Add way to open Neo4jGraph with just the directory.
     new 37e7adf  Add stream function to Path class.
     new 9c779f7  Add subgraph step.
     new 646eb0e  nothing big. push.
     new d83b3ee  Clear graph between test runs.
     new a86f5f2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8170f79  Moved process oriented tests in neo4j to the process package.
     new e42b8e6  Optimize import.
     new 38fd3eb  Add todo comment.
     new 5256332  Unify the graph memory features.
     new a58b730  Get rid of the meta properties feature.
     new c78eb5a  Factored out Optional when reading Settings.
     new a841292  Add more low-level netty config options to server config.
     new 2fc5522  Added additional netty config and add netty logging when log level is debug.
     new 46cd3c6  Add a todo comment
     new ed47b9c  Add javadoc.
     new 4c77928  Bring test yaml config for GremlinServer in line with the sample.
     new c4a6bd7  Make all Builder classes have the same behavior.
     new f234003  GraphML now only generates compliant GraphML.
     new 46c5aa8  Make sure that GraphML reads/write the vertex label.
     new 2428059  Optimize imports.
     new bdbd330  Update javadoc.
     new ef1e727  Set high/low water mark on serverbootstrap.
     new 6ae360d  Add some todo comments.
     new 327e669  Add todo comment.
     new b025be9  Remove calls to channel in GremlinServer.
     new 657771d  Comments for low/high watermark settings.
     new 2e4e441  Add todo comment.
     new 338cf76  Testing class and a minimum version of gremlin-server.yaml.
     new 438e851  Name threads and only declare DefaultEventExecutorGroup once for the app.
     new c874e3d  Stop using secondary thread pool and use the standard netty event loop.
     new 4089104  Break up ops into handlers.
     new 161a2d3  Remove promise assignment in write.
     new 26f5b43  Clean up imports.
     new a7093fd  Refactored terminators.
     new 1e0554f  Removed classes that are no longer used.
     new d346163  Added batch sizes for controlling flushing behavior.
     new d082197  Release references to unused messages in the pipeline.
     new f83cfe1  Enforce dependency convergence
     new f7c41c7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into gremlin-server-refactor
     new 7a61a26  Add a Supplier that throws.
     new c255a77  Abort a commit() if it was deemed failure by timeout.
     new 99f8c11  Big refactoring effort to streamline writing down the pipeline.
     new 8f44c3e  Forgot to add file on previous commit
     new de34e5f  Fix broken tests after merge.
     new b790126  Bump to netty official release of 4.0.18.
     new 6d0de4f  Clean up channel pipeline initialization.
     new 0dbf424  Add configs for writeBufferHigh/LowWaterMarks.
     new 5fca295  Move handlers to new handler package.
     new 4bba393  Move messages to their own package.
     new de65500  Refactored builder for RequestMessage.
     new a77ad50  Add final keyword to static var.
     new 1a289eb  Add ssl support to Gremlin Server.
     new c92a8fb  Bump to latest commons-lang and use BasicThreadFactory for naming threads better.
     new cb2e4f6  Refactored pipeline initialization and improved logging.
     new 2ddf05e  Refactored RequestMessage so it works with Builder like the ResponseMessage.
     new 8de105d  Allow for graphson to be normalized.
     new f76b6ab  Make naming for normalize setting consistent across io.
     new 949217e  Fix broken tests.
     new d9dc70a  Clean up imports.
     new 8cea4a1  Add GraphSONTokens to be consistent with IO pattern.
     new 485f106  Rename graphson tokens.
     new 469c323  Removed hierarchy from property serialization in GraphSON.
     new 7a87e82  Use GraphSONTokens now that they exists.
     new 561b4bf  Remove "version" from ResponseMessage serialization.
     new 412b55d  Do a better job with versioning serialized data with kryo.
     new 1ed5397  Move ResultCode enum to message package.
     new 05e8b1d  Starting a basic benchmarking utility.
     new b8c2ca4  Create benchmark package.
     new ca66b08  Better managed and shutdown connections in benchmarker.
     new 068767b  Improve output of benchmark tool.
     new ad3f318  Enahancements to how the benchmarker works.
     new a8d525b  implemented otherV and respective OLTP and OLAP test case.
     new a57119d  implemented otherV and respective OLTP and OLAP test case.
     new 2012872  added @dkuppitz test cases for otherV -- found in danielSteps branch.
     new 2947e48  added @dkuppitz DedupRangeStep.
     new a3c20a1  minor variable naming tweak for consistency.
     new 7d95556  removed DedupRange step integration for now -- may make it an optimizatoin. Also renamed PipeLoader to StepLoader in Gremlin-Groovy. @dkuppitz
     new 27b88df  removed DedupRangeStep as it is not needed with dedup() being lazy.
     new 5344002  removed the function/predicate constructor on Filter/Map/FlatMap step.
     new c5d8a3c  GraphSON is now configurably lossy.
     new c1eba4a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7a35fdb  Remove jackson annotations from general class
     new c0bda8f  Refactor GraphSON methods a bit for better reuse/readability.
     new 169abad  Remove read of graph from tests.
     new e02c52e  Generate typed GraphSON for example 1.
     new 9773c08  Remove todos.
     new 4a4db68  added random() and respective test cases to Gremlin3.
     new c17755b  updated Graph.compute() API where a var args (zero or 1) is used and is Graph.compute(Class<GraphComputer>...). This way, a graph can have multiple computer implementations.
     new 3c0dbd7  Test for deserializer plugin in GraphSON.
     new 0f68964  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7d8ddf0  Refactor type embedding to simple boolean.
     new d294e44  Simplify normalization of JSON.
     new a2d0257  Re-use the map typereference.
     new e65b402  GraphSON better normalized and non-lossy ids.
     new b6b1efe  Update typed graphson given latest approach.
     new 08378ee  Test for standalone vertex writing with types.
     new c721cef  Remove some uncessary parameters from serializers.
     new d59138a  optimize imports.
     new 2a6256b  Clean up GraphSON code a bit.
     new d50ded6  Enforce serialization of UUID in GraphSON and Kryo.
     new 0c867ec  Support incremental loading for GraphSON and GraphML.
     new 43d2274  Ignore some tests - failing for neo4j.
     new c2b72da  Neo4j Tests running.
     new feca482  Clean up some commented out code.
     new 4fe2461  Add tests for incremental loading using supplied ID for GraphSON/GraphML.
     new e350daf  Make kryo do incremental loading.
     new a54c0e9  Clean up code in GraphMigrator a bit.
     new ca3b849  Apply graph element properties all at once in GraphML.
     new 15499e5  Clear up questions on vertex/edge ordering of GraphML Specification.
     new b10dea8  Accidentally commented out some tests on last commit.
     new e32e2d0  Change scope of GraphML class that didn't need public access.
     new d07effe  Fix javadoc on BatchGraph.
     new 58ef645  Got rid of incremental loading in IO.
     new 9600f86  Incremental loading of edges in BatchGraph and related tests.
     new c255b6f  Convert batchgraph builder to be instantiated by static create method like other builders.
     new a3666ff  Clean up graphmigrator a bit.
     new 32a1808  Better handle extended versions in GremlinKryo.
     new c6a432e  Changed ElementHelper.append to an upsert style method.
     new 734ee0c  Made distribution generator tests more forgiving again.
     new fd3b4a9  Change builders in graph generators so that they are like all the others.
     new 6780963  Make sure that builders are always new.
     new 2175117  debug option for FastNoSuchElementException.
     new dfeddc8  Add assertions to modern graph in IO.
     new 183f31d  Added environment variable to explicitly configure structure tests to execute.
     new a1c7875  Beginning of Gremlin Driver module.
     new 77b2194  Clean up class scoping.
     new 278b930  Fix variable scopes and include some javadoc.
     new 126eb1d  Reduce poll time to 10ms.
     new db2e873  Add method to get current number of fetched items.
     new f03a255  clean up imports.
     new 38ef52e  Get Host creation work cleanly from cluster instantiation.
     new dce6aa2  Improve paging in the result set.
     new 698669b  Remove dead comment.
     new d4c98f8  Clean up todo.
     new 101b1f2  Add close() to cluster.
     new bed6fb3  Make performance tests for gremlin server use the driver.
     new bc05ca6  Improve error handling in the driver.
     new a4f1756  No need to explicitly init the Cluster object.
     new dfe5baf  Convert all Gremlin Server integration tests to use the new driver.
     new 2c45849  Remove old test websocket clients.
     new 6ca268c  Name the core threads in gremlin driver.
     new b2b1847  Add close async method for Cluster.
     new 010e803  Revert the last commit around changes to cluster close operations.
     new 63ab25a  Add todo for supporting graph name bindings.
     new 47fddf3  Page results back to the client given batch size.
     new 5e5966a  Rename and refactor around ResultType.
     new e812347  Default to embedded types for JSON serialization.
     new c2facf9  Add todo for later.
     new 965f3b9  Rename key for the result type in JSON.
     new 72288bd  A Client can only be constructed internally by a Cluster.
     new abb5836  Add Cluster creation options via config file.
     new ebce241  more work on Gremlin-Groovy as it pertains to the console.
     new ba7d3e8  solved three major problems: history now persisting, console not losing terminal focus on startup, and locking due to exceptions on traversal iterators.
     new f60fcbc  added shorthand notation for elements -- e[key]. Added support for argument less step calls off of vertex -- v.out
     new 7ba53fd  added the :use command for Grape and dynamic library loading in Gremlin.
     new 4e58358  Text-based messages are now only for JSON-encoded messages.
     new 48dd602  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6647e6d  Rename GremlinRequestDecoder to reflect use for Text messages only.
     new 1a05937  Bump version of groovy-all to match gremlin-groovy project.
     new 03a4567  Gremlin Driver now using binary messages for requests and gremlin-server supporting them.
     new c3a8507  modified the build order in the root pom.
     new 49085dc  The choice of binary or text processing is now managed by the client.
     new 364e017  Move tests to the driver module.
     new 266c6c1  Remove delimited header in text protocol.
     new 96ab26d  Allow configuration of the serialization type for the driver.
     new b213b90  Optimize imports in gremlin-driver.
     new 155fa70  Add kryo serialization option to gremlin-server.
     new ec02b36  Bump metrics version.
     new f1efc56  Serialize Request/ResponseMessage as Map in Kryo.
     new aaea838  Centralize tokens for serialization.
     new a6dd31e  Remove ContentType from ResponseMessage.
     new acf4d35  Add a method to the Cluster Builder to add a custom serializer.
     new 961dc80  Added Serializers enum to make selecting a serializer nicer.
     new 97717c4  Remove the notion of an "accept" argument.
     new 7cb56d4  The ToStringSerializer is no longer relevant.
     new e56715a  Added an interal interface for supporting text-based websocket frames.
     new 822ee90  commented out test case.
     new e847343  Created a custom SerializationException.
     new 6735487  Trap overrun of message size.
     new 46422d8  fixed the jar problem with Giraph -- /Users/marko/software/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3/giraph-gremlin/target/giraph-gremlin-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone required. That then grabs all the .jars in the lib/ directory and puts them in Hadoops DistributedCache. this model is pretty cool in that if you have other jars you want, you simply drop them in there and it will be picked up.
     new 9701d99  starting to migrate the hardcoded configuraitons in Giraph to properties files. More testing around serializing lamb-duh (stupid baby sheep).
     new 7d36a09  Add tests to validate Lossless serialization from Gremlin Server.
     new 40a0eb1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b2f26d4  TinkerGraph no longer create String based ids when not supplied.
     new 3cce52d  Make use of temp files in tests platform agnostic.
     new d5407ee  created a model for sending serialized lambdas used a static class holder. class is grabbed from configuration files.
     new a44557f  minor nothings -- mere wispers in an ugly woman's ear.
     new 7331643  TinkerGraphInputFormat now reads a GraphML file from HDFS.
     new cd68ebf  Minor changes to gremlin-driver pom.xml
     new 3bf6e5d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1a5e56c  Better names for sample graphs.
     new e80ec14  Add IO classes for vertex/edge.
     new bc3309b  Generalized VertexProgram to only be created using apache.Configuration. Now Giraph is fully generic.
     new ba76fdc  Add serialization features to kryo for internal vertices.
     new 6820bcd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3a02c26  Moved kryo related classes to the kryo package.
     new 753a9a0  Code cleanup.
     new 5f64a87  Add a test with a null in the iterable.
     new b2d7e81  Optimize imports.
     new 78b8e13  Test for edges in kryo serialization.
     new 7917716  Add serialization test for kryo with the Map key is a complex object.
     new e72fdb4  Rename tests so they match names of serializers.
     new 45dcd62  Add todo reminder for GraphSON IO.
     new 9ced846  Optimize imports.
     new 1a80e10  Got Giraph sorta-working with JUnit. Work on GraphComputer interface -- big questions to be answered soon.
     new 18b509a  Rework serialization on GraphSON...again.
     new 46a581e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ffcad80  Removed commenting around tests.
     new 9fafef6  Set up integration testing with Failsafe. Restored GiraphGraphComputerTest
     new e182339  remove a todo comment.
     new 98239b8  Better serialization support for AnnotatedList/Value for Kryo.
     new 622c405  Replace getter/setters in annotations with public variables.
     new 2aedf69  Optimize imports.
     new 6c10bc9  Move classes around and add javadoc.
     new 0990423  Consolidated Failsafe integration and performance tests
     new 1552528  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 08e4ced  Include json serializers for AnnotatedList/Value.
     new 7115baf  Replace get/set in IOAnnotatedList with public member vars.
     new 536da5e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b2df8c0  Make naming consistent on IO utility classes.
     new c041079  Add some validations to arguments.
     new 83a1837  started stubbing the OLAP test suite for Gremlin and touches on Giraph. Got around the var args closure->lambda issue in Groovy 2.3 with MetaClass programming.
     new 1ffb973  Turn on tests in gremlin-groovy.
     new 6c74477  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new feb5c63  moved GroovyDedupTest to groovy/ so native GremlinGroovy syntax is adopted.
     new b28c47f  Add neo4j to tests on gremlin-groovy.
     new cf71574  Fix some groovy dependency discrepancies.
     new 4a67d8a  added lots GremlinGroovy test cases -- its getting there.
     new 64dd2c2  added more GremlinGroovy test cases. Fixed a bunch of Iterator -> Traversal mappings from way back in the day.
     new 85b0204  finished all the GroovyGremlin map/ package tests. All that is left is sideEffect, but now my hands hurt from so much typing.
     new 382fbf6  fixed a naming convention error and property->value since long long ago in a time far far now.
     new 65b34a1  Add final var designation.
     new 9b8668f  Add some inline comments around the base classes of the test suite.
     new f09e937  Minor formatting changes.
     new 614b15b  renamed Groovy test cases to XXXTestG and now things work.
     new 5ec7998  VertexProgram now requiresXXX and GraphComputer now supportsXXX. GraphComputerHelper.validateVertexProgram() now verifies that all the things that VertexProgram requires are supported by GraphComputer -- this is all done via Features and handy Java reflection.
     new e4e39f8  fixed an infinite loop in SideEffectCapStep. TinkerGraph OLAP works with sideEffect-based steps. ...... still thinking on how this will work with Giraph.
     new 04060d3  TinkerGraph will not support persistence in the classic sense.
     new a22e8e9  Added plugin loader for console.
     new e51dc3d  Import now works properly in the console.
     new 0e4025b  split graphcomputer and graph memory from each other. now its Graph.Variables and GraphComputer.Memory. Need to now think on Traversal.Memory. Jesus.
     new 9f9a18a  Split off "control" operations from "eval" ops in Gremlin Server.
     new 103a3c2  traversal memory is now called traversal variables.
     new fe04aca  Connection pooling in gremlin-driver.
     new 6be67cc  Clean up close operations around connections and the connection pool.
     new aa80114  Better logging and clean up class scope.
     new 8e50298  Experimental use of jcl-over-slf4j bridge, forcing slf4j-based logging over commons-logging
     new 6ef5903  Add better logging for init script execution in Gremlin Server.
     new 50b9f3b  bumped to support Groovy 2.3.0.
     new d8d9228  Add basic framework for documentation.
     new d9b7ab9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new acaddf0  Update README.md
     new 671109b  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3 into simple-logging
     new e806806  Added test content for images.
     new 490c405  Re-use the cluster thread pool in the ResultSet.
     new 52bfcee  Remove some todo items that no longer apply.
     new 95937f4  Add overloads for submitting gremlin via gremlin-driver Client.
     new 04ee468  tweaks to Gremlin-Giraph -- exploring with Kuppitz on a multi-machine cluster.
     new 007c16f  Add reference to pull request to groovy-core to fix bug.
     new 56f5eb9  Make it so that the result prompt is configurable.
     new 990d3d4  Add some javadoc.
     new fd0a7c6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9402bdd  work on serializing vertices  using KryoReader/Writer. Very close.
     new 1e4eb2b  Add test that reads a vertex with edges but ignores the properties on the vertex.
     new b6ca5b2  Prevent bug in Vertex reader where an AnnotatedList is filtered out when being read.
     new a2584b8  added ElementHelper.getOrAddVertex(). Now using full TinkerGraph serilaization on Kryo for Giraph.
     new 101f244  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fa60c25  more work on Byte serialization in Giraph -- pain in the booty.
     new 3f890e2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2d7616a  have Giraph-Gremlin working with GraphMLReader/Writer. Kryo is all fuggled.
     new bf4fde5  Giraph-Gremlin is now working with @spmallette KryWriter/Reader. Also, got KryoWritable more general and working great.
     new 630c029  for Kuppitz with love.
     new 59b3837  test for Kuppitz.
     new c6f7a53  test for Kuppitz.
     new 5fb4785  finally have CLASSPATH jars working propertly in Giraph-Gremlin for both local and multi-machine clusters. Thanks @dkuppitz for your help.
     new dc65c26  Make serialization load from config instead of ServiceLoader.
     new 65c0806  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3fe5b3a  Add MessageSerializer configuration to the server.
     new 337ccef  Remove todo comment that is no longer a question.
     new 946defb  Remove method that won't be supported.
     new e28b4ca  Add pool size configurations for the gremlin-driver.
     new 3d5a401  SLF4J booooshiiiiet. Fixed a Kryo issue around two JVMs having different IDs for the same class. There is something funny going on with MicroVertex.delfate()/inflate(). Got around it in a hacky way so things work but will figure out later. Finally, GiraphGremlin seems super solid now -- fully tested with many mappers and in a multi-machine cluster. stoked.
     new 1f528bc  Add configuration options for connection stuff in gremlin-driver.
     new 9a70ca2  Re-categorize integration tests.
     new 99dd042  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ea48d6b  minor tweak to KryoWritable.
     new 87f9be1  Add connection replacement if there is low available in process count.
     new db4dc1f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7f32e54  Add connection replacement if there is low available in process count.
     new a3b60d9  Use pure slf4j logging
     new 16768b1  Resolved merge conflict
     new 4bc728b  TinkerGraph will not support persistence except by way of IO.
     new 6f1496a  Tests for TinkerGraph do not support persistence.
     new b6614ca  Remove todo comments unrelated to TinkerPop work.
     new 303cc3f  Remove todo that doesn't need to be done.
     new 096e0e89 Removed a todo that was no longer important.
     new 79d9cd0  Add some logging.
     new 91fe8be  Clean up logging and error handling in gremlin-driver.
     new 630a3ec  Refactored import customizer a bit for better re-use with the console.
     new f3fd5e0  Use the standard import customizer to load imports to console.
     new 4a34780  Minor refactoring regarding location of the import manager.
     new bf11882  Remove reference to "blueprints"
     new ca6ac54  about to do something big around TinkerGraph and how OLAP works over it.
     new 026fb64  Basic lambda remoting for gremlin-driver.
     new f51cd30  Specific validation for the traverse op in gremlin-server.
     new d41bb74  Use Tokens for op strings in Client.
     new a1e4cdb  Allow for specification of the graph name to bind to the traversal executed remotely.
     new 13501cf  Add todo around parameterization for traversals.
     new 03feaf1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d23adfe  better exception for Property when key but no value.
     new 10be44b  GraphComputerMemmory is now GraphComputerSideEffects. submit() now returns Pair<Graph,SideEffects> in line with Faunus style computing. Stubbed GremlinKryoInputOutputFormats for Giraph.
     new 659f9b1  Introduced the concept of a graphView as inspired by @mbroecheler. this makes it easier to think about the result of Gremlin OLAP Pair<Graph,SideEffect>. Implemented for TinkerGraph and things are much prettier. Like a baby fawn in the forest drinking rain water from the broad leaf of a plant. babbling creek.
     new 4c95980  Provider "remote" commands to the console.
     new 9db23f1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d39552c  about to jump into hidden properties.
     new d523b70  added Property.isHidden() and Property.hidden(boolean).
     new ec0404c  Revert "added Property.isHidden() and Property.hidden(boolean)."
     new c56dac3  added isHidden() default to Property and added Element.getHiddens() and now Element.getProperties() does not return hiddens.
     new f4972c4  Use slf4j-log4j12 rather than slf4j-jdk14
     new 3c9a480  Dropped out jdk-slf4j dependency.
     new 9da52b65 Add logging configuration for Console.
     new 3b29651  Add more standard classes to Kryo for serialization purposes.
     new c2e2496  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 12e589e  Added applicable GraphTraversal steps to Vertex class
     new efa6705  Added tests for has and hasNot steps from a vertex
     new 7470247  worked on SocialTraversal and added some diagrams.
     new b54d351  more images added.
     new 4c8216d  more images added.
     new 8b46796  more images added.
     new c5c4a4c  more images added.
     new 2bf96ab  more images added.
     new 5afef6e  more images added.
     new 5484daf  more images added.
     new 257767d  Add better handling for server exceptions.
     new f243e63  setProperty() is now Property<V> setProperty.
     new 10d00e1  Initial AsciiDoc commit
     new 4865eaa  deleted old doc/ directory and moved the images/ over docs/images.
     new 1fdc9e0  fixed URL.
     new 666ff01  Add remoting as text and as objects for the Gremlin Console.
     new 583c973  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 70117f2  Switching to AsciiDoctor's RTD theme
     new 5325b60  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 8a97cff  Refactor the RemoteCommand a bit to reduce code duplication.
     new 364ce4c  Add property files for commands.
     new 6b169c0  Added property file for GremlinImportCommand.
     new 01c875f  Refactored RemoteCommand to use tokens for common string values.
     new 681f20c  Change the Strategy API to match the the new signature of setProperty().
     new 839120c  Add generators to imports in gremlin console.
     new c247f2d  Graph instantiation does not need to be synchronized.
     new 8ae46a1  Add integration test for Gremlin Server on toString serialization over kryo.
     new b37eab0  Allow configuration of custom serializers for kryo.
     new 5633712  Graph generation algorithm imports are generally available now gremlin-groovy.
     new c1a8ca2  Add additional getters for primitive types and graph element classes to Item.
     new 3b8d145  Add some javadoc and improve a toString.
     new 79487f7  more images for documentation.
     new 1cc7012  Fixed up error handling in Gremlin Server.
     new 1d0cead  Removed individual serialization timeout test.
     new 90cae22  Remove single result serialization timeout settings.
     new ce08893  Bump to netty 4.0.19.final.
     new c2fe5fc  Remove test as unecessary.
     new 6146968  more documentation and images.
     new 6bb428d  updates to index.
     new 88c730d  Fix spacing in toString.
     new 04b8432  Add timeout to remote command.
     new 109497a  Fix command help for RemoteCommand.
     new 727e670  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c33603d  Close Client instance after usage in :submit command for Gremlin REPL.
     new 6ba597c  Add partition functionality to g.V in partition strategy.
     new ab49c18  more work on docs and fixed a naming convention bug in IdentityOptimizer.
     new 92378c0  Minor doc tweaks
     new d885352  Extended element steps to Edge by copying them from Vertex
     new 180356d  Configure log4j.properties location
     new 5251829  Exclude logback when testing neo4j-gremlin
     new d05045a  Merge pull request #13 from dalaro/master
     new 1fae15c  Remove Map as a registered class for serialization.
     new 7f0f0ad  Organize and add more standard serializers to kryo.
     new e22dad4  Extract serializer out of being an inner class.
     new 18f75d7  Add default serializer for Map.Entry and register LinkedHashMap.Entry.
     new 7b27c91  Bump start point for custom classes in kryo serialization to 65536.
     new 533bcf8  Add some javadoc.
     new fe212d0  added g.e(7) conversion in AbstactGremlinTest. Fixed TinkerEdge.start().
     new 4674230  work on documentation
     new 716c4ae  Commented out toString execution of traversal optimizations.
     new 7bcbaec  Add a Traversal optimizer for PartitionGraphStrategy.
     new fcd7400  Add a todo comment around strategy.
     new ade6d27  Change scope of EntrySerializer - not needed publically.
     new 4a80e9b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9181af2  documentation work. about to do a big move.
     new ed88cd1  big changes to Element. get/set are removed.
     new 68bd295  Used closeable syntax.
     new bfe63ca  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bef8445  Add content on IO and GraphML to docs.
     new 6714b8e  Add section for GraphSON.
     new d17bb9e  Add some kryo io text to docs.
     new 8b152d6  Add Graph Strategy section.
     new 132c86e  Add more imports.
     new a407cea  inV(), outV(), bothV()... bam. Everything is Gremlin.
     new bb1ec4a  fixed up my section of the docs with new Element API.
     new 4a2743b  First, primitive GremlinKryo input/output format
     new bbf32d5  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 04181dc  Add options to generate a modern/classic graphs into an existing graph.
     new 7947e45  Add scripts to generate classic/modern graph into empty gremlin server graphs.
     new 8fd444e  Add Gremlin Server docs.
     new a56038b  Clean up toString() of StrategyWrapped classes.
     new 10c0a37  Forgot to add this class on the last commit.
     new fd95148  Move DoNothingGraphStrategy to GraphStrategy interface.
     new 3ffd12e  ReadOnlyGraphStrategy wasn't working.
     new a877c84  documentation, Vertex JavaDoc, and updated DefaultVariables to now create a HashMap until needed -- optimization strategy.
     new 86e4e57  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 6c02ab6  Add "groovy" to source code formatting when using console.
     new 4e2544a  Add data directory to gremlin-groovy distribution.zip
     new be0e951  hidden property prefix hidden :). Property API changed -- Property.key(), Property.value() are the new methods.
     new bb6d563  fixed a bug in hidden.
     new ab3ce40  Renamed traversal Optimizers to TraversalStrategy.
     new 387ec4b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7747f6c  Moved TraversalStrategy related implementations and supporting classes to their own package.
     new 047b2be  Updated docs given renaming of Optimizer to TraversalStrategy.
     new efa1143  Fix comments.
     new 16f1700  more docuementation.
     new 416090e  updated the CSS to make section headers bold.
     new 6ea49a1  renamed Holder to Traverser. Tada.
     new 8b771a4  Fixed headings.
     new 0054142  Corrected bug in StrategyWrappedElement and MapStep.
     new 531b3df  PartitionGraphStrategy is now working in full.
     new 29d6038  Make sure the StrategyWrapped stuff doesn't wrap more than once in the TraversalStrategy.
     new e1f370c  Test that properties are wrapped in strategy.
     new 6ba49f0  Add transaction docs.
     new 0675b61  Add javadoc to Transaction interface.
     new 054ef05  Fix doc formatting.
     new 297e8d0  Add neo4j logo.
     new b164da8  Update neo4j section of docs.
     new c6598f8  Add gremlin plugin class for neo4j.
     new 7a473c9  Clean up source code formatting.
     new d3a16ad  first push on getting rid of AnnotatedLists.
     new faef177  Remove all references to AnnotatedList/Value and related code.
     new 6efaa19  documentation and renamed util.optimizers package to util.strategy in TinkerGraph according to @spmallette unification.
     new 80005e7  Add serialization support for hidden properties in kryo and graphson.
     new b5dc93f  Add IO support for hidden properties on individual vertex/edge serialization in GraphSON and Kryo.
     new 0aecfb8  GiraphGraph added which is basically a null graph so things are not called TinkerGraph.
     new 0e08d92  added GiraphGremlinPlugin and new GiraphGraph work. Worked on docs as well.
     new 893f422  added more Giraph work and exception handling. @spmallete has some IO errors to fixy wixy.
     new 3dc6c24  renamed olap to computer in Giraph -- package renaming.
     new 4f8d865  Fix problems with hidden properties and neo4j.
     new 0fa1699  minor doc stuff.
     new b12db16  working with Stephen on Giraph-Gremlin.
     new d5c65e8  staged everything for :use in Gremlin-Groovy with Giraph-Gremlin. Waiting on @spmallette to do his Groovy classloader thang.
     new 86e6162  added some good metaClass stuff for Gremlin-Groovy around Traverser.metaClass.methodMissing and propertyMissing reroute to Traverser.get().blah.
     new 421bae4  Add subgraph step to docs.
     new 35d3676  Fix formatting on GraphSONReader Writer section.
     new 18f67d1  more documentation work -- GraphFeatures and Match Step.
     new 828cda2  work on docs.
     new d8c7228  work on jump() in OLAP -- issue around addStart() and OME.
     new 976df8b  renamed holder to traverser everywhere.
     new 7dd71d0  subgraph is auto-cappable.
     new d6c7e0b  Added timeLimit().
     new 751b586  more work on timeLimit-step (no threaded used under recommendation from @spmallette).
     new 4b268ee  minor tweak around FastNoSuchElementException.
     new 2a9cbcd  Clean up imports on PartitionGraphStrategy.
     new 1f85b6b  Add javadoc.
     new 3ef9c1a  Fix returned type definition on features for StrategyWrappedGraph.
     new b2f0283  Remove todo - maybe not so good an idea anymore.
     new e48ea8d  Add method for strategy to inject on Element.label().
     new 44d5a2a  Renamed strategy methods for Element to match new API.
     new 7c7cdd4  Implement Element.label injection in strategygraphwrapper.
     new 4953d79  Add strategy for Element.keys.
     new 2c3c6b8  Add strategy method for Element.hiddenKeys.
     new 17505fd  Add strategy method for Element.values.
     new e8d1677  Add strategy method for Element.hiddenValues
     new cbc0e0a  Refactor default implementation for Element.value().
     new dba762e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 535be94  added data/grateful-dead-adjlist.json for @joshsh --- @smpallette this is a hack for now so we have ajdacency list format for GraphSON.
     new 149248b  more documentation and more images.
     new d6d43db  more documentation and more images.
     new da2341f  Added an InputFormat based on JSON-like files with one GraphSON-serialized vertex per line
     new de7ca49  Add strategy method for Element.properties (setter)
     new 79a6a3c  Add strategy method for Element.hiddens.
     new a33c7ba  Add strategy method for Element.value.
     new 401da21  Remove todo now that Strategy methods are present for all Element methods.
     new 90c564b  Remove value method override in StrategyWrappedVertex as it is handled in StratgyWrappedElement
     new cd5ad7f  Make sure that Property.getElement returns a StrategyWrapped instance.
     new 6fb1ca5  Optimize imports.
     new 0833a2f  playing around with @joshsh new GraphSON inputformat. @joshsh, you will have to wrap FileInputFormat inside of GraphSONAdjacencyInputFormat and make GraphSONAdjacentInputFormat extends VertexInputFormat.
     new 81baa0e  Add StrategyWrappedVariables.
     new dfd7b4a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b1cd52d  Giraph wrapper for GraphSON adjacency input (and output) format.
     new ee64929  added FileInputFormat.addInputPath() for @joshsh.
     new 611e595  fixed the multi-worker issues -- super simple and the API I provided is misleading -- @joshsh.
     new 845a301  commented out unused constructor.
     new 2e5d6b0  Also test GraphSONAdjacencyOutputFormat/GraphSONAdjacencyRecordWriter
     new 2b5e512  Use a line-delimited JSON extension -- .ldjson -- for GraphSON adjacency files
     new 4294fcf  Restore multiple workers
     new 699f213  Tweak .json --> .ldjson in config file
     new ac8ad1f  Added writeVertices to IO GraphWriter.
     new 40ba91c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 34cf076  renamed .json to .ldjson as recommended by @joshsh which denotes Line Deliminated JSON. Added documentation on Gremlin-Giraph --- waiting on OutputFormat work from @joshsh and then will wrap all that up.
     new 85894d2  updated the pom.xmls to NOT have tinkerpop3 in the artifact ID.
     new d1f398b  xml depedency tweak to index.txt.
     new 26cf216  Keep outputstreams open to accept multiple values from GraphSONObjectMapper (fixes issue of truncated GraphSON chunks)
     new b13373b  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 20b587f  Updated the self-dependencies to reflect the change in TinkerPop3 package names
     new b70afd3  Added VertexStreamIterator, which takes a GremlinKryo input stream with delimited, serialized vertices and produces an iterator of Vertex objects
     new 1e08301  Removed todo - the current approach for imports is fine.
     new 71cc24f  No need to support AnnotatedList/Value in Neo4j as it is no longer in the API.
     new c7bb00f  more docs, hidden properties on graph computer computations
     new 81e5b71  Fix formatting bug in GraphSON.
     new 41f9e60  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a5060e2  Add Variables.getVariables strategy.
     new 76c957f  Add Variables.get strategy method.
     new 45ce2b2  Add Variables.set strategy method.
     new b533307  Add Variables.asMap strategy function.
     new 6aba6e2  updated a data file
     new 6aa27b6  Remove todos around auto-converting lists to primitive array in Neo4jGraph.
     new 8a09d23  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fe52f9d  Remove todos from Neo4j implementation.
     new 7cf2138  Remove todo from gremlin kryo.
     new 2ae98b6  No more Element.DEFAULT_LABEL. Now Edge.DEFAULT_LABEL = edge and Vertex.DEFAULT_LABEL = vertex. Updated all the resources/ and data/ files. Also, updated index.txt (nothing for you to do @spmallette).
     new a5e643b  Add some filter tests to Gremlin Process for E.
     new f6bf93c  GiraphGraphComputer now officially, yes officially, returns a Future<> on submit(). Sschweeet. Also, removed the TinkerGraphINputOutpuFormat play-stuff now that GraphSONInputOutputFormat exists.
     new 008bbab  Implemented test in gremlin-groovy - project should build properly again.
     new 2fa1240  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4a2b29c  Get travis rolling.
     new 81097a5  Code has change sufficiently that referencing the netty code isn't really going to help.
     new ebb7a15  Enable hipchat notifications.
     new 3cb9506  Add "secure" to yaml file to indicate that the setting is encrypted.
     new 46152bb  Merge notifications key in travis yaml.
     new f8dc95c  Add secure key to rooms in travis.yml.
     new 6b492ef  Quotes around secure key in travis.yml.
     new 477331a  Try with revised encrypted token.
     new 91b96a6  dah. fixed.
     new ed93956  bumped to Groovy 2.3.2.
     new 02df06d  enabled hidden property serialization testing now that such things are sorted in gremlin-core.
     new ce936da  Handle dead connections in a pool by closing the pool.
     new e125719  Re-adjust logic when getting a new connection in gremlin-driver.
     new 28578e4  Mark gremlin-driver connections as dead if the host is not responding.
     new 9f491ee  Add some comments to gremlin-driver Client.
     new 86ac939  Upload AsciiDoc output to website S3 bucket
     new 9ad6ca2  Fork RTD AsciiDoctor HTML/CSS theme
     new 6789e26  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3 into asciidoc-tweaks
     new a35c019  Merge pull request #14 from tinkerpop/asciidoc-tweaks
     new 1aa5a69  Fix line wrap for Webkit-based browsers
     new 129327d  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3 into asciidoc-tweaks
     new b4e7aad  updated all the pom.xmls, more documentation (TinkerPop Story more complete).
     new 77703e0  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 266dba8  Updating tinkerpop.scss to match tinkerpop.css
     new d9c611b  more documentation.
     new fe42968  Added a proper GremlinKryoOutputFormat
     new bbfb008  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 90cb2ff  Unit test for GremlinKryoOutputFormat
     new a3e160d  Added a GremlinKryoInputFormat which breaks vertices at VertexTerminator boundaries, i.e. according to the format produced by KryoWriter's edge-inclusive writeVertices()
     new a8a0636  Tested Giraph wrappers for GremlinKyro input and output formats. Input and output splits are handled appropriately. @okram, @spmallette, note that we currently have two .gio formats (graph and graph-per-vertex)
     new 25a138d  Data for the Giraph-GremlinKryo example
     new 8b0cff7  renamed GremlinKryoXXXXFormat to KryoXXXXFormat.
     new ac9f6d1  more documentation. about to do something CrAzY to pageRank()-step. Stand back.
     new 27c3c28  finally got rid of VertexQueryBuilder as that was TP2-stylie. Now its just Traversal<Vertex,Edge>.. bout to bust the sicky with PageRank.
     new fd20700  PageRankStep can now store a SSupplier<Traversal>... will finish tomorrow the 'new pageRank()'
     new d74e9bc  renamed GraphSONAdjacencyXXX to GraphSONXXX in giraph-gremlin
     new 0ef23a3  more work on PageRank. Looking sexy. Also added Reversible interface which allows you to reverse a step.
     new f94dae3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8abcd60  'exec java' in launcher scripts
     new e5b4369  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new f4fa6b0  updated index.txt with new PageRank VertexProgramHelper for serialization/deserialization of SSupplier. And did the corresponding thing to the codebase.
     new a91693b  Traversal.Memory and removed hiddens.
     new a8b244c  minor doc update.
     new 457933f  minor doc update.
     new 1cf98f7  image update to docs.
     new 26fd169  image update to docs.
     new 0f40de3  Added Graph.of() to make MatchStep constraints more compact
     new d8bd974  Added a TraversalHelper.isReversible() and added Reversible to a few more steps -- has and idenity. @joshsh we should go thorugh each step together and reason everything out.
     new 78192de  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 58d33f3  working with @joshsh on Reversible and added a new PropertyElementStep.
     new 55d3f79  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 099e17a  Extended Reversible to applicable steps
     new c6fbaf0  renamed ValuesStep to ElementValuesStep for consitency.
     new b165b37  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1aeb5e0  Get basic load balancing strategy for gremlin-driver.
     new 09d5781  Add todo for later thought.
     new 0733eac  Add javadoc.
     new 71f4986  Add some javadoc.
     new 488e7a5  Add javadocs for Graph.
     new 5469da9  Add readVertices for all GraphReader interfaces.
     new 73220ff  Replace deprecated assembly:aggregates w/ :single
     new 4cda094  Initial commit of javadoc-to-S3 pom config
     new 42b7371  Replace source:jar w/ :jar-no-fork in pom.xml
     new 1a1a851  Exclude gremlin-test from uploaded javadocs
     new df69718  AsciiDoc S3 upload config should not be inherited
     new 46f83bc  Add todo comment.
     new 0d11385  Added Subgraph, a wrapper implementation for logical subgraphs based on vertex and/or edge inclusion criteria
     new b9191d4  Added experimental SubgraphStrategy
     new 5d6f924  Pull script executor down to the gremlin-groovy so that it becomes reusable in other contexts.
     new 94a832b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4b7a4d1  Get subgraph tests working.
     new 19abe68  Fixed compile error.
     new 29fa4a8  Add some multithreaded tests for GremlinExecutor.
     new ea7edf8  Ensure that the script was eval'd 1000 times.
     new ada0d4f  Add method to get ScriptEngine from the executor.
     new f4701f3  Fix tab formatting.
     new 361e7a1  SubgraphStrategy tweaks
     new b1d35a8  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 1362077  Add javadoc to GremlinExecutor.
     new 577ee6a  Prevent re-wrapping of StrategyWrapped objects.
     new 7be32bd  Created a drop-in replacement for EdgeVertexStep to be used within SubgraphStrategy
     new 59e0c9b  Resolved conflict
     new d1ad313  Add javadoc to GremlinExecutor.
     new 5d25e06  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a7f6c07  Tiny, insignificant nothing
     new 4ea114f  Minor changes to comments and exception text.
     new 021f889  Make evals block in ScriptEngine if a control operation is executed.
     new 6da4662  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2c46820  Pulled GremlinExecutor down to gremlin-groovy.
     new 7b03137  Add a gremlin-driver profiling application for testing.
     new 7ea28d0  Configurable host for profiler.
     new 8d60b5e  Clean up javadoc.
     new cdcee52  Remove use of Optional as an argument to a method.
     new 4c99556  Remove use of Optional for null checks.
     new 92c6832  Clean up use of Optional.
     new 9885a5e  Expand :remote command to allow specification of a custom serializer.
     new f6a37b7  Factor out usage of Optional in certain places where it no longer made sense.
     new 0a800dd  Remove use of Optional.
     new c45a2c5  Add some yourkit love.
     new b2eda58  Better use of Optional.
     new 75bb698  Add Neo4jHA configuration options.
     new 4c7297c  Add support for serializer configuration through gremlin-driver yaml file.
     new 2f0b2fd  Verify that Neo4jGraph.open() works in java.
     new a5d805a  Added a play test for trying to understand why static methods won't override in Groovy.
     new 500354a  Removed the static do-nothing open() method from Graph interface.
     new 0cf4b2e  Add more imports to console.
     new dcc47c0  Moved yaml configuration class to outer util package - it is not specific to structure only.
     new b995e0d  bumped to Groovy 2.3.3 and removed a legacy conf file in giraph-gremlin.
     new 6d896b6  fixed a bug in MessageType around vertices(). Odd this bug never showed up before on Hadoop. Might be a symptom of something else.....
     new 5517b4c  provide a message optimizer based on whether the Traversal step is bulkable or not. Most sideEffects are not bulkable.
     new 973f077  renamed Subgraph to SubGraph to be consistent with naming in process/.
     new e8c50e6  Add test for Vertex.has with the BiPredicate.
     new faed514  Migrate in tests for map() from TP2 - transform().
     new 3ea2e63  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f4e38e7  added a message combiner for MessageType.Global. This doesn't integrate with Giraph easily as, unfortunately, Giraph has no way of getting the Hadoop Configuration from the Combiner class --- that means, people will need to write their own specific Giraph Combiner for the particular VertexProgram. That sucks.... will keep thinking though.
     new 4e2aaed  Fixed renaming of SubGraph to Subgraph.
     new 3c0bd4e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b361d80  Renamed instance of Subgraph to SubGraph.
     new 9650ac4  made all sideEffect steps implement FilterStep as its cheaper than doing an Identity Map. Added enablePath() so if you use path information in a lambda, you can trigger path calculations. Un-ignored @spmallette test case to prove getPath() works in map().
     new 81a14e0  For sweet @spmallette -- enablePaths() -> trackPaths().
     new f903da1  minor nothings.
     new 697e090  Renamed groovy tests for consistency sake.
     new 107613e  Remove todo for map test.
     new 06ee659  Remove todo on MapTest now that trackPaths is in place.
     new 6169afb  Add gatling simulation for Gremlin Server.
     new e64009f  Optimize imports.
     new ab27527  Exclude Groovy process "tests" from sure-fire.
     new c174a94  Renamed groovy test implementations.
     new 1201df4  stage one of Giraph sideEffects. For @joshsh with love.
     new 57386a2  massive refactor around process. package structure now -- process.graph.step.map ... process.graph.strategy... process.graph.marker ... etc.
     new 1929913  Still tinkering with how Gatling simulation will work for Gremlin Server.
     new 51c5ef8  Modify the gatling test a bit.
     new 07cd174  Tweaking numbers in gatling.
     new 25e220a  Tweaking numbers in gatling again.
     new 262a48e  Load is still too light with gatling - bumping.
     new b1e5953  Need more users faster.
     new 67f6dd8  fixed a path issue with Giraph. Serialization shizzzz... groupCount in Giraph is looking good -- next step is the MapReduce code to collapse the data structre and then triggering that via a Job in GiraphRunner.
     new 10ddb6c  Add logging.
     new 5d0ed4d  changed README to Asciidoc.
     new 0738209  changed README to Asciidoc.
     new 639aa5f  Add more debug-level logging.
     new 0e98335  Extract method for host reconnect tries in gremlin-driver.
     new 672fb89  Single method to mark host unavailable in ConnectionPool
     new 331896f  More logging in gremlin-driver.
     new 2a10a0f  Increase pool-size in stress test.
     new 0ea8307  Make the maxConnectionPoolSize configurable in stress test.
     new c407c31  finally we have sideEffect traversal support in Giraph. Crazy technique using Strategies, StepReplacement, and various marker interfaces to tell Giraph to add more mapreduce jobs to the computation....
     new 1f98211  added a TraversalHelper.replaceStep() method which just uses removeStep/insertStep behind the scenes, but makes it easier for the developer.
     new e6dbda1  Make Kryo threadlocal in message serializer.
     new ef4f48b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a995738  refactoring of class and method names for @joshsh.
     new 800e2be  reworked Graph.Variables API -- keys(), set(), remove(), get(). Removed getGraph(). Updated implementations and documentation accordingly.
     new 1862979  added VertexProgram.getSideEffectKeys() as Giraph needs to know all global variables upfront prior to the computation. This is not so bad as we already have getComputeKeys() for the variables changing on the vertices.
     new be1f5f8  renamed GraphComputer.SideEffects to GraphComputer.Globals to not confuse users with traversal sideEffects. Also, I went through and make all the exceptions/methods consident amongst properties, memory, varialbes, global...
     new 0b37d94  Giraph global variables are not accessible outside the vertices. Thus, global variables are stored as hidden properties on all vertices. This works, but will need to make a flag in Giraph configuration that says somethign like gremlin.deriveGlobals ... this will then kick off an extra mapreduce job to grab the global value from one vertex and write it to output/global.
     new bc50266  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into javadoc-s3
     new 79837fb  Update readme for deploying javadoc.
     new c17aa9c  Make docs upload to version and current based s3 directories.
     new 7a42d54  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 32aa303  Update README.asciidoc
     new cdeed4b  lots of work on Giraph -- with gremlin.deriveGlobals, a MapReduce job is kicked off that creates an Immutable Globals data structure. Its expensive, so if the developer doesn't care about the global variables of the graph computer, they simply say false. I suspect few will use it.
     new bfdfe05  Remove reference to junit.framework.
     new b81e91e  fixed a file system bug in GiraphGraphComputer.Globals.
     new c1164ab  minor nonethings --- public static final String stuffs.
     new 679c08f  Add test for script engine init.
     new 6dca87e  tweaks... diggin on GiraphGremlin now.
     new 3c0399b  Implement re-init of ScriptEngines on call to reset.
     new ef90bcf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e2d3333  Minor code cleanup in ScriptEngines.
     new 8b9daa0  Synchronize scriptengine creation.
     new bab682a  The bump to groovy 2.3.3 included fix to console import.
     new 8cac91c  a magical commit indeed -- traversal memory variables are now all categorized in the output/ folder of the Hadoop job as subfolders named by the variable. Tada. Also, fully worked out the concept of something being Bulkable. This increases speeds significantly in OLAP environments as its basically a memoization technique. Added Property.unHide() to unwrap the hidden prefix. Marko has big muscles.
     new 5720600  GremlinGroovyScriptEngine features an LRU cache for classes.
     new de17cf1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 247fc8c  minor nothings. about to do somethig major with Traversal.count(). This is going to gnarly. Listening to Pandora 90s hits. Blink 182 was a great band.
     new 4201450  Get the exclusion in the right place for guava.
     new d373a94  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 508f075  Bumped down the use of guava to version 12 to match giraph.
     new 740aa95  the mother load -- GiraphGroupByStep. Epic.
     new 797db70  Add docs on gremlin-driver.
     new f5e35f4  added forE and forV -- thanks pieter martin. this greatly simplied lots of code.
     new c3fdb2e  updated SubGraphVertex as it can rely on forE and forV.
     new a6410a3  toV(), to(), and toE(). thanks pieter and stephen.
     new 3345896  Drop LRU cache in GremlinGroovyScriptEngine in favor of a managed conncurrent map.
     new 303829b  Add todo reminder.
     new 276e3c8  Add todo reminder.
     new 6a9163d  Minor code cleanup.
     new 4cadd97  got rid of ChachedVertex and MicroVertex and merged their respective functionality into DetachedVertex.  Tested with Giraph and it works.
     new 136d805  Init scripts for Gremlin Server are evaluated as a "hard" reference in the ScriptEngine.
     new 2949fd2  Remove todo comment.
     new aa7296d  minor nothings. just futzing around.
     new c0e2472  Implement new :use features.
     new 8dabda7  Add comments.
     new 6765cce  Update help info for :use
     new fec3b4f  Turn on logger for giraph-gremlin.
     new 34963a6  Add todo comment.
     new fdfdaf9  nothing.
     new f73d364  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new cb8c0de  Changed how :remote and :submit operations work so that plugins can take advantage of them.
     new 9492424  Add javadoc and hookup for config option on :remote.
     new ab89240  Add GiraphRemoteAcceptor stubs.
     new 6aa93c4  added HDFS support in the Gremlin console for GiraphGremlin.
     new 5514576  GiraphGremlinPlugin looks better than your mama. @spmallette need some help on the configure stuff as I have hardcodded properties.
     new 0425c7d  lots of futzin to make the console work cool -- out result display of cap variable if it exists. trying to get traversal result working but graphson turns the resultset into a LinkedHashMap (dah). .... Anywho, lots more cool stuff to come. Jesus.
     new aa78e54  Add choose option to :remote command.
     new 070622b  Shortcut connect call for gremlin-driver if no host/config was supplied.
     new 8f8c9e3  Add configuration for timeout and properly handling of as option on gremlin driver in the console.
     new 7fba6d1  Update docs around :remote.
     new 776456f  Add close option to :remote
     new 4731501  Change remote timeout default.
     new 6293b4d  remote acceptor work in GiraphGremlin all spruced up and ready to go. Thanks @spmallette
     new d864fe9  Extracted console from gremlin-groovy to gremlin-console module.
     new e15bffd  Completed SubgraphStrategy (currently SubGraphGraphStrategy)
     new ae5f84e  Deleted the Subgraph wrapper utility, gave SubgraphStrategy its old name back. It feels better now
     new fd77472  Formatted SubgraphStrategy's unit tests after those of the other GraphStrategies
     new c6c151f  Converted :submit command to groovy.
     new 03a4862  Make gremlin-console a pure groovy project.
     new 7f35baf  Revert Gremlin logo - keep the solid line.
     new 5d7dd68  Add "list" option for :use in gremlin-console.
     new ec24b21  Begin renaming SubGraph* to Subgraph* (use temporary name to avoid Git case-sensitivity issues)
     new ef79e19  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 257e54a  Finished renaming SubGraph* to Subgraph*
     new 1a29058  Show which plugins are "installed".
     new ff76b3e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8210a1b  Doc line for SubgraphStrategy
     new 01354ad  renamed SubgraphXXX to SubGraphXXX.
     new 2c4cbe1  renamed SubgraphStrategy to SubGraphStrategy.
     new 418bc71  more renaming of strategy.
     new 0b25ac2  Fixed intellij/mac refactoring mess.
     new f0bf04d  back to SubGraphXXX.
     new 01ac780  Rename SubgraphStep.java to SubGraphStep.java
     new 1ac35d6  Rename SubgraphStrategyTest.java to SubGraphStrategyTest.java
     new 087a8e3  Rename SubgraphTest.java to SubGraphTest.java
     new 7ab006d  Rename SubgraphStrategy.java to SubGraphStrategy.java
     new 729256f  reworked the directory structure of GiraphGremlin output. much cleaner and doesnt require Hadoop FileFilters (thank god).Other random tweaky tweakies.
     new f5e5254  Property.hidden() is now, along with other new helper methods, at Graph.Key.hidden(). Enjoy.
     new c44a623  the installed flag should not have been final.
     new 7c46df1  Fixed problem with :remote command in finding plugin.
     new 51f3f17  work on documentation and on HDFS directory structures>
     new 6d3b874  Converging on SubgraphXXX as opposed to SubGraphXXX (one commit to go)
     new f36754c  Finished renaming SubGraphXXX to SubgraphXXX and subGraphXXX to subgraphXXX
     new bd841a1  removed ['name'] in favor of value('name'). Lots of doc/ work.
     new 6af7da6  tweaks to doc/
     new f03c3ba  Resolved doc conflict
     new 448291a  fixed a bug in the reducer of GiraphGroupByStep. Learned something too about how to do MapReduce serializations.
     new 34b1b37  Add support for :remote command for gephi for visualization from gremlin console.
     new 5f5e58e  Connect function on :remote not properly dealing with arguments.
     new 8a63aa4  Prevent serializers from overwriting each other and provide better messaging.
     new efce723  Grab the custom serializer out of the shell context.
     new c678b42  lots of work on Giraph and trying to get a traversal to be serial iterable.
     new 390133b  Change workings of the connect/config options on :remote. #16
     new 5ca933d  Add a test to ensure that StrategyWrappedGraph is behaving properly w.r.t function composition.
     new ae18340  Delegate LoadGraphWith annotation data loading to the GraphProvider.
     new 33c4ee4  I have Giraph now working as both an OLAP and OLTP system. Its pretty crazy. This also means that the computer tests work for Giraph. Some tests dont work cause steps haven't been fully implemented. but the stub is there -- need to learn how to ignore certain tests that will never work (e.g. dont make sense for Giraph).
     new 6dcdc20  tests for Giraph don't pass in Travis.. eek.
     new 681ba8c  Minor.
     new 2c22535  Try to get laziness back into TinkerGraph edges/vertices.
     new 08562ab  Move config dir in gremlin-console up out of src.
     new a7ffbb6  Make Gremlin logo for Gremlin Server consistent with console
     new ebd49fa  Minor gremlin logo fixes.
     new 19c8cc5  OLTP Giraph working, working really fine.
     new 78b3170  Add an init method to the plugin.
     new 19b415a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 22bc5ae  Add a todo comment.
     new 3cd3108  Add init to plugins when the console starts.
     new 1e35a38  Add init to plugin on :use.
     new ff7ca0c  Giraph is now OLTP and OLAP. Crazy stuff here.
     new ab5db62  Refactor the GremlinPlugin.
     new 549ab7d  Moved to plugin package.
     new f884ff0  Turned the "server" :remote into a plugin for consistency.
     new 7676d54  Clean up imports.
     new aafe49b  Provide a way to supply bindings to the plugin host.
     new 80647d1  Reformat code to use spaces instead of tabs.
     new 1c8df04  Get XML file back into expected format for tests.
     new 77b9ed7  trying to simplify the Giraph-Gremlin code. Slow going.
     new ed5dbaf  Move plugin classes to plugin package.
     new 4e4b31e  Move driver imports to the Driver plugin.
     new ee48b06  Abstract out channel creation from Gremlin Server.
     new bded181  Further abstraction of the ChannelPipeline creation in Gremlin Server.
     new 7c8c760  Migrated WebSocketChannelInitializer out of GremlinServer main class.
     new 400753b  Bumped to netty 4.0.21.Final.
     new 5e42c4f  Better handle a channel close on the client side and enforce the max frame size.
     new f8dc338  Add a new feature for edge addition.
     new 21902e5  Changed to the right Feature.
     new 27bf7ac  Giraph-Gremlin now passes all the non-mutating OLTP based test cases (LinkStep and SubgraphStep are avoided using Featureanalysis).
     new 1dc108e  made SideEffectCapable work in GiraphGraphComputer. Making me rethink the nature of sideEffects in Traversal in general.
     new 36dbc94  stupid nothing.
     new 89f0d0a  added cap()-step .. hehe.. but it has cap(string variable) which accesses the traversal memory to iterate() and then return the memory value as a traversal stream. this generalizes things nicely for OLAP.
     new 66aa107  added SideEffectCapTest for both standard and computer traversals. Reworked sideeffect cap stuff.
     new b38701d  ah. fixed a bug that has been around for months -- just realized why it happens. trivial fix. sweet.
     new 2475d9a  added the notion of helpers to prepare a traversal for the respective underlying graph computer so the same on/off of strategies isn't duplicated everywhere.
     new 463e547  Update index.txt
     new 38c77b9  Created and tested basic NIO pipeline.
     new ec92e90  Add HTTP REST endpoint channel initializer.
     new a8941f7  minor nothings. about to dive into something big time.
     new 9a9eeaa  Add channelizer setting that will configure Gremlin Server different netty pipeline.
     new 9524e93  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 02ee235  g.V.count() is now a Traversal<S,Long>. Its a weird step as its not SideEffectCapable. I have it passing test cases in GiraphComputer but not TinkerGraphComputer. Still need to figure that out. Also, now you have to do g.V.count().next() to get the count :). hehehe.
     new a444c34  cross-domain quickfix
     new 2de811b  Merge pull request #17 from gmeral/cross-domain-quickfix
     new 07f05f2  Renaming to Channelizer.
     new 2bb1257  Minor cleanup
     new 2fbeb38  Add Channelizer to java driver side.
     new dbb5e30  Add configuration for borrowing a connection from the pool.
     new e5a018f  Add javadoc.
     new 7ce8d00  Add javadoc.
     new d93004a  Fix logger naming.
     new 78ff7df  Add logging to HttpChannerlizer.
     new 48cda52  Add client-side max content length setting.
     new ae265c9  Rename "web socket" things in driver to be more generic.
     new 9edfb42  Add configuration for reconnection initialdelay and interval.
     new fd1f48d  Brought laziness back to Neo4j vertex/edge iteration.
     new 99759a8  Changed name of channelizer in default yaml.
     new e96cc1e  Add frame for a test for the resultIterationBatchSize.
     new c0ee3a2  g.loadGraphML()/saveGraphML() now works in Gremlin-Groovy, simplified VertexStep, renamed adjlist extension to vertices.
     new aede73c  Remove a todo comment.
     new b7d4bce  Have individual features for different primitive array types.
     new 6f4a957  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f09b365  Remove todo comment for last commit.
     new ac7e1dd  remove unncessary calls to generateIterator() with respects to start-based steps.
     new 7735cb8  Add client-side configuration of batch size.
     new f4d0f88  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 542559e  Add manifest to all jars stamped with version.
     new f282def  Read version from manifest files.
     new bd0678a  Add a SimpleClient for websockets.
     new f93607e  Move handlers to their own package.
     new ac2388c  Add a simple NIO client and test to ensure operations with Gremlin Server.
     new 6f588b6  Remove websocket protocol prefix from default URI in NIO client.
     new 0175ce5  added toVIterator(), toIterator(), toEIterator() which bypasses GraphTraversal creation and just grabs the iterator. Muchfaster for situations like g.V.outE (when the start is not the vertex: v.outE). Have the default implementaions return toV, to, and toE as GraphTraversal implements Iterator.
     new ad914c7  now the base requirement for Vertex/Edge is the respective toEIterator, toVIterator, and toIterator methods. Everything builds on that.
     new be6d2f3  renamed toXIterator to be Vertex.vertices(), Vertex.edges(), Edge.vertices(). Added WrappedXXX with getBaseXXX() methods so its consistent throughout the TP3 stack -- Neo4jGraph, GiaphGraph, StrategyWrappedVertex, etc. etc.
     new 4ab9ef7  Got count() working on computer. There is a problem with ALL sideeffects -- if the traversal has no elements, you get an no such element exception. thus g.V.filter(false).count() and g.V.filter(false).groupCount() do not work. ... dah. Racking my brains trying to figure out the solution -- very hard.
     new 7e841d7  Mark connections as dead instead of throwing exceptions on pool creation.
     new 41c3fb5  Clean up some todo comments.
     new e47066e  Renamed websocket client handler
     new a1fc116  NIO client response decoder will not support text based serialization.
     new 5783dfc  Optimize imports.
     new d66ef56  Enable SSL setting for driver.
     new 043bd5d  Remove Tokens as it only contained a "version" which is now retrieved from the manifest rather than being hardcoded.
     new bd95d71  Removed todo in favor of #21
     new 2e1809b  Generalize compiler customization to CompilerCustomizerProvider interface.
     new b61af42  Add basic whitelist sandbox to the scriptengine.
     new fe3d4e8  Add sandbox security capability to GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new 140ac49  fixed a severe issue with submitting a TinkerGraph traversal to TinkerGraphComptuer -- around serilziaing the graph. Learned something crazy about redefining methods on new { } ...
     new e0722e0  Added TinkerElementTraversal that does the same thing as TinkerGraphTraversal save that its for GraphComputer traversals of the nature -- g.v(1).out.out... -- works as expected by not serilizaing the graph into the () -> traversal. Crazy day.
     new c007fec  Added new MatchStep implementation, partially integrated as a Step
     new 660309b  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new accf219  have a semantically correct JumpStep implemented for GraphComputer -- its called JumpComputerStep. Those graph computers that are single machine and in-memory may not need to use it. For those that are Giraph-like, you will need it. I have it being used as a compilter strategy for both Giraph and TinkerGraph. Tests pass. Looking good. Lots of other little random nick-nacks throughout.
     new e87e91b  Add bat files for gremlin console.
     new 88fb85d  Add bat files for gremlin server.
     new 48dc8ed  Corrected path to help docs for console commands and updated javadocs
     new 904b288  Added section on gremlin console.
     new e288940  Add ext directory to Gremlin Server.
     new 1b9cb50  Add ext to .zip distribution.
     new ef72afb  Changed Gremlin logo to be better windows.
     new ea20ed0  more work on JumpComputerStep. Super efficient and fixed bugs in TraversalVertexProgram around how objects are hashed. Added lots more test cases to JumpTest (was super smart cause I found lots of bugs). About to clean up TraversalVertexProgram as that code is getting confusing.
     new 4f11785  Optimizations around Traverser tracking in TraversalVertexProgram. Much simpler to understand code as well. More test cases coming up.
     new 6cf8237  Corrected problem in console where eval'ing the addition of an item to a list caused an error.
     new 22d00f5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f156ae7  Remove todo and add javadoc.
     new 7cece9a  Refactored MatchStep(New)
     new 318e40e  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 0ad033c  Bumped Neo4j version to 2.1.2 and resolved dependency conflicts
     new 05d7277  Removed debug statements from MatchStep(New). It's a clean machine
     new bb8a710  MatchStep tweaks
     new e886594  Removed obsolete gremlin-groovy gremlin.sh
     new c4b9a10  Revert "Corrected problem in console where eval'ing the addition of an item to a list caused an error."
     new e6bea26  Doc tweak
     new f2d5b6b  MatchStep test tweaks
     new 5b2dd46  Reverted to Neo4j 2.0.0 for now in this (master) branch
     new b03c7c0  Bump to Neo4j 2.1.2.
     new 8882aa3  added tests to ensure correct order of results when using .dedup()
     new d0bad5e  added tests for 'except all' and 'except none'
     new 4066d9e  AggregateStep is no longer a FlatMap step as its more complicated that that if you are using PathTraversers.
     new 33b2bb3  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 34a6fca  a hack around making sure only one sideEffect is emitted from a SideEffectCapd traversal in GraphComputer. Has to do with the distributed nature of SideEffectCap -- if there is multiple threads with reference to the cap variable, they each return it... I dont like my solution, but it works for now. Also, added more test cases here and there.
     new c77cb20  Made PartitionGraphStrategy into a SubgraphStrategy
     new 58a3553  Toward a complete set of tests for MatchStep
     new eaa99d6  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new db387da  called doFinalOptimizations(), applyFinalStrategies(). Also, made it so it doesn't require a reference to Traversal as TraversalStrategies are explicitly tied to a particular Traversal.
     new 53c1f77  fixed Groovy traversal
     new 13cddb6  added a more complex test for except()
     new 3b31fa3  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new effea20  fixed Java implementation of dedup test
     new 4b7758a  solved an age old problem around reseting the loop counters in Traverser when it goes through LoopStep. Fixed for both JumpStep and JumpComputerStep. Added test case the verifies working behavior.
     new d041cbb  tweaking the core steps (Filter,Map,FlatMap) for speed/memory. Found a few good spots -- especially in FlatMapStep.
     new f7ec2be  Got tests to pass for extracting closure bodies.
     new e00f4e2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 097247d  Gremlin3 is now as fast as Gremlin2 --- phew. The problem was in the use of StreamFactory.stream() -- a vertex expensive method. Went with writing verbose iterators.
     new e59ebd1  added TreeStep as a Reversible, SideEffectCapable, PathConsumer step. Added one simple test case and it passes -- more tests needed.
     new de1f6af  has() now takes a Serializable SBiPredicate which now allows for GraphComputer to serialize Predicates.
     new d17292c  added FoldStep and UnfoldStep along with some test cases. Neato.
     new 2b1c02d  LinkStep is now AddEdgeStep. addE(), addOutE(), addInE(), addBothE().
     new b7490ee  simplied the construction of TinkerTraversals. Got PageRankStep working again in standard process. You can not do recrussive GRaphComputer calls (not a crazy limitation).
     new aa8acf6  Added documentation for SubgraphStrategy and PartitionGraphStrategy
     new 076861e  tweaks to VertexProgramHelper. minor nothing.
     new bf87d08  minor nothing on EdgeVertexStep.
     new 2b1fa16  lots more test cases. thanks @dkuppitz.
     new 933a32f  Static imports are working properly in the Console.
     new 951de5b  Add more tests for closure body extraction.
     new 71c6564  renamed union() to branch(). Added fold() seed+bifunction capability. More test cases.
     new ae8985d  renamed branch() back to union() for @dkuppitz. Added TinkerTraversal which is TinkerGraphs anonymous traversal object created from g.of(). Added a test case for UnionStep.
     new ba8aab3  made UnionTest for GraphComputer.
     new acbd713  Make Element.remove() idempotent.
     new 1bb742d  got arbitrary cap() step working in Giraph. Pretty slick solution. Got StoreStep bumpin and working in Giraph nicely.
     new a92d656  added GirapAggregateStep which is JUST GiraphStoreStep (same semantics in OLAP) -- tada. Added AggregateComputerStep for TinkerGraph. More test cases. Also, Giraph passes 95% of the OLAP test suite. Random side cases not passing.
     new 91b370f  Make the build of gremlin-console use gmavenplus.
     new 4baf8d9  cap(variable) removes the need for iterate().memory().get(variable). thankfully. fixing up process test cases to use cap(variable) instead and thus, now these are easy to apply to GraphComputer. Cool. Added some default Exceptions for Traversal.Memory and test case to validate its behavior.
     new 830b298  found a cap() replacement in GroupByTest. Added another test case to CyclicPathTest which tests Path.isSimple().
     new 09e9b41  added GroovyTreeTestImpl to make sure Closures->Lambdas work right. They do. Fixed a bug in GroovyCylicPathTest.
     new b2557ab  lots of tests missing from ProcessStandard and ProcessComputer suites. Fixed up a few tests.
     new ecad18d  went through and updated the toString() methods of the various steps where it more information is easy to provide.
     new 9baa497  added GremlinLoader back into imports.
     new cd0204c  Remote traversal executed in scriptengine.
     new a6dc36b  added optimizable jump(x,3) to do 3 loops. made JumpStep slightly more efficient too -- not by much unfortunately. added more JumpTest test cases.
     new 957fe92  Console works properly again by removing gmavenplus.
     new 0394f01  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e813883  Chose to parameterize remote traversals at construction.
     new f36b518  TinkerGraph will continue to copy vertex/edge lists on iteration.
     new 09c09e3  added AsIdentityStep for when the final step of a Step is as()'d. If you are attempting to jump() to it, you get an EmptyStep. Thus, now there is also an AsStrategy. Also added new test cases from @dkuppitz. Removed loads of TODOs from Vertex/Edge for @spmallette ...
     new 8172a8e  removed the ability to do traverser.value('name') in Gremlin-Groovy. Like Gremlin-Java, you must do traverser.get().value('name'). @dkuppitz benchmark shows its too costly and we will have to explain to people not to do it in production, blah blah. Best to not have it.
     new 89a94d6  doh. bug. pushed.
     new ffc8688  added my email address for notifications
     new 1fcac18  added UnrollJumpStrategy which unroll a looping structure if possible.
     new 1fa5d3f  tweak to UnrollJumpStrategy for @dkuppitz.
     new 9ea30dd  added more helpers to TraversalHelper and tweaked up UnrollJumpStrategy to impress @dkuppitz.
     new 23770a7  Correct equality check in base generator test.
     new 683689d  Cleanup some transaction close stuff in Readers and GraphMigrator #23
     new 2972c7b  added the concept of dehydrate() and rehydrate() of Steps. This is necessary for cloning steps -- used when unrolling loops. May have to do this differently as Im cloning with serialization and lambda/closure serialization is showing its ugly head.
     new e74ccd9  TADA. Implemented in-memory object cloning without the need for serialization. We no longer need hydrate() and rehydrate() methods on Step. Step does now implement Cloneable and the ONLY step that needs to override that method is AbstractStep to make sure the ExapandableStepIterator is not shared amongst the clones. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
     new fddd203  drop some todo comments.
     new 50c522f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ff8d4bd  removed FunctionRings from aggregate(), store(), and groupCount(). No idea why I had those there as Gremlin2 doesnt use them and they make no sense for thse steps -- only steps they make sense for are tree(), select(), and path(). Lots of other random fiddling.
     new 6300313  tweaking on the process test suite. nothing major.
     new eb46f88  working with @joshsh to reduce object creation in JumpStep.
     new 6c6a963  Trying out coveralls.
     new 4124d1e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 54bc31c  Remove coburtura.
     new 710cba6  added IfTheElse() for the adoring public and modified it a bit from Gremlin2 with @dkuppitz help. Ensured that GraphTraversals are always started with a StartStep (even if empty start -- crazy bugs if you dont do that).
     new b572389  Get rid of cobertura in travis config.
     new 1d37fec  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4643cc7  removed ifThenElse() and added choose() which allows arbitrary number of branches to select from. Basically a switch statement.
     new 40a423f  fixed count(), shuffle(), order(), fold() and groupBy() to use starts, not previousStep. Problems arise when jumping to these steps.
     new 30e8241  added choice() to Vertex and Edge and added a new test case.
     new 2e1499c  Fix weird compliation thing.
     new 8f99fd7  Change token for hipchat....again.
     new e3a4565  Try to deploy snapshots from travis.
     new f6f820b  Try clone of settings over https.
     new ef0d7a6  Correct message on invalid language for Gremlin Server.
     new 6db8d9d  Added log message to show the script engines being loaded.
     new 34c707f  Add support for neo4j indexes and unique constraints. Labeled and legacy indexes are support.
     new 8a6e55b  Basic support for sessions in Gremlin Server.
     new 3097495  Only "deploy" snapshots to sonatype if on master.
     new dc0b9e2  Add checks in travis script to not build pull requests.
     new 1e2309e  Added an experimental step for conditions and branching
     new 41516f8  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new f9b099c  Documentation and cleanup
     new cfe0ddf  Removed invalid imports.
     new 187d504  Merge remote-tracking branch 'pietermartin/master' into neo4jindices
     new 9c12cbe  Removed default settings for auto-indexing from Neo4j implementation.
     new 71937b7  Correct logic in travis build to ensure that deploy is only done when commit/push to master.
     new 1d19d6e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into neo4jindices
     new 42858d9  Legacy indices have proper configuration in tests.
     new 5ff318d  added BranchTest steps, removed the null argument methods of branch() (now there are only two methods -- predicate and map). Changed the generics of BranchStep so that the MapFunction need to start with S. Added branch() to Vertex and Edge.
     new f80b20f  added GroovyBranchTestImpl as Map construct has syntactic sugar in Groovy.
     new 8063e20  Add means to get Neo4j Schema object from Graph.
     new 795070d  forgot to add branch() to Edge. Updated the test cases a bit to make them more exciting. Cleaned up BranchStep now that there is no assumption of E being a boolean or the object for Map selection. Code is super simple.
     new fa0c860  minor nothings.
     new eaef6cf  Remove indexing methods from Neo4jGraph. #25
     new c6e2336  added ConsoleStartScript and respective loading via Console.groovy.
     new 3ed406f  More BranchStep test cases
     new 6e704f4  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 2ac44b2  BranchStep test tweaks (no more optional condition)
     new 76e357b  removed choose() and replaced with branch(), but then renamed branch() to choose(). Added Graph.loadKryo() and Graph.saveKryo() as meta methods in Gremlin-Groovy.
     new 767702c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into neo4jindices
     new c0f200e  Add publish-docs logic to deploy tinkerpop docs on push to publish-docs branch.
     new f466bf6  Fix syntax error in travis script.
     new b5d05fd  added ChooseStep example image for docs and added docs around ChooseStep.
     new ecdead8  Correct logic in travis around when to deploy.
     new 8a9544b  fixed a bug in JumpStep around while-do implementations. If you jump-forward, you do no increment the loop counter. If you jump-back you do increment the loop counter. Added a test case. Also worked more on the TP3 documentation.
     new 62186e4  fixed a major issue around ID assignment in Giraph-Gremlin. I was trying to get console submit() to work but there is something weird with GiraphRunner. Will revisit again tomorrow.
     new b827b62  Giraph-Gremlin now works in the console again. There is a more general problem that we need to solve -- we need the concept of MapReduce in GraphComputer so results can be aggregated. We can't have each GraphComputer having to figure out how to serialize results -- too much effort and makes too many ifelseifelseifelse behaviors.
     new 2f7a65d  Add "utilities" plugin.
     new 78b21ef  Renamed script file for Utilities plugin.
     new 8a81759  adding MapReduce functionality to GraphComputer.
     new 491d8ee  removed the concept of a TraversalEngine. The long slog ahead.
     new 949e6b8  Add session metrics for codahale.
     new c9a730b  the slog continues.... XXXComputerSteps implemented for SideEffects with respective MapReduce implementations .... now comes making this work for Giraph. Oh lord.
     new 6ecf77b  wow. I can't believe I got the MapReduce abstraction to work over Giraph.... its all downhill from here. cleanup, organizing, and a few API tidbits to settle here and there.
     new 66f1ffa  Add server-side session timeout configuration.
     new 415261d  Add some javadoc.
     new 38f7048  Moved session timeout to server integration tests.
     new cca439d  Re-worked how sessions are created from a Cluster.
     new 1717b1c  got MapReduce working for both Giraph and TinkerGraph. Score.
     new ea36464  merging in new MapReduce framework. Still need to tweak but the body is solid and tests pass.
     new c2694ac  found a bug in a Groovy test case. groupCont should be groupCount. Was causing it to compile to value('groupCont').
     new b114333  Minor code cleanup to remove unecessary private variables.
     new 6f39464  Method does not need to be marked "final" as it is private.
     new 9a1dbbf  Static methods don't need to be marked final.
     new 06bea32  Put the final back for the static methods.  Prevents hidding by subclasses.
     new bf6c7ff  Simplify an if statement.
     new 81228f8  Simplify if statement.
     new c62f5ac  Made variable final.
     new 17358cc  Cleaned up imports in gremlin-core.
     new 9270850  Replace anonymous class with lambda.
     new 6256f31  this is a gangster push -- CountStep is now fully correct in both standard and computer mode. And guess what -- yes, you guessed it -- no more GiraphXXXSteps. Everything is now in gremlin-core (thank god for MapReduce interface). About to get rid of XXXComputerStep for the full mega... then EVERYTHING is just Standard but works on Computer. Praise the good lord on this one. Dropping bombs.
     new 2de1d1e  Get rid of lgpl colt dependencies in gremlin-core.
     new deff8df  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3af6beb  Make var final.
     new 505b03d  Convert for to Stream.
     new cddfec2  use method reference over lambda.
     new dbf37b1  Use try-resources.
     new a30919e  Fix javadoc warning.
     new b41fc03  added MapReduce.combine(). Updated the interface API a bit to make it cleaner. Added combiners to respective steps where it makes sense.
     new c9aecb5  Remove ambiguous null from dynamic method invocation.
     new 17ff6d0  Suppress warnings - equals is properly handled.
     new dd30518  Suppress warning for ignoring return of File.delete.
     new 435902c  Minor code cleanup - remove some redundant code.
     new 9990436  Renamed exception vars to "ignored" when having an empty catch block.
     new 9e51d53  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 73c83ed  bam again. unified GroupCountComputerStep and GroupCountStep.. .likewise for all other sideEffects except SideEffectCap which is a tricky beast. This is huge. One step to distributed or single machine systems, for OLTP or OLAP.... its all 'the same.' Curtsy.
     new 56dfc9b  provided generics for MapReducer interface. Tweaked MapReduce interface for organization. Lovin' it. McDonalds.
     new 54c82b2  work on GraphComputer.Globals in Giraph. Going to move back to SideEffects as the name for Globals.
     new 83eb1e6  Remove todo comment.
     new 649c949  Add multi-session test.
     new cc31e4a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b733ca6  Get simulations for gatling working again.
     new 49c01be  More advanced simulation.
     new 880b17d  Fix compile problem in simulation.
     new 1d660b7  changing GraphComputer.Globals to SideEffects as a sibling class to GraphComputer. Makes much more sense in terms of storing MapReduce results.
     new b72fa2f  Changed simulation to split heavy fixed usage from random usage.
     new 2e30d14  Fixed compilation error in simulation.
     new e6408ee  Modify simulation.
     new 0a2c163  Can i commit a single simulation without a compile error....arrgh!
     new 598dd1d  Add some build/test commands to readme.
     new f6962e9  got SideEffects all kosher and solid through TP3. Updated MapReduce API with some new mehtods, defaults, and better naming of methods. Reorganized GiraphGraphRunner as it was confusing with varables being passed everywhere. Added a new Exception to Property around when a hidden property is not found. Yep yep.
     new 1d6ec3c  minor tweaks.
     new 4dc4698  finally -- by way of China, I now have Giraph-Gremlin working with @spmallette Gremlin Console Plugin framework. Works beautifully and the code is simple simple simple. Next up, update docs.
     new faf5adf  more work on Giraph-Gremlin plugin. Good stuff. Added SideEffectCap as a marker interface so its easy to test for irrespective of the particular implementation. Other minor tweaks that I forget now.
     new 3df5db9  bumped to Groovy 2.3.5.
     new 54def94  Latest MatchStep changes, incl. inner joins, lazy evaluation, incremental query plan optimization
     new e1e056b  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 5b374d7  Added test to turn on later for max connections.
     new f0cf94e  got MatchStep integration with GraphTraversal correct.
     new 34e343e  Getting the HDFS tools all cleaned up as I work through documnetation. Giraph-Gremlin console plugin looking really good. About to make TraverserTracker objects Maps so they GraphSON serialize correctly and thus, GraphSON can be used as a legitimate format as long as you dont go outside the long, String, date, list, map model in your properties.
     new 2c484a1  made it so GroupCountMapReduce looks for Number in the Map so it works with JSON serialization formats. More imports to GiraphGremlinPlugin.
     new 5bfe704  added publish-docs.sh to automagically publish the docs to S3 given @spmallettes prescribed pattern.
     new b8ba78d  Added PageRankMapReduce to yield a <id,pageRank> keyValue file. Sweeet. Went through the Giraph-Gremlin documentation and got that alllooking pretty. Moved some stuff around. Organizing.
     new 7d03238  added GraphComputer.mapReduce() to GraphComputer. Now you can register extra MapReduce jobs as needed. More documentation work.
     new 4bdecf9  added PeerPressureVertexProgram and respective MapReduce jobs. Added more documentation.
     new 4e9782f  minor documentation update.
     new c68a3a4  minor documentation update.
     new 7076309  minor documentation update.
     new 352a32f  reworked GraphComputer API with GraphComputer.program(VertexProgram). Was painful, but much cleaner. Tightened up the Giraph section of the docs. Lots of other random tweaks here and there.
     new 57233ab  added a mapreduce image to the docs. doc tweaks.
     new 9e8dd19  documentation.
     new ce85527  added default side effect variables for MapReduce jobs. Lots of documentation work.
     new 97d7b31  Replaced SimpleTraverser references in MatchStep with more general Traverser.makeSibling(). Misc. tweaks
     new 12ba223  Resolved merge conflict
     new dc2ca22  added vendor logos and updated the documentation with vendor and developer information.
     new 4cb88e2  Minor doc correction in TinkerPop Contributors.
     new 38c3b46  Trying to fix this stupid intellij compile error.
     new 07e86bf  more documentation work -- added puffers for nika.
     new beb75c5  Minor reorg on exceptions that still need testing.
     new a663f80  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4d02e59  added more logos. this is fun.'
     new 3834b88  Return empty stream if index cannot be found rather than throw exception.
     new cbfda3d  added gremlin io icons. gremlin kryo is funny.
     new 33e9a46  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new abb6b3f  generalized Giraph iterators to an abstract class -- simplifies things. more documentation tweaks.
     new 98c2d13  reading through @joshsh MatchStep code and in the process, using consistent terminology we have in TP3 and making variables final and adding this.xxx to stuff. trying to learn the code.
     new 3a7f36e  added KeepManyStep and KeepOneStep for @joshsh and MatchStep.
     new 5e6051d  Changed signature of MatchStep: now emits a name,value map for each solution
     new 6195fd6  connected keep()-step with MatchStep. It works. Schweeeeeet.
     new 799799b  updated SelectStep to emit Map<String,E>. Much more clear than the subPath model it had before. Hopefully we can get this tied cleanly with MatchStep and then BAM o ram-a-thon.
     new 02976e4  removed Markos MatchStep and replaced it with @joshsh MatchNewStep.. renaming. Also, commented out Union and Intersect. Dont want to rush to have those in TP3. We can always add solid features with time. Dont want to backstep on features.
     new ac6e4bb  SelectStep and SelectOneStep are no longer path consumers. An analysis of Traversal determines whether a PathIdentity step is inserted which IS a PathConsumer. Super simple and no runaway number of classes. match().select() is looking good.
     new e22a156  added gremlin-server logo. worked on MatchStep in docs. other random doc tweaks.
     new 4c12ae0  minor nothing tweak.
     new 6594f8f  added Gremlin hanging with the Java Duke for the 'Connecting via Java' section.
     new b62d8c4  add Bob Briody URL to docs and updated @dkuppitz url.
     new 8150d6c  Better cypher support.
     new bb6d731  Added ProcessStandardSuite framework for MatchStep
     new 41ddbde  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new f1cc178  fixed a bug in Neo4jGraph.of() and updated some docs.
     new b9cd86b  added AGPL LICENSE.txt to neo4j-gremlin/ package per @jimwebber comments on Twitter. Minor tweaks to docs.
     new 6f97f84  documentation tweak.
     new c0e568b  tweak to license not in neo4j-gremlin.
     new 26d7534  MatchTest generalized to support not just TinkerGraph. //TODOs in tests that are failing. Got the scaffolding down. Now going to start writing lots of test.
     new 53e980b  fixed up contributors page. more MatchTest code.
     new a16171d  added luca
     new 3613f63  added cypher() to asciidocs.
     new 408387a  integrated MatchTest with Groovy test suite. added more test cases. more docs.
     new b0f6aac  more broken MatchStep cases -- @joshsh (of the 6 test cases, only 2 work).
     new b9b8695  updated gremlin-neo4j LICENSE.txt.
     new b261ba4  Fixed MatchStep's processNextStart (so as to exhaust its inputs) and simplified MatchTest
     new 924223d  Add another neo4j cypher test.  Use select.
     new 2d8d597  the properties in the main tinkerpop3.pom had a 2.1.2 .version. put that solely into the neo4j-gremlin pom so there is no confusion as to dependencies. That is, only neo4j-gremlin project references Neo4j libraries.
     new 8784414  new Traversal comparable model for sorting traversal strategies prior to application. Removed the concept of Final and Runtime TraversalStrategies. They are all just 'final' now. Changed method signatures accordingly. No traversal strategies are allowed constructors and must have a Singleton INSTANCE to reduce object creation. Update Giraph, Neo4j, and TinkerGraph accordingly.
     new 31e9e68  added Avery and Apache Giraph as well as APL and Ryan.
     new 52ca358  tweaks to the documentation structure.
     new 773c7e4  added grateful-dead and tinkerpop-classic GraphSONs to data/ and also added g.saveGraphSON and g.loadGraphSON to Gremlin-Groovy GraphLoader.
     new b2b45d4  graph applications instead of utilities.
     new f1f3a28  all contributors now have a personal URL. no more test.com.
     new 7a36623  moved the proces strategies out a branch in all projects as they mix with traversal and computer.
     new daf75d8  switched it back and updated Neo4j process package.
     new 3155aea  more test cases in MatchStep not so happy long time @joshsh. Email coming.
     new 34ec9e7  wow. gnarly FastNoSuchElement catch in Kryo Giraph work was leading to exceptions not being handled correctly. In the future, @joshsh, please catch the general form -- e.g. NoSuchElementException.
     new c172ce5  wow. gnarly FastNoSuchElement catch in Kryo Giraph work was leading to exceptions not being handled correctly. In the future, @joshsh, please catch the general form -- e.g. NoSuchElementException.
     new 9cccbe3  add type parameters to make javac happy
     new 6001e89  Merge pull request #29 from jasonnn/compile-fail
     new a9cb75e  Move all neo4j dependencies to the neo4j-gremlin pom.xml
     new f6e9de7  added doc section on how vendors should implement the TP3 apis. added more images too :).
     new e3019ed  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9069f2d  Move giraph stuff in parent pom to giraph-gremlin.
     new e1a2590  Push netty elements in parent pom down to gremlin-driver.
     new 796098b  Modify contributor list in the pom - limiting it to those who committed some "significant" piece of code.
     new 96d6298  added a section on in-depth implementations.
     new 7fa2249  added a section on in-depth implementations.
     new caae2ec  Allow for manual upload of artifacts to s3 downloads.
     new 652de91  Add docs for uploading zip archives.
     new 5576113  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fb7c878  Add a deploy to "current" for archives.
     new b8d1b9c  Renamed the archive distribution files for versioned uploads.
     new e01c27a  work on Graph.of() and GraphTraversal.of(). Tweaks to documentation.
     new 8d64337  updated README with .publish.sh information.
     new 5129862  added CHANGELOG and new Gremlin 3.0.0 logo. A Gremlin Raga in 7/15 Time
     new 4e472ef  added CHANGELOG and new Gremlin 3.0.0 logo. A Gremlin Raga in 7/15 Time
     new 658279c  added CHANGELOG and new Gremlin 3.0.0 logo. A Gremlin Raga in 7/15 Time
     new 089bf8c  dah. the only way to view the CHANGELOG is via GitHub. Sorry for all the pushes.
     new 15f2d9f  dah. the only way to view the CHANGELOG is via GitHub. Sorry for all the pushes.
     new 51793ff  dah. the only way to view the CHANGELOG is via GitHub. Sorry for all the pushes.
     new e806336  dah. the only way to view the CHANGELOG is via GitHub. Sorry for all the pushes.
     new a720a4d  update to gremlin-hindu.png.
     new 84a9536  made the gremlin-hindu logo vectorized.
     new e7ca4d8  fixed randompi bug with sideEffect caps named different than default cap. Moving packages around.
     new 21c997f  added 'g' in memory for traversals. added syntax sugar for Graph.Key.hide() in Groovy. Renamed Graph.Key.hidden() to hide(). Tweaks the constructors for DefaultXXXTraversal to automagically set g key.
     new 915f3e9  Added MatchStep checks for unsolvable queries (incl. cycles and unreachable 'as' labels)
     new ebee601  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c5f16c7  added cyclic traversal test case to MatchTest.
     new 5524508  Gremlin Server docs on configuration and tuning.
     new 5e1557c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f211111  Remove frameQueueSize setting.
     new a73bcd1  Remove the toy "modern" graph.
     new b073fb9  TODOs, notes, finalizing variables, this'ing stuff in MatchStep.
     new c360da9  Add image to docs in gremlin server tuning section.
     new 91ef125  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0ad12c7  Provide a legacy GraphSON reader to allow for migration from TP2 to TP3.
     new e4e5768  Graph.Variables now have get() Optional. and remove void. Added lots of JavaDoc to Graph.
     new 8cb3b2f  EmptyProperty is now a singleton, no longer part of Property. Lots more JavaDoc on the main interfaces.
     new f97f883  Traversal.Memory now returns Optional on get() and remove() is void. More test cases, more JavaDoc.
     new a3d1f11  Add docs for "data migration" from TP2.
     new 1f662ea  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e6eb7a3  more javadoc, added a data migration logo for @spmallette, tweak to traversal strategy sorting.
     new 72e891d  fixed a bug I pushed. sorry.
     new f7d08e9  tweak to Graph.Key and updated documentation with new Variables behavior.
     new 5a575a4  added data migration image for @spmallete.
     new 287f5c9  fixed tuning logo, tweaked tables a bit
     new 47b6cf4  added timelimit step to documentation with graphic.
     new cd03cad  added groupCount step documentation with explanatory diagram. Will update API with new idea with @spmallete.
     new bf44570  Add some javadoc around GraphFeatures.
     new 44f1c5f  Remove annotations - perhaps for good this time.
     new bd33973  Add javadoc for Features.
     new 34f69e1  Add more javadoc.
     new eb656e8  the sideEffect variables are named after the as() of the respective step. A massive change.. also updated documentation to reflect it except Giraph section.
     new 581db5c  fixed a old old bug in Giraph regarding jump-step (crazy lucky realization). Figured out an optimization for jump as well. Schwwwwweeeeet.
     new c42a872  fixed a bug in Giraph due to variables().get() now returning Optionals. Got the Giraph documentation solid with new .as() model for naming sideEffects.
     new f5c72ac  minor grammar fixes.
     new 6948dac  Stop deploy of artifacts for doc generation.
     new 26be74b  Fix warnings in asciidoc generation.
     new fdc2c3a  Add version for maven-deploy-plugin.
     new 6b84f38  Skip tests for doc generation.
     new d4563c1  WrappedElements' toString returns the wrapped elements' toString
     new 3327dc1  Merge pull request #30 from pietermartin/master
     new 667243a  Starting section for developing language bindings.
     new 1a8a144  unlabeld steps in a Traversal are simply named Graph.Key.hide(index)
     new 16ce538  Finish up section on writing drivers for gremlin server.
     new 5110878  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 25f551f  added more documentation and fixed a bug in FunctionRing discovered when doing docs. nice.
     new cb3da68  added a single location for printing traversals prior and post optimization in test cases. TraversalStrategies now can only exeucte one (now that there is no such thing as a RuntimeStrategy anymore). This ensure we don't get weird locking behavior as Stephen once notice with toString(). Added path() docs and cool image.
     new e05ba4a  renamed ElementXXX steps to just be their ultimate Java GraphTraversal name so their toSTring() makes sense. Added more docs. More images.
     new 1e79987  Chagne colors on server flow diagram.
     new 1d89b60  change colors on gremlin-server-request image.
     new 8ac1c00  added groupBy and tree step documentation and images.
     new 1e30c9f  added step-types educational image to docs. Added SugarLoader for the new Gremlin plugin but its not connected cause I don't know how to connect a non-jar. @spmallette ... more doc work.
     new 2bb04e3  added step-types educational image to docs. Added SugarLoader for the new Gremlin plugin but its not connected cause I don't know how to connect a non-jar. @spmallette ... more doc work.
     new d2b44c0  Add :use uninstall feature.
     new 43e0176  added sugar plugin documentation and moved Plugins section to a sibling in applications.
     new 050323b  Modified the plugin/dependency commands for Gremlin Console.
     new 69818a6  added aggregate and store docs with images. fixed the API around SelectOneStep. .. oh, also added select() step documentation.
     new 6ae4037  Refactoring around PluggedIn.
     new d02ab1d  added gremlin io logo.
     new 11e49f7  more docs and random code tweaks. nothing much here.
     new 4a8ade4  Move string path to member variable to be more reusable.
     new 3b7830e  Add default plugins.txt file that includes server and utilities.
     new 34923c0  Allow cleanup of plugins.txt file if a plugin was active and then ":uninstall" executed while still active.
     new df08d3c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 145d70c  reorganized TinkerGraph package now that GraphComputer is accessible via TinkerHelper. Long time coming.
     new 58d0acb  lots more simplifications now with GraphView exposure through TinkerHelper.
     new 0e4bbb4  Remove reference to modern graph.
     new a0e0185  add sugar to plugin list so serviceloader can find it
     new cf829c2  Update docs around new form of :use as :install :uninstall :plugin.
     new 1486413  get rid of reference to modern graph in gremlin-server-min.yaml.
     new eb44458  Fix the list command to show the plugin name.
     new 15f3c51  Allow the plugin to be looked up by name when using :remote.
     new 1e94e72  Remove remaining references to modern toy graph.
     new 9bafad2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2abf970  finally, for the love of @spmallette, started GraphComputerTest for API semantics. Moved to computer/ package. Made the Graph.compute() API simpler not all generics stupid. Everything else is just concrete classes, Vertex, Edge, TRansaaction... no need to get crazy for GraphComputer. Stoked.
     new 3d1d200  Added final plugin docs.
     new d4dd6b6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7373100  Get rid of hardcoded version.
     new eb39f89  added ext to root for bin/gremlin.sh. booooooooy.
     new 8c8cfe7  Add NOTE about default plugins.
     new f19d076  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bcaf6da  jammed out GraphComputerTest in @spmallette test framework. Wow. So glad I did this. Found random inconsistencies betwen TinkerGraph and Giraph and rectified the 'true meaning' for the API. Add test vertex programs that do baby nothings but test the semantics of things. Very cool stuff. Found a naming error in GraphFeatures.graph().memory() should be GraphFeatures.graph().variables(). Oh and best of all --- added back @mbroecheler ComputerResults class as Pair<Graph,Side [...]
     new 86de3df  made GremlinGroovySSupplier accessible as an import. Doc work with new ComputerResult class.
     new 1c75020  Hide output to console when loading a plugin.
     new 4d8a1ec  Modify docs given suppression of console output during plugin eval calls.
     new a5a7ca7  generate asciidocs from copy.
     new 4e97d22  Replace x.y.z in asciidoc with current TinkerPop version.
     new e3dc5ae  All tinkerpop version references are now replaced by substitution.
     new 1dcd5e9  Got rid of the copy maven plugin as it doesn't play well with travis.
     new 8a6a39f  moved publish-docs.sh to bin
     new 7f85bb3  fetch instead of pull prior to merge.
     new 111df10  change location of publish-docs.sh.
     new 23ac4de  Remove /ext directory and will .gitignore it so you can place your /ext locally without worrying over git conflicts.
     new a3f08f2  Ignore /ext so that those working in source can run gremlin.sh from root.
     new de559c4  Add benchmark and profile from gprofutils to utilities plugin.
     new 31541af  made all the lambdas serializable that TP3 provides. Created LambdaVertexProgram that allows for dynamic-lambda-based creation of a VertexProgram (will make it so that Gremlin-Groovy works with it too...will be sick). More tests for GraphComputerTest -- why LambdaVertexProgram was created -- easier to write test cases.
     new eaed35c  LambdaVertexProgram is slick -- now with docs and an image for Nikka.
     new f641029  LambdaMapReduce created. Forced all VertexProgram constructors to be private so only accessible via a Builder -- consistency reasons.
     new 29eda8d  Break up single index.asciidoc into pieces where each file is a section.
     new 656cffc  added a Gremlin PageRank image. Its funny. Fix a bug in asciidoc.
     new 1ee4573  Add docs for utilities plugin.
     new 7db3d18  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1a67fbd  removed the sub-mapreduce packages. wasteful. Added LambdaMapReduce documentation. Its slick. Fixed a bug in StringFactory around GraphComputer string.
     new 22525ac  Add server plugin docs.
