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From Ninad Tambe <ninadta...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Runtime Composition using APIs
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2008 16:10:09 GMT
I was looking for "reading" definitions from DB. Initially, I wished to save them too from
our Content Management System. But, since Tiles wouldn't do it OOB, I am planning to create
and write definitions to DB manually and then read them out for display.

I am also looking for that approach (reading from DB) to see if I can over-ride layouts on
Portals. Let's see if I am successful. 

thanks Antonio.

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From: Antonio Petrelli <antonio.petrelli@gmail.com>
To: users@tiles.apache.org
Sent: Sunday, January 6, 2008 10:54:35 AM
Subject: Re: Runtime Composition using APIs

2008/1/5, Ninad Tambe <ninadtambe@yahoo.com>:
> Can I maybe keep all my definitions in DB and use UrlDefinitionsFactory to retreive the
Definitions collection at startup, so all the definitions will be available at runtime? This
way, I do not need to persist it, per se, from runtime? The reason I am trying to do this
is we have a content management system which saves everything in DB. So there is really no
JSP pages (for templates).

Probably I did not understand when you talk about "persisted"
definitions: usually this term indicates that you want to create and
retrieve objects (in this case  definitions) inside a DB.
Tiles provides support only for the retrieval, not for creation, of
definitions. As long as you want to read definitions, Tiles can help

But maybe I did not get your point.


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