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From Ray Clough <rcclo...@kamakuraco.com>
Subject Re: MyFaces and Tiles
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 18:49:57 GMT
Are you remembering to set flush=false, and include everything in a 
subview, which we do like this in our 'template.jspx" file:

<f:subview id="menu">
        <tiles:insertAttribute name="menu" flush="false" />

- Ray Clough

Chris Pratt wrote:
>> Chris,
>> Without the class from Ray, I see an infinite recursion in the log: it
>> seems that "index.jsp" tries to include itself!
>> Strange... The investigation goes on :-)
>> Antonio
> That part baffled me a bit too.  At that point all that's happened is
> that the browser has requested the welcome file, which is specified as
> "index.jsp".  index.jsp simply contains:
> <%@ page session="false"%>
> <%@ taglib uri="http://tiles.apache.org/tags-tiles" prefix="tiles" %>
> <tiles:insertDefinition name="index"/>
> Which doesn't contain any JSF at all and should go directly to the
> only definition specified in tiles.xml
>   <definition name="index" template="/layout/layout.jsf">
>     <put-attribute name="title" value="Crash Test Dummy" type="string"/>
>     <put-attribute name="body" value="/body/body.jsp" type="template"/>
>   </definition>
> but somehow it seems to get lost.
> I'm not sure why including Ray's ViewHandler should change anything at
> this point, since it's all been straight JSP, but I expect it has
> something to do with having the FacesServlet in the mix.
> I hope Ray doesn't mind, but I put up a new version of the war file
> that includes the ViewHandler at
> http://www.planetpratt.com/Xfer/crash2.war in case you want to take a
> look.  Thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it.
>   (*Chris*)

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