     new 5e8a8bc  added a logo for traversal-vertex-program.
     new a0ad0c3  sorry, IntellJ renamed get() to instance() in the Groovy scripts when I renamed a method name in Java.
     new 63aff4e  Add gremlin plugin pic.
     new 497884c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bf34fbc  added CAUTION for TraversalVertexProgrma.
     new 3133613  minor doc bug fixed.
     new 9268a1d  crazy amount of work getting GiraphComputer and TinkerComputer semantics aligned. Lots of corner cases and exception handled required. Still lots more to do... but getting close. Definately solid for an M1.
     new 4755845  Naming inconsistency for exception helper per #32
     new 0533bb0  Reverse asserts per #33
     new fe78b40  Add rollback to threaded transactional test.
     new 59ab8da  Some leftover doc mentions of a :use command.
     new 3eb470a  Merge pull request #34 from MMcM/docs-use-install
     new bebf557  About as minor a change to docs as one can do.
     new d26ccda  Require FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE_VALUES for SerializeCustomId tests
     new fb86405  Merge pull request #35 from MMcM/serialize-custom-id
     new 04a4fb6  Reintegrated previously removed MatchStep tests. Added new tests for corner cases.  Identified and fixed issues in inner join
     new 4af8d31  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c678f1a  Dynamically add features based on the @LoadGraphWith selection.
     new d4a18c9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7475333  Add subgraph test to the test suite.
     new b05aa3f  Added tree-shaped MatchStep query test cases.
     new 9ba964e  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 54bc032  Extended tests for Vertex both/bothE
     new 3b7913a  fixed the both(branchFactor) bug in TinkerGraph. Renamed TraversalTest to VertexTest. Commented out a bad SubgraphStrategyTest -- @joshsh please fix.
     new f782184  tweaks to Giraph-Gremlin around RuleWritables.
     new b94c8af  Provide for a new "install" option for gremlin-server.sh
     new 3274822  more GraphComputerTests -- possible to submit MapReducers without a VertexProgram and not possible to submit nothing. Updated the Giraph and TinkerGraph respesctively to respect the new semantics.
     new b5436f1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b0cc249  Add docs for using neo4j in gremlin-server
     new 73aaa53  Add note to tinkergraph about gremlin-server usage.
     new d633db3  Document -i on Gremlin Server.
     new 34eb954  MatchStep test tweaks
     new 892c3a4  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 2979323  Get ExceptionConsistencyTest model straight for GraphComputer.
     new 112e2ae  fixed up SubgraphStrategeyTest. There is one assert() that is messed up for Neo4j that I cant figure out.
     new 91759d1  fixed GiraphGraphProvider to allow GratefulDead loading. Was super easy. Phew. Reverted FilterStep to while(true).
     new ecb56d2  Special handling for 'predicate' traversals in MatchStep, with early elimination of duplicate results
     new b45a52f  grateful-dead is now writtenBy, not written_by to show the TP3 style. Fixed up MatchTest with conventions.
     new 41c2033  renamed build() to create() and create() to build() for the Builder pattern throughout TP3. Updated docs as well.
     new 5aa687b  small tweks to MatchStep doc.
     new 1f9d2ca  in Kryo hell. Found a crazy issue with multi-machine GiraphInternalVertex that was nicely solved. Still need to fix this issue with message serialization............. sucks, been working on it for 4 hours and no closer.
     new 92c2c06  more uncovering... DetachElement now in Kryo and a null field. ... Made GiraphRemoteAcceptor nicer though.
     new 0b0d6ca  Add sorting of vertices being handed off to generator so that same graph is generated each time.
     new 3f01a04  Merge pull request #41 from MMcM/generate-same-graph-by-sorting
     new 198d02c  Remove old profiling class.
     new 08650d2  minor tweaks. still trying to get messages Kryo-ized right.
     new 404d359  added recursssive match to docs.
     new f431c04  More MatchStep test(s)
     new 58b8552  Tweaked docs for MatchStep
     new 1fec76f  moved away from Kryo for writables in Giraph. Will revisit in the future. For now, good ol Java serialization.
     new 816369d  documentation updateas -- Hadoop and SLF4J, Hadoop counter increaes, and tweaks to MatchStep section.
     new 6246820  fix to MatchStep docs.
     new 11f92e0  TravarsalStrategies is now Traversal.Strategies parallel with Traversal.Memory. ComputeResultStep is now a MapStep. Nada else.
     new 0e618c3  tweak to docs and a better tmp directory name for GiraphGraphComputer.
     new abf2298  Add data directory to gremlin-server distribution.
     new ac652ac  Make min config just be an empty graph and make classic a copy of min but with loading tinkergraph.
     new fb67843  fixed a minor URL bug.
     new a1ac0cd  TinkerPop3 3.0.0.M1 release.
     new 26ccbdb  updated pom.xml with javadoc ties, added releaes process to README, fixed a minor bug in docs.
     new c801d7f  bumped back to SNAPSHOT and updated CHANGELOG.
     new 29afdc5  get rid of "current" uploads.
     new f6004e7  bumped back to SNAPSHOT and updated CHANGELOG.
     new 2ce41cc  Update README.asciidoc
     new dd2d877  renamed simulation for gatling test.
     new d8f8d7c  Bump to latest gatling - still doesn't work.
     new b979ece  Fix gatling errors in imports.
     new bb43210  tweaks to README.
     new 793366f  Mods to visualize graph traversals in gephi by coloring memory stored nodes
     new 9e30dc3  Removed unwanted debug println
     new 493fede  GIRAPH_GREMLIN_LIB is now the new GIRAPH_GREMLIN_HOME. A small optimization to use existing jars in cache. Speeds up load time by 2x for a Giraph job. Updated docs. VertexProgram no longer serializable (use loadState and storeState). ComputerResultStep cleaner. Fixed #43
     new 8b81241  Rename title of data migration section to explicitly state TP2.
     new 845454e  Filter out logging dependencies around slf4j #53
     new 920b0f5  Filter out logging dependencies per #53
     new 2eda2fa  Update changelog.
     new 70dae20  Update docs to include info on plugin conflicts and such.
     new 1d301ca  Add simple version of count/transactional test
     new 99024bc  Fix syntax error in test - neo4j now passes.
     new f9528cc  Fix javadoc.
     new 063fc3d  Correct javadoc.
     new a13decd  Fix javadoc.
     new d48aaf4  Provide a method for a test implementation to opt out of a test.
     new 5df5058  Renamed annotation for ignore tests to OptOut.
     new d4616e6  Add todo
     new e359cdf  Move OptOut annotation to Graph so that there is better visibility.
     new d1147c3  Prevent OptOut annotation usage on OptOut validation test.
     new 6340dab  Remove OptOut annotations on TinkerGraph.
     new cf0e1fc  Finally have GiraphGraphComputer SideEffects working according to GraphComputerTest suite. Learned a bunch about aggregators in Giraph. Removed SideEffects.setIfAbsent() as it makes no sense in a BSP environment. For setup() you know if its absent or not. For execute() its a race to set -- so just use set. For terminate() you know if its absent or not with a get(). Just makes heads hurt. Fixed #44
     new 343844a  Add OptIn annotation to publicly show test compliance.
     new 1987b85  Add describeGraph utility function to plugin.
     new cbe6a26  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 52edfd7  added Immutability to finalized SideEffects. More GraphComputerTests.
     new f84ef20  Update changelog.
     new dcda673  Using @spmallette new Graph.OptOut framework for Giraph tests that are no bueno.
     new a496452  Add environment var to Gremlin Process tests to control the tests executed.
     new e1fd610  Update readme.
     new e8c9ed7  Minor syntax error fix.
     new f30d3ed  Better clarity around specifiying tests for execution in readme.
     new 75d4361  found a bad consequence of jar uploading to HDFS -- SNAPSHOTs.
     new 3391aaf  Update docs for vendor requirements around OptIn/Out annotations.
     new b97dd62  Add describeGraph function to utilities plugin.
     new 2a6ab47  Add Neo4jTraversal to try to improve cypher integration.
     new be018de  Make exception coverage test more clear as to what is expected.
     new c97b2e1  A mess of stuff for cypher integration...not so good.
     new ffdec87  Got TreeMapReduce up and running so now we have TreeStep working with Gremlin OLAP. Oh yea. Added TinkerPop2 test cases for Tree to TP3. Added addTree() method to Tree. Added splitParents() to Tree. Added more test cases to TreeTest. Renamed variables in all the SideEffect MapReduces as they were copy/pasted all lame from one primary class. Fixed #58.
     new 066fb80  fixing up Neo4j Cypher step for @spmallette ... moving forward with imperative-to-declarative-to-imperative.
     new 4a4bca9  drop id extraction from cypherstep.
     new 5ed293e  Add a base test class for neo4j setup.
     new 844d52e  Break up tests in Neo4j to cover the cypher steps explicitly.
     new d57bc0c  Added documentation for Gephi plugin
     new ba43df5  @pietermartin --- I added IdentityStep skipping and IntervalStep adding to Neo4jGraphStepStrategy. Is there a reason you didn't have these two elses{} ? ... Ref #18
     new 9038617  Add Neo4jStepLoader to add groovy sugar to Neo4jTraversal.
     new 4d24033  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e46d825  using clock() for testing TinkerGraph index runtimes for the documentation.
     new e0e874d  minor tweaks to @spmallette Cypher documentation.
     new 9b9fd36  added gremlin-loves-cypher logo for Cypher docs.
     new 7232d97  minor tweak to image.
     new 3c43915  fixed docs for @joshsh.
     new 94458a1  minor memory optimzation and typesafety for Neo4jCypherIterator.
     new 54b1d1b  fixed up Neo4jTraversal.
     new b5072c1  lots of tweaks organizing Neo4j code. Also, we use traversal.memory.set(Graph.Key.hide(g)) so much that I added default methods: Memory.getGraph(), setGraph(), removeGraph(). Makes things MUCH LESS error prone.
     new 83c4ecd  Extract property exception consistency tests to PropertyTests.
     new 517056b  Move vertex/edge consistency tests.
     new 5cbe3b6  Migrate exception consistency checks to their individual classes.
     new 72145ec  Migrate transaction tests to TransactionTest class.
     new a491a9c  Remove blueprints comment.
     new 8d77921  Make naming consistent around exception consistency.
     new 08c7bb8  Migrate more exception consistency tests to their respective classes.
     new 3feae55  Migrate exception consistency tests to their respective classes.
     new 768a7dd  Migrate more exception consistency tests to respective classes.
     new 4e69f00  Migrate exception consistency tests.
     new 00f70c7  Remove remnants of ExceptionConsistencyTest.
     new a16e153  Test renaming for consistency.
     new 59732cc  Minor javadoc fix.
     new 9d10be2  Remove more references to blueprints.
     new cfd46f2  Refactor test framework to allow for the GraphProvider to know about the test being executed #31
     new e4bd392  Merge pull request #52 from randompi/gephi-viz
     new 942f809  Minor adjustments to gephi plugin docs.
     new 2d9cfff  Always make ext directory so that gremlin console doesn't crash on start. #61
     new 9cd2bfa  reverted back to store('x') as opposed to store().as('x'). @dkuppitz found the ultimate flaw in that model. updated docs and did some good work to the Gephi section.
     new 0986a85  Add double version of CLASSIC graph just for testing purposes #38
     new 2b0d301  Add CLASSIC_DOUBLE to LoadGraphWith.
     new ce003cc  Minor tweaks to gephi-plugin docs.
     new 262ac01  added InsertStep for g.of().insert(a,b,c)... for @dkuppitz.
     new 0eac87e  added InjectTests.
     new 149020e  Make most tests that used CLASSIC use CLASSIC_DOUBLE. #38
     new 0c0d3a3  Gremlin included logo.
     new bc8d647  made it so you can provide key/value pairs to addE. Cant believe I spaced that preior. Added documentation for inject() and addE() steps.
     new eeb5211  updates Giraph documentation. Tweaks to steps. Registered Tree with GremlinKryo.
     new 0448521  dont understand why UUIDs are not working in Giraph........... will fix tomorrow. For now, back to unamed step memoryKeys as this.getAs().
     new 33c3629  Add features for different identifier types. #37
     new 211a8f4  Add more feature requirements to tests based on newly added features.
     new 1ee63d9  Move testing annotations out of structure as they apply elsewhere.
     new f1de69d  Add the notion of Feature bundles to the test suite.
     new d9e5ecd  The addedge feature is now bundled under LoadGraphWith annotation.
     new b5a2f52  Add features to tests.
     new c914dfc  Add "vertices only" feature set.
     new 5c0242b  Add features requirements to test suite for partitiongraphstrategy.
     new 6048d15  Add required features to tests in readonlygraphstrategy.
     new 0f6887c  Add required features to tests in strategy.
     new 7bf81ca  Add required features to batchgraph tests.
     new 166ff22  Modify batchgraph tests to use double for wider coverage.
     new 1ba3432  Add required features to EdgeTest.
     new 7b18bc8  Add more required features to feature tests.
     new 9f2d7d2  Add required features to GraphTest.
     new 106f629  Add required features to IOTest.
     new 2327dc1  Add required features to PropertyTest.
     new c81a1dd  Add required features to TransactionTest.
     new f47190e  Add required features for VerteTest.
     new d73b2aa  Add tests to enforce new ID features #37
     new 49442e7  Add feature support enforcement tests for vertex identifiers.
     new 938c6dd  Add feature support tests for id types on edges.
     new 04ea832  fixed a bug in Groovy's interpretation of tree('a').
     new 3b5b779  fixed up SubgraphTest to be more like the other sideEffects. More test cases. Added more helpers (both Element and Memory). Added some TODO notes here and there.
     new 21d3a83  renamed Graph.getFeatures() to Graph.features() to be consistent with rest of API. Updated docs where referenced.
     new c458162  Remove commented out code that is no longer relevant.
     new c8d4968  Modify features around UserSuppliedIds #71.
     new 589e907  Neo4jTraversal is now autogenerated by merging sources accordingly. No longer is copy/paste required to inherit type-casted methods of GraphTraversal. Generalized into TraversalSourceGenerator which anyone can use moving forward.
     new e5d2f46  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 609d730  Make usersuppliedid marked tests be id type independent #71
     new e7bb6b6  Convert some more float tests to double to support a wider range of implementations #70
     new ae9b164  Vertex and Edge now have all the GraphTraversal methods of GraphTraversal. There is a test that uses reflection to ensure that the methods of GraphTraversal are off Vertex and Edge as well. Neo4jVertex and Neo4jEdge now have all GraphTRaversal methods that cast to Neo4jTRaversal.
     new 98ec619  Add tests to enforce element reconsistution outside of a transaction.
     new a7dbbde  Prevent process suite consistency check when running a single test.
     new 7d71e97  Add test for vertex label IN filter. Modified Neo4j handling of this given #72
     new 37f3a9b  Improve the edge label IN test.
     new 304f9ee  Add Override annotations to all step tests in gremlin-test
     new 4728102  Add Override annotation to gremlin-groovy
     new ce0b882  Remove check on debug level when logging.
     new da4ce85  Implemented groovy traversal in test.
     new eef593e  Get giraph tests working again by adding a FeatureOverride annotation.
     new 4168cb9  TraversalCoverageTest ensures that g.V, g.E, v.identity(), e.identity(), v, e, g.of() all return the same traversal type to make sure fluency is respected throughout the vendors stack.
     new 2551d3a  lots of CHANGELOG updates.
     new e4cecc2  SideEffectStep is now a parent to all sideEffects and is much more efficent than FilterStep with predicate begin t -> true. Moved around classes too.
     new 8545219  AsIdentityStep does NOT need to be a PathConsumer. Way more efficient as not. Cool.
     new 4333c2a  Extended Path data stucture to allow objects to have multiple labels. This is crucial as some odd situations emerge around filters and sideEffects if this is not allowed. Now there are no issues. Added docs and test cases as wel.
     new e3d6104  Made TraverserIterator more obvious. Much cleaner constructor. Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 55220f0  Traversal.Memory is now Traversal.SideEffects and Computer.SideEffects is now Computer.Memory. I know, it sucks, but it makes so much more sense.................... love it.
     new 690fe9e  Traversal.Memory is now Traversal.SideEffects and Computer.SideEffects is now Computer.Memory. Fixed #81
     new dee4765  added HashSet to GremlinKryo serialization classes as its needed for new Path representation.
     new faa164c  Update the semantics of the LoadGraphWith annotation.
     new 7b806d2  Get giraph optout annotations looking sensible again.
     new b3dae09  Remove notion of FeatureOverride.
     new bf93100  Get rid of @Ignore on giraph graph computer tests.  Converted to integration test.
     new c8563ab  CHANGELOG updates.
     new 8f576f5  Update changelog with work from recent days.
     new 33f8e27  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 84e7e58  all methods that are expensive in Gremlin-Groovy are now moved to SugarPlugin. g.V().out() is the norm now... for @dkuppitz. Updated the docs -- painful. Fixed #80.
     new e9e21ce  Minor code cleanup in GraphStrategy.
     new fd299f9  Do not execute second write for Object responses
     new 84b6d45  Memory.get() and SideEffects.get() no longer return Optional but instead throw an IllegalArgumentException. Added a boolean exists(key) method as a helper.
     new e8aedf2  fixed up GephiRemoteAcceptor with new Traversal.SideEffects get() semantics. @randompi -- can you verify all is happy please. also, can you provide test cases or is it hard because of interaction with Gephi.
     new 9dcbfad  StrategyWrap vertices and edges returned from non-traversal methods #40
     new 8105e26  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a5660c7  CHANAGELOG update.
     new d10617d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6f10ff9  Add tests to enforce wrapping of traversal and graph elements for strategy.
     new 3e9a31b  the Memory,SideEffect transition complete. Also, went through all the docs and tested every example to make sure it works without SugarPlugin. Fixed a bug in GiraphMemory around null values.
     new 96882d9  updates to CHANGELOG.
     new 6242f76  Remove references to Blueprints and fix javadoc.
     new 7ce38ba  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 890403f  added Stardog, Kendall, and Mike to Vendor list w/ logo.
     new 3d9caee  Fix broken test as ids were not being properly set for Neo4j.
     new 5725c5e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new abc272c  added hadoop-job.xml as that is required for standalone submission of Giraph-Gremlin jobs. Provide a fast fail if input path for GiraphGraphComputer doesn't exist.
     new 08bda12  sort order on methods from TraversalSourceGenerator so touches dont happen. Hope this works.
     new 1415ba5  sort order on methods from TraversalSourceGenerator so touches dont happen. Hope this works.
     new bfadcb8  Neo4j now passes the SubgraphStrategy test #40
     new 412f57f  wow. was in Giraph-hell for a long long time.... cant believe I came out. Doc updates, SugarLoader updates... Added static vs. dynamic GroovyScriptEngine loading for the GLambda series.
     new 12856ff  GraphStep is suuuuuuper simple now that StartStep is a SideEffectStep. Updated accordingly throughout TinkerGraph, Neo4j, and Giraph.
     new e7b5833  renamed some properties in Giraph. Better toString() representation of a traversal. Random other tweaks.
     new 9f304e4  Minor code cleanup and documentation adjustments around strategy. #40
     new f91ddc1  Fix problem with the order of operations in initializing Gremlin ScriptEngine.
     new a906af7  update changelog and docs
     new 3bb92d6  Merge pull request #84 from tinkerpop/singleWriteForObjects
     new 3f00b5f  added GivenStep for @joshsh MatchStep. match().given(a,T.neq,a).
     new 49b2c47  The Graph.Key.hide() prefix is now ~ and not $%$. Much prettier if you run into it via development and its a rare character for naming keys. Fixed #89.
     new 8b3c157  Allow multiple calls of "addImports" on the scriptengine to properly reload dependency when the scriptengine is reset.
     new f8fbe1a  Update changelog
     new 13d5122  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b7b80a0  Fix multi-threading issues around imports on the scriptengine and use.
     new 72a3e78  Corrected a problem where loading "use" in gremlin server in the wrong order with plugins could prevent scriptengines from instantiating properly.
     new da2f03d  Update changelog.
     new 0f8e42b  Modify bindings in the same thread of execution to avoid concurrency errors in a session #54
     new 269da0a  endless work on Giraph-Gremlin.... got it returning right traversal results, but the sideEffects are still hosed......... so lost.
     new c3956a0  Added excludes model to javadoc. #51
     new f9ecd8c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 46db82c  fixed a performance issues in Giraph around creating a new GremlinScriptEngine for each GSSupplier. Did this originally for Sugar, but found another way around for Sugar in Giraph.
     new 15a099d  added clarity around using SugarPlugin with Giraph.
     new a574ba5  Drop "transaction isolation" related feature/tests for now #31
     new e446c1f  Fixed #90 ... changed given() to where() and allows Traversal to be used as the predicate between one or two variables in the Map<String,Object> -- collaborated with @joshsh on this. Added respective WhereTest cases and propagated requisite changes to gremlin-neo4j and Neo4jTraversal/Vertex/Edge.
     new f3147b8  Changed the GraphFactory.open() method to take an arbitrary set of strategies to apply #91
     new 73b085c  Correct docs with respect to the GraphFactory.open() api.
     new 48a3b86  fixed the age-old aggregator bug in Giraph. Wow. That was soooo painful -- 3 days of debugging. What is nice is that the GraphComputerTest is way more sup'd up to the point of finding bugs in TinkerGraphComputer. GraphComputer is coming along.
     new 47df57c  an extra assert() for safety sake.
     new 9b03247  better warning message if GIRAPH_GREMLIN_LIBS is not set. Also, optimizations where a BSP round is not needed if memory does not need to be calculated.
     new ce5605d  Added a public MatchStep.addTraversal()
     new 17cb03a  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new fd5f0af  added MatchWhereStrategy that folds where() traversal clauses into match(). Added one test case around predicate traversals to verify it. Added Step.reset() to allow for reseting a step. Added Traversal.rest() to allow reseting of a traversal. Updated some of the <E2> types in Vertex and Edge as the E2 is known in such situations.
     new da78d6e  minor tweak.
     new 5c3c767  more thoughts on MatchWhereStrategy...for @joshsh.
     new c06a141  Add close() as a GraphStrategy.
     new b541250  more MatchTest tests -- finding more failings @joshsh.
     new b9370a5  Graph instances defined or re-bound by an init script in Gremlin Server gets its reference written back to the global space #91
     new 86bb327  Added a GiraphComputerTest that ensures proper derivation of memmory (Giraph specific). Fixed a minor bug in Memory.asMap(). Added docs around the where()-clause for match().
     new bfe2e01  more work on where in docs.
     new 42d4994  CHANGELOG update and random doc tweak.
     new f1d22a9  went with labels for step names. as(label), back(stepLabel), etc. etc. No more weird asLabels, as, ases, as-named steps, etc. consistency. Fixed #78
     new 4b5b6a4  removed Neo4jCypherStartStep as all that is needed is a StartStep with Iterator provided. Updated typing on Neo4jTraversal.cypher() so fluency is clean. #94 was already already Fixed #94.
     new 9d51202  has(label,key,predicate,value) is now implemented. Fixed #19 and Fixed #26
     new 19db3c2  Fixed sample generator syntax after some refactoring to all Builder method naming.
     new 42112a4  Set terminator to "no content" per #74
     new 8014527  all the sideEffects and dedup now take Function<Traverser<S>,...>. This ensures consistency throughout -- if you are passed a Traverser<S> you can process on that, not S. Thought for select() and path() (which operate post processing, its still Function<S,...>. Fixed #96
     new 9b7c5ac  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 9f21699  updated Traversal.addStep() signature to be hard coded to Traversal. Now GraphTraversal.addStep() return GraphTraversal. Likewise for Neo4jTraversal.
     new e33461d  added Step.reset() and Traversal.reset() test cases. Connected reset() to MatchStep so we no longer traversal.iterate() to exhaust results (much faster). For @joshsh with love, from within. Fixed #97
     new 856d2ed  added meaningful reset() methods to various steps that need it.
     new faf3d0a  get rid of warnings in build.
     new d4ac702  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0a3c837  Add "modern" graph back. #76
     new cc6cf6e  Add back modern graph in all ways #76
     new 02884d9  Improve test coverage around vertex label in IO.
     new 850e164  Bump to latest netty 4.0.23.final
     new d9826fc  Update changelog.
     new ac5725c  maxContentLength setting on gremlin driver is now operational.
     new 55693ef  Clean up imports.
     new 5058628  Neo4j doesn't support graphcomputer so doesn't need to test that part of the suite.
     new cc9a5fd  Remove some todos that are either issues or resolved.
     new f299643  Remove todo around trying to standardize transaction exceptions.
     new e731dbb  Use java 8 method for ThreadLocal initialization.
     new 3f8884f  Leave it up to the user to shutdown transactions in other threads - can't easily do that globally from close().
     new e7f9f58  Got sugar tests to pass.
     new c878ead  more work on GiraphRemoteAcceptor thanks to @spmallette MetaClass cache clear find.
     new ed57c63  Gremlin2 AsMap functionality added to TP3 but with MORE POWER. This one goes out to @dkuppitz -- from the deserts of New Mexico to the cobblestone streets of Koln. <drop mic/> Fixed #82 and Fixed #101.
     new c39ae65  BackStep and BackComputerStep now exist. BackStep OLTP is no longer a path consumer. It is for BackComputerStep. Added more docs.
     new fb9f9d2  added lambda steps section with discussion of 'AsMap' along with more images.
     new b579960  doc update thanks to @dkuppitz and retain() addition.
     new d4b552f  Add test for validating that session requests with bindings are preserved between requests.
     new 2bc704a  Expand the test for keeping bindings across requests a little bit.
     new 6b35df4  add biXXx lambda test cases.
     new 589b09b  updated a label test in HasTest to use modern now. minor nothing. about to do something crazy.
     new f215f6e  some crazy things here --- you can now register the GraphComputer with steps so that steps can determine the most efficient way to execute their behavior based on the features of the GraphComputer. This was initial done by having numerous types of XXXStep -- SelectStep, SelectOneStep, SelectComptuerStep, SelectOneComputerStep. This is not good. Now there is simply SelectStep which implements AnalyzesGraphComputer and now Strategy or multiple steps required. I need to thi [...]
     new ccf73d9  Add test for ensuring that NoSuchElementException does not popup for Traversal iteration.
     new 86244f2  Globally add Override annotation.
     new cac3bf3  Modify the grateful dead graph to use label instead of type property for vertices #110
     new 94cf350  Update changelog.
     new 55e6099  minor nothings.
     new 1a55748  unfold(), like scatter() before it, unrolls Maps into a stream of Map.Entry objects.
     new 171b057  Auto-rollback if the session dies and a transaction is still open #109
     new 7fda33b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new cd39d79  Update changelog.
     new 56e3be4  Rename tests for consistency sake.
     new 76d54eb  FoldStep now takes a Traverser<S>  in line with the new model that lambdas get access to Traveser.
     new 4500cf9  there is now a GraphComputerStrategey that registers with each step that is EngineDepdenent whether its running on GraphComputer or not. This is important cause now we can have one step and it can decide which algorithm to execute depending on its engine --- e.g. no more JumpStep and JumpComputerStep. All I need to get rid of now is CountCapStep and there is nothing inherently special about GraphComputer.
     new 9b2f152  Improve the ClusterAware interfaces.
     new 7537374  Clean up javadoc.
     new a250369  Add UTF8 query test for scriptengine.
     new f18b4bc  Add integration tests for gremlin-groovy to cover the long run "heap" tests.
     new cbefaf8  initial commit for gremlin server documentation change. Just added some extra information to centralize the data.
     new bce838e  Merge pull request #113 from PommeVerte/dmill-server-doc
     new 57c87aa  minor nothing... stuck trying to figure out how to generalize StartStep to GraphComputer so vendors don't have to think -- having a hard time.
     new 4cf5301  Some additions and format changes to the Developing a Gremlin Driver section. #113
     new b1db783  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 581d43f  Reworked the protocol for Gremlin Server given #106
     new c0ffc81  Renaming around StatusCode for the protocol for Gremlin Server #106
     new 80acb68  Add some tests around full message support in the serializers #106
     new 3454267  Update changelog.
     new 05d969b  Update docs given changes to the ResponseMessage format #106
     new 31b268d  A memory leak in TinkerGraph fixed.
     new 2572f57  Put GraphStrategy descriptions in alphabetical order. #86
     new ae11a3a  first push on metaproperties.
     new 3b7d2b9  propagated meta properties through TinkerGraph and Neo4jGraph.
     new 5461756  oh the horid pain.
     new 7859fb8  Add IteratorUtil and get tests to compile in gremlin-driver.
     new 10b8ffd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into metaproperties
     new 80036ef  add GraphTraversal steps for MetaProperty access.
     new f7eaf6c  Clean up some todos in tests around metaproperties changes.
     new 32772a1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/metaproperties' into metaproperties
     new c473622  Clean up todo around metaproperties refacactoring in tests.
     new e9003f2  StrategyWrappedElement fixed up after metaproperties refactoring.
     new 656e4df  Fix strategywrappededge after metaproperties refactoring.
     new c166827  Fix StrategyWrappedVertex after metaproperties refactoring.
     new edf0b22  Fix tests after metaproperties refactoring.
     new 96a1e20  TinkerGraph now passes both computer and standard process tests.
     new d1a5180  made sure that if properties is multi, then the Map value is a list.
     new 51776ed  @spmallette ... random cyclic inference stuff. check out Vertex and Element APIs now.
     new 238087a  nothing is building, but look at what I did with Element, Vertex, Edge, and MetaProperty... iterators()... now we have those isolated and the 'hardcore' methods. This means that we can now have GraphTraversal representatiopns of properties(), values(), hiddens(), etc.
     new 00f7851  latest for stephen.
     new f32aea5  Neo4j, Giraph, and TinkerGraph all have MetaProperty support. Neo4j metaproperties are currently just like properties, no multi or metas allowed -- unsupported operation. once we get everything compiling, I will work to make it be a property or split off to a vertex as need be.
     new 7660b02  added hidden(), hiddens(), hiddenMap() to GraphTraversal, Vertex, Edge.
     new 6aed2a3  all gremlin-tests up to snuff except SequenceGraphStrategyTest.
     new a6b78c0  added new hidden() graph traversal methods to Neo4j.
     new f3e0375  added ElementHelper.areEqual(MetaProperty).
     new a0b856f  giraph tweaks.
     new dbef935  Neo4jGraph now supports multi- and meta- properties. no testing yet as this branch is in a very unstable state.
     new b1a93f2  gremlin-core is building again after addition of Element.iterators()
     new 9354db9  metaPropertyTest start.
     new f8e1d28  with gremlin-core working now Neo4jTraversal source is back on track with dynamic code generation.
     new d60c932  gremlin-test now compiles after Element.iterator() refactoring.
     new 61f2bde  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/metaproperties' into metaproperties
     new 2d1a023  fixed up tests and have MetaPropertyTest working for both Neo4j and TinkerGraph :). Slick.
     new d8b93f2  fixed a bug in GiraphGraph when new Iterators model was introduced.
     new 952d9c0  knocking out tests left and right. IO is the only big problem. A few random tests here and there that @spmallette should look at.
     new a434e5d  Rename test to be better describe its intent.
     new 4ab0300  Add SequenceStrategyTest that actually tests order of operations.
     new fca88ab  Get rid of stackoverflow error in IO.
     new 7e5c6a6  Corrected bug in HiddenMapStep - didn't work right if property keys were not specified to the step.
     new 5c0d5e1  Fixed a bunch of IO tests around proper access to vertex properties.
     new 028002d  fixed a bug in HiddenStep.
     new 7ff4ce9  renamed hiddenMap() to hiddenValueMap().
     new dad578e  lots of good tests for MultiPropertTest in StandardStructureTestSuite. Both Neo4j and TinkerGraph pass nicely. Good stuff.
     new 008e3be  minor tweaks
     new 9ac6003  fixed up GraphComputerTest and added a Vertex.propertyOverwrite() method. Desiring a better name than that.
     new 8f42288  Add override annotations.
     new 2f13282  got detachedXXX itertors serializable and got Giraph working again. phew... thought I was about to go into a Hadoop-Hole. Now time to make DetachedXXX bad ass.
     new d6a99b4  added hiddenMap() for @spmallette
     new b242ba4  wow. figured out how to inherit interfaces and got rid a bunch of cutpaste code. epic.
     new bc6862b  added Vertex.singleProperty() to make it easier to deal with single properties. More MetaProperty tests. Stuff is lookin' good.
     new 3de48cb  IO tests pass given metaproperties refactoring.
     new 446552a  Mistake on last commit - didn't have victory on IO - fixed two more tests here.
     new 5493b12  Bug corrected in hidden steps now allows all IO tests to run.
     new a8b2a9b  Trying to get GraphStrategy back on its feet after metaproperties refactoring.
     new 91448f5  Break Element.remove() strategy functions into separate edge/vertex strategy functions.
     new 1a6c265  Add more wrapper tests for Property around Edge.
     new 58ed203  Restructured StrategyWrapped tests.
     new 81fda15  Restructure StrategyWrapped tests around Property.
     new 0c99caf  ExceptionConverageTest updated to include MetaProperty exceptions.
     new cd61af1  fixed up TransactionTest problems as exposed by Neo4jGraph -- singleProperty() needed.
     new 43a6db1  added LABEL, ID, KEY, VALUE as static imports for Gremlin-Groovy. Added documentation around MetaProperties.
     new a147c57  testing around MetaProperties within a GraphComputer. Really simplified TinkerGraphs GraphView implementation with a realization.
     new 971d26f  Simplified GraphComputer where VertexProgram.getElementKeys() simply returns Set<String>. With Local Messages being 'messages' there is no need to make  a distinction between CONSTANT and VARIABLE keys. Updated docs, test cases, etc.
     new 72592f0  more docs on meta-properties.
     new 6277462  Added todos to clean up GraphStrategy tests around graph elements later.
     new 1bf2ed9  Changed OVERWRITE to OVERWRITE_SINGLE in BatchGraph which allowed the tests to pass.
     new e0feb72  Fix broken gremlin groovy test given metaproperties refactoring.
     new f315185  Add back OVERWRITE as an option for BatchGraph.
     new 0c0a222  Fix toString of Neo4MetaProperty.
     new 1950633  Neo4j was returning hiddenKeys with the hidden prefix of "~" removed.
     new e8df02d  Enforce hiddens not being re-hidden.
     new 4c100bb  Add a todo to rethink consistency around hidden keys.
     new 0f6c118  Added todo...not sure why i had to do this for Neo4j to pass.  It should be uncessary.
     new c2c97e3  Auto-hide keys given to Neo4jVertex.iterator.hiddens
     new e47cd4a  Update tests data files for giraph given metaproperties.
     new e0c83c1  more metaProperty tests.
     new c6f7cb4  Got rid of reference to IteratorUtil
     new 2df74f5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/metaproperties' into metaproperties
     new 7700d9d  key and value are now reserved keys for Property.
     new 8d4c3c7  Fix a couple of tests in Gremlin Driver around serialization after metaproperties refactoring.
     new a0da829  never should the user ever see ~. lots of work on MetaProperty and hiddens throughout.
     new e8e8b60  better 'multiple keys' message in Vertex.Exception.
     new 82d5506  hiddenValueMap() working.
     new e51e177  fixed up HiddenMapStep. IOTests pass now. SImplified the ElementHelper getMap methods... again, a case for why hidden() should go away.
     new 8f223eb  HiddenStep is renamed to HiddenValueStep to be consistent. Fixed a small bug in Giraph.
     new 9acdbdd  more test cases for PropertyTest.
     new 245dcf9  fixed up a bunch of bad default methods now that iterators() exists. More MetaProperty and PropertyTests. Still a funky bug in Neo4jGraph....
     new 1e060ed  bumped Neo4j version to 2.1.4 and added more tests around MetaProperty... I think there is a bug in Neo4j setProperty() when the transaction gets complex with lots of removeProperty(), setProperty(). ......
     new 2c73d44  Kryo serialization working now with respect to gremlin-driver.
     new e573766  Fix gremlin-server integration tests.
     new a601635  Minor renaming in Detached element tests.
     new c3e5d02  Add hiddens to DetachedVertex/Edge.
     new 10a4603  Remove dead code from DetachedElement.
     new 6c7f538  Inadvertantly committed a bad test.
     new 688cfec  Don't allow traversals on DetachedEdge.
     new fd80dee  Fix broken test around DetachedEdge not supporting traversal
     new 83e5203  Fixed GraphComputer stuff that tried to traverse off an Edge.
     new ccd72a1  Fix mocks in DetachedEdgeTest.
     new b64a604  Fixed mocks in Detached tests.
     new f56777b  the start of Neo4jGraph structure testing with Cypher.
     new 37c5fbb  testing around MetaProperties and how the underlying Neo4jGraph looks.
     new 6e27763  found the getProperty()/removeProprty() issue in Neo4j. Isolated, but have tx.commit() for now until we realize why its doing this.
     new edabf3c  Add test on composing a DetachedVertex from individual parts.
     new 49c9322  Add test for constructing DetachedEdge with component pieces.
     new aa33042  Got rid of separate maps for hiddens and properties in Detached classes as per #115
     new a7ad3e4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 04196da  Fixed bad compile after merge.
     new 9f45db3  Clean up imports.
     new 73d4e64  Minor refactoring - extract function for conversion to DetachedMetaProperty.
     new 8554bf2  Refactor property conversion to MetaProperty with method extraction for that function.
     new c70609b  Remove todo.
     new 209041b  Tests for consistency in construction of DetachedVertex/Edge with respect to properties/hiddens.
     new 3921f89  Add javadoc to MetaProperty.
     new 8eaf9ba  Update javadoc on Property.
     new 36dddde  Make property(key) in DetachedVertex consistent with behavior of the non-detached form.
     new facb944  added more back()-tests with new checkResults() method in AbstractGremlinProcess.
     new a7ddca5  added GiraphProperty and GiraphMetaProperty.
     new 183f883  first push on the new TheCrew toy graph.
     new c97d610  fixed up VariablesTest to not say Sideeffects -- old skool. Added Neo4jGraphVariables -- tada. Fixed #120 ...there is a TODO in NEo4jGraph constuctor to look at.
     new ea40716  oops. fixed.
     new dbab775  Neo4jGraphVariable Node is ONLY created on request/usage of GraphVariables. Also Fixed #111 for @spmallette and his dear family.
     new e20ba30  Remove dead test.
     new b084b22  Add more assertions around property access for DetachedEdge.
     new 5bded80  Add some javadoc around DetachedVertex/Edge
     new 4386dc3  Refactor Detached classes to force more consistency in the attach method.
     new 1ab88b3  Rework the DetachedProperty tests to build off of Edge and add DetachedMetaProperty tests.
     new dd2cfbe  Clean up imports.
     new 29b49d7  Don't allow a detached edge to be detached a second time.
     new 4fa71e0  Prevent detachment of a DetachedMetaProperty.
     new 672125e  Prevent detachment of a DetachedProperty.
     new 7e26202  Prevent detachment of a DetachedVertex.
     new 8def0a5  Expanded tests to cover Property.key() to ensure hidden prefix is removed.
     new c8d422d  Stopped the PathTraverser from detaching already detached things.
     new 8f742b3  2x speed increase on steps that rely heavily on ExpandableStepIterator with massive memory footprint reduction as well.
     new 4b653c8  Add vertice gio file.
     new 15be332  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c7960f0  Add properties on properties for DetachedVertex.
     new 0c0676f  IO classes for serialization will not support conversion from Detached classes.
     new cfcb7d8  added OrderByStep and respective test cases .. Fixed #116
     new 7f6d7dc  Third time this has wasted a lot of time - NEVER AGAIN!!!
     new dcfa837  Remove exceptions in IO serializable classes.
     new 38a8a90  removed GraphComputer mergeView() ... need more thoughts on this before moving forward. Fixed #88.
     new f8f5109  created Traverser.System interface that hides the methods that underlying code requires but users should not touch.
     new 3b23d71  Add DetachedMetaProperty procesing to DetachedPath
     new 6832434  IoElement and IoMetaProperty use Element.iterators() for efficiency.
     new bb742c3  found a GraphTraversal in IoEdge. Fixed with iterator() call.
     new 79f2a23  traversers have access to sideeffects.
     new 1e4845d  Suger plugin is now super fast thanks to Groovy Categories+Traits. Nearly as fast as Java8 representation in Groovy.
     new 26b3947  Merge branch 'traverser_sideeffects'
     new a2fe8bb  updated changelog.
     new b028485  Enforce id access on elements outside of the original thread that created it.
     new 85287b4  Add feature check test for vertex addition.
     new 9ee5e07  Remove redundant test from GraphTest around exception consistency.
     new ff12ff6  Add test for exception consistency around adding vertices.
     new 5832ad0  Exception consistency covers vertex addition now.
     new 22d6c03  Add exception consistency/feature support test for edge addition.
     new 9b2ae44  Add a note about checking "ignored" tests in the same way one would check failed tests.
     new 2813787  Begin to factor out IO serializer objects in favor of Detached classes. #125
     new e8bc3aa  got rid of biFunctions/consumers for filter/sideEffect/map/flapMap now that Traverser has reference to sideEffect. Great work @dkuppitz.
     new 0281ed3  removed unneeded disambiguation methods with Traverser.get() the way to get the sideEffects.
     new d442ad5  added Barrier marker interface that states that the particular step blocks the traversal to gather results and then drains. This is important as these steps need different behaviors on OLAP.
     new 548a17e  documentation update with new Traverser.getSideEffect() work.
     new c9425e2  Gremlin-Groovy test suite tests SugarPlugin as the other way around it was pointless given that Java8 test suite tests standard Java syntax. Fixed #127
     new cd81018  Test data for Giraph now references gremlin-test via GraphSONResourceAccess, KryoResourceAccess, and GraphMLResourceAccess classes that provide XXX.getResource().getPath() accessibility. Fixed #112
     new f43e8a2  truly fixed 112 ... getting resources files from jars requires some streams and temp files.. sucks, but works. Fixed #112.
     new b14c341  reworked Neo4jGraphStep to support meta-property indexing and getting the associated vertex of the metaproperty node, not the meta-property node. Fixed #128.
     new 1d26430  Seems like tests are passing in IOTest and gremlin-driver tests.
     new 9aedd34  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new 21bb08e  Add some todos for later.
     new e02faf8  worked with @peterneubauer to provide Graph.Variables in Neo4j that don't require the creation of a Node. Much cleaner, much cooler.
     new f8d54a8  some initial work on turning a HasContainers to a Cypher query for complex index lookups.
     new bc46ed8  Got writeVertex stuff working in Kryo.
     new 1e5b418  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new a4f34e6  Specify generic.
     new 881a3eb  Add read/writeVertices for kryo.
     new ca86d79  Methods for read/writeGraph in kryo seem happy-ish.
     new 7ec5dda  New serialization for kryo works in toy graph.
     new 29f84c1  Get read/writeEdge in GraphSON working.
     new a0bb927  MetaProperty.label() == MetaProperty.key(). Added testing around Neo4jMetaProperty indexing.
     new 33cc390  read/writeVertex for GraphSON is working.
     new 2851afd  read/writeVertices for graphson is working.
     new b3a7428  IO Tests pass for graphson write/readGraph.
     new ac73bc6  Regen'd all files - dropped refactoring infrastructure for write/readGraph
     new f983291  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new 60af935  Regenerated test data resources again given latest merge.
     new 9ad3cc8  Regenerated all the graph data with latest stuffs.
     new 7b3304d  Property.remove() and MetaProperty.remove() are not idempotent with new test cases to verify it. An only Neo4j 1.x bug is showing its face again where GlobalGraphOperations are not transactionally sound. Added A Neo4jHelper.isDeleted() method to check if node is deleted. Neo4jMetaProperty model has been redesigned and more work on index lookups with Neo4jGraphStep.
     new 5415f60  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new b08e6ca  fixed a ConcurrentModificationException in TinkerGraph and added a test case in VertexTest to ensure it works.
     new 7fe7921  Stripped out all refactoring infrastructure.
     new 2a9c4ae  a super push on Neo4jGraphStep and index lookups. Also, updated Neo4jGraphProvider to flip a coin to decide whether indices are created or not. This way, we can test legacy indices, cypher indices, and no indices. Lots more work to do on Neo4jGraphStep around index.query(), metaProperty indexing (need a LoadGraph.THE_CREW), and arbitrary Cypher indexing (and/or/etc.). Ref #93
     new a70fd5c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new 439df73  Use iterators instead of GraphTraversal in IO.
     new 8817738  Make sure vertex labels are serializing properly on Edge in IO.
     new 613f3c6  No longer are LABEL, ID, KEY, VALUE reserved property keys. T.label, T.key, etc. are all the rage. Fixed #123
     new 7c5a775  I just realized you can put methods on individual enums. This makes things much faster. Killer.
     new f75fc1a  updated docs with new T model.
     new 9f1069b  Properties on properties work for Kryo.
     new 06feced  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new aa063ca  fixed a bug in GraphComptuter aroudn serializing SideEffects across JVM boundaries.
     new 82ff81d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into io-pain
     new 005dc0b  Move Detached tests to standard tests suite.
     new 642c376  Add todo reminder.
     new 0582109  Confirmed that T.id refactor looks good in BatchGraph
     new fd90442  Add test for properties on properties in GraphSON.
     new a3c7fa4  BatchGraph can't rollback.
     new 0c9b585  Neo4jStepLoader was not necessary. Removed. Also updated the docs in the Groovy sections to NOT use T.neq, but neq, etc.  Fixed #133
     new b87186e  Get giraph working with latest IO changes.
     new 7ce04a4  Fixed the vertex stream reader.
     new bb2972a  Got rid of dead code.
     new 282c998  added until-step. updated docs. dope. Fixed #135
     new 4cfbc8a  Add "The Crew" serialized data.
     new 88b3608  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/io-pain'
     new 71c62f6  went back to a simpler version of TraversalVertexProgram that worked prior to io-pain merge.
     new adaa792  Refactor the comments inline instead of footnotes.
     new e9babb6  Provide complete description of jump logic.
     new e9bdee8  Remove IOVertex/Edge/etc now that Detached classes are used for serialization.
     new 71b81bc  Get usage of ResourceAccess classes consistent.
     new 989e018  Merge pull request #138 from baerrach/ChooseStep-improve-explanation
     new 9d2aab4  Merge pull request #139 from baerrach/JumpStep-improve-documentation
     new 91a767a  fixed a comment in docs.
     new 57ee165  Removed hashcode as something stored as a member variable in Detached.
     new 8249b55  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ac837a7  No need to check for detachment when writing in kryo because the serializer already handles it.
     new 8455d97  first stub of referenced elements.
     new 2043976  ReferencedXXX with integration with Gremlin OLAP. Also a huge optimization in GremlinOLAP that was basically a code comment out.
     new 1725fd2  Remove rollbacks - they just throw exceptions because the reader uses BatchGraph.
     new 5c7a5a6  Update files in data directory based on recent refactoring.
     new cd80eac  concat arguments that are :> submitted to Giraph. Good catch. Thanks for the fix @spmallette.
     new 03859eb  renamed MetaProperty to VertexProperty. Fixed a bug in Giraph-Gremlin around concatenating arguments. Updated docs.
     new 61adfe5  minor doc update.
     new d154d86  minor doc update.
     new 0b0e292  commented out version of SimpleTraverser that uses DetachedXXX for easy access to testing down the road.
     new eda6f55  simplified TraversalMessage slightly and went to Element.areEqual() for attachment in ReferencedEdge. Was using id().equals()...thats not smart, use Element.areEqual() as that is what its for. @spmallette you may have the same problem in DetachedXXX. Bye world.
     new a2ff36d  Fixed equality test on DetachedEdge.
     new 0e059ae  Add hashcode equality test on DetachedEdge.
     new 871effd  Turn on equality test.
     new 3570637  Change DetachedTests to use MODERN graph.
     new 4c549db  Update changelog.
     new 7d0fd5b  Add Features for Meta/Multi Properties. #121
     new c3c2096  Turn back on a few more Detached class tests.
     new 2c7137e  Wrong feature set applied to DetachedEdgeTests
     new 239aba3  Turn on DetachedProperty tests.
     new 3aa9ea6  tweaks to Neo4jGraphStep --- no need to check if auto-indexer is working or now.
     new d351702  Rename strategy methods for consistency.
     new 927f200  Modify GraphStrategy to have separate "property" strategy functions for edge/vertex.
     new 8d39f8b  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 7078ecc  Provider individual strategy methods for Vertex/Edge.property(String,V).
     new b10a4cc  Separate Edge/Vertex.Iterator.properties strategy methods.
     new deff928  Separate Edge/Vertex.Iterators.hiddens strategy methods.
     new ce8f44a  Separate strategy methods for Vertex/Edge.value
     new 1e1be2a  Add separate vertex/edge id strategy methods.
     new 2537a1a  Add separate Vertex/Edge strategy methods for label.
     new 0c8c960  Add separate Vertex/Edge strategy methods for keys.
     new 5b0b0a1  Add separate Edge/Vertex strategy methods for hiddenKeys.
     new 6e3370d  Add separate Vertex/Edge strategy methods for iterators.values
     new 9e80b8f  Add separate Vertex/Edge strategy methods for Iterators.hiddenValues.
     new 92146ee  Add javadoc to strategy methods.
     new 8a8e374  Add strategy method for Vertex.iterators.vertices
     new b9e20dd  Add strategy method for Vertex.Iterators.edges.
     new 41b8ff6  Added equals() and hashCode() to ReferencedXXX. Fixed a bug in TraversalVertexProgram where DetachedPath was being used instead of ReferencedPath. Simplified TraversalPathMessage. Updated ElementHelper so we dont need to type cast equals() for VertexProperty. Fixed #160
     new 0b50f7d  added Graph.System.unSystem(),system(),isSystem(). Element.validateProperty() does NOT allow System keys. Test case added. Fixed #156 and Fixed #140
     new 47cb1f7  Add Edge.iterators().vertices strategy methods.
     new f9ae796  Update "The Crew" graph. #153
     new 7f2775a  Catch UnsupportedOperationException when iterating properties on VertexProperty. #161
     new 4222596  GiraphGraphComputer fails when GiraphJob fails. Made SideEffects reference in Traverser transient so it doesnt get serialized. Renamed some things in FlatMapReduce (still called things Holder). Still some odd bugs in indexing in OLAP maps. Fixed #165
     new 04885b4  Refine "The Crew" a bit more. #153
     new 2a42750  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 4da1108  More work on getting to the bottom of the null refernce in Giraph in certain attach() situations. Fixed a count() issue that only shows up in Giraph as the Traversal.SideEffects are distributed. Fixed #147
     new cee7aa0  tweaks to DetachedXXX, ReferenceXXX, and some optimizations to GiraphInternalVertex.
     new 8c74f64  wow. fixed a super hidden bug in Giraph that @dkuppitz exposed the other day -- groupCount() in a jump() loop was NOT happy. Had to do with how GiraphRemoteAcceptor works -- its sketchy as its not quite a GraphComputer, but requires GraphComptuer strategies. By way of China. Solved. Also, simplified GraphComputer strategy applications in TinkerGraph.
     new 3642662  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 18b88db  Started assertion of The Crew.
     new f0b9ed2  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 210e15c  random tweaks here and there.
     new f07f5ae  fixed a bug in UntilStrategy that showed up in GiraphIntegeration testing.
     new 04e976e  updates to CHANGELOG.
     new f1d04d6  added TheCrew to the GiraphGraphProvided. Renamed methods in ValueMapTest away from their old values() model. More updates to CHANGELOG.
     new 2f0a61c  converted over HasTest to use TheCrew graph where it was adding verttex labels, etc. dynamically before.
     new de02fe9  Neo4jGraphProvider doesnt fail on CREW. oops. should have run the full test suite before pushing my last commit. I'm a very bad man.
     new 646ed27  Catch graphs that dont' support properties on properties in GraphSON serialization #161
     new fc4f6a1  Add hardcoded ids to The Crew.
     new 3679af9  Update data files for the crew and complete assertions on v1 of The Crew.
     new aebf233  Add in tests for DetachedVertexProperty.
     new bcbc650  Add more tests for Detached classes.
     new a06ef2d  Add feature checks for meta/multiproperty to some IO tests. #161
     new 55a43d5  added a visualization of a vertex property to the docs, updated StringFactory to use vp[] for vertex property, not mp[]. tweaks to the docs.
     new 408de28  added a NOTE: about TheCrew graph.
     new 741c3a3  Add more assertions for The Crew.
     new 153911c  Minor modification to The Crew graph data.
     new 30b817e  Reverse "traverses" edge in The Crew and complete all assertions.
     new e5cc1fa  added configuration to allow meta- and/or multi-properties in Neo4j via Configuration. Added test cases for ensuring that Hidden and System key methods behave as expected. Updated docs for Neo4jGraph. Fixed #126
     new 3495cf2  testing around Neo4jGraph and multi- meta-properties.
     new 4ce953b  Add feature check for multiproperty test in BatchGraph.
     new d936a36  ensure that either meta- and multi-property are activated or not. no hybrids allowed for this release cylc.e
     new 33a6e5e  Correct tests with respect to Meta/Multi Property.
     new 5a2a458  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 780e88d  MatchStep fix
     new 49947df  Neo4jGraph now passes all MatchStepTests.
     new 19050ab  minor fix to issue in UntiTest
     new c70e7b8  added ElementHelper.validateLabel() and tweaked the exception message of a Property.Exception. Ref #178
     new 2a51657  Fixed performance test which was broken given changes in vertex id generation in TinkerGraph.
     new 8790bbf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7dbb2a9  TinkerPop3 3.0.0.M2 release
     new a1bc248  tweaks for M2 release.
     new ed832be  back to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new f07b1e0  Simplified Enumerator and implementations for MatchStep.  This fixes both known bugs and makes the code more maintainable.
     new 716b256  fixed CHANGELOG update by @joshsh.
     new 5bdb79a  fixed a bug in Traversal.toString() when using Sugar. Fixed a multi-machine OLAP compilation issue with UntilStep. Fixed a random case in CountStep when it can return 0 even through there are results. Fixed #183.
     new b76288f  UntilStep now makes use of UnrollLoopsStrategy. However, discovered lots of complexities around until() and the emitPredicate. Fixed #167 and Ref #184
     new 82eee93  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 85b7f80  did about 5 more ExceptionCoverageTest exceptions. integrated ElementHelper.validateLabel() to make sure labels are not null, empty, nor Graph.System keys. Fixed #178
     new 8021667  minor cleanups and tweaks to GiraphGraph.... trying to discover the true nature of OLAP Traversal serialization.
     new 2c3a76f  working to clear up lots of Serialization declarations. Dont generically allow serialization.
     new 33ad686  separated out submit() and preparation of traversal for graph computer. Added ScriptTraversal interface and GroovyTraversal instance. In theory, there will be ScalaTraversal, JavaScriptTraversal that will allow Gremlin langauge dialets to be run over OLAP. The proof of the simplicity is seen in GiraphRemoteAcceptor. Also, ComputerResult memory in OLAP are added to the subsequent ComputerResultStep traversal.
     new c178087  fixed a casting issue when ? types are not made explicit -- a Java8 think I'm told. @rjbriody  helped me Fixed #166 .
     new 86f4a96  minor tweaks. about to deep dive into SFunction.... god help me.
     new de6f2b8  no more SBlahBlah.... Everything is working good for TinkerGraph OLTP/OLAP, Neo4j OLTP, and Girpah OLTP. Next up is getting the new GroovyFunctions to go through for Giraph...... super easy cause I'm that good. Fixed #176.
     new 201c41f  updated CHANGELOG.
     new b6f39d4  organizing gremlin-groovy/ for all the function stuff to come. Will be brutal.
     new def69e2  Grateful Dead has integer ids now #168
     new 95051e1  Add strategy method for VertexProperty.id().
     new 0492488  Add strategy method for VertexProperty.label.
     new 3e34ba8  update changelog.
     new 678638a  Add strategy method for VertexProperty.keys()
     new 6fe6063  Add strategy method for VertexProperty.hiddenKeys()
     new 1e42ff2  Added strategy method for VertexProperty.getElement().
     new 807ed27  Add strategy method for VertexProperty.property(String,Object).
     new 33f4f87  Add strategy method for VertexProperty.iterators.properties
     new e3a8528  Add strategy method of hiddens iterator on VertexProperty and added tests for properties on properties.
     new 398a4c6  Add strategy methods on VertexProperty.Iterators.values/hiddenValeus.
     new 0d411ea  Clean up javadoc in GraphStrategy.
     new cff79b3  update changelog
     new ac2309d  Add test for ad-hoc GraphStrategy for graphs that don't support multiproperty.
     new ea153a3  Added tests to enforce behavior of multi-key assignment to addVertex.
     new 57d0f8b  Make test semantics for overwrite test the same as multi property.
     new 262255e  Add an "integration" test for neo4j configuration with multi/meta property set to false.
     new 54e1955  Update changelog.
     new 421fe3c  Update Travis automation and release process.
     new fe351e2  Traversal now implements cloneable as we no longer support binary serialization as the means of cloning. Updated TraversalVertexProgram to use ThreadLocal representations of the Traversal to save time computing the clone.
     new ed4f6ed  removed 'implements Serializable' in numerous places. With Traversals no longer Serializable, the codebase is much safer as there are no longer worries of what is being serialized in messages, traversers, etc. Fixed a bug in Traversal.clone(). Few tweaks in new ScriptTraversal interface.  Fixed #169
     new 13873f2  oops. my bad.
     new c8223cc  Created gremlin-groovy-test.
     new d58fad1  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 0a714fc  organizing packages, naming with @spmallette new work. all lost in ScriptTraversal. Thought it would be easy.
     new 417b2dd  organizing packages, naming with @spmallette new work. all lost in ScriptTraversal. Thought it would be easy.
     new f352641  Figured out how to do script or supplier or supplier class for TraversalVertexProgram. No complicated GSupplier -- just a script-engine and ScriptEngineFactory needed. Fixed #188
     new ba6265c  working through refactoring the new test suite.
     new 09fd427  oops. forgot to OPT_OUT ... GiraphGraph was hangin on Grateful Dead tests.
     new b317ba6  Modern/Classic asserted more clearly in IoTest.
     new 8025e22  more test suite refactoring. done with both Java and Groovy ProcessTestSuite. Sweeeet.
     new 7df046d  more tests and now Neo4jGraph is tested against Gremlin-Groovy.
     new f198ae1  Add tests for hiddens on VertexProperty to cover both multi/single property.
     new 16be77c  Add multiproperty tests for checking StrategyWrappedVertex.
     new 74eaa25  Removed unecessary todo.
     new 8dda27f  Remove unecessary todo.
     new 4006ba6  EdgeOtherStep didn't seem to be working given a strategy test.
     new 4f9b341  Need EdgeOtherVertexStep to strategy wrap.
     new b4574e8  Add test for EdgeOtherVertexStep to cover strategy wrapping.
     new fbe4c9c  More tests to ensur strategy wrapping.
     new 907432b  Broke this test given this change https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3/commit/4006ba60b95288073fe7b6960204e44baf77f39b
     new 32aa2b1  Reverted changed to otherV.
     new 512c019  comment out failing test.
     new fb11fed  Mute extra process test logging when travis is building stuff. #187
     new 4d39e2c  Add todo - comment out failing test in travis.
     new 7a53f94  Move groovy Graph.Key.hide() test to the environment test suite.
     new 7d28a55  Add Feature and tests for addProperty exception.
     new 9f54518  Update changelog.
     new 3b4df23  Trim down sizes of kryo files after addition of VertexProperty.
     new d9fa0fa  Removed todo around serialization with Kryo.
     new dd2fb76  Rename config directories to conf for consistency. #182
     new 190dadc  Make TinkerGraph a plugin to the Console.
     new 2d2df24  learned something from EffectiveJava. Arrays.toString() as opposesd to Arrays.asList().toString().
     new 779017d  work on supplier embedding in VertexPrograms. This will be huge for people down the road.
     new 077592f  work on generalizing GraphComputerTest so it works with different Gremlin language variants. Crazy hole. Getting out of it now. 1-2 more hours tomorrow.
     new 18fe432  lots of work on Giraph GroovyComputer --- struggles with Hadoop->Apache configuration conversion. A few hacks in here. Need to find a general solution as this isn't good.
     new a9ed090  update to docs.
     new aa27726  removed unneeded classes.
     new 9ef7a25  removed unneeded AST Closure to String class.
     new 99b6ed0  Remove a method from GraphProvider that is no longer needed for tests.
     new d7e486e  Remove todo - TinkerGraphProvider is being used everywhere.
     new 4ab5f98  Tested and tweaked Gremlin-Giraph via the console. Updated configuration parameters. Updated docs.
     new 03081ca  added LambdaHolder which greatly simplifies VertexProgram handling where lambdas are either objects, classes, or JSR223 scripts.
     new b1ab6c3  whoops. committed an update that was only for local testing.
     new 6eccc40  had a misspelling that only showed up in Giraph-Gremlin. Now Giraph-Gremlin integration ComputerTests pass.
     new e579529  Allow sugarplugin tests to work properly. #192
     new c478287  Update data files.
     new f7048b3  Just try to see if travis is happy if loading gremlin stuff in each test.
     new 29aed45  Maybe this fixes Travis.
     new bd589b5  Seeing if not reusing forks in gremlin-groovy-test helps get Travis happy.
     new 86b26e8  Turn off SugarPluginTests to prevent mucking with the registry - maybe travis will like that.
     new 4c7fd1e  Remove sugar test from suite to see if that makes Travis happy.
     new 8bd43c4  Try to load Gremlin stuffs from implementations to make travis happy.
     new 8799ccc  Load gremlin junks directly in a test case - maybe then travis will likey.
     new 94d0d66  lots of work to make it so that sideEffect steps are oblivious to how the underlying sideEffects are represented. In OLAP, they are distributed over the vertex set and its now handled automagically with DistributedSideEffects. Its dope.
     new a2e8ba5  Traverser now uses Java shorts to represent the number of loops. No one will EVER (EVER) do 32000+ loops.
     new e5f6c69  bump to 2.3.7 of groovy
     new 5607cc3  Straighten out problems in data generation.
     new 098ca03  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4d12daf  Remove loaders in tests themselves.
     new 6e0eed3  Wow. DistributedSideEffects was the key to Gremlin OLAP. Fixed #85
     new 799c380  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 997471e  Modules were out of order in the parent pom.
     new 835afc3  Generate tinkerpop-classic-vertices.ldjson.
     new 1d8d8d9  Update GraphSON sample.
     new b1f12f4  removed Bulkable. Forgot to delete it previously. Tweaks to the sideEffect steps.
     new ca6f570  added the_crew graphic and some gremlin-groovy play in the docs.
     new 0397739  added hidden properties image to docs.
     new 7f0dafe  added the crew to its own subsection.
     new f084c02  tweaked the ghost image size
     new e5752b1  Remove plugin that adds source to gremlin-groovy jar.
     new 873461d  Try loading with an instance method instead of a static.
     new 134eb24  Use instance methods for all meta method loading.
     new a349567  Drop instance methods for loading and use add maven-compiler to poms.
     new f85b838  Use the "indy" version of groovy to get invokedynamic support.
     new a1899d8  Add "indy" classifier to gremlin-driver.
     new 9fed552  big stuff here. Order enum added. All enums renamed to short name -- Compare.eq ... No longer need T.*. Removed alot of overriden methods in GraphTraversal and now with direct access, its possible to Java8 chain -- decr.thenComparing(a,b -> ...). T.label, T.key still exist. SelectStep is smart about when to trigger path calculations based on labels and barriers. Added abstract BarrierStep which makes AggregateStep, OrderStep, OrderByStep, etc. super simple and a central  [...]
     new 5d2c4c9  Change T.neq to Compare.neq.
     new 52dd4ce  Remove use of T in favor of compare.
     new c797254  Travis - you are a foul and miserable entity.  Please accept this commit as worthy of your detestable and indifferent approval, so that we may bask in the green glow of a "passing" status.
     new ce60c18  Traverser now implements Comparable. This has a default compareTo that propagates down to comparing the get() of Traverser. If the get() is not comparable then an illegal argument exception is thrown. Fixed #124.
     new 61a4785  CHANGELOG and tweaks to docs.
     new 0d83734  only generate a PathAwareSideEffect on call to getSideEffects(). No need for the extra object creation cost.
     new 8c4d381  Rename test to the old style to see if travis likey.
     new 3ff6346  Renamed groovy based tests in the process suite to include the Impl prefix.
     new d136221  Renamed all tests to impl.
     new e5ae86f  Path is now an interface with DefaultMutablePath and DefaultImmutablePath as two implementations. Path calculations in Gremlin is now faster than Gremlin2 with DefaultImmutablePath. Gangster. Tweak to EdgeOtherVertexStep that increases speed and reduces object creation. Ref #142.
     new aeff583  fixed a small bug where new Path model wasn't working on Girpah.
     new a17fe12  Fixed the OPT_OUT names in Giraph as method names changed.
     new 556ebe5  turn on sugarloader.
     new aae67a7  Turn on sugar tests themselves.
     new 520f20f  Impl like crazy.
     new 6b6fb4f  fixed a severe bug in GroupCountMapReduce in OLAP -- was still trying to serialize the reduce lambda. Only showed up in Giraph integration testing. Changed all findFirst() to findAny() as learned in the Manning Java8 in Action book. Renamed GroovyGraphComputerTest.ComputerTest to ComputerTestImpl for the love of @spmallette.
     new 100e596  undid @spmallette test work.
     new 423919d  comment out sugartest.
     new 671ba82  Make Sugar load up first.
     new 6a82fe4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a57d4f1  tweaks to path work.
     new 8ad1603  CHANGELOG tweak.
     new fbcc1e2  Try loading sugar in the implementations.
     new 7eca05d  Use gmavenplus to build neo4j.
     new 03a0f8a  random commit update.
     new 55ec0bf  Load up more sugar in neo4j.
     new 7919796  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 12cefb1  Trying to load unload sugar between test cases automatically.
     new 086ea91  Removed specific calls to load sugar in Neo4j tests.
     new c59e8e4  Renamed GroovyEnvironmentSuite tests to remove "Impl".
     new 1ab118e  Convert giraph to use gmavenplus.
     new 5cf5011  Got rid of all the "Impl" suffixes again.
     new f0b996b  Clean up OptOuts for GiraphGraph given test naming chnages.
     new 6afd980  Add todo comment to figure out test failure around OptOut annotations.
     new 34d0fa5  got rid of an unneeded AtomicBoolean referencein JumpStep.
     new 12f4c5a  Use gmavenplus in gremlin-console for consistency.
     new 48bd77a  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 23dc73c  moved to a JumpStep.Builder model as JumpStep is getting too complex and too many constructors.
     new c648810  dah. minor bug fix.
     new 2c9ffec  more work on JumpStep.Builder.
     new ee734dd  more work on making JumpStep/UntilStep and respective strategies easier to use.
     new 81b58e7  privatized the fields in the Step classes and provided getters as currently needed. Can always add more getters as people need them. Fixed #203
     new a40e512  Remove the notion of submitting "remote" traversals to Gremlin Server.
     new b572fb4  tweaks to Giraph and respective documentation.
     new c972b86  force import TinkerGraph classes to Gremlin Server.
     new ce25e44  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1f111c2  Drop some dead code from integration tests.
     new 837b468  Config files for gremlin server needed to point to conf instead of config/
     new be76dd2  Remove an unused variable declaration.
     new 4a53a13  VertexProgram no longer hard codes Serializable as the MessageType requirement. Will make this a GraphComputer.Feature -- requiresSerializableMessages().
     new 4180957  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M3 release
     new 09dae38  bumped to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT for M4 development.
     new 142124b  Added a documentation section on Neo4j schema and automatic indices. Fixed #95.
     new d0dbe8b  more docs on Neo4j indices. Added some runtime computations which are pretty cool to study.
     new d21ecd0  minor doc tweak
     new 58ada97  Most Step classes are now final to prevent inheritance. Fixed up all steps to leverage Traverser.getBulk() correctly. Added a default Traverser.asSystem() method to make type casting easier. Fixed a bug in TinkerGraph where VertexProperty ids were not being set. ShuffleStep now extends BarrierStep and is now semantically correct. Lots of finalization and privatization of fields throughout process for safety.
     new 32e1b6d  While working with @dalaro, I tweaked numerous things here and there. Also, got Traverser.getBulk() working with TraversalMapReduce. Got Traverser.getBulk() working correctly with DefaultTraversal.next() ... pretty crazy how bulk is coming into the picture now.
     new 039627c  realized that StreamFactory.parallelStream(g.V()) was not sufficient for parallization. When doing it over the raw Map<Object,Vertex>.values().parallelStream() ... things in TinkerGraph went hay-wire. I got MapReduce implementation to be thread-safe, but need to get VertexProgram execute thread-safe for TinkerGraph... TinkerGraphView is the culprit. Got tired. Will fix later.
     new 734d1cd  make sure the vertex properties copied over in Giraph have T.id.
     new 1fae48a  renamed Traverser.System to Traverser.Admin and Memory.Adminstrative to Memory.Admin to be consistent, short, and not to creep on java.lang.System. Finalized lots of classes in Giraph-Gremlin (safety first).
     new b0efcc6  Add note to todo about an issue filed.
     new ac163bc  Remove todo comment.
     new d157980  Clean up constructors on DetachedProperty.
     new 7ca7e73  Clean up and document constructors on DetachedVertexProperty.
     new 0db87c3  the greatest push ever.
     new 7d33988  TraverserSet now implements Queue instead of Iterator -- same behaviors, just better interface.
     new abb8a8b  more documentation on implementations -- OLTP and OLAP. Small field name tweak in TinkerGraph.
     new 357ab13  added info about start()
     new 1c19a48  added hadoop logo.
     new ae425a9  typecasting not needed. updated Giraph and docs.
     new ad345a4  UnrollJumpStrategy no longer active (though still in repository). BarrierStep uses TraverserSet now too. Updated as TraverserSet with a sort(Comparator) method. TraverserSet is the gold of the gods.
     new 7eae988  added BulkList which is righteous. Like TraverserSet, but for arbitrary objects. This is now the default Collection for both AggregateStep and StoreStep given the time/space complexity savings. Moreover, added a cool addToCollection() public static method in SideEffectStep that is smart about which collection you are working with and with this, StoreStep and AggregateStep become super simple.
     new f459b83  added BulkList to GremlinKryo. Added a test case to RangeStep -- still broken though...crazy hard problem. JumpStep uses TraverserSet for optimization reasons.
     new bc98f85  added a more time/space efficient Path.isSimple() implementation.
     new ef79a7a  Un-ignore test for DetachedEdge.
     new 15f6dbe  Added some missing features to tests.
     new 2fa0d17  Remove todo comment.
     new 5c142b7  Un-ignore test on DetachedVertex exception consistency.
     new ac74bcf  Move assertion method for counts in graph to abstractgremlintest.
     new 036e3b0  Remove todo - can't remember why it was important.....
     new 22ae2fa  Have on method to generate all Grateful Dead data.
     new ca52d08  Fixed DetachedEdgeTest for graphs that don't allow id assignment.
     new 24b01cd  Allow DetachedVertexTest to work for graphs that don't allow id assignment.
     new 684fe9f  Test for DetachedEdge still wasn't completely supporting graphs that don't allow id assignment.
     new 94114a0  Allow DetachedEdgeTest to work with graphs that don't support supplied ids.
     new dc34449  Add maven profile to automatically generate data files and copy them to appropriate locations #145
     new 7117982  Added Path.make() static methods to ImmutablePath and MutablePath. Added PathStructureTest which validates implementations. Fixed #196.
     new 1f5eed7  Greatly simplified TraversalVertexProgram. Now that Traversers have bulk, there is no need to wrap them into a TraverserMessage that has a bulk field. Now, the Traverser IS the message. Super simple. Moreover, made the processing of the Traversers simple -- code complexity was reduced significantly. Added JavaDoc to VertexProgram for @dalaro. Renamed MessageType.of() to MessageType.to() as you send message 'to' something and thus, more resaonable method name.
     new 72ca57f  Element.Iterator (and sub-interfaces) have renamed methods so implementors can do MyElement implements Element, Element.Iterators. Fixed #213 -- via @mbroecheler and Titan 0.9.0 implementation work.
     new f656289  Renamed BulkList to BulkSet. GroupByStep and GroupByMapReduce now leverage it as the default data structure.
     new c486a09  added an important CAUTION regarding traversal result sequence being unpredictable and should never be relied on.
     new 5d6d05a  more work putting bulk to good use throughout process API/ ... so many methods don't need each individual object, so they can just 'chunk' through things -- like Traversal.iterate(), Traversal.remove(), Traversal.fill(), etc. Implemented some Set methods for BulkSet that are more efficient than what is provided by AbstractSet.
     new 72053d8  added documentation on HasStep with graphic.
     new 584c1e5  Contains.in and Contains.notin are now Contains.within and Contains.without as 'in' is a reserved term in most programming languages. Fixed #174
     new e2c43fc  Renamed plugins to have a "tinkerpop" namespace #209
     new aba4950  No longer List<MapReduce> but Set<MapReduce> with hashCode() and equals() implemented for existing MapReduce jobs as well provided a GraphComputerHelper.areEqual() for default equality. This is necessary for two reasons -- order of execution doesnt matter (Set) and two mapReduces that do the exact same thing provide no gain as the Map is always over the vertex-set. Added more JavaDoc to GraphComputer for @dalaro .. Fixed #163
     new 5219060  fixed bug where GiraphGremlinPlugin was still named 'giraph'. Made it so that ExpandableIterator is about getting single objects vs. iterators so we don't have this aggregation behavior. My solution needs to be expanded on as its a bit ghetto, but it works. Fixed #220.
     new b4558dc  Update changelog.
     new 724b5b8  Modified the manner in which OptOut annotations are validated to be more robust.
     new 566183d  Add EdgeFeatures.supportsRemoveEdge.
     new a9c91f2  Step now has .addStart(Traverser) and .addStarts(Iterator<Traverser>). Lots of places where SingleIterator existed that caused unecessary object creation. However, we can't go full .addStart(Traverser) as if you pass an iterator, we need to be lazy about it. Its a balance btween TraverserSet (greedy) and Iterator (lazy). I will be reworking ExpandableStepIterator to make it good -- current impl is weak.
     new 80dc89e  Fix RangeStep
     new 5e3e36d  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 597b2a5  added doc on RangeStep and tweaks to ExpandableStepIterator.
     new 8de0c32  fixes to docs.
     new 14f791a  Add VertexFeatures.removeVertices.
     new fdaad93  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3c986dd  added BranchStep but its not tied in. Updated AbstractStep so that if the Traverser from processNextStart() has a bulk of 0, it is not propagated. Added a completeRound() boolean helper method to FunctionRing. Added EmptyTraverser which is a bulk(0) traverser used by steps wanting to return 'nothing' from their processNsxtStart().
     new 472d913  Add features for Element supports property removal.
     new 5108d90  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f0c63b9  Remove some unused exceptions.
     new 8220659  Remove todos.  This can't be done without #199.
     new a6fd52f  toString is smart about the property value lenght. Fixed #222
     new d7314c3  Soften failure parameters for graph generator tests #162
     new 2ee9985  Make the graph strategy toString methods consistent. #181
     new 21a1e68  Fix busted test given toString change with Graph Strategy.
     new eea22d4  minor fix to the reset() method of RangeStep.
     new d608752  Temporarily ignore test.
     new 7194437  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d272ebb  more work on BranchStep. Fixed @spmallette toString() issue with SequenceGraphStrategyTest. @spmallette. you might want to make sure what I did was kosher.
     new 547a8c1  Remove todo and ignore on sequence graph test.
     new bbed7c8  Get toString tests for strategy wrappers to pass.
     new b56f105  Move toString consistency tests for StrategyWRappedGraph to the appropriate place.
     new 308ed58  Centralize GraphStrategy toString op to StringFactory.
     new 703ba05  Better assert toString on GraphStrategy.
     new def0555  Improve tests around toString consistency of GraphStrategyWrapper.
     new b6d4568  Enforce consistency of toString on IdGraphStrategy.
     new a0db70a  Enforce consistency of toString on PartitionGraphStrategy
     new ef0e3bf  Minor correction to assertion in PartitionGraphStrategyTest.
     new 1e14dfd  Prevent a Graph from be StrategyWrapped more than once.
     new f2df755  Enfoce toString consistency of ReadOnlyGraphStrategy.
     new f357dfe  Add toString consistency checks on SubGraphStrategy.
     new 6b7fe94  Generalize and centralize all GraphStrategy toString test methods....and NOW I am happy.
     new a494c8e  Harden Detached test against some randomness as per #225 via @pietermartin
     new c704c6e  Make IdGraphStrategy builder consistent with other builder implementations.
     new 046ee4d  Loosen up requirements for Graph.toString() in test suite. #210
     new 89983d1  Renamed GraphSON key for Graph Variables from  "properties" to "variables" to be more consistent #172
     new 4e21ca7  make test iteration order independent
     new 4b06a71  Enforce consistency on a "removed" element given #132
     new 4665fc8  Merge pull request #226 from pietermartin/master
     new 2daa7dd  Renamed DoNothingGraphStrategy to DefaultGraphStrategy which eliminates worrying about how to write a nicer toString.
     new 11a40ae  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fc1ea1c  Add docs for IdGraphStrategy. #86
     new aaa5711  Add section for ReadOnlyGraphStrategy. #86
     new 04e9e4e  Made the verb "added" not "add" in changelog to be consistent with past tense.
     new 8528419  Make -> Made .. and `@OptOut`
     new 0a46b25  Add section for SequenceGraphStrategy in docs.
     new 2a4c136  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 19e753d  Missing close to code section.
     new 07e2324  Remove test from detached classes as it doesn't really test what it should. #227
     new 88e8793  Add static imports to the map of imports that are returned from the GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new ae6af3b  created a branch/ package and put ChooseStep, JumpStep, and UntilStep there. Having trouble getting JumpStep to inherit from BranchStep unfortunately. More complex than I thought.
     new 3d13cc3  minor tweaks and documentation.
     new a86e43b  Add test for groovy sugar on loading/saving graphml.
     new d642036  Add tests for groovy sugar for load/save kryo and graphson.
     new eb125f4  Add test for the mean() helper
     new a2194a9  added GlobalTraversalStrategyRegistry. Now there is one static location whereby users can register/unregister strategies. If they want something specific for a traveral, but not glboally, then they operate like before on Traversal.strategies(). Fixed #224
     new 87dfee2  updated CHANGELOG.
     new cbac196  split ChooseStep into ChooseBooleanStep and ChooseMapStep. Added (though not connected) respective linearlization strategies as static sub-classes to both steps. Added a StrategyProvider interface which will be used extensively by JumpStep, BranchStep, UntilStep, BackStep, SelectStep, etc. This will make it so that many strategies will 'go away' in that they will only fire if the respective Step is in the Traversal. This should make traversal compilation faster. Also, th [...]
     new 6000fa5  Added ChoooseBooleanLinearStrategy and ChooseMapLinearStrategy which allows the meta-step ChooseXXXStep to execute on GraphComputer by writing the branches of the choose()s in linear-form using generic BranchStep. Now that this exists, I connected the ProcessComputerSuite to ChooseTest.ComputerTest and all tests pass. Ref #48 and Fixed #218
     new 54e2416  fixed a bug in docs, gave ChooseXXXSteps a nice toString(), and tweaks the GroovyChooseTest to be more Sugar.
     new d3c6b80  oops. fixed giraph-kryo.properties.
     new 52d8713  aded CAUTION note about DSLs.
     new 50dd910  Turned tests back on for intializing the gremline executor with a script.
     new c77cce3  added CONTRIBUTING for CLA reference on pull request and issue submission.
     new 1225276  more stuff on CONTRIBUTING.
     new c81c71a  Update CONTRIBUTING.asciidoc
     new a088c12  added CLA markdown.
     new f7bf170  Get more script engine tests turned back on.
     new f169315  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f1b0715  Initial commit of profile_metrics round 2
     new f7a1f47  fixed ProfileMapReduce and GlobalMetrics.
     new 5983841  Turn on integration test for the Groovy Environment.
     new 7af62df  Profile() integrated fully with XXXTraversal. Added a Traversal.SideEffects.ifPresent(Consumer) default method. ProfileMapReduce is so basic and beautiful.
     new 6ad9111  merged master.
     new 54d8033  Hooking up toString. fixing some counts
     new ca7497d  added ProfileTest and GroovyProfileTest. Connected it to the TestSuites.
     new 2fa44c8  added a private noargs  constructor to StepMetrics for Kryo and use in multi-JVM OLAP environments. Tested on Giraph manually.
     new 0643bd3  a TODO so I don't forget to do.
     new 9c6952f  Rename GlobalMetrics to TraversalMetrics
     new 8638b4d  Create StepMetrics interface for public API. Rename count to traversers and bulk to count. Fix counters for FlatMapStep
     new 9e04bf8  Clean up toString output
     new 40819b6  Clean up toString output
     new 7ff59ed  remerged ChooseBooleanStep and ChooseMapStep to ChooseStep with only one Strategy. Was actually easy when you convert the Boolean form to the Map form in the this(constructor). Removed all step methods from Traversal. We are no longer going to assume that Traversal has steps so that when people make their own DSLs, they are not forced to have count(), cap(), trackPaths(), etc. However, this causes problems for VertexPrograms (e.g. PageRank) that requires the Traversal ha [...]
     new 4472e28  merged master
     new 25cc029  Fix up command help for the gremlin console #235
     new f7587fd  Merge branch 'profile_metrics_2' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3 into profile_metrics_2
     new cfba056  added AbstarctTraversalStrategy with good toStrig(), equals(), and hashCode() methods. Wrote documentation on the non-existant profile() step :). Added documentation on GraphTraversalStrategyRegistry. Removed the TraversalStrategyRegistry as Traversal no longer has steps. Its a blank slate now.
     new e25103b  tweak to doc.
     new e5548bf  optimized TinkerElementTraversal. No TinkerGraphStepStrategy required if off of v. or e.
     new b462af5  added Graph.addVertex(String) which is a default to addVertex(T.label, label). Fixed #238
     new 6ee4594  a great day indeed. i was finally able to merge CountStep and CountCapStep. Now OLAP counting and OLTP counting are the same algorithm. This sets me up nicely for SumStep and MeanStep --- Ref #232.
     new a244b5c  Use system property to enable profiling
     new 3ef2f21  merged master/.. looking good, tests pass.
     new 017fff4  added documentation on profile().
     new c7626de  fixed up gremlin's headband in the exercise image.
     new da47411  spruced up the PROFILE calls. Changed the Graph.System prefix to ^ instead of %&% as it will now be a serious thing for TP. Everything EXCEPT VertexProgram property keys are now Graph.System. This way, there is no bleeding between that which is the user namespace (hidden) and that which is TinkerPop+Vendor namespace (system). Renamed Traverser.getSideEffects() to Traverser.sideEffects() so its consistent with Traversal. Ref ##240.
     new 625ab1d  made the distributed sideEffects key shorter so its more attractive looking.
     new 27d6efc  provided StringFactory methods for MapReduce and VertexProgram. Looks good :). Fixed #242 #241
     new 7156ff0  I just shredded out some epic JavaDoc.
     new eb77540  JavaDoc master.
     new 6de43ef  A solid push. lots and lots of JavaDoc. cleaned up GremlinKryo. Finalized lots of classes. Traverser now implements Attachable and simplified how Vertex local sideEffects are generated in OLAP. Lots of cleaning and organizing.
     new d1f9dd4  oops.
     new 7db7fe9  Detaching something detached no longer throws an exception. #154
     new 1df3c9c  Add validation on binding keys passed to Gremlin Server #144
     new 46917ad  Refactored integration tests for Gremlin Server a bit with a nicer pattern.
     new d5bf730  Generate "core" and "full" javadoc apis. #51
     new ca7fdac  simplified lambda script-engine creation. MapEmitter and ReduceEmitter have a default emit(value) method that assumes the key is MapReduce.NullObject. Found an old naming bug where GraphComputer memory was called sideEffects back in the day. Tweaks to documentation. Fixed #244.
     new e31f7aa  CHANGELOG updates.
     new 5f5caac  Update changelog.
     new 7c362fc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6fc4361  Optimize imports on gremlin-core.
     new a0173e5  Add -p option to enable profiling via gremlin.sh
     new fa1e2e1  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c06e067  Add configuration to neo4j to skip tests so that you can get a "fast" build while still getting a good confidence level in test execution. #216
     new 8214280  fix typo
     new 26fd228  Merge pull request #253 from mpollmeier/patch-1
     new 7d06383  added cyclicPath and simplePath asciidoc documentation with two new images.
     new 5d6d6fb  moved TimeLimitStep to filter/. I don't know why it was in sideEffect/. Fixed up docs with new ProfileStep -p option.
     new 4ba0865  updated CHANGELOG and fixed URL x.y.z issue in docs.
     new 74a3d54  added UnionStep, UnionLinearStrategy, CapTraversal (for the cap() method like count() and CountTraversal). Merged in @rjbriody TraversalHelper.hasStepClass() to try and make Stragegy execution as fast as possible.... no need to make lists if they will simply be empty. Fixed #73
     new 167adc8  added union() step documentation to asciidoc with new image.
     new d8950f3  added a good toString() for UnionStep and fixed up the UnionTest a bit.
     new c1dc7e6  big change to make Traverser API naming according to the query languge rule. Traverser.loops(), Traverser.bulk(), Traverser.path(). Etc. Updated tests. Updated docs. Lots of stuff changed.
     new 1fe154a  Fixed a major bug around Arrays.binarySearch(). Have a test case now that verifies proper behavior. Fixed #250
     new f6ca448  consistency around label names of dynamically created steps in linear strategies.
     new 4af9903  Expand tests around hiddens #251
     new b8b3bb7  greatly simplified TraversalVertexProgram again. No need for a TraverserPathTracker and a TraverserCountTracker. With TraverserSet being the underlying data structure now, its just TraverserTracker. Much much simpler code -- especially in TraverserMapReducer. Stoked.
     new 3132189  More tests for consistency in hiddens #251.
     new 8494948  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3977307  minor tweaks.
     new 28cd418  More tests around hidden/properties in iterators. #251
     new 026d2de  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 843281d  Added Element.graph() and renamed Property.getElement() to Property.element(). Greatly simplified GiraphInternalVertex by reducing the memory footprint by 50% and reducing the construction time. Found this via working with @dalaro ... Added TraverserSet to GremlinKryo as now TraverserTracker is basically solely on TraverserSet -- no more Map representation. Fixed #199
     new ae4a8b3  Path.getObjects() and Path.getLabels() is now Path.objects() and Path.labels() to be consistent with new query lanugage naming convention. Fixed a change I shold not have done to giraph-kryo.properties.
     new d8eb04b  CHANGELOG tweaks.
     new d8bb299  GiraphInternalVertex now uses a Graph.Syste.system() property to store the VertexId. Going with the model that vendors dont use hidden, but system.
     new 0d1b204  dah. pointless nothing.
     new e33ef5d  Update README.asciidoc
     new 5fdf7cc  just realized a bug in GroovyGroupByTest that has been around for 2+ months that only showed up in Giraph integration testing. Never knew why it was broken -- just realized. Fixed. Stoooooooooooked.
     new cfca54c  just realized a bug in GroovyGroupByTest that has been around for 2+ months that only showed up in Giraph integration testing. Never knew why it was broken -- just realized. Fixed. Stoooooooooooked.
     new ffeb07a  added documentation on UnfoldStep and FoldStep.
     new 638d1d4  removed SideEffectCap marker interface as there is only one -- SideEffectCapStep and instanceof is sufficient.
     new 79b1ce4  Add user supplied id features for VertexProperty. #208 #252
     new fb8bd35  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f64a2f3  added StringFactory for Traversal.SideEffects and Traversal.Strategies. Added tests to make sure toString() is respected.
     new 6855beb  Make calls to graph() in StrategyWrapped classes return the StrategyWrappedGraph. #257
     new 20b45bc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 08269c6  Update changelog
     new 812ffca  Modify DetachedVertexProperty to check features rather than rely on try/catch. #256
     new 2efb449  Add profile handling to the graph steps and barrier step.
     new da845cc  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 9a2aa3e  added a commented out note to giraph-graphson.properities about profile().
     new 4b6a94c  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M4 release
     new bfaf035  updated with neo4j docs on weird jar loading issue.
     new 57c4ad2  bumped back to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new 22783b8  ExceptStep, RetainStep, RandomStep, and IntervalStep documentation added.
     new abd2021  Increased FlatMapStep speed by about 1.5x. Ref #45.
     new fe5e4b8  minor tweaks. finalizing variables. made FlatMapStep slightly faster again.
     new ec7320f  documentation on outE, inV, etc. With a new diagram. Looks good.
     new 3bb2670  GraphTraversal.with(String,Supplier) is the new method signature. Now sideEffect declared with with() work in OLTP and OLAP. Updated MapReducers to be smart about using with() data structures -- its actually BAD ASS how this works. Added more test cases. Fixed an oddity in BatchVertex. Made the MapReducers that require state have a private no-args constructor and thus, only for use with reflection and loadState(). Fixed #267 Fixed ##197
     new 6338bf1  forgot to uncomment integration tests.
     new f06c953  SideEffects.registerSupplier() was the missing link for numerous issues in TP3 around OLAP and OLTP inconsistencies. It solves with(), sideEffect registeration in step constructors, and MapReducer access to default data structures. While SideEffects got a bit more complex (3 new methods [two defaults] and some complex logic on get()), it made many other problems just go away. Fixed #258
     new eeda210  Clean up profile table output. Protect against large step names. Add TraversalHelper getShortName.
     new d581133  Put back accidentally deleted META-INF directories
     new f3720f0  Made Graph.GRAPH be 'gremlin.graph' for configuration objects. Moved 'gremlin.vertexProgram' to VertexProgram. Random JavaDoc here and there. Cleaned up lots of random code and added more docs. Fixed #248
     new 0b555e3  added TinkerGraph JavaDoc. Many moons ago I did the GraphComputer JavaDoc. We can still do more, but its pretty solid now. Fixed #65
     new daba458  using WritableUtils.writeCompressedByteArray() in KryoWritable in Giraph.
     new 2fa6e38  using WritableUtils.writeCompressedByteArray() in KryoWritable in Giraph.
     new d24744c  Update readme.
     new d81a254  Add bump.sh file to help automate release around bumping the TinkerPop version #264
     new 7d554f1  provided reflective message passing optimization to TraversalVertexProgram. This is analagous to in-memory mapping in Faunus. In the process, I greatly simplified TraversalVertexProgram and TraverserExecutor. There is very little code here now. Its crazy. Moreover, I have lazy optimization to add that will make this even more efficient. Fixed #55.
     new cb4fbf6  Package up docs in the distribution files #263
     new 06a586a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4aed388  Update readme - release instructions might have been wrong w.r.t archive generation. #263
     new f7fa1a8  dah.
     new 0458615  random nothing and CHANGELOG update.
     new bef1707  Still didn't quite have the release process right. #263
     new b987875  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4bad82c  removed TraverserTracker -- can all be solved with TraverserSet. TraversalVertexProgram got even simpler. There is very little code to execute traversals on OLAP vs. OLTP.
     new 0080b6b  Improvement on the bump.sh from @dkuppitz to not require us to know all the pom.xml files ahead of time or line numbers.
     new 33dfd08  fixed a bug that only showed up in Giraph integration testing around not detach()ing an element prior to storage in haltedTraverserSet.
     new f23d49a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b2f6343  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f427d19  More minor updates from @dkuppitz on the bump.sh.
     new 73dfff1  Added Graph.configuration(). Lots of cleanup on the test suite. Removed Neo4jGraph.getCypher() as users should use Neo4jGraph.cypher(). Added more documentation around OLAP vs. OLTP traversals.
     new 6cfed84  Added Graph.configuration(). Lots of cleanup on the test suite. Removed Neo4jGraph.getCypher() as users should use Neo4jGraph.cypher(). Added more documentation around OLAP vs. OLTP traversals.
     new 7c94779  minor bug fix in docs.
     new 07c2c80  minor bug fix in docs.
     new 66b6e09  minor bug fix in docs.
     new 585af3c  Remove todo.
     new 03f765b  Add changes from @MMcM to make sure Kryo reads the Vertex Property Ids. #252
     new cdbc8ed  Properly read vertex properties from GraphSON with readGraph.
     new f8c855b  Update changelog.
     new 8b30350  more documentation on Gremlin OLAP. Stubbed SortedTraverserMapReduce. Renamed TraversalResultMapReduce to TraverserMapReduce. Ref #272.
     new df6799e  Extract VertexProperty creation out to its own method in GraphSON/Kryo graph reader.
     new 80a3a39  added MapReduce.getMapKeySort() and MapReduce.getReduceKeySort(). This allows MapReduce implementations to sort their results. This has a direct advantage for Gremlin OLAP where order(), orderBy(), shuffle(), etc. can be sorted prior to serialization on disk. TinkerGraph and Giraph have been updated accordingly with Giraph needing a bit more work when getReduceKeySort() is defined. OrderTest has been connected to ProcessComputeSuite and it works. Sweeeeeet. More docs. Fi [...]
     new 8d65d7e  doc tweak.
     new 9dbbccf  doc tweak.
     new 84c9aba  doc tweak.
     new 773afc5  through hell and back. Got ReduceKeySort working in Giraph -- requires an extra MapReduce job that is purely Identity funcitons with a comparator added. Added a test case to GraphComputerTest that validates GraphComputers sort their reduced values correctly. More docs.
     new 121903b  TraversalStrategy model is now much easier to use, less error prone for vendors, and simpler to conceptulize. Required the addition of Traversal.Strategies.apply(TraversalEngine engine) which says whether the engine will be a STANDARD or COMPUTER engine.
     new 2aa3233  Renamed IdentityReductionStrategy to IdentityRemovalStrategy. Fixed of SocialTraversal DSL to work with new Strategy model. This is new model is much much much much simpler. So glad I realized this before GA.
     new 8a7823b  Add failing test - with ignore for now. #276
     new 9419ce8  Altered name of test. #276
     new dd11d7f  Add test to enforce NoSuchElementException on g.v/e
     new cf0a996  Make Builder naming consistent.
     new 6e002bc  Add javadoc to GraphSONObjectMapper.
     new 8097fbd  Detect if meta properties is supported in GraphSON serialization.
     new 47c8897  When Neo4j was not in multi/meta property mode property(k) was not returning empty if element was deleted. #261
     new a2cd355  Bump to latest javadoc plugin.
     new 7af0ddb  Local build of javadocs instructions
     new a6cfa8d  Add tests for g.addVertex(label) #238
     new dbe2414  Update changelog.
     new fef388b  Rename getBaseGraph() to baseGraph() for consistency in GraphStrategy.
     new 889b37b  Update changelog.
     new 29ff557  Improve javadoc around Element.iterators() and related classes.
     new 2fa8b06  Improve javadoc.
     new 0ccc6a3  Detached classes no longer throw errors when detaching something already detached.
     new e2dab51  Added overload to detach() on DetachedVertex and DetachedEdge to detach "asReference" #152
     new 16ff4d9  Use iterators() when doing serialization in GraphSON.
