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From Mick Semb Wever <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Grant license via github forks... [WAS: Support for Mustache]
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 11:43:41 GMT

> This is my understanding of the legal situation:
> - the contribution has been developed by a single person: Morten.
> - it was developed in the context of finn.no, the same project that Mck 
> is working on. Mck should be able to confirm it.

This is correct. We do work together. But this work comes from him.

> Do we already have a Corp CLA with finn.no through Mck? If we do, I 
> believe the legal statement required by JIRA when attaching a patch 
> should be enough. 

Good point. Up until now my commits have been my done in my free time.
But this work comes more under company time so it's time that I sign a
Corp CLA. Morten might as well put his name on the same form. 

Just to check... is it correct that once this Corp CLA is signed and
processed that all future github pull requests from Morten can be
accepted without manual patches into Jira?

Can i go further and ask all developers in the company if they think
there's any possibility in the future that they may want to
contribute/propose patches that they put their name down on the same
form? Or is this creating unnecessary admin work?

Otherwise, repeating an earlier question...

> Is one solution to ask the contributer to add the comment to the pull
> request: "I grant license to Tiles for inclusion in Tiles works (as per
> the Apache License ยง5)" ?

Is this a possibility to make the process simplified?
Or is not having the comment recorded within Apache's infrastructure a
potential problem?


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