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From Jeromy Evans <jeromy.ev...@blueskyminds.com.au>
Subject [Tiles 2] Standard practice for customising/rebranding websites through tiles
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 07:05:21 GMT
Hi guys,

I was just wondering if there's any standard practice or suggestions for 
how Tiles 2 can be used for rebranding/customizing a website.

One of my clients has a single website with many large customers that 
require subtle (and sometimes significant) changes to certain pages in 
order to win the contract with them (not my decision).  The site already 
incorporates themes through templates and css based on a session 
attribute, but this problem is more oriented towards once-off functional 
changes specific for each customer. 

After their user logs in, the home page includes a form that integrates 
to their external site, specialised text and links to some new pages 
that include their exclusive functionality. Some irrelevant tiles are 
replaced or removed.

It comes up quite frequently and the existing conditional logic is 
getting a little out of hand. 

I was toying with a few approaches, but thought I should put the 
question out there to see what the community has already come up with 
within the Tiles context.

Jeromy Evans

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