     new 8275374  Added tests for serialization of Detached elements. #152
     new e52e48a  Include more tests for serialization of DetachedVertex. #152
     new 393c10f  Update changelog.
     new 235fe42  Remove additional references to usage of Traversal instead of iterators in IO.
     new 4a34c38  Used the standard UUIDSerializer from kryo-serializers library #243
     new be45610  Some minor cleanup to code in kryo.
     new 0f6e4e8  Add more javadoc.
     new 23ff530  Reduce List creation in kryo.
     new 3cd474b  Minor update to javadoc in Transaction.
     new ea5841b  Bump to Neo4j 2.1.5.
     new 58ccc3c  Improve javadocs around GraphProvider.
     new ab0f0d4  TraversalStrategy is now used for OLTP->OLAP rewriting of starts. This has been proved out for TinkerGraph and works great. The code is so much more simple now. Fixed #275.
     new 93b56d3  a minor nothing tweak.
     new bf1513c  better method name for StartStep inquiry and more work on TinkerElementStepStrategy to make it more concise.
     new 3db0d8d  Renamed baseGraph() to getBaseGraph() for consistency.
     new 544f2a0  removed MessageCombiner interface for now in GraphComputer. I want a general solution to multi-typed messages, but Giraph is too strick on its combiner interfaces. Moreover, even if I ignore Giraph, its awkward for TinkerGraph. Added a note to docs about message combinbing and future support. Ref #279
     new 651d1a2  renamed strategy() to getStrategy() in StrategyWrappedGraph.
     new 494631b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 77f7716  Renamed Item to Result in gremlin-driver.
     new 5e933e5  added shuffle-step to docs.
     new e6bb9bf  more docs.
     new 0c446a7  more docs.
     new ea4c59a  more docs.
     new fbbd95a  Add test to enforce that a label of a VertexProperty is always set to the key of the owning property. #175
     new f5293b5  the otherV() now walks the path backwards until it reaches a Vertex. Fixed #211
     new 032e068  Traversal.strategies() is now getStrategies() as its not a query-langauge-method. Once traversal strategies have been executed, no more steps can be added to a traversal. Fixed #276.
     new 4c7ef80  fixed bug in Neo4jGraphTraversal around locked traversals.
     new 83c5f80  Rename test to better suit the expected behavior #276
     new 07ade43  minor Neo4jGraphTraversal twewak.
     new 65fcc77  Fix log message - the channel is not always a websocket channel.
     new c519f79  Clean up some log output for Gremlin Server.
     new 6fa2152  JavaDoc on Graph.configuration().
     new 83d4f6f  Changed method signature of Property.element() to simply return Element.
     new 583fd22  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8abca71  Fix profiling for MapStep
     new e3f3099  added Reducing marker, ReducingStrategy, and now FoldStep have a correlate in OLAP when it is an end step. Fixed #273
     new c81b628  updated docs and made it so DedupStep implements the new Reducing marker interface.
     new 8a0948c  updated docs and made it so DedupStep implements the new Reducing marker interface.
     new 121ec2d  Add test to enforce Graph.configuration() operations #284
     new c4449b4  Update docs with respect to naming change on tinkerpop.server plugin.
     new 6313a52  DriverRemoteAcceptor does object conversion. Looks much better. Fixed #290. Fixed #278.
     new c33188e  Improve logging around graph instantion failure in Gremlin Server.
     new dfb75e4  @script now possible for RemoteAcceptor in Girpah and Gremlin Server -- Fixed #277.
     new 825a1ce  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 84a80d0  updated docs with wierd Neo4j lucene WARNING bug.
     new 0a38651  StringFactory needs to handle empty properties correctly. This bug showed up when property value toString clipping was introduced. Fixed #294
     new c22a83f  RangeStep is now high end exclusive (no longer consistent with Gremlin2). Rewrote DriverRemoteAcceptor in Java. Fixed #289
     new 5dc35bc  Removed test enforcement of `private` constructor for a `Graph` instance.
     new b4da607  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6ba9791  Validate arguments to remote driver plugin.
     new 190ea5c  Added Override annotation.
     new 25f8a71  Add Override annotation
     new 52c42ef  removed Traversal.forEach() as Iterator.forEachRemaining() is the proper method name given Java8 conventions. I had alot of replace to update... sorry vendors. Added Traversal.forEach(class,consumer) for those traversals whose end type is not what is expected due to traversal strategy rewriting. Added lots of JavaDoc -- Traversal and Path.
     new 2bff11e  removed an uneeded class.
     new 934ebb5  Path now has default methods. Path.get(String) returns the Object if there is only one object referenced by the label. Else it returns a List of all the objects referenced by the label.
     new d4ec96a  Path now has default methods. Path.get(String) returns the Object if there is only one object referenced by the label. Else it returns a List of all the objects referenced by the label. Fixed #207
     new 3fa76c3  another default method for Path.
     new 385abb0  VertexStep is no longer final. Fixed #295
     new 9d05daf  Allow serializers to be configured with Kryo. #243
     new 9ae0608  Drop the external depnendency for serializers.  #243
     new 84dc3e3  Alter test suite to allow implementers to supply a GremlinKryo #243
     new 4f4315e  Disabled ganglia/graphite monitoring in gremlin-server by default.
     new fd37766  EdgeVertexStep.getDirection() now exists. Fixed #298
     new 96907fc  OrderByStep.getElementKey() now exists. Fixed #300
     new 4c3fe0a  Updated changelog.
     new 79b9e1d  Add some javadoc - mostly in IO.
     new 07d8903  no more HiddenXXXStep. g.V().value() no longer. Its not g.V().values().... big change. Sorry vendors.
     new bab449e  Renamed builder method in kryo for consistency sake.
     new 6463b00  now just PropertiesStep and PropertyMapStep. No more ValuesXXXStep.
     new 137267d  doc fixes for value(key) to values(key). Added docs on :> @script in Gremlin Server section.
     new 37bbf61  added PropertyType enum to structure/ which allows us to signify PROPERTY, VALUE, HIDDEN_PROPERTY, HIDDEN_VALUE. Got PropertiesStep and PropertyMapStep looking pretty.
     new 3c2cbea  a nice toString for PropertyMapStep.
     new 1579720  renamed test case methods that had _valueXkeyX_ in it. in fact, I went to their sugar rep which is just _name_.
     new 27c4497  added LocalRangeStep which allows for ranging edges/properties that are local to the element. Fixed #302
     new 94ccfaf  cleanup and removed unused method in TraversalHelper.
     new 1f609b4  Serialize results from Gremlin Server in the same thread as the script was executed #109
     new 1753e3c  Serialize to text using same thread as executed Gremlin for sessions #109
     new 226b952  Remove reference to the "traverse" op in Gremlin Server.
     new 055db39  no more branchFactors in Vertex.iterators(). Added limit() and localLimit(). Fixed up lots of test cases.
     new 416289f  fixed a CHANGELOG bug :).
     new 3bd5019  OrderBy now can take a T accessor. Added PropertiesStep.getPropertyKeys() for @mbroecheler.
     new 5989206  LocalRangeStep is now smart if the stream gets reordered.
     new 560d76e  Refactor OpProcessor implementations for better reusability. #246
     new ed8dc27  use assertThat(a, not(b)) which a) works and b) provides better error messages
     new a8e6ad7  Start building out the HttpChannelizer - add test cases #299
     new cd12aae  Merge pull request #307 from mpollmeier/fixAggregateTest
     new 1a95ab1  Make sure all computer process tests check for support of computer #315
     new a61b43b  Load test data statically #312
     new a1a39e4  Clear the right graph in GraphConstructionTest #310
     new 039c27c  bug in docs.
     new 86878f2  bug in docs.
     new 1d310d4  Comparing now returns Comparator[] for secondary/teriary/etc. orderings. Updated OrderBy and OrderStep accordingly. Added secondary sort test cases.
     new 8578484  updated docs with IMPORTANT around orderBy.
     new 737f4d7  tweak to Neo4jTraversal.
     new 4b1b4e6  Fixed #282 ... Neo4j, TinkerGraph, and Giraph have the same configuration naming pattern.
     new 2fcb919  Make use of the GraphProvider object's kryo creation in IoTest.
     new c2f81c1  Allow for a POST of JSON to the HttpChannelizer #299
     new e84cf93  Add a test for POSTing JSON with a bad gremlin key #299
     new cf0bc1b  Replace hardcoded string with static final var. #299
     new bc98da0  Ignore graph migrator tests temporarily #243
     new c7225a0  Handle simple bindings on GET for HttpChannelizer #299
     new 50ef707  Ignore GraphMigrator test until overloads can be added #243
     new 2db5a4b  Allow for bindings on POST for HttpChannelizer #299
     new 393315d  Removed debug line of code
     new ae3b17c  More tests for different bindings types. #299
     new 3fe0ca4  Add support for "accept" header. #299
     new 21f6110  exclude log-back-classic from neo4j in test dependencies of gremlin-server.
     new a937fa4  Hookup netty logging to slf4j.
     new c7b66e4  Add some logging to http channelizer #299
     new ad305fb  Add rest configuratin for gremlin sever #299
     new a208f94  Remove "traverse" metric as that feature is no longer relevant.
     new 957389e  Add metrics to HttpChannelizer #299
     new 44ff639  Add support for */* in Accept header. #299
     new 2a07109  Use already established tokens for string values #299
     new 0b6299b  Add language argument to HttpChannelizer #299
     new eabe061  Add test for serialization of a Vertex #299
     new 8a3c4a7  Add test for calling a server-side function in HttpChannelizer #299
     new 12c4284  Smart about VertexProgram.loadState() in TravrsalVertexProgram. Got the startup runtime down from 170 seconds to 10 seconds. Fixed #214.
     new 7e5e8cd  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c1908e7  added a note to the JavaDoc of VertexProgram.loadState() and updated CHANGELOG.
     new 171c755  we now have VertexProgram.workerStartup() and VertexProgram.workerShutdown(). Implemented for both TinkerGraphComputer and GiraphGraphComputer. All tests pass. TraversalVertexProgram makes use of it to create a Traversal cache that is local to the worker -- no more thread local. More work to be done on updating memory in these methods --- we may just make it so that these are read-only structures (much like the final resultant memory) of ComputerResult. Lots of other ran [...]
     new c5a648f  Simplify the min configuration for Gremlin Server.
     new f3a92e4  Add docs for HttpChannelizer/REST usage #299
     new 35fb56a  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 8f80e79  GiraphWorkerContext now exists and it maintains the local-global state for the batch of vertices being executed. I now state in the documentation the implicit 'worker behind the scenes' and you can now use VertexProgram fields to store local-global state. @dalaro … Giraph traversals are now super fast --- like ridiculously so. Prior to this moment, we had each vertex being its own 'worker' and that is grossly inefficient. Also, now with VertexProgram state, no need for c [...]
     new eb02675  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 19fb8a0  added documentation around workers.
     new 4a8ddd7  added a TODO.
     new 176a786  GiraphMessenger is now global to the WorkerContext. Even less memory being used by GiraphComputeVertex ... very good stuff.
     new f7884a9  added GraphComputer.Feature.supportsWorkerPersistenceBetweenIterations
     new a2b9292  fixed bug for @dalaro
     new 0b77db6  Add image of rexster/gremlin
     new 6bf5d79  make sure vertex and label are not null for TinkerVertex.addEdge().
     new 8049d70  Add a note to the docs for REST API usage.
     new e8cfd28  Add a note about language argument. #322
     new 341823b  Relax exception consistency checks in test-suite for FeatureSupportTest #313
     new 3e47402  Loosen up requirements around exception consistency #313
     new 1f2533a  Refactor to use a centralized function to assert exceptions for concistency. #313
     new 024ef65  fixed a bug in CountMapReduce and ProfilingMapReduce where generateFinalResults() were not iterating through all reduce splits. This only made itself apparent when I increased the number of reducers in my Hadoop cluster from 1 to 4. So glad I did so and realized this bug.
     new 5e9b4f8  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new ae89401  Update changelog.
     new 98a9206  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b3cc7b8  Decrease scope of kryo io classes that don't need to be public.
     new d4e5cd3  Add method to GremlinKryo to get the header that is used to stamp gio files.
     new df12f69  Properly initialize Output before writing to it for Kryo.
     new 7c46cf4  Operations on removed vertices/edges should throw an exception #297
     new 2f16f24  fixed a bug in DetachEdge around self-loop edges. Fixed a bug in KryoInputFormat where we were not going to the split boundaries correctly -- @dalaro. Added more notes to giraph-graphson.json (around using giraph properties). Synchronized the getNextId() method in TinkerHelper in case of parallel writes.
     new 61c4ed6  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new a33b286  Fix neo4j issues with exception consistency over deleted elements. #297
     new ea7025a  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 7243f6d  Fix naming on tests.
     new bc0035b  added a test to make sure iterating vertex property properties and removing them doesn't cause ConcurrentModification exceptions. @mbroecheler.
     new bca7b0a  fixed TinkerGraph to not allow idempotent removes.
     new 200b678  test for idempotency on remove, removed.
     new a1b34ee  Throw excpetions when VertexProperty is accessed after removal. #297
     new 98a17e0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 971d7c2  Neo4j now passes the element remove tests.
     new 18f2a2f  added the rexster characters to the images directory.
     new db1dd98  subgraph process strategy now public.
     new 24a9ad6  Make MockSerializable public scope. #329
     new 43d49c3  Add GraphProvider support for generating a custom GraphSON SimpleModule.
     new 6840798  Update changelog.
     new d5f139d  Exposed a new method on GraphProvider enabling id conversion for GraphSON #243
     new badb3aa  Improve messaging for ignored tests.
     new 4c11f3b  Fix bug in Gephi plugin.
     new bf2a8e3  Created a TraverserGenerator interface. Now steps,traversals,etc. no longer need to know about Traverser types. They get them for a registered generator. This is staging for a few thing -- a suite of traverser types as OLAP can have various optimization not available to OLTP (Refs #200), the ability to have SackTraverser (Refs #330), the ability for DSL creators to have their own Traversers that are specific to their needs (Refs #47), support for traverser conversion mid [...]
     new 235bf3b  made things final static for speed.
     new cb4a931  added @mbroecheler tree-based sorting algorithm to TraversalStrategy. The runtimes for nested traversals is now really really bad -- a 4.5 seconds traversal now taking 17 seconds. going to use this branch until this is optimized with a Map<Class<Traversal>,TraversalStrategies> CACHE. Fixed #304.
     new 1f37c63  StraegeyWrappedGraph is now TraversalStrategy-free. Insane amount of effort. All traversal straegies are now cahced in a global CACHE hashmap. Some random cleaning needed here and there, but this is looking good. Fixed #327
     new ba3ae63  oops -- forgot to add back a few subgraph strategy tests.
     new a856052  moved the sortStrategies() algorithm to TraversalStraegies.
     new bf94573  streamed up SubgraphStrategy.
     new 9a9f703  added @Overrides to SubgraphStrategy.
     new 87ab843  Fix bug in serialization of iterators.
     new 9957894  Add better error handling to HttpChannelizer.
     new 0a7d12e  Fixed up the TraversalStrategies and TraversalStrategy APIs. They are not fully static objects associated with a class of Traversals. The API makes this very apparent now. Updated the ASCII docs accordingly. GiraphVertex/Edge/VertexProperty now use GiraphElementTraversal and it has its own TraversalStrategy for preping it for GraphComputer OLAP execution -- no more anonymous innerclass.
     new c00f825  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 2930aef  We have to depend on Guava 15.0 as a method was deprecated in 16.0 that is used by Giraph.
     new 7a22239  Update readme.
     new 4f8bb26  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 441a953  Fix typo in curl statement.
     new a2361cd  Minor alterations to the integration tests for Gremlin Server
     new 2ac1e47  VertexStreamIterator now has a proper getProgress(). Fixed a bug in Giraph where combiners were calling MapReduce.reduce(). @mbroecheler fixed a bug in his sorting algorithm.
     new b59ecde  Added test case for TraverslStrategies#sortStrategies
     new 23354ec  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 3622da5  renamed KryoWritable to GremlinWritable as Kryo will not necessarily be the serialization mechanism. Updated docs accordingly.
     new e0e5d1e  Added test case documentation
     new 4563ec0  minor variable renaming.
     new fee2b37  fixed a bug in the docs.
     new 82b5303  Ensure disabling a metric reporter actually prevents it from reporting.
     new 6630bde  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 91d50ed  more doc tweaks.
     new 4163856  Add private constructor to mockserializable.
     new 9a730a0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7e7d8ff  Added no-arg constructor to MockSerializable and removed the identical private static class inside VariablesTest
     new e88ad41  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 8d1b75c  Convert ids in tests.
     new efa0e61  Removed PropertyFilterIterator and made TinkerElement and DetachedElement property retriveal more efficient.
     new bc84641  Add meta property feature to test #339
     new 638d98c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c2d9d37  minor memory optimization tweak to FlatMapStep.
     new 3f04add  minor doc tweak
     new 3fe69bf  Add a field to OptOut annotation called "specific" to allow opting out of parameterized tests.
     new 1d49747  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1171dc3  Remove system.out.println.
     new 77ad4cd  a comment that is needed
     new dbae6b2  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M5 release
     new 990d37c  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M5 release
     new ce42512  bumped back to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new d777fef  Was able to remove an inner class in FlatMapStep. Its a very simple Step now. Fixed a bug in gremlin-tests -- Fixed #345. Finalized a variable in MapStep.
     new de9f160  reverted supposed bug in test case -- Refs #345
     new f96e951  Optimized bump.sh
     new 39b93b7  Add mvn clean install -DcleanGrapes #335
     new a737927  Provide nicer message when :submit is used without any active remotes. #323
     new a39235f  Make console messages consistent.
     new 9f43cfa  Add RemoteException to better standardize development of RemoteAcceptor #57
     new 0ef0125  Add RemoteException usage to :remote config option #57
     new 09de60c  Remove the strategy method to dynamically apply traversal strategies.
     new ef26c66  fixed #345
     new c5abd53  Change timeout from seconds to milliseconds.
     new a1946cb  Add plugins configuration to the Gremlin Server yaml file.
     new c9051a0  The submit method on remote acceptors throws RemoteException #57
     new 876029e  Add assertion of to ensure the data returned from Gremlin Server is placed in the "result" var of the console. #57
     new efeb43e  Add test cases for the driver plugin itself. #57
     new ec2f4ba  Fix data type of plugins setting for Gremlin Server.
     new 7dedac3  Gremlin Server properly deals with "console-only" plugins. #287
     new f566ba3  TinkerGraph GremlinPlugin extracted from console module to TinkerGraph Module. #205
     new 4ec87a6  Add tests for sugar plugin. #57
     new 8283e68  Add tests for Utilities Plugin #57
     new 7b8c0a3  Make travis happy - maybe.
     new f355b6a  Tests were succeeding in Intellij, but not maven - perhaps fixed now - let's see what Travis says.
     new 0393aa4  Fixed bug in serialization of `null` results returned to the Gremlin Console when serializing to strings
     new ebe63ea  Moved `SugarGremlinPlugin` from `gremlin-console` to `gremlin-groovy` so that it could be shared with Gremlin Server. #354
     new ba53f52  Alter packaging in gremlin-console.
     new 302c9de  Ignore duplicate jars already on the path in console when doing :install #343
     new e2bb550  Only exclude jars in the console /lib from loading to /ext. #343
     new 372d8bc  significantly reduce the amount of object creation in PartitionGraphStrategy.
     new f2f9c42  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c23bcb9  Add plugin-info.txt file to each installed plugin directory.
     new bbcedcd  Corrected neo4j plugin loading problems in the console #230
     new d4761d3  Use same method for loading plugins on the server as is used in the console #343
     new 19f1d11  Remove warning about neo4j-lucene-index and plugin loading.
     new 4281135  Removed a method call that was causing a stackoverflow when loading the giraph plugin.
     new 38f8bca  GREMLIN_GIRAPH_LIBS can now take a colon-seperated list of paths. This is useful when your Giraph-Gremlin job requires more than just Giraph (e.g. a database vendor's jars -- Titan). Fixed #341.
     new c6d6acc  GREMLIN_GIRAPH_LIBS can now take a colon-seperated list of paths. This is useful when your Giraph-Gremlin job requires more than just Giraph (e.g. a database vendor's jars -- Titan). Fixed #341.
     new 031c63b  updated the docs to tell the user that GIRAPH_GREMLIN_LIBS can be a colon separated list of locations.
     new 15b30e1  Remove use setting for Gremlin Server. #343
     new deb9e0b  Change the method of dependency manipulation for plugins.
     new dcd3f3e  Update changelog.
     new efcd00d  v.property(~acl).key() == ~acl
     new a140dea  No more Element.iterators().hiddenProperties(). 2 broken tests around JSON representation. Will work with @spmallette tomorrow morning to get that squared away. Also, need to optimize PropertiesMap as I hacked a fast solution. Refs #311
     new 0d40cba  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new e76f41a  tweaks to Detached, Tinker, Neo4j around hiddens().
     new 915f7be  Update all data files given modification to hiddens serialization and api. #311
     new 2b474e2  Remove an extra hiddens property being assigned into the graphson #311
     new 20b6fc8  Get the gremlin-driver test to pass around hidden serialization. #311
     new e803515  Edge.vertexIterators() more efficient in Neo4j, Tinker.
     new dab9feb  Merge branch 'master' into hidden_properties
     new 7941c28  more optimizations to Edge.itertors().vertexIterators().
     new b59a877  Remove "hiddens" from GraphStrategy #311
     new c564462  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hidden_properties' into hidden_properties
     new f226369  javadoc to Vertex.
     new aab4ecd  Updated CHANGELOG where the last merge was Fixed #288
     new 19a19a8  Globally use ServiceLoader for GremlinPlugins already in the path
     new 922a2ae  first non-tested push on Gremlin Sacks feature -- Refs #330
     new 78834ea  All test cases pass. Still have not written 'sack specific' test cases, but the foundation is solid. All the GraphTraversal methods added. There are a few issues I have with the merging methods in Traverser  --- sorta awkward right now. Get that clean and test and then merge to master. Refs #330.
     new 665777c  Added SackTest. Found a bug in GraphComputer where the local sideEffects in the distribution computation dont get the sack initialvalue/mergeoperator. This required me to clean up an old hack from long long ago that in turn, rectified this sack situation. Also, this hack greatly reduce object creation in TraversalVertexProgam and respective MapReduce computations. Cool. Refs #330.
     new 818b9da  cleanup to TreeMap.
     new 43e1b17  Updated CHANGELOG and Fixed #330
     new 9eddf11  Gremlin Sacks now have a initial supplier, unary split operator, binary merge operator and work elegantly for primitive and complex datatypes.
     new 3e54e49  added Sack documentation.
     new 075a9e9  removed with-step section as it should just be presented in sideEffect-step section.
     new 233554f  first push on Hadoop-Gremlin. Have OLTP working -- and its really fast. Being smart about InputFormats. I believe that Giraph will actually just be a GraphComptuer of Hadoop-Gremlin. Thus, Hadoop-Gremlin will support GiraphGraphComputer and MapReduceGraphComputer.
     new ed9190f  started stubbing MapReduceGraphComputer.
     new 0b453a4  added gremlin-sacks graphics and added to docs.
     new 86072d7  merge fromm master/
     new 3b1d9ed  stuck in traverser sacks hell all day long. sooooo painful. but out of it with docs, stoked.
     new 3cb3c31  minor nothing tweak.
     new 4c25bc4  tweaks to sack section.
     new e54b9fa  Add some notes about expected state of Gremlin Console #354
     new 180400a  Add fix and test for plugin loading in sessions for Gremlin Server.
     new 4b0e9eb  Fix code examples for GraphStrategy #357
     new fbcba68  added gremlin-dashboard image.
     new 6a160e0  Add docs for graph Feature  #317
     new f9ddd10  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c05e443  Update the number of suites
     new 867621b  Correct docs in example around describeGraph.
     new b76163b  Turn on a couple extra tests around strategy wrapping.
     new b8cee8f  Uncommented VertexProgram.getMessageCombiner(). TraversalVertexProgram now makes use of TraverserSet messages to allow for combining when messages to a vertex are not necessarily to the vertex, but also to its edges,properties,etc. Uncommented TinkerGraphComputer's message combiner usage. Added GiraphMessageCombiner to wrap a TP3 message combiner appropriately. MessageType.Local only supports M->M. No more M1->M2 as edge modulation should not change the message class, on [...]
     new 85f61bb  removed 'deep reference' feature in GraphComputer/VertexProgram.
     new 44a6468  renamed MessageType to MessageScope. Added VertexProgram.getMessageScopes(). Tweaked up PageRankVertexProgram and PeerPressureVertexProgram to get edge counts via message passing. Fixed a edgeFunction bug in GiraphGraphComputer. Fixed up StringFactory for VertexProgram and MapReducers that don't have an internalString.
     new 12cf2ca  minor JavaDoc tweaks and variable finals.
     new b8adb73  added SumStep, SumMapReduce, and generalized Operator to support Object so you can sum, min sets. Added more test cases to SackTest.
     new a73d847  Correct bad label in docs.
     new e383a22  Document BatchGraph #366
     new 52ced39  Fixed problem serializing Property on Edge for GraphSON #367
     new 6e1c7a6  removed mergeOperator from Gremlin Sacks for now. Was too crazy to deal with -- was all up in how we serialize traversers in OLAP and was difficult to conceptualize (will only lead to problems for developers). Need to work out hte mechanics better and then can reintroduce. For now, Gremlin Sacks is a data efficient path()-reduction model.
     new f00168e  Operator back to Number only.
     new de2030f  Merge branch 'master' into hadoop_gremlin
     new 459d22d  Reset the temp iterator to an empty iterator when a list is empty. #363
     new 8840444  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a71c8a5  Update changelog.
     new 9681beb  Hadoop-Gremlin complete. It only supports one GraphComputer right now -- GiraphGraphComputer. Fixed #352.
     new 4b5f2b8  Merge branch 'master' into hadoop_gremlin
     new 84e455e  more doc logos and added docs on Hadoop-Gremlin.
     new 2d71abb  more doc logos and added docs on Hadoop-Gremlin.
     new c1e586e  Giraph is now fully working with HadoopGraph. After this push Giraph-Gremlin goes away.
     new c316fe7  Giraph-Gremlin no longer exists.
     new 53543f2  Giraph removal from docs.
     new 8e5bfbd  Change message for failing a connection to Gremlin Server #349
     new 2169d11  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 4a11971  removed unused images.
     new 89b2f3e  Properly accounted for all hosts being unavailable at Client creation #349
     new 5867177  HadoopGraph is devoid of TinkerGraph embedding. Any Graph can be wrapped by a HadoopGraph. Lots of refeactoring of classes in packages to reorganize. Fixed non-bugs (stupid thing I did earlier) in XXXMapReduce in Graph sideEffect steps.
     new dbc54c8  minor tweaks.
     new c012701  documentation updates.
     new ef9c1a9  added ImmutableMemory and Memory.Admin.asImmutable(). VertexProgram.getMessageScopes().
     new 7a79fc1  added a toString to ImmutableMemory.
     new 673de2d  Add a todo for future consideration on #349
     new bc14222  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bbc99f3  More consistency checks on deleted vertex #297
     new 33367bb  Exception consistency around null values to Vertex.addEdge.
     new e2fcd92  More tests for consistency over deleted elements #297
     new e2b2494  Renamed test for consistency over deleted elements #297
     new 293af8a  Make test names consistent for consistency after deletion #297
     new 5cef4dd  Fixed an NPE that was introduced yesterday in GiraphGraphComputer refactoring. Fixed #370.
     new fa53ac8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new eb3e371  minor tweaks and some better documentation on Hadoop properties files.
     new 3e0879c  Gremlin Driver now reconnects properly after server restart. #349
     new c08f463  Added IteratorUtils which provides a static map() function for mapping the elements of an iterator. This is about 2x faster than StreamFactory with the limitation being, you can only do one function.
     new 4706f42  minor nothing.
     new ca32d51  VertexWritable does no implement WrappedVertex anymore. Pointless usecase that just made the class more complex. Simple chnage @dalaro -- getBaseVertex() -> get() .. Though, you might have been using get() the whole time.
     new c8a566d  if the objects in the ObjectWritable are not comparable, they are 0 equal.
     new 03bc79c  updated pom.xml to use Hadoop-Gremlin JavaDoc.
     new fa5a8da  Fixed broken integration tests.
     new 05c838d  Remove todo comment.
     new 7668fe1  Flip back on GraphMigrator tests now that a custom kryo instance can be specified.
     new 3ac2958  Moved strategy methods around to make them a little easier to follow.
     new 296ead8  Add javadoc to GraphStrategy.
     new 824e402  Add strategy methods for Property/VertexProperty value() #346
     new 4900f25  Add strategy methods for VertexProperty/Property.key() #346
     new 21a9ce8  Make the MapReduce related Tinker-classes public so other implementations can use them since they are not related to TinkerGraph.
     new 6dad3a6  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 88016dc  Minor test method renaming.
     new 37b5962  Add tests to enforce StrategyWrapped on Graph instances. #346
     new 47a3258  Add constructor allowing assignment of Strategy implementation in StrategyWrappedGraph.
     new 902bf40  Fixed test case which made the implicit assumption that the graph supports user assigned ids.
     new f5788b8  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new acccd43  added SaveGraphVertexProgram (not complete). Fixed a vertex-local sideEffect issue with TraversalVertexProgram.
     new d49e3ac  removed SaveGraphXXX for now. In a gist and will deal later. Going to make Pair<> better.
     new 427a855  no more Pair for MapReduce. Uses new KeyValue class. This gives us much more control on the serialization of the object and its toString representation. For @dalaro.
     new 156ec46  Very close to having a nice OutputFormat toString() representation for MapReduce.
     new d24d928  tweaks to the Hadoop IO Formats. Added a StringOutputFormat that is not tied to anything yet -- may be the way for @dalaro. However, we will also need a BinaryOutputFormat for Kryo graph dumping..... starts to get confusing......
     new 42ac785  fixed a bug in VertexStreamIteratorTest.
     new 99ac25f  fixed a bug in VertexStreamIteratorTest.
     new d851ecb  added a simplified propertyIterator() to TinkerElement.
     new 6b1e98b  Plugins now define additional dependencies in their manifest files.
     new 9a5e811  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e1ff302  removed the @mbroecheler seriliazion hack.
     new 97aa732  constructor for MemoryMapReduce is now private like other MapReduce jobs.
     new 5b24fd5  Minor refactoring to the DependencyGrabber.
     new b3d1241  Fixed up console integration test server config.
     new 9bbdccb  Added BatchGraph logo to docs.
     new ccb8ac5  minor optimizations to TinkerMessenger.
     new fd325e8  Added transparency/feathering to batch-graph logo.
     new 93a0d79  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3318c63  Merge pull request #348 from dkuppitz/master
     new 7cc8c9a  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M6 release
     new 3891ad4  bumped back to SNAPSHOT.
     new c18a715  Slight alteration to size of batch-graph image.
     new ca57e62  Remove step in release that checks updated yaml file from bump.sh.
     new 4f52279  Remove bump of yaml files as that does not exist anymore.
     new 3ecee1e  Enable SessionOps to be extended. Add eval handler hook.
     new 2f7300d  Update readme with info about gremlin.tests usage.
     new 0483e56  Abbreviated package name in readme.
     new e33f97d  Setting a property with an unsupported data type throw `IllegalArgumentException` instead of `UnsupportedOperationException` as the operation is supported, but the argument is not. #328
     new 80f0d42  Lots of crazy stuff here -- found an obnoxious bug if your LambdaSupplier is a direct object. Super suxoid for like 5 hours today. Fixed it up. TinkerGraph MapReduce is now fully thread safe. Need to make TinkerGraph VertexProgram execution thread safe. Added MapReduce.createMapReduce() which has the same 'reflection-based model' as VertexProgram.createVertexProgram(). Refs #378.
     new 4b5d67a  made TinkerGraph safe to concurrent modification when iterating edges and adding and removing edges at the same time. Added a test case for this in EdgeTest.
     new 505cc0a  TinkerWorkerPool is resource efficient for reusing MapReduce objects during worker threading. Greatly increased the speed of ScriptEngineLambda by caching known scriptengine names.
     new 12a1535  minor optimization to TinkerWorkerPool.
     new 900a173  minor optimization to TinkerWorkerPool.
     new 5c8dc2e  Removed GremlinPlugin.additionalDependencies interface method. #381.
     new f81aa02  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f02a1c3  TinkerGraphComputer is fully thread safe which included updating various steps that had global state that needed to be clone()d properly. TinkerGraphView code is simpler. Fixed #378.
     new 31046eb  a safety check to make sure the TinkerWorkerPool is in the right state prior to spawning threads>
     new 83570c9  minor nothing. big move about to happen.
     new b054f81  minor nothings.
     new 08b266c  Channel and thread pools all shutdown nicely now. #308
     new f2afb9c  Properly close() graph instances on Gremlin Server shutdown. #308
     new 421cc28  reworked the concept of 'local' in a traversal. Fixed #361.
     new c702bc5  updated CHANGELOG and fixed up local() some more.
     new 2741cb2  finally realized my threading problems with cloned objects. lambdas in Java8 are scoped to the declaring class and can't change once declared. Unlike Groovy.
     new 5b67356  cleaned up more unbound lambdas. phew. so glad I realized this. everything is now just working.
     new 8382788  renamed all the test cases that had localLimit(). Removed LocalRangeTest as that step no longer exists. Lot cleaner work now.
     new 1978a60  implemented LocalStep. Now you can define traverser local traversals. Given that its a Supplier<Traversal>, you get nice { } scoping syntax in Java8 and Groovy. Finally, because its a Supplier<Traversal>, strategies (and vendors) can inspect the locally scoped traversal. Also, one more finally, you can nest these as much as you want...there is no limit to the nesting...tada. Gremlin now has native scoping. Epic.  with @dkuppitz --- Fixed #270
     new e483885  TinkerTraversal doesn't need a StartStep defined. Makes LocalStep more efficient.
     new b888728  finalized LocalStep.
     new 05e3146  finalized LocalStep.
     new 568b967  minor nothing.
     new d85219f  got rid of addPlainStart() as it is no longer needed with LocalStep. Wow. So much goodness unfolding.
     new 9229e75  Neo4jGraph doesn't need a StartStep on Neo4jGraph.of().
     new efbcca7  HadoopGraph doesn't need a StartStep on HadoopGraph.of().
     new 67234ca  HadoopGraph doesn't need a StartStep on HadoopGraph.of().
     new ad933dc  added Traversal.Admin. Now we have hidden methods. Finally.
     new bfa87f2  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 8c2364a  minor nothing. like really nothing.
     new 53b859c  explicit extension for consistency.
     new a3481c7  added LocalStep.isLocalStarGraph() as a help method for OLAP vendors. Added Traversal.toBulkSet() for more efficient result aggregation.
     new e29bd0e  fixed a bug in Hadoop-Gremlin's MemoryMapReduce.
     new 5cab5a5  Reworked how a TraverserGenerator is retrieved and processed.
     new 30dc417  ChooseStep and LocalStep implement new TraversalHolder interface which extends PathConsumer which determines if internal traversals (recrussively) require path calculations.
     new f90ca05  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 3b68bc4  Timeout of script execution in Gremlin Server is cancelled property #353
     new 682629f  fixed Neo4j compile error.
     new e04a2a3  Usage of :remote close in the Console doesn't show an ugly stacktrace #393
     new 02b53ff  MapReduce and VertexProgram now implement cloneable to allow speedy cloning amongst workers within a single machine. There is AbtractMapReduce and AbstractVertexProgram which assume stateless (this) cloning.
     new f671c28  added StatelessMapReduce and StatelessVertexProgram whose clone() simply returns this. For stateless programs/mapreduces, this is the fastest way to distribute reducers/programs amongst workers within a single machine boundary.
     new 674ded1  Corrected BatchGraph sample code.
     new b212967  Parameterized test naming consistency. #377
     new 75a997c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9f2f838  fixed a bug in HadoopGraph.
     new a153f51  renamed StatelessXXX to StaticXXX as they can have state, but it just can't change.
     new 3cde1f1  Add basic Schema class so LoadGraphWith annotation can supply information to Graphs that use such things. #314
     new 17b29b8  unified ReferencedXXX and DetachedXXX. Moroever, simplified the implementation of DetachedXXX -- each XXX has two constructors only. basic and easy to use. Added DetachedFactory which handles all the detaching of elements accoringly. Fixed #152
     new 55e1a83  minor optimization for single element list.
     new cf675b9  minor optimization for single element list.
     new dd7024a  alot more tweaks to DetachedXXX. The classes are so simple now its rediculous.
     new f2eb362  fixed a bug where DetachedProperties were not attaching to VertexProperty. Again, more simplication. Less less less code.
     new 661eb79  DetachedPath now implements Attachable.
     new f408e98  minor simplication to TraversalVertexProgram.
     new 9624ef1  CHANGELOG updates.
     new 404921f  Added test name and class arguments to the `GraphProvider.loadGraphWith` method. #314
     new cca1ae5  minor nothing.
     new f3bb361  using Collection.singletonList() instead of homegrown method in DetachedEdge and DetachedVertexProperty.
     new dfdc1c3  Allow "local" application of GraphStrategy methods #346
     new baded3f  Add a test to try to test nested SequenceGraphStrategy implementations #346
     new 6921d74  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9a1feaa  Add messaging to gremlin-server.sh -i option to show downloaded files #386
     new 3f8cc60  renamed asReference boolean in DetachedXXX to withProperties and had to flip all the explicit booleans throughtout.
     new 4ad2bd7  fixed a bug in SimpleTraverser.
     new c1bba48  renamed ElementSerializer to GraphSerializer. Path is now part of GraphSerializer and DetachedFactory so it works irrespective of which Path implementaiton is being used. Fixed #142.
     new 20bf747  Removed Step.NO_OBJECT as the problem is solved can be solved by flatMap. This also simplified MapStep -- speed wise. Fixed #347.
     new b551f1e  Removed Step.NO_OBJECT as the problem is solved can be solved by flatMap. This also simplified MapStep -- speed wise. Fixed #347.
     new f2330a1  Added ElementHelper.hashCode() to ensure consistent hashCode generation as ElementHelper is also responsible for equals().
     new 9f07879  OrderByStep allows up to 3 element value comparators. No var args so it can't be arbitrary. Fixed #325.
     new 22750fa  minor tweak to docs.
     new c85a5fc  fixed a small bug in docs.
     new 5da08be  LocalStep no longer takes a Supplier, but a Traversal. Updated all the old-localLimit test case names. Fixed a bug in VertexTest.StandardTest.
     new c26e1f2  Added Graph.Iterators with vertex and edge iterator accessed based on element ids. Refs #288.
     new c01d604  minor nothing tweak.
     new 522e414  g.V(ids) and g.E(ids) now exists. Refs #288.
     new 5aa8eca  fixed a minor bug in TinkerGraph -- wasnt passing in the ids to TinkerGraphStep.
     new b654e22  g.V(1) and g.E(7) are the used through all test cases and documentation. next up, remove g.v() and g.e() methods -- Refs #288.
     new 05f94e0  g.v() and g.e() no longer exist. Its all g.V(ids...) and g.E(ids...) from here on out. Goodbye Gremlin2... Fixed #288.
     new 30314ea  IteratorUtil in Gremlin-Server is now in IteratorUtils in Gremlin-Core. Forced Edge.iterators().vertexIterator() to emit the OUT then the IN vertex so the iterator is ordered. Hid single and double iterator as now its only accessible from IteratorUtils.
     new 7ca023d  added docs on local()
     new 8143738  Increment the error metter for HttpChannelizer.
     new 06f314f  added a section on mapping Groovy to Java.
     new 1270136  minor tweak
     new d7d0364  added LocalTest and respective test cases. Fixed a bug in SideEffectCapStep around reset().
     new 9959381  Add ComputerDataStrategy.
     new fb255ab  fixed up IteratorUtils.fill() and made it so ComputerDataStrategy uses Set<String>
     new 8a81749  Add StrategyWrapped Iterators for Graph.iterators() with associated tests.
     new c1533e7  Add Graph.iterators strategy wrapped tests for edges.
     new 8580987  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0e72227  ComputerDataStrategy working with GraphComputer. No hiddens required.
     new f97f1a9  @spmallette help on ComputerDataStrategy.
     new 9371138  tx.readWrite() in Neo4j iterators.
     new 413bd37  testing ComputerDataStrategy valueIterator().
     new a127ce2  No more hiddens. @spmallette showed me how to get 'hiddens' for GraphComputer work via StrategyWrappedGraph and our new ComputerDataStrategy. Fixed #390 Fixed #368 Fixed #332
     new cfa69fb  updated 'the crew' visualization so it doens't have hiddens anymore. -- no more visible.
     new 44d9e30  The Crew datasets in data/ no longer have 'visible' hidden property.
     new 8bb742b  Neo4j tests now pass the new StrategyWrapped tests for Graph.iterators().
     new c9986c1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 414b540  removed hidden properties ghost logo.
     new 0b3b15c  fixed a bug in ElementHelper around hidden.
     new 35fbe98  removed hiddens from PropertyType and simplified PropertiesStep.
     new 7152dc1  got rid of Element.value(key,orElse) to limit the number of methods for the sake of @spmallette Strategy work.
     new 1bb1254  minor nothing TODO note.
     new 14792eb  Renamed GraphStrategy implementations to be less verbose.
     new 7e2aa22  minor doc tweak
     new ee1ff2e  updated CHANGELOG about hidden properties removed.
     new 19b3869  lots of simplification on StrategyWrappedXXX. No more StreamFactory for one :). HadoopGraph now has StructureStandardSuite run against it fine. Fixed up VariablesTest as it was lacking some feature checking. The toString() of a StrategyWrappedXXX is v[1]*.
     new b330eca  Rename DefaultGraphStrategy to IdentityStrategy.
     new f2af21c  Moved IdentityStrategy to it's own class.
     new 95fe610  Renamed the StrategyWrapped prefix to just Strategy.
     new 0c958ca  Remove hiddens GraphStrategy methods. #403
     new 1fc71b2  Remove more references to hidden in docs/comments.
     new 70a6b45  Remove reference to hidden in comments.
     new 00a5f44  fixed code samples in intro section
     new d4e5b66  fixed code samples in The Graph section
     new 17ba815  added Groovy example for SubgraphStrategy
     new 639205a  Changed reference from DefaultGraphStrategy to IdentityGraphStrategy.
     new a232a51  Merge branch 'master' into check-docs
     new 385c6ea  fixed some typos
     new 5ec1cb3  Edge GraphWrapper tests working again.
     new 5be9c69  fixed code samples in The Traversal section
     new 14cd0e7  fixed code samples in The GraphComputer section
     new fc34cdf  fixed code samples in the Gremlin Application section
     new a7310c2  fixed Neo4j code sample
     new cc61ef2  Merge pull request #409 from dkuppitz/check-docs
     new 1bc9a9e  valueMap(true) added.
     new ca0521f  Fixed the sample in "Using Where with Match" Fixes #407
     new 03f16e1  Merge pull request #410 from dkuppitz/check-docs
     new 83cc2d9  Renamed "iterator" related methods in the `GraphStrategy` interface #400
     new e46379b  Improved error messaging when importing "legacy" GraphSON #404
     new fbf8385  Transaction retry functions now work with "manual" transactions. #405
     new b9cfc69  Updated VertexTest to use Graph.iterators() #398
     new 651b791  finalized the StrategyXXX classes. Also, IdentiyStrategy toString() using StringFactory.
     new a4df4dc  Remove junit as a dependency - no tests are in this project.
     new 92774e5  Change VertexPropertyTest to use iterators #398
     new ad65814  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d2c8860  fixed a bug in Path where system labels were being shown -- ^2 in the docs. Updated the docs as well. @dkuppitz.
     new cf34227  Added the @Graph.Helpers annotation.  #412
     new 33b7288  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 05b0036  Update changelog.
     new 05034d7  Rename method to be consistent with StrategyGraph.
     new 6a0bacd  Renamed Strategy.Context to Strategy.StrategyContext in prep for a move.
     new ce0b143  Move StrategyContext to its own class.
     new aba383d  Forgot to add file on last commit.
     new 1fff5aa  Factored out use of Strategy.
     new 971a380  Removed the Strategy interface...no longer needed.
     new 3297fb9  Update docs around removal of Strategy interface.
     new c78e424  Renamed set/getGraphStrategy to just set/getStrategy on StrategyGraph.
     new 18c4bcb  Update changelog.
     new 7ed6389  Drop setGraphStrategy method from StrategyGraph.
     new 6d70cc6  Update docs with respect to Graph.strategy()
     new df9f1fd  PartitionStrategy hides the specified partition key from view #397
     new 2f2e0e3  Make construction for ReadOnlyGraphStrategy consistent. #417
     new 3128929  Minor renaming in ReadOnly/IdentityStrategy. #417
     new f419d3a  Changed method of construction for PartitionStrategy to builder pattern #417
     new 4c917e2  Add builder pattern for SequenceStrategy. #417
     new 54e4dc9  Dropped GraphStrategy parameter from GraphFactory.open()
     new 629c995  Add builder for SubgraphStrategy #417
     new 51e7d1c  Change scope of SubgraphStrategy constructor #417
     new b887183  Added composingStrategy parameter to all GraphStrategy methods.
     new 780c373  Updated changelog.
     new d80a58b  Update structure tests to use Graph.iterators() #398
     new a53a20d  Change PropertyTest to use iterators. #398
     new 4e1e257  Use Graph.iterators() for writing Graph instances in IO.
     new 05d6ad9  Modified GraphTest to use Graph.iterators(). #398
     new c2aefa6  Append plugin dirs to $CLASSPATH alphabetically
     new 9a07c02  Clean up code example for SequenceStrategy.
     new 770d1c9  Add SafeStrategy #262
     new 3e17e67  Renamed process related StrategyWrapped classes.
     new b5d201a  Change some of the scopes around GraphStrategy classes.
     new 3c271cd  Add javadoc to StrategyContext.
     new be0bc81  Only allow construction of StrategyContext using an instance or in package #262
     new 587e6fd  Add method to get list of GraphStrategies on SequenceStrategy.
     new 5899621  Removing SafeStrategy - can't fully enforce this #262
     new 6d96a98  Remove unecessary bits from GraphContext. #262
     new 2c22777  Remove unecessary member variable from StrategyContext #262
     new 55d895d  Remove reference to SafeStrategy from docs. #262
     new d45c93c  Update javadoc on BatchGraph.
     new df6d710  Add Neo4j test to demonstrate #408
     new 9f531fc  working through by() 'step' in GraphTraversal and its effects on order, select, groupCount, aggregate, etc.
     new 0746a40  Add Io interface #376
     new 4cbbfdb  orderBy no longer exists. Now its order().by() and works for both element and object ordering. Refs #413.
     new 6a1eb68  aggregate().by() is now available. Refs #413.
     new f953e29  path(), store(), and dedup() are now by()-enabled. Refs #413.
     new f4dd659  minor nothing.
     new 02536f6  Merge branch 'master' into by_step
     new ec0a7d7  Property getters return empty if the key is the partition key in PartitionStrategy.
     new 12b4260  tree(), group(), and GraphTraversal.by() all updated. This is very very clean and pretty. Such a good idea. Fixed #413.
     new c0c1a51  Merge branch 'by_step'
     new 24b675f  updated documentation with new by()-work.
     new 838ffc5  added better parameter names to by() in GraphTraversal.
     new f710350  doc updates.
     new 6590e7f  doc updates.
     new fe4f291  updated CHANGELOG.
     new f800345  renamed random() to coin() and added sample()-step which supports random walks. Fixed #416.
     new 5cb9fff  Redo profiling so it is implemented via step injection.
     new b3b9d3d  fix in CHANGELOG.
     new f8bde6d  fix in CHANGELOG.
     new 9100715  Minor profile cleanup
     new fdae02b  1024M for Hadoop testing. May not be enough still. Need to figure out how to make a new JVM for each @Test.
     new 54dfeb6  Split StepTimer and StepCounter.
     new d205e5f  Merging trunk
     new 27919ce  Simplify timingEnabled logic
     new bb5704e  Work on making the toString() of Traverals pretty. Simplified the toString() impls by having a smart TraversalHelper.stepString().
     new 58343c8  Add applyPrior strategy ordering to ProfileStrategy.
     new 7501fda  ElementFunctionComparator and ElementValueComparator now exist to allow for vendor introspection into comparator contructs involving elements -- e.g. order(). @mbroecheler  Likewise ElementValueFunction exists for vendor introspection -- e.g. aggregate(), group(), groupBy(), etc. More work on toString() look-and-feel of steps and traverals. CoinStep is now bulk-aware (though I bet there is a more efficient algorithm).
     new f7886cf  Fix TraversalMetricsUtil aggregate. Profiling computer seems to work.
     new 579cf24  Fix ProfileTest (bad expected value)
     new 80ff11e  renamed FunctionAcceptor to FunctionConsumer, Comparing to ComparatorSupplier, and ComparatorAcceptor to ComparatorConsumer. Naming consitency with Java8.
     new f78b26f  dah. now its FunctionHolder and ComparatorHolder. Simple, clean.
     new 167f95d  dah.
     new b59c307  my last 2 pushes were bad. getting hasty. sorry.
     new ac65b4f  renamed ComparingRemovalStrategy to ComparatorHolderRemovalStrategy to be consistent with new interface name.
     new dd9ca7b  Graph.System is now Graph.Hidden with the vendor namespace being ~ (like hidden in the past). Updated docs with a note about namespaces. Fixed #399. Fixed #240.
     new 44a7af5  ensured that users can not label a traversal step as hidden. doc cleanups.
     new a849998  Labeled has()-steps get an identity step inserted in their place. Updated docs around TraversalStrategy. Added PathTest case to validate proper behavior. Same pattern used for both Neo4jGraphStepStrategy and TinkerGraphStepStrategy. Fixed #423.
     new f43d864  There no longer exists TraverserSourceStrategy. The logic in there is now implemented in Traversal.Admin.applyStrategies(). This makes it so that it is ALWAYS guaranteed that traverser source generation is the last thing that happens prior to the first next()/hasNext() of the Traversal. Fixed #427.
     new 132cfe3  implemented ScriptInputFormat and ScriptOutputFormat
     new 28d42fa  changed author tag
     new d4120bc  removed unused script input file
     new 81251d6  Added TimeLimitStep.getTimedOut() to signifify whether the step timedout or there were simply no more objects left to process. Fixed #362.
     new 3872b06  Merge pull request #431 from dkuppitz/script-format
     new 5a432c5  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 98e85c0  Profile cleanup and refactor to nested Metrics model.
     new 4b89818  Neo4jHelper.isDeleted() checks on properties, not labels. Fixed #408. Optimized the Neo4jGraph.iterators().
     new d5d1ac4  fixed a big bug in Neo4jGraph that was crazy we didnt have a test case to verify the behavior. Added test case to VertxPropertyTest that validates behavior. Lots of work cleaning up Neo4j-Gremlin and making the iterators NOT use StreamFactory @spmallette :). Got away with lots of IteratorUtil.map() and filter().
     new c51d550  added a new test to make sure underlying Neo4j has property structure.
     new f0e2256  added Neo4jGraph.checkConsistency(boolean) which will check ensure transactional consistency in Neo4js global graph operations. For those users that dont care about such consistency, they can set the value to false. Fixed #131.
     new 4c5460e  naming tweak.
     new ba79a39  random optimization for TinkerEdge and TinkerVertexProperty using Collections.singletonList().
     new e4f9771  minor nothing.
     new 3029f7f  simplified ScriptFormat test case
     new c1cc86b  Merge pull request #435 from dkuppitz/script-format
     new a807562  added a helper method to convert Function<Element,Object> to T if possible.
     new 2fc6918  made the script engine for ScriptInputFormat and ScriptOutputFormat configurable
     new 75193c1  Add helpers for Io.read/write() for kryo, graphson and graphml #376
     new 3bb93af  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4d7ea19  cached script engines for ScriptRecordReader and ScriptRecordWriter
     new 9251bd1  TraverserSource is simply a marker interface now -- no methods. Internal to StartStep (thus, GraphStep, TinkerGraphStep, etc.), there is a boolean that determines if this is the first time processNextStart() is being called. If it is the first time, then the traversers are generated. This also simplifies Travaersal.applyStrategies() as it no longer handles traverser generation -- its specific to the step. Once the current profile code is gutted from the core Steps, inter [...]
     new 4234fef  renamed ScriptInputEngineManager to ScriptEngineCache
     new 520c0c5  made scriptEngine final in ScriptRecordWriter
     new d2e26a9  Merge pull request #436 from dkuppitz/script-format
     new 940e692  moved ScriptEngineCache to gremlin-core
     new ba14631  Add docs for Io interface #376
     new 20fd45d  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new f91cc29  Add a note about Io interface for vendors. #376
     new c6ec65d  Added multi-label support to Neo4jVertex. There are 3 Neo4jVertex specific methods: addLabel(), removeLabel(), and labels(). The model is TinkerPop I/O safe and the implementation/testing was very simple. Cool. Fixed #92.
     new ce5c73d  Update changelog with Io stuff.
     new 40639b8  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new da1cd9e  Save step index to use when ordering profile steps.
     new 64f0eac  a test update to testing Neo4jVertex multi-labels. Added documentation around multi-labels.
     new 559de2a  added a link to Neo4j's docs on node labels.
     new 84612c2  added a link to Neo4j's docs on node labels.
     new 4af5b4c  Merge master
     new b755e9c  Fixes for merge master changes.
     new 0e9245d  was in a massive 'im so lost'-codehole. I clawed my way out of it -- like a mountaineer summitting a small hill. Traverser.path(label) and Traverser.sideEffect(label) now exist to denote the distinction. No more Traverser.get(). Moreover, sideEffects are no longer updated with path information. Led to so many confusiing situation. Fixed #316 --- for @dkuppitz with love. Also, @dkuppitz, lets review the Traverser API sometime and see what we think.
     new d1c1b7f  updates to docs on new Traverser API updates.
     new 39eda31  minor tweak to CHANGELOG.
     new 093d73a  Removed a boolean and a double check of it from AbstractStep. Minor nothing, but less time/space. Tweaked TimeLimitStep and SelectStep in a minor way.
     new f0db1e6  some orgazing of util/ classes.
     new c446ca3  renamed traversers/ to traverser/ to be consistent and not have plurals in package names.
     new 5581050  Try to harden gremlin executor timeout test. #437
     new 94dd5a8  Further improvements to gremlin executor timeout test #437
     new aa1cd23  Removed jar indexing as part of build #434
     new 596815d  Remove final reference to "hiddens" in the context of GraphSON #429
     new 321ddd2  Add information on Grape Configuration to the docs. #238
     new e3b1eb7  Forgot config setting for grape in relation to giraph.
     new 3de0966  Merge branch 'master' into refactor
     new b92e984  Merge pull request #442 from dkuppitz/refactor
     new c5b7045  Remove final modifier on strategy classes.
     new 11b3e20  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 3e7819a  GraphSON supports the assignment of multiple custom serialization modules. #376
     new a5f08b0  used ImmutableSet for Neo4jVertex.labels() and simplified the String.join() realizing that Iterable<String> is allowed, not just String[].
     new b390f37  Replace StreamFactory with IteratorUtils in io.
     new fdb8ade  Refactor list() method in IteratorUtils to use fill()
     new 3f66322  Introduce IteratorUtils.collectMap function.
     new 6396bd2  Add IteratorUtils.groupBy function
     new 574dc56  Remove the groovy sugar for save/loadGraph now that Graph.io() is done #376
     new daf5069  Remove label from VertexProperty GraphSON serialization when serialized as part of a Vertex #369
     new 057a74d  Removed guava dependency from TraversalStrategies - rewrite using java collections
     new 50ffef0  Remove serialization of label in addition to key for VertexProperty in Kryo. #369
     new 29e669a  Add annotations for Metrics
     new d1c196c  Add annotations for Metrics
     new 9d4b52c  Add back check for metaproperties feature when detaching a vertexproperty. #447
     new 26fdc88  Bump to latest version of netty.
     new bdc9d84  Changed IO test to use the Graph.io()
     new c9fe75c  Remove call to StreamFactory in detached and add tests to reattache Edge.
     new 7bcceb6  Add test for attaching a detached vertex back to a graph/vertex
     new c1593ee  Add tests for attaching a detached VertexProperty.
     new 9583d0b  Add attach test for DetachedProperty.
     new 614d97e  Loosened assertions for attachment of detached elements.
     new 717ec78  Remove usage of StreamFactory in GraphSON serialization.
     new 0f9f679  Use iterators in generator tests rather than g.V/E
     new 4873b7f  Replaced more instances of g.V/E with iterators in generators.
     new 7fecf52  Attempt to remove random failures in Generator tests again #162
     new 5273062  Add the script executor to allow gremlin.sh -e to work #448
     new 6fe9401  Add support for -v in gremlin.sh
     new e3baa2c  Get -v working with gremlin.bat. #448
     new b942d55  Update changelog.
     new 2543e67  Add an edge iteration performance test #231
     new 685431a  Change the method by which temp files are generated so as to allow building on windows.
     new 6e5d4ae  Nullpointer fix and javadoc
     new ab23884  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 71df052  gremlin.bat now works with the extension directories #15
     new bcd2115  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 759c020  gremlin-server.bat now supports -i and properly reads the ext directory #15
     new 2f8a52b  @mbroecheler rewrote the strategy sorting algorithm not using Guava. Fixed #396. Next, all references to guava removed -- minor uses in TinkerHelper, Neo4jVertex, and HadoopEdgeIterator. Cleaned up pom.xml exclusions and references. No more Guava.
     new 98bb0ab  added a NOTICE.txt (@spmallette -- we should go through the pom.xmls and fill this out fully and in alphabetical order ot make it easy). Updated CHANGELOG with Guava note.
     new 017a02f  minor tweak to CHANGELOG.
     new 1a92152  Use regex to clean up the path for windows during directory creation.
     new 5017f4f  Alter computeTestDataRoot to be static and take the Class for the path.
     new 1a5dc94  Made console plugin packaging more consistent #452
     new 6df2b8c  Logging now works during integration tests for hadoop-gremlin.
     new 32a7ae0  naming and packaging conventions down -- interfaces are XXXGraphTraversal and implementations are DefaultXXXGraphTraversal. This was caused by Neo4j being a DSL (for cypher()). Cleaned up the naming so we know how vendors should name their interfaces and implementations. Fixed #454 ... @mbroecheler and @pietermartin --- you may want to do the same for your engines so its consistent with TinkerPop naming.
     new c9208bc  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new a795775  Fixed SampleStep so there is a resample on each selection and that we ensure that bulks are not retaken. Fixed #439.
     new 3e77999  using ummodifiableSet().
     new bc43536  Add more Graph.Helper annotations. #412
     new 6d3f8ed  added GraphTraversal.repeat().until(). There is a RepeatLinearStrategy that rewrites the RepeatStep (marker like UntilStep) into a JumpStep form. Still lots of open questions as to whether to expose jump() or not... there are benefits and drawbacks...as always. Ref #411.
     new 388e6b4  more tweaks to RepeatStep. In OLTP, it uses its own algorithm. About to gut JumpStep...... so crazy.
     new 2f48302  BranchStep is FINALLY legit. No looping contructs. It also now implements FunctionHolder so it can be used with by(). RepeatStep OLTP is normal, but its OLAP is written using BranchStep intelligently. I have a feeling we can get rid of JumpStep all together now.
     new 4f4f734  added RepeatTest and GroovyRepeatTest to the respective process/ suites.
     new 440927b  got until() and emit() on both sides of repeat() working in both OLTP and OLAP with respective test cases. BranchStep needs some more work...... its very close.
     new 3d0ba4b  random nothings.
     new 97478ef  added RepeatStep documentation and image.
     new ab3c48b  updates to RepeatStep in docs.
     new bca29aa  language variants on g.of() added to docs.
     new cb65fdc  fixed up the test names in RepeatTest -- still using jump().
     new ea68206  Better messaging around an invalid working directory setting for kryo.
     new 9b942cb  Move working directory for Kryo to target directory for tests
     new 3147913  Try to centralize the creation of test directories under target.
     new 5cfe3b8  Move all temp file creation under the target directory instead of /tmp
     new f223d19  added SideEffects.mergeSideEffects() to allow for nested traversals (e.g. repeat, choose, etc.) to have the same variable frame as the parent traversal. Moved Traversal.sideEffects() to Traversal.asAdmin().getSideEffects(). Updated CHANGELOG. Ref #411
     new 8a84be7  total hack to when there is a SideEffectCap at the end of an internal traversal...doh.
     new c2f5a84  Added some new helpers to TraversalHelper. BranchStep is super cool now. Updated the strategies that use Branch for compilation to OLAP and all looks good.
     new 7992f1d  Refactor how all tests generate test/working directories
     new fcc6f2a  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new cc8ab3f  BranchTest added. Tweaks to OLAP compilers using BranchStep. UnionStep now implements TraversalHolder.
     new 21d6dd2  toString() for RepeatStep.
     new 2684806  Add build.dir environment variable to runs of surefire/failsafe.
     new 1e2a121  bug fixes in docs.
     new c05ec32  added documentation on branch() to LambdaSteps.
     new 3760ccd  BranchStep is NOT a FunctionHolder and thus, not privy to by() modulation. Just to keep things consitent with map(), flatMap(), etc. Docs on brach().
     new 9c330ff  Removed LoopStep and UntilStep in favor of RepeatStep model of looping. Fixed #411. Relaxed the typing for choose(), union(), repeat(), etc. so that Gremlin-Java8 people don't have to g.<Vertex>of(). The only drawback is that if the following step requires typing (e.g. g.of().map(t -> t.get().value('name')), then <Vertex> is required. Its not a drawback, but more of a gotcha to people not use to typing g.of(). Updated all the docs around jump() -- that was painful.
     new a247d50  doc updates.
     new dae2a85  grammar burp.
     new 991990a  Add no-arg constructor for kryo serialization.
     new b2c7314  Profile specific javadoc
     new 7ca3a3f  Remove -p option
     new 4db4526  Minor profile clean up
     new 293270b  The only steps() that use Lambda<Traverser> are map, flatMap, filter, sideEffect, branch, and repeat (where only repeat is not a core-lambda step). Updated test cases and documentation to reflect the change. Fixed #460. Renamed interval() to between(). There is NO BetweenStep, it is simply an alias to has(gte).has(lt). However, BetweenTest exists as other implementations of GraphTraversal may do something different (i.e. I did not just fold the test cases into HasTest).  [...]
     new 541f3d4  Removed reflections dependency in gremlin-test #456
     new 7fa69c1  Update changelog.
     new 3e2dd99  Update docs with respect to latest changes in GraphProvider.
     new fba38f8  added a massive loop test to ensure bulking is still proper with repeat(). OPT_OUT in HadoopGraph.
     new 1e9e0a7  Add opt-out config to HadoopGraph for the never ending profile tests
     new adac47e  optimizations to getting edges from a TinkerVertex.
     new 53885d0  Update merge from master
     new 8231d00  added __ enum as a shorthand for anonymous graph traversals. Currently only connected to TinkerGraph. Will work to pull this into all the test cases that leverage anonymous traversals and then work it up for Neo4j and Hadoop. Refs #453.
     new 2c8501a  Add json serializer for TraversalMetrics
     new 6862547  Both Neo4jGraphTraversal and Neo4jElementTraversal code is now dynamically generated. Makes my life easy when updated GraphTraversal or ElementTraversal.
     new 8d9389b  Separate metrics into mutable and immutable classes.
     new a19aedf  cosmetic changes
     new fcc14bf  Added AnonymousGraphTraversal.Tokens.__ which is an enum that yields a vendor agnostic DefaultGraphTraversal. You can now do, g.V.repeat(__.out).until(2).name instead of g.of(). Fixed #453. Added the ability to dynamically switch the strategies assoicated with a traversal (this is not general enough for #461, but a good start). When a GraphTraversal.step() takes an anonymous traversal, it provides its strategies to the anonymous traversal. Updated all the ProcessTestSuit [...]
     new d4a15bc  fixed up docs on interval(). now called between().
     new ebdcd5b  CHANGELOG tweak.
     new 5215da9  Add SerializationTest to structured test suite.
     new 331ae65  Update changelog.
     new d114b31  Renamed until(x) to times(x). Fixed #464. Docs updated accordingly.
     new 2769c07  Renamed until(x) to times(x). Fixed #464. Docs updated accordingly.
     new 1fc46bc  Add additional profile tests and a few fixes.
     new bbbcf67  doc tweaks.
     new c927c1b  The Traverser API has loops() to be an int, but in SimpleTraverser, we are using a short to save memory. That is 37000+ loops able to be represented and thus, 99.999999% of use cases.
     new 6365c9d  Increase profile time test range.
     new 2d1ee11  Improve profile time test.
     new 80b741a  Clean up some imports.
     new 01c8129  Moved Traverser.sideEffects() to Traverser.Admin.getSideEffects(). Users should never need the complex methods provided by SideEffects. Instead, they will typically only want to get a sideEffect (Traverser.sideEffect(key)) or set a sideEffect (Traverser.sideEffect(key,value)).
     new 2d15e92  Improve profile time test.
     new 478e868  Replace spurious test suite mod.
     new 3484b54  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8ae1f9c  Add Path serialization tests for Kryo. #142
     new 1c57f41  Undo accidental disabled tests commit
     new 90460df  Removed Graph.of(). TraversalStrategies are not 'emanating object class'-dependent, not dependent on the Traversal class. Simplied caching model and removed the need for vendors to provide DefaultXXXGraphTraversal implementations. Removed Traversal.SideEffect.getGraph(). It is unsafe to store the graph in the sideEffects of the traversal (OLAP .. serialization). Simplified Traversal interfaces to use core start() methods. Was able to gut lots of methods in tinkerGraph, H [...]
     new 7a7b238  Minor profile refactoring
     new 19fae74  SimpleTraverser now has a Path reference which extends nicely for PathTraverser.
     new 896cda9  Profile bug fix
     new e250dfb  Random if-statement in both RetainStep and ExceptStep. Introduced when we got rid fo the notion that paths with sideEffects. Added test cases to both RetainTest and ExceptTest to ensure that this NEVER EVER EVER EVER happens again. Fixed #466.
     new cd5f6f4  Remove reference to hiddens in GraphSONTokens.
     new 5a40420  Provide a way for implementers to register custom GraphSON Serializers.
     new 96e78bc  added AnonymousGraphTraversal.Tokens.__ to the required classes to deactivate for sugar.
     new 4e630f9  Refactor IO for better consistency and implementer customization.
     new 2d4e7db  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2670619  Renamed GraphSONObjectMapper to GraphSONMapper.
     new 711b86a  Renamed GremlinKryo to KryoMapper.
     new 2e865b3  added Graph.Iterators to the graph provider list.
     new 29568c0  RepeatStep implements TraversalHolder which means that its getRepeatTraversal() method is now getTraversals().get(0).
     new 0071d72  Remove old createKryo() method from KryoMapper.
     new dfd7c8a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fdabf70  minor tweaks here and there.
     new bc5d773  fixed a peformance bug around SparsePath and simple traversers. phew...that was a suck 24 hours.
     new 7c3e16d  Remove requirement for Variables and VertexProperty.Iterators to be registered #468
     new a5ffe0f  Add todo for interface implementation registration #468
     new 9855de8  Remove a println that was used for debugging
     new b68b45b  Add javadoc to Graph.Variables.
     new bfecc91  Ensure TinkerGraphStep and Neo4jGraphStep narrow on the given ids first.
     new a3ffe75  Add tests to enforce transaction semantics around traversals.
     new b4250a9  Register gremlin-core implementations when clearing sugar.
     new 8897229  Merge pull request #469 from pietermartin/master
     new 59143a9  optimized PathStep so that if there are no post-process functions, return the ImmutablePath.
     new 9289e74  fixed up test names in HasTest -- g_v1 to g_VX1X.
     new 7317c05  added a non-null bearing toString() for RepeatStep.
     new b1f9e28  Move CORE_IMPLEMENTATIONS from test to GraphProvider.
     new 8eb0bff  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 882a754  Add some additional comments around core implementation registration in GraphProvider.
     new 0890831  fixed a clone() bug in DefaultTraversalStrategies. Added JavaDoc to TraversalStrategies.
     new 633a020  moved Traversal.SideEffects to TraversalSideEffects. No need to nest the interface. Was just hard to deal with. Moreover, its not always the case that the Traversal and the SideEffects are intimately tied -- e.g. RepeatStep and providing the internal traversal the global sideEffects. @rjbriody -- this may effect you (simple rename though).
     new 04852ad  Use a prototype graph to check features to determine if interface registrations should be present. #468
     new 5984f6a  Correct test spelling mistakes.
     new 15910e6  Add test to enforce exception/feature on multi-property wrt iterators()
     new dd3dfe8  added AbstractTraverser for which SimpleTraverser and PathTraverser now extend. Traverser extends Cloneable which is used now for split() -- less method calls required to reconstruct a split traverser.
     new 885a85d  fixed a serialization bug around SimpleTraverser and SparsePath that only showed up in Hadoop integration testing. Minor optimization tweaks here and there.
     new 5dc5ec2  added until(traversal) and emit(traversal) with the predicate being traversal.hasNext(). Updated the docs with examples and provided a new test case to RepeatTest (though more should be added). Fixed #471.
     new bbfaa81  fixed a bug around BranchStep cloning and internal traversals. The solution is super ghetto. Will probably need to come up with CloneableFunction, CloneablePredicate, CloneableConsumer, etc. etc..... dah.
     new 8d6d04a  Use has() in PartitionStrategy rather than filter() over g.V
     new 9a37fbf  Add more asserts to PartitionStrategyTest.
     new 5aaec7a  added CloneableFunction and CloneablePredicate which allows steps that maintain functions/predicates clone their lambdas accordingly (i.e. do rerefeencing accordingly).
     new de95482  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fb4484d  optimized imports
     new 842142d  Add missing override annotation.
     new 3b038ac  wow. was in a 1 hour hole with PartitionStrategy. Got it working---its a bit more complicated than originally expected. Will work with @spmallette tomorrow on how to make this easier.
     new 7725502  got rid of a System.out.println().
     new 4ea6fec  going down the TraverserGenerator path.... making things instance() static. Getting my bearings.
     new 3b8aabe  added TraverserRequirements which are a collection of enums (NESTED_LOOP, BULK, SIDE_EFFECt, UNIQUE_PATH, etc.) that are provided for a Traversal. The point being, the TraverserGeneratorFactory can determine the best/cheapest Traverser-type to use for the requirements. This is going to be bad ass.
     new 73d8415  Removed unused UnrollJumpStepStrategy. Started on the Traverser-species model. So far so good. Refs #331.
     new 0183208  SugarLoader Traverser.a no longer grabs from SideEffects. B_O_Traverser extends O_Traverser.
     new fd67469  fixing up docs -- all the examples are in terms of TinkerFactory.createModern() so we can demonstrate labels. Added a toString() to AbstractTraverser. Removed a bug in StepLoader around branch() in Groovy.
     new eef8d3c  more tinkerpop-classics found.
     new e5013a9  KryoMapper now has a universal serializer for all Traversers. Updated docs with more modern stuff. Added tinkerpop-modern-vertices.ldjson to data/. Fixed a typo-bug in hadoop-kryo.properties.
     new fce9fae  doc updates on GraphComputer and forcing all MapReduce impls to have Builder.build().create() pattern.
     new ce3c544  minor nothings.
     new e4ef31b  added T.self which is Function<Element,Element> -- e -> e. Works nice with by() -- e.g. g.V().group().by('nationality').by(self). Fixed #428.
     new dd13d59  got rid of T.self. by() is now an alias to by(x->x). Fixed #428 (again) :).
     new fc15163  Remove final modifier from DefaultIo class.
     new e422890  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new eb8260c  for the sake of speediness, Neo4j's default behavior is to NOT check if an element has already been deleted. The test cases, of course, have element transaction checking.
     new c6f3fa8  Neo4jVertex labels are now sorted so people get consistent results.
     new ca42731  updated images in docs that had references to jump(), value(), etc.
     new af87238  Add "threaded transaction" test to the suite.
     new 93b68b8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1080dcb  fixed image sizing issue.
     new 171f829  more image fixing -- jump in GroupCount example.
     new af56c78  geez, still more bugs in the docs.
     new c809782  Added Step.getRequirements() which returns what the Step needs of a Traverser. This allows the TraversalGeneratorFactory to determine the most efficient Traverser implementation to use to evaluate the traversal. PathConsumer no longer exists as this is now a TraverserRequirement.PATH. Deleted JumpStep as it is no longer used.
     new d2a0dd2  added a hack to MapStep (will fix later) and made the requirement detection algorithm more accurate.
     new ef446ab  tweaks to requirements here and there....nada mucho.
     new 66b205c  TraversalHolder returns a List<Traversal>. Much easier to deal with than a Collection and there is no step that requires it to be a Collection instead of a List.
     new 77ac327  toString() tweak.
     new d484812  toString() tweak.
     new a06cf47  need @spmallette help -- I thought I had a general solution to Kryo serialization of Traverser. It worked with manual testing -- when I run integration testing, I have to register each traverser... this blows. KryoMapper suckoids.
     new b6c64d2  need @spmallette help -- I thought I had a general solution to Kryo serialization of Traverser. It worked with manual testing -- when I run integration testing, I have to register each traverser... this blows. KryoMapper suckoids.
     new acb2d0d  removed Traverser.Serializer. I understand the Kryo problem now -- @spmallette -- we should talk tomorrow morning.
     new d06b5ce  Fix up IO docs.
     new a8a90bb  Replace use of classic with modern graph in "applications" doc. #473
     new 7c66e09  Replace classic graph with modern in SubgraphStrategy docs. #473
     new 7e01605  Add a bit more language to docs around GraphSON embedded types.
     new 7039c73  added Traversal.tryNext() which returns an Optional. If a better name comes up, we can rename. Considering it closed for now -- Fixed #475.
     new 89afb93  Traverser.incrLoops() now takes a String step label to enable (in the future) nested loops.
     new 94613c6  worked on the toString() of Traversal. Now that we no longer have var arg lambdas on any of the steps, I removed the SugarLoader conversion of closure to function. This allowed me to remove lots of GXXX functions in Groovy. Made a better test case in DedupTest.
     new 466ea35  rewrote ChooseLinearStrategy to not use labeled steps. This way paths from OLTP are identical to those in OLAP. Going to do the same for UnionLinearStrategy next.
     new 6d0f008  UnionLinearStrategy no longer uses named steps. No strategies in TinkerPop add unecessary labels to the path.
     new 0b78131  wow. reworked the labeling mechanism for steps in Traversal. I had to make it so traversal.getSteps() returns an unmodifiable list. This way, adding and removing steps in a traversal happens solely through Traversal.addStep() and Traversal.removeStep(). Many  TraversalHelper methods go away however, many stay and simply use these new Traversal methods. TraversalStrategies.apply() method now takes a Traversal.Admin instead of a Traveral so its easier for strategy develope [...]
     new 7fd9cdb  Adjust the semantics of the transaction retry test with manual transactions.
     new 292d266  Add tests to enforce throwing of exceptions on commit and rollback if transaction is not open.
     new 601fc24  Rewrote the step labeling algorithm to generate unique ids for a traversal and all its nested components. Added Traversal.setTraversalHolder() and Traversal.getTraversalHolder() so that strategies and message passing algorithms can walk the full traversal structure with linked-list ease (@mbroecheler). Next up, removing OLAP linearlization (@dkuppitz).
     new 0b65d0f  Removed UnionLinearStrategy as now nested traversals are supported in OLAP -- @dkuppitz and @mbroecheler. Next up, ChooseLinearStrategy, then RepeatLinearStrategy. RepeatLinear is actually going to be complicated (we may still need a strategy, but it won't linearize). Tested on Hadoop integration tests, TinkerGraphComputer, and Hadoop pseudocluster. Worked like a champ.
     new 6777d0d  Make naming consistent for tests.
     new f95f33e  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 85e0c57  Added ComputerAwareStep that allows steps that have two different behaviors on OLTP vs. OLAP to conveniently extends this class and get nice easy to use features. Added @mbroecheller getRootTraversal() helper method to TraversalHelper.
     new b86b19c  match step linked list respected.
     new 1bd7201  ChooseLinearStrategy gutted. @dkuppitz. Next up RepeatLinearStrategy. ChooseStep and UnionStep both extend ComputerAwareStep as they have slightly different behaviors depending on the underlying engine -- sorta don't like that, but its not too crazy.......... WhereStep is linked listed now -- @mbroecheler.
     new 18d5077  Loosen assertion requirements for SerializationTest around the Element.id().
     new 8698072  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new fd1bffb  added methods to TraaversalHolder to make maintaining parent-child relationships in good form.
     new 9bfbe8a  added two doubly nested traversals to UnionTest. The one with repeat() is ignored for now cause repeat is still linear-based. The other works, however -- found a bug with sideEffect steps attached to the end of nested traversals. dah.
     new 2ae889f  fixed a minor parent/child bug in UnionStep.
     new 70e8ba0  fixed the nested traveral bug where steps were 'dying' half way through in threaded environments. the solution is nasty, but works.... I know the general problem. unfortunately the solution wasnt just a 'oh, boolean = true.'. .... will clean up later and hopefully come up with a general solution... @dkuppitz -- please play and see how it goes now.
     new cf016dc  minor simplication of ChooseStep OLAP.
     new dea1884  added the TinkerPop Apache icon.
     new c253ced  added a fun logo for repeat step.
     new 123c664  Steps now have a unique ID that is not their label. User labels are optional and not used for routing traversers in OLAP. Lots of API tweaks were required unfortunately--- however things got a lot cleaner because of this distinction. Thanks for finding the offending traversal @dkuppitz ...
     new e3d0d58  made path implementations a bit more efficient. made AbstractStep smarter bout setting the future. RepeatStep now extends ComputerAware. About to make de-linearize RepeatStep.
     new 26270ee  better Benchmarking toString().
     new 1c6ac4c  repeat() no longer needs a linearization strategy to execute on OLAP. Did some work on the unique ID labeling model. Added more test cases to verify nesting behavior. Removed steps that are no longer needed. No more linearization strategies exist. This is huge.
     new 96df054  eek. fixed a minor bug in identity remove strategy.
     new fc3b61b  test case bug.
     new 479efc3  a big one here. the traversal step id naming algorithm is more robust (though needs some thinking to make it more simple --- @mbroecheler). Added test cases for some nasty nested traversals. Lots of problems, but those problems have been solved. This is a pretty robust model. Please have a go at trying to break it @dkuppitz. ... anywho, really stoked on this work. This makes OLAP so much more powerful and easy to deal with.
     new a43ae75  updated CHANGELOG.
     new a33385d  fixed a Path cloning bug that showed up in Hadoop integration testing.
     new 117eeeb  Made the Step ID algorithm more robust. I think I have it nailed.
     new 4c47e1c  BackStep notes and a new TraverserRequirement.
     new 9885cc7  a note on mutable path cloning.
     new 95b9769  got rid of inane optimization.
     new d1fb7bb  being diligent about Traversal.Admin typing where it is important. Cleaned up the step ID labeling code and StepPosition class.
     new 9a3d42c  LocalStep is acting funny on GraphComputer -- requires the internal local traversal to be toList().iterator(). I don't get it..... anywho, nested strategy application is clean and pretty. Also, added TraversalMatrix to allow random, non-linear access to traversal steps by their stepId (used in TraversalVertexProgram) Fixed #488.
     new 67307cd  made PageRank and TraversalVertexProgram message combiners private -- they do not maintain state and have INSTANCE representations.
     new 527b9ee  Renamed Traversal.setFuture() and getFuture() to setStepId() and getStepId(). Updated CHANGELOG.
     new be71019  pointless to trigger new build.
     new 55a7881  ah....solved the sideEffect registration. SideEffectRegistrar is a marker interface with a registerSideEffects() method. There is then a SideEffectRegistrationStrategy that goes through and calls that method once the entire traversal has been constructed, linked, and IDd. Clean and simple. @mbrocheler -- if you want, you can make TitanGraphStep implement SideEffectRegistrar if you want to add TitanGraph to the sideEffects at compile time. but, if you are happy with walki [...]
     new 231e707  changed StepPosition.toString() so it has a HDFS filesystem compliant representation.
     new 41e2482  protected ImmutablePath constructor.
     new 080ba37  make sure local()-sideEffects are registered with traverser. Added a @dkuppitz test but Ignored for now until we decide on the semantics we want for local() sideEffects.
     new d064e45  un-ignored an old ExceptTest from the jump() days. Passed. Sweet.
     new e30ffce  fixed a bug in hadoop-kryo.properties
     new 581a79c  fixed a bug in docs around GraphSON.
     new 774b41a  CHANGELOG tweaks.
     new dd3cb31  Increased timeout on gremlin server integration test.
     new d3dbe5b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3de9997  minor tweak to ReducingStrategy.
     new 81669f4  added a new test case around select() and order() that. fixed a bug in repeat()-step with until(traversal). Fixed #492.
     new fb97123  minor nothing to RepeatStep.
     new 745cf8b  fixed formatting and a few outdated examples in the docs
     new 65b5dd2  Merge branch 'master' into fix-docs
     new e6d4942  Merge pull request #493 from dkuppitz/fix-docs
     new f15b92b  a tweak to SelectStep....
     new 7b767b0  minor nothing.
     new fb39c7a  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M7 release
     new 682c06c  CHANGELOG fix.
     new 8e4a17a  bumped to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new 285c82b  removed hard-coded asciidoc files
     new 0a24d38  added a src/ folder for asciidoc files
     new c428f5a  added asciidoc pre-processor
     new c3c0971  ignore pre-processed asciidoc files
     new dc44edb  optimized pre-processor shell script
     new 060e384  code cleanup
     new d412e6a  fixed .order() step code snippet
     new 57ea355  Merge pull request #496 from dkuppitz/fix-docs
     new 0d07ff6  fixed output formatting
     new 2f464a1  added RepeatStep.RepeatEndStep to reduce the OLAP code complexity when the predicates (emit/until) are not at the head of RepeatStep.
     new 90280fe  fixed a minor bug in RepeatEndStep.
     new bbda2ff  optimized DefaultTraversal clone(), addStep(), and removeStep(). Minor optimization on TraverserSet. The key to making Gremlin faster is getting TraverserSet to behave fast as a Queue (perhaps @rjbriody would like the challenge).
     new ad1156e  fixed a bug in DedupStep that made itself in DedupOptimizerStrategy. Trying to get ExapandableStepIterator as fast as possible. Got it a bit faster...but nothing crazy.
     new bedfdd6  Replaced all* remaining [source,groovy] code blocks with [gremlin] code blocks.
     new ca7e47a  Merge master
     new 2466355  Reworked TraversalHolder. There are not global and local traversals. Parent strategies propagate to all traversals (both local and global). However, different Child.Operations can be used for local vs. global. Finally, note that only global traversals have the same TraversalEngine as the root traversal. Local traversals always execute TraversalEngine.STANDARD. This reduced alot of confusion and complexity. Still a bit more work needed in this area, but good for now.
     new a9b627e  Fixes from master merge
     new 52cbaf0  no more g.v(1) so we no longer need to regex it to g.V().has() in HadoopRemoteAcceptor. Very cool. Also, updated docs about Hadoop libs.
     new c719ca9  TraversalVertexProgram now applys strategies when its state is loaded. This greatly reduces the potential for vendor error where straetegies use to have to be applied by vendor. Added a test case to ensure behavior. Fixed #500.
     new 88fde14  consistent formatting for Gremlin traversals
     new 7a2d1f9  Merge branch 'master' into pre-process-docs
     new ed196b6  consistent code formatting
     new 0ae2f52  isolated commonly used Predicates and put them in process/graph/util. Added nice toString()s as well so Traversal.toString() looks pretty.
     new 5e83629  renamed [gremlin] to [gremlin-groovy]
     new e741b0d  allow arbitrary script engines
     new df4a1f6  Merge branch 'master' into pre-process-docs
     new d624097  Remove SideEffectCapable on ProfileStep. Ensure step ordering in StandardTraversalMetrics.
     new d5fa316  LocalStep is now a branch/ step and it has consistent semantics. No more thinking of it as a map{it.get().outE().blah().blah()}. It is simply a branch that is fed one traverser at a time.
     new afc4940  Merge pull request #502 from dkuppitz/pre-process-docs
     new 7bdccb7  moved preprocess.sh into docs/preprocessor/ subdirectory
     new b54a7d0  Merge pull request #503 from dkuppitz/pre-process-docs
     new 23867aa  bumped to Groovy 2.4.0 and updated CHANGELOG with @dkuppitz doc work. @spmallette -- there is a test in UtilitiesGremlinPluginTest that fails with Groovy 2.4.0. I Ignored it :). Can you fix it?
     new d0c2a6a  Include preprocessor shell script in travis doc publication script.
     new 32ba62a  added LazyBarrierStep and have FoldStep extending it. Fixed #286.
     new 7e87039  This is a really cool commit. There is now LazyBarrierStep for which FoldStep, DedupStep, CountStep, and SumStep currently extend. In this way, CountStep is no longer a SideEffectStep and thus, not subject to the issues of sideEffects and internal/nested traverals. Added a new Reducing.Reducer class that contains all the reduction information for MapReduce and LazyBarrierSteps. Works great -- TraverserMapReduce is now hot to it and the code is really clean.
     new 48fd9d7  Calculate Computer engine times as breadth-first when profiling. Add test with repeat() step and verify bulk measurement is greater than traversers.
     new 1ce1a87  moved LocalTest and GroovyLocalTest to branch/ as now LocalStep is a branch step. Added back the local(count()) test as it works now because CountStep is no longer a SideEffectStep (sweeeeeet). @dkuppitz.
     new 80e8753  removed uneeded ~metrics.
     new a30001a  used numeric reference only where applicable
     new 9c72822  improved preprocessor script
     new 548dc00  show error message if gremlin.sh is missing
     new 9014aa9  Merge master
     new 88cefa2  dropped back down to Groovy 2.3.9 cause some weird thing is happening to me (Mac) but no one else....
     new d6c22dc  Merge branch 'master' into profileInjection
     new a848f9d  Updated CHANGELOG with @rjbriody ProfileStep stuff.
     new 936aea5  Merge pull request #506 from dkuppitz/pre-process-docs
     new d5f38ea  ProfileMapReduce needed a no-args contructor for Hadoop. ReducingIdentity now has the Step name its wrapping. Fixed a bug in TraverserMapReduce.
     new 10d55fe  Added Traversal.Admin.getStartStep() and Traversal.Admin.getEndStep(). Removed TraversalHelper.getStart() and TraversalHelper.getEnd(). @mbroecheler -- heads up when you get back to SNAPSHOT.
     new d7e0e4a  minor nothings to close off the day.... good day it was.
     new d652058  fix kryo hadoop properties file.
     new 32e35b1  a bunch of nick-nack cleanups.
     new 32e0c8f  finally used a TraverserGenerator in TraverserMapReduce. Slick. Just more cleanup and enjoying the fruits of my labor as I cruise around the code base....enjoying myself. I love TP3 -- it holds together so elegantly. Very proud.
     new a7de5d5  SparsePath now implements Serializable.
     new 674d8d8  found a bug in GroupMapReduce that only shows up on Hadoop. I know the problem, but my solution isnt working... will fix tomorrow. Staged nicely for now.
     new 2aa338c  tada -- fixed the GroupMapReduce bug on Hadoop. Had to applyStrategies() in loadState().
     new 7dd01b7  compile project prior preprocessing the AsciiDocs
     new f94ad3f  reverted last modification, since it didn't fix the AsciiDocs problem
     new c435f7c  fixed broken .repeat() traversal
     new bc9168f  retain(0) is the same as retain([0]).
     new 125df83  Fixed preprocessor. It didn't evaluate the last traversal in a code block if it was a multiline statement.
     new 6ac4817  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new f912df5  Update profile()-step docs
     new a617df2  JavaDocing, code cleanups. Oh, and Traversal.applyStratgies() can only happen once. If the strategies have already been applied, then throw an IllegalStateException.
     new 139ca42  added preprocessors to @rjbriody profile()-step docs. Also, made the example a bit more rich.
     new 9ff1fdf  minor nothing in DedupStep.
     new 9837e88  update imports in processor.groovy so profile()-step example passes.
     new 6bbb85c  Add SerializationTest coverage for TraversalMetrics
     new 8afa8a1  added HasTraversalStep which takes an anonymous traversal to determine filtering based on hasNext(). Fixed #27
     new f1b28db  forgot to register the TraversalHolder in HasTraversalStep.
     new bff332e  SubgraphStep behavior has changed to support in-traversal filtering and no requirement of path-calculations. Fixed #350. Added more complex test cases too. Also, added a SubgraphStep logo to the docs and updated the docs.
     new 23121af  added subgraph() no-arg method to GraphTraversal.
     new 7b0f2a6  CHANGELOG updated.
     new 5e02f64  fixed a bug in the timelimit step docs and image.
     new 3b956af  redesigned branch()-step so that it is a pure generalization of choose() and union() -- and theoretically, though not implementd, repeat(). A slight optimization to BarrierStep. And two bug fixes to AnonymousGraphTraversal in Sugar and normal. Fixed #234
     new b225258  updated CHANGELOG.
     new f722321  BarrierStep is no longer abstract and added GraphTraversal.barrier(). Tweaks to BranchStep and ChooseStep. Fixed #511.
     new b002d91  Any non-core step that takes a lambda can now also take a traversal which maps to traversal.next() (function) and traversal.hasNext() (predicate). Big uses in the branch() steps and in by()-modulators. Also added CloneableLambda interface to allow lambda wrapped traversals to clone properly. Fixed #512.
     new 0cf9ea6  using ConsoleImportCustomizerProvider for imports
     new 9b2119a  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new ae14879  Make path to plugins.txt ignore working dir
     new 9369fed  TraversalLambda exists and is powerful --- its very much like ScriptEngineLambda. Added a complex by(traversal) test case to StoreTest. Added a section on lambdas to the docs.
     new f55ebac  interface comments and argument name cleanups.
     new daf1250  provided a default impl for GrapTravesal.asAdmin().
     new 729f2b7  renamed LazyBarrierStep to ReducingBarrierStep. Added SupplierBarrier step for which SideEffectCapStep extends.
     new d05650b  added MaxStep, MinStep, and moved the CountStep and SumStep tests to map/ package.
     new 90d8c64  minor optimization to TraversalObjectLambda.
     new 983f2ca  another minor optimization to TraversalObjectLambda.
     new d3c1e8e  default traversal implements reset() now -- less object creation for TraversalLambda.
     new d4ce15a  implemented addStart() and addStarts() for DefaultTraaversal to increase speed a bit for TraversalLambda.
     new b989ef8  fixed a typecasting issue.
     new 37381ec  fixed a typecasting issue.
     new 23a1200  if a FunctionHolder step can use the traverser, then the TravesalObjectLambda is converted to a TraversalLamba as an optimization. Only PathStep, TreeStep, and SelectStep can not use the traverser object.
     new 45cfc35  oops. forgot to sample step call.
     new ccf0b81  reformatted docs
     new 02abae7  Refactored Gremlin Server processing of requests.
     new 5489178  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new aea56b1  Merge pull request #513 from dalaro/shell-plugins-directory
     new 87635f4  Better message in console when using a remote that is not activated. #482
     new 7de8349  added docs on max, min, sum, count. added a section on barrier steps. added two new graphics.
     new fb70126  renamed BarrierStep to CollectingBarrierStep as it is not the only type of barrier step. More doc work.
     new b107063  language bug in traversal docs.
     new 5e44db1  if the incoming traverser to a TraversalLambda yields a NoSuchElementException, it is equivalent to being an undefined function and an illegalArgumentException is thrown.
     new f5ee3be  Corrected issues around possible deadlock condition in gremlin-driver #515
     new 121400a  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new c8d3244  Clean up inline comments a bit.
     new ceb9489  added ResettableLambda which allows for reset() to be called on TraaversalLambda. Still crazy performance issues with nested traversal resetting. Have a @dkuppitz benchmark in place that Im trying to optimize against.
     new e0f70b0  toStrings of steps with TraversalLambdas included.
     new 11e397c  fixed the benchmark code that I just wanted 2 hours on..... nesting traversals is fast enough. we could make it fast, but good enough. finally, flat traaversals (no nest), are super fast relative to lambda usage (and proably crazy more fast than Groovy closures). @dkuppitz.
     new b6fc275  minor CHANGELOG update.
     new 3167565  Traversal.equals(Traversal) is no longer an object by object comparison. Doesn't work in bulk environments and its not repeetable as once its iterated, its drained. ...
     new 7905d08  Added SmartLambda to handle Java8 lambda or a TraversaLambda and deal with the respective traverser accordingly. Makes cloning, reseting, and applying must less error prone for step developers.
     new 0c30bf5  added Traversal.Admin.getTraverserRequirements() and removed TraversalHelper.getTraverserRequirements(traversal). Also, renamed TraverserGenerator.requirements() to TraverserGenerate.getProvidedRequirements().
     new e87f753  removed an optimization added earlier but was not needed.
     new 88fed3c  renamed VertexTest methjods from g_v1 to g_VX1X given the old API change. Also, moved the local() tests to LocalTest.
     new af4eb5e  added GraphTraversal.cap(String... sideEffectKey) to allow more than one sideEffect to be capped. If the the number of keys is greater than 1, a Map of sideEffects is returned. Fixed #462
     new 030cef4  added MinTest.
     new c8a53f3  added MinTest.
     new 5531592  fixed a doc bug.
     new ad48447  removed an unneeded import string from processor.groovy.
     new 591c30c  Because Traversals can now be functions, stuff got alot more complex. We need to more sure that we link the TraversalHolder parent/child relations correclty at both adding functions and cloning steps. Trying to make it less error prone with help methods, but still pretty nasty. Hopefully over time, I can consolidate alot of reused code.
     new 5dfa49f  Allow for kryo configuration in gremlin server to use a configured graph to auto-register custom classes.
     new 9ceed44  Update changelog.
     new 0adb266  added a GroupTest test that uses a count() for grouping.
     new 2a1c499  added note regarding limitations of anonymous traversals
     new c88492b  Auto-register GraphSONMapper in Gremlin Server if configured to do so.
     new 37402f5  added a test case for cap('a','b'). However, ran into a crazy problem in choose(traversal,trueChoice,falseChoice) around cloning. There is a solution, its just not pretty.....sorta bummin'. Will fix it now and then unignore the ignored test. Just want to commit what I have as its going to get ugly.
     new 8478e6a  fixed a clone() thread bug in ChooseStep around predicate-to-function conversion hiding the Traversal and thus, making it unclonable and not threadable. The solution is not as bad as I thought, but still...sorta sucks.
     new fc0a1c1  CHANGELOG tweaks and HasTraversalStep no longer extends FilterStep (easier impl).
     new f2b2dac  Add constructor overload to GraphSON MessageSerializer implementations to allow for custom mapper assignment.
     new d106f85  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 61c3d5f  minor nothing.
