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From Zach Bailey <znbai...@wethecitizens.com>
Subject Infinite Loop in Tiles when using jsp:include
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:30:08 GMT

I am using Tiles 2.1.3 in Spring MVC. I have two definitions/pages set  
up in the following way:

<definition name="page1" template="page1.jsp"/>

<h1>Page 1</h1>
...some content...
<jsp:include page="/modules/moduleOne"/>

The URL "/modules/moduleOne" is mapped to a Spring MVC controller that  
simply returns the tile definition named "moduleOne":

<definition name="moduleOne" template="moduleOne.jsp"/>


<p>I am a module, short and stout.</p>

When I hit the URL "/modules/moduleOne" directly, the page renders  
fine. However, when I hit the URL for page1, the request dispatcher  
essentially gets stuck in an endless loop, with the condensed stack  
looking like this:

- pageOne.jsp
- Jsp Servlet/App Dispatcher/Filter Chain
ServletTilesRequestContext.include(String) line: 260	
ServletTilesRequestContext.dispatch(String) line: 220	
TemplateAttributeRenderer.write(Object, Attribute,  
TilesRequestContext) line: 44	
(Attribute, TilesRequestContext) line: 103	
BasicTilesContainer.render(Attribute, TilesRequestContext) line: 669	
BasicTilesContainer.render(TilesRequestContext, AttributeContext)  
line: 689	
BasicTilesContainer.render(TilesRequestContext, Definition) line: 643	
BasicTilesContainer.render(TilesRequestContext, String) line: 626	
BasicTilesContainer.render(String, Object...) line: 322	
- TilesView.render()
- Spring Dispatcher Servlet
- JspRuntimeLibrary.include()
- pageOne.jsp

The logic that is grabbing my attention as doing something wrong is  
the code in BasicAttributeContext.inherit (which calls  
BasicAttributeContext.inheritParentTemplateAttribute) which "inherits"  
the definition, but only if the parent is empty. In this situation,  
this logic is wrong - due to the "include", the child/subcontext's  
template attribute should ALWAYS be honored. Am I off base here?

Note that when including the module from a page which already extends  
a parent template, this behavior does not occur:

<definition name="page2" extends="someLayout">
     <put-attribute name="content" value="page2.jsp"/>

<h1>Page 2</h1>
...some content...
<jsp:include page="/modules/moduleOne"/>

This works fine.

Let me know if you need more information, or if I need to put together  
a simple project that replicates this behavior.

-Zach Bailey

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