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From "BR Brett Ryan (3456)" <Brett.R...@johnsands.com.au>
Subject Re: MenuItem EL rendering
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2015 10:14:14 GMT
I just realised I was working on the svn tree, i'm a dick! Even though there was a big red
"fork me on github" banner i still, went to "developers > building" and grabbed it from
svn. Will fork with github and create a pull request :)

Sorry about the attachment, not sure what happened, i think my employer now removes them w/out

> On 12 Jun 2015, at 18:47, mck <mck@apache.org> wrote:
>> Alrighty, I've implemented the support just the way I want it, and
>> wondered if I could contribute it back.
>> What I've done is created a new interface (ExpressionAware) which
>> provides the following method:
>>    void evaluateExpressions(AttributeEvaluator, Request)
>> This is then called from AbstractAttributeEvaluator.evaluate(Attribute,
>> Request) which then allows the implementor to update expression values or
>> do set new properties etc. I've implemented this in the MenuItem class to
>> replace its values when called.
> Fantastic!
> I'm not seeing the patch. But could you anyhow create a jira ticket and
> upload the patch to it.
> I can review it there and we can continue the ongoing development
> discussion on the ticket.
> Feel free to create a separate ticket to for optimising the evaluation
> tests back to tiles-core, sounds like a good idea.
> ~mck

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