     new 558fc5c  added TraversalVerificationStrategy which validates a traversal for the execution engine. Fixed #521
     new 56a09b9  minor nothing.
     new 8db2c9a  Added GraphSON serialization for Path objects.
     new 1728cc9  GraphTraversal.iterate() returns GraphTraversal, not Traversal. Added a TraversalVerificationStrategyTest for both Standard and Computer. Made TraversalHelper.isLocalStarGraph() much much better.
     new c65c173  Make handlers that don't maintain state sharable in Gremlin Server.
     new cf1af35  added VertexTraversalSideEffects which greatly reduces the complexity of MapReduce jobs. In fact, all the TraversalVertexProgram MapReduce jobs are now StaticMapReduce and thus, thread-safe without cloning. Lots of methods went away... very pretty. TraaversalLambda sets the bulk to 1 before adding the start -- sketchy.... Fixed a bug in DedupStep. Greatly simplified GroovyTraversalScript and tested on local Hadoop cluster.
     new 7071565  minor tweak.
     new 4874a5f  tweaked up @mbroecheler MultiMap impl.
     new fd4c91b  tweaked up @mbroecheler MultiMap impl.
     new 6aa4ca3  a minor optimization to VertexTraversalSideEffects.
     new 8e28312  added MeanStep, mean(), and MeanNumber thanks to inspiration from @dkuppitz.
     new 0aa6333  updated CHANGELOG with mean() stuff.
     new 4b02005  added hashCode() and equals() to MeanNumber.
     new e3a278e  added FinalGet interface and MeanNumber implements it to yield a Double. Using trickery on generics, GraphTraversal<S,Double>mean(). Bam. Thanks @dkuppitz -- you nailed the idea.
     new c0121aa  Do a better job releasing resources for the http gremlin endpoint.
     new 77059c3  Update changelog.
     new b9f1ba9  The HttpGremlinEndpointHandler is now sharable to the Netty pipeline.
     new 4ef9dc9  Add some javadoc to HttpGremlinEndpointHandler.
     new a3a478d  Make exception reporting a bit cleaner for the HTTP Gremlin Endpoint.
     new 190bf74  Add some javadoc to the HttpChannelizer.
     new 817d9d8  Make the max content length setting configurable for the HttpChannelizer.
     new 43f1b7a  Update changelog.
     new 6462b3e  Add logging to Gremlin Server to output the thread pool size.
     new fffd857  Add some javadoc.
     new 9a09fce  Make the NioGremlinResponseEncoder shared in the NIO netty pipeline.
     new 5650ff2  Added a serializer that was missing from the performance test configuration.
     new 6a7cea7  had an idea when I woke up -- TinkerGraph benchmarks much much faster. Especially around the dreaded Element.propertyIterator. Stoked.
     new b066a02  MeanNumber is now an inner class of MeanStep. FinalGet is now an inner interface of Reducing interface. Added MeanTest -- Java and Groovy.
     new 9d8a101  added docs on mean().
     new 0ccd3d9  Refactor method for shutting down Gremlin Server in Performance Tests.
     new d093038  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 29f00c0  renamed CloneableLambda.cloneOrGet() to tryClone(). Like wise ResettableLambda.resetOrGet() to tryReset(). I like this pattern of using static interface methods to try and typecast.
     new 6e76575  Make the start of Gremlin Server return a CompletableFuture.
     new ed0e35b  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 7bfc627  Got rid of ShuffleStep in favor of Order.by(shuffle). Added Order.keyIncr, Order.keyDecr, Order.valueIncr, and Order.valueDecr in support of local ordering. Added Scope.local and Scope.global so it can be used with order(scope), dedup(scope), etc. Implemented OrderLocalStep (not tests yet). Renamed OrderStep to OrderGlobalStep. Ref #458.
     new bec43e4  Implemented IsStep (.is(value) and .is(predicate, value))
     new d8b479d  added a order(local).by().by() test for sorting maps. Works great. Stoked. Fixed #458.
     new 5532527  fixed requirements of IsStep
     new bc4cd75  more tweaks to order(). default behavior is Order.incr. If its a Map, Order.valueIncr.
     new c968539  CHANGELOG update.
     new 07ad3ca  Make GremlinServer.stop() return a CompletableFuture.
     new ccc8a5d  Set worker pool size to 1 in performance tests.
     new 6c3e4c8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0583d2d  fixed a concurrent modification exception in TinkerGraph around full linear edge/vertex scans. Fixed #526
     new 06e286a  neo4j has a concurrency issues when doing full edge scans -- not so for vertices. weird.
     new de1f39e  added Groovy tests and documentation section for IsStep
     new 80c92b4  Merge branch 'master' into is-step
     new 9409ae6  Make channel handlers for websockets share instances as they don't share state.
     new d64a5d3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 313825b  fixed typo in docs
     new 89cbf5f  Rename Gremlin Server run() to start() - better matches stop().
     new 3c19ff5  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 20da9a6  no more <Vertex>has() required in Gremlin-Java8.
     new 04c7274  Don't allow an instance of Gremlin Server to be started more than once.
     new 0bc1b8d  Update changelog.
     new 4fb940f  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new b167ab1  got rid of between(). now we have Compare.inside and Compare.outside. And in use, has('age',inside,[10,40]). What is cool about this is now you can use this with @dkuppitz is()-step as well.
     new 6d4c8d7  updated CHANGELOG around Compare.inside/outside.
     new 876b963  Added IsStep note in CHANGELOG
     new c3567e3  modified .is() samples to use the new inside-predicate
     new 5beca51  wow. removed AnonymousGraphTraversal in favor of a static-based __ class. Now you can do repeat(out()) or repeat(__.out()) if you want -- either works. Inspired by JUnit and all the assertEquals() I do and never realizing how it worked.
     new 950142c  docs updated and processor.groovy imports tweaked.
     new 2d11882  Make the handlers for gremlin-driver sharable where possible.
     new 3cdd927  Update javadoc for client-side Channelizer.
     new 91d6379  Reduce object creation in TinkerGraph around feature checks.
     new 7fc8c3c  Reduce object creation in TinkerGraph around features.
     new c5fff36  Reuse an empty map in Detached classes when possible to do so.
     new fd7c573  doc tweak.
     new 03b457e  minor tweaks to sugar.
     new fc7317b  use semantically correct version of `inside` and `outside`
     new ac08bcb  OLTP nested global traversals now support barriers -- e.g. union(count(),max(),sum()).
     new f8c1755  fixed up IsStep a bit (generics). OrStep and AndStep and connected to GraphTraversal... no tests yet. Ref #130
     new 02ce039  rigged up OrStep and AndStep to the TestSuite. God, making test cases for Gremlin is a pain in the butt. Next up, rewrite strategy for blah.or.blop. Ref #130.
     new 2e604af  reset() is no longer a nested cascade. this GREATLY increased the speed of heavily nested traversals. Also, added ConjunctionStep which is the abstract class for AndStep or OrStep.
     new 5540fa5  minor optimization to BranchStep.
     new 9fa860b  Moved clock() utility function into a seperate class (TimeUtils). Now clock() can be used in Groovy and Java, and as you no longer need the utility plugin, you can also use it in the dynamic AsciiDocs code samples.
     new 89affc4  removed CloneableLambda and made the code soooooo much simpler if we just assume TraversableLambda is the only thing we need to worry about. Stuff just got that much faster.
     new a37b9d1  tweaked @dkuppitz CHANGELOG note to be more in the style.
     new c30a16d  commented out the offending line from @dkuppitz TimeUtil migration.
     new 525debe  Make it possible to ignore an entire test case. #495
     new bc8e819  Update docs for implementers about the improved OptOut.
     new d53fdf1  Update changelog.
     new d0f684c  __ has a private() constructor so it can't be instantiated.
     new 741d7ab  removed outdated clock() test
     new 92bad0a  removed section for clock() as it's no longer a function coming from the utility plugin
     new 2097e4f  replaced static code sample with dynamic [gremlin] block
     new 2bcf980  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 9c51345  I just radically simplified Neo4j implementation of TP3 by not allowed cypher() in mid traversal. Only via g.cypher(). WOW. That was an amazing removal of code. Fixed #529. Wow....
     new b2313cb  updated CHANGELOG.
     new f51a1f8  test case package move.
     new ef3ed58  SideEffectStep now requires a Consumer. If a Step is a 'sideEffect step' but does not consume, it simply extends AbstractStep with a this.starts.next() as its processNextStart().
     new 6ce5902  with @rjbriody Profile code gutted from core steps, StartStep is now simpler.
     new 5b4b82e  InjectStep now just extends StartStep. Mellow.
     new 7c3dbf0  got rid of an old method in StartStep.
     new d11de87  Improved naming of threads in gremlin server/driver to be more consistent.
     new 20bb449  steps no longer operate with lambdas, they only operate with traversals. thus, no more traversal->lambda utilities. There only exists lambda->traversal utilities. A few benchmarks have gotten slower, but we will be able to speed them up. Note that heavily nested traversals are now extremely fast as they are no longer wrapped in TraversalLambda -- the traversal itself is the 'lambda'. Note that Comparator/BiFunction steps still exist though -- sack(), fold(), order(), etc [...]
     new 620f4bd  lots of package refactoring around process/util. It was too big, lots of static lambdas went away.... cleaning house.
     new eef08c7  Use jackson to generate error message for the Gremlin Server REST endpoint. #528
     new acc7e56  Update changelog.
     new e13a7d8  massive process/ package refactoring. same class names, just in a new package. sorry.
     new 4da3b66  more refactoring of process/. looks so much better. makes so much more sense.
     new 361e0a8  Convert a simple use of stream to for loop in GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new 2dcfe97  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new d4705c0  no more GraphTraversalCoverageTest as DSLs are for GraphTraversal extension. Added __ method testing to ElementTraversalMethodsTest.
     new 9bddc80  TraversalHolder is now TraversalParent and the parent/child terminology is used throughout. Very clean, handy interface for dealing with all our nested traversal needs.
     new 79a40b0  Internal to steps, strategies, etc. its all Traversal.Admin. Outsite of it, its all Traverasl -- so the user provides Traversals and the internals work with Admins. Makes a very clear distinction so we dont have asAdmin() randomly everywhere.
     new 9ab75b1  doc fixes.
     new e49a70c  Tiny MatchStep test tweak
     new 6f4ab85  Merging, minor tweaks
     new 26e0660  minor reorgs.
     new 5e83378  fixed up choose()-step section, added by()-step section, and as()-step section in docs.
     new ef96cea  doc bug fix.
     new 718cfaf  added vendor integration section.
     new deb2893  tweaks to doc.
     new 11e9146  minor doc tweak.
     new 692df43  tweak to vendor-integration image.
     new f8b1bc7  another image tweak.
     new 05d165b  Better deal with error on host/port binding in Gremlin Server.
     new da89dc4  RouteStrategy is no longer used. Was just sitting there. Deleted.
     new fab55d8  added x.and().y to generate an AndMarker which is the turned into and(x,y) via ConjunctionStrategy. Something weird about clone()ing and the strategy. Bummin' me out. However, will deal later.
     new 10b9a70  fixed a bug removeStep() relink algorithm.
     new 2ac8a5f  fixed an ordering bug in ConjunctionStrategy thanks to the keen eyes of @dkuppitz.
     new 52c4bd5  Add override annotation.
     new 62cd1c8  Moved result iteration into the gremlin executor thread in Gremlin Server.
     new eb8b3fe  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3da13fc  fixed the ConjuctionStep bug in OLAP. Thanks for helping @dkuppitz.
     new 416c589  Add a test to replicate gremlin server eval/iteration process.
     new 6285835  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 4d9795e  addStart() will auto-compile the traversal. Need to gut it from next() and hasNext() and we will have a pure model.
     new 435bfee  Add test for replication of in-session usage of GremlinExecutor.
     new 9e7d76d  Implemented coalesce(). Need help from @okram to find the bug in OLAP.
     new 942e2a6  reverted changes in testPlay3()
     new 080dfaa  removed some unnecessary generic type casts
     new 37318b5  Add some javadoc.
     new e239ae4  Minor renaming in op functions for Gremlin Server.
     new 4492d62  refactored CoalesceStep to make it work in OLAP -- thanks @okram
     new 60a75c6  Merge branch 'master' into coalesce
     new 6a816f5  Refactored the in-session and sessionless op processors for Gremlin eval.
     new eb5e9d5  fixed the g.V(1) bug in CoalesceTest. Also, tweaked CoalesceStep up a bit.
     new e9d9fbf  REST endpoint was not properly dealing with script eval failures.
     new 3d0146e  Add some javadoc to the AbstractEvalOpProcessor.
     new ce4548d  Add logging message to sessionless op processor.
     new 7589dc2  Renamed TraversalParent.Child to Operations. Minor tweaks here and there.
     new 04c956a  Neo4jGraph no longer creates new Features instances on every feature check.
     new b00472f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a0f073f  Change test for serialization so that order doesn't matter. #538
     new 4014a1d  added more sugar syntax -- or, and, gt, etc. also, the infamous select/from -- eek.
     new 89f963c  Merge branch 'master' into coalesce
     new f222cb1  Bumped to groovy 2.4.0.
     new 7b415e3  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new b1d225b  more sugar work and added sugar docs.
     new e1ed591  Add reference to groovy-core bug report directly in comments.
     new 603f131  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new d444eaa  added And/OrSteps to the docs. Tweaked and/or groovy tests a bit.
     new e63d238  Merge branch 'master' into coalesce
     new 7d0888b  added docs for coalesce()
     new 2ad4696  spelling error in docs.
     new 1bc08e3  added a CountStep graphic for the docs. fixed a bug in the union-step graphic.
     new ec0dfe7  The SparsePath optimization is clever and super memory efficient, but it does lead to some side cases... Fixed #537 -- but we need to have a more complicated Requirements analysis.
     new 2195de4  CoalesceStep is now final -- unless someone begs, all steps are final.
     new 4fa3c68  replaced absolute path with relative path in benchmarkStandardTraversals(); should work for everyone when started from within the IDE
     new c314491  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 375ac0d  Added the framework for performance testing of Gremlin Process. #231
     new 6fbd4ee  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 0016db2  Clean up test suite javadocs.
     new 7c3e40c  Update changelog.
     new 35fc046  added a bunch of traversal performance benchmarks #231
     new cf2f9dc  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new a0e216b  Better message when killing an idle session in Gremlin Server.
     new 9b5113a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c2471d3  Bump neo4j-graph to latest version of Neo4j - 2.1.6
     new f085b03  added hasLabel(), hasId(), hasValue(), and hasKey(). Fixed #483 and Fixed #499. Thanks @BrynCooke.
     new cda19d3  tweak to docs to see if Apache Git is working right.
     new 37f3821  Fixed spelling mistake in the changelog.
     new a0a1335  Tiny tweak, just to test Git commit rights
     new e2cb954  Revert "Tiny tweak, just to test Git commit rights"
     new be31bbd  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tinkerpop/tinkerpop3
     new 782546d  minor tweak to test credentials.
     new 4e1b902  small tweak to check credentials -- yet again.
     new 526a499  small tweak to check credentials -- yet again again.
     new a35f4bc  tweaked up the pom.xml to be 'Apache TinkerPop' with new URLs.
     new 9414d4f  updated more of the policy,txt,etc. files to reflect Apache Software Foundation.
     new 5e2c9a0  worked on static code analysis issues
     new c354cf1  showed an example of loading sugar plugin in docs.
     new e6aba84  Merge remote-tracking branch 'dkuppitz/sca'
     new fdd5e18  Worked on issues reported by static code analysis.
     new db98c2d  minor change to test Apache Git for @spmallette.
     new 8dd1b91  Added ASL headers
     new 5f31af9  Minor fix to changelog for consistency.
     new 0e466cf  Minor adjustments to changelog for better consistency.
     new b1f309b  Minor adjustment to changelog for consistency.
     new ae7d417  added a graph computing image.
     new 05ab3b6  This closes #2 - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/paliwalashish/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 712b114  Remove SNAPSHOT deployment from Travis build.
     new 0adb140  added FilterByCountOptimizerStrategy
     new d3043ed  added FilterByCountOptimizerStrategy
     new 174ebc0  This closes #4 - merging in FilterByCountOptimizerStrategy
     new 600881f  added VertexProperty.Cardinality enum -- single, list, set. Fixed #389.
     new 72f965d  updated CHANGELOG around cardinality.
     new 941339c  removed CLA.txt and fixed up CONTRIBUTING.asciidoc.
     new 316cd64  ComputerResult is now an interface with DefaultComputerResult existing. Added ComputerResult.close() and TinkerGraph now drops the view. For @dkuppitz. Refs #373
     new f60b045  TinkerGraph.close() drops the view. Need to come up with a solution where TinkerGraph computer results are a GraphView in and of themselves.
     new 4db7d72  finaled and private constructered all the XXXHelper classes.
     new a71fdbd  Worked on RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new 3155d40  implemented ConjunctionTree which supports getting the a complex ConjunctionStep AND,OR nesting in terms of a tree of AND,OR,HasContainers... Fixed #554.
     new 5efaed9  added a non-tree test case.
     new f8bfafc  fixed ComputerTest for RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new a348e6b5 local traversals are now compiled at applyStrategy() time. Fixed #558.
     new 6086a59  Merge branch 'master' into optimize-count-filter
     new c2553eb  included ComputerTest for RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new cb7aacf  all strategies are final as they have private constructors.
     new 75c7ee0  fixed a small bug in how applyStrategies() works in DefaultTraversal.
     new 23fd81f  some cosmetic changes as I went through trying to solve the next/hasNext compilation 'problem'.
     new 5617c2b  added support for Contains.within and Contains.without in RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new c5b1659  removed Optional as class fields in favor of null and dynamic construction of Optional at get() time. Actually simplified my code a lot.
     new e82de9f  Merge branch 'optimize-count-filter' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f6d1444  Added performance test for groovy environment.
     new f9f157c  fixed minor bug in RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new 41aa686  clone global strategies for each traversal instance
     new e9cf11c  Merge branch 'master' into optimize-count-filter
     new cd33448  Lambdas have been gutted from the steps --- this makes them serializable. We now have LambdaMapStep, LambdaFlatMapStep, etc. for the classic lambda versions. Lots of nifty sideEffects happened cause of this -- no more clone() workarounds, no more AbstracStep extension needed for overly complex steps.
     new ddb7c8c  Random Gremlin generator for performance test.
     new f39dff9  Update changelog.
     new afa96c2  Clean up some unused imports.
     new 1734d7a  Add apache header.
     new 4050ded  Thread pools are properly shutdown if internal ones are used. #514
     new 24b4a05  Refactor default ExecutorService creation in GremlinExecutor.
     new 41999a8  Updated changelog.
     new af7eb28  INSANE COMMIT HERE --- Traversals are now fully serializable as all lambda references have been gutted -- back to Java7 :). What this means is that you can now .submit(g.compute()) Gremlin-Java traversals across the wire -- e.g. Hadoop, GremlinServer, etc. No more relegating over the wire traversals to ScriptEngine-based languages. Boooooooo yea.
     new dce1224  Reducing needs to implement Serializable.
     new f468bd7  found and squashed a lambda in TreeStep. The Java ComputerTestSuite passes against Gremlin-Hadoop.
     new 1545201  moved com/tinkerpop directories to org/apache/tinkerpop
     new 4990f40  renamed com.tinkerpop.* files to org.apache.tinkerpop.*
     new f4da7f7  replaced namespace com.tinkerpop with org.apache.tinkerpop
     new 88ae87d  manual changes in README.asciidoc for the Apache refactoring
     new f104303  added ASL header and fixed a small typo
     new 8f0580f  updated CHANGELOG
     new b68396d  fixed syntax errors in AsciiDocs code samples
     new ddd0b36  This closes #10
     new 2025bea  documentation update -- new Apache TinkerPop logo.
     new fcc0bf9  forgot to add the new logos.
     new e4de789  added TraversalComparator to compare objects based on a traversal off of them. Added by(traversal,comparator) to GraphTraversal.
     new 2aaa1be  finalized provided comparators.
     new 8d8ffda  simplified SelectOneStep.
     new 6a7e91b  Corrected naming of default thread pool for GremlinExecutor.
     new dde07e6  Add some AST Transformations to inject thread interrupt and timeout checks for scripts.
     new 1917c51a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 01dfcb6  docs/src/the-traversal.asciidoc
     new b1ec07d  Merge branch 'docs' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ab87308  choose-step logo fixed. replaced label() with label in docs.
     new 22aa156  added CountLocalStep and renamed CountStep to CountGlobalStep. Updated various parts of the docs. Added an IMPORTANT: section to those steps that support local versions -- count(local), order(local)... will use the same pattern for all future local variations.
     new 8099f73  GroupTest no longer uses unfold().count(), but now count(local).
     new 4c88d66  added sum(local),mean(local),min(local),max(local) and respective XXXLocalStep.
     new a0079b6  sack()-step doc update --- withSack doesn't need a lambda for primtives.
     new 8d01256  dah -- minor tweak to sack step doc.
     new ff532ac  SumLocalStep should NOT use bulk.
     new e1da1e1  minor bug in MinLocalStep.
     new 8226a0b  simplified local aggregation steps
     new 2f679ab  renamed LocalAggregateStep to LocalBarrierStep
     new f5b211f  Make traversals interruptable.
     new 79a1f1e  Updated changelog.
     new 12d17ee  Make it so that callback to the success function of a GremlinExecutor eval includes both script eval time and result transformation time.
     new 4ef0637  Move a performance test out of SugarLoaderTest and use standard performance test framework.
     new 67228ec  Add apache license to new files.
     new 3d4335b  added tests for `min(local)`, `max(local)`, `mean(local)` and `sum(local)`
     new 92aecaf  Add apache rat plugin to detech apache license header.
     new d3f204a  Update changelog and readme wrt Apache Rate plugin.
     new 6cdd068  Add apache license header to all asciidoc.
     new cc518a3  Add license to .travis.yaml
     new c4e8d08  Turn off logging from netty in the Gremlin Console.
     new c530d6f  Rename Gremlin Console log4j file.
     new 1c7a362  Temporarily ignore traversal interrupt tests that are failing for hadoop-gremlin.
     new 84c1632  Catch the different method of traversal interruption exception in hadoop-gremlin.
     new 1e85ddf  fixed return type
     new d70378f  OMG -- no more submit(g.compute()). TraversalEngine is now an interface with Graph.engine() being the user specified traversal engine for all traversals emanating from that graph. Insanity........ this was a crazy crazy crazy amount of work... there will be cleaning for days to come. Fixed #565
     new 2bc87c3  TraversalStrategy.applyStrategy() no longer requires the TraveraslEngine. It can get it from the traversal as its known at Traversal construction time.
     new 9024bbd  bug fix and CHANGELOG update.
     new a40babe  Added `dedup(local)` and `sample(local)`.
     new 962150e  Merge branch 'master' into local
     new 446df04  cleanup around the TraversalEngine work.
     new 4083888  Merge branch 'local' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 4172c3a  tweaked CHANGELOG.
     new 75beaed  for some reason, InjectTest was working and then not... Fixed.
     new 80cc9cd  more cleanup ... ValueMapTest test that was failing now passes. Don't know what I did over the last couple of commits, but greta.
     new 05c989b  fixed a bug in Neo4jGraph where spawned Traversals didn't have strategies. Also, Ignoring the CoreTraversalTests around thread interruppting cause Neo4j hangs indefinately -- @spmallette.
     new c93e1e2  replaced Double.MIN_VALUE with -Double.MAX_VALUE
     new 874f474  renamed DedupStep -> DedupGlobalStep and SampleStep -> SampleGlobalStep
     new 9d3b4e9  a few cleanups.. something weird with HadoopRemoteAcceptor where ' are being clipped from the script.
     new 96e8417  merged.
     new 16226d2  CoreTraversalTests pass for Neo4j -- it just takes a long time for it to clean up --- 30+ seconds per test.
     new a401016  moved LocalBarrierStep to util/ with the other Barriers.
     new a636c17  no need to use orElseGet() for constants @dkuppitz.
     new 4ccd504  Implemented `RangeLocalStep` + test cases.
     new ab6091c  minor logic fix in
     new e0086f3  random nothings.
     new 82bf088  Merge branch 'local' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new eeafa84  RangeLocalStep import needed.
     new 2b918f7  tweaks to GraphTraversal and RangeLocal.
     new 06aa247  added `.hasNot(traversal)`
     new b2dceb1  Change pom parent from sonatype to apache.
     new 6640db0  modified step string for HasTraversalStep in case it's hasNot.
     new a2ad8fb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1885300  GraphComputer.supportsNonSerializedObjects means that the GraphComputer doesn't need to serialize parameters across the wire. Only TinkerGraphComputer supports this and allows lambdas in its TraversalVertexProgram traversals.
     new 347eb9a  added grateful dead schema to docs.
     new fdfed84  minor tweaks to the-graphcomputer docs.
     new 9ee4200  SugarLoad toString overloads and a toString for GroupMapReduce.
     new dde1eea  rewrote RangeLocalStep and SampleLocalStep (both steps now support Maps)
     new 713de52  use BulkSet for samples of local collections
     new dbd4427  added missing getRequirements method in RangeLocalStep and SampleLocalStep
     new deb8921  Merge branch 'locals' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new d25d26f  Got rid of `LocalBarrierStep` and usages of the Java stream API in favor of traversal performance. Moreover better use of generic type parameters (`MinLocalStep`, `MaxLocalStep`, `MeanLocalStep` and `SumLocalStep` now only accept incoming objects of type Iterable<Number>; anything else doesn't seem to make any sense).
     new cda9ce9  better choice of data types
     new 460338c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 89c6f21  Add TimeLimitedStrategy and refactored pattern for testing TraversalStrategy.
     new b7c5a5e  Update changelog.
     new 8df662d  Merge branch 'local' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 41285b2  Added more performance tests for more complex steps (`match()` and `subgraph()`). tinkerpop/tinkerpop3#231
     new 4d23094  GraphComputer and TraveraslEngine play off each other more naturally now.
     new 6c33751  Merge branch 'performance' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 2ba09b4  toString() for TraversalEngine. Fixed up docs with new model.
     new 22e2fec  Fixed a bug in `select()`, when it assumed that every map in a result is the result of a `match()` step.
     new aeb8ad2  Neo4jGraph.cypher() needs the Graph, not the class.
     new 575048d  Remove Thread interruption in Traversals.
     new 0e7a612  added a new diagram for TraversalVertexProgram. Added __.__() for inject() shorthand -- @dkuppitz.
     new b61e0ee  Added more `select()` tests that verify that the latest changes on `SelectStep` work as expected.
     new 9ed92bf  Excluded tests with mid-traversal `cap()` in `ComputerTestSuite`.
     new 4aed87b  __ is just a redirect for inject().
     new 6f2474f  Merge branch 'select-bug' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 855408f  Bumped to Groovy 2.4.1.
     new 06a573c  fixed typing bugs in XXXLocalStep variants. Ensuring consistetancy with XXXGlobalStep.
     new 33d1a79  Double.MIN_VALUE is a positive number. Never knew that.
     new cae8df0  Double.MIN_VALUE is a positive number. Never knew that.
     new 58affa2  Big refactor on the process tests.
     new 2b949ae  reducing barrier work with @dkuppitz.
     new a949e61  DefaultMapReduce 'just works.'
     new b7050c2  Refactor test suites to allow a way to ignore a process test given the traversal engine.
     new 74aa8b8  Change branch steps to use new IgnoreEngine model for tests.
     new b287159  Count and Max are now MapReducers proper.
     new afa593d  Merge branch 'reducingbarrier'
     new 7039167  gutted ReducingStrategy. ReducingBarrierStep is now ready to go @dkuppitz.
     new 546db77  Implement IgnoreEngine annotation for filter process tests.
     new a3ed25b  updated CHANGELOG.
     new ab7f0ff  dah. accidently had ProcessComputerSuite tests commented out.
     new 8edffd6  dah. inner classes and reflective construction in Hadoop. Fixed.
     new 746caed  Make map process test use IgnoreEngine.
     new 359afd9  worked on M/R code for ReducingBarrierSteps.
     new 117e42b  DefaultMapReduce properly serializes for multi-JVM based systems.
     new 31d1a4c  Merge branch 'master' into reducingbarrier
     new a230f02  replaced null with Double.NaN in Min- and MaxStep
     new aefbcc2  fixed a bug in BranchTest -- @spmallette.. we need to talky talky. sucks.
     new 962fe21  Implement IgnoreEngine on the sideeffect tests.
     new 721437f  removed the 'computer'true stuff in the providers as we dont need them anymore given @spmallette work.
     new 53f01c0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9a3f65d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 44c5c46  Uncomment out the profile test that was causing trouble around IgnoreEngine.
     new 4029204  Re-use the ScriptEngineManager in the ScriptEngines class.
     new ac7419c  Drop unused member variable.
     new d5d32fb  renamed test cases to be XXXTest.Traversals ... and XXXTest.ComputerTraversals and XXXTest.StandardTravesrals.
     new b9431fd  GroovyComputerTests can do LambdaXXXSteps. Overrides provided. Removed testsToEnforce as they seem to do nothing and are always out of sync.
     new bf60f93  Sub-classed Groovysh for the console.
     new 5b11b2d5 exposed an order test that is available to Groovy.
     new 9f51f8f  Gutted TraversalParent operations. All traversal children have access to global sideEffects. The only difference, local traversals can not go past the star-graph in COMPUTER.
     new 85d9ae2  Update changelog.
     new 2286ce4  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 1f13054  connected MapReduce to MeanGlobalStep. fixed a type casting error in map().
     new 083b7a5  Better support the future in process testing where additional TraversalEngine.Types will exist.
     new b4689e4  Better setup for multiple TraversalEngine types in the process test suite.
     new d46ec9e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 989c798  registered custom M/R implementation for MeanGlobalStep
     new 5440f49  GroupCountStep (groupCount()) and GroupCountSideEffectStep (groupCount(key)) now exist. @dkuppitz.
     new 05ceab8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 37f9256  minor bug fix.
     new 2e11ac8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5b8300d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 1d3a8af  Made it so that the TraversalEngine itself is supplied by the suite rather than just the type.
     new bec7dc0  fully distributed M/R for MeanGlobalStep
     new c3f6440  fix in mean number calculation
     new 0d4f1d9  GroupStep (group()) and GroupSideEffectStep (group(key)) now exist.
     new 863438f  Merge branch 'mean' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ea277fe  HadoopIntegrationTests ran and found a few tests that should be IgnoreEngine. Fixed up.
     new 1d3fed2  TravaersalVerificationStrategy requires a hardcoded g.engine(Computer) ... @spmallette.
     new 800d772   test tweaks.
     new d4a782c  SideEffectCapStrategy and SideEffectRegistrationStrategy no longer exist. BAM. Have the TreeTest tests Ignored for now -- once we have Reducing forms, we will be done. @dkuppitz.
     new 239a8fa  fixed up docs with new reducer and sideEffect cap work. @dkuppitz -- inject() examples just work now -- no need to have the note on adding a stategy to __... stoked.
     new 9690167  minor doc fix.
     new 780f3ce  Set JAVA_OPTIONS in gremlin.sh to use the ext directory in target.
     new 101ace9  Gremlin Server doesn't behave properly when running from source this way.
     new dbb4553  Implement profiling for nested traversals.
     new 08d3d7f  added TraversalUtil.applyNullable() so that we can have null children in traversals -- not IdentityTraversal for speed purposes and ease of toString(). Fixed up naming and toString() of the recently added Reducing steps and their MapReduce inners.
     new 3220921  The standard test was incorrectly registered to the computer process test suite.
     new 8bb2b72  Merge master.
     new 9d5f3e9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ac12f99  all the mapreduce/ MapRedcuers are now inner static classes of the respective step. More work on null traversals throughout the sideEffects.
     new 16ab244  Add nested profiling unit test.
     new 1047ff2  Assign the standard TraversalVerificationStrategyTest to the standard process suite.
     new f37abf3  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ae990b6  Enable String and Number Metrics annotations.
     new 91ad775  Update CHANGELOG
     new 995c5dc  Merge master.
     new 9d50de9  faster HadoopIntegrationTesting... epic. @dkuppitz.
     new 5c9fa9a  HadoopGraphProvider is all pretty now. Ignored a WhereTest on COMPUTER cause of DetachedVertex.
     new dd023a3  Merge branch 'nestedProfiling' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a384ee1  changed the default port of HadoopGraphProvider.
     new 7c98292  Removed graph computer hack in test now that the process test suites are working.
     new 26cc35e  TreeStep now has a reducing (tree()) and sideEffect form (tree(key)). @dkuppitz.
     new d5f6702  traversal Tree examples exposed.
     new 61e322b  Refactored the TinkerWorkerPool to re-use threads with ExecutorService.
     new fef1f78  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 2874935  fixed gremlin.sh - pass options to next gremlin.sh
     new 936c9a3  naming convention stuff.
     new 99fd487  greatly simplified TreeStep (reducing) -- @dkuppitz.
     new f84791f  Fix missing kryo registrations for AtomicLong and DependantMutibleMetrics.
     new 8f3e628  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 960eeb5  Minor nothing to changelog.
     new 83ebad7  added tests for sideEffect steps (group and groupCount)
     new 4befd1d  Merge branch 'master' into sideeffect-reduce
     new 0ad5e65  Add unit test for ScriptEngineLambda
     new 0d7802d  fixed up ScriptEngineLambdaTest to clear bindings so it doesn't survive across test cases.
     new 8747bfb  added tests for group-sideEffects
     new 531b86a  first push on the spark adaptor....crazy dep hell.
     new 0f0b60b  finally made it through the dependency maze. Spark and Giraph both cleanly work in hadoop-gremlin. Need to go deeper into the SparkGraphComputer implementation to make sure its perfect, but I think we have the pom.xml right.
     new 5f77614  Fix profiling of global nested steps, with test coverage.
     new e56e70c  We now have a basic message passing engine implemented in Spark.
     new 3a32aa2  Have PageRankVertexProgram working properly over SparkGraphComputer -- hard coded style in a public static main(). Lots of things to do tomorrow to generalizae it and clean it all up.
     new 1020fd2  Added SparkVertex which lazily generates a serialized Vertex using transient and byte[]... this would be good in core, but for now, only used by SparkGraphComputer.
     new 84be267  Some really cool lazy optimizations to SparkGraphComputer. I 'get it' now. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
     new c98d5be  Merge branch 'master' into spark
     new 49f9b44  added tree tests (reducer)
     new a7af852  Merge branch 'master' into sideeffect-reduce
     new 9bdb5e7  Add test to validate that bindings clear between scripengine evaluations.
     new 051994a  SparkGraphComputer is prim and proper. No longer using public static void main(). The GraphComputer API is legitamately implemented.  All that is left --- MapReduce engine (easy) and GraphComputer Memory (hard).
     new 3855bdc  Merge branch 'master' into spark
     new 3ed0fa6  Spark jar cache supported for sending HADOOP_GREMLIN_LIBS jars to the cluster.
     new 929a288  Renamed Gremlin Kryo to simply Gryo.
     new 70fc529  Spark MapReduce engine built. It was more complex than I suspected. Will definately need to break up SparkGraphComputer in various XXXHelper classes with static methods... its pretty beefy right now. All that is left is Memory using Spark Aggregators (going to be painful).
     new 96ffd77  fixed up spark/ branch now that is is Gryo and .kryo. @spmallette
     new 84d9909  Delete unused method.
     new 8246ee6  SparkGraphComputer implemented. There is still lots of cleanup and some optimizations that can be added, but the semantics are correct and 90 percent of the test cases are passing. Having some weird serialization issues on some random tests---don't get why.
     new ebfd049  Refactor OpProcessor to enable simple overrides.
     new 332f812  Merge branch 'refactorForDashboardFix' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new b6133ae  lots of clean up and organization. SparkGraphComputer is now really clean with all the dirty work being done by SparkHelper.
     new b045e61  Merge branch 'master' into spark
     new a9d0cf1  OMG -- Apache Configuration is the wooooorst --- the auto , deliminator ... total hole for the last hour.
     new 406dd68  lots of cleanups and optimizations. a few bugs in Spark around the nitty gritty semantics of GraphComputer (incr, and, or...). Will fix up tomorrow.
     new 6efdbca  Make the handleIterator method throw a checked exception.
     new 30e0604  Simplify the method signature of handleIterator.
     new 14c54a5  Moved stopwatch functionality into handleIterator.
     new 3b3ddb4  fixed an iteration offset bug in SparkGraphComputer.
     new d2884ba  Update javadoc a bit.
     new 4f6301f  Make SessionOpProcessor evalOp protected.
     new 2eb3dba  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 76a75ee  random tweaks. about to merge master. will work from there now.
     new e0e08eb  Merge branch 'master' into spark
     new 8017dae  fixed a bug in GraphComputerTest and ElementHelperTest has two commented out tests because null does not equal Vertex.
     new d9bbc3a  fixing up HadoopGremlinPlugin to work for both Spark and Giraph. A few dangling oddities that I will fix up in a few. Added SparkGraphComputer to the documentation.
     new 439fbb9  got some more lazy out of SparkGraphComputer message passer.
     new 4fb6604  lots of optimization goodies here. learning more and more about Spark as I go and getting clever about it. My powers are increasing. Soon I will crush you all with my army of machines.
     new fca86b9  SparkGraphComputer is becoming a well oiled machine... so many heres and theres that are making it more and more memory efficient and lazy.
     new 8cad712  killin it over here. another massive reduction in object creation.
     new e32fb74  about to dive into something big.
     new 1126869  introduced the concept of a Payload where there are VertexPayloads and MessagesPayloads. This greatly reduces the binary footprint of a message in SparkGraphComputer.
     new 57ae2b6  more minor realizations about Spark.
     new 6d40a9b  Remove "cluster" stuff from gremlin-core.
     new b34785f  Refactored TinkerWorkerPool to allow reuse of it for mapreduce or vertexprograms.
     new 782a939  Fix units on metrics duration for GraphSON
     new c78984a  Add test to validate that it is possible to compile scripts without bindings.
     new 5be107e  Merge branch 'fixMetricsDurationUnitsInGraphSON' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 0b4c93a  smart about caching RDDs in SparkGraphComputer and now you don't need to read the RDD off of disk for each MapReduce job. Tests run significantly faster.
     new 37a16e0  Added compile() method to GremlinExecutor.
     new dd14d4f  Change API for GremlinExecutor to take null for language rather than Optional<String>
     new b4246a0  fixed a obnoxious bug around GraphMemory in SparkGraphComputer --- had to use a combination of BroadcastVariables and Accumulators. What a time pit that was.
     new 30326b5  GraphComputer Memory no longer returns the mutated value on worker set -- its too difficult to get right in distributed systems.
     new a7f941e  Minor tweak to CHANGELOG.
     new 0ef3857  Gremlin Server was generating extra response messages on script evaluation errors.
     new f897f6c  new API --- TraversalContext.
     new f3e5647  Remove groovy specific version of ArrayIterator.
     new 69ac752  Graph.Iterators() gutted. Now Graph.vertices() and Graph.edges().
     new de553fc  Add some extra output to the printTraversalForm method.
     new 2a72375  gutted Vertex.Iterators, Edge.Iterators...
     new 9f47655  Fix compile errors in VertexTest.
     new 303fce4  Fixed up VertexPropertyTest compile errors.
     new e8e12d1  more tests converted.
     new 03d90d5  BackTest fixed up.
     new b18aad4  VertexTest fixed up.
     new d674afe  Fixed SerializationTest for after api refactoring.
     new bb14d7a  BatchTest and FeatureSupportTest complete.
     new 94cb9d0  SubgraphStrategyTest done.
     new 358ab08  ParittionStrategyTest done.
     new dbd38cc  Neo4j and Hadoop fixed up.
     new fd62ee8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/newapi' into newapi
     new ae392a4  TinkerGraph fixed up.
     new 96eef74  Fix broken test by removing metaproperties inside of vertexproperties themselves.
     new 42e9245  test fix ups.
     new 03ea120  Merge branch 'newapi' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into newapi
     new 2e214fb  got rid of Graph.V() and Graph.E().... more test cleanup required.
     new 0584da7  Fixed broken test semantics in VertexPropertyTest.shouldHandleListVertexProperties
     new ce0929f  g->graph and g->GraphTraversalContext.
     new 0a972c6  Adjusted AbstractGremlinTest to use the "graph" variable instead of "g".
     new 5eae92d  IoTest fixed up.
     new e23522d  Merge branch 'newapi' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into newapi
     new a0e5f96  TransactionTest now uses the separate Graph variable in the test suite.
     new 976994e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/newapi' into newapi
     new 12dc2e8  more tests fixed up.
     new 5c2fbbc  Merge branch 'newapi' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into newapi
     new 9a969ef  Fixed up VertexTest to use the "graph" variable instead of the context.
     new 3ae30a4  Fixed up VertexPropertyTest to use the "graph" instance instead of the context.
     new d06a179  Remove groovy specific version of ArrayIterator.
     new 43ae572  Add some extra output to the printTraversalForm method.
     new 94cc1de  yet more.
     new 3eb0afd  Fixed up VariablesTest to use "graph" variable as opposed to the context.
     new da955b4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/newapi' into newapi
     new 899429c  more more tests..
     new 3b2c35f  more more tests..
     new 41f0fe4  more tests.
     new 35cabe8  Neo4j cleanup.
     new c9dbd3a  Test case for ReadOnlyGraphStrategy is now working.
     new c11e0ad  VertexPropertyTest now all passing.
     new 0d2d7eb  Fixed IOTest failures.
     new b0b66f3  Fixed IdStrategyTest.
     new c17607c  Fixed PartitionStrategy tests.
     new 9566627  Add matches features to IteratorUtils.
     new 8a2e596  Ignore the SubgraphStrategy tests for now.
     new c94ca2e  Add unit test for IteratorUtils.
     new f3d9993  Add IteratorUtils tests for converting arbitrary objects to iterator.
     new 243f010  Add tests to IteratorUtils for convertToList.
     new 8908ff0  Add tests for IteratorUtils around count, fill and list conversion.
     new 3f5bfac  fixed up SparkVertex and Hadoop iterators.
     new b2c673c  Add tests for IteratorUtils for match functions.
     new b4880b1  Remove some bad class references in javadoc.
     new 7db4bf8  random tweaks with @spmallette.
     new c25b5a5  Builders for Context and Engine is now solid.
     new 56b5e35  Add test for IteratorUtils.collectMap.
     new fefe95d  Add test for IteratorUtils.grouBy.
     new 4dbce80  Modify GraphProvider to construct a GraphTraversalContext from a Graph.
     new d0a2b37  GraphComputer Traversal code connected to @spmallette.
     new 506b147  Test suites now set the TraversalEngine.Type rather than the TraversalEngine itself.
     new dedf5f6  Giraph and Spark working with @spmallette TraversalEngine.TYPE work.
     new 9e11a29  Add tests for IteratorUtils.map
     new b662049  Add tests for IteratorUtils.filter.
     new e7d623d  Add tests for IteratorUtils.concat.
     new a589160  No more EdgeTraversal, VertexTraversal, etc. Also, remove strategies that are element dependenant.
     new 144c5e7  Add IteratorUtil.reduce and associated tests.
     new 221fe05  Sugar messed up.
     new a78c679  SugarLoader 'fix' for GraphTraversalContext.
     new 010fe19  Minor code reorganization and method renaming in IteratorUtils.
     new 9d7bab0  Introduced Graph.empty() so we can do remote compilation of traversals. The pit is endless.
     new d0bba77  TraversalContext and TraversalEngine work. Making it so GraphComputer is accessible as an Optional.
     new f52f6cb  Remove the TimeUtils class by pushing its methods to the existing TimeUtil class.
     new 66e66c1  added easy public static final helpers for GraphTraversalContet -- standard, computer.
     new a8c46c5  fixed ScriptRecordReaderWriterTest to NOT use traversals off of vertex/edge. Stubbed strategy/decorations with @spmallette.
     new c099978  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into newapi
     new 57b647d  Merge branch 'newapi' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into newapi
     new 1209663  Fixed compile errors in gremlin-driver after refactoring for GraphTraversalContext.
     new 95ec367  Get gremlin-server tests compiling after GraphTraversalContext work.
     new da2647c  Fixed gremlin-console tests after GraphTraversalContext refactoring.
     new 9f6fa24  Moved unit tests for gremlin-core from gremlin-test.
     new d4553ed  optimized ScriptInputFormat - only local bindings and no new VertexWritable for each vertex
     new 466aa08  optimized GraphSONInputFormat
     new 1ac8f42  Add tests for all utility iterator classes.
     new a228c82  Merge branch 'script-input' of https://github.com/dkuppitz/incubator-tinkerpop
     new eeac2a0  Fixed problem with javadoc generation.
     new 33b3cb7  Added some comments to remind why addditionalDependencies were needed for javadoc.
     new b70b66c  Basic working script for committing docs to apache svn.
     new 23e4917  Add a commit message for the removal of old docs.
     new 05c58df  Update method for publishing docs to SVN.
     new 723b88e  Remove attempted formatting in README.
     new 41a6240  worked on TODOs in publish-docs.sh
     new 4fda334  Removed password requirement for publish-docs.sh and returned to interactive mode.
     new b4e342d  docs building with new TraversalContext model.
     new d307b96  doc cleanup around TravaersalContext.
     new 3b4b394  Move gremlin-groovy unit tests out og gremlin-groovy-test.
     new 8153a0a  Renamed GremlinExecutorTest in preparation to split test between those that need a Graph and those that don't.
     new 26c2b99  Move unit tests that don't need a graph from gremlin-groovy-test to gremlin-groovy.
     new c226ea2  Remove unecessary variable declaration in GryoReader.
     new 53edaae  Optimizations to VertexStreamIterator. And not using static XXXReader/Writers with Hadoop InputFormats.
     new 008523d  Remove unused imports.
     new be9d7c7  Add missing license text.
     new 33bd19b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dd0c2b2  minor optimizations. GraphSONReader proving itself at scale.
     new 0880e93  got to the bottom of the memory and speed issues with GryoXXX. Phew. Heavy day with @dkuppitz. Thanks for your help @spmallette.
     new 69b69ee  GiraphVertexWriter is now fast.
     new 859b3df  minor nothing optimizations.
     new 6a4be11  Add missing license headers.
     new a5147c1  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new db5a2d2  lots optimizations a fixed a major bug in VertexWritable. GiraphComputeVertex uses very little memory now -- no more 'dobuble copies.' Also, everything is VertexWritable so it all chains together nicely. Added GryoPool which supports GryoReader and GryoWriter pools.
     new 56d4076  removed bad dependencies.
     new 28d4c80  merged two tests that are the same but in different packages.
     new 06b1d6f  Create a way to add strategies to a traversal via GraphProvider.
     new 2583943  Strategies should be local to a context not added to the global strategy cache.
     new 52f8ead  Changed output for failed assumption in tests to use Graph as opposed to GraphTraversalContext.
     new 1c44895  Add ReadOnlyStrategyTest in the process suite.
     new 954e1fd  Add javadoc to GraphProvider for the traversal() method.
     new ef0c7bf  ScriptInputFormat hack fix.
     new 1a27d5f  ScriptInputFormat hack fix.
     new ec9aa9c  Add test to show that timeout does not apply to the ScriptEngine life.
     new 08d3e27  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a65b277  Enhance a test.
     new be80e55  Fixed a bug where the inputformat and outputformat are different after a VertexProgram job execution relative to a MapReduce job.
     new cbb64cc  HadoopGraphProvider tests GraphSONInputFormat in and GryoOutputFormat out.
     new a4d8a41  If scriptEvaluationTimeout is zero or less no AST is applied for timeout transforms.
     new 1ab7216  minor tweak to use static finals in GiraphGraphComputer.
     new f4c1e07  Fix spelling mistake in method name.
     new 7765bf4  got rid of 'reverse'. will readdress post GA. Fixed #326
     new 4e2b979  added AddVertexStep. AddEdgeStep is now a MapStep. Added AddPropertyStep. -- addV(), addE(), and property() off of Traverasl. Fixed #547.
     new 96d3cbf  fixed up CHANGELOG.
     new ef103b7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 14ff0e6  Neo4j has an out of memory exception because added vertices are dynamically added to the iterator being iterated. Damn.
     new 536ea46  made DetachedEdge more time efficient by NOT using try/catch to determine vertex existence.
     new 9a9e76e  more optimizations to DetachedVertex and DetachEdge with respect to object creation.
     new dc63923  more minor optimizations.
     new f49d02e  removed an unneeded synchronization in DetachedEdge.
     new d999b3e  TraversalContext renamed to TraversalSource per discussion. Added GraphTraversalSource.addV().
     new cadf6cc  A Traversal is always off an 'emanating graph'. For anonymous traversals, that emanting graph is the EmptyGraph. g.addV() added. Neo4jGraph ignores the g.V().addV() test as GlobalGraphOperations iterates vertices created after the iterator is created. Added another AddVertexTest.
     new ac0738e  non-blocking queues on GryoPool.
     new 51f3843  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8798d82  Fixed a bug in InputOutput conversion with the Hadoop XXXGraphComputers. Greatly reduce the code complexity of GryoInputFormat.
     new 2f2fc62  added g.V(1).addE('knows',g.V()). Renamed the original AddEdgeStep to AddEdgeByPathStep as it uses path information. More test cases.
     new 60f2550  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f8ec957  strategies are written back to the GraphTraversalSource.Builder.
     new bbd0c68  The Giraph configuration is no longer stored with the Vertex.
     new f896de1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 85dfcc7  Add PartitionStrategy and related tests as a TraversalStrategy.
     new 2919669  Add Mutating marker on new addV/E steps and adjust PartitionStrategy accordingly.
     new a432424  greatly reduce the memory footprint of TinkerGraph by being smart about indices, properties, and field references.
     new 6adc216  GraphComputer tests should not run PartitionStrategy process tests.
     new 6a1eca3  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 86d953b  Rename method/member variable for property keys to be consistent with other similar steps.
     new 252b3f0  Made TinkerGraph even smaller and more efficient for Edge and VertexProperty. Added a StrategyVertex optimization for @dkuppitz and Giraph.
     new 67f112f  a big optimization for star-graph usage of TinkerGraph. The adjacent vertices don't need to have outEdges. Save a HashMap on each edge of each Vertex in that case.
     new 071c01e  Add back an before/after commit assert for checking against ConcurrentModificationExceptions.
     new b61be9f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e64153c  SingleMessenger to reduce the number of TraversalVertexProgram iterations by doing the first message locally.
     new 44aeefd  added some default properties to giraph-gryo.properties so people know stuff.
     new 005dd6d  minor optimization to DetachedEdge.
     new 36424c8  Changed PartitionStrategy to not inject a has after addV/E steps.
     new 97ece24  null fields for 'empty' to reduce serialization size.
     new e2d3eee  introduced a VertexProgramPool for threaded GraphComputer workers operating on a VertexProgram that is not thread safe.
     new a9e0d91  Made PartitionStrategy immutable with a Builder class.
     new c53d61e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f924086  Add a test to validate error conditiong in construction of PartitionStrategy.
     new 0c3b036  there is no longer a distinction between spark and giraph properties files in conf/. You can have the same properties file with both spark and giraph graph computer configurations specified. Much cleaner and easier to think about and manage.
     new b9bad3e  Add more tests for PartitionStrategy.
     new ae7127d  Minor refactoring to extract method in PartitionStrategy.
     new 86140cd  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 98c6598  Remove unnecessary variable declaration in PartitionStrategy.
     new c6fef8f  Removed ComputerDataStrategy and replaced it with ComputerGraph. This, as a crazy sideEffect, solved a nasty serialization issue I was having with SparkGraphComputer. Finally, added ChainedComparator to ensure chained comparators are serializable.
     new bf1c5ab  Added apache license text.
     new 207d458  fixed an import error.
     new 839cb8a  GryoReader and GryoWriter now support readObject() and writeObject() respectively. GiraphComputeVertex ID is ObjectWritable -- no longer LongWritable constrained. ObjectWritable uses Gryo instead of Java serialization --- in order to reduce message sizes.
     new f55f2d7  Add SubgraphStrategy implementation over TraversalStrategy.
     new 560ed9b  gutted CloneNotSupportedException for Traversal, Step, Traverser, Path, VertexProgram, and MapReduce. This is in favor of using SuppressWarning(CloneDoesntDeclareCloneNotSupportedException). Also, realized that StaticVertexProgram is our thread-safe vertex program interface. VertexProgramPool is smart about not cloning statics.
     new 4155961  Added MapReduce pool which is analagous to VertexProgramPool -- and is smart about StaticMapReduce. Rewrote the TinkerWorkerPool for TinkerGraphComputer to use VertexProgramPool and MapReducePool. Less object creation and start/end is not threaded.
     new 0db6f11  supressing more warnings.
     new 75df661  Enable RAT plugin on builds
     new 5ca0c50  Fixed spelling error in documentation.
     new aa9438a  publish-docs works on Mac (thanks @dkuppitz). Found a bug with indexing in TinkerGraph that caused the docs to break. Need more test cases on TinkerGraph indices.
     new 64dbd85  Merge branch 'rat-enable' of https://github.com/rvesse/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 308a0db  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 54ac150  GryoPool.Type is READER, WRITER, or BOTH. Fixed up ScriptReaderXXX a bit.
     new b563dc3  MapReduce now has a worker start/end method. Fixed up TinkerGraphComputer, SparkGraphComputer, and GiraphGraphComputer to support the new method. Fixed a bug in Spark message passing.
     new 4c97e96  the traversal steps provided by TinkerPop are the foundation for all dsl. GraphTraversal is just a dsl of traversal. Refactored the process API to reflect this concept. Fixed #592.
     new 60307cc  updated the README to point to Apache website and resources.
     new 52119a4  updated the README to point to Apache website and resources.
     new 68bba6e  publish-docs does not publish to a site/ subdirectory. Updated the links in README.
     new 91788de  simpler TraverserMapReduce Iterator converter.
     new 50f298b  Add test to validate empty when no meta property is present.
     new 02fdb01  Add AbstractTransaction to simplify vendor implementations a bit.
     new a4f0aa2  Added event listener methods on Transaction.
     new f520e6d  went through the intro section of the documentation with a fine toothed comb and have it clean and proper with TraversalSource and lambda discussions.
     new 7b92283  spruced up the-graph section of the documentation. AddPropertyStep now also takes cardinality and multiple key-value pairs for dealing with VertexProperties -- GraphTraversal updated to reflect this.
     new 07e13a4  added AddVertex, fixed up AddEdge, and added AddProperty to the docs.
     new c41b5c9  added LambdaRestrictionStrategy that makes it so lambdas are not allowed in a traversal. This is NOT default behavior yet, but we will probably want to have it be default. Fixed #540.
     new 8024acc  by(T) is not a lambda step. Added LambdaRestrictionStrategyTest using the @spmallette mock-model. Moved some gremlin-core/tests around that were in the wrong package.
     new 416cc91  Added DropStep for element and property removal.
     new 7bf81ba  DropStep is actually a FilterStep.
     new 03cbccb  added DropStep to the AsciiDocs.
     new be0341f  fixed a compile bug in the docs.
     new d4130d8  changed the TraversalSource API to have with(Strategy) and without(Strategy) for turning on and off strategies. updated docs.
     new dea347b  TINKERPOP3-598 #close -- was a instanceof bug in Neo4jGraphStepStrategy. Copied the TinkerGraphStepStrategy form.
     new bff84c9  Add ignore for .repository directory which seems to self generate in buildserver and causes failures.
     new f5c2496  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e529a68  Add EventStrategy.
     new cbaaa25  Update changelog.
     new 23f1a06  Add apache license files.
     new 5d87fac  the new default behavior for vertex.property() is Cardinality.single as voted on by the TinkerPop community.
     new f06bf41  CHANGELOG update.
     new bf7ea74  updated AsciiDocs with Cardinality information.
     new 4da1081  Remove GraphStrategy implementations.
     new 0d13afa  Update README with Issue Conventions section.
     new ea6467a  #comment TINKERPOP3-593 -- going down the path of strategy lifecycles: decoration, optimization, and verification.
     new ff72be2  Update README Issue Conventions.
     new 124e60d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 63868ab  Update README Issue Conventions
     new 9220028  Update README on Issue Conventions.
     new 5a3a1a9  more data for data/.
     new 4c002a7  Add private constructor GraphTraversalSource.Builder to prevent direct instantiation.
     new 61d0708  Update README on issue resolution.
     new 6708cd4  shade plugin prototype config for Kryo
     new a410bc5  TINKERPOP3-374 #close MapReduce no longer supports incident edge or adjacent vertex access. -- ComputerGraph wrapper provides the appropriate semantics for in-memory systems.
     new d17b6b7  GryoInput, GryoOutput, GryoKryo as faces to hide package dependencies on shaded jars.
     new 84d1ad2  no need to exlcude kryo from Hadoop-Gremlin as the jars are now shaded.
     new 95a33cf  The GryoSerializer is coming to a town near you with him homeboy GryoKryo. Shading is lame.
     new 8f51658  SparkVertex is now smart about memory and uses GryoPool.
     new f590faa  added HadoopPools which holds the GryoPool stuff globally for Spark and Giraph. VertexWritable and ObjectWritable are now smart about serialization.
     new 5a4428f  There is now Persist and ResultGraph semantics in GraphComputer. VertexPrograms like TraversalVertexProgram have Persist.NOTHING and ResultGraph.ORIGINAL_GRAPH. This greatly reduces the data footprint and the output write speed of the Graph in, for example, Hadoop settings. This also makes it such that vendors can now support writing back results of the computed results to the original graph (e.g. calculate pagerank and store it back in the graph).
     new 5e03581  JavaDoc and enum renaming in GraphComputer work.
     new 7809fd9  Removed SparkVertex. No longer needed as we can now use the VertexWritable model used in GiraphGraphComptuer. This fixed a KryoSerialzer bug in SparkGraphComputer due to recrussive serialization of a vertex.
     new 6087286  fixed a problem in hadoop-gryo.properties.
     new f4425dc  GryoReader and GryoWriter now use InputStream and OutputStream. This allows HadoopGremlin tests to run in IntelliJ.
     new 24a3bbf  SerialiationTest no longer touches anything Kryo related.
     new 18a85e6  dependency-reduce-pom removed.
     new ee0af47  few tweaks around Rule.toString() so it looks nice in the Spark UI and I know that its a SparkVertexPayload so no need to type cast.
     new 4b6351d  Introduce the gremlin-shaded module that houses kryo.
     new 57214bc  MessageCombiner extends Serializable. Makes sense to do so and makes Spark reducing less error prone.
     new 8a94e39  sometimes a reduce() does not have a value cause there is nothing in the payload. no messages. be smart about Optional.get().
     new b521ae5  assuming reduce needs new objects to be returned.
     new 7412304  not using 'on the fly' iterators but a legit iterable for Spark message passing.
     new 8375104  no incoming message should be available once the step has executed.
     new cab30ca  last attempt for @dkuppitz.
     new 5848867  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c5c368c  Removed reduced dependency setting in shading.
     new 679e7fb  Renamed the kryo shading packaging.
     new d047f3d  Break apart some strategy tests as they were failing in intellij with the Enclosed annotation.
     new bd16654  Simplified the identification of Mutating steps in EventStrategy.
     new 9770afa  Removed a todo referring to more asserts on Subgraph testing.
     new 1d94378  Add notes about gremlin-shaded and IDE setup in README.
     new aded974  Fixed up the description a bit for the gremlin-shaded module.
     new ff160d8  so deep in a Spark pit its unreal.
     new 98a155b  Added a note about "affected version" for issue conventions in readme.
     new 53ebfea  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 774a87e  got back to where I was around 10am this morning. Lazy iterators even though the Spark JavaAPI says Iterable.
     new b4fdfd7  being smart about payload type. still the inane problem on large recurssive RDDs.
     new ba79c0e  a reduceByKey as the initial operation of the graphRDD ensures no duplicate vertices.
     new 11e15de  I think I finally have it... something still doesnt make sense to my why it works, but all the million edge graph testing thus far is working. Tomorrow @dkuppitz and I hit the blades for some enron.
     new da30a52  Added support to travers Elements without reloading it with its id
     new 4599dfb  Renamed GraphChangedListener to MutationListener.
     new 010fee5  Moved all Event implementations to the Event interface.
     new f0c9774  Add javadoc to EventCallback.
     new ea51641  Add "Event" related classes to standard imports.
     new cada5f3  Add toString() for nicer output in console on the ConsoleMutationListener.
     new 1b37172  Update docs for EventStrategy.
     new 011f242  partitioning only needed right after data load from HDFS.
     new 40c8604  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/pietermartin/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 3b8cba0  Modifications to issue conventions in README.
     new 391c656  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dff3f2c  removed zookeeper.jar in resources as it is no longer needed for testing with Giraph. Added DISCLAIMER.txt as advised by the Incubator release process.
     new b18b700  Update docs for PartitionStrategy.
     new 9e26f9a  Correct formatting to get comments to appear in docs for PartitionStrategy.
     new 354afb6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2e26397  vendor logos removed and removed tinkerpop-contributors.asciidoc as Apache TinkerPop no longer has a vendor-model.
     new bdf654f  Add ReadOnlyStrategy to the default import customizer.
     new 10943e4  ReadOnlyStrategy was not checking for all Mutating steps.
     new 444b798  Add docs for ReadOnlyStrategy.
     new 08a916c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 56f864c  Hadoop-Gremlin section of the docs cleaned up nicely. Added ITERATION_MAX in Console so infinite iteration doesn't occur. @spmallette will make this a :set property in the Console.
     new 820a0a5  removed Neo4j logo from docs/ and now removed it from the implementations.asciidoc reference.
     new d16fef7  typing on the SparkGraphComputer pipeline is very explicit. No more generic SparkPayload.
     new af5215d  Changed AsciiDocs pre-processor output directory.
     new b0c70e2  Make test name consistent in SubgraphStrategyProcessTest.
     new 3f073ae  have a new experimental algorithm for SparkGraphComputer -- doesn't work perfectly right now, but is saved in SparkExecutor for growth.
     new 1bcef16  forgot Apache2 License Header>
     new 0a3d634  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new e54d423  Built out the existing stub for  `ElementIdStrategy` and added tests.
     new 8593123  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1954887  Add docs for SubgraphStrategy.
     new 09802b1  Update changelog.
     new f146e49  Added documentation for ElementIdStrategy.
     new 0268df0  DetachedEdge attach() has a good exception message now. SparkGraphComputer tweaks.
     new 6e91aa7  Corrected broken Gremlin Server integration test introduced when drop() was added.
     new 2806e78  Corrected broken integration tests for Gremlin Console introduced back when remove() became drop().
     new ce5a169  Added support for :set max-iteration in Gremlin Console as per TINKERPOP3-556
     new c5d69a1  testing the use of mid-iteration caching on Spark consistency.
     new b267313  forgot Apache2 License Header>
     new 63c1f19  Make it so that TinkerGraph tests generate to tinkergraph-gremlin target directory.
     new b7b8f78  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 00921fb  Make commons-io part of gremlin-test.
     new d8d5cbe  Changed GremlinKryo working directory to live inside of /target.
     new e02c8cc  in case there are messages sent to non-existent vertices. filter the Spark payload.
     new 5b88f23  Fix section formatting for TraversalStrategy subsections.
     new 6adfa70  Corrected groovy code for SubgraphStrategy in documentation.
     new a5a4ca9  a variation on the message passing algorithm where the message reduction is done separate from the graph data and then rejoined with the graph later.
     new 8537e06  PageRankVertexProgramTest uses the g.traversal() GraphComputer, not the default compute().
     new 1d23473  removed LambdaVertexProgram from the docs as it will not be supported in GA and should be gutted by M9.
     new 92ce07d  Removed the gremlin-algorithm module per TINKERPOP3-597
     new 4435485  Removed LambdaVertexProgram and LambdaMapReduce as it is one less thing to maintain. Rewrote GraphComputerTest so its ONLY for Java8 and is much easier to extend now that it no longer uses LambdaXXX.
     new b8ef22c  Messenger.receiveMessges() now returns Iterator. Less restrictive than Iterable. Went through and got rid of as many StreamFactory calls as possible and replaced with respesctive IteratorUtils calls.
     new 1d3e1cc  Update changelog.
     new 63959c4  added new SparkGraphComputer message passing algorithm that caches the graph structure and has dynamic views and messages.
     new 02b6083  minor tweak to the SparkGraphComputer algorithm to mapValues() prior to emitting messages.
     new 1244a8f  closing the SparkContext is not needed as its in a try{} resource block.
     new 815a378  Cleaned up the SparkGraphComputer algorithm with comments and some reorganization of code. A few minor optimizations here and there.
     new c224006  gutted neo4j-gremlin from master/ as it is a GPL dependency. Also removed from docs.
     new db7e195  Remove neo4j-gremlin and gremlin-algorithm from javadoc generation.
     new 323ba3f  Removed more references to neo4j.
     new 6e06979  simplified the SparkGraphComputer message passing algorithm -- 120 lines of code down to 60.
     new 40f5f62  more code tweaks to Spark BSP algorithm -- minor nothings.
     new a403eaf  more code tweaks to Spark BSP algorithm -- minor nothings.
     new 6550aab  Updates to LICENSE/NOTICE.
     new 05f4522  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2f42df0  Add apache licensed depdendencies.
     new 28fa1b0  Update license.txt.
     new dd6af4e  Add MIT related licenses to license.txt.
     new af14291  Update License.txt with EPL.
     new 83186d4  Update LICENSE.txt.
     new da92082  Updates to license/notice.
     new 17ea564  Exclude Remote Tea Runtime (org.acplt:oncrpc - http://remotetea.sourceforge.net/)
     new 6a8fa28  Update license/notice with gmetric4j
     new 6c18af8  excluded the Spark dependency on the LGPL FindBugs library.
     new 4155907  removed a join() and a cache() from the Spark message passing algorithm. The speed went from 11minutes to 7.1minutes on my local machine test graph against SparkServer. Going to test on Friendster and the Blades.
     new 4ef8786  a few object creation optimizations.
     new fcc252e  Make the profile timing tests a little less strict when verifying duration.
     new b441c7e  SparkExecutor is lenient on ViewPayload reductions.
     new e9a2e41  reduce() in Spark happens locally and then globally unlike Hadoop where local reduce is called combine. Fixed a bug in message aggregation for the Spark message passing algorithm.
     new 90364cc  Payload implements Serializable.
     new 11ddbf3  added PGP plugin to tinkerpop main pom.xml. Fixed an NPE issue with Spark BSP.
     new 2cee03f  CHANGELOG dated for release.
     new ab5430b  Graphs can OptOut of base test implementations per TINKERPOP3-596
     new 869cd06  Drop reference to gremlin-algorithm.
     new f480fe6  README updated with some new Apache release process.
     new 1f4ba61  if a message goes to a vertex that doesn't exist, filter the message.
     new 8fbb14a  Add tests for kryo serialization of TraversalMetrics.
     new 78e40ff  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 391fa46  Add apache-release profile to generate source distribution.
     new af4e5be  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e6c0907  Using apache infrastructure now under Jenkins for build server needs so travis is no longer needed.
     new ddcc847  If there are many messages to a non-existent vertex, filter them prior to the join as its just wasted data being processed for no reason. Added more comments to SparkExecutor.
     new 4748e25  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 88e9b9d  more comments on the Spark BSP algorithm.
     new 8234943  Make it so that md5/sha/gpg all occur in the apache release profile.
     new 3db8f6b  Renamed .txt files to bare names to be more compliant with ASF naming standards.
     new 9db6672  Add source and binary license/notice.
     new 16f6f7b  Update docs around SNAPSHOTs and grape config now that we use apache for snapshot deployment.
     new 999408d  Changed structure of plugin directories for server/console.
     new 956e301  Changed zip distribution configuration for maven.
     new fb4c160  Removed s3 deployment of javadoc from maven javadoc profile.
     new 991faa8  Removed s3 deployment of asciidoc from asciidoc maven profile.
     new 38fc318  Use standard apache configuration for source archive generation.
     new db4bcc1  Drop source zip archive generation.
     new fd60131  Bind the attachment of zip artifacts to the archives profile.
     new fe10b7c  Automate md5/sha checksums for both binary and source zips.
     new 41be51f  tested Hadoop-Gremlin plugin and updated docs accordingly. A few twiddels here and there on the OLAP classes.
     new 24fc694  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 50d30c6  Add comments on the checksums profile in pom.
     new 6a5cbb5  minor CHANGELOG update.
     new 6c7db5c  GraphTraversal.barrier() now uses newly created NoOpBarrierStep and thus is serializable.
     new 51fd743  Update release process a bit given new methods for checksum generation.
     new 565958f  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new c63c10a  fixed bad JavaDoc in TinkerGraph.
     new 60a79e0  tinkerpop.xml master pom requires the build to be on Java 1.8.0_40+.
     new 19e7297  got rid of the DSL section of the docs. With reintroduce in M9 when the SocialTraversal is fully written, tested on OLAP, and ready for users to create their own DSLs.
     new 351375e  updated the name property in the various pom.xmls to reflect the Apache standard way of naming artifacts.
     new b700c5a  Update release docs.
     new a5e8dd0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 16bf899  Remove the /src directory from the binary distributions.
     new c49154f  added Spark algorithm diagram with a detailed paragraph explaining how the SparkGraphComputer engine works.
     new 7fbb33d  updated Spark algorithm diagram.
     new 1a628ad  updated the docs to state that the MapReduce.map() vertex does not contain edges.
     new 3badf88  fixed a bug in the PageRank section of the docs.
     new 679ecb0  Attach binary zips to the build.
     new 553eba8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8007630  Remove post vote release steps from README for now.
     new b7ed67a  Break up gremlin console/server assembly creation into separate executions.
     new 5958a79  Open up more connections for the driver to use in the performance tests.
     new 3b140c0  added DEPENDENCIES to the exclude of the rat.xml plugin.
     new 3990095  fixed a CHANGELOG bug.
     new 791c133  Apache rat runs automatically
     new 1e18a92  Reverted change that split standalone/distribution executions in assembly plugin.
     new a52474a  Update sample code in docs for remoting to gremlin server.
     new 59249b7  Gephi plugin fixes given API changes.
     new ce1c1a6  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M8 release
     new 9afb4a2  bumped to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Fixed a bug doc (@spmallette -- :IMPORTANT :) and a README typo.
     new 21c304d  Use FastNoSuchElementException on TraverserSet.remove()
     new 250d502  Not every use of Tinkergraph is groovy based
     new 7163400  Corrected copy/paste error in binary LICENSE files.
     new f156c0b  Use provided scope rather than optional for gremlin-groovy
     new d0d5781  work on a 'micro' version of TinkerGraph called StarGraph for reducing the on heap size of the star graph for OLAP systems like SparkGraphComptuer and GiraphGraphComputer.
     new 1478e77  StarGraph working with SparkGraphComputer --- need to test multi-machine and optimize and I think we have it.
     new 2fc49e1  fixed an NPE with StarVertex.vertices(BOTH).
     new 116cdaf  TINKERPOP3-615 cap(String, String...) to require at least one side effect key
     new 846db5e  This closes #41 - we've solved kryo shading issues.
     new 22f1752  Corrected some code problems in the docs around IO as per TINKERPOP3-614
     new 339f6ce  Change the serialization model for custom identifiers given TINKERPOP3-581
     new 021fa74  Removed feature check for numeric ids because convertId was being called.
     new 9886d77  Correct test names.
     new 66d981c  Correct test names.
     new 4b7990c  Correct previous commit - had some bad mis-types.
     new 54f9bce  Add some javadoc around Graph.edge/vertices.
     new a05e8e5  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-615' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 65b4596  StarGraph is now in structure/util/star and all the tests fully pass for SparkGraphComputer and GiraphGraphComputer (which leverage it). HadoopGremlin no longer depends on TinkerGraph as StarGraph has replaced it.
     new 97d2bad  Merge branch 'star_graph'
     new fecf6e6  fixed a bug in TraverserSet.remove() around iterator.remove(). Added setName() calls to RDDs in SparkGraphComputer and SparkExecutor. However, I don't see any difference in the Spark Server WebUI.
     new 11dbf0c  If an ID does not exist use an incrementing Long.
     new 19ca8b6  If an ID does not exist use an incrementing Long.
     new d8fdf79  CHANGELOG is now M9 ready. Added updates.
     new 0a22745  Add tests to enforce proper filtering of vertices during iteration TINKERPOP3-581
     new aabc66f  StarGraph edges and vertex properties have half the number of references.
     new c26342a  if no edge labels are required for Vertex.edges(), then use a faster iterator model than Streaming.
     new 4858071  ReferenceXXX implemented.
     new 7c8e38c  ReferenceXXX connected to Traverser as the detach()/attach() model. So much less data. Will review with @spmallette tomorrow.
     new 3cea684  tweaks to ReferenceXXX.
     new 53a06b7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 59028c8  Still trying to get all tests to run after enforcing id types in TinkerGraph.
     new 861d771  ReferenceXXX and equals/hashCode work.
     new 885ca50  GreminClassResolved now called GryoClassResolver. ReferenceXXX are legitimate structure/ interfaces. Attachable is moved one package up. Attachable has an an Exception static class for standard exceptions.
     new 4a83d90  merged reference_elements and updated CHANGELOG.
     new f4fe78d  added ReferenceVertexTest which borrows alot from DetachedVertexTest. Added some pretty crucial checks to DeatchedVertexTest.
     new e09e229  added test cases to validate that StarGraph produces a faithful representation of a Vertex. added IteratorUtils.set() like IteratorUtils.list().
     new 3cc550e  Major refactoring of TinkerGraph to get id management consistent. TINKERPOP3-581
     new afb9b12  Add direct configuration of the id manager for toy graphs.
     new 9a877b7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 2e9d346  added ReferenceEdgeTest... clean and consistent.
     new a0fec7a  Fix up StarGraph to work within the context of TINKERPOP3-581
     new ce33a05  minor tweak to TraverserExecutor.
     new 5575ab6  more testing around hashing and equality.
     new 869d32b  Default configs in TinkerFactory needed to be strings.
     new 85e1a71  Corrected broken tests in gremlin-driver related to some hard-coded ids that no longer applied.
     new 908f382  Fixes TINKERPOP3-600: invoke{Function|Method} should be varargs
     new ec8258e  Dropped an unused interface method on the TinkerGraph.IdManager.
     new 0559f8f  Add some javadoc to the TinkerGraph.IdManager interface.
     new b86c466  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 16d97e0  Add javadoc to the TinkerGraph.DefaultIdManager.
     new b67712a  Generate numeric ids from the owning TinkerGraph instance.
     new 302f012  added ReferenceVertexPropertyTest.
     new ec99f51  minimized object creation in StarGraph.addTo(). Minor reduction in object creation in SparkExecutor.
     new 5b7ad6f  minor tweak to SparkMessenger.
     new 5b708e4  registered the Gryo classes with SparkGraphComputer at construction time.
     new 26e7344  registered the Gryo classes with SparkGraphComputer at construction time.
     new c3c1c01  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new fe106ad  Check for specific type in IdManagers and return without additional conversion.
     new ef5f8f0  Improved error messaging in exception of IdManager.
     new 78d2710  In this branch, g.V() doesn't accept a Traverser so correct syntax of performance test.
     new fb7ee1a  Removed todo as g.V(traverser) wasn't ever really supported.
     new 866f6e9  Remove unused import from TinkerGraph.
     new d564026  Add edge iteration tests to validate different types being passed to it for filtering TINKERPOP3-581
     new 34f826c  Better reuse iterator creation code on vertices/edges in TinkerGraph.
     new 7ee771f  Removed todos - tracked by TINKERPOP3-624
     new 24fd909  there is a bug in Spark 1.2.1 around Kryo registration of classes and the user submitted jars -- i.e. distributed cache jars. This is fixed in 1.3.0. Have the code stages (commented out with TODO) for when we bump to 1.3.0.
     new bcc55bf  Remove GraphProvider.reconstituteGraphSONIdentifier method TINKERPOP3-581
     new f4c4b93  Alter IoTest to not treat identifiers for GraphSON serialization as lossy.
     new 59493d6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 01f930b  Add javadoc.
     new ce1aeae  Remove todo - already implemented properly.
     new aa3d538  Add tests to enforce support of usersupplied ids if supportsAnyId is true.
     new a4c62be  Forgot to remove todo from previous commit.
     new 5081a2b  removed back() step in favor of single label select()-step. Provides the same behavior but there are two benefits to select() -- 1) it will try and NOT use path calculations if possible in OLTP. 2) it supports by() modulation. Moved all the BackTest test cases to SelectTest. All passed except one which @dkuppitz is looking into right now. Validated on TinkerGraph OLTP/OLAP as well as GiraphGraphComptuer and SparkGraphComputer.
     new 975f0a1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 3aa7e21  Refactor IdManager configuration in TinkerGraph.
     new 48bbd1f  Add tests and docs around IdManager for TinkerGraph.
     new fed4ac8  Add Apache License file to test class.
     new ebdfd91  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-600' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8806a27  changed working directory for AsciiDocs preprocessor
     new b1e30ff  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 4a06aaf  Simplify the IoTest.CustomIdJacksonSerializer code a little bit.
     new fd5197d  Move propertyRemovalNotSupported execption from Element to Property. TINKERPOP3-621
     new 5f1d8ec  Removed the Graph.Helper annotation and related infrastructure given TINKERPOP3-412
     new c906ee2  Update changelog.
     new 9716d37  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-581
     new 975004c  Update changelog.
     new fe65dec  Finalize some local variables in CoreTraversalTest.
     new 8d968fd  Finalize some variables in the process VertexTest
     new f273a56  Add more tests to enforce type relaxation on queries in a traversal.
     new 0c16dc8  Add tests for g.V/E where string values of the id are present as a filter.
     new bb86121  Add tests to enforce Element equality.
     new 70aaea7  added string interning to StarGraph.
     new 3e05764  Add test for has() step to cover a lookup over a toString'd id.
     new 36ce514  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6a2a350  added string interning to StarGraph.
     new 54d909f  Add edge related HasStep tests to enforce queries on edge id.
     new 0eddf8e  Fixed groupCount performance.
     new b427960  Remove user defined IDs from vertices.
     new 982780e  Use Graph.io() to generate the GraphWriter implementations in performance tests.
     new cc0b848  Update javadoc in all test suites.
     new 58fde21  TINKERPOP3-630 Remove hard coded id from groovy script that causes graphs other then TinkerGraph to fail.
     new 13b936e  Add test of has() around id for VertexProperty TINKERPOP3-581
     new fe7c56c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-630' of https://github.com/BrynCooke/incubator-tinkerpop
     new e0574a3  more default properties for SparkGraphComputer.
     new 4e9c94a  TINKERPOP3-632 Enforce gremlin.tests env var in AbstractGremlinSuite
     new 6556e19  Change gremlin.tests to gremlin_tests
     new b1a5137  Provide a way to bind TraversalSource objects to Gremlin Server. TINKERPOP3-594
     new 5675fed  Update instructions for running selected tests
     new 60c2e70  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f86aaaa  Update changelog.
     new 8c131e1  added Ketria acknowledgment and logo.
     new 6194545  Update the docs around TraversalSource configuration in Gremlin Server.
     new c30e100  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6e7c7a1  GraphProvider needed to convertId for each Element type.
     new 8ab0a23  A number of FeatureSupportTest items were not properly featured around VertexProperty TINKERPOP3-635
     new daec1c3  GraphComputer Messenger no longer requires the MessageScope on receiveMessages(). If developers want that type of tagging, that would be built into their message object.
     new d86626c  CHANGELOG on Messenger.receivedMessages().
     new 46683cf  VertexProperty.Cardinality default is determined by the vendor. If the vendor has a graph shcema, use that cardinality defined it the graph schema. If not, the vendor should use Cardinality.single.
     new 294c1d5  minor fix -- but its a hack. sucks. will fix later.
     new 5d8224a  Use GREMLIN_TESTS because uppercase env var is more normal
     new c13c9ba  Fixed GraphTest mis-types to properly assert edges instad of vertices per TINKERPOP3-637
     new db11d3b  Used convertId in GraphTest checks of NoSuchElementException on Graph.vertices/edges #TINKERPOP3-633
     new 2fd0598  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-632-gremlin.tests-env-var' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 976cb5e  Removed line regarding referencing a specific test case.
     new af20879  Update changelog.
     new ea4a49d  Refactoring test suites a bit for better clarity.
     new bf77793  Accidentally removed an OptIn on the last commit while testing - added back.
     new 05616f2  Renamed test for consistency.
     new 0f4fb31  Cleaned up discrepancy with PathTest for enforcement purposes.
     new 6318053  Add test to make Groovy tests compliant with test enforcement of java tests.
     new 23c95c3  added ShellGraph so Graph.empty() is no longer needed. Its a placeholder for the graphClass and computer in OLAP situations.
     new 9f7ce82  gutted more StreamFactory uses. Only a few cases left. Added IteratorUtils.limit().
     new d09ffa8  a little clean up on the Iterators for HadoopLoader.
     new f366285  a trivial formating fix to an Exception message.
     new 8a3b38a  Add revised Io interface with IoRegistry.
     new b28252a  Drop the old Graph.Io interface and refactor tests to work with the new Graph.io() method
     new 3d38e2e  Add javadoc around the revised Io interface and its revised method on Graph.
     new 69d7761  Add javadoc around refactored Io.
     new 478a44d  Add more javadoc around refactored Io.
     new 267e1c0  Add tests for IoRegistry.
     new 0aea495  Reduce the size of RequestMessage serialization a bit in Gryo.
     new 7bd47a8  Reduce the gryo serialization size of ResponseMessage for Gremlin Server.
     new 4a7a2a5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new ddc29f1  Clean up javadoc warnings in gremlin-core.
     new cd6d0a8  Fix javadoc warnings in gremlin-driver.
     new 287553e  Fix javadoc warnings in gremlin-test.
     new c6c8985  Fix javadoc warnings in tinkergraph.
     new 9990579  Remove some dead code from GryoWriter.
     new 42f367a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new 271cdde  Minor variable renaming.
     new 4fd8870  Remove the requirement for a Kryo object to write the header.
     new 8122b15  Add test to validate that a GryoReader.Builder can be used from different threads.
     new 19f83de  Modified the Gryo header.
     new 6ffd5b4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new 701493f  Documented ScriptInputFormat and ScriptOutputFormat. Added sample configurations and an appropriate input dataset.
     new d7c0fa8  Drop out gatling tests TINKERPOP3-606
     new 5763895  Remove unused member variable.
     new 1f05d3c  Extracted method in json message serialization for better reuse.
     new d3a04e4  Fixed data files after the gryo refactoring a few commits back.
     new 9811e4e  added GraphSON IO Format and Gryo IO Format section
     new 4d8c438  Centralized creation of Io.Builder instances in IoTest.
     new 107e265  Reduce object creation in Gremlin Server by using voidPromise.
     new bfc6566  Merge branch 'master' into io-docs
     new e2c6171  TINKERPOP-491 #close added tests and sample in the docs.
     new a373806  Add disclaimers to distribution files.
     new 82e4987  Add "apache-incubating" as a prefix to the binary distribution files.
     new 179858c  Fixed the Apache 2 license text - removed a cut/paste error with copyright.
     new 9aa4b4f  Update readme to include minimum jdk requirement.
     new 894677c  Removed boilerplate from source NOTICE as there are no additional copyright/license terms.
     new 5f9e24d  fixed up IO section of docs for @dkuppitz and added a new adjacency-list graphic.
     new ffc77f6  Merge branch 'io-docs'
     new 6e2cc50  Distribution assembly files weren't properly pointing at the DISCLAIMER.
     new 60421fd  Fix path in gremlin.sh given change in artifact naming.
     new cdd15e2  Adjust source license/notice to include credit for normalize.css which i guess tinkerpop.css derives from in some way.
     new 93bffa4  Remove rat filter for stylesheets (now that "extra" css files have been removed).
     new b809126  Remove some bad copy/paste from LICENSE file around copyright.
     new 3bc4299  Testing empty commit for auth.
     new 53b7a1c  testing.
     new 3f55e30  Ignore *.graffle files in docs to prevent bloating of zip distributions.
     new cf7866b  Renamed version from 3.0.0.M8 to 3.0.0.M8-incubating.
     new e27f9bc  Change version to include "-incubating" on gremlin-server.
     new 6a2ca8e  Adjusted the distribution assembly files for the revised naming of the zips.
     new 3131099  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f02af31  Remove s3 wagon plugin as we no longer deploy distributions/docs to S3
     new 8df91fc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.0.0.M8-revised'
     new e4301a8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new e48fb04  Add more use of voidPromise to reduce object creation in Gremlin Server.
     new 8562f50  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactor-io'
     new 58a6399  not finished, but saving for now the new attachable work.
     new 3545da8  the Method.CREATE, Method.GET, etc. model works for Attachable. A few bugs here and there. Pushing for safety.
     new a3381b3  GET, CREATE, and GET_OR_CREATE working solid. All tests pass now.
     new e623693  removed StarGraph.addTo(). Added VertexWritableTest to make sure serialization of the writable preserves form. Added some JavaDoc here and there.
     new 037428f  updated CHANGELOG with Attachable updates.
     new d5afbb1  more work on Attachable Methods. Started adding CREATE testing to attachable classes. Needs more testing for sure.
     new 9378af6  moved T from process/ package to structure/ package. Gnarly, but consistent.
     new 24ffbdd  VertexWritable now serializes and deserializes the StarGraph directly -- no more intermediate DetachedXXX representation. Less object creation and less strain on the GC.
     new 7991b91  SparkExecutor is smart about vertex property and edge dropping with StarGraph.
     new dd57926  If there are no edgeProperties, vertexProperties, metaProperties, outEdges, inEdges, etc. then don't waste space with a HashMap -- null field references. StarGraph is getting smaller and smaller in terms of space constraints.
     new 7c2864e  Better respect the high/low watermark settings in Gremlin Server.
     new 14c325b  Drop configuration for a test that doesn't exist anymore
     new 7f2f11b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bad3e34  Extract RecordingAppender to Log4jRecordingAppender into gremlin-tests
     new 9921a6c  Tests were failing somewhat randomly around Gremlin Server.
     new 457e26c  Removed all usage of voidPromise.
     new aa0a8ea  Add helpers for the core Io.Builder implementations.
     new 3fafd02  Bump kryo version in gremlin-shaded to 3.0.1.
     new 790c32c  Provide a longer timeout on NIO transport tests.
     new 55f63f0  GraphWriter writeVertices now takes an Iterator rather than Traversal.
     new b122181  Update changelog.
     new 1c5c2fb  Fix path to gremlin-console/ext.
     new 08d11f6  Added StarGraphSerializer which yields a 2-4x reduction in size of an adjacency list representation of vertex over DetachedVertex.
     new 630b8f1  Fix docs around IO and make the read/write methods on Io specific to Graph.
     new 169ba79  Converted stargraph serialization sizer into a test.
     new e13f488  Finalize a few variables.
     new df393c0  StarGraphTest tweaks. Now serialization is tested for all vendors.
     new 31d0286  Add GraphReader.readObject and GraphWriter.writeObject.
     new f7073a5  minor nothings.
     new eaa595d  Used IteratorUtils.list() instead of IteratorUtils.fill()
     new 400f6ea  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5960b5f  Merge branch 'tinkergraph-optional-groovy' of https://github.com/jkschneider/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f462308  Add a comment explaining why gremlin-groovy is provided scope.
     new 03e07c9  Added some comments as a reminder why Map creation was important to the serializers.
     new 30d0388  Make the StarGraphSerializer take Direction for edges.
     new 6bb950f  StarGraph is now attachable -- though the adjacent vertices are NOT.. You don't want to attach them because they don't really exist and a CREATE will not add properties/etc. Gets to the point @spmallette made -- sometimes you want GET, CREATE, GET_OR_CREATE, GET_OR_CREATE_OR_APPEND.... gets crazy.
     new b7a1a7e  Added Host interface and altered readEdge() signature.
     new 4fb5739  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactor-io' into refactor-io
     new f92ac86  removed SparsePath as it is an optimization that led to too many bugs and unexpected sideEffects. Made all the Traversers now extend AbstractStep (or a Traverser that ultimately extends AbstractStep). This greatly simplified the code. Fixed a test bug in MapTest.
     new f7ef918  added GraphTraversalSourceStub for ensuring that withXXX() utilities are prior to GraphTraversal exposure. This makes the Graph DSL much cleaner as you can only do your withXXX operations prior to your traversal definition.
     new e8cf4e3  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 2432374  Change the Attachable.Method enum type.
     new 9b7844c  fixed a withSack() issue in Groovy. Updated the docs with the new withXXX() work.
     new 39868a8  Changed the GraphReader readVertex API to take Function<Attachable<V>, V>.
     new 4e1a88a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new 0868203  added validateXXX methods to StarGraphTest and validated StarGraph and its Attachable.Method.GET.
     new ea5a489  fixed a bug in Attachable.GET around attaching properties to the edges of a vertex.
     new ff3fa14  validateEquality() methods moved to TestHelper.
     new 80c9f71  minor tweak to StarGraphTest.
     new a3fc746  another minor nothing.
     new eba4eb9  Major refactoring of GraphReader.readVertex and readVertices.
     new 358690f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactor-io' into refactor-io
     new cbba981  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new cab778d  Reworked writeGraph for gryo and regenerated kryo files.
     new 1132d8a  Reworked StarGraphTest that evaluates size against detached.
     new 4c29a83  Drop usage of EdgeTerminator and delete some dead code.
     new d33e31a  Finalize some variables in a test.
     new a2a73dc  Factored out the Attachable.Method enum in favor of a class.
     new 597a8ba  Refactored Attachable interface as the Host is now given to the Method directly.
     new 8d41ec2  Move inner class to bottom of file.
     new a92e1ce  Made the cache for GryoReader.readGraph be Map<StarVertex,Vertex>.
     new f5d5fcb  Add batching and transaction support to readGraph() in gryo.
     new ef68e26  Remove some builder settings that were used with BatchGraph.
     new c496eaf  TINKERPOP-626 #comment implemented `.between()` as a synonym for `.has(key, inside, [lower, upper])`.
     new 472db0d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refactor-io
     new 256f47d  Move the Host interface out of structure and into structure/util.
     new abc50b0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5fcbedf  Attachable.Method.CREATE test for StarGraph complete. Made it so StarGraph does NOT require user provided ids or labels.
     new 4c3970c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactor-io'
     new 49b21ff  Revert "TINKERPOP-626 #comment implemented `.between()` as a synonym for `.has(key, inside, [lower, upper])`."
     new e790a89  added DetachedStarGraphTest which tests the topology of the DetachedXXX objects given Method.GET and Method.CREATE.
     new 1ea7692  added ReferenceGraphTest which ONLY tests Attachable.Method.GET as CREATE only creates ids, no data.
     new 7bc9531  Add Direction back to readVertex/Vertices.
     new 86b78b7  Rename parameters for readVertex attachment methods.
     new 5ae2fd5  g.V.has('age',gt(30)), g.V.has('age',inside(20,30), g.V.count.is(gt(30)). #comment TINKERPOP3-626
     new f9f98bd  Changed StarGraphSerialization registration approach in readVertices/Vertex.
     new d678844  Merge branch 'master' into p-predicate-model
     new 506f632  unignored Joshs GryoReaderRecordWriterTest.
     new 9de25cf  Minor updates to GraphReader javadoc.
     new 8048b1e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bd182de  back to original serialization model for StarGraph now that adjacent labels are not required.
     new 1cdcf1f  Merge branch 'master' into p-predicate-model
     new 4be24b6  P now has toString(), hashCode(), and equals() implemented.
     new 83fec55  organized GraphTraversal steps with new P work.
     new 594dc82  Regenerate kryo files give previous commit that changed StarGraphSerializer.
     new eb78cfd  where(a,neq(b))
     new bdd29e9  Merge branch 'master' into p-predicate-model
     new aebc644  merged master/ and fixed GroovyTests around where(a,neq(b)).
     new 80b4d9b  updated docs with new lte(30) model.
     new fc4bd13  updated README with latest release notes.
     new 1b33483  fixed up GryoRecordReader to be smart about splits in Gryo (bug fix). Updated GryoRecordReaderWriterTest to test splits.
     new bef41c7  fixed a bug in XXXGlobalStep.MapReduce where if the reduction yields multiple outputs. Fixed a bug in HadoopLoader.head() around int vs. long.
     new d3724e1  small tweaks to GraphSONRecordReader and GryoRecordReader. Cleanups mainly.
     new 7c4fdef  publish-docs.sh no longer downloads the doc directories -- simply gets an empty directory, deletes it, then builds the new docs and pushes.
     new 8843c7b  Files (.ldjson)  were missing from the copy when generating with -Dio
     new abb5b03  updated CHANGELOG with P predicate model work.
     new 79e186c  Modified the GraphSON format.
     new 7040b8c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e7e3cce  Formatting and cleanup in the hadoop reader/writer tests for splitting files.
     new 3fb1c85  Drop the nextId from the gryo serialization.
     new 3adc1df  Drop GraphSONGraph - not required now that serialization is via StarGraph.
     new 40629d9  Drop GraphSONVertex which is obsolete given StarGraph serialization.
     new 18131fb  Remove some dead code in GraphSONReader and add test for readVertices.
     new ae33e8f  Remove some unused tokens for GraphSON.
     new 10cff84  Pull data generation tests out to their own test class.
     new ccc9c94  Drop the *-vertices.ldjson files.
     new 9fdfdb3  Drop BatchGraph from GraphMLReader.
     new 1a3a346  Renamed GraphSerializer to GryoSerializers.
     new 3d361e5  Dropped BatchGraph from LegacyGraphSONReader.
     new be1411a  Minor adjustments to logic when adding a vertex to the cache.
     new 4a1aa02  Fixed up batching in readers and ensured a final commit at the end.
     new 2e9d735  Fix spelling mistake in javadoc.
     new bc32bfd  Moved serializers to their own class to be consistent with Gryo.
     new be0653e  Renamed StarGraph serializers for consistency.
     new 8a46154  Moved "reader" helper methods to StarGraphGraphSONSerializer.
     new 97868d8  Make sure types get written properly in GraphSON for non-stargraph serialization.
     new 7bf094b  Extract GraphSON utility function its own class so it can be publically accessed.
     new c8dcead  Renamed the old GraphSONUtility to avoid confusion with between "new" and "legacy"
     new de01623  Got failing test working after yesterday's GraphSON refactoring.
     new 311db29  generalized the testing of file-based  Hadoop-Gremlin Input/OutputFormats. Validation of both read and write splits at various split intervals.
     new 9d76521  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0b8b40e  Properly constructed a typed array list for GraphSON.
     new ab1aaf2  touchups to TestFileReaderWriterHelper.
     new fad0293  removed Compare.inside and Compare.outside as they can be composed from more primitive comparators. HasStep and IsStep now take predicate arrays.
     new 970f24d  added a note about import static org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal.dsl.graph.__.*..thanks @dkuppitz.
     new 7a657fd  users can not double name a step with as().
     new 38cb8aa  users can not double name a step with as().
     new e2b3dd8  fixed a minor typo bug in docs.
