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From "Maisano, Ben J" <benjamin_j_mais...@uhc.com>
Subject RE: Tiles error once session times out
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 16:04:56 GMT
Thanks for the response.  You are correct.  I had code first checking
this, and if null would do a redirect, however to my surprise the rest
of the jsp still got processed after a redirect had been issued using
reponse.sendRedirect("login.jsp");.  I ended up putting that whole page
in a if else block to prevent such processing after a redirect.  Still
one question, why did the web container not catch the Tiles exeception
as configured:


??  I noticed the tiles servlet doesn't have a mapping in the web.xml,
and I also saw the apache website mention this is not needed, as its
only for initialization.  Wondering if that is the reason tiles
exceptions aren't caught by web container error-page config?  When is
tiles actually getting called, I would think it would be caught.

Ben Maisano
UnitedHealth Group IT
Office: 860-702-6994
Cell:    203-919-8800

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From: Antonio Petrelli [mailto:antonio.petrelli@gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 9:35 AM
To: users@tiles.apache.org
Subject: Re: Tiles error once session times out

2008/9/4 Maisano, Ben J <benjamin_j_maisano@uhc.com>:
>        String tilesDefStr = request.getParameter("tileDefinitionReq");
>        if(tilesDefStr != null){
>                session.setAttribute("tileDefinitionReq", tilesDefStr);
>        } else{
>                //not coming from request, so should be post back to 
> same page from session
>                tilesDefStr =
> (String)session.getAttribute("tileDefinitionReq");
>        }
>        %>
>        <tiles:insertDefinition name='<%=tilesDefStr%>' flush="false" 
> />

I suspect that "tilesDefStr" is null, but this is not a Tiles problem.


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