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From Ray Clough <rcclo...@kamakuraco.com>
Subject Re: JFreeChart + Tiles
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 22:50:13 GMT
The problem, as I see it, is not so much JFreeChart and Tiles, but 
JFreeChart and Jsp.  A JFreeChart rendered on a Jsp page is an image, so 
the problem is getting that image onto the Jsp page.  Then use that Jsp 
as a Tile.  Tiles has nothing to do JFreeChart.  I have used two methods 
to get a JFreeChart onto a Jsp page:  (1) create a Servlet to serve up 
the image files (maybe 25 lines of code is all it takes).  Map it to 
something like /charts/* and use that in a JSTL tag to give you the 
chart; (2) use CeWolf, which is a very nifty tag library (and other 
stuff too) which is made to work with JFreeChart.  CeWolf also gives you 
an image map so you get tool tips on the chart.

Use either method to put the chart on your Jsp, then include that Jsp as 
a Tile, and abracadabara!  presto!  voila!  Piece-o-cake!
- Ray Clough

Kate Fox wrote:
> Has anyone tried to use JFreeChart and Tiles.  I can't seem to get it 
> working.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Kate

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