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From Rick Mangi <Rick.Ma...@nick.com>
Subject Re: Preparing Data for Tiles when used with Spring
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 13:53:34 GMT
I think the key is to have your data access tier modular enough so that it
can be used in both the controller and the view-preparer. There are valid
use cases for both. The best solution usually depends on the way your site
is constructed. 

If it is content-centric usually your controller fetches the data and then
view preparers transform the parts of the data they are interested in to the
appropriate format for the view.

If you are using tiles to provide reusable modules for things that are
dependent on the main content of the page in which they sit to provide some
id or key that they need to look up their data, then the view preparer is a
good place to do the data access for that part of the page.

On many of our sites we hit multiple data sources to create a page. The main
data access occurs in the page controller and then view preparers are used
to transform the data as needed for the main section of the page and also to
fetch other related data for things like ad and reporting calls, associated
content and site headers/footers.

On 10/29/09 7:42 AM, "Antonio Petrelli" <antonio.petrelli@gmail.com> wrote:

> 2009/10/29 anyz <anyz111@gmail.com>:
>> Thanks a lot. Your comments are very helpful. I believe with view data you
>> mean that is kind of static data not tied to business logic. For example
>> menus soemtime are dependent on Roles  and/or business rules. In that case
>> menus should also be loaded from controller. Is it correct?
> In fact I believe that menus are *always* view data. Even if they are
> dependent on business rules, they should loaded where they belong as
> they do not make sense in other parts of the page.
> Obviously IMHO. Ask your project leader (if you're not him/her :-D )
> because this is an interesting point of discussion.
> Antonio

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