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From Adam Hardy <ahardy.str...@cyberspaceroad.com>
Subject Re: internationalised strings in the database
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 09:07:36 GMT

>>>> (1) is it possible to write a taglib that could work out automatically
>> what the name of its JSP is?

>>>> (2) given no. 1 is possible, would it be possible to work out the name
>> of the master tile that the taglib is in, in order to quote that tile in a URL
>> param like this:
>>>> app/somepage/translate?thisTile=xyz

Those are my issues. What I am trying to make clear is the mechanism by which my 
fmt:message taglib implementation would be able to identify automatically which 
i18n string to retrieve, when given only a non-unique key such as "title".

<adam:message key="title"/>

The class should work out the JSP name itself.

In another tag to produce a url to a translation page, I must work out the name 
of the 'master' tile that this JSP is part of.

That translation page must establish the names of all the JSPs involved in the 
tile. In this way it can retrieve all strings used on that page and present them 
in a form for translation.

There is already an implementation of i18n resources that reads from a database 
that I can use.


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