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From "Antonio Petrelli" <antonio.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Iterate through Attributes
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 19:00:43 GMT
2008/4/16, Jonathan DeRose <danger_jon@hotmail.com>:
> The importAttribute tag takes everything in the context and puts them individually into
page scope.

If you use the "toScope" attribute with a value of "request", the
attribute will be put in request scope.

>  When will 2.1.0 be out?

It's hard to say, we have no schedule.

>  And what scheme did you use for cascading?  Do you copy all attributes into the child
context upon creation? Or does the inserting def select the ones it wants.

Not exactly. If you want to cascade an attribute, use <put-attribute
cascade="true"> or <tiles:putAttribute cascade="true" />, the
attribute will be cascaded to inner definitions/templates.
Cascaded attributes are managed separately from not-cascaded, with a
precedence to not-cascaded ones. Cascaded attributes are copied from a
context to the inner.


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