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From Vibhore Anant <vibhore_an...@yahoo.com>
Subject Support for reloading/refreshing Tile Definitions
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2009 08:33:33 GMT
I am running a Tiles-based application on WebLogic 9.2.  I have recently upgraded from Tiles
v2.0.5 to v2.1.2 and my application is running without any known problems.  In the previous
version running on v2.0.5, I implemented a custom DefinitionsReader class to retrieve Definitions
from the database.  This is a straightforward implementation, where the init() and read()
methods are overloaded.  If a Definition changed, a restart of the application is required.
I now want to implement a feature where a single Definition can be reloaded if it has changed. 
I see that there is a "refresh()" method available on the UrlDefinitionsFactory class.  I
wrote a simple test program to see if I could invoke the refresh() method directly:
ServletContext servletContext = session.getServletContext();
  TilesApplicationContext applicationContext = new ServletTilesApplicationContext(servletContext);
  AbstractTilesContainerFactory afactory = AbstractTilesContainerFactory.getTilesContainerFactory(applicationContext);
  TilesRequestContext requestContext = new ServletTilesRequestContext(applicationContext,
request, response);
  BasicTilesContainer container = (BasicTilesContainer) ServletUtil.getContainer(servletContext);
  UrlDefinitionsFactory factory = (UrlDefinitionsFactory) container.getDefinitionsFactory();
  Definition d = factory.getDefinition("Classic", requestContext);
The above code does not appear to retrieve a reloaded version of my changed definition from
the database.  Any ideas on why this does not work?  I have added some debugging code to
the UrlDefinitionsFactory class but I can never see the debugging code on the console or in
the logs.
I have read the HOW-TO section on how to retrieve definitions from the database.  As indicated
earlier, I have followed the approach of writing a custom DefinitionsReader class - do I have
to switch over to writing a custom DefinitionsDAO class in order to get refresh support? 
I did look at the source code for the refresh() method in UrlDefinitionsFactory and it is
calling refresh() on a defintionsDAO object.  I haven't provided an implementation, so what
is getting called by default?
Having studied the example in the HOW-TO section, it wasn't entirely clear what purpose the
customisation Key serves.  I have no intent to support localised Definitions - what else
could be used as the customisation Key if I must migrate to this approach instead of the custom
DefinitionsReader class I have now?
If anyone can shed some light on what my approach should be to support refresh of single Definitions,
that will be much appreciated.  

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