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From Nicolas LE BAS <nle...@bigfoot.com>
Subject Re: MyFaces and Tiles
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 19:22:33 GMT
Chris Pratt a écrit :
> One step forward, two steps back.  Now that it appears to be rendering
> everything correctly, it doesn't appear to want to navigate between
> the pages.  For those playing the home version, the code is available
> at http://www.planetpratt.com/xfer/crash5.war
> I have a very simple tiles.xml with two definitions:
>   <definition name="index" template="/layout/layout.jsp">
>     <put-attribute name="title" value="Crash Test Dummy" type="string"/>
>     <put-attribute name="body" value="/body/body.jsp" type="template"/>
>   </definition>
>   <definition name="home" template="/layout/layout.jsp">
>     <put-attribute name="title" value="Welcome Home" type="string"/>
>     <put-attribute name="body" value="/body/home.jsp" type="template"/>
>   </definition>
> And a single navigation-rule in faces-config.xml
>   <navigation-rule>
>     <from-view-id>/index.jsp</from-view-id>
>     <navigation-case>
>       <from-outcome>success</from-outcome>
>       <to-view-id>/home.jsp</to-view-id>
>     </navigation-case>
>   </navigation-rule>
> But when the commandButton submits action="success" it just goes back
> to the original page.  I can't figure out how to get it to actually
> follow the navigation rules?  Any ideas?  Thanks.
>   (*Chris*)
It looks like JSF's view id is "/index.tiles", not "/index.jsp".
Add the following to web.xml :


and modify your navigation rules to use "*.tiles" instead of "*.jsp". It
should work.
I don't know exactly what TilesViewHandler does but it doesn't seem
necessary to make your example work. The TilesDispatchServlet is enough.

Hope this helps.

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