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From Timothy Astle <timothy.as...@caris.com>
Subject BasicTilesContainerFactory - Thoughts on allowing for more flexible pathing to find the tiles.xml?
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 11:17:00 GMT
Hi all,

We're updating from Tiles 2 to Tiles 3 in our web applications.  We only 
need the minimal Tiles configuration, so the SimpleTilesListener is 
almost ideal.  However, I'm finding the "/WEB-INF/tiles.xml" pathing a 
bit restrictive.  The restrictive name is not causing an issue.

We historically left the tiles-def.xml in the classpath.  Our 
tiles-def.xml needs to have some preprocessing done (tweak some paths) 
and it was really clean to just have the resources plugin do that as it 
moves it from the Maven src/main/resources to the 
target/<webapp>/WEB-INF/classes.  We looked at a few other workarounds, 
but some options were less than ideal, and involved tweaking the 
Deployment Assembly in Eclipse (another thing we want to avoid).

So to recap, the reason I'm writing this email is to see if anyone would 
be receptive to the idea of making that path more flexible? For now, 
we'll just be extending the BasicTilesContainerFactory. But it wouldn't 
take much effort to issue a pull request to pick up the improvement if 
you are open to it.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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