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From Ramiro Aparicio <ramiro.apari...@prot-on.com>
Subject MenuItem usage in Tiles 3.0
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 12:51:15 GMT
After upgrading from Tiles 2 to Tiles 3 I am having some problems with 
an atribute list that is not working anymore.

This is the definition I was using:

     <definition name="proton.hosting.config" extends="proton.hosting.skel">
         <put-attribute name="hostingContent" 
value="/jsp/hosting/config.jsp" cascade="true"/>
         <put-attribute name="styles" 
value="/jsp/common/customStyles/stylesHosting.jsp" />
         <put-list-attribute name="panes" cascade="true">
             <item link="/jsp/hosting/configmain.jsp" 
value="domain.form.general" tooltip="#generalesEntorno"/>
             <item link="/jsp/hosting/configmessage.jsp" 
value="domain.form.msg.title" tooltip="#mensajeEntorno"/>
             <item link="/jsp/hosting/configopenid.jsp" 
value="domain.form.openid.menu" tooltip="#openIdEntorno"/>
             <item link="/jsp/hosting/configdominios.jsp" 
value="domain.form.email.menu" tooltip="#dominiosEntorno"/>
             <item link="/jsp/hosting/configldap.jsp" 
value="domain.form.ldap" tooltip="#ladpEntorno"/>

After updating dtd to the 3.0 version I found that item is not more 
allowed under <put-list-attribute> but the MenuItem class is still in 
the jar but I see no way to use it.

Also maybe I should be using custom Attribute types but I am just unable 
to understand how to use them nor even if it is what I need (being able 
to set a list of elements with several values inside them).

Thanks in advance.

Ramiro Aparicio

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