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From Nicolas LE BAS <m...@nlebas.net>
Subject Compiler and target java version for tiles
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 19:47:53 GMT
I've just noticed that the target java version is not entirely consitent 
in our poms.

tiles $ find -name pom.xml -exec grep '<source>' {} /dev/null \;
./pom.xml:               <source>1.5</source>
./tiles-parent/pom.xml:  <source>1.6</source>
./tiles-autotag/pom.xml: <source>1.6</source>
./tiles-eval/pom.xml:	 <source>1.6</source>
./tiles-request/pom.xml: <source>1.6</source>

tiles $ find -name pom.xml -exec grep '<target>' {} /dev/null \;
./pom.xml:               <target>1.5</target>
./tiles-parent/pom.xml:  <target>1.6</target>
./tiles-autotag/pom.xml: <target>1.6</target>
./tiles-eval/pom.xml:    <target>1.6</target>
./tiles-request/pom.xml: <target>1.6</target>

Do we need a different version for some projects? If not, do we want 1.5 
or 1.6?


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