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From Nicolas LE BAS <m...@nlebas.net>
Subject Re: Project status and furure
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 20:24:54 GMT

A quick sum up of the current situation:

* Beta testing
   A few issues have been found since the release of Tiles 3.0.0 and 
associated projects. Most significant are:

   AUTOTAG-15  Add an assembly project to deploy autotag artifacts and 
   AUTOTAG-16  Break the reactor-level dependency of Autotag on 
   TILES-553  SimpleTilesListener not working in Tiles 3.0

   All of them are now fixed, I think it is time to release again. I'd 
like to release Autotag 1.1.0 (AUTOTAG-16 breaks compatibility at 
compile-level by introducing generics), Request 1.0.1 (migration to 
Autotag 1.1.0) and Tiles 3.0.1.

* Next 3.x version
   The git mirror is working again, and Mck and I are slowly improving 
Tiles and Request with new features (or the same features with a broader 
scope). Those works are filed in JIRA, the release date is unpredictable 
as yet.

* Next 2.x version
   Still nobody interested in testing 2.2.x, so we can't release the 
bugs we've fixed.

   If you agree, I'll post on the users list to ask for testers to join 
the dev team, failing that we won't release any more 2.2.x version, 
effectively dropping support.


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