     new e330ce3  fixed minor bug around IsStep and reimplemented RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new a8b0a2a  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a060678  Add some javadoc to GraphReader/Writer and GraphSON implementations.
     new 8c6d95c  Drop some todo comments
     new 84f736f  Fix serialization assertion in integration test after GraphSON refactoring.
     new 8646e9e  Fixed bug in gremlin server load script - calling bad method.
     new 73221e6  Get rid of some object creation in serialization of a ResponseMessage.
     new 3b361cc  Got normalization back into GraphSON serialization.
     new 2c00849  Update changelog.
     new ef0b93f  Add GraphReader/Writer functions for Property and VertexProperty.
     new cd2cf0f  Update javadoc on GraphReader/Writer a bit.
     new cf1594c  Finalize a bunch of variables for code consistency.
     new c41b199  select() now works off the path labels, not via a static analysis of the traversal. Thanks Matt Frantz.
     new c14f3df  Name of class that generated test/sample data changed.
     new c18b67d  Remove unused import.
     new 215c054  Fix up filters for javadoc core.
     new ff9d518  Javadoc improvements for IO.
     new 4203c81  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2e4e2ed  Replace all <br/> tags in javadoc with <p/> for consistency.
     new 1a8f0ac  relaxed equality and inequality checks for numbers
     new 250b27d  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 0fa302a  Add an example to the javadoc in the GryoMapper.
     new e6e4e6f  Update javadoc for some of the GraphSON.
     new c14a5de  Groovy-Gremlin test suite now using ScriptEngine bindings so IDs are not string generated by pulled from bindings.
     new 290a5e3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e2e76c7  Update javadoc in IO packages.
     new 0ee87f8  Update NOTICE.
     new 4cfa7f6  TraversalSideEffects now make use of Java8 Optional. Less code to maintain and easier to understand semantics for users.
     new d36bc42  minor nothing generics tweak.
     new 4326a40  minor fix ups to SideEffectCapStep.
     new c119dcb  Reduce logging level - calm Gremlin Server console output a bit.
     new 08617c5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c42e5bc  Relaxed number comparisons for Compare.[gt,lt,gte,lte] and added more test cases in CompareTest
     new 96e1219  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 4588b73  fixed a bug in SelectStep around multi-label traversals.
     new 8ee7056  fixed a bug in SelectStep around multi-label traversals.
     new be4bb3e  fixed a bug in SelectStep around multi-label traversals.
     new 95f370d  added support for Steps having multiple labels.
     new 426cf99  super optimization to WhereStep I never realized before.
     new 4150a16  Dropped BatchGraph.
     new edd8e70  Drop BatchGraph docs.
     new 8435e51  Add docs around changes to IO and serialization formats.
     new 04928e1  Merge branch 'master' into multi-label-steps
     new 433f584  Update with IO instructions.
     new 036d637  Multi-label steps complete. Cleaned up various aspects of the code base related to multi-labels in both steps and paths.
     new d8ad3c8  Merge branch 'multi-label-steps'
     new 8e31f7c  fixed a bug I introduced in ReadOnlyStrategyProcessTest -- [~spmallette] you may want to see what I did (last method with a TODO for you). Simplified TraversalVerificationStrategy.
     new a9466ce  updated the preprocessor.sh to show the line and line number that failed if there is an Exception when processing the ascii source docs. fixed up traversal docs with Optional semantics work on TraveraslSideEffects.
     new fb90046  Added an extra byte to Gryo serialization of StarGraph to denote version.
     new e47d0b7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 82ba6ad  publish-docs.sh does not upload the tinkerpop3.graffle.
     new 8bc3ca6  added test-cases for multi-labels
     new a7a84e4  Path and Step labels are now ordered according to the order of the addLabel() calls.
     new d2d7c3b  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8d818fb  Changed IoRegistry to an interface that vendors implement.
     new 27af2e5  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a4129ae  Add one more code snippet for io section for vendors.
     new c82831b  fixed select tests
     new c30bdd2  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 54b25ca  HadoopGraph's GraphComputers are vendor-agnostic. Any vendor can leverage them as long as they provide appropriate Input/OutputFormats for their graph system. Added PersistResultGraphAware interface which allows vendors to state the persistence options of their OutputFormats. This further solidfies the concept that HadoopGraph is simply a shell for a Configuration where most vendors will do -- return new SparkGraphComputer(HadoopGraph.open(this.configuration())) in their [...]
     new 03444f6  Fix for TINKERPOP3-642 where ElementIdStrategy was not setting the id field directly if specified.
     new f4449db  Update changelog.
     new 6b93fab  clean up on AbstractHadoopGraphComputer and added section to docs on how vendors can leverage Hadoop-Gremlin for their graph system.
     new 85d9f48  Remove Terminator message from Gremlin Server protocol.
     new 622821b  Update docs given the removal of terminator message in Gremlin Server protocol.
     new 1f2a6ad  Add an example for how to register a strategy in Gremlin Server.
     new 408cbee  Update changelog.
     new 3a3f4d3  fixed a bug in ProfileStep.MapReduce that occur when there are numerous KeyValues to the same key -- e.g. Hadoop with numerous reducers.
     new 4070af8  if the vertex is already a StarVertex, then StarGraph.of(vertex) simply returns vertex.graph(). This halfs the object creation and memory footprint of VertexWritable heading to a GraphWriter. Also, VertexWritable automatically converts to StarVertex on construction and set() so that its always a StarVertex being dealt with (no confusions).
     new ad3570f  GraphSONReaderReader and GryoRecordReader now directly use the StarGraph.StarVertex as it is simply fed into a VertexWritable. This makes it so we don't create a StarGraph at the XXXReader and then again at the XXXRecordReader. 1/2 the amount of objects, memory, and strain on the GC.
     new 4686df7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f0cddfa  Update javadoc on ElementIdStrategy.
     new 11bf5c8  This closes #58
     new 5f4f162  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into gs-protocol
     new a98b2db  implemented HalfStepTraversalStrategy
     new 65a1e41  minor README update.
     new f16fa5f  don't optimize .select() in HalfStepTraversalStrategy
     new a35b2f4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 61b8a1c  first stab at lifecycles.
     new 8bfeb95  Update changelog for some gremlin server changes.
     new 405480d  Merge branch 'master' into lifecylces
     new de771a0  traversal lifecycles implemented. pretty basic, nice separation. would really like to get ComputerTraversalEngine strategy in there as that would seal the deal.
     new 56c2ec3  bumped version to 3.0.0.M9-incubating-rc1.
     new 24a1e9d  bumped back to SNAPSHOT.
     new f0157a5  bingo. TraversalEngines now can register and de-register strategies. A fully self-contained strategy model.
     new 09b0c18  Construct error message using static member variable.
     new 9dff2d9  Added some javadoc to Graph.
     new 3db5851  optimized HalfStepTraversalStrategy
     new d20151f  added HalfStepTraversalStrategy tests
     new cf79f64  withStrategies() and withoutStrategies() is now part of the TraversalEngine.Builder. JavaDoc.
     new b24a991  fixed a bug in HasNextTraversal and its relation to ChooseStep. Also, fixed a similar bug in OrderGlobalStep.
     new a0c4b48  If a user needs to provide a traversal strategy that doesn't nicely fit into the provided traversal categories, they can sort outside the category boundaries.
     new 80bfd8d  Merge branch 'master' into lifecylces
     new 7315e27  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2cb3381  GryoPool now takes a Configuration object.
     new 3c2e5fa  added doc on groupCount by() modulation and fixed up the TraversalStrategies section with talk of strategy categories.
     new c76fe38  Quick updates to javadoc.
     new dda3936  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5602f7a  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-654
     new 70300e4  use new TraversalStrategy model
     new 7a1a3aa  Add some javadoc to TraversalStrategy marker interfaces.
     new dbd927f  removed optimization from HalfStepTraversalStrategy that broke SubgraphStrategy in some cases
     new f37724c  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-654
     new 32140a1  fixed up properties file in Hadoop to use new non -vertices. Updated Hadoop docs with latest updates to TP3.
     new 3ef3962  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f176870  Make profiler for driver a bit more robust.
     new 938f37e  renamed HalfStepStrategy to AdjacentToIndicentStrategy. Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 61c1ac6  Remove some of the printlns from the profiler.
     new fa2150b  finalized TokenTraveral.
     new 14924f1  Minor adjustments to log output and thread naming.
     new 992fe85  Minor adjustments to log output.
     new 2c8139f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1396497  Some more log message changes for profiler.
     new 1bed832  Added VertexFeatures.getCardinality(key).
     new 453d862  refactored AdjacentToIncidentStrategy code - improved code readability
     new a095eed  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new e7ef790  Update changelog.
     new f3b1c09  Update javadoc.
     new 7473115  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4e09c7c  moved FastNoSuchElementException to util/ -- don't know why it was in core process/. JavaDoc'd all the core process/ interfaces.
     new 0605e64  made ConjunctionStrategy a bit faster.
     new 3a58e3b  added JavaDoc for AdjacentToIncidentStrategy
     new 9830cd5  prettier output for JavaDoc examples
     new 9521f6b  optimize child traversals of ConjunctionSteps in AdjacentToIncidentStrategy
     new 4c84153  Fixed bug in HasContainer that wasn't handling within properly for ids.
     new d11c78c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 76372fc  Update readme around issue tracker usage.
     new dcead31  Use resource accessors in IoTest.
     new da90fd5  Provides a fix for TINKERPOP3-660 with the GraphMLReader.
     new dfe93ab  Get rid of .stream() usage.
     new 02b3f89  Stop rounding seconds in profiler.
     new 8e9871d  Fixes up TINKERPOP3-661 which caused problems with graphs that don't support user supplied ids in IO.
     new 9ad039a  Enforce equality of the StarAdjacentVertex to Vertex and StarVertex.
     new 1ca27d4  @dkuppitz style JavaDoc for various TraversalStrategies. Added test cases for various strategies using the @spmallette model for strategy testing. HasNextTraversal is a traversal parent. AbstractLambdaTraversal can receive strategies. The groovy closure wrappers now implement LambdaHolder.
     new c395647  implemented IncidentToAdjacentStrategy
     new 911489b  minor JavaDoc tweak. like relaly minor.
     new 319ede4  toString calls on some of the gremlin-driver objects were kinda expensive.
     new 7102956  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 82a7107   bumped to 3.0.0.M9-incubating-rc2
     new ec9041c  Move "profiling" class out of test for Gremlin Driver.
     new 35ebf17  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 16b1a8e  bumped back to SNAPSHOT -- sorry, have tag issues.
     new 4307f56  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 168c0b4  added new TraversalHelper method: hasStepOfAssignableClassRecursively
     new e1642e4  consider path- and lambda-steps in all child- and parent-traversals when applying IncidentToAdjacentStrategy
     new 26c9605  Traversal now propagates the graph object to nested traversals -- didnt see the sitution where a strategy needed a graph instance. @BrynCooke.
     new d1fc8e4  Refactored the profiling app to include more config options and optional logging to file.
     new f2d0367  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8fbaf5b  anonymous traversals no longer have EmptyGraph as their graph given that Traverasl.getGraph() is Optional<Graph>. This was confusing and caused problems for vendors.
     new 858520c  Add a helper script to run the driver profiling tests.
     new a1e634c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1b28d10  Add a configuration tester for gremlin-driver.
     new 55c6a52  updated CHANGELOG
     new 00815bb  renamed ComparatorHolderRemovalStrategy to OrderGlobalRemovalStrategy as it ONLY applies to OrderGlobalStep. Also, fixed up all the recent strategy test case where the engine was defined after applyStrategies(). JavaDoc.
     new db1f2fa  more work on JavaDocs
     new 1c069d8  barrier steps now have protected methods like their filter, map, etc. counterparts.
     new 28828d4  fixed a bug in DedupGlobalStep's TraverserRequirements -- bulk, not sideEffects.
     new df1c501  Include a timeout for especially long configurations.
     new 979dd24  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4d706e9  Optimized IncidentToAdjacentStrategy by implementing (and using) yet another TraversalHelper.hasStepOfAssignableClassRecursively() method. The new implementation accepts a collection of step classes. This way the recursion doesn't have to happen twice (or more) if your're looking for more than one step class.
     new 28faffa  Removed platform dependent line feed.
     new 38b2afc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9f656b9  By adding some log level checks, prevent expensive calls on String construction.
     new aada13f  Update javadoc
     new 5e82f0b  Intern the response message after deserialization.
     new 135563a  Check debug level as there is a call to an expensive method.
     new 90b75e2  Implemented a method to execute process tests without strategies. TINKERPOP3-668
     new 6f51388  worked on core/ javadoc inclusion.
     new 667ab90  Update README.
     new d77e390  Bump to junit 4.12.
     new a8db176  TinkerGraph Computer and Standard tests now run against the process test suite without strategies -- well, a few key strategies are required. This is good to make sure that strategies are not changing the semantics of the traversal.
     new 3632820  Merge branch 'master' into no-strategy-test
     new 0d239c0  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new d85f969  Bump to latest versions in gremlin-core.
     new f3b91ce  Lots of good JavaDoc on how to write a TraversalStrategy. finalized various decoration/ strategies. ComputerResultStrategy has a PRIOR of ProfileStrategy.
     new a9336c5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 39364da  Test for exceeding timeout after first run.
     new e557d7c  Strategy sorting converted to top-sort Added extra test to demonstrate previous sort was not working Added some docs
     new 0eb4e23  Update changelog.
     new 1aa36aa  gutted unused static utility methods in TraveraslHelper. Added XXXReader/Writer to JavaDoc core/ as well as XXXVertexProgram. Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 1ef0cb6  Renamed the inFlight variable.
     new 141af5a  implemented select(local). Updated MatchTest and docs accordingly. Have an idea for an 'auto-scope' strategy so we don't have the ugly select(local,'a'). will be cool.
     new eff9d9f  Renamed setting in gremlin-driver.
     new c6d220d  More renaming of "request" to "usage" in variables/methods.
     new 4845c13  Update javadoc in the driver for some of its more obscure settings.
     new 36f4a87  added ScopingStrategy which automagically detects whether you want select(local) or select(global) based on whether the previous step works with Map or not. Updated MatchStepTest and docs accordingly. Now going to knock out where(global).
     new 4a1e512  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 325b080  Some inline comments in gremlin-driver.
     new 51f8c51  implemente where(local) and where(global). Was really easy. Need some code cleanup and some test cases around where(global). Sweeeeeeeeeet.
     new 9f19664  select() is now smart about NOT using PATH. That is a huge gain. Good idea by Matt Frantz to push select(local/global). Updated WhereStep, SelectStep, and SelectOneStep toString() methods.
     new dbeacfe  Add configuration options for "mins" to the ConfigurationEvaluator app.
     new 359bfaf  Move pause in profiler to end of a cycle rather than at the beginning.
     new dd052ce  Improve killing the profiling app if the works is just too slow.
     new 6888509  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c86826e  Small optimization in gremlin-driver to prevent recreation of ResponseMessage instances.
     new 97f4ed2  Stop using ResponseMessage as the commodity of result queues.
     new 11a364c  Better optimal defaults for the Profiler.
     new d2a5145  WhereStep now works for both Scope.local and Scope.global.
     new 9add917  Fix broken tests n ResultTest.
     new e0288df  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 92c9aa1  Scope now has Scope.opposite(). Scoping.recommendNextScope() instead of getScope() as its not necessarily the scope of the current step. This is slick.
     new c3a20af  Got rid of @IgnoreEngine. Instead we're now using a custom test class runner which allows ComputerVerificationExceptions to be thrown when a test runs in computer mode.
     new d71e302  removed old code
     new a5b172e  Pushed the "no strategy" tests to be part of integration test execution.
     new 7379d83  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0903238  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-666
     new fe1bae3  added WhereStep to the docs.
     new caabdb1  simplified the WhereStep code a bit.
     new 08ee0fb  Added the persistence feature to a couple of Transaction tests
     new 665ce51  Use the gryo serializer as generated by the Graph.io() method.
     new 330363ab Added structure "integration" tests to the test suite.
     new 7dfc757  Fix test name mispellings.
     new 9f669ac  Enforce order of edges in testing equality.
     new 4700471  Move IoTest to io package with its associated integration test.
     new 8fc65a9  Rename test for consistency.
     new f54218f  Open up more tests in IoTest by relaxing features.
     new aa519db  Assert with order in properties.
     new f919ad2  if no traversal engine is supplied to the DefaultTraversal, assume STANDARD.
     new 083afee  Fixed bug in traversal in test - not written as expected.
     new 6a198f2  TraversalVertexProgram will delay traversal compilation until the first vertex is processed so it can compile against the Vertex.graph().
     new e99a57b  Revert "TraversalVertexProgram will delay traversal compilation until the first vertex is processed so it can compile against the Vertex.graph()."
     new 48c15ee  VertexProgram.loadState() and MapReduce.loadState() now take a Graph argument. This greatly simplifies numerous areas of the code base around getting the graph to the OLAP job. So much code was gutted that did backwards workarounds to get to that information. Geez. Should have done this on day one.
     new aa398ee  Use an executorservice in the profiling app to submit requests.
     new 186494d  Make sure that the cluster executor handles all async ops.
     new 8f798f5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new da1bf8c  Add a parallelism setting to size the threadpool that sends out messages over a client.
     new 0b99462  Replaced "clients" setting with "parallelism" in profiler.
     new 134984e  Add a note about muting logging.
     new bbb6345  Consider HasContainers accessing non-existent properties and deeply nested traversals in TraversalHelper.isLocalStarGraph().
     new 80e511c  VertexProgram.loadState(Graph,Configuration) yielded a ripple of code gutting. I can't believe how much work I did to get around not having the Graph instance during an OLAP job. Pointless --- the code is much simpler. Lots more clean up to do and docs/etc., but wow This makes life alot easier.
     new 2fb5ed9  Add a test for MultiMap methods.
     new 81d348d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ab407da  fixed a bug in GraphTraversal API around ambiguous method call.
     new 41f7816  fixed the same bug we had for has() for  is().
     new 570d96a  minor nothing -- removal of pointless null check.
     new f968889  HasStep returns an UnmodifiableList of HasContainers.
     new 179b339  Orders return unmodifiable lists for comparators.
     new 77957a3  Added nioPoolSize and parallelism settings to conf evaluator.
     new b4a1c8d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 125f9bb  Fix report header.
     new 2a5fa04  Properly close the cluster in the profiling app.
     new abd23f4  greatly simplified the groovy test suite. its all generated via strings and thus, no need for STANDARD and COMPUTER versions of the tests.
     new 97e4677  GroovyComputerTestHelper is now general to gremlin-core/process/util. Renamed to TraversalScriptHelper and it will determine from the Source and Script whether its a STANDARD or COMPUTER traversal. Neat. Moved ScriptEngineLambda to gremlin-core/function.
     new 8a71185  Updated CHANGELOG, finalized some classes that are just static method givers. Moved ScriptEngineLambda to gremlin.function.
     new 0c24fdd  @IgnoreEngine on MatchTest tests.
     new 4ae2b2a  TraveraslScriptFunction tests the bindings at constructor. GroovyHasTest minor tweak. private Constants() {}.
     new 7df5baf  Adjust profiler config runner.
     new dbd2750  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new c20a919  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-666
     new b9ea999  cleaned up remainings of a merge conflict
     new 0ca191a  Use GroovySystem to access the MetaRegistry.
     new 4bbbb63  GraphComputerTest now ensures that adjacent vertices can only have their IDs accessed. Rabbit hole around ComputerGraph.
     new d7836ce  added back a test for DetachGraphTest as if the label of the adjacent vertex doesn't exist, fail silently.
     new 6a846ab  nothign.
     new b8ac0b0  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-666
     new c63be0b  restored IgnoreEngine class
     new 61af2e7  GraphComputerTest now tests property manipulation in MapReduce jobs.
     new 8be247e  Simplified ComputerGraph as MapReduce does not need the VertexProgram.
     new b3c9a20  import missing bug fixed.
     new ab6456a  using IgnoreEngine annotation for failing tests
     new ce85971  added @IgnoreEngine annotation for tests that only fail in Groovy computer tests
     new 47dbd5d  take expected exceptions into account
     new 2c983df  Revert "added @IgnoreEngine annotation for tests that only fail in Groovy computer tests"
     new d72e4fb  GroovyFoldTest failed in OLAP Spark/Giraph. Fixed.
     new 3c6eb61  pass ComputerverificationException unchanged through the whole vertex program stack
     new ae5022e  stoked! much implementation for GremlinProcessRunner
     new 6cf95ce  commented out the same tests in GroovyProcessComputerSuite as in ProcessComputerSuite
     new 410ff65  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-666
     new 3056d54  Update javadoc for gremlin-driver.
     new 53025f8  Add integration test for ensuring re-use of a Client over multiple threads.
     new 0631f58  Update Client javadocs.
     new 365c770  Drop the ClusterInfo class in gremlin-driver.
     new 582ccd3  Remove a todo comment and include resolution.
     new f773d13  Remove some todo comments - obsolete.
     new 75eeb12  Added missing semicolon.
     new 37cb34b  introduced BiPredicateTraversal which tests a start -> end. If the end is null, then its a hasNext() check. This makes WhereStep simple as now everything is with respect to P. WhereStep, when Scope.global, now checks the Traversal.sideEffects if the Path doesn't have hte specified label. No external API changes required to GraphTraversal.
     new 742274d  activated all test cases for computer traversal tests
     new 5247fb1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5a63155  Streamline error handling in the script eval/iteration process.
     new 1a3a17b  WhereStep now has all the functionality of except/retain. Migrated over the Except and RetainTests to WhereTest.
     new da05c0e  ExceptStep and RetainStep no longer exist. WhereStep provides all the functionality.
     new c968e5c  got rid of UseEngine annotation
     new ed1ee9f  removed old UseEngine reference
     new 8eb3308  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 0928556  added missing imports (probably a side-effect of the last merge conflict)
     new 03fd69d  updated docs --- removed except and retain step sections. added where-step section. updated processor.groovy as an import changed and a few imports were no longer needed.
     new ffe4d3f  Change "default" vertex serialization to look like StarGraph serialization.
     new ae6114a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new cc714a9  added another where() example.
     new a6707a2  minor doc tweak.
     new ddd7655  StepLoader no longer has a meta-method of Iterator/Iterable.mean(). If you want the mean, use Traversal.mean().
     new b724da3  added a System.err message for tests that are ignored due to ComputerVerificationException
     new 0c64a4c  small tweak to TraverserExecutor.
     new 5b24064  deleted GremlinLoaderTest as mean()  is no longer avaialbable.
     new d0002d8  deleted GremlinLoaderTest as mean()  is no longer avaialbable.
     new 5b11f6c  deleted GremlinLoaderTest as mean()  is no longer avaialbable.
     new 09826d5  IgnoreEngine no longer needed on SelectTests, TreeTests, PathTests, ... and various spots where I saw select() being used in other tests. Probably more dangling. Added PathProcessor which specifies the requirements of the elements in the path.
     new e6280c9  added a DefaultTraversalStrategies test to test the full behavior of sorting. Passed. Added a new case to TraversalStrategiesTest. Passed.
     new 6af3ae5  broke up DefaultTraversalStrategiesTest into multiple test cases.
     new 8f791c8  Added TraversalStrategy.VendorOptimization which is where vendors can rewrite travesrals with their own vendor specific steps. MultiMap now uses LinkedHashSet.
     new d11ce9c  added discussion of vendor optimization strategy to docs.
     new c00ca0c  PageRankVertexProgram example fixed with new loadState(Graph,Configuration) method.
     new 7fe1aef  IdentityRemovalStrategy is now smart about step labels. Updated traversal docs with a CAUTION about VendorOptimizations vs. Optimizations.
     new 1a1ee26  GraphStep must be the first step of a graph computer traversal.
     new edeafc2  fixed a bug in InjectTest. Added logic to TraverserMapReduce to handle CollectiveBarrierEnd steps -- so far, SampleStep in OLAP is working.
     new 3fddfab  Moved the GraphProviderClass annotation to its own file.
     new b6a270d  OrderTests are now available to ComputerVerificationStrategy. SubGraphstrategyProcessTest ignore -- @Dkuppitz, can you make it smart about ComputerVerificationException.
     new 2e62d5b  GroovyBranchTest test was the right synxtax -- fixed. ComputerVerificationStrategy is now aware of Java8 lambdas.
     new bc664a0  use custom JUnit class runner for SubgraphStrategyProcessTest
     new 80b5e86  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 02a2e54  using Sugar in the GroovyBranchTest.
     new 4d5db56  GremlinProcessRunner bails on NotSerializableException -- no longer part of ComputerVerificationException.
     new 73a719d  introduced Bypassing as a marker interface used by both RangeGlobalStep and ComputerResultStep. RangeGlobalStep works in OLAP if its the last step in the traversal. Fixed a bug in WhereTest around sideEffects and Giraph around Java Object serialization.
     new 88e1117  Add some javadoc to the gremlin-driver testers.
     new 63ad9b9  Giraph doesn't let me get the Exception that occured during the job. Thus, to handle the lambda serialization error, I have a hack that just throws NotSerializableException on failed jobs -- this is bad, but necessary for integration tests to run without IgnoreEngine.
     new 99989f9  StoreTest method renamed. Removed  unnecessary TODOs in GiraphComputeVertex. The integration tests fail near the end of the test suite --- too many jobs running as when I start the test suite from the end, they all pass. Giraph just chokes with too many tests...
     new 6858def  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6410240  Assert exception for ReadOnlyStrategy if not testing OLAP.
     new 4ef7c6e  Remove todo comments - doubt we will fix the weirdness described there.
     new ca5e53d  Removed todo comment - created ticket.
     new 05f5114  lots of TODOs removed and or solved.
     new 8d32b19  Update notice/license.
     new fe54f5c  throw SerializationException instead of RuntimeException
     new 996af2c  fixed up implementations ascii docs.
     new 2c0f9dc  ImmutableMemory uses the toString() of the baseMemory. Added lots of good GraphComputerTests around memory state through various stages -- start, setup, execute, terminate, etc. Added test cases to make sure workerStart/EndIteration and workerStart/EndStage() are being called at the right time. Fixed a bug in SparkMemory where Memory.set() was not working -- had no test cases for set(). Now we do.
     new db18ad0  used memory.asImmutable() in Spark for consistency sake.
     new 23ee038  had a commented out assert() when figuring out a bug in Spark. Uncommented. All good.
     new b2b09ea  Update release docs.
     new 5c6a2bf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5127b51  crazy stringent tests on workerStart/End in GraphComputerTest.
     new 1f37ad5  minor tweek to GraphComputerTest.
     new f7ee04a  Merge branch '20150514' of https://github.com/pluradj/incubator-tinkerpop
     new cb4ecf5  Finalize GraphSONUtil class - just a utility class with static methods.
     new d1f5f86  Prevent the default jackson serialization from taking over when types aren't embedded.
     new 883a3de  Add some docs for vendors around proper IO testing.
     new d9be8af  Add properties file for the custom set command help in the console.
     new bdbac63  Add some testing notes to README.
     new e48162f  SubgraphStrategy now takes Traversal rather than Predicate. TINKERPOP3-681
     new a3b6f1a  Update changelog.
     new 143b9a6  SugarLoader now makes sure that the Mixin for GraphTraversalSource has a proper toString(). Added test cases for all mixins in SugarLoader.
     new 42ced95  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new eb3e2c7  Add javadoc to SubgraphStrategy.
     new 935d64c  Remove unused imports.
     new 8bf8ede  has(traversal) is now provided by where(traverasl). has(key,traversal) exists. has() is always with respects to an element property. where() is for generic traversals off the incoming object and variable binding in Maps and Paths/SideEffects.
     new 76beb5d  minor spelling mistake in CHANGELOG.
     new 33d8145  WhereStep smart about start and end keys so as to not get the path if it is not needed. Updated SubgraphStrategy test respectively.
     new 8d4962a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e7efccb  bug. sorry for the bad build.
     new d7bff15  Improved logging of serialization errors in the Gremlin HTTP endpoint.
     new fb0b401  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dc92345  add cap step documentation
     new 8437d16  fixed up has()-step -> where()-step in docs.
     new 01f1fce  Compare.opposite() is now Compare.negate() as that is a Java BiPredicate interface method. Likewise for Contains.negate() and P.negate(). Finally, Order.opposite() is now Order.reversed() as that is a Java Comparator inteface method. BiPredicateTraversal can now be negated.
     new e57634f  updated CHANGELOG and renamed BiPredicateTraveral to TraversalBiPredicate.
     new b039963  add P.not(P...) and P.not(traversal) which nots a P[]. hasNot(traversal) is now simply where(not(traversal)).
     new 36d93c9  TraversalBiPredicate clone is smart about negation.
     new 1b40cce  Minor renaming in SubgraphStrategy and update docs.
     new ef19808  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d726667  No more P[]. Now there is AndP which is a P. This makes the method signatures of has() and is() much simpler. Moreover, IsStep is extremely simple.
     new c901da1  removed hasNot() references and replaced with where(not()).
     new 04e45b3  fixed up docs around where() and has(). Added ConjunctionP as an abtract class to AndP and OrP. TraveralBiPredicate is now cloneable.
     new 9e423d8  uncommented P.and(traveral) and P.or(traversal) for @dkuppitz.
     new 440e833  the oring of has containers is currently not supported.
     new f14fd44  the oring of has containers is currently not supported.
     new e6e7b04  fixed a bug in the docs in() needs to be __in().
     new 95bb996  a good toString() on TraveralBiPredicate with negate.
     new 8963c3a  Implement RangeLocalStep.toString
     new 45c8c76  TINKERPOP3-670: Add 'tail' step
     new d75567e  TINKERPOP3-670: Avoid ID's in unit tests, since they're not vendor agnostic
     new 3c772aa  TINKERPOP3-670: Add overloads to default tail limit to 1
     new 116587c  TINKERPOP3-670: Add tail step to __
     new 8d71d00  TINKERPOP3-670: Add repeat test for tail step
     new 06b6be1  TINKERPOP3-670: Cloned tail step should not include traverser buffer contents
     new 87e4def  TINKERPOP3-670: Tail handles bulk and bypass during MapReduce
     new dda6e31  better negating for ConjunctionP's
     new 5609de7  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 78d4d4b  added back hasNot(key) which is simply where(not(values(key))). Moreover, Contains.within null no longer exist. It was an ugly hack -- has(key) and hasNot(key) are just where() conversions.
     new 33e2f77  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-670-tail-step.v3' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 6da1de4  GroovyTailTest in new TravesralScriptHelper pattern. Fixed a by(id) to by(name) bug. has(key,traversal) no longer uses HasTraversalStep. HasTraversalStep is deleted. Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 50b8945  HasStep is now a TraversalParent as it may have a P.traversal() HasContainer.
     new 12f854b  TINKERPOP3-670: Add doc for tail step
     new f960151  Add limit(local) doc
     new 15899c7  Add range(local) doc
     new 36fc028  Feature check for metaproperties prior to creation in stargraph TINKERPOP3-684
     new 4c104ce  Feature check before asserting metaproperties TINKERPOP3-685
     new b3a943c  fix for TINKERPOP3-686 WebSocket serialization fails for JSON
     new 76c42bf  Change method scope to private in ws request decoders
     new 2d8e3fa  Change scope of testing deps in gremlin-core. TINKERPOP3-687
     new 7807c45  Update changelog.
     new ea1d0dd  Add caution for running tests in parallel.
     new c3ddc2b  added an image for tail()-step in docs. Added another example for tail()-step in the docs.
     new 491d0fb  moved the string factory methods for traversals from TraversalHelper to StringFactory. Removed the SELECT FROM Gremlin SQL stuff from Sugar. We can add it later via a Gremlin SQL DSL.
     new 2e47697  Fix incorrect logging message.
     new 789ce4f  IsStep is now a TraversalParent. SubgraphStrategy uses Scope.global where()-traversals. TraversalBiPredicate moved to step/util.
     new ed3e4a1  Add a serialization section to Gremlin Server configuration section.
     new 0aa43a1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ebd9990  Add some comments around serializers in yaml.
     new 847a5d3  Add some javadoc.
     new 3918972  Renamed JSON related serializer classes for consistency with GraphSON.
     new 0170a36  WhereStep is smart to use the traverser object and not the get() form.
     new f9f2af6  Update names of JSON related serializers.
     new d7db876  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e654493  Fixed inconsistency in naming that was causing Gremlin Server integration tests to fail.
     new f9e2ee1  InputFormats now implement HadoopPoolsConfigurable which intilize Hadoop pools for the respective IO registry.
     new b6b4a93  Minor update to javadoc.
     new 346187c  Updates to javadocs.
     new fcb8440  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6f19078  Corrected bugs in gremlin-server http tests.
     new a843ccf  Rename Profileable to Profiling. Add a more generic ProfileTest case. Fix some ProfileTest method names.
     new 39cf092  Okay -- made the Gryo pool intialization a bit more sturdy in both Giraph and Spark. Removed new Consumer() in ProfileTest as its just a lambda.
     new f488845  HasContainer now uses P -- this provides a consistent API across predicate usage. And this will make AndP, OrP, TraversalP easier for vendors to deal with down the road. HasContainer public fields are now methods --- getKey(), getValue(), getBiPredicate(), etc.
     new cb1fd30  Gremlin Server integration/performance tests can now run from the root of the project.
     new 46913e5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a31fa6f  Update changelog.
     new 9413d66  fixed a bug in TraversalBiPredicate.
     new 9d003c4  minor tweak.
     new cf93500  moved Contains, Order, Operator, P, Compare to process/traversal package.
     new 7dde42d  HasContainer now implements Predicate<Element>... just for consistency.
     new 8550025  implemented a single base class for all I/O format tests
     new 17843c2  a prettier toString() of HasContainer.
     new c0064b6  HasContainer does not care about OrP anymore.
     new 25df4cd  AndStep and OrStep are now simply Conjunction 'markers'. The true meat is WhereStep(P.traversal(a).and(b).and(c).and(d)...). The conjunction of traversal is consolidated into P and the TraversalP.
     new 3359c60  AndStep and OrStep are now simply Conjunction 'markers'. The true meat is WhereStep(P.traversal(a).and(b).and(c).and(d)...). The conjunction of traversal is consolidated into P and the TraversalP.
     new b20034c  BiPredicate implements Serializable in TraversalP.
     new 9de37bd  added AsciiDocs postprocessor which removes Apache license header from code samples in the docs
     new 597d98f  wrapped commands to process AsciiDoc files in a single shell script
     new befabe2  old text in docs removed. MapReduce.NullObject pattern copied from Hadoop's NullWritable. CountMapReduce, Max, Min assume a full reduction on key -- was a bug in the past. Can't seem to reproduce it anymore. HadoopPools will try and intiitlize, if not, a default intialization is provided.
     new 62ebb76  Reverting SumMapReduce to the proper way to deal with generatingFinalResult.
     new 7a12e1f  Make Gremlin Server Settings public scope.
     new 0be19a1  Various MapReduce impl tweeks to make everything more consistent.
     new 9eeb0d3  TraversalRing is now cloneable and this makes PathStep, SelectStep, and TreeStep clone() simpler.
     new 4b6103e  added GraphTraversalTest to verify that both __ and GraphTraversal have the same methods.
     new 8b3a0d0  no more TraversalHolderP. P.getTraversals() exists. If there is no Traversal, return Collections.emptyList(). This makes steps alot easier as there is no type checking.
     new 283a129  Added more tests of IteratorUtils.
     new 855f1e7  WhereStep now supports multi-labeled starts and ends.
     new 8aaf7ec  added a multi-label start where() test and cleaned up TraversalUtil some more.
     new 25d67b1  more WhereStepTest tests.
     new 82347f5  added tests for P
     new 16d7e5e  commented out one RangeByIsCountStrategy as OrP is currently not handled by the strategy
     new fe8b28f  fixed RangeByIsCountStrategy
     new 406aac2  Removed unneeded methods in ComputerGraph.
     new f1db8b3  consistency on typing in __ and GraphTraversal.
     new 4984120  minor nothing cleanups.
     new f3d0b5b  reduced object creation when its a where(out) style traversal -- no start or end labels.
     new c2ed995  fixed a bug in HasContainer.makeHasContainers() around duplicating the AndP instead of unfolding it...doh.
     new d1b47ba  100% test coverage for P
     new 6ab8f89  Giraph configuration: increased the max. time to wait before giving up trying to get the minimum number of workers before a superstep from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Integration test suite should now pass again.
     new b9f17bf  Add test for ArrayIterator.
     new 4a44b30  Add assertion to ensure hasNext on MultiIterator returns true.
     new 2474a74  Covered some un-tested code in the IteratorUtils.
     new 4396f53  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 512d79f  Add test for ChainedComparator
     new c5d3734  Forgot to add the license.
     new 4291340  simplified constructor for TraverserMapReduce.
     new 1d23966  Add test for ArrayListSupplier.
     new d4dc245  TinkerGraph is now final. Have fun trying to extend these bad boys suckers.
     new b6982a5  TinkerEdge can not be final or else Jackson GraphSON no happy.
     new 29feb0a  Altered GraphSON serialization to properly serialize all final classes.
     new b2b754e  Add test for Scope.
     new 374a82d  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M9-incubating-rc3 release
     new 2c3beec  bumped back to SNAPSHOT.
     new becbff3  updated CHANGELOG.:
     new f3459c5  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 54a316a  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 1dd702e  CHANGELOG update.
     new 6744228  fixed an step ID naming algorithm bug. Created a static tool to verify that all step IDs are unique in a compiled traversal. Added the tool to AbstractGremlinTest -- now every traversal in the test suite is valifdated to ensure the naming algorithm works correctly. Removed HasNextTraversal -- bug central. Added HasNextStep -- clean sailing.
     new 3565f09  Add LifeCycleHook to Gremlin Server TINKERPOP3-696 and TINKERPOP3-553
     new c001657  Update changelog
     new 2e788d2  Update docs wrt LifeCycleHook and Gremlin Server.
     new b26a1d2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f0f6d0f  HadoopGraph has been final'd.
     new d57326c  Add tests for BulkSetSupplier.
     new 214a54d  Corrected bug in test and adjusted test names.
     new 9fd4c55  Add tests for HashSetSupplier.
     new efd895c  Add test for HashMapSupplier.
     new 8f92f41  Add tests for ConstantSupplier.
     new 367c7f9  Add tests for MeanNumberSupplier.
     new e874ecb  Author tag was not in the right place.
     new e88ce99  Add tests for TreeSupplier.
     new 63e3e5a  Add tests for ScriptEngineLambdaSupplier.
     new fe83dc8  Add tests for FunctionUtils.
     new 65de05d  This class is no longer used.
     new 51919f4  Giraph and Spark now both use the same Rule engine for Aggregating memory -- INCR, AND, OR, SET, etc.
     new b11629d  Add tests for Operator.
     new 6153c5f  removed GraphComputer.isolation() as all implementations use BSP. No point having it if no tests and no impls. If there is an ASP in the future, we can add back in the method.
     new 02fae63  Add tests for the Direction enum.
     new aa2ddf4  Add tests for T.
     new d1c01af  Added license text.
     new 2ad860e  This class is no longer utilized.
     new a51825c  HadoopRemoteAcceptorTest added to test to make sure :> works as expected.
     new 452bc12  fixed a bug in Sugar loading with :> HadoopRemoteAcceptor. So glad I have this test case now -- no more manual testing in gremlin-console.
     new b57ef28  GiraphGraphComputer now tests for serializability of the traversal prior to job distribution -- much cleaner than the previous model.
     new ce44b02  a much better way to do HadoopRemote connections -- via the console variable name.
     new a3723cc  a much better way to do HadoopRemote connections -- via the console variable name.
     new c23fc79  Add best practices to Gremlin Server.
     new 91df792  Add "Parameterized Gremlin" logo.
     new e859765  Fix bug in driver where NO_CONTENT was not being handled properly.
     new 8d10b81  Defaulted TinkerGraph to use LONG for the IdManager in Gremlin Server packaging.
     new f069cdf  Added TestableConsolePluginAcceptor so people that have console-based plugins can test them easier. HadoopGremlinPluginTest now tests HadoopGremlinPlugin and no more manual testing to make sure all the HDFS, sugar, remote, etc. functionality works. What a time save.
     new a016642  Finalize MultiMap and add private constructor since it is a utility class.
     new 0d2bdb0  Extract out helper function to validate that a utility class is properly defined.
     new 3b9dcb8  Enforce FunctionUtils as a utility class.
     new dd28f55  Enforce exception types for ScriptEngineLambda.
     new 1d32573  Add SerializerTest.
     new 34da329  HadoopGremlinPlugin now supports SparkGraphComputer. Super good integration tests on the HadoopGremlinPlugin. Docs updated. Very good stuff here.
     new aa66117  Drop StreamFactory - buh-bye
     new 06e411e  Add test for IteratorUtils.stream().
     new bdb51fe  pointless nothings on TinkerMessenger.
     new bf5bd38  Add tests for ScriptEngineCache.
     new 63cccb9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8eaa0c2  Gremlin OLAP now supports DedupGlobalStep if its an end step. Added two new tests to DedupTest to verify behavior.
     new 1f0df4a  Removed other constructors for YamlConfiguration as they were not working.
     new 93c9acc  Optimize imports.
     new da73a92  If the DedupGlobalStep is an end-step and has a by()-projection, don't allow it in ComputerVerificationStrategy.
     new 0373599  dah. back to the rght TraverserMapReduce using IteratorUtils.map(bulk(1)).
     new 144f605  better test extensions from @spmallette test suite.
     new 055a7fb  going to town testing HadoopGremlinPlugin -- loving it. So much safety.
     new ccab547  Add test for TimeUtil.
     new 8e781bf  Add test for Gremlin utility.
     new a6c5cec  some commented out code that I may use later.
     new 20d3f06  implemented .equals() and .hashCode() for all steps
     new 278ee6f  TraveraslClassFunction tied to TraversalVertexProgram.
     new ef2c714  greatly simplified ConfigurationTraversal -- sweet.
     new 2a931c5  implemented equals()/hashCode() tests for all steps
     new 67488a2  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 73b4347  fixed bugs that were subsequent errors from the work on Step.equals() and Step.hashCode()
     new 699e093  updated command to process AsciiDocs files
     new 76b50f8  GraphSONModule does not need to be public.
     new 708706b  Make GraphSONUtil a utility class.
     new 35e5a4a  Make GraphSONTokens not possible to instantiate.
     new fa33541  Add license header.
     new 2f8a972  Remove unused imports.
     new 61137eb  Add some versioning to GraphSON.
     new f1ce393  Finalize classes.
     new 483b370  Explicitly specify GraphSONVersion to serializers.
     new 8e06277  Add way to get pretty version number from GraphSONVersion.
     new 746fd04  Add gremlin-test logo.
     new 44db4b7  updated README.asciidoc with clearer release stage.
     new 4c0674c  TinkerPop 3.0.0.M9-incubating release
     new 2debc92  Add check of other exception that seems to throw from LifeCycleHook.
     new 76f4d51  fixed up README with more release notes. Fixed a CHANGELOG date bug.
     new cd0b81e  bumped back to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and updated the README with a release instruction tip.
     new acf8960  an email template for VOTE.
     new 93455f4  minor tweak.
     new 88180ac  updated CHANGELOG with the GA section.
     new bdd23a8  Added Scope.getScopeValuesByKey() as a way to ensure all steps have the same behavior around path/map/sideEffect selection.
     new ea509aa  SelectStep now uses Scope.getScopeValueByKey() helper method.
     new 40e4087  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 715d7ff  added InputRDD interface to allow vendors to use RDDs instead of InputFormats to feed data to SparkGraphComputer. The default is to use InputFormatRDD which simply uses the InputFormat to generate the RDD.
     new cf614e7  used multi-catch in SparkGraphComputer and added JavaDoc to InputRDD. Added note about InputRDD to asciidocs.
     new cd1b8c8  fixed a bug in traversal docs around select(local/global).
     new 9b9f3cb  simplified ExampleInputRDD.
     new 3ab6dbf  made an inject-example simpler in asciidocs.
     new 8f57cbb  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 7833dcf  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 4548c87  replaced numbers written in Long-notation (e.g. '1L') with standard numbers (e.g. '1')
     new 3b48b84  removed unneeded typecasts.
     new 057503e  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8a027df  Added OutputRDD for Spark. TinkerGraphView now tested with dropView() within GraphComputerTest. GraphComputerTests now test the meaning of ResultGraph and Persist.
     new ec9365a  GiraphGraphComputer no longer requires another BSP round to compute its memory. This removed alot of extra code, extra MapReduce, and numerous Constants. Added more tests to GraphComputerTest that verify Persist and ResultGraph options.
     new 6faea90  TinkerGraphComputer, SparkGraphComputer, and GiraphGraphComputer are all consistent regarding ResultGraph/Persist options. Added helper methods to GraphComputerHelper so its easy for vendors to get consistent behavior without any deep thought. More GraphComputerTests that validate semantics.
     new fcfc6ea  Iteration of results in Gremlin Server now occur in the same thread as eval. TINKERPOP3-704
     new 050eba7  Update changelog.
     new 636595f  TinkerGraphComputer now supports every ResultGraph/Persist combination. TinkerComputerResult goes away as the GraphComputer view is dropped in every possible combination of pairs -- now just using DefaultComputerResult.
     new 543a8eb  better method names for GraphComputerTests.
     new 91a7a8c  ProfileTest times made less stringent.
     new 8c5836d  better method names for GraphComputerTests.
     new dd29324  fixed a JavaDoc bug in GraphComputer.
     new c178c59  no more Memory OutputFormat. It alwayas has to be SequenceFile so why try and allow other things. This again, simplifies the Hadoop GraphComputer's code. A lot less if/else checking and potential for user error.
     new 5760f16  OutputRDD documented and tested. More simplifications to the parameterization in HadoopGraph -- getting down to the basics which will make everyone's life easier.
     new 34dfccc  Add hadoop-gremlin/conf files to console zip distribution. TINKERPOP3-708
     new fa7592d  Udpate changelog.
     new ac9bb03  Write more tests for the GremlinExecutor.
     new 27cb6ba  Simplify the constructor on GremlinExecutor.
     new f1b1427  a bug in MapReduce result serialization in Spark. Hmmm. Went back to the old model requiring HDFS.
     new 19bc349  added a choose(predicate,trueTraversal,falseTraversal) test and fixed a bug. Removed MapTraversal, MapTraverserTraversal, FilterTraversal, and FilterTraverserTraversal as these are simply __.map(function) and __.filter(predicate). Tweaked up GraphTraversal to use this new pattern. Compressed by()-methods to always call the most general method as opposed to all by()-methods implementing the addLocalChild() logic.
     new b2c49dd  Neo4j-Gremlin back in the mix -- All Apache2. Builds -- tests fail cause it can't find impl classes.
     new 9f05bd7  testing works -- most tests pass. Failures seem to 'only' be in the Gremlin IO tests.
     new 649de76  Add some javadoc on GremlinGroovysh.
     new 66cde14  Minor point added to docs about testing implementations.
     new d68fa62  Applied convertId in IoTest to the expected id. TINKERPOP3-695
     new 8116e3b  Merge branch 'master' into neo4j-gremlin-apache
     new 32924d8  Changed assertion for id in tests. TINKERPOP3-695
     new 8526277  for Traverser->Object functions/predicates added FunctionTraverser and PredicateTraverser (which both implement Serialziable).
     new aa2b7f3  Merge branch 'master' into neo4j-gremlin-apache
     new c1006ee  Added willAllowId() for features related to vertex, vertexproperty and edge TINKERPOP3-695
     new 1879369  FullNeo4jGraph and SimpleNeo4jGraph exist. Neo4jGraph is abstract. Full for meta/multi-properties. Simple for no meta-multi properties. Now they have respective providers and individual test suite runs.
     new a193900  Merge branch 'master' into neo4j-gremlin-apache
     new 0b4e555  Add some tests to structure utility classes.
     new c850d5e  added ElementHelper.attachProperties() for vertices which checks Cardinality from the graph.
     new 81d125a  Merge branch 'master' into neo4j-gremlin-apache
     new b0aca8e  fixed a bug in ElementHelperTest that was introduced by new ElementHelper.attachProperties(vertex...).
     new dffcc03  added CypherStartStep which is Scoping to recommend Scope.local for Select/Where/etc. steps that follow.
     new 47f5130  Neo4jGraph is smart about ids given new designs in TP3. ElementHelper has a mixedId validator.
     new 68185c8  simplified mixElementIds test method. dar.
     new a1680a4  minor simplication to Neo4jGraph.
     new f3c056f  reimplemented AsciiDocs preprocessor (now we can use plugins in sample code snippets)
     new 0285ef6  Institute the include-neo4j profile for running tests.
     new d43cca7  Update README with neo4j-gremlin instructions.
     new d2fd291  Add info to readme about intellij setup for neo4j-gremlin.
     new 1f9a69e  Fixed test to ensure a VertexProperty with an endTime was selected.
     new f535f1c  Added a comment about getting debug info out of ivy when running :install.
     new efc143b  Add the "external" dependencies to neo4j-gremlin pom.xml.
     new 4db0e1c  Add some notes to the docs about ivy settings.
     new 1faaaf3  process AsciiDoc files in parallel
     new 507495d  added a few pre-processable Gremlin-Hadoop samples. The old samples are still in as a reference.
     new 01e61d2  process all AsciiDoc files, not only implementations.asciidoc
     new da00130  Finalize a variable.
     new b887681  Neo4jTrait now exists -- NoMultiNoMetaNeo4jTrait and MultiMetaNeo4jTrait. Simpler code.
     new 1cbad48  trying to fix a lowercase git bug.
     new 364a243  trying to fix a lowercase git bug.
     new 530c63e  Add unit tests to Comparators.
     new c1d15ca  Removed ElementHelper.getOrCreate()
     new 24c88a0  fixed a bug in Exception throwing.
     new 5a41ae8  Add tests for ElementHelper.
     new a1d26be  Add license header.
     new c19398c  more tests, more fixes.... very clean.
     new 7b528b2  merged master.
     new 1e7e161  commented out neo4j-gremlin module until neo4j pushes apache API to Central Repo.
     new 2b3a682  a stub for default cardinality in TinkerGraph. @spmallette.
     new bbc6a0e  Neo4j multi-meta settings are now part of Neo4jGraphVariables as hiddens. Its important that once set, a user can not change these as the underlying topology would differ.
     new 7441b6b  clean ups in Neo4j -- making things really nice.
     new d9e1932  Make it so that the default cardinality for TinkerGraph is a config.
     new 00fc75d  updated CHANGELOG with Neo4j note.
     new ff6067d  added Neo4jGremlin back to the AsciiDocs.
     new 3e4d700  Update docs with respect to default cardinality config in TinkerGraph
     new e4a4d52  Config the crew to be defaulted to list cardinality.
     new 38a225e  gutted automatic indices for Neo4jGraph. Gutted it from the docs.
     new 14a86ee  Neo4jGraph.cypher() provides the means by which indices are created. Updated docs. Fixed a bug in the IO docs around CoreIo.
     new 486bc3b  use graph.cypher() to create indices.
     new 3fd4b4d  attempt to make preprocessor OSX compatible
     new eb72528  fixed number of parallel processes (to make it work on OSX)
     new ab91eb2  different syntax for and-conditions in if-statement (to make it work on OSX)
     new ec86c7c  more adjustments for OSX
     new 50bd297  Neo4jGraphStep is now uses Neo4j schema indices appropriately. Much simpler Neo4jGraphStep without having to think about automatic indices.
     new 08c1e27  fix for TINKERPOP3-711 Use Jackson in JsonMessageSerializerV1d0Test.java
     new 96bc1ad  Update changelog.
     new bfe1e98  Loosen feature tests around identifiers TINKERPOP3-695
     new c520013  Used assumptions in supplied id feature tests TINKERPOP-695
     new 8250a2f  fixed a Vertex.remove() bug that showed up in VertexTest for Neo4jGraph. Neo4jGraphStep now relies on the Neo4jTrait for index lookups. Added a WARNING to docs about Neo4j and multi- meta- properties.
     new 15d8da0  Closed graph in test.
     new 5ffdc7e  Minor adjustments to javadoc.
     new d096ac2  Add test for IoCore
     new 130d945  worked with @dkuppitz to get his preprocess.sh script working on MacOSX.
     new bb7d249  removed unnecessary code
     new 38a0733  Merge branch 'master' into preprocessor
     new 27e5227  Add test class for GraphMigrator.
     new 1dd487c  Finalize a bunch of GraphML IO classes.
     new 67ad95e  Finalize classes in GraphSON.
     new f3e4d54  Finalize some classes in gryo.
     new 4a0bf78  Finalize all the Builder classes.
     new 774100e  Merge branch 'master' into preprocessor
     new 4d55191  Indexes hits tested for both NoMulti and Multi property versions of Neo4jGraph.
     new dde1cef  Finalize the message classes in gremlin-driver.
     new cd3d927  Finalie and limit scope for classes in gremlin-driver.
     new f6b0ec6  Finalize some classes in gremlin-driver.
     new 0becf9f  Finalize some classes in gremlin-driver.
     new 11a663f  added note about indicies for multi-meta property Neo4j graphs.
     new 21a20c9  docs on Neo4j index speeds.
     new 16939e0  removed an IMPORTANT saying that Vertex.property(key,value) is single cardinality.
     new c387430  removed AddEdgeByPathStep and AddEdgeStep... added new AddEdgeStep which is now Scoping and supports Scope.local (pull vertices from a Map -- e.g. select().addOutE('a','knows','b') and it supports Scope.global (pull vertices from sideEffects and the path -- e.g. g.withSideEffect('v',v).V.out.addOutE('knows','v')). Had to twittle with a lot of stuff, but now AddEdgeStep is REALLY cool and consistent. Need to write more tests and update the docs.
     new 3456fce  Add a couple extra Gremlin Server response status codes for future use.
     new 9a27cfb  Stub in a scope method in neo4j to get things compiling again.
     new b003402  AddEdgeStep documentation fixed up with new Scope.global/local model.
     new ec2c325  Updated CHANGELOG with AddEdgeStep note. Added IteratorUtils.consume() for doing sideEffects on an Iterator. Removed Neo4jGraphAPI.awaitIndexConstruction() so, in its place, added Thread.sleep(5000).
     new 3722843  fixed the aggregate-step.png -- no more except() -- its where(not()) now.
     new 1140dd8  add a g.V.has(location) test to ensure multi-properties doesnt cause problems.
     new 1a60158  a lot of work for the AsciiDocs preprocessor
     new 62e4a1b  added dynamic code sample for Neo4j
     new 91c6d02  removed dynamic code sample for Spark
     new cf96f64  added LabelP which is a Predicate for checking Neo4j labels (multi-labels).
     new 31643e6  Added Scoping.getScope() and moved the getScopeValueByKey() to Scoping which has a default that leverages Scoping.getScope().
     new 6366b78  toString() methods for FunctionTraverser and PredicateTraverser.
     new 0a42966  updated CHANGELOG.
     new f8b288e  Change path creation in the graph providers for neo4j.
     new 9b4caa8  Do property implementation of features on EmptyGraph TINKERPOP3-599
     new b3fa12d  Update changelog.
     new 85877f7  Added features to EmptyGraph. TINKERPOP3-599
     new 1f5b7f7  Synchronize access to altering the read/write and close actions on AbstractTransaction.
     new 2fb115f  Update changelog.
     new e2ece1e  AddEdgeStep always recommends Scope.global as it does not emit a Map.
     new 75906c7  SelectStep should always recommend Scope.local while SelectOneStep should always recommend Scope.global.
     new bc4a0bd  If the Scope.global access to path and sideEffects don't have the key, throw an Exception. Previously it was an Optional.get() which, when empty, yielded a NoSuchElementException which halted the pipeline.
     new 0daccb5  Implement the first leg of CallbackRegistry TINKERPOP3-701
     new d1a7b9a  Renamed EventTrigger class to EventQueue.
     new 8c5408c  Refactor EventQueue into an interface so that it can be supplied to the EventStrategy.
     new 41310d0  Add javadoc to EventQueue related classes.
     new 8401fe1  Clean up javadoc a bit more around EventStrategy classes.
     new b29a244  Add appropiate link for author tag.
     new d8df036  Update changelog.
     new f764ba8  Fixed TINKERPOP-619. If a SelectStep does not bind all variables, then move to the next traverser.
     new 41bf478  a test to make sure has('blah',__.traversal) filters as expected.
     new 8b31040  Add getters to AddPropertyStep.
     new 89e02ed  If the bindings of WhereStep don't bind, then filter -- don't throw an Exception. Now SelectStep, SelectOneStep, HasStep, and WhereStep all have the same behavior around unbound variables.
     new a806bee  Merge branch 'master' into preprocessor
     new a08b06f  excluded servlet-api-2.5-6.1.14.jar from plugin directories
     new 44b4949  removed static code samples and added dynamic Spark sample
     new e7b5e19  more work on preprocessor
     new 3027d6f  Bump to latest version of netty.
     new 2103337  Simplified the SSL configuration for Gremlin Server.
     new c96c08d  Update docs for SSL config in Gremlin Server.
     new d81b9d5  Remove unused imports.
     new b9da75c  Support SSL in the driver given latest changes to the server.
     new 4a507cc  Add integration tests for validating SSL operability in Gremlin Server.
     new 25ed1fb  Update changelog.
     new 9b4994c  added TimeUtil.clockWithResult() which returns a Pair<Double,S>.
     new ed8b474  Added ServerGremlinExecutor.
     new 6b8bee8  Update docs.
     new c26b87c  Refactor RangeLocalStep.applyRange for readability
     new f4a44a6  Scoping steps now respect getting scoped values from sideEffects and then either map (local) or path (global). This fixes a major design flaw wheree sideEffects were only accessible via Scope.global (not what you always want). ScopingStrategy is now smarter about Scope.local converion based on path access labels.
     new fd3a6c9  TINKERPOP3-673: limit/range local single element eschews List
     new 3450da0  Update javadoc in Settings for Gremin Server.
     new 2d7af58  Merge branch 'chore/TP3-limit-local-1-should-emit-element_96105186' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new b1dc601  fixed a ) bug in GroovyRangeTest.
     new cea1732  OSX'ified grep in preprocess.sh
     new 1a94fb9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0815f38  Updates to docs/javadoc around Gremlin Server Settings.
     new ec4e41c  added support for multi-line strings in code samples
     new a5d76a2  Updated README with more thorough release instructions.
     new ba65ccc  more release notes.
     new a0b5de7  fixed a README bug.
     new b37e8ee  fixed a README bug.
     new d804444  fixed another grep for OSX
     new 3858e37  CollectingBarrierStep now supports a maxBarrierSize. The default is Integer.MAX_VALUE. If other, then when the traverser set barrier is filled to maxBarrierSize, it is Consumer<TravesrserSet> and then drained fully.
     new a7966d1  GraphsTest unignored as it now works on my local machine.
     new 4487087  replaced static code blocks with dynamic code blocks
     new 056e875  Merge branch 'master' into preprocessor
     new 2b47438  fixed a bug in CypherStartStep. Stub of LazyBarrierStrategy.
     new 1eeaaa7  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 6796130  Implemented LazyBarrierStrategy which will 'stall' a traversal pipeline in order to gain a bulking optimization. Only traversals that meet the pattern defiintion of the strategy get NoOpBarrierSteps inserted into them. This strategy is NOT turned on by default.
     new 821a0ed  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new dd3f996  added LazyBarrierStrategyTest to ensure that NoOpBarrierSteps are added to the traversal as expected. Already two bugs found :). Added an Override toString() for AbstactStep. CollectingBarrierStep now includes the maxBarrierSize in its toString().
     new d7b5ca7  using hashCode for equality in Strategy tests as recommended by @dkuppitz.
     new 725035a  minor tweak to LazyBarrierStrategy.
     new f600b71  changed sort of preprocessed AsciiDoc files and skip processing if the output file already exists and it's newer than the input file
     new 8989d7a  fixed code sample in docs
     new c7050ae  added a one-liner that copies files from dev/ to release/ and renames -distribution to -bin and -source-release to -src
     new 698f517  more gremlin images that will come into play later.
     new eecc611  Worked on the neo4j-gremlin docs. Added information about N.of() and using iterate() to demonstrate index lookup speeds.
     new d299705  LabelP.of() is smart about situations like organism-animal as it now checks on Neo4jVertex.LABEL_DELIMINATOR. Test case added.
     new c68bfeb  Rewrote the pre-processor core. Now we have better readability and thus better maintainability. Furthermore the following checks are done prior pre-processing:
     new e9385f3  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 2f78fab  added MattFrantz as contributor.
     new b8993a0  ElementHelper JavaDoc. Neo4jGraph Logger.WARN when using multi-properties as an experimental feature. Doc examples for multi-meta properties in AsciiDocs.
     new 542f4db  fixed Neo4j code sample
     new 5c51640  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 3be4988  use stdbuf only if it's available
     new 27e4920  Neo4j WARN message cleaner.
     new 5ae0112  This closes #658
     new c1130d0  This closes #667
     new b9a0393  This closes #67
     new dbc4c71  This closes #59
     new be4fa43  This closes #63
     new bc4de5e  trying to get index hits fast for Neo4j docs -- has to do with warming up the cache.
     new 0f4b2ed  fixed a bug in Neo4j docs.
     new d84c85a  filter out WARN messages in code samples
     new e17070a  Add "rebindings" argument to sessionless requests.
     new 13f12db  removed unneeded OLAP warnings for various steps in the-traversal as now ComputerVerificationStrategy will explain to the user that the step is not possible in certain situations.
     new ce6b2e6  added barrier() step to docs and tweaks to Neo4j docs.
     new 22fdecd  fixed a itemization, list bug in the-traversal.
     new 5977bb9  added <developer/> snippet
     new 36a68ca  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ca733b5  CoinStep with cumulative distribution stub via @mbroecheller help.
     new 51a1846  minor grammar fix in the-traversal.
     new 98e4b44  backup/restore history file
     new 3268576  replaced tabs with 4 spaces
     new da3d36b  removed unnecessary blank lines
     new c626e51  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8f5b28e  added a command to process a single AsciiDoc file
     new d73fc21  Altered the method for rebinding gremlin-driver Client.
     new 8bfc16d  Rebinding docs.
     new 7759947  Added Pieter Martin's <contributor> stub.
     new 73e7649  Add rebindings feature to REST API in Gremlin Server.
     new 0d21ba2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new bfdfcb1  Update docs around bindings in the REST API.
     new 681bbba  Hide neo4j WARN messages in logs by default for Gremlin Server and maven build.
     new 3fa95a6  updated pom.xml and docs around Neo4jGraph.
     new f01f3c2  fixed a pointless call in the Neo4j docs.
     new b4cc944  renamed KeyStep to PropertyKeyStep so its consistent with PropertyValueStep. Started the arduous process of JavaDocing GraphTraversal and __.
     new 30a93e0  TinkerPop-713: use specific groovy dependencies, remove cc license on groovy console
     new 2439ee5  Removed hardcoded ignore of the servlet-api jar in the DependencyGrabber.
     new 1c2efee  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 4cd492a  WhereStep simplified by making use of SelectOneStep in as('a').out... patterns. Removed the multi-label capabilities of WhereStep as it is not well tested, documented, and just needs more thought.
     new 374276b  Merge branch 'tinkerpop-713' of https://github.com/graben1437/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a015050  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8a26af5  Update changelog.
     new ba0789c  Update README.
     new 3b688d9  Use ConcurrentHashMap for Graphs object in Gremlin Server.
     new ac42548  WhereStep is gold. It operates only on Traversals and predicate are transformed to TraversalP(is(predicate)). Arbitrary nesting of and()/or() is supported. Added ScopeP which is for steps that use scoped variable bindings for the P values (e.g. MatchStep and WhereStep). Added Step.removeLabel() -- can't believe we never needed that till now. MatchWhereStrategy is a little gross as MatchStep needs a big makeover to get up to speed with the new pattern.
     new 7875607  CHANGELOG tweaks.
     new 35b9511  ScopeP no longer has a reference to Scoping step -- its passed in on bind(). Less potential for problems when clone()ing.
     new 6513807  added ScopeP.negate().
     new d233f46  added Michael Pollmeier to pom.xml <contributors>.
     new ca0b269  Improve javadocs for server Settings.
     new 40fdf64  Remove public constructor on Graphs class in Gremlin Server.
     new 53277de  Renamed Graphs.getGraphsAsBindings() method to getAsBindings()
     new 24e1bcd  added a new WhereTest that tests nested and/or traversal predicates.
     new 18c83f3  removed a section of SugarGremlin docs that no longer exist -- operator overloads. AndStep and OrStep are now smart about getting the as() of the conjunction. Added more tests to ConjunctionStrategyTest and AndTest.
     new 773f703  activated sugar plugin in preprocessor
     new 8c3ecf5  WhereStep now has a static method to convert all nested predicates into TraversalP. gremlin-applications.asciidoc has Sugar sections being autogenerated. Added more WhereTests.
     new 868f025  Bumped gbench version to be explicitly compatible to Groovy 2.4.x
     new 68ae6ae  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 0fdee01  Gremlin Server Settings class has sensible defaults.
     new bbed966  GraphTraversal.and() (and or()) now take predicates or traversals where traversals are turned into TraversalP predicate. That was a crazy hard thing to do interestingly enough. However, realized a bunch of stupid helper methods that have now been gutted with a smarter AndP and OrP constructor.
     new d82f474  WhereTest updated with new and().
     new 2c9de60  WhereStep doesn't need Requirement.OBJECT if its a Scope.global.
     new 19582da  ConjunctionP requires at least 2 arguments to conjunct. WhereStepTest ensures proper compilation of ...and()... infix notation.
     new ad82df5  fix for TINKERPOP3-722 Garbled characters in Gremlin Console help screen on Windows
     new 861cc31  ScopeP allows the object to flow through when nothing binds to the scope variable.
     new 006aec2  Merge branch '20140611' of https://github.com/pluradj/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 245c4e3  Update changelog.
     new 9f9ccf1  added Jason Plurad to the pom.xml <contributors>.
     new 1d576d8  added Path.getSingle(pop,label) and Path.getList(label). Right now, just default methods in Path. Added two new tests to PathTest which ensures proper semantics for all Path implementations (PATH_SUPPLIERS). Moved PathTest to its right directory. Added Pop to AbstractImportCustomizer as we will use it in select()-soon.
     new e1e1a40  Add javadoc for Path getList/getSingle
     new 4939cf0  Reverse sense of Path.getSingle Pop to align with tail(local) step
     new 9259525  added XMatchStep which implements the new Match model.
     new 027d631  Optimize MutablePath.getSingle
     new 5e9ad8d  Optimize ImmutablePath getSingle and getList
     new e43843e  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new f3f60e0  added select(pop...) to GraphTraversal and __.
     new 93b5553  minor nothing finalization.
     new 9d1978d  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 635a038  better constructor arguments for SelectXXXStep.
     new 5e753ff  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 15e3f77  XMatchStep works both in OLTP and OLAP. Bam. Added a handy ComputerAwareStep.EndStep boolean -- return home or go to next.
     new 5d351f9  ArrayList already hashCode()s based on elements internal.
     new 9c21357  XMatchStep now has a pluggable MatchAlgorithm. GreedMatchAlgorithm is provided as a public static class and, for now, is hard coded as the MatchAlgorithm to use.
     new 8cbc211  using AtomicLong.getAndSet() in GraphComputerTest as that, hopefully, solves an assertion error on the build servers -- threading issues.
     new c39be2b  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 34cf6db  no more IsOrAllowStep -- now just a ComputerAware.EndStep -- XMatchEndStep.
     new 04d9bd4  traversalLabels are now simply the traversal.startStep.getId() which is globally unique to the traversal. Easy peasy.
     new d088202  staging for nested and/or in XMatchStep -- if a ConjunctionP is provided then it is turned into an 'Or'MatchStep or an 'And'MatchStep. Thus, its just a matter of nesting traversals as easy as that. However, I added MatchAlgorithm.getMatchStartLabels(). If the start step of a traversal is a XMatchStep, then get all the start labels in the match.
     new 28a4f7a  XMatchStep getting reeeeeaaaalll basic. Added comments to explain what the different parts of the step are doing. Lots of code clean up.
     new d309af6  TINKERPOP3-723: Add constant step
     new 7f8274c  TINKERPOP3-723: Add constant step doc
     new fbda917  WhereStep now pops.head its SelectOne.
     new d8903d8  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-723-constant-step' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 2507140  ConstantStep does not need to declare empty Requirements -- that is the default Step behavior.
     new e0444ed  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 89d0ac5  commented out the high range assertions in ProfileTest as they tend to fail from time to time in some environments
     new e6c73cd  add additional has examples
     new 3ca54a6  Restructure the IoTest into smaller test groups.
     new 0b3e50e  Update changelog.
     new be988ce  GremlinServer now returns the ServerGremlinExecutor on start().
     new a4f5267  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 5980a03  Merge branch 'docupdate1' of https://github.com/graben1437/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 92e628b  fixed a within() 'bug' -- don't need to make a list as you can provide a var args.
     new 403e21c  finally --- making P and Travesal the same was a really bad idea. However, P.not(traversal) returns traversal.notStep() and there you go -- bastard.
     new fd77cfc  P.not(P.traversal())
     new 0eca233  more WhereTests -- and()..or()...and()...
     new 49f7611  notes for WhereStep's future.
     new 201389e  Added a contributor
     new 061ebed  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 7c51880  Add hooks to MutableMetrics to manually set counts and duration.
     new d49f409  reversed the meaning of Pop.head and Pop.tail to align with graph theory terminology.
     new 3103f47  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 6eeef72  Initialize the config for gremlin-groovy in Settings.
     new 3a5cdf8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9596782  TINKERPOP3-731 Arrow keys don't work for Gremlin console on Windows
     new 4068477  Fixed a bug in Attachable.getOrCreate(). Optional.orElse() should be Optional.orElseGet().
     new 40e9221  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new ddee0dc  Fixed a bug in Attachable.getOrCreate(). Optional.orElse() should be Optional.orElseGet().
     new 9268fb7  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new cbcccfb  TINKERPOP3-727 use of repeat() with in() throws error
     new f98d074  added stronger 'copy over' tests for StarGraphTest -- vertices+edges and only edges.
     new e656a79  less stringent GraphComputerTest on threading timing. Two threads can update the AtomicLong at the same nano-time.
     new 7745775  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 2878870  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-727' of https://github.com/pluradj/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a44bcae  Have AND/OR nesting working in XMatchStep. I'm not too happy with the solution -- though, one could argue that it is semantically correct. In short, all OR patterns and all AND patterns are tried. OR can't only try one and if pass, return -- it has to try all.
     new 59d2804  XMatchStep OR/AND nesting works for both Computer and Standard --- code has been greatly simplified.
     new a1dbb1b  Simplifying XMatchStep even more. This is looking really good.
     new 97e4500  This closes #72
     new 9d4735e  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-731' of https://github.com/pluradj/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a97e675  No more WhereStartEndStrategy needed. WhereStep follows the recursive compilation model of XMatchStep.
     new c77521c  Merge branch 'master' into xmatch
     new 8ac90c2  Fix unit conversion on setDuration.
     new 538af16  XMatchStep now has the same API as MatchStep -- startKey,traversals and returns Map<String,E>.
     new 55d2565  simpler determination of start and end keys in XMatchStep. This bad boy is nearly done.
     new f3c0ef6  added XMatchStep.CountMatchAlgorithm which is good at finding the biggest set reductions in a traversal match() pattern. A toy example demonstrates its 2x faster than the current MatchStep implementation.
     new 5f8f586  Now that XMatchStep has a startKey, there is only one start label for any one traversal pattern. less set operations. good.
     new bfe4325  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 66e564e  Pop.first and Pop.last to not confuse with graph theory terms of head/tail which are backwards from computer science terminology.
     new 801b2df  Verify that durations reported by profile metrics are >= 0 rather than just > 0.
     new 26403c1  XMatchStep now has optimized XMatchStartStep and XMatchEndStep -- no more SelectOneStep as there is less logic involved. New methods in MatchAlgorithm for recording data about each match pattern. Scoping is used as the means for determing required labels for a pattern. lots of local, adhoc testing.
     new 1b059dc  fixed a requiredLabels bug in XMatchStep -- ALL labels are required, not just one.
     new 19f5c2c  Set reuseForks in pom to false for neo4j.
     new 6d88eb6  Started benchmarking XMatchStep vs. MatchStep --- nearly identical.
     new 869d593  Add test for gryo serialization of Tree TINKERPOP3-732
     new a114512  Update changelog.
     new 50d87ac  Revised evaluation of ids with has() TINKERPOP3-721
     new f588144  Remove <reuseForks> setting for neo4j.
     new 550af67  Update help docs for Console around erasing settings.
     new 5407aa2  Renamed Graphs to GraphManager in Gremlin Server.
     new 52d773d  Add a gryo test to ensure it fails server serialization in the same way as graphson.
     new 8ae77ae  lots of cleanups on XMatchStep -- one GraphComputer MatchTest is failing for some reason. More TinkerGraphTest play.
     new 142a029  added TraversalMapStep, TraversalFlatMapStep, TraversalFilterStep, TraversalSideEffectStep and made it so XMatchStep will locally wrap barrier patterns and thus, we now have support for count()/min()/max()/etc. type patterns in XMatchStep. Added TraversalHelper.removeToTraversal() which takes a sequence of steps in a traversal and puts them into a new traversal. Added TraversalUtil.applyAll() which is for flatMap-based mappings. Fixed a reset()-bug in LocalStep.
     new 8ac87d0  greatly reduced the complexity of WhereStep -- learned alot about variable binding from XMatchStep. WhereStep is looking really really good.
     new 1c7d404  TraversalP dead. P and Traversal are now completely distinct concepts. HasStep and IsStep just work with P-predicates. has(key,traversal) is now an alias for filter(__.values(key).traversal). has(key) is now filter(values(key)) -- as TraversalFilterStep is much simpler and more efficient than WhereStep. P.getTraversals() no longer exists. ConjuctionP can only conjoin P-predicates, not a hybrid of traversals and P-predicates. Good stuff. Phew.
     new f65c170  integration of WhereStep and XMatchStep children now occurs after pre-processing with respective Start/End steps.
     new a3e89f5  removed P.not(traversal). We now have GraphTraversal.not(traversal) which is simply TraversalFilterStep(boolean,traversal). WhereStep is smart about TraversalParents and propagating WhereStart/EndSteps accordingly.
     new 72ce7df  recussive Where-P bindings implemented and tested. WhereStep is nearly 'done done' with all the functionality one would want.
     new 7e70e2e  match(as(a).has().has()...) match patterns are pulled out to has().has().match(...) in order to allow vendors to more easily get at the has-containers for index lookups. WhereStepStart and WhereStepEnd steps are applied more intelligently only when needed.
     new 8f2f7f4  xmatch(startKey,traversals...) and xmatch(traversals...) now both exist. In the latter, the a path computation must have the requisite as()-labels for the pattern to match.
     new ebb0fd6  fixed a Scoping optimization bug that happens in a paritcular situation of WhereStep
     new 88e204c  old changelog.
     new 0b5cb22  fixed up CHANGELOG.
     new 03289c8  a MatchStep test that fails for Neo4j --- Josh.
     new 064e48f  fixed a bug in ORing where I needed the traversal parent ID, not the step ID. Also, fixed a index lookup issue with nested AND/OR match patterns.
     new e211690  TINKERPOP3-735: Add and/or tests to verify traversals can see path
     new 2f80263  Removed MatchStep and replaced it with XMatchStep. Renamed XMatchStep, MatchStep. All the tests are passing for OLTP and OLAP except one in OLAP that makes sense why it doesnt pass, but the pattern should be caught by ComputerVerificationStrategy. Testing model in MatchTest revamped using AbstractGremlinProcessTest.checkResults() model which automagically tests Map streams.
     new e00721d  Just realized that GroovyMatchTest did not use TraversalScriptHelper. Fixed. Added an AND/OR nested traversal to MatchTest. MatchAlgorithm needed to implement Serialzable to execute on Giraph and Spark. Tested on Spark and Giraph -- all golden.
     new 94e9933  Cloning and MatchAlgorithm now work -- fixes a test that fails in OLAP when using CountMatchAlgorithm. Added a new MatchTest test that tests count().as('b') behavior.
     new f8ee5f7  Added test to confirm graphson serialization works over driver.
     new e469fab  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2ced06c  added the test cases the pulls out the HasContainer for index lookups in MatchStep.
     new 8f9e505  Giraph does a hard kill on some MatchTests in both Groovy and Java. Forgot to OPT_OUT in Java.
     new 6749c20  P.not() is default in GremlinGroovy -- not __.not().
     new ab0d2f2  damm --- there is a bug in ConjunctionStrategy... added a WhereTest that exposes it and also something fishy with that same where test in GraphComputer. Jeez.
     new cc5db92  MatchStartStep and MatchEndStep are not static inner classes as cloning() and inner classes still reference the original 'this'. Scary. To be safe, made them static as well as ComputerAwareStep.EndStep which is used by RepeatStep, BranchStep, UnionStep, etc.
     new 62ff43d  minor fix in the docs
     new 999f55f  HadoopGraph OPT_OUT bug in Giraph integration tests fixed. Added a gnarly nested match()-step test to identify and ultimately fix a bug I reailzed last night as I was falling asleep.
     new ea9b546  even smarter about ensuring that computed conjunction patterns are not repeated.
     new 71b19c4  renamed conjunctionTraversals to matchTraversals. The conjunction is specified by Conjuction.
     new 1e83f87  removed the WARNING that match() does not work in OLAP -- as now it does. Schweeeeet.
     new 555621d  Excluded Guava (v12) dependency from Giraph and therefore incuded Guava (v14) dependency from Spark.
     new 4740a0d  fixed a bug in Traversal.addStep() -- crazy fundamental. Can't believe it didn't show up until now. Added a new MatchTest that exposed the bug in addStep(). Revamped the match()-step docs showing all the good stuff available.
     new 2e3a25c  WhereSteps work natively inside MatchStep as the fabled 'predicate traversal.' MatchWhereStrategy is now called MatchPredicateStrategy and it supports the folding of where() and the pulling out of has() for index lookups. Added more information to the MatchStep docs. MatchStep is looking really really good now.
     new d5f47f0  Ensure that finalizer messages in Gremlin Server occurred after commit.
     new 0297f15  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7f1ecad  grammar tweaks to the MatchStep section of the docs.
     new d97fc05  Fix formatting in docs.
     new 577830d  Improved docs on gremlin server protocol.
     new e320b16  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d63c216  Added Pop.all. No more getSingle() and getList() -- just get(pop,label). you can also do get() which is the old semantics of singleton, list, or exception. Got PathTest out of ProcessStandardSuite as its not graph specific.
     new 6cb50ac  Gremlin driver client side serialization errors were not bubbling up. TINKERPOP3-733
     new fa96db3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 268ec15  Scoping.Variable START, END, NONE added to allow steps to reason about variable bindings. ComputerVerificationStrategy does not allow WhereSteps with START variables as they select from Path. ScopingStrategy is agnostic to the recommended scope of a Scoping.Variable NONE as it doesn't know what is being selected. Removed an Ignore from a SelectTest that is like 1 year old -- local() was replaced with map(traversal) and, just worked. Great. Added more SelectTest and Where [...]
     new 9439e75  removed bad CHANGELOG entries.
     new 19f6a7a  Update docs around serializers in gremlin driver.
     new 9181992  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1422196  small tweak to docs.
     new c416ef1  added CountMatchAlgorithm test cases. Also, bias count match ordering to where()-patterns as they are simply .hasNext() traversals.
     new b0f7e38  more MatchStep compilation tests.
     new 00b6949  more MatchStep compilation tests.
     new 242a823  SelectOneStep does not have a default IdentityTraversal as if there are no local children, it must return an empty list. Moreover, fixed a clone bug in SelectOneStep. MatchPredicateStrategy only relocates wheres() if previous selects() do not have by() modulators.
     new 1f8ff69  TINKERPOP3-619: Add SelectTest cases for 'select should not throw'
     new e7e7424  Fixed `ConjunctionStrategy`. `and()` precedes `or()`, hence `OrStep` has to be processed prio `AndStep`. Confusing? Yeah, but it works.
     new 60b8bf1  excluded another servlet-api jar file. Without the exclusion, Spark jobs fail in a distributed environment.
     new 57fb437  fixed another test that uses empty ConjunctionSteps
     new 349dc20  Adjust source NOTICE to remove some duplication with LICENSE.
     new 88a93ae  where(out('knows')) is compiled as filter(out('knows')). Will simplify MatchStep code and filter() is much more efficient than where() which has lots of overhead due to variable binding.
     new 167cd8d  where(P<String>) is now explicit in GraphTraversal and __. With where(out()) going to filter(out()), ScopingStrategy is now simpler.
     new 727afc6  MatchStep traversals MUST always have a start key unless their start step is a conjunction. This simplified MatchPredicateStrategy as there is no situation in any of our test cases or I can think of where a start-less match pattern is useful.
     new 58830d8  minor simplification to MatchStep precompilation. No need to precheck start steps.
     new 859e90c  worked on ConjunctionStrategy. allow deep nesting; added some crazy test cases
     new c20b46e  P.hashCode() is now based on P.originalValue() as it causes problems with MatchStep if not where where()-steps have dynamic P's based on bindings. Added MatchAlgorithmStrategy which allows the user to specify the MatchAlgorithm they want to use. Default is CountMatchAlgorithm for now.
     new d4e8f63  P.hashCode() is now based on P.originalValue() as it causes problems with MatchStep if not where where()-steps have dynamic P's based on bindings. Added MatchAlgorithmStrategy which allows the user to specify the MatchAlgorithm they want to use. Default is CountMatchAlgorithm for now.
     new ce8597d  MatchTest flips a coin to test either GreedyMatchAlgorithm or CountMatchAlgorithm.
     new a748204  added StartStep.isVariableStartStep() which makes testing for as('a').out()... style traversals less error prone in WhereStep, MatchStep, ConjunctionStrategy, etc. Fixed up respective steps/strategies to rely on this method now. Oh -- a 'variable start step' is one that has start==null, a single step label, and is StartStep, not an extension of it.
     new f323d28  Test MatchStep over both algorithms for all tests.
     new 7d4721c  Added support for not-patterns in MatchStep. Added test case. The pre-compilation in MatchStep is getting pretty hairy. Have one simplification I'm going to try and then call it on MatchStep. Added a not-based MatchTest.
     new 263b5fa  Scoping no longer have getVariableLocations(). Its simply a helper method in TraversalHelper as its only used in one spot. Added more MatchTests to verify nested and/or and start variables. GraphTraversal.not(traversal) not typed for cleaner looking Java code.
     new ec259a5  bumped to 3.0.0-incubating-rc1
     new 4b4ab6c  bumped back to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new dcd5171  forgot one spot in SubgraphStrategy that needed where() to be filter().
     new 7e54282  numerous cleanups to MatchStep.
     new 707ea2f  added Traversal.toStream() which turns Traversal<S,E> into a Stream<E>.
     new 5064aa8  fixed the 99% progress bar
     new 4f4c3c6  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 196beee  tweaks to CHANGELOG.
     new 2f12cf3  removed unneeded WhereStep.variables.
     new 090592c  Add note about GMavenPlus intellij plugin.
     new d183526  Finalize a member variable in the eval processor.
     new c271722  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-619-select-should-not-throw' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 1612500  Scoping.local is lenient on incoming objects that are not Maps. If the incoming object is not a Map, then assume Collections.emptyMap(). Fixed up GroovySelectTests.
     new b410bf7  Scoping.getScopedValueByKey() always requires a Pop -- there are no steps that use the non-pop'd form and for steps, its too random to not declare a pop. Thus, deleted two methods in Scoping.
     new d299f94  Split WhereStep into WhereTraversalStep and WherePredicateStep to make the internals easier to understand. Added a not(pattern) example to MatchStep documentation. Updated the publish-docs.sh to build the docs first before svn co and deleting the historic docs. Thus, any errors in doc building will be less of a stress.
     new f909e35  CountMatchAlgorithm has a nicer sorting algorithm. Updated MatchStepTest with compilation tests and CountMatchAlgorithm tests. Added a static helper method to StartStep.
     new 1707cf2  Add some javadoc.
     new 6529b52  renamed selectivity to multiplicity as @mbroecheler says I had the terminology backwards.
     new 2742944  Add some javadoc.
     new 8aaef32  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new dba50ee  added cypher vs. gremlin match() in Neo4jCypherTest.
     new 73223bf  had a cypher() bug.
     new e66c7f3  worked on Cypher queries
     new 9d33c5a  Improve reliability of failure in test.
     new e9cae36  Remove inconsistent profile timer tests.
     new cf063b3  CountMatchAlgorithm now prefers patterns where both the start and end labels exist in the traverser. It also aggressively sorts the patterns for the first 200 end recordings and then after that, every 250 records it sorts.
     new f384fa4  Removed StartStep.isVariableStartStep() for a static StartStep.isVariableStartStep. Cleans up a lot of instanceof checks.
     new b2875c8  added dedup('a','b') which currently only works with MatchStep. However, will generalize to work on paths and maps -- scoping stlye. This allows us to dedup patterns in MatchStep and thus, greatly reduce the search space if someone knows they don't want duplicates.
     new 80f3119  Renamed plugin command in Console from "deactivate" to "unuse" TINKERPOP3-742
     new 99cc824  almost fixed a Neo4j Cypher query
     new 664d530  fixed TINKERPOP3-747
     new 2b3b96c  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ce64241  Close cluster object in finally block.
     new 22efbd5  Update changelog.
     new 71be024  fixed a .profile() test
     new cb7db41  Prevented background reconnect of a connection if Cluster.close() was called. TINKERPOP3-746
     new 2c31b4d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 43690dc  DedupGlobalStep now takes labels to specify how to filter duplicates based on path history. This also folds into MatchStep via MatchPredicateStrategy for internal MatchStep deduplication. Really crazy feature.
     new 2268e64  DedupGlobalStep will not fold into MatchStep if it has a by() modulator.
     new 4e75615  DedupGlobalStep.recommendScope() passes its recommendation through to the next step while remaining global.
     new de45c65  Increased stress placed on Gremlin Server during highwater test.
     new 8b3ce57  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new acca08b  assertion values should depend on whether a certain strategy is used or not; otherwise TinkerGraphNoStrategyProcessComputerIntegrateTest will fail
     new 7a4c755  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 2bc09fc  Fixed runtime compile error in Gephi plugin.
     new 5d7c298  Fixed another bug in the Gephi plugin around new use of Optional in Traversal side-effects.
     new 491c9b4  Update changelog.
     new d16e07f  Update docs around gephi.
     new e9d503a  added a new test case for MatchStep using dedup(a,b). Added a new ComputerVerificationStrategy realization as dedup(a,b) is no bueno as the last step of a computer traversal (for now). Updated the traversal docs with a dedup() example in DedupStep and MatchStep sections.
     new 83d5f65  added a new dedup(a,b) step to DedupStep that ensures path projections are correct.
     new 7b27da5  introduced a bug into GroovyDedupTest. Sorry -- fixed.
     new 39cc7a6  AbstractStep now is the gatekeeper for determing whether a traverser is propagated to the next step -- it is NOT if its bulk == 0 or its value == null. Added two test cases to CoreTraversalTest that verify this behavior.
     new 9fcc679  had a bug in traversal docs.
     new 9437504  Add a clear option for Gephi Plugin.
     new edce37e  Update changelog.
     new 1e7842a  Update docs to include the clear option for Gephi Plugin.
     new 6d51cdc  Add integration tests for the Gephi Plugin TINKERPOP3-748
     new d3a4b56  Change scope of Host to be public in driver.
     new 7cb025a  fixed some callouts in the docs
     new 3c40916  converted static Gephi code samples in the docs into dynamic samples
     new 724f619  Use read complete future instead of polling in ResultSet.all() TINKERPOP3-734
     new 6a94788  there is no such thing as a start-key anymore in MatchStep. If you want the incoming traverser to 'start' somewhere, then the previous step needs to be labeled as such -- this is exactly what MatchStep did for you automagically before. Now the user has to be explicit.
     new 015ea49  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into resultset-refactor
     new 6b61474  Add method to get a Path in Result class.
     new 5f3f1a2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8044315  Add gets for Property and VertexProperty on Result for gremlin-driver.
     new 35122af  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into resultset-refactor
     new 62172b0  minor bash script improvement
     new 6e93765  Removed MatchStep.getStartLabel(). The only class that needed it was MatchPredicateStrategy and that just uses the MatchStep.Helper.calculateStartLabel() static method. Added more MatchPredicateStrategyTest tests to make sure the compilation is correct. Tweaks to the-traversal.asciidoc formatting.
     new bc130ff  moved XXXNeo4jTest to neo4j directory as it tests both structure and process concepts.
     new d5b70be  added more MatchPredicateStratetegyTest tests. Fixed up an old MatchTest that was failing for a known reason, but now is right.
     new ac53d5a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into resultset-refactor
     new 382ccbf  Refactored ResultSet pretty heavily.
     new 2c5474b  Renamed Transaction.create() to createThreadedTx() TINKERPOP3-749
     new 93f6c8e  Dynamically select an open port for mock gephi server.
     new 97dcbd0  updated traversal.asciidoc with P predicate not.
     new 917e386  bumped to 3.0.0-incubating-rc2
     new d1c71c2  bumped back to SNAPSHOT.
     new 413fe98  attempt to make process-docs.sh work on OSX again; talking to the bash like talking to baby
     new 18cd7bc  made OSX even happier
     new b2f127e  Bump to version of gprof that supports groovy 2.4.x
     new 87e4e77  Allow script to be passes to profiler utility.
     new a1c8972  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into resultset-refactor
     new 26ba949  Make the "too slow" threshold configurable in the profiler.
     new c33468c  Add serializer option to profiler for driver.
     new f65e6ca  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into resultset-refactor
     new c79d7f7  Used wrong representation of the Serializers enum for a default.
     new 9f18cd4  need to commit transactions on success
     new c0d467f  Scoping no longer requires a specified Scope.local or Scope.global. The pattern for getting scoped variables is -- check sideEffects, check local map, check global path. This greatly reduces the complexitity of the code and removes the need for users to ever have to specify a Scope enum for where(), select(), addE(), etc.
     new 650d2e4  update CHANGELOG.
     new f8ad2a4  Enable transaction test to Gremlin Server with neo4j
     new f95b988  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3c0090a  Update changelog.
     new c49b406  Update README.
     new e77b62b  Move neo4j test assumption to base integration tests class.
     new b3afb85  Add test for sessionless execution over a transactional graph.
     new 1736876  Clean up imports.
     new 28f97d5  Enabled neo4j on a transaction test - wasn't enabled previously.
     new b05151c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-755' of https://github.com/pluradj/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 75ae7bd  Add test for REST of transactional graph.
     new cd334a0  renamed getOptionalScopeValue() to getNullableScopeValue() as its an internal method an no need to return Optional as its just 'yet more objects.'
     new dd91d94  fixed up the hashCode() definitions to be like how @dkuppitz does them.
     new 2a0ddfb  removed 2 assertions in ProfileTest as suggested by @rjbriody
     new 7a945cf0 Adjusted the highwater test again in trying to get it pass consistently.
     new 8c658ce  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b9111c8  when an exception occurs in Console, set the tempIterator to Collections.emptyIterator(). This makes it so only one :clear is ever needed.
     new fe61a67  CHANGELOG update.
     new 99e0920  Add maxWaitForConnection as a configuration option.
     new f6a1a7d  select() is no longer allowed. The user must specify the keys they are select()ing. This is good for many reasons -- 1) we know if select() requires path calculations, 2) we know the order in which the by() projects will be applied, 3) this simplifies the internal code of SelectStep.
     new 28aa61c  fixed a select() reference in the-graph.asciidoc.
     new a6b969d  caching the selectKeys in SelectStep for getScopeKeys().
     new 0600935  fixed up old diagrams. fixed a bug in the step-types diagram as realized by @dkuppitz.
     new b27be30  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/resultset-refactor'
     new 5ebc367  Update changelog.
     new 0a1861d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2452a8c  JavaDoc JavaDoc JavaDoc -- so tedious.
     new b5186e2  added MapKeysStep and MapValuesStep to split apart the keys or values of a Map respectively.
     new 626ed80  had a bad clone() implementation in OrderGlobalStep and TraversalComparator.
     new 4624d13  cleaning up parameter names to be consistent with key, propertyKey, label, edgeLabel, etc. conventions.
     new 73cf528  added a TinkerGraphStepStrategyTest to ensure that HasContainers are folded correctly.
     new e04617c  lots of little nick nack cleanups and organizations. really really happy with TP3 GA --- its 'done.'
     new 8821d8e  added a test to verify that profile() works with match(). Total hack in MatchStep.getEndLabel() :|.
     new a438763  fixed the Traversal typing in the ProfileTest tests.
     new 804f245  Print the test names to console during integration tests runs of gremlin server.
     new d49a417  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ad1725f  fixed a bad test name in DedupTest.
     new 4b8f110  fixed up the hashCode() of MatchStep.
     new 2ceef61  minor tweak to MatchStep. No biggie.
     new ac429c7  added tests for mapKeys() and mapValues()
     new 6764703  added documentation for MapKeysStep and MapValuesStep
     new 3a58084  fixed some AsciiDocs issues
     new da7d551  Add an assumption for the highwatermark test to explicitly run it.
     new b022cea  Add unit tests for ResultQueue.
     new 7a84803  More ResultQueue tests.
     new d648c59  More ResultQueue tests.
     new a0f9db1  added MapKeysTest and MapValuesTest to ProcessComputerSuite.
     new a3f4c1f  Add a timeout to one of the integration tests.
     new 2dba17f  Drop some unused member variables from ResultSet.
     new 8317b3b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 34f45d4  Add some temporary logging to a test that keeps failing in a different environment.
     new 0f316c8  Add test for Tokens in gremlin-driver.
     new f8a4043  correct Gremlin's test answers in gremlin-edumacated.png. Added gremlin-lab-coat as the header image for Grelmin Applications section.
     new 3673797  More tests and refactoring around ResultSet.
     new ec39453  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 9786e97  Properly catch TimeoutException in integration test.
     new 8b8437c7 Add a new image for transaction content.
     new d68c09b  Add more content around transactions.
     new 5f099de  Fixed up spelling mistakes and added links to intro docs.
     new 8ffa8b4  Update the-graph doc with grammar/spelling.
     new 829def3  Add a tip about IO in docs.
     new 2f876ee  Grammar and other cleanup in the-traversal docs.
     new e551118  Spelling and grammar fixes is in gremlin-applications doc.
     new 896cdfa  Update README to include zookeeper as a requirement for generating docs.
     new fbbd35f  minor tweaks for the docs processing / publishing
     new 38ae135  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 2d207cb  fixed Aggregate Step samples
     new 02ffa41  verify that sideEffect keys are not null
     new 7e97221  fixed another bug in the docs
     new 96dab76  stop publishing if preprocessing failed
     new 6cdea4a  Fixed a problem with result iteration in the driver.
     new dd4e954  doc updates.
