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From Brett Ryan <brett.r...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Pull Request #4: Object-Type Attribute Value Evaluation
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 13:21:33 GMT

> On 8 Jul 2015, at 21:32, Brett Ryan <brett.ryan@gmail.com> wrote:
> Nicolas Le Bas <mail@...> writes:
>> I've been looking at this pull request, and I like it. I understand its
>> value, but it raises a number of interesting challenges and questions.
>> *Summary*
>> Brett wants to support evaluation of expressions in the attributes of
>> <item>.
> Thankyou. To be precise, I'm looking for evaluations of expressions on any
> attribute that can contain multiple values. mck's solution that
> `add-list-attribute` can be used, while verbose is sufficient, however;
> presently an NPE is being thrown on the use of the `expression` attribute on
> `add-list-attribute`.

I've tracked down the NPE to two things. First, if Attribute has a null value, it returns
the value null, which IMHO is something I discourage, toString should always be a string representation
of a value, not null, alternatives would be "null" or "(null)".

While this is the cause of the NPE, I've now found that uses of `<add-attribute expression="${some.val}"/>`
within `<add-list-attribute>` are presently not supported.

I shall attempt an enhancement to support this but due to the way tiles is structured it would
ultimately be returning nested copies of lists which is similar to my original solution (with
the added nesting for child properties).

I would like to complete this sooner but might not be able to provide something before the
weekend. Is there a preferred branch? I was going to submit this on the 3_0_X branch.

Also, I've only created a few pull requests in the past for other projects, what's the best
practice for submitting an enhancement? I've created a new branch rooted at commit cc11955,
but I'm not sure how to create a pull request from that, will need to test, sorry.


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