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From mck <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Tiles Request API again
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 23:19:51 GMT
> Basically the branch is all about it. I suppose the first 3 commits 
> could be collapsed into a big one, although the thought process is more 
> obvious this way.

I see your point. I guess first i wanted to just see the diff that
branch had to offer over the multiple commits and github doesn't give
you this. I'll learn how to do it locally.

> > At the same time should we change
> > to   ReadOnlyEnumerationMap<String>  getHeaders();
> ReadOnlyEnumerationMap looks like an implementation detail to me, since 
> it is a map implemented by the o.a.t.r.attribute package.
> I agree a ReadOnlyMap interface without the "put" and "putAll" methods 
> would be best if the java language provided it, but it doesn't. The 
> example provided by the language is "Collections.unmodifiableMap()", and 
> I believe it should not surprise the users if we behave the same.


> Of course it requires the controller to provide the actual timestamp of 
> the last modification as a reference.
> And of course spring MVC implements that method, so I could have the 
> controller do it in the situations where I use spring MVC, but... well, 
> I'm just not always in a web context.

This is what i'm struggling to see in actual implementation form.
What can just be done (and usually is) in an mvc's control layer you now
forcing Request to implement...

Isn't it the response that should be answering such a question? Isn't
the request more in charge of actually asking (or giving the context of)
the question... For example having "long age = request.getAge()",
basically a inversion of control to what you've suggested if it's at all
applicable (your analysis so far of tiles-3 puts you in a better
position to answer that i think).

> We could also imagine a "CachingRenderer" with a 
> "CachingRequestWrapper", caching HTML fragments for performance (ehcache 
> has a solution to do it using ServletFilters, but... let's just say I 
> think tiles can do a better job of it).

Ok. now you have me really interested! if you can provide a prototype of
this you definitely got me on-board.


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you from the truth." 

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