     new a8be95d  fixed a bug in branch-lambda png. tweaks to mathematical representation of branch().
     new c43cfe1  Script evaluation timeouts no longer apply to standalone functions.
     new e852e10  Changed log level for script timeout to WARN.
     new 445fecc  GremlinExecutor catches Throwable instead of Exception.
     new 53ffc51  Remove the fail() on TimeoutException in integration tests.
     new ec6a801  doc updates on TraversalStrategies.
     new 6ea202c  fixed a bug in AddVertexStep.
     new fc82593  Refactoring GremlinGroovyScriptEngine constructor.
     new be0c197  Add another test to validate that script interruption is working as expected.
     new 46fc989  Added interruptionTimeout custom config to ScriptEngines.
     new 0e1c86b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into variables-id
     new 569ef03  Fix compile errors after merge.
     new ce9d090  Update javadoc.
     new e41b52c  Change scope of ManagedConcurrentValueMap.
     new 8b4f3df  Update javadoc.
     new f19a65f  Ensure that import/security compilation providers are removed.
     new 47c0fa3  Rename CompilationCustomizerProvider method from get to create.
     new 3df735b  Apply remaining custom CompilationCustomizers to GremlinGroovyScriptEngine
     new c10d6fe  allow CountLocalStep to calculate path lengths / count path objects
     new 8d26e79  ProfileStep hack for WhereTraversalStep...
     new 95b6eb8  Created a TimedInterruptCustomizerProvider.
     new 2a319f0  Add a ThreadInterruptCustomizerProvider.
     new 17ed3ce  Minor code cleanup - optimize imports.
     new 3779682  Both TimedInterrupt and ThreadInterrupt compiler customizers are configurable.
     new 44d8f37  Add a TypeCheckedCompilerCustomizerProvider.
     new 6b8628b  Pull ThreadInterrupt compiler provider tests to their own case.
     new 9149c20  Pulled out TimedInterrupt compiler provider tests to their own case
     new 8665a0f  Add CompileStatic compiler customizer provider.
     new f933308  Add test for multiple extensions on TypeChecking
     new 6252cfa  Fixed a bug in how typecheck extensions were registering.
     new c47426d  Add a SandboxExtension.
     new 2be50cd  Tinkerop 3.0.0-incubating release
     new 41213c8  tweaked the process-docs cleanup (it now restores the previously used plugins.txt)
     new 4d6a300  TinkerPop 3.0.0-incubating release
     new 927b5ef  Break out sandboxed scriptengine tests to their own case.
     new e598829  More tests for sandboxing the GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new 6af00c6  Lay some foundations for method whitelisting in the sandbox.
     new 2af2c3d  Add more tests for variable filtering in GremlinGroovyScriptEngine sandbox.
     new 84701fa  Implement a basic TinkerPop sandbox implementation and add tests.
     new 3173d9e  Removed groovy-sandbox dependency.
     new 69e39ee  Add sandboxing checks for groovy properties.
     new be3aa54  we are now at 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT. Crazy.
     new 1a3a32d  Add some javadoc to the SandboxExtension.
     new 9f28020  Javadoc warns/errors on "successful" generation no longer occur.
     new fa994d3  Rename "reserved" property keys in tests.
     new 8ca05b2  More adjustments to pom around javadoc generation.
     new 3f5405a  Bump to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT.
     new 712c7b3  A bit more pom.xml cleanup to centralize version definitions.
     new d5466aa8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-javadoc-errors' into tp30-javadoc-fix
     new 3c45b7d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp3-610' into tp30-610
     new 12eb58b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/compiler-customizer' into tp30-582
     new 6db0ff1  minor fix in IdentityRemovalStrategy
     new c149ff6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new ff5584a  Changed parameters of GremlinExecutor timeout test a bit.
     new 248393d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 2c48042  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 53c7cd9  Fixed incorrect spelling of "changelog" - jeez
     new 35af2a1  Merge branch 'tp30-javadoc-fix' into tp30
     new 02c2af2  Update changelog to include version 3.0.1
     new 67d62fc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30-610' into tp30
     new 746d0f0  Update changelog.
     new 4a92027  Update README with respect to issue tracker conventions.
     new 7f143f0  Provided a way for graphs to opt out of specific engine executions of a test.
     new 99e89be  Update docs around the new OptOut options.
     new cacba0d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30-582' into tp30
     new 2cf9f5e  Update changelog.
     new 312ef25  Update changelog.
     new 97a67ed  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new f211a28  Add driver support for SASL authentication against server
     new 930edc0  Add the basics of server-side sasl support.
     new f85f1bb  Update LICENSE/NOTICE to reflect removal of groovy-sandbox from dependencies in pom.xml.
     new bb1b8d8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into auth
     new 76c2b95  Merge branch 'driver_auth' of https://github.com/mike-tr-adamson/incubator-tinkerpop into auth
     new b0136f3  Add integration tests for authentication on Gremlin Server.
     new 3560bd5  fixed a shell script bug in the release process.
     new 03ad14e  added a the Gremlin 3.1.0 logo.
     new d4b8af8  added a the Gremlin 3.1.0 logo.
     new e73767f  added a the Gremlin 3.1.0 logo.
     new c2aa7ae  added a the Gremlin 3.1.0 logo.
     new a800c48  fixed logo width.
     new df72b67  More tests and javadoc around gremlin server/driver authentication.
     new e4c44af  Update changelog.
     new d95ad49  Change how SimpleAuthenticator is configured for the credential graph.
     new 838ac54  Some initial docs about security of Gremlin Server.
     new f2f69b3  allow Map.Entry's to flow through mapKeys() and mapValues()
     new 06029aa  Support transactions in CredentialsGraph DSL.
     new e199955  Add some logging about authentication intialization.
     new 33521af  Add a user count function to the CredentialGraph DSL.
     new aa13ea5  Add a "secure" sample config for gremlin-server.
     new b06a98a  Pass through username/password and ssl from config file to Cluster builder.
     new 96d3586  made Path play well with "local" steps
     new ad5f058  Updated Path and Traverser API. There is no more Path.addLabel(). Its now Path.extend(Set<String>). Next, you no longer do traverer.path().addLabel().. you do, traverser.addLabels(Set<String>). There is a bug in ImmutablePath and MutablePath caused by mutating the current head labels. This update does not effect users, only step designers that leverage path data in Traverser. For us, only MatchStep was effected and the change was basic.
     new 642563a  updated CHANGELOG
     new 2a14321  updated CHANGELOG.
     new e5cbf76  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 6248cbf  Add a "quick start" section to gremlin server security.
     new a2a2ff1  Add some tests around SSL.
     new c1728b8  Better handling of SaslException in the remote acceptor.
     new b9e2d43  Add a "secure" remote config as a counterpart to the "secure" gremlin server example file.
     new 10792dc  Write up docs for the Credentials DSL.
     new 221c772  Move the Credentials DSL to gremlin-groovy.
     new 5463492  TraverserRequirement.LABELED_PATH implement and working nicely for OLTP. I think there is a theoretical reason why it won't work nicely in OLAP -- aggregation is at the vertex, not global. I'm not confident about this but for now, I have ComputerEngine excluded for the CountTest that verifies that the LABELED_PATH is efficient. Will work more on it later -- burnt out.
     new 8e5342e  wow. that was a 5 hour bug hole. The problem was RepeatStep in GraphComputer shouldn't set the step label until after the computation is complete. This goes for all ComputerAwareSteps. This has been generally fixed for RepeatStep, BranchStep, and MatchStep.... crazy crazy. However, now OLAP TraverserRequiement.PATH_LABELS is SUPER fast. WAY faster than OLTP. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
     new 28c616c  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 4919584  Update changelog.
     new b5b6ac5  added a test case for repeat(..).as('a') to ensure that LABELED_PATH works correctly.
     new d2d285e  Add some javadoc to StarGraph.
     new d747d0a  Fix bug that prevented null binding values being passed to the ScriptEngine.
     new 946a348  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new e882ee2  Override for MutablePath.iterator(). Will do ImmutablePath.iterator() once I do private getTail() as that will be super efficient and useful elsewhere.
     new 4a84bcf  fixed DedupBijectionStrategy (TINKERPOP3-774)
     new 51d8304  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 36563fd  CountLocalStep and TailLocalStep are smart about getting the .size() of a Map, Collection, and Path (i.e. no assuming it Iterable and iterating it to get the count()).
     new 145530b  Now that Path implements Iterable Gremlin Server iterates it out.
     new 1a6d73e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8502ebe  ensured the sibling splits() on path-based traversers clone() the path. this doesn't show up as a bug anywhere (and in fact is hard to create a bug because any map/flatMap will yield a child split() which does clone). However, to be logically consistent especially as we go down the road of droping paths (for as()-optimizations), I added split() path.clone().
     new 9b9f8a3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into auth
     new b583fb9  Promote authenticate() to the Authenticator interface.
     new a686fda  Add HTTP Basic authentication to REST based requests.
     new f020abb  Add the Credentials Plugin to the plugins section.
     new 8db9810  Add some javadoc to the authentication classes in gremlin server.
     new d2cc86e  Centralize some commonly used strings.
     new 6ff68b2  Update docs around Gremlin Server security.
     new 4a43315  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new f442961  Update changelog.
     new 8fff2ec  Add some javadoc.
     new bc349e9  Added wrapper option for GraphSON adjacency lists.
     new ba236ce  Update changelog.
     new e8216ec  Update docs for gremlin server driver development.
     new 57d1a2b  added a dedup test that failed prior the latest DedupBijectionStrategy fix
     new 95dec7f  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 2580718  replaced DedupBijectionStrategy with FilterRankingStrategy
     new 7525b57  Add some developer docs on driver development for authentication.
     new 9153c8a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 30c2f0a  Refactoring of the gephi plugin.
     new 746b266  Use barrier() instead of fold().unfold() in Gephi strategy.
     new 50c2690  Add test for clear operation on gephi plugin.
     new 9d5826d  TINKERPOP3-778 Added @GraphFactoryClass annotation to support locating a factory class when constructing a graph via GraphFactory.
     new 20107dc  Provide a way to visualize a path in gephi.
     new 443e8af  Minor code changes in GraphFactory.
     new d0d9b80  Update changelog.
     new 6913fb3  Better process the Accept header in Gremlin Server for REST.
     new 08f364d  Update changelog.
     new 278743f  Gremlin Server REST route ignores request for favicon.
     new 9f80437  Fixed bug in eventing for AddPropertyStep.
     new 67ba5e2  Fix typo in javadoc
     new de10f55  TINKERPOP3-782: Add repro for map(Traversal) not preserving path
     new c9c9dc2  TINKERPOP3-782: Add repro for flatMap(Traversal) not preserving path (new FlatMapTest suite)
     new e7a5dd5  TINKERPOP3-782: Implement getRequirements for TraversalMapStep/TraversalFlatMapStep
     new 1891d98  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 558bdad  Used aggregate() instead of fold()/unfold() for the GephiTraversalVisualizationStrategy.
     new a5f29bf  Drop a todo that is no longer necessary.
     new 329fa96  Added filter() visualization for traversals in Gephi.
     new 2ea1626  Update docs around Gephi plugin.
     new b6b147d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gephi'
     new d62078b  Fix some broken tests in the gephi plugin.
     new 0ac40bb  added --dryRun option for process-docs.sh
     new 25b1915  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 7d68598  added --dryRun option for process-docs.sh
     new 6932c29  fixed syntax error in gremlin-applications.asciidoc
     new 8f38d5c  Update readme.
     new 513c8d2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 391bc7c  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8629e5e  Update changelog.
     new fc71c95  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new d860343  Update docs for neo4j to include the necessary neo4j-tinkerpop-api-impl dependency.
     new 6503394  Merge branch 'fixVariablesTypo' of https://github.com/BrynCooke/incubator-tinkerpop into tp30
     new 3d67600  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 4bf5fba  Update changelog with gephi work.
     new 1466d21  Moved around CompilerCustomizerProvider instances.
     new c362669  Moved the sandbox classes into new packaging to be consistent with CompilerCustomizerProvider
     new 0c0aa35  Added a basic implemenation of the SandboxExtension to ship with Gremlin Server.
     new f0ddc36  Docs on Script Execution security in Gremlin Server.
     new 509aca7  minor fix for mapKeys() and mapValues()
     new 8b48e41  The "secure" config now include CompileStaticCompilerCustomizerProvider
     new 97a9d00  Update all the sample init scripts to return Map.
     new a05a444  Update docs for new method of handling global bindings in init scripts.
     new 59735db  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 7286a90  Removed bindings promotion from GremlinExecutor.
     new 4cb2463  Deprecate GremlinExecutor.promoteBindings() method.
     new 0daa69b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new bcdd45b  Gremlin Server was not failing nicely on port conflicts.
     new 2f05fdc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 4719605  Remove note about a feature that was removed after deprecation in Gremlin Server.
     new 46e5144  Add a way to generate IoRegistry instance in GryoPool from static instance.
     new 31aeb13  Fix broken link.
     new d33fb15  Mapper.Builder now supports the addition of multiple IoRegistry objects.
     new 792103d  Improved the display of Path in Gephi.
     new d384111  Fix link to Ogre.
     new 58b699e  Update javadocs around transactions and Graph.close()
     new 1ba7723  Update javadoc.
     new 1359dc8  Update javadoc around transactions/close behavor.
     new 2be03c0  Add "For Committers" documentation
     new 7e4c80d  Alter semantics of Transaction.close() in relation to Graph.close().
     new 5311329  Add a session test for ensuring results return in order.
     new 3c6df3c  Update changelog.
     new acbe9b1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new d63d4c5  implemented LoopsStep
     new 1123208  TinkerGraph can now be serialized to Gryo natively through the mapper.
     new 417a87a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new eaaba8c  Revert "implemented LoopsStep"
     new 0bb1136  implemented LoopsStep
     new 2879463  TINKERPOP3-782 #comment Fixed up TraversalXXXStep with respect to requirements of local children.
     new 2273335  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 00be574  fixed bug in IncidentToAdjacentStrategy
     new eeb55da  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 856daac  trivial patch to add extra feature requirement on EdgeTest.shouldGetPropertyKeysOnEdge().
     new 37acf6b  tweak to remove edge test  -- remove property requirement.
     new ad66524  added a new groupCount() test (one that fails in Spark)
     new b0bf744  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 21b1ef7  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-791-committer-doc' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop into tp30
     new 005c0e5  Some adjustments to "contributing".
     new dec75e5  Mention the breaking label for jira in release notes.
     new c4c44eb  Update release process regarding changelog.
     new ca1c529  Moved "issue tracker conventions" to CONTRIBUTING.
     new ab064f4  Mention policy on code style.
     new 71a50db  Add separate RELEASE file.
     new 5453b2d  Moved IDE setup to contributing.
     new da57f39  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new f4eb36e  Removed issue tracker conventions and release process.
     new ce5680e  Fix formatting in changelog.
     new 477d58a  Update changelog.
     new f94c36c  Deprecate Transaction.close() and related methods/enum.
     new 089c0f7  Apply windows path cleanup to all copied paths in DependencyGrabber.
     new e4352a4  Included a Gremlin Server sample config for Neo4j.
     new 5aba975  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new ca2d112  Add warning to docs about serializability of Gremlin Server results.
     new e17235b  Update javadoc on ResultSet.
     new 35b4b91  Update javadoc on Result.
     new ba1cdf3  Update javadoc on Compare.
     new bccac41  Add javadoc and tests for Contains.
     new 50f7eb4  Update javadoc on Direction.
     new 6e750f4  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-760'
     new 197036c  Clean up javadoc a bit in strategies.
     new a13706f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 9af6120  Removed DedupBijectionStrategy again - came in accidentally after merge from tp30.
     new 4ad7c32  minor fix in Gephi integration test
     new 6935322  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 86402ab  Removed gephi viz of ALL filters.
     new 46688dd  Don't re-copy files for gremlin-server.sh -i
     new 45023be  Provide a strict parsing option for GraphMLReader.
     new 2e8d052  Remove deprecation from Transaction.close() related methods/enums.
     new fa95c41  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 54b114b  Enforced rollback as default on Transaction.close(). TINKERPOP3-805
     new 3c9356e  Decomposed AbstractTransaction around listener implementations.
     new b636096  Remove plus sign from output of describeGraph.
     new 4985810  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new d597a3c  Add FastClasspathScanner and create describeSteps utility method.
     new bb921ff  Remove groovy-sandbox from console binary notice.
     new 97d708e  Remove the groovy-sandbox from gremlin server NOTICE.
     new cc84b12  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 57bf98c  Added FastClasspathScanner to NOTICE/LICENSE.
     new 54dcfc9  Add describeSteps() method to docs.
     new 7cbcaf3  Add a test to validate that void result returns no values over remote.
     new 64900f0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 5164f48  Remove describeSteps()
     new 0efd266  Remove classpathscanner dependency - not needed with describeSteps() gone.
     new 462fe0a  Unified dependency grabbing for both console and server.
     new dff781b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 8a6db7d  Update javadoc.
     new 8ab99e6  Cleanup imports.
     new 5401e94  Minor refactoring of ScriptEngines class.
     new 1903d25  Added back one of the three removed constructors to GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new ee6b17e  Fixed typo in Gremlin Server cache management docs.
     new 8081640  Added some javadoc to GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new 3a9e198  More javadoc on GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
     new 6f85dd8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new f062c92  Make the GremlinGroovyClassLoader have package level scope.
     new 4d032c2  Added some javadoc for ScriptExecutor.
     new 1df2012  Added docs on the ScriptExecutor.
     new 649442c  Update javadocs for plugin infrastructure.
     new 7a9b075  Add new feature: GraphFeature.supportsConcurrentAccess().
     new f91b21b  Update javadoc on IoCore
     new 048fcdc  implemented BulkLoaderVertexProgram and 2 default BulkLoader implementations
     new 7c50e73  minor code cleanup
     new 5efd404  Clarify javadoc around element id features.
     new 52ba134  TINKERPOP3-797 #close A typecast to List should have been a typecast to Collection. Fixed. Added an OrderTest to that validates the fix over Modern.
     new 85fb4f4  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 1464db9  made BulkLoaderVertexProgram package available in Console sessions
     new 08b57f8  fixed configuration issue
     new b9293bb  TINKERPOP3-808 #close Added TraversalComparator.getComparator() as a public method so vendor strategies can access that information as needed.
     new 1b5c0e6  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 8b7f2b9  close Graph instance in case the initialization failed
     new 722948e  Gremlin now supports g.V([1,2,3]) -- i.e. a single id argument that is a Collection of either ids or elements. TINKERPOP3-803 #close.
     new d5e5466  a much cleaner implementation of g.V([1,2,3]) for OLAP where [v1,v2,..] are converted to [1,2,...] prior to submission to the cluster so you don't serialize elements.
     new 04551b9  a much cleaner implementation of g.V([1,2,3]) for OLAP where [v1,v2,..] are converted to [1,2,...] prior to submission to the cluster so you don't serialize elements.
     new e3bfeec  rollback transactions in case of an error
     new f647865  TINKERPOP3-792 #close. SelectOneStep and SelectStep are no longer treated as special by MatchStartStep. However, WhereTraversalStep and WherePredicateStep are.
     new c985fac  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new bcf9153  Reintroduced LoopTraversal for times(x) queries. Way more efficient than @dkuppitz change ofto loops().is(gt(x)). In general -- AbstractLambdaTraversals are used for efficient static calls --- making and executing a 'real traversal' for in such situations is too expensive.
     new 25063bb  Update javadoc.
     new e21f283  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into tp30
     new 6902e68  Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into tp30"
     new 6a0c744  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 04c7d07  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new ae64495  Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into tp30""
     new 2d90115  Moved authentication attribute keys to StateKey.
     new 6ffcca3  first push on mutating steps with traversal parameterization.
     new 95ff755  Added tests for passing any Vertex/Edge to Graph.vertices/edges.
     new f314fe6  New mutation model that is backwards compatible (though Deprecation) with old mutation model.
     new 085cd16  simplifications of Parameters and their usage in the AddXXXSteps. Man, this new model really simplified things even though, paradoxically, its provides more complex behavior.
     new 0d0ba7b  add GraphTraversalSource.inject().
     new cf088c4  tweaked configuration handling in BLVP
     new 7beb369  fixed a bug with meta-properties and property(). Added more test cases. Updated the docs with the new model. Some cool examples added.
     new e51a107  Merge branch 'mutating_traverser'
     new 8d97581  updated CHANGELOG with latest AddXXXStep work.
     new 2168a4a  tweaked the AddEdge section of the docs.
     new d848ab7  Added sack(bifunction).by(). Deprecated sack(bioperator,string). This new model is more general and requires one less step. TINKERPOP3-802 #ref
     new b7000b2  TINKERPOP3-802 #close --- Operator.assign now exists to allow for hard sets of sack.
     new 784d657  added Path.popEquals(pop,other) as a way to test path equality based on labeled pops. This is useful for TraverserRequirement.LABELED_PATH and ensuring that there is a higher probability of bulking. I need to add a MAX_POP requirement so that the total pop of a traversal can be specified (typically Pop.last is what is used).
     new 1a68f6f  Fixed bugs in NIO protocol for Gremlin Server.
     new 7f8495c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new eea0838  simplified AddPropertyStep where Vertex typecast can be assumed from either cardinality or vertex meta properties. TINKERPOP3-783 and TINKERPOP3-333 #references
     new 13fa2fe  Fix spelling mistake
     new 1455461  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new f44e75b  This closes #85
     new abb9a73  cleaned up the BLVP configuration system and added a new configuration option to support intermediate commits (experimental)
     new 99a85ae  removed unnecessary code to make BLVP thread safe
     new a20d060  Renamed ComputerVerifcationStrategy to VerificationStrategy and all VerificationStrategies use it. Added StandardVerificationStrategy which ensures that certain traversal patterns are not allowed. The first up -- a reducing barrier step inside of repeat(). TINKERPOP3-780
     new 3b6e525  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 4978e33  fixed and optimized IncrementalBulkLoader
     new 728ca2f  Some general implementation for VertexProperty support in PartitionStrategy.
     new 9e3a257  Cleanup non-standard (but correct) Apache headers.
     new d74fc5d  Add better support for PartitionStrategy on VertexProperty.
     new eea7612  Made the lambda for type checking in PartitionStrategy a concrete class.
     new c765591  Add some javadoc to PartitionStrategy.
     new 92eeafc  Update javadoc for PartitionStrategy Builder.
     new 9f467c4  Big cleanup after testing failure scenarios.
     new 9cc985d  Renamed DefaultBulkLoader to IncrementalBulkLoader as requested by @okram.
     new 9ec8c96  tweaked the commit logs (added a counter for processed elements per iteration per thread)
     new e5d5192  added a few unit tests for BulkLoaderVertexProgram and IncrementalBulkLoader
     new 321f5cc  Worked in propertyMap and valueMap steps to PartitionStrategy.
     new b1191e7  tweaked BLVP configuration
     new 2ce4576  Hide partition key in traversal output where possible.
     new e191717  TINKERPOP3-750: Test large number comparison
     new 378dd6c  TINKERPOP3-750: Fix bug in Compare for BigInteger/BigDecimal by converting Number to BigDecimal
     new 969045e  added LambdaCollectingBarrierStep which generalizes NoOpBarrierStep. Users can pass a Consumer<TraverserSet>. NoOpBarrierStep is simply do nothing -- noOp. However, we now have normSack which is for normalizing sack values to ensure furcating energy is supported in Gremlin. Fixed a severe bug I introduced recently around reducing barrier steps and repeat().
     new 0ee8364  fixed a bug in StandardVerificationStrategy.
     new 03be9f2  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 0a11ae1  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-750-Compare-Number-as-BigDecimal' of https://github.com/RedSeal-co/incubator-tinkerpop into tp30
     new 2ffde6c  CHANGELOG update and JavaDoc fixes for @mhfrantz Compare BigDecimal fix.
     new d730fe6  merge tp30.
     new 19923ff  added RepeatTests around until(barrier).
     new 12de515  fix for RepeatTest. Sorry, I got my branches all mixed up. This is basically me fixing things.
     new 2253c67  fix for RepeatTest. Sorry, I got my branches all mixed up. This is basically me fixing things.
     new 9546e44  again some BLVP configuration tweaking as requested by @okram
     new f9ac298  extended BulkLoaderVertexProgram's toString() output; included all configuration properties except the writeGraph
     new 0c826bb  Removed an "optimization" that caused TINKERPOP3-822
     new f0992f2  Merge branch 'blvp' into tp30
     new c6883f9  new merge work
     new 18adacd  added tinkergraph-gremlin dependency (scope: test) to hadoop-gremlin in order to be able to execute BLVP tests properly
     new be8522b  Parameters deals with multi-properties -- which is really only useful for AddVertexStep. Found a couple other problems with Parameters that didn't rear their head with the test cases we had. Added more test cases. TINKERPOP3-823 #close.
     new b3d7098  Merge branch 'master' into new_merge
     new 60239ff  Added Sack merge binary operator. This is a breaking change as a method signature has changed. Note that this breaking change is for language vendors, NOT for users. TINKERPOP-796 #close.
     new f48ad19  added a note for @dkuppitz about this weird hashCode() failure.
     new 167e419  disallow vertices/edges for GraphStartStep in computer mode
     new 97fbdfa  there is a meta-property test case in AddVertexTest that needed to have FeatureRequirement be meta-property. Neo4j without meta properties failed cause of it.
     new 64a6436  Update release process a bit and cover release candidates.
     new 8e71d2e  Update changelog with JIRA tickets for 3.0.1.
     new 65d60f9  Fix broken image in changelog.
     new 688ebc6  TinkerPop 3.0.1-incubating release
     new bb78a64  fixed hashCode calculation for AddPropertyStep
     new 04ba481  Removed blvp reference from changelog.
     new bce3e8b  OrderTest updated to not do an iffy situation where there is no solid defined contract on the behavior of in Map serialized vertices.
     new 5a38139  Updates to binary LICENSE/NOTICE.
     new 9fd5129  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 016694d  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 7642fcb  GraphComputer will convert any Vertex or Edge ids to their id Object prior to submission to GraphComputer (OLAP). @dkuppitz -- this is the 'backmerge' thing.
     new aca507b  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 51eb806  bumped to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT.
     new a20860b  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 847642e  removed bump.sh and updated RELEASE asciidoc. @dalaro provided new model based mvn:version. Thanks.
     new 0977a25  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 93bc0a8  fixed the extra-whitespace problem in the AsciiDoc preprocessor that occured with too small terminal window dimensions
     new 04f5651  Spark is now isolated into spark-gremlin package. Tests are passing. A few hacks here and there just to get things building. However, it was pretty easy to split apart -- which is pomising.
     new 023ba47  Got Hadoop-Gremlin working again. Pulling out Spark was a disaster as it seems (crazy enough) that Spark was providing jars Giraph needed. I had to manually add http-commons... it wasnt in either hadoop-core or Giraph. Weird.
     new bddc44b  clean up in aisle 88 for Pair on GryoMapper.
     new 718dd63  Merge branch 'master' into hadoop_split
     new b2132b1  more work trying to get hadoop_split dependencies working. this is a nest to say the least.
     new 27322ab  Update javadoc.
     new 7351675  Added more javadoc.
     new 8881caf  Improve gremlin driver tests.
     new b6784d9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 187ea93  Changed groovy tests which were using string concatenation instead of bindings.
     new ac56b30  pulled out giraph-gremlin from hadoop-gremlin. HadoopGremlin builds nicely. Giraph too. Spark is still causing problems.
     new 1303acf  Spark, Giraph, and Hadoop are now all split up and don't have such crazy pom.xml dependency issues. Still need to find the minimum exclusions needed for Spark and then will convert to Spark 1.4.1.
     new e643006  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 0dd8e18  Add filter to remove partitionKey from property/valueMap.
     new 9be5313  Drop duplicate asserts in PartitionStrategyProcessTest.
     new c3de6f8  Add asserts for partitionKey hiding on properties()/values()
     new 8de580e  Spark 1.4.1 working with TP3 (Spark's dependency scene is a mess).
     new efe085d  assembly files added and pom.xmls cleaned up.
     new 781a466  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-333
     new d86b285  Delete some debugging code from PartitionStrategy tests.
     new ffb42a1  More organization of Hadoop split. Note that Giraph OPT_OUTs are no longer needed. Suspect some jar conflict was causing the hard thread stop previously. Now that Giraph is isolated, tests just pass.
     new 65d5a61  HadoopProvider fix.
     new 9aad7b2  Improve support around cardinality on calls to GraphTraversal.property()
     new 2737a69  Update docs around PartitionStrategy to reflect support of VertexProperty.
     new 266d70d  Update release docs with JIRA admin tasks.
     new d3a60a6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new b9ee1c0  Add information about deprecation to CONTRIBUTING.
     new 11da459  Improved deprecation example to be more generic.
     new dd6bcfb  More about deprecation.
     new d1bbb48  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new a4928c0  More on contributing.
     new 1a352f7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 00cb9f5  Make see javadoc example in deprecation more generic.
     new 83cea6d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 8986156  Deprecated Element.Exceptions.elementAlreadyRemoved given TINKERPOP3-297
     new d33a849  bumped to Spark 1.5.0 and fixed a couple random issues in the test suite.
     new 00963d1  fixed self-conflict issues in Apache Spark (again).
     new 90b28a1  Got the Giraph/Spark plugins working. We have an issue where Jackson needs to be shaded. We also can make it so Giraph/Spark can be used in the same console session -- just need GIRAPH_JARS and SPARK_JARS to be different environmental variables. Will merge master/ and work from there --- as well as update asciidocs.
     new 31ec85a  updated CHANGELOG.
     new ef4f25d  Tests that asserted multiple traversals have been split to multiple tests.
     new d10ef86  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1039ae8  stubbed some docs on Spark/Giraph stuff. Need to work with @dkuppitz tomorrow on how this will work with the doc processor. Logger tweaks.
     new e6d7c3f  Ignored test that won't pass on GraphComputer.
     new 81b5adf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d2f59fa  Shaded jackson dependencies.
     new c148f5f  Updates to LICENSE/NOTICE based on shading.
     new 9475e59  Removed unused log4j.properties file from console.
     new 1d59019  Reorganize methods in TraversalHelper.
     new 5cbcdbd  Fixed a bug in a HasTest -- doesn't work for GremlinGroovy (for some reason). @IgnoreEngine for now.
     new f3f6d8a  Added some extra OptOuts to HadoopGraph for "slow" tests.
     new 1f6bfcf  Add some javadoc and tests around TraversalHelper.
     new 4b32fe2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a384d55  Support for Apache Hadoop 2.7.1, Apache Spark 1.5.0, and Apache Giraph 1.1.0. Still some cleanup work to do, but this is the big kahunna for shurzies.
     new d28ef78  Renamed GiraphComputeVertex to GiraphVertex as Giraph 1.1.0 makes a distinction between Computation and Vertex. Fixed the sort bug in Giraph (sorta hacky fix----need to learn more about Hadoop2 and reduce sorting). Fixed some directory structure issues with Spark and Giraph (again, Hadoop2 HDFS has weird schema model).
     new e87f21f  lots of pom.xml work on dependencies in the Hadoop,Giraph,Spark playground. Updatd preprocess.sh to support Hadoop2. Updated install-plugins to support the fact that there are now two plugins (spark and giraph). Updated the docs with new information about thow Hadoop OLAP works. Bam-a-lam-a-lam.
     new ac40a66  Updates to javadocs.
     new adc8c05  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new ac2e443  Add version to top of docs.
     new be50d24  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new a93e220  Fix problems with ElementIdStrategy after changes to Mutating.
     new 8874ca6  More tests for Parameters.
     new e34fc1a  More tests for Parameters.
     new a03151a  tweaks to preprocess-file.sh, updates to Hadoop sections of docs, fixed an awkwardness with System.getenv when you deploy via a standalone uber jar.
     new 86446c0  minor stty fix
     new 3529aac  removed an old note.
     new b7fe831  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 6a333d7  Added bufferSize configuration option to gryo serialization.
     new 86768e4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 275b010  HadoopGraph by itself wouldn't work because of the servlet-api jar. decided to force Hadoop2 to use servlet-api-3. All is good in the hood.
     new 2aefc46  fixed a Snappy Java dependency issue in Spark.
     new 39968d6  commented out the AddPropertyStepTest that cases the hashCode() issue. @dkuppitz, can you fix this please.
     new a6c7f00  added PageRankVertexProgram console output to documentation -- #closes TINKERPOP3-827
     new af2ffa9  Needed to flush the kryo Output for message to be constructed properly.
     new bf1e17f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new e4010c1  Only flush if the buffer size is exceeded.
     new 4a03f3a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 06aa801  fixed a bug with MapSortKey reducing in Giraph. I need to figure out how multi-file ordering works in Hadoop2. Right now, all order operations are restricted to single reducers. lame.
     new 6d89b13  doh. had tests commented out by mistake.
     new c3553f7  added a GraphComputerTest.shouldSortMapOutput(). We had one for shouldSortReduceOutput(), but never map. By adding this a bug in OrderTest was exposed and fixed.
     new 55f5a3c  Remove "permissive licensed" dependencies from binary NOTICE.
     new 588958c  Add HPPC copyright to NOTICE.
     new d0ac365  Removed unecessary bits from Apache dependencies in binary NOTICE.
     new 961388e  Update release instructions.
     new cf6c455  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 599f8a9  Ignore the NIO test for Gremlin Server.
     new 0d3dfa6  Do a better job closing down sessions in Gremlin Server.
     new feea011  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 2cd2e1f  Removed ignore of test that works in 3.1.x but not 3.0.x.
     new 0e45e8c  Renamed spark Hadoop Gremlin Plugin test to be an integration test like the giraph version
     new 5f31904  Add a close op for sessions.
     new c8650ce  Allow client side channelizer to send a final implementation specific close message.
     new f09fd8b  Remove unused imports.
     new 8ba1596  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 1bfdb73  worked with @dkuppitz on a TinkerWorkerPool issue where startIteration and endIteration were not with their respective call thread. Exposed when doing bulk loading into Neo4j. Fix actually helped gut a bunch of code.
     new 9f304e7  removed more unneeded methods with the new workerIterationStart/End work with @dkuppitz.
     new 3bcbb21  forgot we needed a method for Giraph -- not only did I not run the full test suite, I didn't even compile. @dkuppitz fault.
     new c6de3bf  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 9110a1e  different errors in master/. I think we are closer on 3.1.0 than with 3.0.2.
     new a8b1439  random tweaks, but still buffer underflow.
     new ad27fce  Added "Renessaince Gremlin"
     new 5a8b61c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new fde13ed  GryoPool constructor added, GryoReader/Writer now have getKryo() public methods. GryoSerializer now exists as a Spark serializer which will connect with the Graph and get its registered serializers. Updated conf/properties.files with GryoSerializer as the new default serializer instead of Sparks KryoSerializer. Uncommented GroupCountTest test which failed due to serialization issue in 3.0.x.
     new a7294ea  Merge branch 'master' into spark-gryo-tp31
     new b32263e  GryoPool now uses a Builder pattern. The old constructors are still there. I don't know if GryoPool is considered a 'public facing class'... if not, lets kill the GryoPool constructors. Else, deprecate. HadoopSparkGraphProvider has kryo registration set to true so we can fish out any unregistered Spark classes. So far, full test suite passes so our current registrations are good.
     new 802cf6a  GryoPool now completely uses a GryoPool.Builder. Building a GryoPool is alot more elegant and consistent now. Updated GryoPoolTest accordingly.
     new acdebc4  GryoPool now completely uses a GryoPool.Builder. Building a GryoPool is alot more elegant and consistent now. Updated GryoPoolTest accordingly.
     new 0ca7363  updated asciidocs to have spark.serializer=org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.spark.structure.io.gryo.GryoSerializer in the example properties file. Updated CHANGELOG.
     new b4a009c  remvoved uneeded comment about Spark 1.3 and registering classes. With GryoSerializer, this is all handled now.
     new dfd78ef  minor tweaks.
     new c5827d2  using the doWithXXX() methods of GryoPool and simplified the GryoSerializer.
     new a3bb84d  Add mailing list info to CONTRIBUTING.
     new 3373238  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new d165ece  Refactoring GryoPool for spark usage.
     new a23dfa4  threading issue in TinkerGraphComputer. Trying to fix.
     new c9b0a83  bumped to Spark 1.5.1.
     new 3abdb25  Merge branch 'spark-gryo-tp31'
     new 68f4bbc  Added overview.html to javadoc to allow logo to be added to javadoc.
     new 97fe4c4  Fix logging message.
     new 57c38a8  Removed string interning.
     new 4bcddd7  Adjustments to how hosts are marked unavailable.
     new 6cd7129  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new efa2417  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 18e5ea9  Merge branch 'master' into thread-issue-tinkergraph
     new c160c33  I bare gifts to all you peasants. TinkerGraphComputer had a horribly stupid 'i can't believe we didn't realize it till now' threading issue. The fix exposed then too clone() errors in the step library (RepeatStep and TraversalRing). There is a new GraphComptuerTest that tests worker spawning. Note that GraphComputer.workers(int) exists in this branch. Anywho, by way of China, we are solving TINKERPOP3-391.
     new 6415408  GraphComputer test that verifies that workers are created and destroyed from 0 to 10 workers. This can't be done in Giraph past 1 because of local-test-mode. In Spark, the dataset is too small and only 1 worker is chosen. I OPT_OUT right now in HadoopGraph but I think I can get Giraph working (for 1 worker) and forcing Spark to spawn workers (maybe).
     new 5c6fede  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 39cb42d  Made correction to fix TINKERPOP3-855. Added Test and changed documentation.
     new 4c37440  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-855-json-auth' of https://github.com/PommeVerte/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-855
     new 9f29734  Added an extra test for typed GraphSON sasl authentication.
     new 53b712b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 6686935  Minor javadoc fixes.
     new 5aa2886  Get basic persistence into TinkerGraph via configuration.
     new fb6d006  Move all the tinkergraph play tests to their own class.
     new 550509f  Add tests to validate all IO options work for TinkerGraph persistence.
     new 78cfe5b  Add apache header.
     new 6cbff01  GiraphGraphComputer supports load balancing TinkerPop workers across a Hadoop cluster and across threads on the machines of that cluster. Thus, mappers * threads = TinkerPop workers. Extended GraphTest.shouldSupportWorkerCount() to ensure that the number of workers spawned is consistent and that there is no thread leaks between VertexPrograms in workers. Every worker has its own VertexProgram (this was a nasty bug in TinkerGraph that was fixed last night and further veri [...]
     new 85aa2e1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 918c357  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 97fd47d  not equals for the OPT_OUT computers().
     new 675b9c4  moved the clone() bug fixes in RepeatStep and TraversalRing down to tp30.
     new 302a4ec  merged tp30 RepeatStep fix but added back tp31 step.addLabels(). Tweaked CHANGELOG to put the clone() fixes in tp30.
     new 34d4b4c  Fix javadoc in tinkergraph.
     new 38328a2  Update javadocs a bit to include persistence feature of TinkerGraph.
     new dc96884  Update asciidoc with TinkerGrpah configs for persistence.
     new 77f374d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 157ce47  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 88b23be  GiraphGraphComputer uses Cluster JMX thingy to get the cluster information -- open map slots, etc. to determine TinkerPop worker numbers. Tested manually in Console and it works great. Also, I limited the threads in .properties files as that significantly speeds up processing of modern-graph --- as having too many resourcers devoted causes problems.
     new c087fbc  fixed clone() (thus, threading) bugs in GroupCountStep, GroupStep, and TreeStep.
     new c149ced  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 972ae01  Altered reader/writers to take Mapper interface in builders.
     new 974615a  if the user provides explicit workers/threads in the giraph configuration, use those. Else, compute it. Else if the user has it explicit, but then calls GraphComputer.workers() use the workers() specified.
     new 7198cfb  updated ascii docs and cleaned up the preface story so it reads better and is less vebose.'
     new 63ec84c  Update javadoc on base class for plugins.
     new 0e665b9  Giraph plugin does not "require console".
     new 910ecdf  Spark plugin does not "require console"
     new 6e92321  Added hadoop-gryo.properties to gremlin server distribution.
     new 590f5b7  RepeatStep clauses can only be set at most one time to limit user confusion of potentially doing times().repeat().until() and getting a NullPointerException.
     new 420fb3e  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 0b94917  Add log4j imports to both spark/giraph plugins.
     new 1ba5903  HadoopGremlinPlugin is does not require console.
     new 500e20c  Added sample spark config for gremlin server.
     new e5a4c63  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new afb349e  GiraphGraphComputer is smart about only uploading jars to HDFS if they do not already exist.
     new 8eb5f09  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a4c70eb  Added some extra notes to the gremlin server spark config.
     new 3e4f080  This closes #89
     new 3269635  added documentation about the new sack merge operator. I'm still not happy with this work. I need to figure out a way of saying 'no bulk'... once that is straightened out I will fix up this area of documentation.
     new cbf45ca  JavaDocs 3 methods in Graph relating to traversal() and compute().
     new 4d1b925  merged tp30 Graph JavaDoc.
     new b9a3488  Changed TinkerGraphSerializer to reuse existing Kryo instance
     new c9919d9  fixed a merge issue in the Graph JavaDoc.
     new 79ff01f  New group() work that does on the fly reduction to reduce memory footprint -- and potentially a much simpler syntax.
     new 8403cf2  New group() work that does on the fly reduction to reduce memory footprint -- and potentially a much simpler syntax.
     new 86f707f  GroupStep no longer supports a reduce traversal. Its just key/value traversals. This makes it so that GroupStep is completely lazy and can reduce on the fly limiting the memory footprint of group'ing.
     new 8aa797b  Rename tests for consistency with rest of suite.
     new e273fb0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-728'
     new 809da22  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-728'
     new e8a13f5  GroupStepV3d0 and GroupSideEffectStepV3d0 now exist. With respective GraphTraversal.groupV3d0() fluent methods. There was a hack in GroupStep that I'm going to knock out once and for all before promoting this branch for review.
     new da2477b  GroupSideEffectStep hack that has been here since 3.0 is now gutted. There is a FinalGet iinterface that we have used for reducing barriers -- however, Im going to promote it to a util/ object. Next up, get by('name') working so its not by(values('name').fold()).
     new 60b19ed  Figured out how to do by('name') by wrapping in a map(ElementValueFunction). I'm done for the day. Tomorrow I will finish up the conversion as well as include GroupStepV3d0 test cases and we will have the new group()-lazy reduction model complete.
     new 16d9cc6  Added hipchat room to CONTRIBUTING.
     new 3e5adce  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new b9e60b6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new c4302f0  GroupStep and GroupSideEffectStep all up to snuff with the V3d0 representation in there Deprecated. I copied over the V3d0 tests as well so those steps will be continued to be tested. These tests are also Deprecated. I found a bug in SampleStep that I havent been able to fix. I have an Ignore on one test....... :| ..... I will get that fixed before the merge.
     new 1835e4c  Merge branch 'master' into group_step_2
     new 4eb85ed  Fixed up the naming of various tests -- Max, Min, Sum.. @dkuppitz, the naming convention for method names is the groovy model valuesXnameX is just name. Fixed a bug in FoldStep where bulks weren't propagated.
     new ce45d78  TINKERPOP3-867: TinkerGraphProvider.getBaseConfiguration creates temp dir as needed for persistence testing
     new eb8e106  if you use a JavaSerializer on a class htat contains KryoSerializable objects, it will use the JavaSerializer on those objects. A dead simply fix.
     new 315b1d1  Merge branch 'master' into group_step_2
     new eb28b5c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new c0118e3  fixed up HadoopGremlinPluginTest to use new group() semantics.
     new d1017b1  Merge branch 'master' into group_step_2
     new df361a5  TINKERPOP3-867: TinkerGraph.saveGraph creates directories as necessary
     new 15563be  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 1ce519f  fixed up some more StepTest naming issues. Minor nothings to GroupStep.
     new 9fb2539  Allows SparkGraphComputer to Preserve Spark Contexts between Jobs
     new 41aa906  Updated Documentation to note new parameter
     new 111946d  Added spark persistent string to Constants.
     new 0ad8272  In OLAP GroupStep, the valueTraversal is split to allow the preprocessing prior to storing for MapReduce reducing. This has to benefits. One --- do as much computing prior to storage and second, in serializing OLAP systems like Spark/Giraph, it makes it so that the vertex (or other graph element) isn't the object being stored and thus, we don't get into massive DetachedVertex w/ properties situations.
     new 42ec689  did the 'split value traversal' trick for GroupSideEffectStep and it works nice. I also have it reducing on the fly in the MapReduce reducer using the new Barrier.processAllStarts() algorithm.
     new a6145d7  Figured out how to have both OLTP and OLAP localChildren passed to the compiler and still work -- it was easy, I was just dumb.
     new 1c39c99  Gremlin Server binary distribution now packages `tinkergraph-gremlin` and `gremlin-groovy` as plugins.
     new 773d4df  a bug in Giraph's HadoopGremlinPluginTest.
     new e54f0aa  Merge branch 'master' into group_step_2
     new 4a7d1f7  updated CHANGELOG, fixed a table formatting bug in implementations, and got traversal.asciidoc up to snuff regarding new group() reductions. Docs built and published -- looking good.
     new 8eb71e1  Initialize the underlying Client in ReboundClient.
     new 876a329  Renamed gremlin.hadoop.graphInputRDD to gremlin.spark.graphInputRDD (likewise for ...graphOutputRDD). Docs and code updated accordingly. Fixed TINKERPOP3-874.
     new 34bcf7e  Vendor removed in favor of the terms 'graph system provider', 'providers', 'graph systems', etc. VendorOptimizationStrategy replaced by ProviderImplementationStrategy. Fixed TINKERPOP3-876.
     new 2849bc9  vendor-integration.png renamed to provider-integration.png -- docs updated accordingly too.
     new 92e8c68  vendor-integration.png renamed to provider-integration.png -- docs updated accordingly too.
     new 3f94580  Added fail() conditions to authentication tests for Gremlin Server.
     new 845fd59  added shell script to verify binary releases
     new 7a252de  added missing Apache header
     new 12c70d5  Barrier is now an interface to denote that the Step is a barrier where both greedy barriers (sum(), max(), min(), count() and lazy barriers are represented (dedup(), barrier(123), etc.). Worked on GroupStep implementation and have some benchmarks demonstrating it not only faster than GroupStepV3d0 but also less memory intensive.
     new efe27cd  Fixed problem where driver would hang if ssl was enabled on server but not client.
     new d13c2d0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 0391ce5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new cb7fc5b  tweaks to make GroupStep faster w/ respective benchmark validation in TinkerGraphPlayTest.
     new 897e70d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new e1459d0  attempt to make validate-distribution.sh OSX friendly
     new 64c3cc6  more verbose output in the binary release validation script
     new d86705c  Include test for manual transactions in sessions of Gremlin Server.
     new a9659f7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 01594ac  fixed a bug in GroupStepV3d0 OLAP. I will have to manually fix this in tp30/. Added test cases to validate fixed behavior.
     new e4138e5  fixed a OLAP GraphComputer bug in GroupStep. Added two test cases the verify its working in both GroupStep and GroupSideEffectStep.
     new 268d377  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new a1b0eaa  added test cases to GroupTestV3d0 that verify the fix of a bug from tp30.
     new e958146  OptOut of new Grateful Dead test cases for Hadoop standard due to linear scan costs.
     new 37732ce  OptOut of new GroupTests that use Grateful Dead graph on HadoopGraph OLTP because of linear scan costs.
     new f8d2c62  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 0043939  Minor optimizations to GroupSideEffectStep. Benchmarks conclude that the new way is better than the old way. Faster in most cases and no OME issues.
     new 6e00aeb  vaidate source distribution
     new 4773e87  Added an overload to GremlinExecutor.eval() to provide ways to override some default settings.
     new 86e34ff  Update changelog.
     new 30b3712  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30' into tp30
     new 298d684  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 10f79af  Fixed a bug in GroupStepHelper and added 2 new test cases verifying behavior is correct. Updated CONTRIBUTING with notes on how to write a Gremlin language test case.
     new 78156eb  updated CHANGELOG
     new 40ebda1  Merge branch 'tp30' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into tp30
     new eed4b24  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-876
     new 9212680  fixed word capitalization for OSX
     new c6533e3  Update changelog.
     new aef8b3e  Removed dependency on groovy HttpBuilder.
     new af662ad  Revised binary LICENSE/NOTICE for Gremlin Console.
     new 163d937  Fixed up binary LICENSE for gremlin server.
     new 214deb2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 1355267  Fix example in docs around gephi plugin.
     new 284b9fa  select(keys) and select(values) now exists with mapKeys() and mapValues() deprecated. The steps MapKeysStep and MapValuesStep were deleted. SelectColumnStep was added. Finally, GraphTraversal.mapKeys() was simulated via select(keys).unfold().
     new 286fe9d  ...path().select(keys) and path().select(values) works with SelectColumnStep. As we disover Map-like objects, we should add them.
     new 59ab3bc  a note about g.V.select(keys) added with the code commented out.
     new 3085296  removed the comment regarding Element select(keys)/select(values).
     new 468952d  updated CHANGELOG and docs around select(keys) and select(values). Found two other 'vendor' mentions in the docs and fixed those. Did a full 'find all' and the word vendor no longer exists.
     new 9c81729  Dropped the path visualization feature.
     new 67bcde2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 3c3abec  Made  work for any persistent TP3-supporting graph (input and output)
     new 3415e3d  fixed wrongly named test cases -- valuesXnameX vs. name... @dkuppitz -- use the pattern.
     new 3fdcedc  TreeSideEffectStep implements PathConsumer now as that fixes a ComputerVerificationStrategy issue.
     new e2a37a7  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new d95c04d  opened up a broken test in TreeTest due to TreeSideEffectStep not implementing PathProcessor.
     new 808fc5c  extended BLVP test suite
     new 8e8dc12  Pulled Column enum out to the structure/ with T. Column.keys and Column.values. Was going to make it implement Function<Object,Collection> but decided against it for now. This is an extension to the work already complete in TINKERPOP3-798.
     new 31f5163  TINKERPOP3-865 Fix errors in HTTP REST Basic Auth
     new baa14a9  TINKERPOP3-865 Fix errors in HTTP REST Basic Auth
     new 9cc8aff  First attempt at "release documentation".
     new 9345dba  Reformatted upgrade docs.
     new 792c083  Update release docs based on new "upgrade docs".
     new 037f879  Add some content to 3.0.2 upgrade docs.
     new d103c9a  added TinkerPop's Review then Committ policy to CONTRIBUTING.
     new d8a4903  added TinkerPop's Review then Committ policy to CONTRIBUTING.
     new aa6b92d  merged tp30.
     new c9b17d3  added notes about CTR.
     new 5d64dbc  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 383e86e  Tweaked CONTRIBUTING to discuss external pull requests and RTC.
     new f01d95b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new d5eb894  Add the 3.1.x upgrade doc.
     new e86b610  Introduce some added hierarchy to make the toc look better.
     new 6c87b0d  If the user provides a bad directory name for HADOOP_GRELMIN_LIBS there is a user WARN message that the directory does not exist. Added a test case that validates graceful behavior. Also, figured out how to reuse tests across HadoopGremlin extenders (i.e. Spark and Giraph).
     new 37df079  This is a fix to a serialization issue in Spark around UnmodifiableCollections.
     new a28a1a8  Fixed a bug in a HasTest -- doesn't work for GremlinGroovy (for some reason). @IgnoreEngine for now.
     new ee4006b  Merge branch 'tp30' into TINKERPOP3-319
     new 94c1063  removed Neo4j dependencies from tinkergraph-gremlin; not longer needed
     new b6f5cd1  forgot to remove one of the Neo4j dependencies from tinkergraph-gremlin
     new 1f85912  added another sample configuration file that was only inlined in the docs
     new e3d126f  Added GraphComputer.config(key,value). There is no general way to test this as general configurations outside the scope of the fluent methods of GraphComputer are particular to the underlying engine -- e.g. mapreduce.mappers etc.
     new 2150b33  Added GraphComputer.config(key,value). There is no general way to test this as general configurations outside the scope of the fluent methods of GraphComputer are particular to the underlying engine -- e.g. mapreduce.mappers etc.
     new 49f88f8  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-843
     new 66a3f75  the test method name was grammatically incorrect.
     new 4ee8050  improved BLVP tests; tests now ensure that the source and target graph are the same (vertex-, edge- and property-wise; IDs may be different)
     new 4497eda  added note regarding multi-valued property support for BLVP
     new 54a8b71  added the grateful-gremlin.png logo. Steal Your Gremlin.
     new 25ca575  ignored meta-property test in computer mode, since we can't modify a HadoopGraph
     new e2ab7e1  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 940987b  added a note under Important Changes for BLVP
     new 4e51a40  added a note under Important Changes for BLVP
     new c7b280f  made bulk loads into TinkerGraph explicitely single-threaded
     new 9615370  Update match()-step documentation with domain-related as() step labels
     new 6100226  Flag OLAP warning limitation as temporary in where()-step documentation
     new e6bfdc3  Merge branch 'doc-steps' of https://github.com/jbmusso/incubator-tinkerpop into tp30
     new 75ddacc  adjustments for new GraphComputer API
     new f0d39fd  use epollbased event loops when possible
     new b611bc6  use epollbased event loops when possible
     new 6ab524f  fix imports
     new 232d89b  fixed BLVP samples in the docs (adjustments for new API)
     new a1b49c7  Add snapshot doc publishing to pre-flight check for release.
     new ce010ef  Added javadoc review to the preflight release checklist.
     new 702a9ca  Added snapshot deployment to preflight release docs.
     new 955a98f  TINKERPOP3-858 Cleanup after failed plugin install
     new 3ad401f  Merge branch 'tp30'
     new 30b1688  add netty epoll dependency and fix the initiation checker
     new 440b3e0  use single class import
     new e6267c7  ensure that /tmp/tinkergraph.kryo does not exist prior docs pre-processing and delete it after successfully processing the docs
     new dd17819  broke apart the blvp docs to get them in their individual sections in implementations.
     new 2250c56  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 729396d  added dependency grabber test
     new 80c3acc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-858' into tp30
     new 0a2874e  ignore dependency grabber plugin tests for now
     new e5ce020  fixed dependency grabber plugin tests
     new 41453ea  Cleanup after failed plugin install
     new 6b01bc4  add maven profile to trigger for linux systems to use epoll if it can
     new daf6e6d  Update changelog and upgrade docs for 3.0.2 release.
     new 420de5c  TinkerPop 3.0.2-incubating release
     new 88d6be7  Escape a command that was being treated as asciidoc formatting.
     new 3ed7b87  Add note about using bin/validate-distribution.sh to RELEASE.
     new 8c9792c  How to write a pull request added to CONTRIBUTING.
     new efbf38f  pushed a fix to validate-distribution.sh as the server pointed to was the dist server, not the dev server -- @dkuppitz. Treating this as a CTR.
     new f203e09  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 7474c73  Escape formatting in release instruction code.
     new cc11052  Add upgrade docs to release email.
     new 08edde6  There is no need to have Closure wrappers to make Groovy closures line up with Java lambdas. The trick is to simply 'as Function' the closure and it is assumed to be a java.util.function.Function. I deprecated all of our GXXX closure to lambda wrappers and full test suite passes without an ambiguous method calls from Gremlin-Groovy.
     new 0141f50  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 9065b20  Added GraphTraversalSource.withBulk(boolean). Added three new species of Traverser which are optimized for no-bulk. While there is alot of code deduplication, it will help to reduce Traverser footprint sizes (where in OLAP this will really matter). Added a new SackTest which verifies the lack of bulk does not duplicate energy values. Added Traversal.Admin.addTraverserRequirement() which enables us to specify reqiurements that are NOT in steps. This has the added benefit  [...]
     new acd6c2c  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-863
     new 902f49d  added a test case for DefaultTraverserGeneratorFactory that ensures the correct type of traverser is generated given particular traversals. Found a bug with it where a more complex traverser was being used when a simpler one would have done the trick. We can keep adding to this list as we come up with ideas and more traverser species.
     new b7fd3be  fix code based on comments
     new 4f407dd  add epoll setting to doc.
     new 00edc1b  Added code freeze to RELEASE.
     new e16087d  plugins.txt does not exist in the Gremlin Server distribution, hence don't check
     new 4fa22d8  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new d289419  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/anagav/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-901
     new 8ea6aa2  Made Transaction.onReadWrite() a ThreadLocal setting
     new b8dbfc3  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-863' of https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8226854  remove unnecessary dependencies
     new 49f09ec  updated CHANGELOG based on the withBulk() work. Forgot to do it on the merge.
     new 824ee77  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/anagav/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-901
     new 45fc9f2  Renamed ConjunctionXXX to ConnectiveXXX as that is more resonent with the terminology used in logic, where conjunction assumes and and dijunction or.
     new 5c5bd06  GraphStep no longer extends StartStep. It now takes a boolean isStart in its constructor. Moreover, it is no longer a SideEffectStep but a FlatMapStep so it moved to the map/ package. TinkerGraphStepStrateagy and Neo4jGRaphStepStrategy had to be updated to look for ALL GraphStep instances in the traversal and optimize them. Note that @spmallette work in ElementIdStrategy, PartitionStrategy, etc. already did 'for all graph steps' so that didnt need updating. Updated __ an [...]
     new 0841bbd  added a reset() step.
     new ebeb582  updated the UPGRADE docs for 3.1.0. Declaring this an CTR.
     new fd7171c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-898' of https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new e8936f5  added Conjunction->Connective change to Upgrade docs. Declaring it CTR.
     new 7dd6212  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-762
     new 66a765e  added mixed type tests (failing for now)
     new e25af29  implemented NumberHelper and fixed Number handling in Operator (also added a few more tests for BigInteger ad BigDecimal)
     new 209ef1a  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-861
     new 78a0e3d  verified, that Operator/NumberHelper can handle any type that extends the base class Number
     new b0538aa  Expand time limits in tests - seems to fail on certain systems.
     new 17d4489  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 47363c8  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-861
     new a1d4f19  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp30'
     new 5b0dd76  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-886
     new 285bd28  removed typos
     new 35e97f0  moved Driver implementor section down in it's correct position
     new 9881e6e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-885
     new 9a92f9b  Tweaked test timeout arguments to try to assure consistent success.
     new af1f2a8  fixed number types in (Groovy)SackTest
     new 18e5cca  TINKERPOP3-905 Refactored ResultQueueTest to not rely on Thread.sleep().
     new 79c4f67  Fix empty buffer return from gremlin server on buffer size too large https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/gremlin-users/zWGAn-oS5PQ
     new 9956a4a  change request to match response changes, add tests
     new 16e74c1  TINKERPOP3-903 Removed wildcard imports.
     new 4523133  TINKERPOP3-903 Update changelog.
     new 93111c5  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-903'
     new db92afc  This closes #114
     new cad968e  TINKERPOP3-907 Added line breaks to all docs.
     new 7bf9b09  Trying an empty commit to see if it will force the branch to synch with mirror.
     new caf2b71  TINKERPOP3-901 Renamed epoll maven profile for gremlin server
     new e675a7b  TINKERPOP3-901 Update contributing for the new epoll feature in Gremlin Server.
     new 616be53  TINKERPOP3-901 updated changelog.
     new 13c7fd6  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-901'
     new 47985d9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-905'
     new 83af11b  Minor formatting changes to CONTRIBUTING.
     new 4d7fc1d  Formatting from previous commit didn't work in GitHub.
     new 6d42525  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-861
     new cb3c1b7  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs
     new 436dbd9  had the word 'vendor' in the integration image. updated the image and source Graffle file. This is CTR given that this was a previous ticket that has been closed but a dangler issue just realized.
     new 53dd9aa  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-861'
     new 62dd701  added a quantum gremlin logo for future use.
     new 2b83c3d  added keep-on-traversin Gremlin logos.
     new b2ef5a3  hadoop-grateful-gryo.properties had a NullOutputFormat and thus, nothing could be fed to the MapReduce jobs. Also, a grammar error in the HadoopPools WARN message. Pushing this as CTR given its trivialness.
     new 43f64c2  TINKERPOP3-910 Clears the session channel attribute between requests.
     new 5bf1574  Add getters for RepeatStep.emitTraversal and RepeatStep.untilTraversal. This is primarily for providers to be able to interrogate the state of the RepeatStep.
     new f39ea35  Added a getter for LoopTraversal.maxLoops. Providers need to access the number of loops when optimizing the RepeatStep.
     new 173228e  TINKERPOP3-903 Add a test to validate that results of all sizes stream properly.
     new be1d770  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-908'
     new 1e5df41  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/pietermartin/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 6c0e0bd  added a more complex mid-traversal V() traversal test
     new 4fef0bf  Added DONT USE TINKERPOP2 logo -- CTR.
     new 45c5df1  Added two new Keep on Traversin logos from Ketrina. In these, Gremlin is wearing a TieDye. CTR.
     new 0b57371  added tests around single channel in session and sessionless requests
     new 9d8da87  Updated the TinkerPop2 is no longer active logo so its more obvious.
     new c8f1b70  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-903'
     new 7b18447  added another GraphStep traversal test
     new c35d08f  implemented GraphStep::hashCode()
     new d83bf71  added a GraphStep core test (hashCode() verification)
     new a976ca6  verified that TinkerGraph and Neo4jGraph fold HasContainers into GraphStep
     new 82bbc59  added SparkHelper to grab RDDs from the SparkContext.getPersistedRDDs(). A simple test case proves it works. A more involved test case using BulkLoaderVertexProgram is needed.
     new 3a3fdf7  TINKERPOP3-922 Created developer book.
     new 3d2d6a6  Added a test case that verifies a PageRankVertexProgram to BulkLoaderVertexProgram load into Spark without touching HDFS. Need to do the GraphComputer.config() ticket to make this all pretty.
     new 12de257  Fixed the .properties file keys consistent with TinkerPop pattern.
     new 55cdc2d  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-926'
     new 23356d4  TINKERPOP3-910 Added an assert as suggested by @pluradj in the PR.
     new b70f5f5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-910'
     new df443cc  added a docs section for GraphStep
     new fad7e5b  fixed up upgrade-release-3.1.x doc to include note about TinkerGraph public static String variables. This is a CTR.
     new 402e57d  added a srategy test suite for Neo4j
     new 15d6e7a  Revert "verified that TinkerGraph and Neo4jGraph fold HasContainers into GraphStep"
     new a71a179  mirrored approach to test strategies from neo4j-gremlin into tinkergraph-gremlin
     new 0900d5f  updated CHANGELOG and release doc
     new 3181d37  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-762
     new ca00e35  Updates to upgrade docs on 3.1.0.
     new 786e9cf  added missing Apache license header
     new 1b6bdf1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 901ffd9  Update upgrading docs.
     new 45bf33d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-922'
     new ee6074f  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-857
     new 594f829  GiraphGraphComputer will be smart about workers() and GIRAPH_WORKERS. Added more JavaDoc to GraphComputer.config().
     new 0044040  ignored GraphStep test in computer mode
     new 12c3c91  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-762
     new d9cf614  Fixed. There is now TraversalHelper.isNotBeyondElementId(). This ensures that any CollectingBarrierStep or other end-step for TraverserMapReduce throws a ComputerVerificationStrategyException is the by() modulation tries to touch anything more than the Element id (though if its a string, list, etc. that is okay). I added @dkuppitz two examples that should work and now they do work. Furthermore, all existing traversal tests pass.
     new 4e0c867  Minor fix to the Session OpProcessor formatting.
     new 48ab690  Rename the travis profile to ci
     new 0578a41  Added note about CTR to the developer docs.
     new d936191  merged TINKERPOP3-857 into master/.
     new baa9349  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-918' of https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 3326fcc  Basics for the Tutorials Book with an initial "Getting Started".
     new 736636b  per @spmallette's VOTE comment -- made isNotBeyondElementId() private and hidden in ComputerVerificationStrategy with a TODO about how this needs to be 'proved' by 3.2.0 and when we have the instruction set nailed down. CTR.
     new c322438  added buff gremlin logo.
     new 70a12e6  merged mid-traversal V() TINKERPOP3-762 and updated CHANGELOG for various recent features.
     new 6be4a7d  Added meeting notes to developer docs.
     new 1478c43  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 553f91f  Modifications to release process
     new 522c256  TINKERPOP3-933 Distributions named properly for initial vote.
     new ac0924d  found a wacky named test in AddVertexTest. Fixed it. CTR.
     new d93f1f7  TINKERPOP3-935; Added a missing table for the close op of the SessionOpProcessor
     new 9300485  The mid-traversal V() work did not include a test case for testing hasContainer fold-ins for TinkerGraph nor Neo4jGraph (@dkuppitz). I just added a test. Both pass. Also, the XXXStratgegySuite classes were in the wrong packages -- reorganized (@dkuppitz). Updated CHANGELOG with note about relocation of GraphStep package.
     new 16b5005  merged master/.
     new 528ba02  This is a masterpiece here. PersistedXXXRDD is now a Spark RDD class where the inputLocation (outputLocation) are the names of the RDD. No HDFS is used between jobs as the graphRDD is stored in the SparkServer using a persisted context. Added test cases, renamed GraphComputer.config() to configure() to be consistent with the naming conventions of GraphComputer methods. Also made it default as most implementaitons won't need it and there is no point to require a random re [...]
     new 1f6c574  @RussellSpitzer explained how to unpersist RDDs works and recommended to drop the RDDs that are OutputFormatted (as they are in HDFS) or are not persisted with OutputRDD or Persist.NOTHING is set.
     new eeb0d9f  forgot to remove this when figuring out how unpersist() works. Sorry for the slop.
     new cb97238  @RussellSpitzer has schooled me in cache()/unpersist(). I now am smart to unpersist() RDDs that are just dangling around (especailly since we now have persistent contexts). Finally, I did some refactoring of packages (non-breaking) as I'm starting to see the future of what SparkGraph looks like (in other words, being able to use SparkGraph w/o HadoopGraph (back SparkGraph by an RDD). Anywho, that refactor cleaned this up for now and for the future so its good.
     new cf0c456  Testing to make sure InputOutputHelper translator works for registered RDDs.
     new f9d1fa7  a small tweak to maintain the configuration as it was prior to Giraph getting its little hands on it.
     new 6169fff  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-935' of https://github.com/PommeVerte/incubator-tinkerpop
     new d49deaf  integrated NumberHelper in SumGlobalStep and SumLocalStep
     new 4c6ba90  bumped to support Neo4j 2.3.0
     new 1a31b78  Tweaks to Neo4jHelper as NotFoundException should be checked as the reason for isNotFound() catch. Also, static String construction for cost savings.
     new eda16b5  modified method/type signature of SumGlobalStep after getting some feedback from @okram
     new eba7114  Integrated NumberHelper in Min-, Max- and MeanStep
     new 19b7ae0  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-899' of https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ccc3bfc  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs
     new e29a936  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-909
     new 0dc2dbc  merged TINKERPOP3-925
     new aadd422  tweaks to upgrade docs.
     new 82229d0  TINKERPOP-911: Lets SparkGraphComputer Set ThreadLocal Properties
     new 8b8222d  Optimized BLVP
     new dfa61c9  minor fix in MeanGlobalStep
     new baf2ae0  integrated NumnerHelper in MeanLocalStep
     new af4f5dc  cleaned up mean() and added test cases to verify that we get the correct return types
     new 956d797  MatchStep is smart to bias patterns towards the local star graph to reduce inter-machine communication.
     new 06d747f  Integer.MAX_VALUE should be Long.MAX_VALUE. CTR as its a trivial tweak.
     new 558c04e  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-909
     new 2a4b4ac  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-904
     new 63c8cb8  updated CHANGELOG
     new f644fb4  clean up tweaks to MatchStep optimization.
     new caf0e2a  TINKERPOP-911: Documentation for Thread Local Properties for Spark
     new a2b94c4  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-904
     new b338f96  MatchStep CountMatchAlgorithm is smart to bias patterns that don't reqiure message passing in OLAP.
     new f2b9083  removed empty code line
     new ebec095  relaxed a test condition to use only KryoSerializer as it seems that GryoSerializer is causing problems on certain OSs. CTR.
     new 180a6cb  TINKERPOP3-913 Deprecated rebindings argument in favor of aliases.
     new bdf0553  TINKERPOP3-913 Deprecated rebindings argument in favor of aliases.
     new 986bc70  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-913' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-913
     new 2edefa6  fixed LocalPropertyTest to use KryoSerializer instead of GryoSerializer.
     new bfb99f3  Added "Getting Started" to the developer docs for new contributors.
     new 77fac19  added a note for BulkLoader implementers
     new c4fcae6  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP3-904
     new 88abff6  Added a bit more to the "getting started" contributor docs.
     new 863bdab  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b2daf09  Fixed broken link in contributors guide for newcomers.
     new 151f64b  Added notes about the deprecation label to the dev docs.
     new 4cb087d  added two tests to cover some driver failure situations. The issue at hand is related to a combination of gremlin-server secure configuration and session requests with variables.
     new 2b7dc77  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-923
     new 407103d  added Gremlin Gym to the images. @spmallette -- please feel free to connect to the 5, 15, 30 minute tutorial.
     new ebfd5bd  TINKERPOP3-931 modified the scopes of OpProcessor
     new 7e9aef4  Add the start of the 10 minute tutorial.
     new db11a1e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 71e72db  Make test execution order-independent to stabilize builds. Invoking CTR.
     new e30b70e  added Gremlin Gym vectorized image. CTR.
     new 2c7823e  TINKERPOP3-914 Gremlin Console :remote to Gremlin Server supports alias
     new c2c58a7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-913'
     new dde1dca  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-923
     new f7b070d  Added "the next ten minutes" to the tutorial.
     new 3938cae  moved logic to AbstractThreadLocalTransaction and added a couple of tests
     new 364ea69  Added the final section to the Getting Started tutorial.
     new 6701cc8  Add an image to the getting started tutorial.
     new 25be6cd  Fixed a minor issue in a test for PartitionStrategy.
     new 93573ed  Added an Administration Section to the developer docs
     new 46f821a  moved logic to AbstractThreadLocalTransaction and added a couple of tests
     new 956d34d  Merge branch 'TP-885' of https://github.com/PommeVerte/incubator-tinkerpop into TP-885
     new 7ce6784  Merge remote-tracking branch 'tinkerpop/master' into TP-885
     new 789d6f7  Merge pull request #1 from PommeVerte/TP-885
     new 1aa1b5a  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-885' of https://github.com/PommeVerte/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-885
     new 488e158  added `HadoopGraph.open(String)`
     new a806c7e  TINKERPOP3-885 Adjustments to work from @PommeVerte from his PR at #113
     new 7ecd353  Updates to upgrade docs.
     new 02623c7  Update changelog.
     new 6b532f7  Update reference docs to denote the ThreadLocal nature of the transaction settings.
     new a73b5e0  Adjust some language in the developer administration docs.
     new 5003fad  Add note about port conflicts with gephi to docs.
     new 5c4e966  TINKERPOP3-886:  Allow any GraphReader/Writer to be persistence engine for TinkerGraph
     new 16faa85  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new ed596b1  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-917'
     new d37e628  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-914'
     new 82b2695  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-923'
     new 8f2e2e5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-885'
     new 4a4d99f  Add dependencies section to developer docs.
     new bbc72d0  Add link from release to new "dependencies" section in dev docs.
     new a9efe65  Updates to new format of upgrade docs.
     new 2714ff0  Tweaks to spelling/grammar and minor additional content in the getting started tutorial.
     new b9e7c42  Removed invalid formatting from developer docs.
     new 92363ec  moved the Important Changes to respective sections and added JIRA ticket links where appropriate. CTR.
     new 3d34d1b  added the Apache TinkerPop logo to the head of the Getting Started tutorial so people know its TinkerPop that they are getting started with.
     new cab1a8f  Fixed a bug in the AbstractGrelminProcessTest.checkMap() method. This exposed a bug in two GroupTestV3d0 tests. These have been fixed as well.
     new 00583ec  Added unit test to Artifact
     new c6626da  updates
     new 7ed6ecf  Added "run integration tests" to pre-flight check docs.
     new c1af210  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-953' of https://github.com/n-tran/incubator-tinkerpop
     new b9de389  TINKERPOP3-906 Still seeing periodic failures on DependencyGrabberTest.
     new 49e2b35  Added a Traversal test case that verifies that HashMap is not a problem in Spark/Giraph/TinkerGraph/etc. #TINKERPOP3-955.
     new 8b70c5c  TINKERPOP3-955 Registered HashMap$Node to GryoMapper.
     new 1c575eb  Update changelog.
     new e35e6c8  Added more tests around Map.Entry serialization.
     new 8a2be65  Ignored all the DepenencyGrabberTest until that bug is fixed in groovy.
     new cb5ea90  TINKERPOP3-955 Revised the tests for serialization of Map entries.
     new 831c4fc  Replace some use of Graph.addVertex() in the docs.
     new 6086e7a  Revert changes to the docs around Graph.addVertex().
     new fbc7138  Adjusted the tutorial to use Graph.addVertex().
     new cbbf978  Minor edit to tutorial.
     new a11d348  Update changelog with JIRA tickets for release of 3.1.0-incubating.
     new 31607ff  Fixed formatting in CHANGELOG.
     new e9e5805  Update upgrade docs to include date and link to changelog.
     new 955a7fa  Bump to 3.1.0-incubating for release.
     new 47e531a  Fix bad link in upgrade docs.
     new 94a54b6  TINKERPOP3-957 Made a number of changes to improve traversal startup and execution performance.
     new 42e771d  TINKERPOP3-957 Made a number of changes to improve traversal startup and execution performance.
     new e5764df  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-957' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-957
     new b430043  Bump to 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT.
     new 345efe2  Add 3.1.1 to changelog.
     new 445898a  Update notes on branching in git in the dev docs.
     new bd8ec08  Corrected filenames in VOTE template in release docs.
     new b2e516f  Add a note about using the currently generated release docs.
     new e7783f9  Improve/streamline released docs based on 3.1.0-incubating release work.
     new b060c7d  fixed a bug in the RepeatStep docs.
     new 87069b2  Fixed TINKERPOP3-679. There is now Traversal.explain() which returns a TraversalExplanation that has a pretty-print toString() as well as accessor methods for programmatic introspection. Added ExplainTest (dont want to get too crazy here or else provider strategies may cause problems). Added ExplainStep to the docs and made it so both ProfileStep and ExplainStep sections reference each other. Fixed a minor bug in IncidentToAdacentStrategy and AdjacentToIndicentStrategy w [...]
     new 53dcf79  removed a final new-line character so TraversalExplanation.toString() has the same look and feel as ProfileSteps StandardMetrics.
     new 517f696  updated a test last minute and forgot to update Groovy's version of that test. Sorry to waste your time @twilmes.
     new fe8cfa2  doc fix and added a reference to explain() in TraversalStrategy section. --dryRun showed it was good.
     new c42613c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-957'
     new 0feaa8b  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-679'
     new 4de02bc  updated CHANGELOG with explain() stuffs. CTR.
     new 678a1a3  Updated CHANGELOG with traversal execution and performance improvement note. CTR.
     new 3db22f6  Close Cluster executor after the cluster is closed (TINKERPOP3-972)
     new cb597ac  ExplainTest should make sure the strategies to check are actually there just in case the provider doesn't use those strategies. CTR.
     new eaaf8fa  ExplainTest should make sure the strategies to check are actually there just in case the provider doesn't use those strategies. CTR.
     new eaafc95  Added Ketrina's mini-Quantum Gremlin logo for the release of the article tomorrow.
     new 9129f1b  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-972' of https://github.com/pingtimeout/incubator-tinkerpop
     new bebc48a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d3b927a  TINKERPOP-977 Fixed broken link in docs.
     new 321044d  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kushal256/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-886
     new 086a258  This script was supposed to create the "modern" graph but was creating classic.
     new e90c49f  Support a native TinkerGraph GraphSON serializer.
     new ea6871f  Add GraphSON related tests over REST for serializing TinkerGraph.
     new cfe6e1a  Update changelog.
     new d4de86b  Added a paragraph to the tutorial about "iterating your traversal"
     new 79b0556  Added comments to pom around asciidoc generation.
     new bc46d64  Made subdirectories for various "books" in the docs.
     new 589fd4b  initial travis setup
     new 28e0b28  adjustments in the AsciiDoc preprocessor in order to make it work using the new directory structure
     new 7d20789  Fixed up headings that were out of sync
     new 3b7d7c9  Expanded the section on "documentation" in developer docs.
     new cc0c2ba  removed the maven replacer plugin; version numbers are now being replaced by the AsciiDocs post-processor
     new ead508d  minor fix in the AsciiDocs post-processor
     new 4a995c2  Got rid of some warnings from building hadoop-gremlin.
     new d7c58b3  TINKERPOP3-984
     new b71b733  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 450a70c  updates
     new d828252  Fixed feature check in shouldPersistDataOnClose()
     new bbae082  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-928'
     new 2fa6264  Update changelog.
     new ed007b7  Removed Apache 2.0 licensed stuff from binary license.
     new 6e08d18  Moved Activit out of of source LICENSE and updated NOTICE
     new f08a448  Updates to binary NOTICE.
     new af4a385  Update dev docs on latest understanding of LICENSE/NOTICE.
     new 6aeb8f7  Minor update to dev docs on editing NOTICE.
     new d531298  Added a paragraph about "meetings" to the Communication section of dev docs.
     new e946d69  Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/ellitron/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f0c6c33  Fix README - pointed to wrong versions of most recent docs.
     new 8d04917  Changed link from tinkerpop.com to tinkerpop.apache.org.
     new 3b69e26  Update release docs regarding README and staging "next release".
     new c23a69b  profile()-step is now off of Traversal as it is generally useful beyond GraphTraversal. The philosophy here is the one we used for why Traversal has next(), hasNext(), toList(), toSet(), explain(), iterate(), etc. Next, I removed __.profile() as method as you should never profile like that....weird. I updated the GraphTraversalTest accordingly. Ran mvn clean insatll and all is golden. This is backwards compatible save the __.profile()-removal  which wouldn't work anyways [...]
     new 3251482  Added meeting minutes for 11/23/2104
     new be12d3e  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kushal256/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP3-886
     new 5231a71  added support for order().by('age'). If you don't provide a Comparator, Order.incr is assumed. Thus, no more error message about OrderGlobalStep.addComparator(). Also, the test case I added demonstrated that TINKERPOP3-979 passes with Spark... uh...thus, the ticket is invalid. I don't know what caused the Spark error I got. Will close that ticket.
     new f0d52e6  made the explain()-step example in the docs a bit more complicated for effect. CTR.
     new 94a4e48  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-886'
     new 5f1a354  Merge from TINKERPOP3-886 brought some file permission changes for some reason.
     new 46bacb3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 8991f20  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-984' of github.com:velo/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 4b60ff0  we had a back('x') in one of our SugarLoader tests. Crazy. Also, tweaks the Groovy tests as recommended by @dkuppitz. Created a TinkerGraphUUIDProvider which makes sure that complex objects work right. All tests pass.
     new 32f009a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'pomme/TRAVIS'
     new 83002ee  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-941'
     new b0af65c  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 1d9a1e4  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-970'
     new 727fd6c  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 0c20c6d  TINKERPOP3-987 Changed all links from tinkerpop.incubator.apache.org to tinkerpop.apache.org, also corrected a couple of left over tinkerpop.com links.
     new fd95dc8  Removed mixed typing in VertexPropertyTest
     new 326205e  TINKERPOP3-952 Adding example of a property with list cardinality.
     new a81cc66  Add gremlin in a plane image.
     new 7b66a6a  Added a bulk loader image to docs for blvp.
     new 83cdf5f  Fully qualified Cardinality.list example for non-shell usage.
     new df887ac  TINKERPOP3-994 Remove deprecated rebindings usage in the driver.
     new 5cb5911  Refactored the StandardOpProcessor to be more flexibile for extenders.
     new 12e1250  Get rid of more internal "rebound" naming.
     new fe0e665  Correct grammar in exception message.
     new b007e83  Minor javadoc fix.
     new d4cd1dd  GremlinServerExecutor includes "hostOptions"
     new 8bcebba  Rollback the implicit transaction on multi threaded tests.
     new 4d885d1  remove static wildcard imports
     new 7626967  Converted int to double for tests consistency reasons.
     new 0f4ad25  Deprecate credentialsDbLocation setting for gremlin server simple auth.
     new 05f4f2b  TINKERPOP3-945 - added root cause to exceptions where a root cause is available
     new 820297e  Added useMapperFromGraph config to all config files.
     new 27d8253  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-990' of https://github.com/n-tran/incubator-tinkerpop
     new a98ee53  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-912'
     new 85c50c1  Update changelog.
     new 677cc50  Add note about closing the maven repo on deploy in release docs.
     new b0e1f66  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/pietermartin/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 6af274b  Add a minor note about turning off script eval timeout in Gremlin Server.
     new 3a78fdb  use the GraphProvider to convert hardcoded ids
     new 8b4f53c  replace graphProvider.convertId(1, Vertex.class) with convertToVertexId("Marko")
     new ff70cc8  remove unused import
     new 4fb3844  Merge github.com:pietermartin/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8760761  Used GraphSONTokens where they should have been used
     new 141b7e8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-978'
     new e14019b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a54b72c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-981'
     new 967f40b  Update changelog.
     new f7d64fa  Minor formatting fix to changelog.
     new 75e3f42  Add 3.1.1-incubating to upgrade docs.
     new 322668b  Update upgrade docs.
     new 88b85c8  Deprecated Authenticator.newSaslNegotiator() and added new method to replace.
     new aec1bff  Update upgrade docs on Authenticator changes.
     new 6f8c580  Updated changelog.
     new 562d43a  TINKERPOP3-988 Change GraphComputer executors
     new e2fb9b4  TINKERPOP3-1012 generalize BLVP vertex id types
     new fdd853b  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new e6a1141  Added Traverser.getTags(). This gives us more flexbility in how we handle branch-history. This improves MatchStep, future IntersectStep, future SymmetricDifferenceStep, and will allow us to do traversal rewriting in MatchStep (TINKERPOP3-736). No more awkward hack of traverser.path().extend(step.getId())... the stepID is NOT a path label, its a tag.
     new ae756c4  Add a note about removing past releases from dist.
     new 5c64c4c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-988-bis' of https://github.com/dalaro/incubator-tinkerpop
     new bcab151  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 59eaa06  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-952'
     new b503e41  Adjusted ScriptEngines to "merge" bindings.
     new 8720165  Adjust tests to be a bit more bulletproof with respect to thread timing.
     new 6041de6  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP3-1013'
     new 978bf4e  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new cdc063a  Remove the "3" from "TINKERPOP3" in direct JIRA links.
     new 937ebbc  Provide the right expected schema on graph configuration in IoGraphTest.
     new b70f3c7  Drop build of javadocs and asciidoc dryrun from travis
     new 0e43bdd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-1006'
     new 96cb4d6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-860
     new b7c6041  Column enum now implements Function. SelectColumnStep goes away as now select(column) is simply  (un(ddadhe covers) map(column) -- bam. Order.valueDecr/etc. goes away in favor of order().by(values,decr). This means we have decoupled the selector from the comparator so people can do other things besides decr and incr on values.
     new 5b9de83  this is a breaking push. need to get Groovy GremlinLoader happy about comparator. Will get back to this.
     new 85eb63d  HadoopElementIterator now supports ANY InputFormat, not just FileInputFormat. Sweet. Also, if you are using an RDD in Spark (and thus, not really doing Hadoop InputFormat stuffs), we have InputRDDFormat which wraps an RDD in an InputFormat so HadoopElementIterator works as well. This solves the HadoopGraph OLTP problem for ALL InputFormats and it allows ComputerResultStep to Attach elements for more than just FileInputFormats. Good stuff.
     new ddbbec0  I have the SparkIntegrationTestSuite now testing either from Gryo FileInputFormat, GraphSON FileInputFormat, or an InputRDD. This gives us super coverage and proves that InputRDD (bypassing Hadoop) is working as expected. I also fixed up some other tests that used KryoSerializer instead of GryoSerializer as I learned how to deal with Scalas WrappedArray class. It was insane. This is really good stuff.
     new 26dcf3c  some organization and clean up. Stuff is lookin SOLID. Time to run full integration tests.
     new f820935  GroovyProcessCompiuterSuite was missing GroovyFlatMapTest. Added it. Added HadoopPool registration to ToyGraphInputRDD so it doesn't give a WARN message. Also I tweaked BulkLoaderVertexProgramTest to use target/test-output/ for its intermediary data.
     new 5fda89a  GroovyProcessStartard was missing GroovyFlatMapTest. Added.
     new 87382a9  Random exceptions started popping up. I realized that I should kill any residual SparkContext before and after every test. Added AbstractSparkTest which has a Before/After annotated method which does the job. No random exceptions now. Thank god.
     new 461be03  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 447d705  updated CHANGELOG again.
     new 4795042  added more docs to Order Step around Columm.keys and Column.values. Added a GraphTraversal.by() safeguard to ensure no ambiguous method call issues.
     new b2fee75  Introduce the "ci" profile to Travis
     new 1134ad2  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new d59e914  Loosened up assertions on types for toy graphs.
     new 00a2965  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-992'
     new 641a8cb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 19beece  realized a stupid bug in ToyGraphInputRDD around reduceByKey(). Fixed. Thanks @dalaro. CTR.
     new 04f7e24  I merged the Hadoop PR and then the Column PR. Column PR had a conflict in integration testing in Spark cause of unregistered classes. Simple fix. CTR.
     new 2b2bf96  Improved the ability to control logging for maven builds.
     new 3ac67f2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new b27a30b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP3-860
     new bdb8015  Added more to the silent logging configs.
     new 5c7bc38  mapReduceRDD makes use of a post view merge. @dalaro realized this was important prior to graph writing. Thus, moved the view merge to pre-mapreduce and pre-graph output. Added more rigorous property checking to PageRankVertexProgramTest. InputFormatRDD and ToyGraphInputRDD no longer require reduceByKey() initiation because of merged veiws.
     new 63a189c  TINKERPOP-1002 Rolled back transaction after asserted exception.
     new 50de796  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-860'
     new e45c293  numerous tweaks trying to get things clean and clear. Added more tests to PersistedInputOutputRDDTest that show good long chain vertex programs with various degrees of Persist and Hadoop OLTP access, etc. Looking good. Still BulkLoaderVertexProgram problem with InputRDD... don't know what the problem is still (unfortunately).
     new bd0193d  TINKERPOP-1022 Preload OpProcessors in Gremlin Server.
     new 8ab1bd3  Moved transaction commit outside of iteration loop.
     new b9efcb6  Moved logging setup to configuration.
     new 42bcd89  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1025' into TINKERPOP-1027
     new 43b790d  TINKERPOP-1018 Fixed some settings that weren't being passed to Gremlin Driver Cluster creation through config file.
     new 6768431  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP3-995'
     new e1a8d79  hardcoded to not persisted contexts in integration testing to ensure that RDDs are not GC'd. CTR.
     new f26e472  I created Spark which is a class that maintains a HashMap of persisted RDDs to prevent Spark for garbage collecting them. This makes it so we can treat Spark like a file system where each RDD is saved indefinately.
     new 63446c2  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1025' into TINKERPOP-1027
     new d17224c  better control over RDD persistence.
     new 74d1fde  no need for SparkContextHelper anymore. Moved everything regarding persitent context management to the static Spark object.
     new 8d7b853  minor tweaks. Payload null check (can happen with persistent RDDs...) and clear out Spark cache for stale unpersited RDDs.
     new 5a3c5fb  various clean ups and organizations. This static Spark class was the way to go. Things now 'just work'. Finally.
     new a924cc9  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1027
     new 0d4f01d  merged master but then use persisted contexts.
     new c94ecd0  removed wildcard import on statics.
     new 6ae06da  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 9d6467c  fist push on a Spark object for managing persisted RDDs. Not finished yet.
     new b1b4058  Fixed a NullPointerException in PeerPressureVertexProgram. PageRankVertexProgram had the null pointer check and PeerPressure did not. Added PeerPressureVertexProgramTest to ProcessComputeSuite. Ingeration tested Spark. CTR given the simplicity of the fix.
     new 4d1d8c9  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1023
     new f8fabe2  added Spark persited RDD utility that can be spark.ls(), spark.head(), spark.rm(), spark.describe(), etc. in the Console. Really cool. Added a SparkGremlinPluginTest that verifies everything works as expected. Updated docs explaining the new tool.
     new debea17  added spark RDD utility to docs.
     new 9be5a6d  minor section rename.
     new 97828f1  removed debugging work in SparkTest.
     new f1b5702  minor nothing. just in case the filesystem gives back a name with a space.
     new 4fd1305  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1023
     new 2653ca7  added a nice error message if Spark hasn't been created. Much better than NullPointerException.
     new 34a9811  removed named RDDs. No point as they are not going to be cached.
     new 7514782  minor nothing.
     new 10d9b16  BVLP problem with InputRDD was not a real problem. It had to do with workers=1 and local[4]. This is ticket TINKERPOP-1025. Will merge with this work given that its so simple and all related.
     new aef9528  provided a general way to ensure that the number of parititions is NOT larger than the number of workers. Moreover RDD.coalesce() does not require a shuffle as it only handle partition reduction.
     new dbc7f94  Improved consistency of transaction management in gremlin server.
     new 23f4c34  Moved extra logging config to properties files.
     new 2110d65  Add in some upgrade docs around logging.
     new 357bc44  worker regulation based on coalesce.
     new 9b59fac  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new 67845f6  added a many-to-one note about reducing barrier steps in the docs. CTR.
     new f8672a4  fixed a SparkGraphComputer sorting bug in MapReduce that occurred when there is more than one graph partition. This was exposed by ToyGraphInputRDD which is a 4 partition. We never saw this before cause all the InputFormats are single partitions. Dah. Thank you @spmallette for helping me with this as my computer just happens to retrieve the partitions in order and thus, I never saw the problem locally. CTR.
     new ef832dc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-859'
     new e1d949b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 5a9ba5f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1035'
     new f3ebed0  InputRDD now has readMemoryRDD(). OutputRDD now has writeMemoryRDD(). InputFormatRDD and OutputFormatRDD took the code from SparkExecutor that uses SequenceFiles for output. As such, memory reading/writing has been generalized. Graph system providers that ONLY want to provide Spark support are not required to have HDFS as SparkServer can maintains all persisted data via graphRDD and memoryRDD. There is still more work to do. More tests cases is next.
     new 58d9240  added Storage to gremlin-core. Storage is an interface that OLAP system can implement. It provides ls(), rmr(), rm(), etc. type methods that make it easy for users to interact (via a common interface) with the underlying persitance system. Now both HDFS and Spark provide their own Storage implementations and TADA. Really pretty.
     new 2c0d327  merged master and merged conflicts from @spmallettes changes to SparkGremlinPlugin and HadoopGremlinPlugin.
     new 1892d7c  Support self-looping edges in GraphSONReader
     new 8b3af12  Added a strictTransactionManagement setting to Gremlin Server.
     new 19d0a81  Add test case
     new b4d8e96  Greatly greatly simplified Hadoop OLTP and interactions with HDFS and SparkContext. The trend -- dir/~g for graphs and dir/x for memory. A consistent persistence schema makes everything so much simpler. I always assumed this would be all generalized/blah/blah. Never actually did it so, hell, stick with a consistent schema and watch the code just fall away.
     new 38ad2a0  Move test to IoTest
     new 3fff8f5  lots more clean up, tests, and organization. She is a real beauty.
     new 11b9009  Add gryo, graphML tests to IoTest
     new 74b9c8e  migrated GiraphGraphComputer over to the new Storage model via FileSystemStorage for HDFS.
     new 55165a5  cleanup HDFS if Persist.NOTHING.
     new 4f7ed10  Fix bad test comparison
     new 413caf5  Fix bad test comparison
     new 7b700c1  Fix graphMl reader test
     new da2eb7e  Consolidated all test data directories in a consistent fashion.
     new 0c78383  Replaced all system.out.println and system.out.error with logger.
     new 740ed13  Fixed up some problems in the Hadoop plugin tests around hdfs testing.
     new cfdad57  Add a bit more javadoc to the getWorkingDirectory method promoted to GraphProvider.
     new 89f027d  Updated changelog.
     new ad9facb  Add some notes about unit testing to dev docs
     new a15b646  Refactored the sandboxing abstractions for Gremlin Server.
     new 1897b27  Replaced all TINKERPOP3 jira references with TINKERPOP.
     new 1cd464b  Fix typo in test
     new 7578c60  Remove debug lines
     new 6399d19  Match Gryo Reader edge traversal direction to that of StarGraph
     new c21b186  Added labels for in/out on modern diagram.
     new 9ff60b8  Add transparency to diagrams.
     new 32e6d28  Renamed "tests" that aren't mean to be executed on their own without a suite.
     new e3042c0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-930'
     new fa5b273  Add an assert to be sure that the driver can keep sending messages after a serialization error.
     new 7c18817  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-891'
     new 2572216  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-954'
     new d547e1d  fixed bad logger reference
     new c72684e  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1019' of https://github.com/n-tran/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1019
     new 904ed2e  minor fix in BLVP
     new e32a418  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 30e917f  Add a note about naming tests
     new 8cc12c0  store the toString() version of vertex IDs and use it for lookups
     new dc48957  Altered transaction management in Gremlin Server
     new f81d5c4  Updated documentation around transaction management.
     new 48dca54  Added "downloads" to the README
     new 55752d3  Validate bindings on the server to ensure that they were String keys.
     new 0b9556d  Deprecated some old handlers in Gremlin Server.
     new f34bde7  Check for open transactions before doing an auto commit/rollback.
     new bc1fc5e  Deprecate local error metric in Gremlin Server
     new d3ff753  Added another `BulkLoader` implementation (`OneTimeBulkLoader`) to verify that `id.toString()` vertex lookups still work properly if no temporary property is written to the target graph.
     new 2715336  updated CHANGELOG
     new f2e0545  Ensure driver connectivity is still valid after script failure.
     new 8b4e2d4  Added business gremlin image.
     new 14b75ee  Add business gremlin to the drudgeries of the dev docs.
     new 3fedaf6  TINKERPOP-1051: Added best practice to increase the gremlin server heap size in non-trivial use cases.
     new 56a4869  TINKERPOP-956 Added asserts on timeouts to validate the client still works on those kinds of errors.
     new 0c74e39  TINKERPOP-1047 Add a note about use of GraphSON for TinkerGraph's graphFormat setting.
     new 7b042c3  Added JavaDoc for `OneTimeBulkLoader` and explained its behavior in the reference docs.
     new 2e44303  updated one BLVP sample to use OneTimeBulkLoder
     new 2523090  empty commit to retrigger Travis build
     new be30e2d  fixed typo
     new 529512f  TINKERPOP-1052 Fixed a bug in OptOut when using method wildcard.
     new 44932d1  TINKERPOP-1051: Added best practice to increase the gremlin server heap size in non-trivial use cases.  Fixed typo.
