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From Adam Hardy <ahardy.str...@cyberspaceroad.com>
Subject Round-about mechanism wanted for common issue
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 13:18:03 GMT

I'm using Tiles to split up my JSPs so that I have a layout.jsp which contains 
the HTML headers, meta-tags, style sheet links etc. There are other tiles, one 
for menus, one for footer.

The tiles.xml contains the definitions where I re-use these tiles and specify 
the content tile which contains the HTML forms or search results etc etc.

I find now that my cascading stylesheet is getting large, and much of the style 
which it includes are only used on one page each, so I would like to put those 
CSS declarations into the pages that require them directly. Mostly it is just 
height or width attributes and occasionally some margins, borders or paddings.

I could include an individual <style> tag directly in the content tile JSP

<style type="text/css">
#mainContext div.row span.data {
     width: 23%;

But because it's not in the header, the HTML doesn't validate (at W3C):

 >>Line 100, Column 22: document type does not allow element "style" here.

The alternative would be to keep it in a seperate CSS file and include it in the 
valid position for styles using the layout.jsp (as for the main CSS file).

However, it would be ideal if I could put the CSS in the content tile, but wrap 
it in a Tiles tag of some kind (e.g. <tiles:includeInOtherFile var="specialCss"> 
) that would pipe the body out of that tile and into the layout tile:

<tiles:includeFromMemory var="specialCss">

Is that already possible? Or if not, does it sound feasible, or is my layout 
tile already written to out before the content tile is processed?

Thanks in advance,

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