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From Ray Clough <rcclo...@kamakuraco.com>
Subject Re: Struts2 - Tomcat - Default page
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 00:01:21 GMT
The welcome page needs to be a physical file, which can forward to a 
'welcome' action.  You cannot start off with an action, you must start 
with a page, which may never be displayed if it forwards to some action.

This question really should be in the struts users group, not the tiles 

Ray Clough

Martin Uhlir wrote:
> Hi,
> I have following problem with the default page in a directory. I've 
> allready spent too much time with this problem but haven't found any 
> solution..
> My application is at http://localhost/app/
> When I go to http://localhost/app/index.do everything works fine 
> because  my actions are configured for ".do" suffix.
> But problem is when I only go to http://localhost/app/
> Because there is no "index.do" file in the directory (this is 
> configured as an action), so I only recive, that the resource is not 
> available. I don't understand why, I have "index.do" in the
> <welcome-file-list>
>   <welcome-file>index.do</welcome-file>
> </welcome-file-list>
>  in web.xml, so I would expect that when I don't specify the "file" 
> tomcat should serve this "index.do" file to the struts framework, but 
> it apparently doesn't.. It only looks for it in the file system (where 
> no such file exists)..
> Has someone any idea, how to solve it??
> Thanks
> Martin

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