     new 4f4384b  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1026'
     new 52edf41  TINKERPOP-1051: Changed max to maximum
     new 87dfadb  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jeromatron/incubator-tinkerpop
     new ae4bffe  removed failure test case, because it screwed up the Giraph integration test suite
     new 5760bf0  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 0926604  Refactor tests to use member variables for graphProvider
     new 947d192  Initial development to track open graph instances in the tests.
     new f5963fc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1045'
     new 3be83ff  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 2c07233  Added Java docs.
     new 114d867  Fixed broken links in Getting Started tutorial.
     new d85a35d  TINKERPOP3-1062 Move beforeEval to occur in same thread as eval
     new 96e7cbd  Add a note about ScriptExecutor in the reference docs.
     new bc41af3  Minor alteration to whitelist matching in sanboxing for scriptengine.
     new 94f3315  Updated docs with new sandbox.yaml regex updates.
     new 2f16c77  Removed ignore annotations on TinkerGraph index tests.
     new eb73211  HDFS wasn't getting the right directory and the assert fails.
     new 3eb4726  TINKERPOP-1065: fix some typos and clarify some wording.
     new c2cff18  TINKERPOP-1065: fixed a newly introduced typo.
     new a94c51f  Add option on GryoMapper to allow overriding the ClassResolver.
     new a51701d  Removed test IoRegistry implementations for ClassResolver.
     new 5c196db  Enable the message serializers to use the ClassResolver setting.
     new c288d65  Updated changelog.
     new 34db892  Update reference docs.
     new 0defd91  Update upgrade docs.
     new cfa2592  Full quantum-gremlin image by Ketrina. Will announce with GraphDay slides.
     new 5406e52  Full quantum-gremlin image by Ketrina. Will announce with GraphDay slides.
     new 8bc2419  Update README.asciidoc with correct hyperlinks
     new e23e80c  Bump README links to 3.1.0.
     new ee70843  Fix typo in release docs.
     new b1e704b  ketrina added more exposure to the image. done done. the original (full scale) is 15 megs and ping me if you want it.
     new 6e5895b  TINKERPOP-1065: fixed a sentence that was incorrectly modified.
     new 95584e3  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 9ba55be  Update changelog.
     new d3a59f4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new a705c21  Add warning about transaction management in initialization scripts for Gremlin Server.
     new 1f6cb94  Better error reporting around gremlin.sh init script.
     new 5463bd9  Update changelog.
     new 0e27005  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-1035
     new e480f4a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-1064
     new 2ca6c96  Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jeromatron/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 9444168  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-983' of https://github.com/n-tran/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 044b5ed  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1055'
     new f8dc1aa  TINKERPOP-1066 Allow ioRegistries to be set on GraphSON MessageSerializers
     new f4be739  fail earlier if download of distribution files fails
     new 205efdf  Clear Grapes and HDFS in `bin/process-docs.sh`. Also added an option (`--no-clean`) to avoid the cleanup.
     new 46c7189  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1064'
     new dbd4a53  merged master into branch. Minor tweaks given @spmallette new work on TestDirectory stuffs.
     new 60866a2  renamed --no-clean option to --noClean (process-docs.sh)
     new f83a594  added notes for --noClean in developer docs
     new 53e57a7  breaking commit. ignore.
     new b0f3e4a  Storage is complete and has a really cool TestSuite. There are two types of Storage. FileSystemStorage (HDFS) and SparkContextStorage (persited RDDs). You can ls(), cp(), rm(), rmr(), head(), etc. There is a single abstract test suite called AbstractStorageCheck that confirms that both Spark and HDFS behave the same. Moved around and organized Hadoop test cases given the new developments.
     new b44253d  Add protocol to the list of Settings for the driver.
     new 5c9e81b  added documentation,  upgrade docs, JavaDoc, more test cases, and fixed up some random inconsistencies in BulkLoaderVertexProgram documentation examples.
     new a7db52b  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1033
     new cc7cfff  added a Storage test case to ensure that residual data for Persist.NOTHING is consistent for both Giraph and Spark. Giraph always left behind sideEffects (memory) on disk. Spark doesn't. Decided NOTHING means destroy persisted memory as well. For 3.2.0, we need to have contracts for all this specified. Made a ticket. Rebuilt docs and ran test suites, all is still golden.
     new 78b1056  bumped to Groovy 2.4.5 and Spark 1.5.2. Both minor release bumps and all tests pass (as well as Spark integration tests).
     new 2089106  Fix the way DependantMutableMetrics profiler durations are calculated.
     new 8749d3d  Add another test to validate TinkerGraph serialization.
     new 9f5879e  updated upgrade docs to say that HDFSTools and HadoopLoader are gone. SparkLoader never existed until this SNAPSHOT so no reason to mention it.
     new 11b154e  merged master -- CHANGELOG updates and spark/groovy version bumps.
     new 114609d  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1033'
     new 4082a4a  Allow the user to specify the persistence StorageLevel for both the computed job graph and any PersistedOutputRDD data. Updated docs, example conf, and added a test case that validates that persisted to SparkStorage is correct as the configuration changes.
     new bdfd490  implemented BulkDumperVertexProgram + integration tests
     new 43eaf8d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-320
     new 53f28d4  added import for BulkDumperVertexProgram to console standard imports
     new 58cd806  Used a independent loop control for result interation.
     new b4cb00d  Fixed a bug in the SimpleSandbox for Gremlin Server
     new 1e5dcaf  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1075-fix-profile-duration-cap-step' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop
     new d7b295b  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 4ad6617  fixed a bug in ObjectWritable comparable that showed up with Giraph. If the objects are not comparable and you say they are equal, then equals() is not used for comparison. Weak. I simple -1 for non-comparable objects solves the problem.
     new 1e989b7  Made a safer comparator for non-comparable objects where if they are equal, then the comparison is 0. CTR.
     new d7ae923  updated CHANGELOG and reference docs
     new 96388ee  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-320
     new 8ac487f  Merge https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 13bbbae  With Giraph 1.1.0, you no longer need ZooKeeper running. CTR.
     new 23a31f7  Changed to info level logging for GremlinProcessRunner.
     new b02b9f8  Changed Neo4j GraphProviders to use the test name in the data directory.
     new 3395f2b  a minor fix -- all traversal strategies must be cloned (even in AmbstractLambdaTraversals). CTR.
     new 699da44  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1072'
     new 039828b  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 15bfb9f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1035'
     new d302a3b  Merge https://github.com/apache/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 625bfdd  Cleanup tests
     new 6be9ce0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 1d36fea  InputRDD and OutputRDD have default methods for read/writeMemoryRDD which return empty RDDs and Iterators. Most providers will never implement these methods as they will simply store their data using XXXFormatRDD or PersistedXXXRDD. Thus, default methods make it easier for providers.
     new ef40dce  Added the upper case versions of T accessors to invalid bindings.
     new e6a0561  Set javadoc generation to quiet.
     new 9cf6b48  Fixed a number of javadoc warnings around anonymous traversal.
     new 778e5bf  Fixed Io.Builder related javadoc warnings.
     new c194aa0  Fix javadoc warnings for AbstractTransaction.
     new 16aa720  there is something weird with IncidentToAdjacentStrategy and AbstractLambdaTraversal. Trying another clone() solution. It sucks Spark sometimes randomly fails ........ CTR.
     new c9e3c9e  Merge github.com:laxatives/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 4054e26  added CAUTION note for HadoopGraph -- TINKERPOP-1009. So simple its a CTR.
     new 44ba975  Groovy was selecting the wrong method for the by()-modulation. I had this problem before with Column. A simple fix -- TINKERPOP-1060
     new 96f34b1  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-938'
     new 869c0d1  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-320'
     new 77af1a0  TrueTraversal was an INSTANCE static, but this was causing problems as AbstractLambdaTraversal had dynamic strategies. To rectify the situation, no more INSTANCE. CTR.
     new 9851241  Greatly simplified/sped-up AbstractLambdaTraversal. It doesn't need graph, strategy, parent, etc. references and all the complexities of cloning that that stuff entails. Next, it now has a consistent equals()/hashCode() model. Moreover, that hashCode()/equals() model that was only in DefaultGraphTraversal has now been moved up to DefaultTraversal where it should have been to begin with. Added proper TraverserRequirements to AbstractLambdaTraversal (hasnt bit us yet, but  [...]
     new ea4f4a2  Add some additional "unexpected" error handling in OpExecutorHandler.
     new d2dd5a3  added an upgrade note about InputRDD.readMemoryRDD() and OutputRDD.writeMemoryRDD(). CTR.
     new 101afa2  added a missing toString() in IncrementalBulkLoader
     new 6511a77  Somehow we've been missing projects from the full javadoc generation.
     new a2cdeef  Integrated `NumberHelper` in `SackFunctions`.
     new 0cac855  tweaked the coalesce() doc example to pure pure-traversal form. No .next(). We have AddPropertyStep. CTR.
     new 52fcb60  the constant() examples had unneeded __. prefixes on the nested traversals. Removed as that is not the convention for our docs. CTR.
     new 12142e5  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 51c4326  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-824'
     new 427806b  check if Gremlin Server is already running and cancel the doc pre-processor if it is
     new 7e7b83e  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1083'
     new 6c85a45  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 3ade0b0  Cleaned up all the gremlin-core javadoc errors.
     new 7a89927  Clean up javadoc warnings in gremlin-test
     new f4e28a8  Fixed javadoc warnings for gremlin-server.
     new cf2e3b1  Fixed test name.
     new 74b4c61  Added gryo serializers for virtually all java.time classes.
     new 1670e08  cleaned up SparkGraphComputer file handling a bit. Just better code organization and no so many configuration.get() calls. Fixed a bug in PersitedInputOutputRDDTest. Moved the loadJars() line closer to context creation (@dkuppitz). CTR.
     new 9eddd6a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1086'
     new ed66ee3  fixed Order.shuffle so that it doesn't violate contract. This required some refactoring. A little cleaner, but I bet we could make it even nicer.
     new cc6f10d  TINKERPOP-998 Deprecated the VertexPropertyFeatures.FEATURE_ADD_PROPERTY.
     new 74cd88c  TINKERPOP-997 FeatureRequirementSet.SIMPLE uses VertexFeatures.FEATURE_ADD_PROPERTY
     new d54d666  Fixed a very inefficient implementation of SampleLocalStep. Added some nice test cases to SampleLocalStepTest and SampleGlobalStepTest. I think we should use the XXXStepTest methods more for checking things and not the XXXTests which are way more involved. CTR.
     new bb275d9  @dkuppitz found a missing GraphTraversal method. Added. CTR.
     new 13bc071  Added an extra image to the getting started tutorial.
     new ce8925b  higher resolution to the gremlin-gym graphic as its a bit pixaletted in the tutorial. CTR.
     new 1a8e799  registered CompactBuffer[].class --- required for CoGroupRDD in SparkServer.
     new a9a5a5b  added helper script that distributes spark-gremlin jars across all servers in a Spark cluster
     new 18f5911  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new e38df7f  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1089'
     new b27d653  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 889e38e  YARN and MapReduce behave different for computing slots. Removing this calculation until we can figure out a general solution. CTR.
     new 484746b  added GryoSerailizerIntegrateTest that verifies that when Spark is under stress and has to spill to disk, that the appropriate classes are registered with GryoSerializer. This test help to expose the CompactBuffer registration issue. Note that this test takes about 10 minutes to run, but it is an integrate test so.... Also, found a bug where if the RDD is read from the context, its persitence level can not be changed. Thus, checked for that situation. CTR.
     new 5e6d668  TINKERPOP-860 Patched up a bug introduced by this ticket.
     new f8354fc  added 'gremlin at the movies' for jeremy hannas movielens tutorial.
     new 610877a  added note for init-tp-spark.sh script in reference docs
     new 98a097e  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-943'
     new 272569c  Michael Hunger just updated the tinkerpop-neo4j-api to support Neo4j's latest release of 2.3.2. Bumpd neo4j-gremlins pom.xml. integration tested. CTR.
     new cd1e0c6  the tinkerpop3 splash image is pixalatted. created a higher resolution version.
     new 08c421b  and old sketch from Ketrina. cleaned it up, transparency'd it and putting in our archive of tinkerpop images.
     new c167108  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 6f3fd00  fixed typo
     new 1d8642b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-997'
     new 2a0616b  Fixed bug in documentation around threaded transactions.
     new 65e7775  found a misspelling in our sample configuration files. fixed. CTR.
     new 2ca4cba  ran numerous SparkServer jobs for manual testing for 3.1.1 release. Found a few issues. 1) we don't repartition if the workers is greater than the number of partitions. FIXED. 2) there was a memory leak in SparkExecutor that was easily solved with a .clear() to the incomming view. I ran full integration tests for Spark and all is golden. CTR.
     new 8646af7  Found another bug in my manual testing of Spark. If the SparkContext is open, the graphRDD prior to finalization is persited -- eek. Made it so that it is unpersisted() correctly. Moreover, added test cases to ensure that unnamed persited RDDs are not dangling around between jobs on a persited context. Also, found a NullPointerException. Ran full spark integration tests. CTR.
     new 568a4e1  Add tutorial for the console.
     new c9bccab  We had an OptOut test in HadoopGraph that is no longer needed to be opt'd out of. Removed the OPT_OUT and ran integration tests. All is good. CTR.
     new 04da35d  Tweak to a console tutorial code example
     new 9271813  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new df8d4b1  During my manual testing, I found another memory hole in SparkGraphComputer in the MapReduce-zone. If the data isn't partitioned nicely, then an OME is easily achieved. This push turns map(), combine(), and reduce() into lazy iterator operations. Moreover, I added combine() which limits the GC pressure on the groupByKey() in reduce(). The runtimes are relatively the same for the testing graph I'm using in my local 3-worker SparkServer environment, but fortunately, the GC [...]
     new 7022177  Use QueryBuilder in cassandra example for console tutorial.
     new 1f3492a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new cdf1446  used a cleaner/easier sizeCounter model to determine when to dump the combine() aggregation. CTR.
     new 4851f1f  used a cleaner/easier sizeCounter model to determine when to dump the combine() aggregation. CTR.
     new cf9f957  Minor tweaks to the console tutorial.
     new 21f3b25  Clean up some indentation on the console tutorial.
     new 68e3cad  Renamed directory structure for console tutorial.
     new 3af6ef1  Minor tweaks added to getting started tutorial.
     new cebe3c9  Alter asserts in some commits around type checking ScriptEngine tests.
     new c4bc256  There was a bug around ls() and exists() behavior for 'directory'-based storage locations. I created a beautiful test case that ensures that both SparkContextStorage (spark()) and FileSystemStorage (hdfs()) behave the same for their respective RDDs and files. Ran full integration tests. Everything OK. CTR.
     new 4dd89e9  Added a couple of ScriptEngine tests
     new e5e7cba  found an RDD persistence 'memory bug' in SparkGraphComputer while doing large scale testing with @dkuppitz using 4 Blades and the 2 billion edge Friendster dataset. Fixed. CTR.
     new 64227b8  A potential NullPointerException fixed.
     new f8a2522  organization tweaks around persistence of RDDs. Minor nothings.
     new 1e5b8db  more test cases around RDD persistence.
     new aaf2e94  removed a repository needed for Giraph 1.0.0. Now with Giraph 1.1.0, its all in Central Maven. CTR.
     new 93b112d  more test cases around persisted rdds. found a minor bug when the peristed rdd was an input rdd. tweaked the Spark Applicaiton name so it looks nicer in the SparkServer UI. CTR.
     new 318eb34  large scale benchmarking of SparkGraphComputer with the Friendster dataset identified a combiner() issue. I wasnt combining into sufficiently small chunks per partition. This was extremely wasteful and on our large scale benchmarking, led to GC stalls in MapReduce phases. I wrote a really solid test suite for CombinerIterator that demonstrates proper aggregation.
     new 7ea5cdd  fixed a minor bug in bin/init-tp-spark.sh
     new a6c9f60  Minor documenation tweaks for the console tutorial.
     new 09a5d28  after a week of benchmarking, finalized the optimizations of SparkGrpahComputer. will be sending an email around discussing the findings.
     new b50bb3f  Added ComputerGraph.* classes to the Sugar registry so they will be unloaded and not stay around. For the HadoopGremlinPluginCheck test, I close the context just to be safe. Updated docs around Input/OutputRDD. Added HighlyCompressedMap.class to Gryo registry (shows up when you have numerous partitions).
     new ffbecdb  Bump to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new 873174e  Started working on GraphComputer.vertices() and GraphComputer.edges(). Have it working (untested) for SparkGraphComputer. The same pattern will flow over to GiraphGraphComputer. There are some issues regarding semantics in TinkerGraphComputer. Will bring up with a [DISCUSS].
     new 3b3e008  GraphComputerTest now verifies that graph filters work -- GraphComputer.vertices() and GraphComputer.edges(). SparkGraphComputer implements graph filters correctly. TinkerGraph and Giraph throw UnsupportOperationException at this point (i.e. TODO). Had to add remove() methods to many of the inner Iterator anonymous classes in IteratorUtils and MultiIterator. Basically, they just call remove() on the wrapped iterator. Thus, cleanly backwards compatible. Added GraphFilterA [...]
     new 3485d84  Created a CommonFileInputFormat abstract class that both GryoInputFormat and ScriptInputFormat now extend. It handles all vertex/edge filter construction and has helper methods for filtering the StarVertex prior to being fully loaded by the InputFormat. This is really nice as we can now tweak vertex loading to a pretty intense degree especially with GryoInputFormat (e.g. once properties are loaded, check vertex filter and thus, don't even deserialize the edges). How it i [...]
     new 77732dd  tweaks to filtered boolean check.
     new 64c6840  GiraphGraphComputer now has support for vertexFilters and edgeFilters. Consolidated a bunch of code to make it easy for future InputFormats to be GraphFilterAware. Will most likely make a filterMap so variables are bundled nicely.
     new bc417db  created a GraphFilter container object that makes storing and applying filters easy. Very clean model. GraphFilter will next contain stuff like inferences on the filters so easy push-down predicates are available to the graph system provider.
     new 93234df  Update NOTICE given bump in groovy version.
     new 94ca074  Minor adjustments to license/notice dev docs.
     new d0ac652  GraphFilter is now a really cool class. It is part of gremlin-core/computer and provides access to GraphComputer vertices() and edges() load filters. It also provides direct support for filtering StarVertex vertices (as most OLAP systems will leverage StarVertex). Its StarVertex support is nice in that GraphFilter analyzes the edgesFilter and can do bulk dropEdges() to prune the StarVertex fast. Whatever it can't do in bulk, it then runs the edgeFilter over the remaining [...]
     new eee16c9  TinkerGraph now supports GraphComputer GraphFilter. Sort of an elegant solution that makes use of tagging elements that are legal or not. As of right now, the full test suite passes (integration too). GraphFilter works -- this is going to be huge for speeding up OLAP times.
     new 7ad48f2  added a MapReduce test. We now verify that GraphFilter works for both VertexProgram+MapReduce and MapReduce only. TinkerGraph and Spark integration tests pass.
     new 72e388c  added nice GraphFilter.legalVertex() and GraphFilter.legalEdges() methods so that the provider doesn't have to be smart about how to apply the underlying filter traversal.
     new e4cf925  Added a state-based test case to GraphFilter. About to run this thing on the Blade cluster against Friendster to see how well we do now.
     new 7023987  Forgot to add vertices() and edges() to the ComputerTraversalEngine.Builder. I can't wait for this model to go away in favor of a fluent TraversalSource.
     new 6cfb1f2  found a bug in TraversalUtil.isLocalStarGraph(). Added TraversalUtil.isLocalVertex() (for only checking properties -- no edge access). Added JavaDoc to new GraphComputer methods. Added verfication that the provided traversals don't leave their respective boundaries.
     new f7ad5c4  Added standard GraphComputer.Exceptions for GraphFilter and verfiy Exceptions are thrown correctly in GraphComputerTest. Tweaks to JavaDoc.
     new b824d0c  Created specialized serializers for common classes in Spark to avoid the overhead of JavaSerialization.
     new 4afe29a  forgot a Serialization that popped up when taking things to the cluster.
     new 1c9a31c  Learned about ExternalizableSerializer which makes registration of Kryo serializers alot more simple. Ran this code on the cluster -- what took 25 minutes now takes 6.8 minutes.
     new 9f85d3e  Better handled commit and serialization errors in Gremlin Server.
     new 097e09a  minor nothings.
     new 580c683  Added a protected constructor() to LP_O_OB_S_SE_SL_Traverser and thus, enable it to be serialized. Fixed a configuration check issue in InputFormatRDD. TINKERPOP-1119 and TINKERPOP-1117.
     new d6e22ff  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 001a13d  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-962
     new 93f430e  fixed a bug in GryoRecordReader when the input split has 0 bytes. Removed an asssertion from PeerPressureVertexProgram that emerges when the provider has a different ID schema.
     new 12b9b21  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 569496f  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-962
     new 07f7a8c  Moved GraphFilterTest to gremlin-groovy/ so I can use reflection and not have to make internal variables protected for testing purposes. Optional<Vertex> GraphReader.readVertex(InputStream,GraphFilter) now exists at the interface level with an UnsupportedOperationException default. GryoReader can now read vertices from a GraphFilter-perspective and only materialize those vertices/edges that are legal. Should be fairly trivial to add to GraphSONReader.
     new b3d3116  was using null to represent a filtered vertex. went with Optional throughout so the API is consistent.
     new a28b1fd  method rename. pointless twiddling.
     new 30bfe3e  Provide more robust SimpleClient implementations.
     new 25e5b24  ensure that the context is closed after the test suite has completed.
     new ed18cd9  OMG, the most insane bug for the last two hours. Painfull......
     new 5021135  Created a GraphFilterInputFormat which, if the user provided INPUT_FORMAT is not GraphFilterAware, it will filter the vertex before sending it up the I/O stack. Thus, GraphSONInputFormat, which is currently NOT GraphFilterAware, is wrapped by GraphFilterInputFormat.  This greatly simplifies the complexity of dealing with GraphFilters in Hadoop (Giraph vs. MapReduce -- e.g.). Along the way, I did lots of nice clean up and organiation of our various input/output formats an [...]
     new 4134254  Added JavaDoc to GraphFilter and GraphFilterInputFormat. More JavaDoc to GraphFilter along the way...
     new c5b2421  Use the existing Host iterator
     new 482ccda  StarGraph is no longer special to GraphFilter. All the filtering methods for StarGraph that were weirdly in GraphFilter are now just in StarGraph -- i.e. StarGraph.applyGraphFilter(GraphFilter). We may want to create an interface moving forward like Filterable which requires an applyGraphFilter(GraphFilter) implementation. Added more test cases GraphComputerTest -- we now test graph filtering for the VERTEX_PROGRAM, VERTEX_PROGRAM+MAP_REDUCE, MAP_REDUCE. A slight optimiz [...]
     new da75577  dah. groovy reflection-based test cases. lame.
     new f1800bd  Keep the value of open counter in sync when connections fail.
     new cced242  Check the value of reconnectionAttempt and create scheduled task as a 2 step process.
     new b54ddf2  Made significant memory improvements to TraverserExecutor. Realized some massive heaps on some jobs on Friendster using SparkGraphComputer and tracked it down to how I'm dealing with traversers in TraverserVertexProgram. I was not 'draining' sets of traversers and thus, was using an excessive amount of memory. This really shows itself when touching edges where you can easily generate million of traversers and to have multiple copies of that data is bad. To make draining  [...]
     new 047ee20  Figured out a neat trick. IteratorUtils.noRemove(Iterator) so if a providers Messenger doesn't support Iterator.remove(), they can simply wrap the iterator they provide in Iterator.noRemove(). Chillin'.
     new 8e070c7  Update docs in preparation for release of 3.1.1-incubating.
     new 5e00a13  TinkerPop 3.1.1-incubating release
     new 579c8d1  JIRA tickets were not ordered properly.
     new 1b8d881  updated CHANGELOG with 3.2.0 section. We need a new logo.
     new 66fd730  added the upgrade doc for 3.2.0 and added a section about GraphFilter and the two new GraphComputer methods. CTR.
     new 388d1f2  Greatly optimized all ReducingBarrierSteps in OLAP execution. I realized that there are actually two 'combine' stages. Given that the HALTED_TRAVERSERS are all group'd at a Vertex prior to MAP, you can COMBINE in Map. Thus, you map/combine, combine, and then reduce. For steps like outE().count(), this means that we don't Map traversers for each edge --- instead we create a single count locally before pushing off to combine/reduce. This will make GC and memory usage minim [...]
     new cb36ca4  Fixed broken path in distribution validator.
     new 44b3fb6  Fix bad formatting in changelog.
     new ba22c7a  minor nothing.
     new 2b1a23e  Fix broken links in README.
     new 7c98a36  Bump to 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT.
     new a5d1c74  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 42143c2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d974abc  Added 3.2.x to index of upgrade docs.
     new a3e2a98  Tweak release docs slightly given minor lessons learned.
     new 89e159b  Improved messaging from gremlin server around timeouts.
     new 5f2cd67  The most brutal refactor. There is no such thing as a TraversalSource.Builder anymore. All there are are TraversalSources. These are simply a wrapper of a TraversalStrategy and a Graph. There is no such thing as a TraversalEngine anymore. What was ComputerTraversalEngine is now simply a strategy of TraversalVertexProgramStrategy. There is no such thing as EngineDependentStrategy -- this is simply TraversalVertexProgramStrategy. In short, all there are are Graphs and Trav [...]
     new 908433f  added back in ComputerTraversalEngine, StandardTraversalEngine, and TraversalSource.Builder. All are deprecated but are functional with respects to Graph.traversal(TravesalSource.Builder). Both TinkerGraphProvider and SparkGraphProvider have a 50-percent chance of either using the new traversal source model or the old deprecated builder model. This way, we are certain that, for users, this push is backwards compatible. Note that for graph system providers, there is only  [...]
     new 229474a  Added lots of JavaDoc. Lots of organization and clean up. Ready for PR.
     new 2db6faa  renamed EngineDependent to GraphComputing as there is no longer the concept of a TraversalEngine.
     new e8a7e3a  This closes #208
     new 9e85ac4  updated AsciiDoc reference manual to use new TraversalSource model. Deprecated Order.valueIncr/etc. -- was a simple dangling ticket for 3.2.0.
     new 5f1cbd9  Just realized that numerous tests are excluded because local traversals are being verified as global in ComputerVerificationStrategy. Given that TraversalEngine no longer exists, added TraversalParent.isLocalChild() to test if the child is local or global and updated ComputerVerificationStrategy accordingly.
     new cdfebf0  Just realized that numerous tests are excluded because local traversals are being verified as global in ComputerVerificationStrategy. Given that TraversalEngine no longer exists, added TraversalParent.isLocalChild() to test if the child is local or global and updated ComputerVerificationStrategy accordingly.
     new 1286b4f  Set up 3.1.2-incubating in CHANGELOG.
     new bad3af7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31' into TINKERPOP-1138
     new 330c521  Update changelog.
     new b07400c  merge tweaks. updated CHANGELOG.
     new 26aedc7  merged from tp31 and fix conflicts.
     new 50d5dd9  Added another `edge()` method in `ScriptElementFactory` that allows to set explicit edge ids.
     new 50b7f82  Revert "Added another `edge()` method in `ScriptElementFactory` that allows to set explicit edge ids."
     new 577ffcd  minor nothing
     new f80e5c1  merged master/ and fixed conflicts.
     new 64cd1b1  TraversalVertexProgramStep created. It works. Sorta --- need to get ComputerVerificationStrategy more aware. 95 percent of tests pass -- the ones that fail have to do with deep nested traverasls and ComputerVerificationStrategy not catching them. Anywho, once this is solid, the door is open for PageRankVertexProgramStep. Going to get crazy here soon. Also, ComputerResultStep now simply traversifies ComputerResults. Really elegant.
     new 99b5791  Added ScriptElementFactory::graph() to provide access to the local star graph.
     new a326464  Use an AtomicReference<Boolean> to protect the reconnect task, rather than synchronizing on it.
     new 457ef48  Extend GremlinServerIntegrateTest::shouldFailOnDeadHost to restart and reconnect.
     new bf90af0  Merge branch 'tp31' of https://github.com/kieransherlock/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1125-to-1127
     new ec6499f  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1126' of https://github.com/kieransherlock/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1125-to-1127
     new e71139c  Marked `ScriptElementFactory` as deprecated and made the local star graph globally available for the ScriptInputFormat's user defined parse() method.
     new af62e3c  updated CHANGELOG
     new 688df01  CTR: Not skipping tests in `bin/validate-distribution.sh` when building the project as that might lead to failures. @spmallette
     new 19c4197  updated ScriptInputFormat section in reference docs
     new 58b784b  Trying to harden up a test that randomly fails some environments. CTR
     new 51140a4  Add some instructions to validate-distribution.sh around gpg.
     new f2dbb0f  Have TraversalVertexProgramStep working fully. I had to Ignore tests in ExplainTest and ProfileTest as OLTP and OLAP now no longer compile to the same representation. This is both good and bad. Its good because that means that a Traversal is not globally OLAP or globally OLTP. It can have OLAP and OLTP sections. Its bad in that features like Profile and Explain need to be smart about mixed-engine traversals. I am still far from finished ... just want to push to save work.
     new e5c3d78  fixed a bug around Serialization of GraphComputer. Integration tests now pass. Cool.
     new b2cfc38  It is no longer up to the VertexProgram to remove() messages from the Messenger. If the graph provider can support iterator remove(), it does it automatically. I added a IteratorUtils.removeOnNext() wrapper to easily aid the provider. If the providers iterator doesn't support remove(), thats that. This is less error prone as VertexPrograms don't have to be so aware of memory management at the underlying engine level. CTR.
     new 5549ed3  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 02b86bd  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-971
     new 6cbd8a5  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-971' into TINKERPOP-1140
     new 597c350  Use GraphProvider.clear() to auto-clear graphs created in tests
     new c2688ef  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-916' into tp31
     new 080863a  okay. TraversalVertexProgramStep is just like any other step. Nothing 'special'. Its a TraversalParent with one global child -- the traversal to be executed on the GraphComputer. I got rid of TraversalSideEffects.onGraphComputer() as again, a traversal can now have OLTP and OLAP components. In its place, we have TraversalHelper.onGraphComputer(traversal) which will tell you if a parent of the traversal is a TraversalVertexProgramStep. this model is really really nice as  [...]
     new 3cc0d8a  fixed typo
     new 4f885f0  reverted changes in ScriptInput parser in order to verify that backwards compatibility is preserved
     new c07d698  TraversalExplanation is now Serializable and registered with GryoMapper.
     new 338a39e  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 3afc189  Stubbed PageRankVertexProgramStep. Cleaned up and optimized a few tid bits here and there. Its going to get nasty tomorrow.
     new f1c6967  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1137' into tp31
     new d57f53a  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 2478594  using Trusty virtualization environment in Travis
     new c5fa692  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new ed193170 Made the email templates for votes a little more clear in dev docs.
     new 8bb113a  Add GPG keys to email template for release vote.
     new c590e7a  Added the "result summary" to the email template for release vote.
     new 4a6f9a2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1146' into tp31
     new e9966b3  Allowed for transaction management in sessions.
     new a4cf151  Okay. Here is is. g.V().pageRank().order.by(pageRank).name.limit(10). We know support chained OLAP jobs within a single Traversal. This is an amazing piece of code. There is still lots more to do, but the basic framework is working and is sound. Note that we were able to loosen up lots of ComputerVerificaitonStrategy restrictions. Moreover, over the next couple of pushes, we will loosen up even more. The OrderStep comparator stuff was a rats nest that I have since cleane [...]
     new 6a977db  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-971'
     new be3ebc1  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade.asciidoc.
     new e2e38e6  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1140
     new 17bfdb8  Was really dumb about SparkMessenger and GiraphMessenger. No need to insert a start step. Weird. ComputerVerificationStrategy can now recognize when edge properties are being manipulated in MapReduce. Added TraveralHelper.getLastElementClass(traversal). Neato. Fixed up FileSystem access in SparkGraphComputer. I think we have a bug in 3.1.2 that makes chaining files bad. Weird we don't have a test for that. However, most people don't chain vertex programs so I suspect no  [...]
     new 66d86cd  there is a bug in GiraphGraphComputer when chaining jobs together. damn. I have things a bit cleaner. committing what I have for now.
     new e157514  A note about speeding up doc generation for a single file CTR
     new cee96fd  Improved GraphSON support of java.time.* packages.
     new 0567c6b  Removed superflous text from NOTICE.
     new 1f05846  Improved reusability of unique test directory creation in /target
     new e982a0c  Should not use GraphFactory to create graphs in tests.
     new ec4f489  Use synchronizedList for a script engine test that multithreads.
     new d6f4645  Updates to LICENSE and NOTICE.
     new d5d78c7  Update docs on LICENSE/NOTICE to mention including copies of the license.
     new cd1a379  Found a couple of bugs around job chaining in all GraphComputer implementations. Wrote a solid GraphComputerTest to ensure job chaining behaves as expected. Still a few more things to handle -- the Traversal.pageRank() tests in Giraph don't pass and I'm not sure why.
     new 232b187  Added ConcurrentBindings implementation for Gremlin ScriptEngine.
     new dea9327  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1135' into tp31
     new 0a22430  Found a bug in TraverserMapReduce where the combiner should not just call reduce(). Only Giraph was able to expose it because it actually calls combine(). The test dataset is so small that Spark doesn't even kick it off. TinkerGraph, because its in memory, doesn't use combine. Wow. That was a two day bug. However, I have written so many more test cases. Things are really pretty. And that ends my week with g.V.pageRank().order().by().limit(10) working. Phew.
     new 491bef6  added another PageRankTest test case and made MapReduce.map() a non-default implementation so users know they have to implement that method.
     new d627f9c  minor nothing.
     new f683d95  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1138' into tp31
     new 0f4e737  forgot to put back the old model after verifying something. changes nothing -- just simpler code.
     new 1de73e5  Renamed the various /deps directories to /licenses CTR
     new 71ed313  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1125-to-1127' into tp31
     new 9aba328  Update changelog.
     new f3ef0e0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1106' into tp31
     new f06cf66  Updated changelog.
     new c1c6d60  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1039' into tp31
     new 890131e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1148' into tp31
     new d2531c1  update pom.xml dependencies to work with databases created by Neo4j 2.3.0 - 2.3.2
     new 248bbc4  Merge pull request #1 from leemit/tp31.fix-for-neo4j-2.3.2
     new ddf609b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new d4fc99f  Added a github gremlin
     new 27833b4  Cleaned up github gremlin a little bit.
     new c9c74c0  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1140'
     new c0b79c5  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new 4be2c36  Added "Apache Gremlin"
     new 6bb458e  Cleaned up the "apache gremlin" a little bit.
     new 9ad6613  Still cleaning up apache gremlin.
     new 20bfc01  Merge branch 'tp31' of https://github.com/leemit/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 94a14cc  Added exclusions required for GremlinServer and Neo4j integration testing.
     new dac0f48  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new f2bec67  Added ScriptTraversal which contains a String script and reference to a traversal source and script engine. This greatly simplifies serializing traversals and will enable us to just talk always in terms of Traversal and not worry about if its a serializable or non-serializable traversal.
     new 44f7815  revived a deprecated method for backwards compatibility.
     new 94ffac9  Added ByModulating interface which has numerous modulateBy() overloads. Interestingly, all the default call the respective Traversal-form. This makes it much easier for steps to reason about incoming traversals from by()-modulation and do something different with it. GraphTraversal no longer reasons about by(). It simply calls ((ByModulator)getEndStep()).modulateBy(...). Clean logic. Added more test cases to OrderTest as we didn't have tests for a few of the by() modulat [...]
     new 55e5559  Fixed TINKERPOP-1105. DetachedVertexProperties were being serialized as DetachedProperty by GryoSerializers.
     new ba0b7b7  Fixed a bug where DetachedVertexProperties lose transient reference to their Vertex and thus, can't be attached. Without rewriting the serialization format for DetachedVertexProperty, a simple 'don't try and attach' in OLAP is the solution. A future solution will be to keep the Vertex ID around in some fashion, but for tp31, this would change the binary schema of DetachedVertexProperty.
     new 2326b04  merged TINKERPOP-1105 fix.
     new 45b0975  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1154
     new fea3e31  Minor tweak to artifact deployment in release docs.
     new 4aeb4b2  Update release docs.
     new 7b8ce4b  Added Apache Gremlin to contributing docs.
     new c3eb653  Simplified the configuration internals of TraversalVertexProgram, PageRankVertexProgram, and PeerPressureVertexProgram. Stubbed the ability to allow these vertex programs determine which source vertices to use for their computation. Added another PageRankTest which verifies the new ByModulating behavior for PageRankVertexProgramStep -- g.V().pageRank().by('friendRank').by(outE('knows')). Introduced PureTraversal which contains an uncompiled and compiled form of a Travers [...]
     new d06329e  added ColumnTraversal for Order-based column selection. Added more test cases to LambdaRestrictionStrategyTest. Split the test suite into 'allowed' and 'not allowed' traversals so its easier to test the scope of what is considered 'lambda'.
     new 888ac6a  TINKERPOP-1159 Prevented multiple close requests on call to Client.close()
     new a5a00bf  More fixes for in-session binding concurrency.
     new 010c9f3  little more work. saving what I have for a big push next.
     new b42dcea  Properly handle session bindings to avoid concurrency errors.
     new 88f24c7  Through hell and back. You can now go TraversalVertexProgram->PageRankVertexProgramStep->TraversalVertexPrograph->OLTP. I had to create the concept of 'reving and old view.' VertexProgramStrategy is much more flexible. Still needs alot of work, but we are getting there.
     new 01b4a53  added GraphComputerTest.shouldSupportPreExistingComputeKeys(). This is necessary when job chaining and HALTED_TRAVERSERS are later required by another TraversalVertexProgram.
     new 86284f2  TraversalVertexProgram now uses the GraphStep instead of reasoning on its internal state. This simplifies the code and stages us for mid-traversal V()/E(). Added a new GraphTest. Fixed an old problem with TraversalVertexProgram and headless-traversals. I just changed and old GraphComputerTest and it worked. Sweet.
     new b0dfde3  Added a TIP about returning empty list instead of null in gremlin console tutorial.
     new 969472f  GraphTraversalSource, for all its withXXX-methods, simply calls TraversalSource.super.withXXX. Now that we have TraversalSource.getStrategies(), its super easy.
     new 70a3065  Uncommented some tests there disabled by accident.
     new 11238b6  Created VertexProgramStep which is abstract and provides processNextStarts() functionality to TraversalVertexProgramStep and PageRankVertexProgramStep. Moved the PureTraversal model into the VertexProgramSteps. Added TimesModulating which allows steps to do what they wish with times(int). pageRank().times(20) for example. General cleanup.
     new 2d5cd1c  VertexProgramStrategy is now smart about GraphStep.PageRank. It will just propagate the GraphStep forward to reduce the number of OLAP jobs required. Added VertexProgramStrategyTest which verifies the compilation of a OLAP traversal.
     new 622f84b  Added PeerPressureVertexProgramStep and GraphTraversal.peerPressure(). Added GraphTraversal.pageRank(alpha). Ensured that VertexComputing steps are NOT used in StandardTraversal.
     new 815ab3f  dah. forgot to push the update to this test.
     new 80df0a6  added pageRank() and peerPressure() steps to docs. Also updated the GraphComputer docs with more information about using the VertexPrograms from Traversal. Oh, and updated the PageRank Java code in the docs as its now a bit different with PureTraversal (which, by the way, is waaaaaaaaay better than our older ConfigurationTraversal model).
     new 0c25524  forgot to register the PeerPressureTests to not use ToyInputRDD in SparkHadoopGraphProvider as they require compute chains.
     new 88fe7c9  backpropagated VertexComputing step labels for a robust as().select().path()-experience when working with OLAP VertexProgramSteps. Added a test case to PageRankTest that verifies all is golden.
     new f19311b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1148' into tp31
     new 0192240  added the most complex OLAP job I could think of. PeerPressure->PageRank->TraversalVertexProgram->OLTP. This was added to PeerPressureTest and GroovyPeerPressureTest. This test exposed 2 bugs. One in PeerPressureVertexProgram where storeState() was bad (forgot to store the key property). The other in how we detachTraversals for outE()-style message passing -- if two outE()-style message passes are the same (e.g. outE(knows)), then step ids were not unique and thus, it wa [...]
     new cb4df81  added the concept of initialRank to PageRankVertexProgram. The initialRank of a vertex is determined by a Traversal<Vertex,Double>. What is sweet, in the context of multi-OLAP traversals --- g.V().has('name','marko').pageRank(), the initialRank is determined by HaltedTraversersCountTraversal which simply determines the size of the HALTED_TRAVERSERS at that vertex. Thus, marko gets an initial rank of 1 and every other vertex 0. Created a CRAZY long, complex PageRankTest t [...]
     new 506d799  random nothings. found a clone issue.
     new bbf5b3f  splitted implementations.asciidoc into implementations-hadoop.asciidoc and implementations-neo4j.asciidoc
     new e9c6465  deactivate Spark plugin for implementations-neo4j.asciidoc and Neo4j plugin for implementations-hadoop.asciidoc
     new 23e90f8  Fixed a broken test from a previous commit.
     new df4c286  ignore pagerank test.
     new ca38990  added spaces to BulkLoaderVertexProgram.toString() and fixed a thread/clone bug in PageRankVertexProgram. Because of initialRankTraversal, PagerankVerteXProgram is no longer a StaticVertexProgram and thus, must be properly cloned between threads.
     new f6b8824  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new c9149c2  splitted implementations-neo4j.asciidoc further into implementations-intro.asciidoc, implementations-tinkergraph.asciidoc and implementations-neo4j.asciidoc
     new 606c68b  minor parser fix
     new 12a6917  found a minor bug in how GraphStep is propagated when there is more than one VertexProgramStep in a chain. The 'bug' just yields a suboptimal compilation. CTR.
     new 26f81b9  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1168' into tp31
     new e23c00b  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new b50a43c  Migrated over to the proposed Memory model of using registered BinaryOperator reducers. It was really easy to change so thats good. All test cases pass for TinkerGraphComputer, one fails in SparkGraphComputer, and I have some NullPointer serialiation issue with GiraphGraphComputer that I will fix later.
     new 0ae584c  couldn't help myself. once I walked away from the computer I realized how to make GiraphMemory work. Got it working and test cases passing. Only one test fails in SparkGraphComputer. I will handle THAT next week.
     new cf79c22  minor tweak.
     new 10c978d  Added an extra assert to harden GremlinExecutor test
     new 7bf8213  fixed the SparkMemory issue from last night. Wow. I was really expecting this ticket to take me all of next week. Knocked it out before the week even began. Bow to me all you peons.
     new c193d53  Enabled build on windows
     new 92edead  Ignoring rat on eclipse and appveyor files
     new 0715c4e  TINKERPOP-1041 - give import thread a chance to run
     new 9d0c877  Url separator is always / even on windows
     new daa6379  Changed back slashes into regular ones
     new a6cfc3b  Downloading hadoop winutils.exe when using windows
     new 317d5c8  Changed back slashes into regular ones
     new 164fdac  Fixed regex construction
     new 884e45d  Attemp to download maven using https
     new bc58b8b  Installing maven using choco
     new 1ca9549  Created an appveyor profile that ignored knowly broken tests
     new f2972e8  Added Conductor Gremlin
     new f8cbe8f  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1041' of https://github.com/velo/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 5dd337d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 6f27995  Add notes about the build servers in the contributing guide.
     new 706759c  added GraphComputerTest.shouldSupportTransientKeys(). Ensured that only Memory.set() is allowed in setup()/terminate() and Memory.add() in execute(). Fixed up SparkGraphComputer, TinkerGraphComputer, and GiraphSparkComputer to respect the new MemoryComputeKey semantics and transient key semantics.
     new 0526819  Extracted "provider docs" to their own book.
     new 9dab234  Update changelog.
     new b03c1ad  EDGE_COUNT and VOTE_STRENGTH in PageRankVertexProgram and PeerPressureVertexProgram are not transient and the respective property keys are private static. Extended GraphComputerTest.shouldSupportTransientKeys() with a MapReduce job that ensure that the transient vertex properties are not accessible during MapReduce.
     new fb3da9f  Added a note to upgrade docs about Provider Documentation.
     new 37f3033  Fixed bug with driver connecting to an initially dead server.
     new 65bbdaa  Have all the ReducingBarrierSteps no longer implement MapReduce and using MemoryComputeKeys for their reduction. GroupStep, FoldStep, and GroupStepV3d0 are not complete yet. Having the darndest time with GroupStep -- once I get it, then the others will follow from it. Pushing to save work.
     new 3389122  Got GroupStep working --- buts its a hack unfortunately. Pushing to save work.
     new 9f8252b  Fixed a bug in FoldStep, got GroupStep working perfectly (both OLTP and OLAP -- but there is still one awakward hack). Need to spend some more cycles on GroupStep and then once I get that clean, clean, clean, I will map that pattern over to GroupStepV3d0 and that will be that.
     new 90debb4  some more work on GroupStep ---- converging on final solution.
     new 5d0ac3e  Add -parameters to compile args.
     new bb3bf09  Added gremlin-archetypes and related submodules.
     new cf19449  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1165' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 9416e94  New Reducing-based Memory-model implemented. A few kooky things emerged because of this and will discuss in UPGRADE docs. However, all-in-all this is a much nicer model which will lead to significant perofmrance improvements (still need to benchmark and test). I don't think we will ever deprecate the MapReduce infrastructure. The Memory model is not as flexible and efficient (for certain jobs) as MapReduce.
     new 13f8005  Add exception to logging on ScriptEngines init.
     new d77bf58  Solved the GroupStep-hack. The whole notion of a FinalGet is bad. Every ReducingBarrier step now implements generateFinalReduction() with the default being the identity function. For GroupStep, MeanStep, and GroupStepV3d0, they do the final respective reduction. Also, GroupStep is a bit more organized -- only one BinaryOperator needed.
     new 14d0d48  The next big thing in the new MemoryComputeKey model -- broadcasting. It is possible to state that a MemoryKey will NOT be read by workers and thus, no need to send the data to the workers on each iteration. Added GraphComputerTest.shouldSupportBroadcastKeys(). SparkGraphComputer supports this natively, TinkerGraphComputer simply hides the data when trying to be accessed by workers, and GiraphGraphComputer (like TinkerGraphComputer) but I will be able to at least clear t [...]
     new 90e862d  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1166
     new e6adbec  Needed a no-args constructor for FoldBiOperator in GiraphGraphComputer.
     new c5447c2  Moved assertion and increased timeout for test.
     new 15909c6  Ensured that TraversalExplaination works for anonymous traversals (or any traversal that has no strategies). Added TraversalExplanationTest that verifies correct behavior. Fixed TINKERPOP-1175
     new 33cd003  Fix HTTP keepalive support
     new 68b16eb  Made some adjustments based on pull request feedback.
     new 00e9b20  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1085' into tp31
     new 5f74281  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new c2a5da2  Added serialization support for TraversalExplanation.
     new df95d78  Merge branch 'fix-http-keepalive' of https://github.com/banjiewen/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 8e807ee  TINKERPOP-958 split .profile() into ProfileSideEffectStep and ProfileStep (which is a MapStep).
     new 1cfdd24  Bumped archetype poms to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.
     new aa79390  Okay. So MapReduce in TraversalVertexProgram is going away fast. GroupSideEffectStep and GroupStep are now one step -- GroupStep. Likewise for GroupCountStep. groupCount() is simply groupCount().cap(). This makes the code alot simpler and easier to optimize everything in one spot. With this direction, TraversalVertexProgram will be able to do OLAP ... then in terminate(), do reductions. If those reductions yield traversers, termiate() == false, and we distributed message [...]
     new eaf7539  Very minor grammatical fix in reference docs CTR
     new 980525c  StoreStep no longer uses MapReduce. All that is left is AggregateStep and ProfileStep.
     new 1d54f00  Fixed asciidoc formatting warning.
     new da22bec  Bump to groovy 2.4.6.
     new d0005b7  Removed some redundant text in NOTICE - CTR
     new 566c488  Allow ScriptEngine to accept scripts in interpreter mode.
     new 73489b3  Added some more asserts around variable scoping with interpreter mode.
     new 3447b02  With the bump to groovy 2.4.6 this class is no longer needed.
     new 7e4868e  Add a note about AWK version for doc processing to dev docs.
     new 01b6171  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1172' into tp31
     new 6499d2a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-937' into tp31
     new 7daa5b9  Change formatting of archetype header to be under gremlin applications header.
     new 2f3b2ac  out of my 24 hole. @dkuppitz -- I was wrong, you can't have XXXStep and XXXSideEffectStep as one in the same. I learned exactly what I learned about a year ago by trying. However, note that all GroupCountXXXStep and GroupXXXStep are no longer MapReduce-based, but GraphComputer.Memory-based and because of their alignment they share lots of the same code. All that is left is TreeStep, ProfileStep, and AggregateStep to convert to the GraphComputer.Memory model.
     new aae8910  Got rid of the FinalGet concept. This won't work moving forward. Each step is responsible for its final reduction via GraphComputing.generateFinalReduction(). TreeStep and TreeSideEffectStep now both use the GraphComputer.Memory model. All that is left is AggregateStep and ProfileStep.
     new 856bb56  Condense ProfileSideEffectTest into ProfileTest.
     new d1812f8  RangeGlobalStep is now computing in TraversalVertexProgram. Will slowly dissect away the end-steps of TraverserMapReduce such that we have a pure OLTP/OLAP model within TraversalVertexProgram.
     new e6d9d6d  TailGlobalStep is no longer an OLAP end step. CollectingBarriers are up next -- Aggregate, Order, Dedup.
     new c4b9e74  All the ReducingBarrierSteps inherent their MemoryComputeKey from abstract ReducingBarrierStep. There key is now step.getId(), not longer ReducingBarrierStep.REDUCING as you can now have multiple reducers in the same OLAP job. Updated ComputerResultStep accordingly. Next up will be such that ComputerResultStep does not do ANY introspection into TraversalVertexProgramStep -- it simply pulls ~traversers from GraphComputer.Memory. And thats all there is to it.
     new d414bcb  Added a test for iterating Vertex properties() on detached
     new 5126697  Added some extra asserts to DetachedVertex in gremlin server
     new 6950b19  Gremlin OLAP can now do all the same traversals as Gremlin OLTP. In fact, a Gremlin OLAP job is a undulation between distributed traversers and localized traversers. Its really neat -- it like 'breathes'. Fan out, reduce, fan out, reduce.... I still have to convert over OrderGlobalStep so its not done done, but yea. Saving work.
     new 32dd068  Okay. Here is the mother load. OrderGlobalStep, DedupGlobalStep, etc. can now exist anywhere in an OLAP traversal. There are some loose ends that still need to be cleanup (as well as some major code reorg and compression), but this is the stuff. This has been a long time coming. This new GraphComputer.Memory model is sooooo much more efficient and gives us much more expressivity. Stoked.
     new 066cc21  limit(1) is now compiled into the TraversalVertexProgramStep job. Forgot to update this test.
     new 10df181  Disabled full build of appveyor until it is stable.
     new dbe17e6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 7374ee4  Fix computer issues for profile step.
     new 42b7254  I totally forgot about @dkuppitz Operator.java work. I gutted lots of rewritten operators and now just uses Operator. This makes less classes to register with GryoMapper -- phew. It was getting insane. Also, in the future, if we want to make more optimal implementations, we can just add stuff like Operator.sumLong() and it doesn't effect serialization because Operator is an enum.
     new efc1739  tada -- fixed my groupCount()...groupCount()... bug. Added a crazy asynchronous traversal to groupCount() that demonstrates that the timing is correct for OLAP to OLTP to OLAP conversion. I went through all the test case that have Ignore over a test and remove lots of them. Some didnt even make sense why we had them Ignored. There are only a few Ignore(COMPUTER) and they make sense... (not related to this PR, but in general issues with serialization or whatnot). This new [...]
     new 9587917  renamed Operator.add() to Operator.addAll() as its more clear especially since Operator.sum() exists.
     new 86615a2  Giraph needed RangeBiOperator registered in GryoMapper. TailBiOperator just uses RangeBiOperator now as they both have the same logic (for now). Now that TraversalVertexProgram.terminate() is so complex and ancient hack in GiraphMemory needed to be worked around yet again.
     new a0323f9  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1166
     new 6f51320  mvn complained about GroovyUnionTest missing methods... No clue why. However, I noticed we dont have Override so I added them. Reran the test suite and it just worked. ... ah, I know why, I was building and I checked out master/ ... dar. Anywho, good to have Override on these methods.
     new d83dba4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1147' into tp31
     new 959378c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1107' into tp31
     new 104496c  added a GroupCountTest that uses two sideEffect cap() calls in the same traversal with OLTP projecting select(keys). Little bit of a hole I got into trying to get it to work. However, now SupplyingBarrierSteps can be anywhere in an OLAP traversal. One less ComputerVerificationStrategy exclusion.
     new ce89e31  forgot to include update to ComputerVerificationStrategyTest.
     new 38a785d  Bump to netty 4.0.34.Final
     new dc1cc1e  Update CHANGELOG.
     new b654c84  OMG I was in a bug hole for 2 hours straight with a bad if()-statement. So burnt. Anywho, TraverserMapReduce is no longer needed -- everything is completely handled by GraphComputer.Memory. There is one last step to get to work in the model -- AggregateStep. The problem, it is both a CollectingBarrierStep AND a SideEffectStep. dah. I think I will get it -- just tired after the nonsense bug hunt. Opened up yet more TestSuite tests to ProcessComputerTestSuite.
     new 76b63c4  Cleaned up ComputerVerificationStrategy. There are few nick-nacks left to do. Added comments about why particular ComputerVertificationExceptions are thrown so its clear what is and is not legal on OLAP.
     new 2003485  Barrier is generalizes a bunch of ahoc behavior I had distributed everywhere. It is the means by which OLAP becomes OLTP. If you need to analyze a TraverserSet, your step needs to extend Barrier.
     new 7d38cee  now that TraversalVertexProgram.terminate() is so complex, a bug in GiraphMemory popped up. Created PassthroughMemory as a fix for Giraph. Basically, its a wrapper around GiraphMemory where all set() operations go into a local map and to the Giraph aggregator. However, all get()s are from the local map -- since get() doesn't work on the same iteration as terminate for Giraph.
     new fb34986  minor nothings. running full integration tests on this branch and then will VOTE it out.
     new 8ded25f  With @dkuppitz help, added StepPosition.isStepId() which does a reg-ex pattern match. Much more robust than what I had previous. Typed TraverserSets throughout so I don't have to typecast -- basically cleaning. Figured out a better way to walk the traversal tree for finding SideEffectCapableSteps.
     new 47c9e91  Fixed the case of a file to match the class name.
     new 8379052  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1166' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1166
     new e930244  When a Barrier completes on one worker, but another worker didn't execute that Barrier cause it ddint' have data -- it still must be deactivated as distributed barriers are one. I had a cheesy hack to get this to work and now I have an elegant solution. Memory tells us which Barriers are now complete. And if they are complete Barrier.done(). Fixed yet another file naming issue that @spmallette unconvered -- something is weird with my git.
     new 2d19b37  added lots of JavaDoc for @spmallette and was able to remove an old hack from VertexProgramStrategy given a recent fix. Oh, and fixed a spelling mistake in TraversalVertexProgram.
     new d1f6d3a  more JavaDoc.
     new d23c960  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 7b40632  Fixed minor code syntax error in reference docs.
     new 86941ee  Update traversal docs for Profile step changes.
     new 06cdff8  Update traversal docs for Profile step changes.
     new 6f6c9a5  Revert "Update traversal docs for Profile step changes."
     new ebb6143  Revert "Update traversal docs for Profile step changes."
     new 50c5656  Update traversal docs for Profile step changes.
     new 7013a97  merge master
     new cbef99d  merged master.
     new 42aafab  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs
     new 19f24d9  added Memory.Exceptions to ExceptionConverageTest. Thanks @spmallette. Also deprecated a TraversalEngine exception as traversal engines are no longer in use in 3.2.0.
     new b2145cb  Added reference docs on Considering State for Gremlin Server.
     new 980c950  SparkGraphComputerProcessXXXIntegrateTest is now SparkGraphComputerProcessXXXTest -- per dev@ email VOTE. Fixed a traverser timing issue in TraversalVertexProgram (minor) and added comments throughout so others know why each line does what it does. CTR.
     new 7bf7159  minor tweak to Hadoop docs. Built and published the docs to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT. Fixed a minor bug where select(column) was compiling to a LambdaMapStep. CTR.
     new 14b54ef  Fixed a bug in BranchStep (and its inheriting children -- union(), choose(), etc.). Branch options are global traversals and should never reset() on each insert. Moreover, they should fully pull from the source and not -- like a local traversal -- process one traverser at a time. If users were doing union(sum,count), to get the same result they will need to do local(union(sum,count)). Thus, its a breaking change -- but was a bug. This also allowed us to remove one more C [...]
     new 4b162f0  removed a restraint from ComputerVerificationStrategy. Forgot to update test.
     new fba51aa  General fix to allow server-side fails to be reconnected.
     new 4abb58b  Minor refactoring to extract Connection shutdown function.
     new 2f13cb2  Added a simple optimization to BranchStep. Deleted VerificationStrategyProcessTest --- I simply moved those tests to ComputerVerificationStrategyTest. Don't know why we had two ways of doing the same thing. Also, ComputerVerificationStrategyTest now tests both legal and illegal computer traversals.
     new 7054359  Removed one more restriction in ComputerVerificationStartegy. Found a hard coded IgnoreEngine(COMPUTER) test in OrderTest -- remove it, test now passes (bam). Some minor optimizations to XXXGlobalSteps to limit memory consumption. Sweet.
     new 9e1b5b1  Ignored the shouldHandleRequestSentThatNeverReturns() test for driver.
     new 0ff4e82  Update changelog.
     new 95e5e75  AggregateStep no longer uses MapReduce. The final final is ProfileStep but will need to merge in @rjbriody branch. Exposed a hard coded IgnoreEngine in WhereTest. Also, was able to relax a constrain in StandardVerificationStrategy (which also effects ComputerVerificationStrategy).
     new dd6437d  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs. I went through and really made the upgrade docs nice.
     new be6bb0b  added the JIRA link to the upgrade docs.
     new 8a2d797  Re-enabled a SSL test for Gremlin Server.
     new 4247aa6  Minor change to variable definition.
     new 29b0525  Added maxWaitForSessionClose to driver configuration.
     new f0fc5e2  Update changelog.
     new 90b3117  Update upgrade docs around TINKERPOP-1160
     new 5f6ab60  Created MemoryTraversalSideEffects which backs a TraversalSideEffects by GraphComputer.Memory. Everything works except AggregateStep and ProfileStep. Need more thinking. I found a fundamental bug in Step.clone() where SideEffects in the cloned traversal referenced the original traversal. It had to do with the fast the cloning of a step is like this -- step.clone(), step.setTraversal(traversal). As such, for all TraversalParent steps, I had to Override setTraversal(traver [...]
     new d07eb59  The default serializer for settings was not congruent with Cluster.
     new 7ebd46c  Allowed maxWaitForSessionClose to get assigned from the Cluster builder.
     new 5944ee6  Add reference docs for all the driver settings.
     new b63f62e  through hell and back. TraversalSideEffects are clean and proper. Added LocalBarrier interface which tells GraphComputer not to aggregate the traversers to the master traversal, but instead to keep them distributed across the cluster, but block -- that is, barrier. This is a way to force a sychronization without having to move data. Currently only AggregateStep implements LocalBarrier. However, other steps such as NoOpCollectingBarrierStep and SupplyingBarrierStep can us [...]
     new 164b88a  Make the GraphManager instance injectable into ServerGremlinExecutor
     new 08780c4  Figured out why Groovy traversals were failing. I was overriding the SideEffects in ScriptTraversal. I needed to use the SideEffects from the parent traversal. Commented out the ProfileTests for now. Going to now try and merge @rjbriody work into this branch and then if all is gravy, PR both from here.
     new e4ea173  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-958' of https://github.com/rjbriody/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1192
     new ff7f7d2  added @rjbriody ProfileStep updates.
     new 5ec7dd0  Finalized the TravarsalSideEffect API work. There is one breaking change that was needed -- its small. However, the semantics of TraversalSideEffect now require all side-effects to be registered upfront via withSideEffect(). Users can no longer create a side-effect mid-traversal. This ensures that OLTP and OLAP behave identically. This occurs when people did something like --- g.V().sideEffect{it.sideEffect('a',new Set())}.out().out().... that sideEffect will need to be  [...]
     new f83f58c  Minor javadoc fix.
     new ff39038  added test to make sure declared SideEffect is ultimate returned class.
     new f778b5b  Added some crazy tests to SideEffectTest which verify that registered operators and suppliers as well as mid-traversal side-effect calls behave as expected in both OLTP and OLAP. This required lots of tinkering with DefaultTraversalSideEffects to get the logic right around registeration. Removed a pointless TraversalSideEffectsTest we had. Doing all the complex logic in SideEffectTest.
     new 7317896  fixed a bug in DefaultTraversalSideEffects.mergedInto(). Added THE MOST INSANE test case to PageRankTest. SideEffects are preserved across GraphComputer jobs. Insane.
     new 02a551a  added some nice test cases that ensure cloning and compiling respect TraversalSideEffect propagation. Added test cases that verify that the new TraversalSideEffect API changes are correctly implemented by DefaultTraversalSideEffect. All in all, just more tests cases to give us confidence.
     new 1c174ba  realized a very simple (and wildly efficient) optimization to TraversalVertexProgram around when to and not to return halted traversers to the master traversal. Okay. Done for the night.
     new b9729a5  Merge branch 'make-graphmanager-injectable-tp31' of https://github.com/xenji/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new d54b658  Add javadoc to ServerGremlinExecutor.
     new 2c29bf9  Re-arranged upgrade docs for 3.2.0 with provider headings to match format of the other docs.
     new 9a20aef  bug in docs fixed. [gremlin-groovy,modern] needs to have ---- (4) not --- (3). @rjbriody. Also futzd around and tweaked up the docs nicely here and there... especially in the GraphComputer OLAP section.
     new 3c05ba5  fixed up a diagram now that TraversalVertexProgram no longer uses MapReduce.
     new 3da67b9  Really nailed what LocalBarrier 'is'. Created NoOpBarrierStep which does LocalBarrier more intelligently than LambdaCollectingBarrierStep(noOp). AggregateStep updated to LocalBarrier API. Much more stylin' and easy to use.
     new a1ee377  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1192'
     new 14fae3e  When I was adding the UPGRADE docs, I decided to test the example traversal had in the UPGRADE docs and it failed. I added two new traversals to SideEffectTest and tweaked some typing issues to ensure there are no ambiguous method calls for withSideEffect().
     new 4941637  fixed a bug in TraversalExplain. It was not compiling past the root traversal. We had no test case to verify that. Added more test cases including a three deep test. Simple fix. CTR.
     new b529398  updated CHANGELOG.
     new f87ab2a  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 1044590  added a really cool test helper method called AbstractGremlinProcessTest.checkSideEffects(). It makes it really eay to verify the sideEffects of a traversal are as expected. I have it fully connected up for GroupStep, GroupCountStep, and SideEffectStep. The latest work on TraversalSideEffects in GraphComputer ensured that both OLTP and OLAP have the same sideEffects -- the traversals produced are 'identical'. Also, updated the UPGRADE docs with more examples for the side [...]
     new 1f90627  With the new 'checkSideEffects' test helper, its necessary that SideEffectStrategy is registered. Sorry for breaking master. A classic case of rush to push. Have I learned my lesson, no. CTR.
     new 4cc2af2  two problems. we had a test that yielded different results depending on the order of the GraphCompute threads. The probability was so low that it never showed up as only 1 of 8 threads (in TinkerGraph) would have the wrong answer. Text fixed. While trying to fix that test, I realized that we no longer need to clone() strategies so aggressively now that we fixed that severe cloning bug in this week. Finally, finally, while fixing that, found another bug realted to SideEff [...]
     new a4fb758  added another test case to DefaultTraversalStrategiesTest to verify expected cloning behavior as it relates to TraversalSource.
     new 753038d  Bump to commons-collections 3.2.2 TINKERPOP-1198 CTR
     new a279648  Fixed bug where session close was happening an extra time.
     new 9bac3f9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-956' into tp31
     new 712fca2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1160' into tp31
     new c06096b  there has been this reason to clone strategies for anonymous traversals since day one and I never knew why it was required. I then realized that we were using the toStirng() representation of a traversal for uniqueness in MessageScope. Many many moons ago, @dkuppitz implemented a hashCode/equals model for Traversal and this is what should be used. Tweaked up MessageScope and removed the strategy clone() from DefaultTraversal and all works clean and pretty --- and with le [...]
     new 0d79c2f  Added Operator.sumLong for use by CountGlobalStep. I couldn't get SingletonMap to work for the GroupXXXSteps. Instead, just made the HashMap they generate have an initial capacity of 1.
     new 2e04cf8  If no spark.serializer is provided, then use GryoSerializer by default -- not JavaSerialzer (as Spark defaults to).
     new 3eadf73  Fixed a bug where OrderGlobalStep and OrderLocalStep were not incorporating their childrens traverser requirements. Add a test to CountTest that verifies that the bug is now fixed.
     new 24cae1f  remerged.
     new c4b9680  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new bd04938  upmerged tp31 and tweaked given new master/ Groovy style using ScriptTraversal.
     new be0b788  I added the dumbest test case ever. Worked 50% of the time cause of threading. Sorry. Fixed.
     new 129e4a4  reverted a bad test case, but kept the OrderXXXStep requirements fix.
     new c3ed023  Added alias support for sessions in Gremlin Server/Driver.
     new 6f855af  Modified how the RequestMessage is constructed for aliasing.
     new f25dfb7  Update changelog.
     new 15e737e  Add upgrade docs for console sessions and session aliasing.
     new b8a9800  Added a section for Console Sessions.
     new 0b0838a  Added a "console" option to the :remote command in the console.
     new afeffc4  Added allowRemoteConsole to RemoteAcceptor interface.
     new 1c757a7  Allow :remote close to close even when in remote eval mode.
     new c76711f  Update changelog
     new e314f40  Minor alteration to :remote console messaging.
     new e73b3d0  Update reference docs for usage of :remote console.
     new 70b8725  Fixed minor spelling mistake.
     new 1cc1ba9  Update the upgrade docs around :remote console.
     new cff7b4f  Swithed all CAUTION: to WARNING: to be consistent.
     new f11fad8  Add test for :remote with a session.
     new 14d1f10  Minor fixes to getting started tutorial.
     new 0fb8dea  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1096' into tp31
     new 636dc2b  OrderGlobalStep was not inherting the TraverserRequirements of its parent CollectingBarrierStep. Thus, bulking was not being kicked in in certain situations. Added a test case over GratefulDead graph that fixes that and also tests by().by()-multi sort orders on performances and songType.
     new 21e780b  Fixed GroovyOrderTest to use ScripTraversal instead of TraversalScriptHelper from the upmerge from tp31. CTR.
     new 92e1d96  on my merge from tp31, I lost the Test annotation. I added it. Nothing changed, just the test now actually run :). CTR.
     new 670d309  ComputerResultStep no longer attaches traversers in production settings. We now have a System.env to determine if we are in test-mode and attaching happens there. So much safer than the model we had before. Found a bug in TraversalExplaination with VertexProgramSteps that popped up when compiling the docs. ComputerVerificationStragtegy just needs to execute before StandardVerificationStrategy. Add is.testing=true to pom.xml surefire area. Built docs...all is solid.
     new 035dc36  If the HadoopPool hasn't been initlized, then initialize it with a default configuration. This ensures that this WARN happens once and only once. The more troubling issue, is why is the HadoopPool isn't getting initlized for @rspitzer in Spark, but that is another ticket.
     new 201c76f  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1180'
     new f3d7aac  updated CHANGELOG.
     new b437b9d  improve predicate doc
     new 769ed98  improve predicate doc
     new 75eeda0  changed toIterator() to collect().iterator() as recommended by Russel Spitzer so we don't get the Spark UI overload. Simple change. CTR.
     new 440e73e  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 675d981  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 9b0894c  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 9e235b4  bumped to Spark 1.6.1. integration tests and local SparkServer tested.
     new 868d557  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1173'
     new c4690b2  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 58ff3ec  merged master.
     new da5abb0  Complete the eval() future after the whole lifecycle.
     new fc40b93  Update slf4j to 1.7.19
     new 76fe300  Update hadoop to 2.7.2
     new 18c0ae3  Use netty 3.7.1.Final
     new eb382a2  Use netty 3.7.1.Final
     new 9154660  Make hadoop-gremlin and giraph-gremlin pass enforcer
     new 813ba24  ComparatorHolder now has getComprators() return a List of Pair<Traversal,Comparator>. This was what we needed and this allowed me to gut lots of code and its so much more intutitive and will make it so pre-order/limits will be possible in OLAP. Unfortunately, this is breaking for vendors that reason (or have) a OrderXXXStep. The update is trivial and in fact, a lot less if/else for them.
     new 3ee1548  TraversalComparator is gutted -- check out that if/else nest that we no longer have to propagate through. Thank the heavens.
     new a67567e  added OrderLimitStrategy which finds order()...limit(x) patterns. It then tells OrderStep to order-then-limit. This is a potentially massive optimization in OLAP where if you do order().limit(5), the max number of traversers coming to the master traversal, is 5 * numberOfWorkers instead of the full set of traversers. Added OrderBiOperator which is a Memory reducer which handles this in OLAP. Added test cases to make this pretty. Added this as a default strategy in the Gl [...]
     new dc03487  added more test cases. Fixed a old equality issue in OrderGlobalStepTest and OrderLocalStepTest cc/ @dkuppitz. Added more test cases to ensure OrderLimitStrategy is behaving correctly. OrderBiOperator now uses JavaSerializer so Giraph and Spark are happy. I think this is good to go. Perhaps one more test case using GratefulDead graph would be good.
     new bb1409c  added a GratefulDead order-limit test just to make sure all is golden on a big dataset. It is.
     new 5b4009d  I've redesigned how TraverserRequirements are accessed. This GREATLY reduces the amount of logic required for all by()-modulators, StartSteps, GraphSteps, and barriers. I'm talking CRAZY more efficient when by()-modulators are used. I've made it so the Step API works with Traverser.Admin. We had too many .asAdmins() everywhere and typecasting everywhere -- no bueno. So much more clean now. For providers of Steps, breaking -- but its simply just changing your processNextS [...]
     new e8b6f8e  Fixed a severe bug where LP_O_OB_P_S_SE_SL_Traverser was not registered by GryoMapper.
     new 93cc98e  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 49ed361  upmerge from tp31 had an API change in GremlinExecutorTest. Fixed. CTR.
     new 77d4272  TINKERPOP-1068 Bumped to jbcrypt 0.4
     new 90873e3  make the requirements unmodifiable for safety.
     new 53ecadd  g.V(x) and g.V().hasId(x) should compile to the same representation for OLTP graph databases to ensure a consistent user experience and to ensure that linear scans are not being performend on the latter. A test case was added to ensure this in HasTest. TinkerGraphStepStrategy and Neo4jGraphStepStrategy had to be updated accordingly as they were, in fact, a big wacky in their compilation. Added GraphStep.addIds() to make easy to increase the id pool. Found a few hashCode( [...]
     new 90e5ca3  Neo4jGraphStep needed a valid hashCode().
     new c01f197  TINKERPOP-732 added support for tree() results to be serialized over GraphSON
     new 113b6d1  Fixed a bug in waiting futures for the driver ResultQueue.
     new 6411d0d  gremlin.hadoop.graphReader and gremlin.hadoop.graphWriter are the new configurations replacing gremlin.hadoop.graphInputFormat and spark.graphInputRDD. Now HadoopGraph can handle either RDD or XXXFormats. Cleaner configurations. Backwards compatible. The older keys just map to the new keys inside HadoopConfiguration.
     new b7f617b  fixed up the conf/.properties to use graphReader/graphWriter. Found more areas where inputFormat/outputFormat was still being used. Tested Giraph and its passing completely now. Need a helper utility that converts any Reader/Writer into an InputFormat or OutputFormat automagically.
     new 13561b8  ConfUtil does the dirty work of InputRDD or InputFormat conversion to an InputFormat.
     new 27a6a2b  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1209'
     new cd8feb5  Updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new df16a3a  merged TINKERPOP-1069. updated CHANGELOG.
     new a50732d  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs. Made HadoopGraphProcessStandardTest and Integration-test per the dev-tinkerpop DISCUSS.
     new 5f53589  added gremlin.hadoop.defaultGraphComputer which allows users to specify in their properties file which GraphComputer to use by default. This allows providers that only support one Hadoop-based OLAP engine to 'hard set' the implementation so the syntax is cleaner -- graph.compute() vs. graph.compute(GiraphGraphComputer.class). This is backwards compatible. The SparkHadoopGraphProvider has been updated to sometimes use compute() and sometimes use compute(class).
     new 4a130d9  updated docs on GraphFilter and graphReader/graphWriter.
     new 5a9f56d  gremlin.hadoop.graphInputFormat.hasEdges is not gremlin.hadoop.graphReader.hasEdges. Likewise for graphOuputFormat. Backwards compatible.
     new c1724d1  the docs add and then remove the InputFormat property in Spark. No need to remove anymore. Docs are currently publishing ...
     new a8cefb0  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1219'
     new 9f6df78  updated CHANGELOG and UPGRADE docs. Fixed a type in the HasTest that MikeDias discovered.
     new b74c830  Hooked together a basic but function infrastructure for traversal op
     new 3608637  Added validation to Traversal op for Gremlin Server.
     new 520a906  Minor test refactoring and uncommented tests that were ignored by accident.
     new ccbd1de  Minor refactoring on the Client.
     new f4dfc6a  Better error handling when processing a Traversal on the server side.
     new ecdea1c  Added transaction management to the TraversalOpProcessor.
     new efba1d8  Compile the traversal on the server first before trying to get Traversers.
     new a557982  Refactored Client/Cluster to take Client.Settings
     new a5e4680  Added configuration to unroll traversers on the client-side.
     new f60a305  Basics of the ServerStrategy are in place at ths point.
     new 088eda1  Implemented basics for ServerGraph.
     new cb69744  ServerGraph implementation is working more correctly now.
     new e479769  Improve validations in ServerStrategy.
     new 6d77140  Add some javadoc to clarify ServerGraph.edges/vertices()
     new d9744d6  Added some javadoc to ServerGraph.
     new 9c687aa  Stopped using Stream to get an Iterator for DriverServerConnection.
     new 97f587a  Improved method for constructing DriverServerConnection.
     new 341f9e4  Allowed ServerGraph and Cluster to be configured with Configuration object.
     new 88a933b  Renamed package to "remote" from "server".
     new 77bcd0e  Renamed "server" classes to "remote".
     new 65aac79  Renamed test so that it is actually an integration test.
     new 7a18c4a  Made sure generate-all.groovy doesn't get into the distribution.
     new 938f8fc  Rework tests that used "graph" instance for asserts.
     new ff0edac  GroupStep can't hold transients or else RemoteGraph doesn't serialize things properly.
     new 725d879  Added LinkedList to GryoMapper.
     new ac804fc  Minor refactoring to get apply strategies more efficiently.
     new 3d2a896  Added a TestListener to notify GraphProviders of test start/stop activities.
     new 4398575  Many changes to get the process suite working against RemoteGraph.
     new 3312e27  Add basic Features to RemoteGraph - disable transactions.
     new a2adbce  Refactored RemoteGraphProvider to speed up tests.
     new 919a63d  Minor cleanup/reorganization of class
     new 07d8ec3  Fixed up match step to accept different kinds of exceptions.
     new 2047436  Opt-out of some of the CoreTraversalsTest that RemoteGraph can't support.
     new 11b66c3  Bind the empty graph to tests that don't have LoadGraphWith annotation.
     new 6bc91bd  Stopped setting "first" to false on reset()
     new 514c3dd  Made the constructor for DriverRemoteConnection internal for testing.
     new c9aafa7  Use reflection to override the default id manager for tinkergraph on the server.
     new a3b4073  Temporarily OptOut the various decorative strategy tests.
     new 2497720  Opted out of SubgraphStrategy for RemoteGraph.
     new 4880683  GryoMapper had overlapping gryo ids....weak.
     new 90b9216  Added validation to GryoMapper to prevent construction when duplicate ids are present.
     new 369e58b  Opted out ProfileTest from RemoteGraph.
     new 4a541a0  Make RemoteGraph testing part of standard unit test execution.
     new fe9164b  Final OptOut for RemoteGraph to get tests passing.
     new f3a56dc  Updated changelog.
     new c8c754f  Added is.testing system var to all surefire configs.
     new 9b7b537  Removed OptOut for sack() test.
     new dd9b2fc  The logic for is.testing was reversed somehow.
     new 51223cc  Provided method to do RemoteGraph without needing the native Graph.
     new 5d62bd6  Fixed a bug in waiting futures for the driver ResultQueue.
     new b260bde  Remove the need for the Graph instance on the Client side.
     new e5ad5f1  Removed test for RemoteGraph
     new 77fad20  Throw a server error if someone sends a locked traversal.
     new b2a8106  Fixed bad logic in checking if traversal was locked when it arrived on the server
     new 10a7412  Pulled out embedded strings to tokens and did some renaming of config options.
     new 66c0694  Added a constructor to RemoteGraph to take a file location string.
     new e05e4a8  Added default imports for RemoteGraph for ScriptEngine.
     new 9b61108  Cleaned up the toString() on RemoteGraph.
     new 79293e1  Some basic reference docs for RemoteGraph
     new 420a6a5  Add RemoteConnections dev docs.
     new 7e82081  Add upgrade docs for RemoteGraph.
     new 4345e8b  Add RemoteGraph logo.
     new 8ad7118  Fixed compile errors given some api changes from master.
     new 5b409c5  Added a warning about lambdas for RemoteGraph in docs.
     new fb26142  Changed premise of ResultQueue test a bit which allows it to pass.
     new 0d5873f  Seems like a special case is needed for RemoteGraph in this test.
     new 9cebf4e  Get remotegraph logo less blurry.
     new 190f3ac  Fix the size of the RemoteGraph logo in the docs.
     new e73bbc5  profiling overhaul.
     new 3f25710  Don't profile computer steps.
     new 800cf0a  Add play test for computer profile
     new dd6dec8  Removed a test validating that imports were present in driver plugin.
     new 6479d71  Added hashCode() to RemoteStep.
     new e01a71b  Opted out the new traversal equality tests for RemoteGraph.
     new 8645c14  Changed test semantics to match the new manner in which the ResultQueue works.
     new 8ae188f  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1217'
     new 034081a  updated CHANGELOG.
     new edb61f5  Added mentions to notice. Added tests and made a slight correction to serialization
     new 2f32f0c  removed some commented code
     new 15640dc  Fixed minor toString() formatting error.
     new 99a9747  Fixed a bug in the server distribution which didn't include scripts.
     new 3bdcd7f  Added some GraphFactory support to the sample config for RemoteGraph.
     new 46f4d9d  Point download of console at archives away from dist.
     new 1bd1265  added a Docker build script
     new 08ed04b  Use mirrors for download location.
     new d788281  fixed variable naming
     new 714d8cd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-575'
     new fe197c1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'ceefour/patch-3' into tp31
     new af827fb  Refactored to allow Console to fall back to user directories if tinkerpop.ext not specified.
     new 6c4dc6f  updated CHANGELOG and docs to reflect Hadoop 2.7.2 support. Giraph and Spark pom.xml manifest needed updating.
     new 60f9778  CTR on a pointless file reference in spark-gremlin pom.xml
     new b6ed515  Fixed what could only be a bad merge error around aliasing sessions.
     new 6779ef0  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1082'
     new affda25  Updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new 48b2b2a  refactored and improved Docker integration
     new 0008665  TinkerPop 3.2.0 is Nine Inch Gremlins. Updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs. CTR.
     new 6253a01  got rid of grep -Po to make grep work on OSX
     new cbf9b18  minor simplification
     new 53b495a  fixed path to grapeConfig.xml
     new d630639  fixed path to Hadoop configuration files
     new 8bac259  I forgot to add See: link:ticketURL to numerous of the upgrade doc sections. Went through the issue tracker and upgrade docs and synchronized them. CTR.
     new 86e098e  added syntax hightlighting to a few blurbs of the upgrade docs. CTR.
     new 11a7173  append a note to the note on lambdas
     new 581f33b  Put back check to prevent profiling of computer traversals.
     new 5b6acfc  Revert "Don't profile computer steps."
     new 73b2d42  merge master
     new 58615c0  work on profile step on GraphComputer. Need @rbriody to review and discuss.
     new 781a676  Found a nasty bug in ComputerVerificationStragegy where onGraphcomputer() was not being called beyond the root traversal --- weird. EndSteps are not processed now by ProfileStrategy. Nearly done -- need to get local traversals in computer working (have an idea).
     new 42ab8bd  Profiling and local traversals now working with OLAP. This is done, done now. Have a ComputerVerificaitonStrategy that doesn't allow profiling of multi-OLAP job traversals. In the future, we will get that to work. Cleaned up the naming of the ProfileTest methods and added some more.
     new 20e9ed1  EndSteps are 'ignored' in OLAP profiling cause of push-based semantics. No worries, just made the metrics toString() articulate that accordingly. This is an @rjbriody gist hand over.
     new 32afb58  minor nothing logic tweak.
     new 105d8b2  Got RemoteGraph to work with OLAP traversals. Added respective RemoteGraphComputerProvider and RemoteGraphProcessCoputerTest. Had to introduce an SFunction for serialized Function<Graph,GraphComputer>. @spmallette -- had to change RemoteGraphProvider a bit around caching -- ... please review.
     new c7111be  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 73a5bea  doh, but the CHANGELOG entires in the wrong releaes section. CTR.
     new 4187cfe  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1231
     new 7d3731b  handle user defined plugin directories
     new 4f0ac09  cleaned up RemoteStrategy. Added various varifications. RemoteStep no longer uses PureTraversal. Given that the traversal is executed once and only once, it can just be directly referenced. A HasTest was tweaked as it breaks for RemoteGraph (---and shouldn't). Added JavaDoc to LambdaHolder. Fixed up Exception messages in ComputerVerificationStrategy. RemoteConnection's submit() method signature is now clean -- Iterator<Traverser<E>> submit(Traversal<S,E>). RemoteGraph st [...]
     new 30d347b  RemoteStep handles setting strategies and sideEffects. The traversal that is submitted to the RemoteConnection is guranteed to not have RemoteStrategy and thus, the receiver does not need to be aware of any 'clean up.' This simplifies the implmenentation of a RemoteConnection. Optimized DefaultTraversalStrategies.addStrategies().
     new b00a49e  minor nothing.
     new 1b4aec4  Merge branch 'patch-2' of https://github.com/ceefour/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 94f4d3f  Updated changelog.
     new 0829d0b  added notes about Docker integration in the developer docs
     new f7b3c03  Worked with @spmallette and realized we can't do a Java serialization of a function in Groovy (script-closure). Created Computer which implements Function<Graph,GraphComptuer> and actually looks really really good -- better than lambda. Also, with @spmallette, did a code review of the RemoteGraph work I did previously and he advised things to change here and there.
     new 1c53856  ignore .dockerignore file in apache-rat-plugin
     new 9bd84b7  found a bug in ComputerVerificationStrategy. Created a new SelectTest that exposed it for OLAP. Led to realizing a TraversalParent bug in TraversalVertexProgramStep. Added TraversalParentStep to ensure isLocalChild() and isGlobalChild() behave as desired.
     new 87a0bbf  dar. sorry, pushed with a typo.
     new 18b2fe6  removed jackson from NOTICE files
     new e92e45b  sync
     new 9dca398  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-733' into tp31
     new 58f912b  added a note in the changelog for TINKERPOP-732
     new f6d4962  first stub of ProgramVertexProgramStep which is like TraversalMap in that it VertexProgramStep that takes a Program.
     new cd143ba  simplified ProgramVertexProgramStep and added ProgramTest and GroovyProgramTest. Its crazy, it 'just works'.
     new 9521abf  Added graph as a binding in ScriptTraversal much like g. This ensures that when a ScriptTraversal references the graph, its there as graphs are not serializable. This problem emerged during GroovyProgramTest on Spark and Giraph.
     new 51d9b1c  PersitedOutputRDD now implements PersistResultGraphAware. It should have all this time, just spaced it. This removes a WARN in the logging when using it. Also updated the CHANGELOG. CTR.
     new 2749d8d  initialize JAVA_OPTIONS if it's not already set
     new 1b6a343  No need to default to user home if tinkerpop.ext is not supplied.
     new 80a47c6  Changed test settings to not log WARN for the eval processor.
     new 2a2086c  TINKERPOP-1239 Connections were not be returned to the connection pool properly.
     new 5037da0  Update changelog.
     new 398805c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new dc3620b  Re-use DriverRemoteConnection in RemoteGraph tests.
     new 207b0b3  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1109' into tp31
     new 4c97dd7  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 7a52aa4  Created SelectLinearizationStrategy which for OLAP. Right now, it just does the easy part of making select('a').by('name') into select('a').map(values('name')). This doesn't cover the full range of what we want, but a start.
     new 427c332  added optional to GraphTraversal
     new cbdac5e  VertexProgramStrategy and RemoteStrategy were not in decoration sub-packages. Moved them accordingly. Also, fixed a minor bug in ComputerVerificationStrategy around the definition of a 'global child'.
     new 2652bc2  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-968
     new 29d267f  a few PRs ago I added TraversalParent.isGlobalChild()/isLocalChild(). These are not really helpful as you need to recurse up the traversal tree to know if they are global or local. I removed these methods (its okay, were added in 3.2.0) and added TraversalHelper.isGlobalChild() which does hte recurssion. I added a nice array of validations for this method in TraversalHelperTest. CTR.
     new bb06ee5  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1236
     new edc9d68  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-968
     new fab3473  Changed `DriverRemoteAcceptor` to issue scripts as multi-line.
     new 3430980  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 9ff33dd  Renamed SelectLinearizationStrategy to PathProcessorStrategy as it handles SelectStep, SelectOneStep, and WhereTraversalStep. Opened up a bunch more tests throughout in WhereTest, SelectTest, and MatchTest.
     new 69d8ce6  added PathProcessStratergyTest to ensure that the compilation is as expected. Found a bug around TraversalFilterStep conversion required when a WhereTraversal is stripped of its start/end labels. Fixed. This is ready to go.
     new 930ab25  commented out the where(as(a)...) support as this will only work (correctly) when we can drop path labels. Left it commented out cause, once path labels can be dropped, then this can be uncommented and path.dropLabels() can be inserted and done.
     new e8c4f8f  Made it so that GraphFilters are a Feature and a provider can NOT supportGraphFilter() is they choose. This will make moving forward with 3.2.0 much easier for lots of providers as the GraphFilter implementation is pretty heavy weight. Added GraphComputerTest cases to ensure that exception messages are correct for those providers that do not support GraphFilters. Updated upgrade doc so providers know they can kick that can down the road if they wish.
     new 9ef27ae  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1236
     new c305fec  added more PathProcessStrategyTest tests. Testing by() identities and TraversalRings that are not the same lengh as the selectKeys. All is still good in the hood. This is such a cool strategy.
     new fb10f63  DedupGlobalStep can now do scopedKey deduping and by()-modulation within the star-graph. Added a test case that verifies by()-modulating working and opened up two test cases that used scopedKeys. Able to remove two 'chunks' of checks in ComputerVerificationStrategy -- its getting smaller and smaller.... Made the error messages in ComputerVerificationStrategy more clear. Simple update -- CTR.
     new 718caa6  TraversalStrategies.GlobalCache has two caches now -- one for Graphs and one for GraphComputers. For 3.2.0, this simply allows us to partition the strategies so that the 3 GraphComputer strategies we have are never called in OLTP (saving clock cylces). In the future, it will enable us to have something like SparkCountStrategy which will just do inputRDD.count() for g.V().count() instead of going through the rigamorole of TraversalVertexProgram.
     new 0b6c0f4  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-968
     new 8f2fd15  corrected an issues in tree() tests that made neo4j tests fail
     new daff9e6  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 796ec72  Improve formatting.
     new 370368b  Indicate that 'optional' is a 'map' step.
     new da8c5fb  removed a pointless type-cast. CTR.
     new f941405  moved Docker integration section into contributing.asciidoc
     new b3b3844  updated CHANGELOG
     new c873295  Added a section for Gremlin Server metrics to reference docs.
     new 106b357  Added a note for has(label, key, value) in reference docs. CTR
     new 1db8dcd  fixed a typo
     new fa6da7e  Merge branch 'tp31' into docker
     new 3cb9bfc  Note in docs about use of "max" for timeout settings in Console. CTR
     new c6b9bc7  If the HADOOP_GREMLIN_LIBS path does not exist locally, then search for it in HDFS. If it exists there, copy it to a java.io.tmp directory and then pull out the jars from there to upload to the DistributdCache (Giraph) or SparkServer (Spark).
     new cbd8200  dar, test was bad. had residual directories that were not cleaned up. Thus, on a fresh system, it failed.
     new da791aa  made mkdir() to mkdirs() per @dkuppitz's request.
     new 4e7debe  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1163'
     new d5a7856  updated CHANGELOG
     new 682d313  This commit includes the following: * added new gremlin-benchmark module and initial benchmark classes * deprecated the JUnit benchmark classes, noted this deprecation in upgrade doc * expanded scope of LoadGraphWith annotation to allow for class level annotation * added developer benchmarking documentation
     new ce98e43  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 7c39235  TINKERPOP-1227 Added metrics for Traversal protocol on Gremlin Server CTR
     new d543f98  added hashCode() and toString() to ProgramVertexProgramStep.
     new 79009e6  added System.getProperty(file.separator)
     new bef52c6  used testclassname-based directories to reduce the probability of target/ directory conflicts.
     new d90be26  Added ProjectStep and GraphTraversal.project() which is like select(), but on the current traverser, not history data. As such, it does not require path-computations, though its by()-modulators are local children. Added test cases and updated docs.
     new 733a332  Minor adjustment to allow LifeCycle override of scriptEvaluationTimeout
     new 8a1d8a1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 895ce06  fixed a typo in the docs.
     new ea30b1c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1223'
     new 70b7fc3  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new b78ffcf  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 6c2f06c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1237'
     new 68d9256  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 99340e1  fixed a test suite bug. fixed one issue in gremlin-applciations.asciidoc, but there is still another problem cc/ @spmallette.
     new 1735b81  When I changed the method signature of Step.processNextStart() I didn't update Step.addStart(). This has been done -- no more typecasting required. Traverser.Admin and Traversal.Admin are what every internal TinkerPop module should use and pass around. Only users (high level) will ever talk in terms of Traversal and Traverser. Updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs. CTR (as its related to a previous PR that wasn't completed fully). Small tweak to TraversalStrategies cache co [...]
     new ef1ad23  fixed a minor bug in NoOpBarrierStep that was introduced in 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT development. CTR.
     new 53003c1  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-968
     new 237956e  Forgot an OPT_OUT in RemoteGraph.
     new 6c7962f  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 91d387a  Merge branch 'docker' into tp31
     new ac17a5e  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 0b3c0a8  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f165ea3  CTR: fixed description for outside() predicate
     new a825a81  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 1128dc3  CTR: Added space to awk variable definition to make compatible with OS x bundled awk.
     new 5177109  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 3b053ea  Added infrastructure for supporting a per-request timeout override. CTR
     new 92f6157  Fixed bug where some scripts weren't submitting with :>
     new 4626ed0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 8eb5381  GroupStep and GroupSideEffectStep now make use mid-traversal barriers to do data reduction on the fly in order to limite the memory footprint and reduce the chances of OME. OLTP always did this, but now OLAP (which needs it more) does it. This is epic. Also fixed a minor bug in ReducingBarrierStep. Added some more GroupTest test cases -- one that does a groupCount() instead of a group() just to make sure things are working as expected.
     new 25f0a0a  reduce the key counter for OLTP to 1000. still faster than groupV3d0.
     new 87e9c6f  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new f98f6c0  Travis failed -- locally worked. Insidious bug. Serialization ordering caused a problem -- had to slightly alter my model. Fortunately, my alteration is more efficient than the previous push. So BAM.
     new 71b1d37  Came up with an even simpler and more efficient model that is smart in the use of transients in OLAP and leveraging barrier aggregations.
     new 53ee3ee  added an insano, nested, sideEffect-ridden group-based traversal w/ multi-cap to ensure property OLTP and OLAP evaluation. Bingo.
     new 2ce087f  added a paragraph about Spark's storage levels
     new 3dfe3dd  minor grammar fix
     new bc1c89c  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 4655180  GroupStep and GroupSideEffectStep now make use mid-traversal barriers to do data reduction on the fly in order to limite the memory footprint and reduce the chances of OME. OLTP always did this, but now OLAP (which needs it more) does it. This is epic. Also fixed a minor bug in ReducingBarrierStep. Added some more GroupTest test cases -- one that does a groupCount() instead of a group() just to make sure things are working as expected.
     new 4b0784c  reduce the key counter for OLTP to 1000. still faster than groupV3d0.
     new 691ea47  Travis failed -- locally worked. Insidious bug. Serialization ordering caused a problem -- had to slightly alter my model. Fortunately, my alteration is more efficient than the previous push. So BAM.
     new 1f52a9b  Came up with an even simpler and more efficient model that is smart in the use of transients in OLAP and leveraging barrier aggregations.
     new 12967fe  added an insano, nested, sideEffect-ridden group-based traversal w/ multi-cap to ensure property OLTP and OLAP evaluation. Bingo.
     new 16249b8  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1225' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1225
     new 1019bae  updated CHANGELOG.
     new cb229c0  updated CHANGELOG with optional().
     new 80f2ac5  Added a performance tip to the reference docs for Gremlin Server CTR
     new 3cdf6bb  Renamed local to fs to avoid Scope.local naming conflict. CTR given its such a simple fix. Also forgot to Deprecate TraversalEngine. Fixed #TINKERPOP-1103.
     new 5bd8f3f  Updated docs on grapeConfig.xml
     new 0e65258  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 80cc189  bumped to support neo4j 2.3.3. Updated CHANGELOG and pom.xmls accordingly. Local integration testing proved successful. CTR.
     new 45c4303  Minor tweak to error messaging around iteration interruption.
     new ffde3fe  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new b195b62  added NPE protection to ObjectWritable and added ObjectWritableTest which ensure ObjectWritable is comparable, gettable, toStringable, etc. even when its empty() -- that is, this.t == null. CTR. Fixed TINKERPOP-1251
     new fa2d626  merged tp31 ObjectWritable NPE fix.
     new 913598c  added a note about HADOOP_CONF_DIR and updated CHANGELOG from something yesterday. CTR.
     new 4d6d5c0  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new e859bb5  Fixed missing property key in pom.xml.
     new 90e7f92  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new f56e597  Fix TINKERPOP-1252
     new feffda7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 46d0aef  Minor fix to jbcrypt entry in LICENSE.
     new 6ac5319  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new e808d02  Update release links and docs for 3.1.2-incubating.
