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From Adam Hardy <ahardy.str...@cyberspaceroad.com>
Subject NOT re: JSTL variable attributes......
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 22:51:51 GMT
Antonio Petrelli on 28/08/07 15:33, wrote:
> 2007/8/28, Adam Hardy <adam.hardy@cyberspaceroad.com>:
>> A question: in the xml definitions, why does the 'type' attribute for
>> put-attributes exist if it isn't mandatory?
> See:
> http://tiles.apache.org/framework/tiles-core/dtddoc/tiles-config_2_0.dtd.html#put-attribute_type
> Antonio
> P.S.: The mail subject is completely different to the body, it is a
> bit confusing :-)
Sorry! I shall ban myself from sending email late at night. Another synapse 
obviously went phut while writing that one.

Thanks for the pointer to the docs. I hadn't found that. However it doesn't 
really give much of an idea of what you mean. A 'hint'? Presumably this means 
that your code checks whether this attribute is null before executing an 
algorithm to establish what exactly the put-attribute is defining?

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