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From "Antonio Petrelli" <antonio.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: is it possible to include a bunch of jsps to a single placeholder?
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2008 14:02:32 GMT
2008/9/6 roointan <alakibalaki@gmail.com>:
> does tiles have a jira url to request the feature? (a placeholder that
> points to a folder. a naming convention for files (eg: "theseFiles*"). if no
> file exists, then nothing will be added. but files that match the filter
> name, will be added one by one. (eg: theseFiles1.jsp and theseFiles2.jsp for
> that placeholder) )

Tiles has not such a feature OOTB, but you can use a list attribute,
but you need to specify every single instance to add to the list.
Probably it could be some sort of list attribute defined by a
wilcard-based pattern.
Feel free to open a JIRA issue, and if you want to help in the
development, feel free again :-D
If you want to further discuss this new feature you may want to ask
the Tiles Developers mailing list:

> this:
> "... , filling its attributes at runtime. To do it, you can use the
> <tiles:insertTemplate> tag. The attributes can be put using
> <tiles:putAttribute> and related tags."
> is not the kinda "runtime setting" i am looking for. i want to be able to
> include content dynamically at runtime based on special conditions, as i
> wrote, existence of files, with a known naming convention.

In fact you may be interested in this:
but, again, it has no support for wildcards.

> so please help me avoid learning
> tiles (!) to see if it has those features. I'm not familiar with templates
> and definitions and contexts and so.

Read the tutorial if you don't want a "RTFM" answer.

> by now i see that i need to check for the existence of the files using I/O
> APIs myself, and then use Tiles APIs (and write relatively lots of code) to
> create templates based on the names of those files. (am i wrong?)
> (and do you think there is any other framework better suited to the
> requirements?

Your case seems perfectly reasonable, but Tiles has not this feature,
so either you or Tiles developers need to write "a lot of code".


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