     new d7ac567  TinkerPop 3.1.2-incubating release
     new 2451bb9  fixed value for HISTORY_FILE
     new 74f7aff  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 9b5a236  TinkerPop 3.2.0 release
     new 6572a3a  Bumped to TinkerPop 3.1.3-SNAPSHOT.
     new b898628  Fixed links in README for SNAPSHOT
     new bbf6b19  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 84c4b61  Fixed up changelog version
     new a43409b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new dbac257  Bump to TinkerPop 3.2.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 4722851  Polished up some of the release docs with a few tweaks.
     new 8fc060c  Fixed formatting in CHANGELOG and broken links.
     new a7e6807  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 136885f  CTR: Improved Docker integration; also starting a web server that serves the JavaDocs
     new 2fe3d41  Added gremlin-benchmark back to parent pom.
     new 9957f54  Fixed a bad merge at bbf6b19cdd62952a086cf6902847a3352e107bd9 CTR
     new b0345d7  The :uninstall command was using the wrong path.
     new af75d55  Improved dryRun functionality for the docs processor. It's now possible to dry run (or full run) only specific files.
     new 44b1af8  TINKERPOP-1265 Managed tx on session was not rolling back on eval exception.
     new da31876  TINKERPOP-1229 Minor change to message for ":remote console" CTR
     new f2c1d01  Added stub for gremlin language variants tutorial.
     new 0beae61  started to flesh out the gremlin-language-variant tutorial.
     new 3a4e2af  Fixed minor grammatical error in dev release docs.
     new 8dc1c1a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 7e2833c  added Gremlin-Jython work for the first model based on the JVM. Also, added gremlin-jython.py as a resource people can now use. an artifact of the tutorial.
     new d5a06d9  more work on Gremlin-Jython. This is a really cool tutorial.
     new 57210e9  more work on language variant tutorial. I created a section called Language Driver vs. Language Variant and articulate why this divide needs to be held by the community.
     new e2cbc69  For dry runs and full runs accept only full paths to asciidoc files (abs. or rel.) or directories containing asciidoc files.
     new ec730eb  Minor fixes to session tests for Gremlin Server CTR
     new 5741616  Added additional SSL configuration options for Gremlin Driver.
     new cfa95c8  Added docs for new SSL settings on the driver side.
     new 9996066  Added ability to pass an SslContext to the driver.
     new 75e8757  Added configuration for overriding the Gremlin Server SSL config with SslContext.
     new 87834bd  added pure Python string model and gremlin-python.py.
     new ae8716a  Accidentally commented out some tests on the last commit - added them back.
     new 8996313  updated developer docs
     new beb8c98  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1020' into tp31
     new fb62cad  TINKERPOP-1263 Pass SASL mechanism through to server
     new fd9c35d  TINKERPOP-1263 Add SASL mechanism as argument to request
     new efd9042  Updated CHANGELOG CTR
     new 3552038  Updated documentation on SASL CTR
     new e22278f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 9497fdb  This closes #291
     new 4eb6113  using gremlin-python websockets driver by david brown. it just works. however, had to easy_install pip and do some setup.py junk.. but once that was done, bammers.
     new 62fa995  integrated the GremlinServer string text better with the example.
     new 97ced03  Improve the release annoucement template.
     new 697b501  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1269' into tp31
     new e7b3267  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 738a662  lot more work on the tutorial. added fun graphics too :).
     new b66d736  forgot to commit the new graphics.
     new cbf6cc1  syncd with master
     new ce1adce  finished the tutorial. Its epic.
     new 099e110  added latest version of the gremlin-python generated source file.
     new cc66ba5  minor nothings -- just added links and some internal ahref anchors.
     new 343a34b  sorry. another minor nothing. done for the day with this.
     new adce6cf  one more run through -- tessted all the code chunks again (found a bug in the Jython section -- phew. fixed). Added some text about gremlin-lang-driver and gremlin-lang naming conventions. A few more code call outs, but not as many as I would like.
     new 39f611c  This closes #265
     new 606b59a  Added versions to NOTICE
     new f23def3  Removed a note about deprecation in dev docs that didn't make sense.
     new 5f9d2f9  Prevented error on use of :x in gremlin console init script.
     new 14966d7  Added init-tp-spark.sh to console distribution.
     new a950d95  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new b5efb2a  All the index.asciidocs of the docs now have the TinkerPop logo HREF to tinkerpop.apache.org. Also, they have x.y.z version numbers like the reference docs. Finished up gremlin-language-variants tutorial. Ketrina has a banner graphic for the tutorial coming in a couple of weeks that I will CTR add then.
     new 0bf7156  updated CHANGELOG and merged master.
     new 4073be3  This closes #244
     new aa338c6  minor update from a @spmallette recommendation.
     new 0392734  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1232'
     new b1493b5  Deprecate ScriptExecutor.
     new e2ee81c  added a line border around Gremlin Gym logo. Looks much better in the tutorial. CTR.
     new b6853f0  Implemented more options for Gremlin Console startup.
     new 1ed7043  Better exception messaging on failure of -e.
     new 3ce732a  Updated changelog.
     new 05be605  Allow override of verbosity to quiet when using -e.
     new 620f478  Use -i as this is now the preferred way of starting interactive mode
     new 0e513cb  Fixed up sections for console interactive/execute modes.
     new cd709ec  Update upgrade docs for Console changes
     new 0563ec3  fixed a self-loop bug in StarGraph. Added StarGraphTest.shouldHandleSelfLoops() to ensure correct behavior.
     new 82295fe  an untested addEdge method is now tested and the NPE thrown is now not there. Thank you @dalaro.
     new 66a6ef4  added Ketrinas Gremlin Language Variants image. Updated tutorial. --dryRun is solid. Publishing full docs now. CTR.
     new 2284ea9  Added option for "none" on remote timeouts.
     new 704b023  Changed timeout 'none' to a zero setting.
     new 7348e47  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 7427ae1  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1284' into tp31
     new 9a94872  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 64b09df  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 444778b  Using List instead of var args for ConnectiveP/OrP/AndP constructors. This makes things easier for providers. Deprecated the var args constructors (which currently just Arrays.asList(varargs) to the List-based constructor).
     new 1e83a32  Added default args bindings when passing a script to the console.
     new 3225fbc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1268'
     new 4a78886  Empty lists are not created if no messages or views are created. Instead the payload is null. This helps to reduce memory footprint both RAM and during shuffle/disk/network.
     new cd5524d  a bunch of nick-nack optimizations generally in TraversalVertexProgram and specifically in SparkGraphComputer. If there are no HALTED_TRAVERSERS, then do not propagate an empty set -- property.remove(). In Spark, if there are no outgoing messages or new view, do not propagate empty ViewPayloads -- using null. Found a memory bug in TraversalVertexProgram where if the HALTED_TRAVERSERS are suppose to go back to the master traverasl, they were still being persisted across t [...]
     new e3a4b7f  another null memory tweak. no point sending around empty lists --- using null instead.
     new 6f13c0c  more minor memory tweaks. running integration tests over night.
     new 79ebaf9  finally figured out how to do a reduceByKey() with empty tuples. This is the super optimization -- if there are no views and no outgoing messages, then the reduceByKey is trivially complex. For TraversalVertexProgram, this means that the final step takes no time at all. Running integration tests overnight.
     new 00b8ea2  CTR: Removed wrong entry from .dockerignore file.
     new 383a7a2  Merge branch 'tp31' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 899650b  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 08d54c6  Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 8fd9502  some last minute cleanups, comments before PR. integration tests passed over night. Spark integration tests passed for these changes right now.
     new 0f7e587  fixed a typo
     new a117232  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 6f3026a  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1279
     new 76d5be2  added @spmallette recommended deprecation message and updated CHANGELOG.
     new b81c82a  Added recipes framework.
     new 77480a2  Created the first GraphComputer Provider TraversalStrategy -- SparkPartitionAwareStratgegy. This strategy analyzes the traversal to determine if partitioning should be skipped -- e.g. if no message pass is happening. I think this strategy will start to set the stage for how future GraphComputer provider-specific strategies will work.
     new e8bba35  syncing with 1120.
     new 40b3931  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1120' into TINKERPOP-1288
     new 6e92c4e  merged in TINKERPOP-1120 as that has all the new optimizations. going to test on the blades.
     new 7c103c8  DefaultTraversal.hashCode() was bad. Fixed. Added NativeInterceptor which right now is tied to SparkGraphComputer, but should be generalizable to all GraphComputer providers. In short, instead of executing the VertexProgram, an interceptor can take the Graph/Memory and pop out a Graph/Memory. Thus, skipping the VertexProgram execution. Right now I have VertexCountInterceptor which does inputRDD.count(). BAM. Works. Added more test cases and cleanup. Going to probably jus [...]
     new d5e7c78  lots of cleanup. NativeInterceptor is now called VertexProgramInterceptor. Its generalized to be used by any GraphComputer implementation. There exists SparkVertexProgramInterceptor which extends VertexProgramInterceptor. Cleaned up naming conventions in the test cases. Found a bug in TraversalSource that was causing RemoteGraph computer tests to fail. SparkGraphComputer is cleaner with how interception happens -- really clear delineation which will be used for all Graph [...]
     new c653c13  Another CTR.
     new 3e7d19d  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 0d4c07f  Added support for Traversal interruption.
     new 3a5f738  Added process tests for traversal interruption
     new 8b4e670  Refactored Traversal interruption tests.
     new 173034e  OLAP Traversals now support traversal interruption.
     new ab96ed1  Cleaned up OptOuts around traversal interruption test for giraph/spark.
     new f69e991  Added a couple more OptOuts.
     new 400e276  Removed redundant interrupt checks.
     new 24704bc  Removed another redundant interruption check.
     new a447a24  Updated changelog.
     new 8fd0bae  Updated upgrade docs about traversal cancellation.
     new f0acfd7  Generalized SparkVertexCountInterceptor to SparkCountInterceptor and it can recognize and natively process various g.V.name.count(), g.V.out.count, etc. type of traversals. Added a few more test cases to AdjacentToIncidentStrategy. Came up with a nice test infrastructure for SparkInterceptorStrategyTest.
     new 2717b28  added test cases around persisted of rdds. if the interceptor does not 'touch' the loadedGraphRDD then its still the loadedGraphRDD and thus, persistence rules for loadedGraphRDD should apply there.
     new 6f9e5fa  just generalized SparkCountInterceptor to work with ANY star graph computation that ends with count(). The concept is simple, just do flatMapToPair(traversal).count(). tada. This is so clean and pretty.... next is going to be generalizing to work with any ReducingBarrierStep, not just count(). Also, need to add some test cases that use sideEffects and ensure that Memory is updated accordingly. However, besides that, this is such a dead simple concept that I actually thin [...]
     new 71f66c5  Got sideEffects working with SparkCountInterceptor. g.V.groupCount(m).count() works as expected. Classy. Found a bug in TraversalHelper.isLocalStarGraph(), fixed.
     new c62ee51  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1120'
     new 5fafb0b  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new 01fda96  merged master into this branch. had to fix up SparkGraphComputer conflicts cause of ThreadInterrupt work from @spmallette. Added some Scope-based recurssive methods to TraversalHelper. SparkCountItercepter is now smart about sideEffects. Added more tests to ensure proper interception.
     new 6a256f8  SparkCountInterceptor is now called SparkStarBarrierInterceptor and works with count(), max(), sum(), min(), and mean(). groupCount(), group(), and tree() are still left to do.
     new 6e122e4  got GroupCount working with SparkStarBarrierInterceptor. Going to test on the Blades.
     new 854b259  found severe issues with TraversalHelper.isLocalStarGraph(). Given that this is used extensively by GraphComputer implementations, this was a good find. Crazy enough, no test cases for that method. Added a host of them for traverals of varying complexity. Added spark.skipPartitioner and spark.skipGraphCache which are both current modulated by SparkSingleIterationStrategy. Opened up some IgnoreEngines from @pietermartin that we due to bad TraversalHelper.isLocalStarGraph( [...]
     new 1e6aa16  forgot to get rid of this class which was created in this branch -- not needed.
     new 7349c22  This closes #302
     new 3b93ee2  Broke apart some combined tests in HasTest.
     new 2a55c12  Renamed test that did not match the gremlin being tested. CTR
     new 90796c6  Added deprecation notes to tests.
     new d239a5a  Replaced use of "vendor" in javadoc with "provider" CTR
     new d696b38  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new acd439d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1286'
     new 3a8995b  got fold() and group() working with SparkStarBarrierInterceptor. Ensured that SparkStarBarrierInterceptor doesn't cache or partition the inputRDD. Added some logic to ensure that such configurations are propagated through chained OLAP jobs. Also, reverted some work I did on DefaultTraversal. I will raise another issue for the (minor) problem. Integration tests pass.
     new f7439ca  Bump SLF4J to 1.7.21 to fix memory leak.
     new 7a98d2c  Deprecated all the "performance" related tests.
     new 25c94c8  Fixed a badly named test.
     new 09b87ea  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 55172b4  Added a "how to contribute" section to recipes. CTR
     new 197f59c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1288'
     new e560970  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 8968c56  can't easily cherry pick the TraveralHelper.isLocalStarGraph() work to tp31/ as it uses lots of new 3.2.0 interfaces for the inference. Updating CHANGELOG to say the work is in 3.2.1.
     new 1c6aa55  Deprecate gremlin server's serializedResponseTimeout
     new bba8d67  added various asserts around the different RDDs and their state through out the SparkGraphComputer computation to ensure that assumptions are correct. For the Spark integration test suite, they are. CTR.
     new be6f8d7  Precompile scripts during ScriptRecordReader initialization.
     new 7513e21  Merge branch 'tp31' of https://github.com/analytically/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new f422c9f  Update changelog.
     new 063114a  Bump SLF4J to 1.7.21 to fix memory leak.
     new 7f80815  Update changelog.
     new edd2f96  GraphFilterStrategy was pretty easy to create. Its registered as a default GraphComputer TraveralStrategy, though we might want to make it computer specific given that TinkerGraphComputer is not efficient with filters given everything is in-memory. Also, its a bit dirty -- would like to clean up GraphFilter. I don't like the 'helper logic' in there.
     new c6238c0  minor bug fix where if the filter has both() and a non-generic out() or in(), duplicate edges emerge from GraphFilterAwareInputFormat. Makes sense --- just needed to be more strict in GraphFilterStrategy.
     new ea4a988  updated CHANGELOG and fixed Neo4jGraphStepStrategy bug. CTR.
     new efe33eb  updated CHANGELOG.
     new c8901f3  Minor fixes to OrderTest inconsistencies.
     new 3fc50eb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new c9e91c0  Deprecated remaining "performance" tests based on junit-benchmark
     new 690db2f  Expanded the number of exceptions that the driver would "replace" a connection on.
     new 9159fe7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new b123cbe  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1293
     new 336ca12  Broaden catch for computePath.
     new 607b961  lots of work on GraphFilterStrategy and GraphFilter. I made GraphFilter less stringent. I added GraphFilter.getLegallyPositiveEdgeLabels() to help providers know generally which labels to access. I added a bunch more tests to GraphFilterTest. GraphFilterStrategy is a GraphComputer traversal strategy that will infer a graphFilter for the traversal if one is not provided. Currently it only works for edge filtering as whether to do it for vertices or not is questionable giv [...]
     new 546f842  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1295'
     new 16b4a5f  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 90f7ab2  Precompile scripts during ScriptRecordReader initialization.
     new 61f792c  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 1a8da57  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 034eb9e  Changed signature of `VertexTest` methods to take arguments.
     new b8d66cf  Fixed heading level in upgrade docs. CTR
     new c5acf31  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new bce3347  Fixed plugin installation condition in docs pre-processor.
     new 403d440  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 5165d0d  fixed a bug in BulkSet.equals() which caused the aggregate().cap() bug. Added hashCode() and equals() tests to BulkSetTest and added the exposing traversal to AggregateTest -- Fixed TINKERPOP-1215. CTR.
     new 2cafe68  merged tp31 with BulkSet.equals() bug fix. CTR.
     new bf7c981  Fixed many broken count asserts not being applied in test suite.
     new 5c3ca93  Added "reuse" to the list of recipes. CTR
     new 39d709d  Wrote the most insane test in ProgramTest. It verifies that both master- and worker-haltedTraversers are accessible within a program(), that program().as(x) works, that sideEffects and labeled paths are accessible across OLAP jobs that include program(). Basically, epic. Had to work on TraversalVertexProgram a bunch as master-haltedTraversers were not being handled as expected in multi-OLAP chain. Lots of good helper methods added to make it easy for people writing Verte [...]
     new c0d65b9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new c2ca115  Merge branch 'tp31' of https://github.com/analytically/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 8a6d49d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 1275437  Reduced confusion around connection message for :remote
     new 1b914de  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1293'
     new aeebae5  updated upgrade docs and CHANGELOG.
     new c929fd4  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1281
     new 6acbf96  wow. was in a massive hole. Anywho, lots of good stuff here. PR will have all the details.
     new 282177b  undid comment out section in ProcessComputerSuite.
     new 0872071  Added some test to enforce some existing transactional semantics.
     new 01058f4  dar. in my frantic 'get me back to where I was'-state, I forgot to add back this line. ... yes, its been hell this morning.
     new efe0360  Add recipe to docs.
     new 82899ec  Updated the gephi plugin to work on Gephi 0.9.x
     new 0a34d2d  TINKERPOP-1302 Added shutdown hook to close open remotes.
     new 423285e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 636b2e5  Fixes a problem where cardinality is better respected with subgraph step.
     new d056218  merged TINKERPOP-1281
     new 2e50636  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1297'
     new e27b6af  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new 6148e33  TINKERPOP-1242 Tried to harden ScriptEngineTest to prevent random fail
     new 4f03ea1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 3feb752  added a VertexTest for g.V(1,2,blah,3).name to ensure that 1,2,3 are returned. CTR.
     new c61095f  upmerged a test to ensure g.V(1,2,blah,3) returns 1, 2, 3 vertices. CTR.
     new 4ee3028  fixed HALTED_TRAVERSER bug where traversers were not at their 'resting location'. This only shows up in multi-OLAP job chains. HALTED_TRAVERESERS (master travesal) are now propagated via Configuration and NOT via sideEffects. This is more elegant and there are now helper methods in TraversalVertexProgram to make getting master halted traversers easy. Updated the-travesal.asciidoc to reflect how to use ProgramStep with it. Had to change a method signature in VertexComputi [...]
     new 07e1299  TraverserExecutor is smart to not do another iteration if the traversers will simply be returned to the master traversals as output. Updated the PageRankTest with a better test.
     new a6aacdc  minor tweaks to TraverserVertexProgram to make it more efficient.
     new 7d29ef3  minor tweaks to TraverserVertexProgram to make it more efficient.
     new 6107ff9  made a PageRank test a bit more robust. running full integration over night.
     new b100f03  added EmptyMemory and its used as the memory for the first generateProgram() of an OLAP chain. Much better than Optional(Memory).
     new 5bcf0b0  added traversal-based vote strength test to PeerPressureTest. Cleaned up internal classes of TraversalVertexProgram a bit for better organization. Generalized Phase enum so it can be used by other computer-based classes. added comments to TraveralVertexProgram.
     new 66a82ce  added a style guide to the recipes cook book. CTR as the style model was DISCUSS in dev.
     new 62f0e2d  Added "cycle detection" recipe. CTR
     new 3c613d9  Did some more indent work on the recipes - formatting only CTR
     new 9c53c73  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1305'
     new 6ffeaf1  updated CHANGELOG and upgrade docs.
     new aa447eb  Named the thread pool for gremlin server sessions. CTR
     new 44d40f6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new c890ceb  fixed the NPE that occurs in OLAP when you have a local/OLTP group() nested within an OLAP group(). The solution is elegant, but the problem, its not as efficient as the code when we had the NPE.... dar. Going to fiddle some more tomorrow to see if I can get it faster --- 600ms vs 400ms differences.
     new e087123  came up with a nifty trick and now OLD and NEW group() are much closer in time. 432ms vs 456ms. Given that the solution is no longer an NPE in nested groups in OLAP -- this minor time hit is worth it. :). Running integration tests over night.
     new 085be94  some code clean up/organization and added a more complex group() nesting that requires an OLAP walk and an OLTP walk. Also found a bunch of HadoopGraph tests that were needlessly being Opt_Out'd -- fixed.
     new 55a509f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1088' into tp31
     new 192d5ec  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 366edb3  This closes #233
     new afd4048  This closes #195
     new b72ea66  TraversalVertexProgram can use DetachFactory or ReferenceFactory when sending halted traversers to the master traversal. The default is to use ReferenceFactory (more efficient), but if someone wants to use DeatchedFactory, then they do g.withComputer().withStrategies(HaltedTraverserFactoryStrategy.detached()). Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Still need to write specific test cases, but manual testing shows things workings.
     new 19f16f1  minor tweak. need to work in another branch.
     new 4318b6c  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1307
     new 6113c92  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 3978e7b  lots of documentation on TraversalVertexProgram and got HaltedTraveserFactoryStrategy tested and optimized.
     new 7255844  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1310
     new e6f2caa  lots of more documentation on TraversalVertexProgram and I really combed through the code and was able to find numerous minor optimizations here and there.
     new f78d1cb  Giraph integration tests are passing now. @spmallette and I chatted tonight and came up with some good ideas regarding how to leverage HaltedTraverserStrategy for both OLTP and OLAP. In short, 'metadata strategies' might be the new thing.
     new 56c43ea  Moved MasterExecutor.detach() to HaltedTraverserStrategy.halt() as this is now generally useful for OLTP and not just OLAP. Lots more nick nack cleanups and comments.
     new 8be75a9  moved HaltedTraverserStrategy to the general strategy package as it can now be used with OLTP.
     new 63e849c  TINKERPOP-1257 Fixed bad sack test string in groovy tests CTR
     new 67fd4ee  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 572736d  Tweaked `RangeByIsCountStrategy`. The pattern `outE().count().is(0)` is now replaced by `not(outE())`
     new a73ec2f  Updated CHANGELOG
     new bffa77f  Increase step offset by 2 if `foo.count().is(0)` was replaced by `not(foo)`.
     new 041c033  Fixed the previous commit. We don't want to increase the step offset, but decrease the traversal size, after removing steps from a traversal.
     new 51f55df  More robust pattern for `RangeByIsCountStrategy`.
     new d55897a  Don't over-optimize in `RangeByIsCountStrategy` if `count()` or `is()` is labeled.
     new 498585b  Covered a lot more query pattens in `RangeByIsCountStrategy`.
     new 70e8c2a  Special `RangeByIsCountStrategy` handling for `repeat()`'s `emit()` and `until()`.
     new 05ab599  Fixed some typos.
     new ef53888  Fixed `DefaultTraversal`'s hash code calculation.
     new 5d38bbe  Forgot to handle `FilterSteps`.
     new 0397f25  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 3f85775  Fixed for Result.one() which could have blocked indefinitely.
     new 7a1fd4b  Convert DOS to Unix. CTR.
     new 985170e  Convert DOS to Unix. CTR.
     new d768475  Allow calls to addCustom on GryoMapper to override.
     new 5b6394c  Added gryo "lite" serializer.
     new c12771c  Renamed gryo method for better consistency with graphson.
     new 954e382  Clean up scoping of configuration methods for gryo message serializer.
     new bd9972e  Refactored gryo serialization tests to have better re-use.
     new 86d8b5c  This closes #321
     new aa34888  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1310'
     new 2c08928  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 96ee0ba  Improved error detection in docs preprocessor.
     new 670bc69  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 6ed7edc  started a gremlin-variant/ package with Gremlin-Python as the first language.
     new a5c65fc  fixed a variable name bug in python gremlin language variant tutorial. indices -> index. CTR.
     new ff12c59  fixed a variable name bug in python gremlin language variant tutorial. indices -> index. CTR.
     new 87a8978  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new d2eb63c  GroupStep.GroupBiOperator has serialization issues with Groovy lambdas. This is rectified by simply saying -- if the valueTraversal can not be serialized, then revert back to 3.2.0 behavior and simply propagate traverser sets instead of doing lazy barrier reductions when sets grow. Added a test to HadoopGremlinPluginCheck that verifies that both Spark and Giraph are happy. Also, updated a HadoopGremlinPluginCheck to ensure that non-sugar remote connections don't allow su [...]
     new 43d276a  much more elegant solution to the GroupStep.GroupBiOperator problem involving serialization --- better solution: just check for lambdas (LambdaHolder) and only check for lambdas on the child traversal.
     new b34e716  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new be4a54e  added JavaVariantConverter which converts Java calls to GraphTraversal to calls to the the underlying Variant. If GROOVY-3493 existed, we would be golden as we now have to have each method in GraphTraversal explicit in JavaVariantTraversal. More to come...
     new 7504863  lots of code cleanup. The pattern is there and various tests pass.. the problem is just having to copy all the methods over from GraphTravesal. We really need Groovy instospection on interface methods and this will all be ALOT easier.
     new aca8c35  Update "current" links as part of `bin/publish-docs.sh`.
     new b220e31  Forgot to take the current (possibly unpublished) version's directory into account.
     new 76be43b  Have VariantGraphTraversal which is able to convert a Gremlin-Java traversal into a Gremlin-XXX traversal via the provided VariantConverter. Thus, test case -> java traversal -> xxx traversal -> groovy traversal -> test case. There are lots of corner cases not working right now, but I think we have the pattern now.
     new 88ba4b3  okay. so the 95 percent of the test suite is passing with Gremlin-Python.  The other tests, I know why they fail and some are tricky -- we may just OPT_OUT of those as its not really a Gremlin-Python issue, but a test doing stuff like g.V(g.V(1).next()). The other issues are with withSideEffects(), but I know how to solve it -- fat finger work unfortunately.
     new 5b0a767  added support for Gremlin-Python [x:y] range/limit syntax. Added withSideEffects(), withBulk(), etc. stuff to VariantSource. The only tests that are failing now are ones where Double vs. Float is an issue (Python has no concept of double). And where we do stuff like g.V(g.V(1).next()). I think I will just generalize the Double tests to use Number.doubleValue().
     new aa673db  Fixed some bad refactoring of GryoMessageSerializers
     new bb14e08  got normSack parsed as well as turned all floats to doubles.
     new 0d82efa  random cleanup.. basically only 2 tests are failing which don't have an easy solution. And they are odd tests at that.
     new 3e04f4b  Removed "incubating" from the future 3.1.3 release which will not be under incubator CTR
     new 3f6b38a  Fixed links hardcoded to specific versions in docs. CTR
     new db0334f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 171776b  Removed references to "incubating" for 3.1.3 as it won't be released under incubation CTR
     new cda11fd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 2339003  Removed "incubating" from 3.2.1 references as it will not be released under incubator CTR
     new 3185ee2  Fixed up hardcoded links in docs CTR
     new 54b28dc  OPTing out of tests that don't pass. We now have a fully working and tested Gremlin language variant in TinkerPop -- Gremlin-Python.
     new e136846  tests passing. got T, Pop, Order, Column, Direction, and Scope as Python objects now too.
     new 762c2c8  All the enum tokens are now objects in Python. It 'just works'. So dope. A few random little hacks here and there, but for the most part, this is it.
     new 487d992  More cleanup... gremlin-python-3.2.1-SNAPSHOT.py is published to gremlin-variant/variants/python/ directory for easy access by users.
     new 139a08c  tweaks to GremlinPythonGenerator.
     new 252d284  getting slick with the reflection. got withStrategies(), withComputer(), etc. working. This is really really cool.
     new 9983411  got complex P nesting working. going to add a ProcessStandardSuite test case that does nasty P-nesting so we know it works for all variants.
     new ef52869  Introduce Kryo shim to support serializer reuse
     new ddddc5f  This closes #71
     new 4b355c1  Wrote a complex P.and().or(not(lt())) test for HasTest. Realized the GremlinPython crapped out on it. Fixed GremlinPython. Also, added PythonProcessComputerTest to verify that the computer tests work with Gremlin-Python. Found an issue related to properties having the same name as steps and fixed that in the PythonVariantConverter. All in all, more good stuff.
     new 029f56b  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1003' into tp31
     new 9079366  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 89785f4  have static imports working so you can do repeat(out())-type and has(label,'name')-type stuff in Gremlin-Python. Reworked the test infrastructure to be able to test both static and non-static loading of data. That was way more painful than I expected.
     new 9c56fa3  MatchStep should be treated like RepeatStep in TraversalHelper.isLocalStarGraph(). The reason being, you don't know the order of the patterns and thus, if the state changes at least once, then assume it can change given another ordering. Fixed #TINKERPOP-1323. Added a failing test case from the mailing list to verify correct behavior. CTR.
     new fc5e2cb  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 9ab3e15  PythonGraphTraversal now implements Python __iter__ and thus, once a result set comes back from Gremlin server as an iterator, it will behave just like Gremlin-Java. That is, the traversal is an iterator. Made the nested P-test in HasTest even crazier trying to break things.. all is still good in the hood.
     new e32347c  Added ConfigurationCustomizerCompiler
     new 4c6364d  added sort orders to method construction so that the gremlin-python.py file doesnt change with each build and thus, look all dynamic in GitHub.
     new 5deaaa0  gremlin_python_driver.py is a module for creating a Gremlin-Python driver. gremlin_python.py is TinkerPop's embedding of Gremlin into Python for use with the CPyhon virtual machine. All we need now is a gremlin_python_driver implementation. This is really really cool stuff.
     new ed91e82  got the packaging structure down for Gremlin-Python. Also, have RESTRemoteConnection which uses requests. Its not fully connected, but tested in the shell and I will know how to put it all together tomorrow. I think by days end tomorrow, Gremlin-Python against GremlinServer will be a thing.
     new 2a58313  Fixed bad header formatting - wrong levels CTR
     new 218d790  Kryo shim refactoring and documentation
     new cb4fae1  Added another example to "between vertices" recipes CTR
     new 2bce67b  implemented gremlin_rest_driver and now have it working with Gremlin-Python. All done.
     new 99632a3  if the RESTServer response is not 200, then a BaseException is raised.
     new d5d2c48  TINKERPOP-1301 Provide Javadoc for ScriptInput/OutputFormat's ported to tp31 branch
     new 27eedc4  use mockito-core instead of mockito-all to avoid hamcrest conflict
     new a938e50  Fixed up the Gremlin Language Variants tutorial to make explicit that the generated variants are for tutorial purposes and that a full fleded Gremlin-Python variant is available.
     new 8c59f79  got bindings to work. what a nightmare. had to use call stack introspection to get the local variable field of the calling class. insane -- though I know more about the Python VM and how to do introspection.
     new 0445e6d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'lewismc/TINKERPOP-1301tp31' into tp31
     new f24e358  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 2f4c24c  The timeout function to the GremlinExecutor was not executing in the same thread as the script
     new d02562c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 6e17d66  Added GraphTraversalSource to core javadoc. CTR
     new dac7f11  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 5dec0f5  minor nothing change to test my new computers git setup.
     new 9321a3e  Kryo shim configuration tweaks
     new ebd2f85  Fix MonthDay serializer
     new 092dcb9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1322'
     new 55eb1e6  This closes #314
     new 67d777a  Renamed artifact to "gremlin-variant" to match directory name.
     new 0a98b93  Removed "nose" from python build.
     new fb29b25  Added basic package/deploy capabilities for gremlinpython.
     new 88ac304  TINKERPOP-1321 Shim change and test tweaks
     new 0cd31bf  Merge branch 'serialization-flexibility' of https://github.com/dalaro/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1321-dan
     new f7e7df0  Moved metrics init to Gremlin Server constructor.
     new 406956d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new e700363  Able to now test both shim and non-shim models in Spark. Also go configuration with ProgramTest working.
     new 797364c  VertexProgramHelper now uses Gryo to serialize objects if the standard Java Serializer fails. Moving forward (3.3.x), this should all be accomplished by KryoShimServiceLoader.
     new 90e3159  worked with @dalaro to fix a bug in HadoopPoolShimService. Reverted my last work on VertexProgramHelper.
     new 359f04b  remove uneeded import.
     new 08040f8  made SparkHadoopGraphProvider more robust.
     new 293fe29  split up the GryoRegistrator and GryoSerializer based tests into two different full runs of ProcessComputerSuite. The former is an Integration test.
     new 45abdcc  Use "final" where required to be consistent with rest of codebase.
     new 4bb9f36  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1321'
     new 2c7b1f9  removed GraphFilter from GryoMapper. It was added as another way of solving a problem, but that solution wasn't used so removing it. Also, realized a cleaner way of doing the KryoShim tests in Spark -- minor configuration changes.
     new 3aa0e37  renamed the global System property from tinkerpop.kryo.shim to gremlin.io.kryoShimService to be consistent with our property naming convention -- cc @dalaro. CTR.
     new 5ab566c  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 2907ff8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1196' into tp31
     new 89f6365  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 5419959  This closes #325
     new a67e6d6  added gremlin-variants.asciidoc as a section to the reference documentation. Currently it provides information how to use Gremlin-Python.
     new 7b88477  This closes #331
     new 97f0238  Removed DISCLAIMER now that TinkerPop is an apache top-level project.
     new 459a4b2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new d175894  more work on gremlin-variants.asciidoc. In particular, added some graphics and filled out the text a bit better around Gremlin-Python.
     new 2196774  Re-worked the "how to contribute" documentation. CTR
     new 7386035  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new e7b7d14  use graph class as root class to find temporary directory
     new 142512c  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1317' into tp31
     new 19c7791  updated CHANGELOG
     new 9f403ae  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1318' into tp31
     new 1f0c34f  updated CHANGELOG
     new a6c19f0  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1317'
     new 8083819  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1318'
     new 2f1dc3e  updated CHANGELOG
     new 7c585e0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 2c092c8  Break apart the developer docs a bit into new sections CTR
     new af98ba1  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 7f2be97  Minor updates to developer docs CTR
     new ecbb8e8  Added ElementHelper.legalKeyValues() to Parameters to give a better exception message to Gremlin users with traversals that use parameterized-steps. E.g. addV(). Fixed #TINKERPOP-1324. CTR.
     new 367aae2  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 76b1722  updated CHANGELOG for the KryoShim work.
     new f30a84a  so sorry -- I'm a mess this morning. My last commit was not valid. Parameters can have String, T, or Traversal values. Thus, ElementHelper.legalKeyValues() shouldn't be used. Fixed. CTR.
     new d0e3da8  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 4b331f2  removed import.
     new fba8c7c  If there is no edge label in the GraphML file, then use Edge.DEFAULT
     new 47e7122  added Graph.traversal(Translator). A translator is able to translate a Java traversal into any other language -- for example -- gremlin-python. Moreover, for doing scripts to RemoteGraph, we can simply do graph.traversal(GroovyTranslator.of('g')) and the Java API will generate a Groovy string in the backend and then RemoteStrategy will send it as a ScriptTraversal which can contain lambdas (as they are still strings at this point). This translator work is now in gremlin- [...]
     new 97b12a4  Have GroovyTranslator implemented and connected with ProcessStandard and ProcessComputer suites. Moved packages around -- now its tinkerpop.gremlin.python -- tinkerpop.gremlin.groovy. Things are looking good.
     new 23956b2  Made the console support managed transactions for :remote
     new ff52eb6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new f336410  nada.
     new b36b42f  found a bug that was introduced during the KryoShim work earlier this week. I made things super explicit in SparkGraphComputer as to what is the GraphComputer configuration and what is the VertexProgram configuration so that these issues don't pop up again. Simple fix -- CTR.
     new e790e56  Add "centrality" recipes. CTR
     new 5e96f35  Allow DFS paths in `HADOOP_GREMLIN_LIBS`.
     new 7a85d62  Updated CHANGELOG
     new fe98cf0  Minor tweaks and support for more path separators in `HADOOP_GREMLIN_LIBS` (e.g. `;` on Windows systems).
     new 6352bab  Added test to verify the paths in HADOOP_GREMLIN_LIBS are handled properly handled, with and without a file system scheme prefix.
     new 2dbf662  Fixed up centrality recipe based on feedback from initial commit CTR
     new f1d6a5b  fixed a bug in SparkStarBarrierInterceptor where ComputerAwareSteps should NOT be in onGraphComputer-mode as this interceptor does not use TraversalVertexProgram to propagate its traversers, but instead, the standard iterators. Added a test to MatchTest which exposed it and now shows its solved. Note that this bug would also show up in union(), branch(), choose(), coalesce(), optional(), as well as match(). Good find. Thanks @dkuppitz. Fixed TINKERPOP-1335. Also tweaked  [...]
     new 82d9e3b  Minor fixes to centrality recipe examples CTR
     new d6bc05c  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new d1d8f26  Added a note that `HADOOP_GREMLIN_LIBS` allows the use of file scheme prefixes.
     new fbf476a  Improved eigenvector centrality recipe CTR
     new 1532e1a  TranslationStrategy wasn't being sorted correctly. Fixed. All tests except 2 pass -- 1 I know why, the other I don't.
     new d9dfc76  ignored the broken AddEdgeTest test -- its a deprecated test too as its V3d0.
     new e634ccf  Merge branch 'TEMP' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new f6e9b63  got GroovyTranslator and PythonTranslator connected with TranslationStrategy and new CreationStrategy category. There are two tests that fail and I know why with no easy solution -- the tests are even testing semantics, just compilation order stuff so its okay.
     new 7baad27  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1331'
     new 2d1b087  some tests now work and some don't. Have VariantGraphProvider working nicely with full test suite passing. The choice now is -- CreationStrategy, ScriptGraphTraversal, or Traversal.setTranslator() models.
     new 7e4c7b2  Merge branch 'graphml-default-edge-label' into tp31
     new fde51ac  Lots of good stuff here. Anonymous traversals are defined dynamically by the XXXTraversalSource so that translators can be generically written without being concious of the __ class type. Added Translator.addSpawnStep() which is for g.V(), g.addV(), etc. and has different behaviors than addSouce() and addStep(). DefaultTraversalStrategies.getStrategies(class) is now efficient and not a linear scan on each call. Lists are cached now (transient though). This model is reall [...]
     new 0aab69c  Fixed up CHANGELOG entry. CTR
     new 9a16f76  added a gremlin process test to ensure that parallel translators don't interfere with one another.
     new 9c8c655  added a new PropertiesTest that really ensures vertex property ids are handled correctly by the underlying engine. CTR.
     new 8147e11  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 1a526eb  the latest up-merge from tp31 had a minor bug.
     new ec106fc  so strange. I knew this didn't work, but the tests passed locally and now they don't. I think I had some cached classes or something weird -- sorry for the broken tp31/ build. CTR.
     new 842a58f  This closes #333
     new 1149101  fix GremlinGroovyScriptEngineFileSandboxTest resource loading
     new 6fe943f  fix incorrect FeatureRequirement annotations
     new 2c835c3  Fixed a bug introduced at 3f8577596dee49493a75b039bf16e2e3f8e92793
     new fc62efe  TraversalExplanation now supports word wrapping and VertexProgamStep.toStrings() have GraphFilter information attached.
     new c1b4dae  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new a4771b6  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1332
     new 6cef5e5  revert GryoWriter change
     new aeec72c  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 0cf1523  dar. had ProcessStandardSuite commented out like a ding bat.
     new ebfa785  Remove reference to the third by() on group() docs CTR
     new 97a7ba5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new ccd2630  Added the secretary email to the committer invite template
     new c2d2a7d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new e3c5d8e  Moved hadoop-gremlin provider documentation to the provider docs CTR
     new 6c16632  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 155abef  gremlin_python now uses the same Translator-model as Gremlin-Java. That is, you can register a python Translator with a PythonGraphTraversal and it will translate the traversal into any script engine language you want -- right now we only have GroovyTranslator, but we can easily add ScalaTranslator, JythonTranslator, etc. This model of language -> translator -> remote connection is excellent. Its consistent between Java and Python and pretty dead simple.
     new 46fad03  TranslationStrategy now takes both a __.class and a TraversalSource. Thus, it is completely generic and can be used by any DSL (beyond GraphTraversal).
     new 84f2d63  Re-assigned step labels as appropriate in SubgraphStrategy.
     new db3ee96  updated gremlin_python with various of David Brown's comments.
     new a0533e2  crazy, I thought I didn't need addSpawnStep in Python translator -- but I do. Thus, Translator in Java and Python are identical.
     new b67db0c  Added a NOTE to the centrality recipe to clarify the usage of by() CTR
     new 9ae4ea3  using isinstance() instead of type() throughout. Removed B bindings. Now a binding is just a 1 element dict whose key is a string. Might conflict, but for now, good enough. Lookin' good Bales.
     new 6338c9a  removed an unneeded import.
     new 8d2de3f  added support for lambda embedding by using the native lambda functionality of the host language. It supplies a String of the translated language lambda. Removed ScriptXXXTraversal model as after discussion on the ticket, it seems that that model is not as good as the CreationStrategy model.
     new 74127ca  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new e16ef67  Implemented a gremlin-python code processor for the docs.
     new e348a95  WARNING: Added a dependency to `gremlin-variants` in `gremlin-console`. This should be removed before this branch gets merged into `master/`. The proper way is to provide a plugin for Gremlin variants.
     new 8ee2904  All the Gremlin enums are now Python enums and thus, less 'string compary' and the GroovyTranslator is much simpler/smaller. Drawback, for python2, you have to install the enum library.
     new 6220653  Added docs for Neo4j HA configuration.
     new 146f476  If PYTHONPATH is set, then add it to Jython sys.path. This is important for external libraries like the new enum library.
     new 749f874  Found a simpler way to create Enums and thus, the GremlinPythonGenerator got simpler.
     new f5925e7  Added a reminder to remove the gremlin-variants dependency from gremlin-console.
     new 210d1a8  cpython gitignore
     new 65a1ed9  created PythonBypassTranslator which is used only for testing which will use Jython to compile the traverasl to Groovy and then use the GroovyTranslator to execute it. This is because we don't have gremlin-jython as a real ScriptEngine with loaded Gremlin classes/etc.
     new 63fe461  add aenum dependency to gremlin_python's setup.py
     new f68dbdf  Merge branch 'fix_setup_py_dependency' of https://github.com/leifurhauks/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 70dd324  Improved performance of TinkerGraph around element lookup.
     new 6edca75  Log `mvn clean install` install into file and show the last 100 lines in case of an error.
     new 21a533d  TraversalExplanation now how prettyPrint(), prettyPrint(int maxLineLength), and toString(). Console will detect a TraversalExplaination and use prettyPrint(TerminalFactory.get().getWidth()). If the TerminalFactory is 'bad' then a default reasonable value is use -- people say some Java versions give -1 for getWidth().
     new e59b93c  Made TinkerGraph validate that ids be homogeneous up front.
     new 099e6bc  Updated changelog.
     new ce0dc48  Fixed path to log file for `bin/validate-distribution.sh` and log only errors in `mvn clean install`.
     new 668bee3  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 3dc16ac  builtInRange no longer needed given the new Enum model.
     new 2ea48c4  add RawExpression to gremlin_python
     new aeefd01  bindings are now 2-tuples: ('symbol', value)
     new 65ca75d  docs: usage example for gremlin_python.RawExpression
     new 45e19af  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-939' into tp31
     new b2cf6d8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new da26cf1  removed NOTE: Neo4jGraph currently does not support HA and added an image for the HA section. CTR.
     new 8c04d61  removed NOTE: Neo4jGraph currently does not support HA and added an image for the HA section. CTR.
     new ac08ae6  Merge branch 'raw_expr' of https://github.com/leifurhauks/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 9ff14b7  Updated instructions on how to process a single AsciiDoc file.
     new 605c67c  added PYTHONPATH to the awk scripts so aenum is picked up from pip installs. Added lambda discussion and fixed up RawExpression discussion in gremlin-variants documentation.
     new e5937a0  simplified the awk script by using GroovyScriptEngine instead of GroovyShell. Added more documentaiton on RawExpression.
     new 96c834b  groovy_translator no longer needs to introspect strings.
     new d4dde26  wow. awk hell -- got docuentation on 2-tuple bindings for Gremlin-Python out and got all the WARNINGS from awk script gone  -- thanks @dkuppitz.
     new f9e4a82  bindings can happen at spawns and sources in gremlin-python.
     new f5a28e8  Added GroovyTranslatorTest to GroovyEnvironmentSuite to test particulars of GroovyTranslator not tested by StructureProcessSiute and ComputeProcesSuite. Added JythonScriptEngineSetup.load() for a static location for loading globals into Jython. Translator interface now has getHostLanguage() and getExecutionLanguage() ... these are the two concepts of a Translator and now they are exposed and explicit. Also, added StringFactory.translatorString(Translator) so all translat [...]
     new 0cdb3cc  Added Lambda interface which can be used by Gremlin-Java and other strongly typed Gremlin variants. Lambda provides methods for function, predicate, supplier, comparator, etc. where the returned Lambda object has a getLambdaScript() and can be introspected by a XXXTranslator accordingly. This solves the Lambda problem for Java/Scala/etc. While Groovy can use Lambda, it doesn't need to as it will assume all closures yield the lambda script string.
     new 63dd0c7  minor simplifications.
     new 903beb2  doc updates.
     new 631ff48  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new e10c874  added RESTRemoteConnectionTest which tests RESTRemoteConnection in gremlin_rest_driver. It uses Jython to evaluate a Gremlin-Python traversal against a running GremlinServer.
     new 7126194  Python translators now have source/targetLanguage fields like Java translators. sourceLanguage = hostLanguage -- targetLanguage = executionLanguage. Updated docs to reflect this new terminology.
     new 9c4d006  TranslationStrategy and RemoteStrategy now play on each other. If TranslationStrategy is using a RemoteGraph, it does not compile the traversal. If RemoteStrategy notes a TranslationStrategy, it creates a ScriptTraversal to be sent over the wire. Added prover, and processcomputer, processstandard tests in gremlin-server to demonstrate how translated traversals are sent. Moving forward, RemoteConnection should take string,string,bindings and thus, we drop the use of Scrip [...]
     new 2eafeef  realized why various providers OPT_OUT of a particular OrderTest. The traversal should be compiled and then setLimit() called. CTR.
     new 2f165b9  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new cf581f0  Fixed up TraversalOpProcessor to use HaltedTraversalStrategy to decide detachement with ReferenceFactory being the default (as before). This allowed me to open uup a bunch more OPT_OUT tests on RemoteGraph.
     new 408755d  Fixed up TraversalOpProcessor to use HaltedTraversalStrategy to decide detachement with ReferenceFactory being the default (as before). This allowed me to open uup a bunch more OPT_OUT tests on RemoteGraph.
     new fdac7a6  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 4b6208a  added JavaDoc to new TraversalStrategy.getStrategy() and overrode the default implementation in DefaultTraversalStrategies.
     new 090efe3  made things safer -- not longer wraps by step name, but by character. much cleaner.
     new 7dfd0dd  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1332
     new 82afed3  updated CHANGELOG.
     new b37015d  stubbed GremlinJythonScriptEngine. We should generzlize all the import work in Gremlin-Groovy so other languages can use it. Moreover, I think we should generalize the :plugin model as well. --- I know, suuuuucks. cc/ @spmallette.
     new df0896c  gremlin_python: generate/build/deps before tests
     new 7d2a1bf  Merge branch 'python_test_fix' of https://github.com/leifurhauks/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 19cf29e  add license boilerplate to __version__
     new 0ecac54  added GremlinJythonScriptEngineFactory to META-INF and created a test case stub.
     new 5e25824  Merge branch 'python_version_license_boilerplate' of https://github.com/leifurhauks/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 8d1bbee  updated .gitignore to be global to tinkerpop -- py compiled class stuff.
     new 2fb26e4  added an architecture diagram for gremlin-variants.
     new 4967453  removed gremlin-variants/ and created gremlin-python. Reorganized lots of things given new insights. A few sucky things to work out. Need @spmallette help -- packaging, testing issues. Really cool stuff.
     new 2db67c0  cleaned up gremlin-python pom.xml ... minor nothings.
     new 77b1bbd  created CoreImports in gremlin-core which has getImportClasses(), getImportMethods(), getImportEnums() which is used by GremlinJythonScriptEngine, but should be used by GremlinGroovyScriptEngine as well and all subsequent GremlinXXXScriptEngine. Added toSet(), next(amount) to gremlin_python... added more tests to GremlinJythonScriptEngineTest. Created SymbolHelper which is useful for converting symbols between Python and Java -- generlized out of GremlinPythonSourceGenerator.
     new 07964b2  added SymbolHelper to gremlin_python so more than just groovy_translator can use it.
     new 6acb893  Okay, this is massive. We now have groovy_translator.py and jython_translator.py. One is targed for GremlinGroovyScriptEngine from Python and the other is targeted for GremlinJythonScriptEngine from Python. I had to redo the way in which we test translators as now we can have multiple translators from Python. It took me a long time to wrap my head arond having to version of 'Jython' -- one is simulating CPython and the other is GremlinJython. So when we have a test trans [...]
     new 9b99d13  IMPORT_STATICS is back to Random choice at test time.
     new 7dd6185  Lambda now breaks  up its internal subclasses into ZeroArgLambda, OneArgLambda, and TwoArgLambda. This makes it easy for Jython to extend these classes to wrap Python lambdas as Java8 functions. Finally have PythonJythonTranslatorTest passing in full now.
     new 099a33c  smart about GLOBAL_SCOPE vs. ENGINE_SCOPE and context bindings.
     new b41fa42  gremlin_python.py is now graph_traversal.py and traversal.py. Added statics.py which holds all statics and has nice load_statics() and unload_statics() methods. Converging on the pattern... Funny enough, the pattern is identical to Gremlin-Java (this is a good thing).
     new 8153231  simplified next() model and added Traversal.next(amount).
     new ba26c37  have RESTRemoteConnectionTest working against both gremlin-groovy and gremlin-jython. What is neat is that GremlinServer is configured with two ScriptEngines.
     new 8b88fe6  Gremlin-Groovy and Gremlin-Jython (jython) have different semantics around ScriptContext... dar. However, I think that GremlinServer's test suite is bad using GLOBAL_SCOPE -- should use ENGINE_SCOPE.
     new 33bd38a  removed generate-modern.py ... another semantic issue between Groovy and Jython ScriptEngines. Workaround is easy as long as gremlin-groovy is also loaded with gremlin-python in GremlinServer yaml.
     new 0e758ec  opened up a couple more tests in Gremlin-Python. Weird -- Python long doesn't eq() correctly with Java long. However, Python int and String do. Had to do some tricky coercion to make it work.
     new 0787e46  Force startedIterating before sleep
     new 0a1b46c  Jython was selecting the wrong GraphTraversal.property() method and thus, updated GraphTraversal and __ to do a check on the first argument to see if a reroute is needed. Similar things have been done to both GraphTraversal and __ methods for Groovy as well, so its okay to cater. With this, two more tests that were Ignored are now opened up. GremlinJythonScriptEngineFactory now extends PyScriptEngineFactory and overwrites only necessary methods.
     new d836597  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 98f09ba  Enhanced pre-processor output for failure cases.
     new ebbf655  finalized parameters. minor nothing.
     new 2d69b9e  minor correction; code was using a test file instead of the actual output file
     new 5395aae  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1071'
     new 8753366  added RepeatUnrollStrategy for when the loop amount is known at compile time. Fixed a bug in BranchStep around child integration.
     new d699cb6  Cancellation of a timeout should occur in existing thread pool
     new 6208b90  came up with a nice optimization. If the step after the repeat() is a Barrier, then there is no need to add a NoOpBarrier on the last loop serialization. Also, discovered a severe clone() bug in AbstractStep around label cloning. Can't believe this never popped up before now.
     new cd0e58b  Fixed a problem with how timeouts were scheduled in GremlinExecutor
     new d634953  took into account a @dkuppitz comment about not checking for hasStepOfAssignableClass as it just wastes clock cycles. Also, came up with a cleaner algorithm for determing whether the final NoOpBarrierStep should be added or not. Faster and less memory usage.
     new 857deab  learned how to used Enclosed.class to have parameterized and non-parameterized sections of a test. I think all our Strategy tests should have a 'isFaster' test to ensure that our optimizations are actually making things faster. cc/ @dkuppitz.
     new e6071c0  shouldBeFaster() in both RepeatUnrollStrategyTest and IdentityRemovalStrategyTest now do parameter sweeps and test a broader range of behaviors.
     new 7000fbc  StepTranslator is being created. This is a half-committ as this is tedious work that I don't want to lose.
     new 4feecbd  more tedium work -- half-commit .. about 1/2 way done with StepTranslator.
     new 7240b54  moer work on Symbols and StepTranslator...the endless tedium..... EmptyGraphTravesal is never used and has no real purpose -- removed.
     new af3e34b  StepTranslator complete. Both TinkerGraph STANDARD and COMPUTER tests pass in full. That was intense. Still lots more to do...
     new f87ef12  Refactored traversal strategy performance tests.
     new 05d4c32  added missing license header
     new bff3ad1  adding source and spawns to StepTranslator... tedium to the core.
     new 857e2e2  prevent division by zero
     new bc397ec  Fixed logic in ConnectionPool that was preventing it from growing.
     new f19121b  TINKERPOP-1341 Add missing classes to GryoRegistrator
     new c7d64d0  committing what I have thus far on the Translator refactor so I don't lose it. The standard StepTranslator is working great -- something is hose with the language translators -- really peculiar case where it only fails at g.V(x) and works for all g.V().... anywho...
     new ed47e94  a repeat()-step test was named wrong. minor nothing.
     new cc7ce89  tada. found the bug. jesus -- what a waste of a day. damn you kuppitz.
     new 9f032fc  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 1e0c581  Removed potential for NPEs when validating IDs given to vertices()/edges()
     new 7f22595  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1349'
     new 44ad2eb  updated changelog.
     new 292f024  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 1c9bd08  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1063' into tp31
     new 78f7f3e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new c37c301  Added more invalid binding keys to Gremlin Server OpProcessor validation.
     new 989977f  Fixed bug in driver where the client would unecessarily replace Connections.
     new 033a44d  Uncommented some tests that were accidentally commented out.
     new e66f2c9  Prevents connections from exceeding max size in the driver.
     new e14183c  Increased settings on Cluster creation in test.
     new e0b6dc4  Set high water mark first in Gremlin Server.
     new f198ce1  Prevented driver from decrementing open connection count when replacing a connection
     new c34fe9f  When a traversal is being constructed its construction history is maintained in a new ByteCode object. ByteCode is simply a list of instructions (stepName/arguments) that denote exactly how the traversal was constructed. This ByteCode can then be used by a Translator to translate a traversal into another language. In essence, what was previously fully done by Translator is now split between ByteCode and Translator. This removes the horrendous ThreadLocal __ model we had  [...]
     new c0b0eed  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1341' of https://github.com/dalaro/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 0ce35b6  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new dc27a2a  added toString(), equals(), and hashCode() to ByteCode and Instruction.
     new ca8a4f9  TINKERPOP-1355 Design HasContainer for extension
     new e42c87d  keep TestHelper in sync between gremlin-core and gremlin-test
     new 0281edb  test string representation with properties
     new 8146078  upgrade note on test feature annotations
     new 565b2e8  Removed assert that isn't consistent across kerberos configurations.
     new 539a4fc  fixed ByteCode.addStep() bug in select() step.
     new fe37df2  Bumped groovy to 2.4.7
     new 756b280  Created ReflectionTranslator which uses Java reflection to generate a Traversal from ByteCode in Java. If ByteCode does not have lambdas, then translators can default to this translator when evaluating on the JVM. This is all setting up to instead of sending the Script string, drivers will just send ByteCode as it can be translated remotely into a Script string or (via ReflectionTranslator) into a Traversal directly without using a ScriptEngine. --- might rename Reflecti [...]
     new 1915fa5  I think I have the Translator API finalized -- its simple: source, anonymous, translate(ByteCode). That is, every translator needs to know the source and anonmyous traversal classes and from there, the ByteCode is used to populate a Traversal instance. This works for both JavaTranslator (using reflection from ByteCode) and from Groovy/PythonTranslator (using String script construction). Moreover, it maps nicely to how each language variant translator API will have its re [...]
     new c9826f9  added a method cache so looking up methods via reflection is fast.
     new e25c1d5  ResultSet.hasNext should be idempotent
     new f9706a3  Void and void can not use FieldSerializers. However, note that Void and void are in DefaultSerializers and thus, don't need to be registered by GryoRegistrator. Commented them out and added a note if for some reason Void and void require serializaion registration. However, integration tests pass now and Void/void were not a problem. CTR. cc/ @dalaro
     new 320071d  Update changelog.
     new 0fd1706  ResultSet.hasNext should be idempotent
     new 4e0b5b1  Update changelog.
     new 96cf3f2  This closes #346
     new 17aab3e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1350' into tp31
     new 88f3da5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 2894a0d  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 5ff91f7  Bumped groovy to 2.4.7
     new 6836f2f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1354' into tp31
     new e5cbe53  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new a138d55  Fixed merge issues from previous commit.
     new 8d23458  renamed ByteCode to bytecode. Added Python-version of Bytecode to gremlin-python. Updated accordingly. Next up, Python-based RemoteGraph, TraversalStrategies, RemoteStrategy, and TranslationStrategy. From there, gremlin-python will be staged for others to blow out Python specific Graph implementations and thus, have TinkerPop work for Python systems like it does for Java systems.
     new 8052fba  Okay, here it is -- Python versions of Graph, RemoteGraph, TraversalStrategies, TraversalStrategy. All connected up and working. You no longer create a PythonGraphTraversal, but instead a RemoteGraph and then do graph.traversal() just like in Gremlin-Java. Tada.
     new fb77968  PythonGraphTraversal is now GraphTraversal, likewise for PythonTraversal and PythonGraphTraversalSource. Bytecode (in python) handles bindings correctly. Added a test to RESTRemoteConnectionTest to ensure proper use of bindings. Organized packaging a bit. XXXTranslator in gremlin-python are immutable without having to 'new' for anonymous traaversals (idenitcal pattern as XXXTranslator in Java). Gremlin-Python and Gremlin-Java are looking identical... its soooooo cool.
     new 88b266c  various cleanups and organizations. added nice __repr__s in Python that mirror the Java toStrings(). Tweaked with the play code that generates JSON from Bytecode -- no need to have nested lists for arguments as the head of the list will always be the operator and the remaining members will be the arguments.
     new 5561800  found a bug in how bindings were being handled in Gremlin-Python -- fixed and added test case to verify it. Simplified Gremlin-Python Bytecode implementation a bit.
     new ce8596b  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 9c3e64d  Basic interfaces and infrastructure for bringing ScriptEngine generalization to gremlin-core.
     new ef77e6f  added ProcessStandard and ProcessComputer tests for JavaTranslator which basically generates a traversal bytecode, then clears the traversal of its steps and uses JavaTranslator to regenerate the traversal steps. Was in a reflection hole nightmare for a good hour there. Once really interesting thing -- JavaTranslator is about 2x faster than GroovyTranslator. This is good. It means that if you have ByteCode that doesnt contain lambdas and you send it to GremlinServer, its [...]
     new f87bfeb  subinterfaced Translator with ScriptTranslator and StepTranslator. Basically, any translator that is oriented towards a ScriptEngine is a ScriptTranslator. Any translator that generates 'native' step code is a StepTranslator. Cleaned up the symbol tables in GraphTraversal, TraversalSource, Traversal, and GraphTraversalSource.
     new f917506  learned more about modules vs. packages in Python. Combined classes into a single .py file. Things are much cleaner now... all the traversal stuff is in traversal.py (strategies, strategy, translator, bytecode, traversal, traversal source, etc.)
     new 8a4d208  reviewed @davebshow old PR and repackaged Gremlin-Python accordingly. gremlin_python/driver,structure,process. Thats that.'
     new c5eca63  couldn't get native Python lambda code instrospection to work generally. suxoid....... howevewr, I did do some pom.xml cleanup and META-INF shizzzzz.
     new 8f8c41a  Remove dash from key.
     new 22ad460  Graph providers should no longer rely on the test suite to validate that hyphens work for property keys.
     new 1390541  Add labels to change description.
     new 88c5d27  TINKERPOP-1254 Support dropping traverser path information when it is no longer needed
     new 5f7810b  updated change log
     new 76b4229  updated change log
     new 460af69  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1319' into tp31
     new b391e31  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new bb9d718  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1320' into tp31
     new 8f5b61d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 62af276  TINKERPOP-1278 : Removed long literal 'L' suffix
     new f160bc1  Make implicit relative imports explicit
     new f9c6ea6  while reviewing @twilmes work, I made various adjustments. Coding style things like finalizing variables, simplifiying some methods using existing Helper classes we have, added more tests to PrunePathStrategyTest, added PathProcess updates to TreeSideEffectStep. all in all, this is very solid work. I still need more time to review as there is one thing the troubles me about dynamic pruning in MatchStep. Just want to commit what I have done thus far so I don't corrupt it.
     new ab41c3f  revise a mutable default kwarg on GraphTraversalSource
     new 6840262  Added a method to handle imports.
     new b93feb4  Allowed "imports" to be assigned to GremlinScriptEngine.
     new c8c77af  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1352' into tp31
     new a8c36eb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new b11dc47  Conflict resolved on previous merge.
     new f38b459  Merge branch 'pr-356'
     new bb6671c  Updated CHANGELOG.
     new 7921024  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1338' of https://github.com/robertdale/tinkerpop
     new ba37407  found a bug in TraversalVertexProgramStep where it was not respecting the traversals registered strategies.
     new aa6059a  ImmutablePath.Head can be retrated -- it simply returns itself as it has no data. Removed a System.out.println I left in PrunePathStrategyTest. Tweaking MatchStep slightly around tags -- found a few archaic lines that were pointless wastes of memory/time.
     new c90fc1e  TINKERPOP-1359 SubgraphStep needed to check meta-properties feature on the source graph. CTR
     new 05b457d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 3c4aaf5  Merge branch 'tp31' of https://github.com/analytically/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 032536e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 2b9901d  Install Python setuptools prior each build in Docker as it's now required by a maven build step.
     new 9d205f8  Added OLTP optimization where a barrier is added after a path processor to try and thin the stream. When we move to having LazyBarrierStrategy go prime time, we should move that code to there. Added more test cases to PrunePathStrategyTest to ensure proper compilation. Added an Ignore to a TinkerGraphPlay test that was live and thus, outputing System.out during testing.
     new b45a957  Fixed an NPE around path and nested children with path processors. Added some TODO notes in PrunePathStrategyTest about why keepLabels are the way they are -- I believe that nesting is not sound and should be looked into more. And more tests added.
     new 3a5a3ac  made PathPruneStategyTest easier to write/read by using the toString() of the list nesting.
     new b63332f  added more PrunePathStrategyTest patterns and more TODO notes. So the current model works great for nested repeat() as with repeat, there is recurssion on the child. However, for non-looping nests, bad.
     new 1ae137f  a test failed in TinkerGraphNoStrategyComputerIntegrateTest. It must have been wrong for a long time but we just got 'thread lucky.' FilterRankStrategy is required or else the ordering goes bad after dedup().
     new 923a715  added more test cases and have 2 double nested traversals that are broken.
     new e5ef4c0  added a test around paths where once past the path, back to selective processing.
     new c7344a1  Updating strategy to fix nesting issues and moved label dropping from MatchStep's processNextStart to MatchEndStep's processNextStart.
     new a71ce32  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1254' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1254
     new 43c6108  Updated ReferencePath to copy labels into a new HashSet before adding them to reference path so that ReferencePaths will not end up sharing label sets.  Added a number of new PrunePathStrategy tests.
     new 983538d  added a lazy barrier to OLTP MatchStep (added a TODO note that in the future we may want to make MatchStep a LocalBarrierStep). Tweaked up the OLTP PrunePathStrategy optimization to only do lazy barriers if the parent is NOT a MatchStep (as the MatchStep is a lazy barrier now). Lightened up the IdentityRemoveStrategy sensitivty as recommended by @tdwilmes ... Epic stuff.
     new 0739105  Removed "nashorn" from the console integration tests.
     new 01fd5dc  renamed PrunePathStrategy to PathRetractionStrategy to better align with the Path API retract() naming. PathRetractionStrategy should NOT execute if there are lambdas steps or path steps. Do a global analysis to ensure that. Added a new MatchTest to ensure a sneaking suspicion I had with lazy barrier wasn't true -- it wasn't, thats good.
     new 632a67d  added more test patterns to PathRestractionStrategy ... tweaked up NativeNeo4jCypherCheck as not all results need to return everything matched.
     new 9d8363e  Add some javadoc to GremlinScriptEngine classes.
     new b900de2  using memoization in MatchEndStep so referenced labels don't need to be computed over and over again. Simplified PathUtil -- removed two methods that are now inlined.
     new a8bcd7d  Greatly simplified ImmutablePath and MutablePath.retract() algorithms. Got a 3x speedup on a big ol fat match() query I'm benchmarking with. Simplified LP_XXXX_Traverser implementations around retract(). Small fix to NativeNeo4jCypherCheck -- had an extra ( in an Ignored Test.
     new a4e89c0  optimized Path.equals() in both ImmutablePath and MutablePath.. Lots of unnecessary object creation removed. Now that path equality is likely with bulking due to Path retraction, having equals() fast and clean is important.
     new ef426f9  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1254'
     new 3d1168f  updated CHANGELOG with PathRetractionStrategy work by @twilmes.
     new 8cd4cfa  added optimized versions of labels() and objects() for ImmutablePath and added more test cases to PathTest to ensure the path retraction is sound. It is. CTR.
     new dec5caf  Add basic test framework for GremlinScriptEngine.
     new 90a4cda  compare vertex property ids as Long
     new 987cc7e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 450e3ef  re-enable tests now that groovy version is updated. CTR.
     new a2c8a83  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new a93ffcc  Found a bug in the PathRetractStrategy that occurs when the match() select() keepLabels do not include the match dedupLabels that were backpropagated into the MatchStep via MatchPredicateStrategy. This caused a 'label could not be found' exception. Also, inlined various code blocks so we don't just generate lists and call stacks on heavily used code sections in MatchStep (e.g. generateRemainingTraversals()). By doing that, a pretty significant performance gain was seen o [...]
     new 252a736  Added a step to pre-flight check in dev docs. CTR
     new 3692380  Added a step to pre-flight check in dev docs. CTR
     new 383b721  Fixed location of licenses in gremlin server LICENSE CTR
     new 402cad1  Bumped the groovy version in binary NOTICE CTR
     new 46958f2  Add a shortcut method to getting ScriptEngine from SingleGremlinScriptEngineManager.
     new 4894b67  a better generator for referenced labels in MatchStep related to PathRetractionStrategy. One more issue I found is coming up next and then I'm moving on from this. CTR.
     new 8851987  realized that a few traverser species were not super.merge() and thus, not having their tags merged appropriately. this led to weird results in MatchStep when prune strategy was activated. However, this then exposed a massive optimization with PathRetractionStrategy. Some traversers do not have to go down every path. Nutz. As if only some keepLabels are needed, then two traversers down to separate paths can come to the same keepLabel and thus, 'be the same'. Speed ups fr [...]
     new 9242421  found a happy medium -- if MatchStep.keepLabels contains both the matchStartLabels and matchEndLabels, then don't prune as it does nothing but incur runtime. This is a clean solution that ensures that full select()s are not pointlessly inefficient and equal in speed to TinkerPop 3.2.0. I think I'm done with this work for TinkerPop 3.2.0. I will run integration tests over night.
     new 26b8556  Undeprecated ScriptEngineCache
     new cc59062  a bunch of minor optimizations to the Traverser species (direct refernece calls instead of method calls) and made MatchStep a bit more efficient too for local barrier.
     new 99480b6  Merge branch 'graph_traversal_mutable_kwarg' of https://github.com/leifurhauks/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new e37d33b  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 508f216  Refactored ScriptEngineLambda tests.
     new c16d632  Renamed EngineToTest annotation to ScriptEngineToTest
     new 37d5b9f  Finalize some variables to maintain code consistency.
     new 099ae6b  Merge branch 'fix_long_literal' of https://github.com/leifurhauks/incubator-tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 9158431  Deprecate the groovy ConcurrentBindings and move to core.
     new 8ebaf60  Added a note about open JIRA tickets to dev docs.
     new 6bac504  Re-worked text in dev docs around JIRA issues.
     new 992dddf  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 0319b3d  Bytecode now has a simple List.toString(). GraphSONTraversalSerializers has Bytecode, P, and Enum serializers and deserializers. I registered these new serializers with GraphSONModule. Thus, now Bytecode to GraphSON is all done via GraphSON ... Added an toy example to TinkerGraphPlayTest. No formal testing yet.
     new 2ad5240  removed TranslatorHelper as its flattenArguments method is no longer needed. Bytecode flattens arguments. Simplified Bytecode a bit more.
     new 1bfa333  Got lambdas serialized into Bytecode GraphSON. I have a way to make it so you can do every thing via JavaTranslator --- Java functions/predication/etc. will just wrap a call to a ScriptEngine. Got is working in a 'hardcoded' way. Tomorrow I will make it delicious.
     new f834235  minor optimization. if the bytecode does not have source or step instructions don't add an empty array to GraphSON representation.
     new c60e213  Added GraphSONTranslator to the test suite. It wraps JavaTranslator but before sending the Bytecode to JavaTranslator, it serializes and then deserializes the Bytecode using GraphSON. This ensures that GraphSON serialization of Bytecode is sound (at least within the range of tests in the ProcessTestSuite -- both STANDARD and COMPUTER). There are a few tests that fail around Vertex/Edge arguments that are currently ignored. We should be able to get those connected easily.
     new 3c26c2e  we had a few more methods left in GraphTraversal that were just delegating to another method version. However, by doing this, the Bytecode record is not completely accurate. I translated such steps accordingly. There are like 2 more left in there... will knock out before merge master/.
     new eb91f42  added Bytecode GraphSON serializer to Gremlin-Python. The picture is now complete.
     new 6399ec4  Made some adjustments to interfaces for the GremlinScriptEngine.
     new 9be0289  Deprecated the ControlOps.
     new 177677a  Gremlin-Python just got a whole lot simpler. It will not be concerned with Translators as all it has to do is create Bytecode and serialize that Bytecode using GraphSONSerializer. Thats it. Reworked the test infrastructure such that we test Python->GraphSON->Bytecode->Java. Thus, we verify that Python GraphTraversal is valid and that its Bytecode serialization is valid. Next up, gutting translator stuff from the .py packages.
     new bf63d09  groovy_translator and jython_translator have now been removed from Gremlin-Python. Gremlin-Python simply produces Bytecode and is not concerned with tranlation (GremlinServer does the translation). This also greatly simplifies the python code -- no Translator class, no translator instances, no Symbol management. The only test case that doesnt pass but is IGNORED is RESTRemoteConnection as a remoteConnection (when Stephen is done) will be conn.submit(bytecode). And thats that.
     new 2a672b1  graphson_serializers.py uses private methods and classes. minor nothing.
     new 2753185  renamed graphson_serializers to graphson. You can now registered GraphSONSerializer instances by type with a global registry. This allows users to add types like Geopoint, etc. moving forward. RawExpression will go away in light of this. Also, graphson module now has GraphSONWriter class just like the Java counterpart with GraphSONWriter.writeObject() as the method to generate JSON of a Python object.
     new b2aed24  GroovyTranslator needs to process both source and step instructions.
     new 9a11864  RawExpression no longer exists. register a serializer with graphson Python.
     new 40772c0  Setup Gremlin Server and RemoteConnection to use Bytecode.
     new cc05d4c  Changed publish-docs.sh t opoint at the tlp svn - no more incubator.
     new 2a9c444  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new d61bbdb  Remove final references to "incubator".
     new 43dffde  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 5c5b1a9  Remove last of "incubator" references.
     new deb99f6  minor word and link cleanup
     new 734e107  reverted edit
     new 91e0010  RepeatUnrollStrategy will not unroll for 0 loops. Also, made the NoOpBarrier of RepeatUnrollStrategy a lazy barrier of 5000 just to be OME safe. Added more test patterns to RepeatUnrollStrategyTest.
     new b5f265c  Enabled some tests formerly using nashorn on GremlinExecutor
     new 38b0100  Remove some debugging code that was creating bytecode twice.
     new 4414cdc  No need to update README anymore as we  now have /current
     new aa67b8a  Update CHANGELOG for release of 3.1.3.
     new 2ed6920  Update release dates in upgrade docs.
     new 89c936b  TinkerPop 3.1.3 release
     new 07f42e8  Moved log file generated by validate-distribution.sh
     new 514cfdb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new f504a41  Updated changelog for 3.2.1 release.
     new 90c2a32  Update upgrade docs for 3.2.1
     new fbdfbc2  TinkerPop 3.2.1 release
     new afc0efc  Minor fixes and spelling corrections in validate-distribution.sh
     new a62b655  Added some more notes to release documents.
     new 5a77818  Refactored RemoteStep and RemoteStrategy.
     new b2f42b8  Refactored RemoteStep and RemoteStrategy again.
     new 9cf493b  Deprecated control ops related tokens.
     new 6722418  Bump to 3.2.2-SNAPSHOT
     new e137d82  Added Map related entries to GryoMapper registration.
     new 9db7100  Update changelog.
     new f7e1fdd  Removed line from release that updates README links.
     new 90e5af1  Bumped to 3.1.4-SNAPSHOT
     new a3c6937  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 91d9c62  Merge branch 'post-master'
     new 47e82d3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 250c421  Removed gremlin-variant from gremlin-console as a dependency.
     new 9913d64  Fixed a leak in a Netty ReferenceCounted resource in Gremlin Server.
     new 6be2827  Fixed a leak in a Netty ReferenceCounted resource in Gremlin Server.
     new 744852b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new ddefa3f  Fixed transaction management check during result iteration
     new ac382c5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 2f2b373  Fixed transaction management check during result iteration
     new 4cfcb2b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 4b9212e  Removed final declaration from ExpandableStepIterator TINKERPOP-1388
     new 3135c30  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 168097b  Undo previous CTR'd commit that made ExpandableStepIterator non-final
     new 0f5f2d8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new a3f5dab  tweaks in gremlin language variants doc
     new a707a8d  minor word and link cleanup
     new 3c9cf05  reverted edit
     new 8ed3c95  removed section missed in merge conflict
     new e447429  Major changes to support return of sideeffects from server
     new c875cd9  Minor refactoring to driver Handler.
     new 3ca691b  Refactored ResultQueue/Set and added more tests.
     new 45622f9  Removed some dead code in TraversalIterator.
     new 39233fc  Cleaned up some server-side remoting code.
     new 8dd0211  Update javadocs and other minor refactoring in remoting.
     new 688e3f5  TINKERPOP-1392 Remove support for Java serialized Traversal.
     new 8577616  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 5d64d92  Merge branch 'pr-362'
     new 06fe89e  Renamed variables that specified "graph" to "traversal source"
     new 8e71623  fixed dev list and jira links
     new 03da6f6  Merge branch 'pr-364'
     new d27b43d  Merge branch 'pr-368'
     new 1a4a321  added missing feature requirement
     new 7cd1f6a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 6bf0d3b  Renamed zip distributions to prefix with "apache-tinkerpop-"
     new 81ef195  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 8888a8c  Modified the message when closing a remote
     new 613a4ba  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 87960e7  Doc generation needed an update now that artifacts were renamed on TINKERPOP-1376
     new 8f7218d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new ee50a6f  Added new recipe for Traversal Induced Values.
     new 735a9f6  Renamed the getResult() method in RemoteResponse to getTraversers()
     new 52d354e  added RemoteResponse to remote_connection.py where it mimics the RemoteResponse API of Gremlin-Java. Note that traversal side-effects are simply a dict (map) in gremlin-python. Moving forward, we can make a class, but its not necessary now.
     new 1f5fe7f  Add some basic docs about Traversal OpProcessor.
     new 4e1586b  Remove more bits of the old traversal op command
     new 2f14e1d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new e69d707  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 13f2a14  Factored out BulkedResult and used RemoteTraverser.
     new 9d6a495  Fixed a severe bug in SubgraphStrategy where infinite recurssion occurs if the strategy is not smart about how child traverals with Vertex/EdgeSteps are analyzed. Also Deprecated vertexCriteria() method with vertices() likewise for edgeCritera() in SubGraphStrategy.Builder to be consistent with GraphFilter style (same concept). In fact, moving forward, SubGraphStrategy could take a GraphFilter.
     new a6ab71b  Major refactoring of TraversalOpProcessor work
     new 3c8a3f9  Added interface for RemoteTraverser with related classes.
     new a8ce0ad  Missed some files on the previous commit.
     new 809d5e4  Added Traversal.Admin.nextTraverser() and Traverasl.Admin.hasNextTraverser() as a generalized way to iterate traversers from a Traversal as opposed as to the unrolled/debulked object form. This makes a things easier for RemoteTraversal/RemoteStep, MatchStep, BracnhStep, and LocalStep.
     new 08aa1bb  Traversal.Admin.nextTravaerser() is smart about the fact if next() has been used and there is an undrained traverser in the queue. This means that we don't need hasNextTraverser() as hasNext() provides equivalent semantics. Updated RemoteTraversal and DefaultTraversal accordingly. Added DefaultRemoteTraversaer.setBulk() as this is how decrementing works. I don't think we should actually have RemoteTraverser -- instead RemoteTraverser wraps the Traverser of the Traversal  [...]
     new e65ff9e  smarter use of lastTraverser in DefaultTraversal.
     new 6732921  Finished renaming distribution from 'apache-' to 'apache-tinkerpop-'
     new 58d8bad  TINKERPOP-1350 was never quite fixed in 3.1.3.
     new 31f79ea  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 4571061  Merge branch 'pr-376' into tp31
     new 19d2eee  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new d0606ec  Made a number of changes to logging dependencies.
     new e50f62c  added withBindings() which allows Java, Groovy, Python, etc. to defined bindings for Bytecode. That is, a Binding is a fundamental concept in Bytecode. A binding is a variable/value that when translated, will translate to variable name (e.g. with Groovy/Python) or to the value object (e.g. with Java). Created GraphSON serializer/deserislizers for it. Also, was able to simplify PythonGraphTraversal as now we don't need to check for bindings in GraphTraverasl, but at the B [...]
     new e313405  Re-route a side-effect request to the same host that executed the traversal
     new 011a020  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 0803fdc  GremlinScriptEngines now grab the bindings from Bytecode.getBindings() during eval(Bytecode). That is, the bindings are in the Bytecode. Refactored test packages as they were using the old xxx.translator packaging namespace. Staged TranslationStrategy for its removal as a core strategy -- only used in testing.. thus, TraversalSource.withTranslator() will go away.
     new eb90007  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new daa3769  Removed support for automatic unrolling of traversers in driver.
     new f7e2945  TranslationStrategy is no longer needed as everything is Bytecode based. However, its useful for testing and thus is now in gremlin-test/. This allows us to remote TraversalSource.withTranslator(). Updated all the respective Providers that use translation throughout. Removed the concept of CreationStrategy as that was a new Strategy categy introduced in this branch which was needed when translation happened in real-time. The bytecode model doesn't require it. Thus, no ne [...]
     new 3c6f16f  JavaDoc. Minor nothing.
     new b4c2686  Bytecode.Binding is now Serializable.
     new bce9669  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1400'
     new fc79de8  updated CHANGELOG and renamed a class field name to be consistent with method argument name.
     new d6f6e29  went through and exposed tests that no longer fail in the various translation providers. Added JavaDoc here and there.
     new 2556353  Added a way to allow an OpProcessor to take configuration from server Settings.
     new 4f5b8f9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new f0c2659  Update docs for cache settings on TraversalOpProcessor
     new 5e2aade  TranslationStrategy and RemoteStrategy -- when testing -- both have a is.testing to ensure no Lambdas and other anomalies are used. Lambda now supports language property which is serialized in GraphSON representation of Bytecode. TraversalOpProcessor in GremlinServer is able to deduce which translator to use -- Java, Groovy, Python, etc. Thus, how to evaluate the traversal is inferred by an analyses of the submitted bytecode. GraphTraversalSource supports getAnonymousTra [...]
     new 4d514e0  dah. missed a spot where we went from public to private on JavaTranslator constructor.
     new 83ffaf4  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1278' into explicit_relative_imports
     new ed984aa  explicit relative imports in generated python code
     new 891981c  tests needing to be OPT_OUT from RemoteGraph now that we dynamically determine the language to use. We should sytematically go through all OPT_OUTs and solve.
     new 05b2e9f  Removed need for alias on call to keys for TraversalOpProcessor
     new dbbd9f1  Update docs for TraversalOpProcessor.
     new 75da5f6  updated CHANGELOG with as much as I could remember that we have done in this crazy branch.
     new a55bfe1  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1278' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new c3ec2f0  Include defautl settings for TraversalOpProcessor.
     new b11bf20  Added the much needed Bytecode.getInstructions() method. Was able to really make GroovyTranslator and PythonTranslator more compact and easy to reason about. Optimized a few things in those respective translators. TranslationStrategy (used in testing) inserts bindings for various arguments like knows/created so we know that bindings in the various translations are working as expected. Bytecode.getStep/SourceInstructions() now returns Iterable, not List.
     new c815ece  Don't commit on retrieving side-effects.
     new 6efca4a  Fixed side-effect logger messaging.
     new 5ff0fe7  Make TraversalOpProcessor a bit more extensible.
     new 0eb8e72  fixed up the gremlin-variants.asciidoc given all that has transpired since its initial writing. Updated the gremlin-variant-architecture.png as well.
     new 9353adb  added Lambda serialization to Gremlin-Pyhton graphson.py. Right now it can only do python lambdas, not Groovy closures.
     new 0022b7f  TINKERPOP-1397 Fix StarGraph.addEdge
     new 7842c4e  TINKERPOP-1397 Add StarGraph bothE filtering test
     new b4aaa69  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1397-tp31' into TINKERPOP-1397
     new f1ec0b6  Add a landing page for documentation.
     new c250331  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1151'
     new 6d29394  remove excess bulk in tail buffer
     new cc0c06f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 2720b97  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1397-tp31' of https://github.com/dalaro/incubator-tinkerpop into tp31
     new 4443dcf  updated CHANGELOG.
     new bf225b8  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new 9f74b71  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1397' of https://github.com/dalaro/incubator-tinkerpop
     new 1799fa4  overroad tp31 GroovyTailTest edits on master. CTR.
     new 5d87d27  TINKERPOP-1334 Added getter methods for Cluster settings on driver.
     new 9542419  TINKERPOP-1390 Lowered threshold for failure of this test.
     new 1f02665  added simple WebSocketRemoteConnection, made RemoteConnection into actual abstract base class, fixed typo in remote_graph
     new f1617e2  Added IoBuilder.onMapper() method.
     new 5049caa  Add missing license header.
     new 7056b5e  Intermediate commit for getting websockets running under python RemoteGraph
     new 95e08c2  updated yaml with GraphSON stuff, tweaks to websocket_remote_connection and String hack in TraversalOpProcessor.
     new f0d0302  Enabled bytecode to be represented as graphson string or Bytecode object in RequestMessage.
     new 272dae0  Traversal.nextTraverser() now exists in Gremlin-Python. Lambda serialization in Python works as expected. Removed rest_remote_connection.py as it doesn't do anything. Moved some methods in Traversal.py to GraphTraversal.py that were at the wrong hiearchy level. remote_connection.py uses the same semantics as Gremlin-Java -- RemoteTraversal now exists. Made websockets.py clean -- removed unneeded arguments in the protcol. Did lots of manual testing against GremlinServer/G [...]
     new 35f666f  Validate that TraversalOpProcessor aliases always alias to "g".
     new 2530132  Move serializers for Traverser into io packages
     new d7ae280  TINKERPOP-1405 Fixed a small bug in StandardVerificationStrategy that caused verification to fail when withPath was used in conjunction with ProfileStep.
     new 15c220f  Updated gremlin-variants.asciidoc with lambda examples. Started fixing up init-code-blocks.awk but need Kuppitz help copying over a jar. statics.lambdaLanguage is now statics.default_lambda_language to be both consistent with Gremlin-Java and Python syntax.
     new 6052303  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1405'
     new dc79f8f  so close, yet so far away. really close to getting gremlin-python working in docs.... Might need @dkuppitz help from here on. :(.
     new 85e15f7  okay, I give up... this was way too painful and a time sink. minor edits from last 'give up.'
     new 640d4cc  docs are building. wow...I spent all day in awk hell. the big solution os.chdir() ... dah. Docs looks beautiful for gremlin-variants.
     new a5ac351  more work on the document processor. it can now to traversal and non-traversal code lines in python.
     new a1605c6  minor nothing.
     new 587f686  fixed a jar issue in the doc processor -- gremlin-variants can't have hadoop (and potentially others) loaded.
     new ed418ad  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-989' into tp31
     new f11f6cc  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tp31'
     new 6231f8d  Added recipes/glv tutorials to doc landing page. CTR
     new f1a0e91  Added JythonTranslator which is necessary for ensuring Java Traversal source in Jython has respective lambda representations. This allowed me to make the docs better around lambda handling in Python. Simplified lots of the Translators as we don't need getAnonymousTraversal() anymore. Lambda in Python are done done.
     new edc11d9  Deprecating RemoteGraph in favor of withRemote()
     new 633de27  Add graphson serializers to all server yamls
     new b4c6139  Adde a python server config file that enables the GremlinJythonScriptEngine
     new 4a66455  RemoteGraph.py no longer exists. Its now just Graph().traversal().withRemote(). Found a severe bug in TraversalStrategies.py that has now been fixed. Updated the gremlin-variants.asciidoc with latest changes and combed through it fully to clean up the text and examples as best as possible. Updated gremlin-server-modern-py.yaml to include both gremlin-jython and gremlin-python ScriptEngines as there truly is a difference and they need to be kept distinct even if they poin [...]
     new 17b3987  Minor renaming of config options for withRemote()
     new 1a519ac  Modified documentation of RemoteGraph to now be about withRemote()
     new b42fc2a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 3900429  to be consistent with Gremlin-Java, WebSocketsRemoteConnection.py is now DriverRemoteConnection.py. Its all about alignment alignment alignment. Keeping all these names consistent between the variants will make our lives and our users lives so much easier. Manual tests against GremlinServer executed.
     new ae17fd8  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1278' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 570d3a8  updated CHANGELOG.
     new 2bf6dab  small fixes to gremlin-variants documentation.
     new 37bd37a  Added a toString() override for EmptyGraph
     new 5db6021  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 5ef2b48  Add EmptyGraph to console imports.
     new 865d35d  Update config file for remote connection using new format now that RemoteGraph is gone.
     new 4906d59  Update docs to get rid of RemoteGraph in favor of withRemote()
     new f1912fb  rewrote gremlin-language-variants tutorial now that Gremlin-Python exists. Added str() methods to P and ByteCode.
     new 766d85d  Add a GraphFactoryClass for EmptyGraph.
     new 9a2d90f  removed an uneeded testing resource. Changed the logic in TraversalStrategies.py where if the cache already contains strategies for the Graph class, don't update the cache.
     new f35f733  Reduced the threshold for TraversalStrategyPerformanceTest passing again CTR
     new 7cd83bb  tweaked the docs on Gremlin-Python and added information to @spmallettes withRemote() section on Bindings.
     new 848e367  Defaulted the gremlinPool setting to be Runtime.availableProcessors()
     new 9e3d8a6  Remove import statement from docs.
     new da47a21  TINKERPOP-1407 More default serializers for Gremlin Server.
     new 56175fb  made life more colorful
     new 2bd80d9  added color preferences: - gremlin.color - error.color - info.color - input.prompt.color - result.prompt.color
     new 8b58d9b  refactoring, added vertex, edge, path coloring
     new a443d6a  added colorizing string, number, and T
     new 22dfeff  colors enabled, but no color scheme by default
     new fb86b18  fixed some color names
     new 012bd08  minor edit
     new e025d30  updated docs
     new 2297100  bug fix
     new ab252fc  gremlin-variants.asciidoc updated withBindings() note. Python withBindings() added though it 'does nothing' as Bindings.of() just creates a 2-tuple. Though point is that it makes the language perfectly consistent.
     new fb8c25c  forgot to push this in my last  push.
     new 72a54f5  replaced tabs with space for @pluradj
     new 5bd1152  fixed bug where :set didn't allow spaces.  but what else did it break???
     new 115eb3c  TINKERPOP-1274: GraphSON 2.0.
     new bdded27  :remote commands had trouble with the line parsing so made a special case just for GremlinSetCommand
     new 04bc602  separated gremlin preferences node from groovysh preferences node
     new 34dc8e4  - Preferences store no longer conflicts with groovysh - colors can be enabled/disable with :set colors [true|false] - all preferences moved to Preferences class - all (almost) ansi methods moved to Colorizer class - replaced all color closure evaluations with static strings (faster)
     new 6f1ed6f  updated doc with colors preference
     new 5fcaeef  fixed a bug in PropertiesTest which assumed Long ids. CTR.
     new 93ee182  Merge branch 'tp31'
     new e50f716  fixed a bug in PropertiesStep around Long ID assumptions. CTR.
     new 49dcb61  Bumped to netty 4.0.40.final
     new de139ed  Merge branch 'pr-386'
     new 4710690  Moved upgrade docs for GraphSON 2.0 out of 3.2.1 to 3.2.2. CTR
     new f929db0  Minor code cleanup.
     new 6745b31  if property id is number, coerce to Long else use the id. CTR.
     new 67b4d11  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 4daefb3  if property id is number, coerce to Long else use the id. CTR.
     new f44bad5  Merge branch 'master' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 7e70540  bug fix
     new 36db3ef  cleaned up the GremlinPython source generators. Was doing some double iterations for no reason. Made the Bytecode.__repr__ better (nested list based). Updated the tutorial on gremlin-variants with new GremlinPython source generator code (easier to understand now).
     new 8b3e141  extra paranoia; refactored
     new 4eff70d  Renamed traversal serializer class to include version suffix.
     new 5739326  Refactor and combine some graphson 2.0 tests.
     new d05e15c  Made graphson types statically initialized.
     new 098b81f  Added a 'bulk' graphson token.
     new 41d79b8  Make Traverser serialization scalar based.
     new 0676a77  Added a base graphson test class to centralize ser/der logic
     new b3f3fe4  Extracted base deserializer for better re-use across different graphson classes.
     new e6f4cfd  Add full round-trip tests for graphson 2.0
     new e1a558d  Cleanup of Python code in groovy traversal generator
     new e4c750d  stuck in a total GraphSON hole. I can't register Operator enum without everything breaking. This commit is up to Operator serialization not working -- everyhing else is fine.
     new 1cdf2d9  minor nothings. still in hole. moving to Python work.
     new f7b9b1a  Turned on more IO tests for graphson 2.0 in test suite.
     new d25e29b  Merge branch 'cleanup_python_traversal_generator' of https://github.com/davebshow/tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 7b8bcdb  fix to GryoSerializers now that GraphSON2.0 is used.
     new 8e04a65  Python's graphson.py now uses GraphSON 2.0 representation for Bytecode. All test cases pass save those that use Operator (still trying to undertsand why that breaks).
     new 41bb1f7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new e580128  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 1c0e262  python graphson.py now uses gremlin:int32 and gremlin:int64 for number typing and I was able to expose more tests. very cool.
     new 064722b  Bindings is now key/value as opposed to variable/value. graphson.py is cleaner with reuse around prefixing. Was able to open up yet more test cases. Really cool.
     new 2a49377  Renamed test to use suffix with "Test".
     new 9bf0ead  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 8761ddb  The Operator.enum bug has been fixed by Kevin. One line fix -- all day issue. dah. Anywho, GraphSON 2.0 and Bytecode are happy happy long time and Gremlin-Python is all sup'd up too.
     new 768c053  Implemented side effect interface for gremlin-ppython
     new 8b09273  removed print statement
     new 711f290  Renamed test to have "Test" as suffix
     new 289ce0c  Add GraphSON 2.0 configs to remaining server yaml files
     new 433af0e  Merge branch 'pr-389' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 7bdc0b2  fixed up Gremlin-Python -- remote_connection wasn't parsing traversers right, wasn't returning sideEffects correctly, and TraversalOpProcessor wasn't using GraphSON 2.0. Nearly done -- need to figure out how to reconstruct an object from the sideEffects. Will do that tomorrow.
     new 5cd3cd8  SideEffectsManager has been renamed to TraversalSideEffects. Again, consistency between Java and Python. Also, got rid of Traversal.sideEffects(), just do a direct property reference at traversal.side_effects. Tomorrow I will start the GraphSONDeserialization process.
     new 136531e  cleaned things up really nice. RemoteTraversalSideEffects is now an abstract class that simply takes the lambdas for keys/values. Super clean. Removes lots of code from driver_remote_connection. Also, named things better -- get_sideEffect_value -- not get_gather. Coolio. Now I'm done for the night.
     new c9e2f41  Clean up references to "PPMC" and add a new PMC section
     new 79120e5  updated TraversalJacksonSerializer as recommended by Kevin. Also, fixed a naming issue in TraverserJacksonSerializer.
     new 98efcef  added deserializers for Vertex, Edge, VertexProperty, Property, Long, Double, Float, Integer, and Traverser. This way the user gets the same look and feel as Gremlin-Java when getting back these types of objects. Cleaned up driver_remote_connection a bit and made it so its results run through GraphSONReader to do the object deserialization. Moved graphson.py to structure.io package.
     new 9153f3c  Add GraphSON 2.0 to message serializers and better handle GraphSON results in driver.
     new 8ce282e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new f8c8a73  Add more info around new committer/pmc members in dev docs.
     new f4c5914  wrote lots of good graphson.py serialization/deserialization tests. had to redo how JythonScrtipEngine is used in the test suite as it can have residual data in it where test ordering matters. Added gremlin:lambda to GraphSONModule. Wasn't there -- and test exposed it. Fixed up PDeserializer a bit (needs more work though).
     new d1cccb6  Fixed broken error message.
     new 137f6e7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 275ba62  Minor updates to documentation
     new 58704a7  Updated init-code-blocks.awk to use a derserialization of the JSON of Jython so you get the exact look and feel of the objects. Fixed a bug in P deserialization .. Added more Python GraphSON deseraialization tests.
     new 531dcb5  A few tweaks to GraphSON format.
     new fbbcd46  python getSideEffects() now aggreagates correctly. cleaned up driver_connection alot.
     new 72a5ae0  Merge branch 'TINKERPOP-1278' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/tinkerpop into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 6a2532f  Minor cleanup to documentation around GraphSON 2.0
     new 860f90b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
     new 5fcc922  driver_remote_connection is much simpler where the aggregateTo is now part of the message stream process. Removed lots of dead methods that can be easily embedded in the parent method.
     new 952c1c7  found a bug I introduced where if the result set is empty a type cast issue happens. fixed.
     new cb9d46a  fixed authentification code in driver_remoteconnection
     new 21865d8  fixed authentification code in driver_remoteconnection
     new f73c93c  found a bug in JavaTranslator around identifying the correct method during reflection.
     new d5ff0ad  Added a logging message in gremlin server to better output traversal serialization errors.
     new af4f923  more GroovyTranslatorTest to jsr223.
     new db88424  Increase max frame size so that tests can succeed under GraphSON 2.0
     new 192da0a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/TINKERPOP-1278' into TINKERPOP-1278
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