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From Nicolas LE BAS <m...@nlebas.net>
Subject 3.0.0_BETA: TODO
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 17:28:39 GMT
Hi everyone,

I've been working on other matters this last couple of months, but I 
have some spare time for tiles now. I'd like to review what we've been 
discussing so far, so we can decide what has to be done before 3.0 beta 

Here are a few things we've been discussing and we've not done yet:

A. On 11-12-13 07:29 PM, Nicolas LE BAS wrote:
 >>> Perhaps we should also take the opportunity to expand the
 >>> package-level javadoc.
 > [...] I'll do that sometime this week hopefully :)

What a loooooooong week... I'll try and catch up now.

B. On 11-12-14 11:38 AM, mck wrote:
 > On Tue, 2011-12-13 at 19:29 -0500, Nicolas LE BAS wrote:
 >> It just means you have to either implement getContext(scope) for every
 >> view request
 > So far this sounds good to me. But I'm entirely sure of it yet. Let me
 > do the refactor first and then we can take a look from there... ok?
 > ~mck

Are you still planning to do it, mck? If not, do you want me to do it 
before 3.0?

C. On 11-12-03 02:47 PM, Nicolas LE BAS wrote:
 > * I'd like to add a method "checkNotModified" to the Request interface.

I'm postponing that idea, perhaps for tiles 4.0.
While I still believe the Request API should help managing the caches, 
I've run into a situation where the lastModified date is unknown until 
the rendering has actually begun; in that situation the above method is 
not enough. I need more time to think.

D. On 12-02-17 11:01 AM, Nicolas LE BAS wrote:
 > replacing the URLs by a "ApplicationResource"
 > abstraction. That would help providing a clean solution to Gordon's
 > issue, and encapsulate the naming conventions we use for
 > internationalization.


E. On 11-10-19 05:41 AM, mck wrote:
 > Documentation around Tiles-3 is a big todo still...

Perhaps if we break this up into smaller tasks, it would look less scary :)

Did I forget something? Is there something else we were planning before 
3.0? Either way we should start filing things into JIRA, so we won't 
have to dig through the list every time.


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