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From Mick Semb Wever <...@apache.org>
Subject Grant license via github forks... [WAS: Support for Mustache]
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2012 12:24:14 GMT
On Fri, 2012-02-17 at 17:16 -0600, Greg Reddin wrote:
> I think it's great that Morten is contributing this and I'd like to
> see it get in. We need to make sure of the provenance of it though. I
> think he should  attach the patch to Jira so we can have a legal
> reference of his contribution. 

That's quite an interesting point you bring up Greg.
Forking github and contributing patches that way bypasses the
confirmation of "Grant license to ASF for inclusion in ASF works"...

How are other Apache projects tackling this?
The point of github is to make it a lot easier to bring in
contributions. Is it possible to make this process more efficient
avoiding creating custom patches?

GitHub has no ability provide this question during the pull request
process AFAIK.

Is one solution to ask the contributer to add the comment to the pull
request: "I grant license to Tiles for inclusion in Tiles works (as per
the Apache License ยง5)" ?

This seems like the approach Cloudera is taking with Sqoop.

Another approach would be if Jira's "Attach Files" process could be
applied to an identical "Attach Pull Request" where a link to the pull
request is provided instead of an attachment file. Again i don't know if
this is possible...?

There are other interesting questions github introduces, eg naming and trademarks.


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