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From Ninad Tambe <ninadta...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Tiles and Portal
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2007 19:19:59 GMT
Thanks for this insight. I completely agree with you.
I haven't actually implemented anything with Liferay
yet, but was fascinated by the possibility of using
Tiles 2 with Liferay. I don't mean to make this a
Lifery forum, but I think Tiles would be surely better
than Velocity to implement their layout templates
(wonder why they moved from Struts-Tiles in 3.5 to
Velocity in 4.x.x).
But again, I haven't seen any other portal container
that uses Tiles, such a shame.


--- Greg Reddin <gredbug@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Dec 20, 2007 9:09 AM, Ninad Tambe
> <ninadtambe@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I was wondering why Tiles is not used in any of
> the
> > Portals to layout a complete page. It just seems
> like
> > they are meant for each other. But, the only place
> > I've seen Tiles being used in Portals is in
> Liferay
> > which allows only at portlet level, not the entire
> > page. Has anyone attempted to do this? Any
> experiences
> > would be really helpful. thanks a lot.
> I talked to the Jetspeed people about that a couple
> years ago. Most of
> them have a strong preference for Velocity as
> evidenced by all the
> existing layout options available with Jetspeed.
> They were open to the
> idea of a Tiles-based layout, but they don't have
> anybody to implement
> it. I had to move on to other things before I could
> implement it. I
> also think Tiles would be a much better way for
> Liferay but, again, it
> would take a great deal of time to implement it and
> I'm not sure if it
> could be done without changes to the underlying
> Liferay code. I found
> it easier to just hack and hack Liferay's templates
> until I got the
> site to look how I wanted it to - and hopefully
> never have to touch it
> again :-). Working with LR templates was not a whole
> lot of fun. They
> did actually use Struts-Tiles back in the day but
> they way they used
> it was not the best practice as far as I could tell
> and it didn't
> really give portal designers/developers much of a
> way to extend and
> manipulate the template through Tiles. IIRC I did
> have some success
> creating a JBoss Portal template using Tiles but I
> can't remember if
> it was Tiles 2 or Struts-Tiles. I found with all
> three portals that
> the architecture and capabilities were evolving
> rather quickly so what
> I saw then doesn't necessarily equate to what they
> have available now.
> I get the impression I'll be taking another look at
> portals in the
> next few months. I absolutely believe that if we get
> into one that is
> based on JSP a Tiles templating system would be much
> better than what
> I've seen them doing in the past. But I've been
> doing strictly JSF
> development with Facelets outside of the Portal spec
> for the last year
> or so.
> Greg

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