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From Nicolas LE BAS <m...@nlebas.net>
Subject Re: Changing the subversion structure
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 13:55:59 GMT
On 12-05-06 02:02 AM, Mick Semb Wever wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-05-04 at 20:08 -0400, Nicolas LE BAS wrote:
>> But actually it's only the first release that is painful. Once version
>> 1.0.0 is out, it should be much easier to move on.
> No, it doesn't help with tiles-request-* depending on
> tiles-autotag-core-runtime and tiles-autotag-* depending on
> tiles-request-api :-(

I'm not sure I understand your point. BTW, in order to be inclusive, 
tiles-* depends on those two artifacts, too.

But I can't see why this would be painful. After all, we also depend on 
servlets, slf4j, commons-*, freemarker, velocity, even spring... and 
that's working very smoothly.

My point is: the first release is painful because you have to build 
everything from source for lack of pre-built artifacts. After the first 
release, we can just deal with those the same way we deal any 
dependency. And we should if we expect request and autotag to become 
separate projects in the future. We do expect that, don't we?

We can try and restore the tiles-reactor project if you wish, but it 
would be difficult to maintain (as successive versions, tags, and 
branches) because the 3 projects beneath will evolve separately. And I'm 
afraid it would only encourage more inter-project dependencies.


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